Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 10, 1909, EDITORIAL, Page 9, Image 17

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Trim (nntlmrd.
Texas Panhandle
Greatest Farm
Land Opportunity
Ever Offered
the Investing Public
V are now offering some of the richest
farm lanil to In- found anywhere In the
' I nl ltd States. In Moor anil Hartley
counties. Texas, In any sin- trarta from
Km acre ami upward upon favorable
terms. This produces abundantly of
corn, wheat. onta, millet, mllo malm,
knffir corn, alfalfa and all kinds of fruit
and vegetables. TIih vt ry fim-wt climate
anil g Mid. pure water. Huy these landa
n w along tin1 now rnllroul and yon ran
confidently exicct to double your money
In tile next two or three yt-nra. Vrlt"
for free booklet descriptive of our hold
ings. Excursions the flist and third
Tuesday of each month. Good agents
CO) 545 l'x
Good 6
Always on hand and for sale In
amounts from 200 to $3,000.
412 N. Y. Life Bid.
(22) M570 11
I 'KOI on l X oil f Aii.a; low rate, no
delay. I. Slbbexnscn. old Boston Store Hd.
Mtdlnnd and Fetor Countlra.
Fine climate, Rood soli, plenty of rainfall,
on rallroid and near ; od towns, first
crop will mure than y for the land:
vm buy dl'eet from the owner; price
j0 to $13 an acre. Next excursion Janu
, arv lfttli ; I'.T.Wi ro"ind trip. Come with me
and It will do you good and make you
232 Bc-ard of Trade Hldg. Omaha. Neb.
(31) M571 10
'Huy your excursion ticket to or through
Rosenberg, Tex. Th'-n la no extra coat
that way.
Rosenberg la In the "Sugar Howl" district
where rainfall la ample, crops are certain
f every year and where tho best corn, cot
ton and sugar cane la grown.
A-Prairlo land, with flneat soil you ever saw,
i selling at 117 to $26 per acre, ahown free
from Ilosenberg.
Have your agent come with you and we
." will aell him a piece, too. If he won't
come it's becauae he can make more bv
" taking you elsewhere. Are you looking
out for his Interests or your own? Stop
ana look over the famous Brasns valley
' Rosenberg, Texas. (20)
TEXAS- Good farm land. Write. Re
' markabl crops. W. 1). Wilson, Houston
Texas. (20)
U aahlnxtnn.
'DOBS NINE PER CENT on your money.
with perfect real estate security, Interest
you? Old dlatrlct: proved value Write
O. A, Benedict, North Yakima, Waah.
(JO) 64t 10X
raire book. "Vacant Government Land.'
, descrllies every acre In every county in
I'. S. How secured free. 1909 diagrams
and tnblea. All about free Irrigated
- farms. Price Xr. posttald. WEBB PL H.
, ; CO., Kept. UH, St. Paul, Minn. (30)
PRIVATE money to loan. J.
616 Branaeis mug.
II. Sherwood,
LOWEST RATES Bemls, Paxton block.
$100 TO tio.nno made promptly. F. D. Wead.
Wead uidg., uin ana jarnara. i:) sta
$500 to $1W),0'0 at current rates.
W. II. THOMAS. 6o3 First Nat I Bank Bldf.
?i 862
WANTED City loans.
Peters Trust Co.
(22) 863
MONEY 'TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
(22) ir.s
I WANT to purchaso modern house nsar
West Farnam; must ue reasonaois in
nrice and In uerfect condition. Only own
ers need answer, giving full
Address vv car oei wj
WANTED At once, moderate alxed house
In good locality; must be cheap for caan.
No agents or real estate dealers need
reply. Address 11 &u, cars at.
WANTED I'nlmproved land or lots: will
Slve my shares of stock in a reliable In
uatrlal corporation for same; descrllie
what you have and state value. Address
1'eter Mathews, Orion, III. (Z3 MoSM lux
Domestic Receipt of Wheat Are Still
Light, with Erratic Cablet.
lure Art Working GradaaHy
lllaher and with Futere Ad
vances a Larere Movement
is Expected,
OMAHA. Jan. 9. 1909.
Liverpool cables were erratic, opening
trong, but lost strength and at the close
homed no advance. Domestic receipts of
tlieat are still Hint and the cash demand
for the last few cays has shown much Im
provement and Is also well scattered.
The general outlook for corn is un-
anged. Receipts continue light ana coun-
ry shippers advise of small purchase.
aiues are working gradually higher anu
i in runner advances a larger movement
in be expected.
Wheat ruled steady, with moderate trade.
alues answer nulck on all buying, but
operators are holding off waiting lor de
velopments. Toward the close there de
veloped a desire to clean up the week s
oldlugs and heavy selling caused a decline.
ay wneat opened at il.oi anu cioaea si
Corn Is stendv on a slightly easier level.
Trade very light, selling moderate and
uylnr scattered. The cash market held
firm and all offerings were taken readily,
showing much Improved' condition In the
local demand. May corn opened at 56c
and closed at 66c.
iTimary wheat receipts were q,uuu ousn
ls and shlnmenta were 169.OU0 bushels.
against receipts last year of 521.000 bushels
and shipments of 241,000 bushels.
corn receipts were svx.uu ouaneis ana
shipments were S34,n"0 bushels, against re
ceipts last year of 'X.KQ bushels and ship
ments of 349,(100 bushels.
Clearances were 102.(,7S bushels of corn.
17.577 bushels of oats and wheat and flour
equal to 166,507 bushels.
Liverpool closed unchanged on wheat and
Hd higher on corn
Local range of options:
WANTED Information regarding a good
farm for sale; not particular about loca
tion; wish to hear from owner only, who
will sell direct to buyer; give price, de
scrlptlon and state when possession can
be had. Address L, Darbyshlre, Box 1910
A. Rochester. N. Y. (23)-
HIGHEST prices for secondhand furniture,
carpets, clothes and shoes. Tel. Doug. 3i71-
(2) IK
RIGHT price paid for secondhand furniture,
carpets, stoves, clothing, shoes. Tel. Red
6401. (2o) mm
WANTED All kinds of 2d-hand furniture
will pay highest price. J. Levlne, 304 N
lth. I'hone UoUKlas 771. ( Jb) fliaoi)
WANTED Room and board by young man
best reference. Address Y 129, care Bee
(26) M460 10X
Farm and Ha neb Land.
; Farm for Rent
240 acres of slightly rolling land,
with good improvements.
Good soil and good water; ten
miles from town. "Want to
rent to right parties. There
' is 200 acres of plow land.
Kindly give references.
R. S. Dickinson,
TWO smnll flats of three or four rooms,
furnished or unfurnished, with bath. In
one of the best neighborhoods; must be
strictly modern. Address, N 3')2, Bee.
(a; 662 iox
YOCNG man desires place to work for
board while attending school. Boyies ol
lege. Both 'phones. . (27) &u
FIRST CLASS washing and Ironing.
'Phones Web. 2831 and B Zxki.
(27) M461 12x
WANTED Position by young married man
as assistant In bank; good reierences
Address Y 127, care Bee. (27) M444 lux
WANTED Position as secretary or ae
cuuntant by middle-aged man, married
salary not as much an object as steady
employment; can give bond and best rer
erences. Address B Jbtf, care Bee.
(27) M6S9 lOx
Columbus, Neb.
(2D-M414 14
'. half mile west of Millard,
lmil N. Y. Life, Omaha. Neb.
'Phones Douglas or A-2162.
(21) M 498 10
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith Co., 1320 Farnam Sr.
(ill) (64
Private money; $600 to $6,0uo; low rate.
to loan on
Omaha Business Property.
Room 1 New York Life Bldg.
SECOND MORTGAGE loans negotiated.
Apply Hoom ;i first rat i uank u:d,
Bell 'phone Douglas 2318. (23) 7:15
$300 TO $S,fl0 on homes In Omaha. O'Keefe
Ileal Keiaia v.u., iwi i. uw. uoug.
or A-216X. tr)-4M
SITUATION Wanted Young married man
or 9b desires position on the road with
substantial rirm on salary and commis
slon; am salesman of highest class and
desire connection only with a firm where
rare anility will be well rewarded. . Ad
dress Lock Box 664, Glen wood. Ia.
(27)-M5R7 11
Fl'RNACE, steam and hot water repairs
Thermostats and other heat regulators
new furnaces and hot water combination
heating. Omaha Stove Repair Works,
1206-12M Douglas St. 'Phones: lad. A-3621
Bell Lmuglns-WX). 863
posala will be received at the office ol
M. D. Marsh, secretary school district
No. 2, Gibbon, Buffalo county, Nebraska.
until 8 o'clock p. ni.. January 2ft, 1HCD, for
the heating and plumbing of a new school
building to be erected In Gibbon, Neb., ac
cording to plans and specifications now on
file at the office of A. H. Dyer company,
architects. Fremont, Neb. Each bid must
be, accompanied with a certified check for
$100.00. The right la reservea to reject an)
or all bids. Mid to waive any defects or In
formality la any bid II It be deej4 r
the Interest of the. district to do so. All
proposals to be directed to M. o. Marsh
atKTtitary. By order of School Board.
Is hereby given that the annual meetln
of the stockholders of The Bee Building
company will be held at 4 o clock p. m,
Tuesday, January 19, 1909, at the office
of said company In The Bee building
Omaha, for the election of a board of dl
rectors for the ensuing year and the trans
action of such other business as may prop
erly come before such meeting. H.
HASKELL, Secretary. J6d&sl4t
haX.'". jf, ' .
:)Wn- ..' . . v.N.v
rssldnt riect Taft In Walts $twmr, Chosea tot Els T srsonal TJss.
This picture was taken daring tho Xmas holidays at
Augusta, (5a. Mr. Taft is following out one of the Roose
velt policies, as the retiring president has used this Inake
exclusively at his summer home at Oyster Bay for the
last two years.
Tho new 1901) model now on exhibition.
"Best Car in America."
AGENTS 18th and Harney
January, 6s, IHd; Maroh. Is, T4jd; May.
6s. ITtjd.
Qaotatlona of the lar on Varloas
NEAV YORK. Jan. .-FLOP R-Reclpts,
13n bbls.; exports. W.CO bhls., market
dull, but firmly held; Minnesotv patents,
$SV.6,; winter straights, $4.hi-4.$; Mln
nesota bakers. $4u4;; winter extras.
S3.tBtii4.2ri; whiter patents. $4. rft'nn.JB; winter
low grades. $2.ftf'-i4 15. Rye flour, steady;
fair to good. $4 kwi-4.26; choice to fancy,
$4 3O45i4.50. Buckwheat flour, slow, U-Xt
160 per 100 lbs.
BI.'CKWHEAT-Dull; New Ytrk, stats.
76c, nominal. . .
CORNMEAL Steady: fine white and
yellow, Sl.&fVLK; coarse. $1.4Oi01.46; kiln
dried, $3 46.
RYE Dull; No. S western. Sic, f. o. o..
New York. ,
BARLEY Quiet; malting, 79tr7c. c. I. f..
New York; fettling, BwaToc. c. L f., New
WHEAT Receipts, 8,4i0 bu.; exports,
JS.2H0 bu. Spot, steady; No. S red, $1.07
l.'Dt'i. elevator, und Si.OD, f. o. b.. afloat,
No. 1 northern. IHiluth. $1 U. I. o. b.,
afloat; No. 2 hard winter, St.ltP, f. o. b.(
afloat. After opening a little steadier to
day, on firm continental cables and bull
support, wheat reacti-d tinder bearish stale
reports and local selling, but recovered
later on Improved cash demands, cummls
iion house buying and covering. The close
was He net higher. May. SUOffl.U 1-19,
closed at $1.11. July clraed at $1.0fV
FEED Firm; spring bran, iJb.ii), mid
dlings. X26 26: iltv. (26.25.
hay Dull, nut steaay; no. , jto
ood to choice. SOt&NiC.
HOPS tStcady; state, common to choice,
19oS croD. $10.00ffl.00.
H1UWS Dull; Bogota, MrW; jntnu
merfca, 20Ho.
1.L.A inait Uiraui d . . ve-
PROVISIONS Reef, quiet; family, $150
C17.00; mesa, fl2.!lll 00; beef hams, $20iilJ
28.00; packet. $14.6u4jl6.0O; ctty extra India
ess, 26.(B26.&i. cut meats, steaay ;
Ickled bellies. $S.5ii4.76; pickled hams
$9.0ulitl.50. Lard, easy; western, $9.70'u.!l;
rerined, steady; continent, xio.iv; buutn
merica, $10.; compound. $7.00Hri.2&. Pork,
steHdy; family. $lh.0'"'n 19.01); short clears,
$2)1.004122.51): meas. $16. 7&U 17.26.
TALiJW-yirm; city. .tw per jou; coun-
Cattle Eeceipt Small and Market
Quite Steady.
Tossy Grades Are Steady, bat t'ora
on Klada A re l.oer Sheep
Rccclpta Light and Prices
Hold (iood.
BOtTTll OMAHA, Jan. . 1&9.
Receipts were:
Official Monday ....
Official Tuesday....
Official Wednesday
ifficlal Thursday .
Official Friday
EKlimatc Saturday .,
Articles. Open. Hlgh. Low. Close.) Yes'y.
May... I
Oats I
lay... I 101'
uly... 92:
n- f
4ay... 60
92S 923,1 n
49 49 4Ki
1 014
92 k,
Omaha Caaa Prtaea.
WHEAT-Nn. 1 hard. 9Q"Ac: No. S
ard. 97iiOK'c; No. 4 hard, 86Vl?9Tc; No.
spring. Piii'.i9c.
CORN No. 3, 64c; No. S yrlloW, 64c; No.
white, 674c.
UA1D ino. A mixea, icgi r: u. a yel
low, 47'q44c; No. 3 white, 4Mp48Vxc; No. 4
write, 4,'aliVtc; standard, 4Kc.
RYE No. 2. 71c: No. 3. 7oc.
Carlot Racelpts.
Wheat Corn. Oats.
Chicago 7 130 S5
M nneanohs 212
Omaha 41 4S 14
Duluth 7
TEH oteady; creamery extras, 3
33c; western Imitation creamery, firsts, 23
CHEESE Firm i: unchanged.
EGXiS Steady : state. Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy selected white. S9'y-e.'c; fair
to choice. Sftu38c: brown and mixed tancy.
34fl'35c; brown and mixed fancy, fair to
Choice, 3l(ffi23c; western firsts, girgsjc.
POULTRY Alive: Western chickens, 14c;
fowls, 16c; turkeys, 12ij'llic. Dressed, firm;
western chickens, lc21c; fowls, 12Erl4Hc;
western and southwestern turkeys, 21C(t-Jc,
Features of the Trading; and Closing;
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAOO. Jan. . A more liberal est!
mate than any previously made on the total
wheat croo of Argentina cuuseil a slump
in prices in the wheat market here today
final auotatlons showing net losses or
c. Corn, oats and provisions also closed
The break In wheat prices occurred late
In the session following tho announcement
that a reliable authority now placed the
total yield of wheal this year In Argentina
at 216.000,001) bushels, which is a more
heavier yield than previously estimated.
This news enlivened an otherwise auu ses
sion and brought out general selling dur
ing the final half hour which, resulted In
the May and July deliveries declining
nearly lo from the high point of the day
The market closed weak, with May at
$1.06 and July at 9Sc. Clearances of
wheat and flour were equal to lt7,ouo bu
Primary receipts were 405,000 bu., compared
with 621,000 bu. on the corresponding day a
year ago. Minneapolis, Duluth and Chicago
reported receipts of 226 cars, against 1U1
cars last week and 300 cars a year ago.
A substantial Increase In offerings of
corn from Iowa and Nebraska had a weak
ening effect on the corn market, but the
volume of trade was not large. The mar
ket clotted weak. May at 61VallSc, July
at 61c. Local receipts were Ito cars, with
2 cars of contract grade.
Commlslon houses and cash Interests were
fair sellers of oats most of the day and as
a result the market was rather weak. The
close was Voo to He below the previous
close. Local receipts were 86 cars.
Provisions were rather weak, the feature
of trade being free sales by a leading
grain operator. The market closed eaay
with prices tuioc lower.
The leading lutures ranged as follows:
ArUcles.l Open. High. Low. Close. Yes y.
Wheat I
May 1 07 1 074 1 00; 1 06 1 07
July DSVsUH 98', !7' 9
Sept. D4' 1MV!94H&V. '94 94
May 61 8H61Wi 61
July (12 62 ! 614 61 6? &
Sept. U2 &4 61 01C'('i
May 62 62 flS Gl 61 63
July 46 4641'S 4HV H't 46H
Sept 39 39 39 39 39Ctf
Jan. 16 37 16 37 16 36 W 36 18 46
May 16 67 16 66 16 67 16 67 16 67
Jan. 9 42 9 42 9 42 9 42 9 60
May 9 67 9 67 9 62 62 9 72
July 9 77 9 77 9 75 76 9 82
Jan. 860 860 845 846 860
May 8 70 8 72 8 70 8 70 8 77
July 8 86 8 85 8 85 8 85 8 90
No. 2.
Caah quotations were as follows
FlOl'R Dull, steady; winter patents
ll.7W7fi.3u; winter straights, $4.50ii4.80; spring
patents. 15 KftvM; spring stralgnts, UM
6.i'; bakers, l.'
WHEAT No. 3 spring. iT.07&T.09; No.
soring, il.oiwi.w; No. i red, ii.uf.-va 1.06H.
CORN iso. s, i:oic; imo. z yellow, wm
OATS No. 3 white, wc: no. 3 white,
HI E ISO. Z. iWiC.
BARLEY Good feeding. 61ifi2c: fair to
chi ice malting, Wo'i&e.
SEEDS Flax, fo. 1 northwestern, $1.57.
Prime timothy, $4.00. Clover, contract
grades. iVM.
l'i: ivisii i:n5 nnort nns. sides (loose)
$S.Uu8.60. Mi ss pork, per bbl., $16.37'S16 50.
Uird. per !' lbs., $9.42. Short clear sides
(boxed). IS. 60i .).
Following were the receipts and ship
ments pi nour ana grain;
Kecelnts. Shipments
Flour, bbls 12.10 ll.nno
W ieat. liu T.000 t.UI
Corn, bu ltS.'.m) 215.
Onls. bu 14t.) 233 7'
Rye. bu 2,0iO 5,iV
imney, ou &4,uuu
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creameries. 22fi32c
dairies. 214r27c. Fkbe, steady; at mark,
tnsea included, xmJittc; firsts, SOc; prim
ursis, Aic. neese, sieany, iyq Inc.
Liverpool Grain Market.
easy; No. I red western winter. 7, 911
lUlures, (juiei; juwlii, is, iu; Aiay, 7S
CURN Spot, steady; new American
mixed, via uaivesion, , w; futures, quiet
ut meutino.
Office of Le-01as-Andreen Uardwars
Company. Omaha, Nebrawsaa, Ucimlj.l
11, Notice Is tisreby given to tbe stock
holders of the Lee-UlaJ -Anureen Hru.
ware Company that the annual meeting ol
tbe stockholders of the company wl.i b
held at the omcea 01 in said company,
corner of Ninth and Harney streets, in i...
city of Omaha, In the state of Nebraska,
on Tuesday. January 12. A. IX. lut. at 1
o'clock d. m.. for the purpose of siecunii
a board of directors for tarn oomjeay i
serve during the ensuing year, and te
transact such other buslueas as may bs
presented at suoa meeuug. tteeit w. M
Qlasa, secreuui tt- i. ttreaideat.
Tbe annual meeting of the stockholders of
The' South Ouiaha and Western Railroad
Company, for the election of seven directors
and the transaction of such other business
as may come before the meeting, will be
held at the office of A. L. Mohlet, corner
of Ninth and Farnam sti .te, Omaha.
Nebrskka. ou Wednesday, the thirteenth
day of January, A. D. 1909, at U o clock
a, OU A. M. OtUt, Secretary.
. . J-1-d.-U-t
Six davs this week K 477 69.305 37.020
Same days last week lS.&ol 46.612 24.761
sme davs 2 weeks airo.. 8.291 2.I.6"! 1I.H20
Same davs I weeks aeo. .24 I!U 40.423 Sl.tiNl
fame days 4 weeks ago..2.t.8h6 60.677 , 27.735
Same days last year 21.493 7S.S58 26.110
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
iur me year .to date, compared wuu mai
year: 1909. isd. Inc. Dec,
attle 2:i 147 26 3t7 3 k)
Hogs K7 MS B7 61S 2o.0U0
Sheep 37.6S6 32.HO0 4.K26 ...
The following table shows the average
price of hogs at South Omaha fur the last
several days, with comparisons:
ry (packages free-, 6o.
ICE (Julet; domestic, fair to extra, 2
CiVc: Japan, nominal.
uU i J
Snow Sunday and Not Moch Change
In Temperature.
OMAHA, Jan. S. 1909.
The barometric uv,toou uveruaiiMiug
the Pacmc slope Friday morning, anu
noted in the preceding report, nae u
tended eastward during tne last twenty
four hours, and is spreading over the cen-
al portion 01 me country tins morning
The center of this depression is now over
Veilowsione park. Generally unsettled
weather attends the depression, and rains
are falling on the Pacific coast; light snows
are Keneral throughout the mountain dis-
rlct and In the upper Missouri ana upper
Mississippi valleys, with rain in the lower
valleys. The high pressure, over the east
ern and southern portions of the count! y,
Is gradually moving oil the Atlantic coast
anu is followed by warmer weatner every
where east of the Rocky mountains, except
ln the extreme upper Missouri valley
where temperatures are slightly lower this
morning. The western depression will con
tinue eastward, attended by unsettled
weather and the outlook Is favorable for
snow in this vicinity tonight and Sunday
with no important cnange in temperature.
Omaha record of temperature ana precio
ltatlon compared with the corresponding
day of the last three years:
iU. 1VJH. 1SU7. 1906.
Minimum temperature.... 22 23 17
Precipitation 00 .00 .00 .00
Normal temperature tor today, 20 degrees.
Deficiency in precipitation since March 1
6.65 Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1908.
.o incnes.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1901.
3.h incnes.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
St. Loals General Market.
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. Jan. . WHEAT Fu
tures, lower; cash, firm; track: No. 2 red
casn, Jl.KK4jl.1a; No. 2 hard, $1.0531.(jk
May, $1.07; July, 96c.
CORN Futures, lower; cash, firm; track
No. 2 cash. 59&4iOc; May, 60c; July, 61c
No. 2 white. 64c.
DATS Firm; track: no. z cash, 6152c
m), autyc; juiy, a,c; ino. 2 wane, iso,
RYE Nominal. 77c.
FLOUR Firm: red winter Datants. $4.90-3); extra rancy ana straignt.
liuru winter clear, ).('.
bEED Timothy, U.OOSi'3.45.
BRAN Firm: sacked, east .track. 11.060
1 ful
HAY Strong: timothy. $10.50214.60! nral,
lie, vwrii.w.
PROVISIONS Pork, steady: lohhlnir
$15.75. Lard, lower: prime steam. i!i.2nc,is ss.
sail meats uncnanged; boxed extra
snorts. i.5ii: clear ribs. y.374: short cleur.
.62. Bacon, unchanged; boxed extra
shorts, $10.50; clear ribs, $10.37; short
clears, iio.u:.
POULTRY steady: chickens. lU4c.
springs. 13c; turkeys, 16c; ducks. 10o
geese, or. t
butter steady; creamery, 2432c.
EGGS Steady; 27c, case count.
Receipts and shipments of flour and rain
were as luuows:
Kecelnts. Rhlnment
Hour, bu 6.000 9.000
Wheat, bu 21.000 Ksnin
Corn, bu 5S,0i0 BoiflOO
Oats, bu 24,000 8S.000
Kanaaa City Grain and Previsions.
changed for soft; c to 1c lower for hard;
May, $1.00; July. 91sc. Cash: No. J hard,
$1.011.06: No. 3 hard. 9DciV$1.04; No. 3 red
$1.0SYi l.(: No. 3 red, $l.UVo1.07.
CORN White, 14c higher; mixed, to
c lower; May. 67c; July, 6Sc; September,
67c. Cash: No. 2 mixed, 36t564c; A'o. 3
inixen. im''c; no. 1 wniu?, &c: No. i
write, 59c.
OATS Unchanged; No. 2 white, 60fc52c;
No. C mixed, 4!ra6oc.
HAY Steady: choice tlmothv. tarstfrinwi-
choice prairie. $8.5Ca.0O; choice alfalfa!
BITTER Rteadv. erramerv " 1,
lng stock, 19c. ' "
fresh extras. 31c;
Receipts. Shipments.
77.000 40 Dn
... SS.ftiO 6 0o
13.0UO 8,000
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
... .m 6,627 8,024
... 7. 'MS 14.S47 i.ll
... I.f79 11,039 .t
,.. S.K2S 7,3o4 l.i
... 2.1U1 9.2iS 6.729
... AH lii.21.0 i42
Dates. I 1909. 1 1908., 1907. 19o6.i 1905. 1 1904. 1 190$.
Jan. 1....
Jen. t....
an. 3
Jan. 4....
an. 5
Jan. 6....
Jan. 1
Jan. 8....
Jan. 9....
S 68 4 $61 S 24 5 41
5 76 4 iki 6 21 6 11
4 4n 2:t 5 07
6 70 4 35 6 30 6 14
6 65 lU 6 22
6 77 4 31 5 17
S 83 4 !4 6 24
t 84 4 23 6 28 6 27.
4 30, 6 23, 6 22
I 4 64 6 $8
Listed on the New York Curb, Boston Curb and San Francisco Stock
Exchange and Still Selling at Only a fraction of Its Real Value,
It Promises to Earn Enormous Stock Market Profits and Dividendi
for Investors.
6 i
6 28
4 39 4 61i
4 4.
4 46 4 77
4 47! 4 6s
4 45 4 5X: 6 84
4 60 4 661 6 40
I 4 6) 6 49
I 4 61 4 b2 6 $9
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep,
c. M. & St. p
Missouri Pacific
Union Paclflo
C. & N. W.. east
CAN. W., want ,
C St. P., M. O
C. B. & U , east ,
C, B. A Q., west
C, li. 1. & P., east ...
C, R. I. & P., west..
Illinois Central ,
c. o. w
.2 36
.2 9 2
.2 5
.6 136 2
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing tne
number of head Indicated;
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep
Omaha Packing Co...
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co.
Armour & Co
Krey Packing Co ...
Vansant & Co
F. P. Lewis
J. B. Root & Co....
J. H. Bulla
F. G. lnghram
Other buyers
Total 71 10,188 642
CATTLE There was the usual small
Saturday's run of cattle here today and
with nothtnir of any conneu.ue.noe on sale
the market was Quoted steady with yester
Prices have been very uneven during tne
week, but at the close they Bhow a mod
erate advance. Monday's decline was heavy,
out It was more than recovered later in
the week, while on Friday there was a
little reaction and a rather lower close.
Packers have been discriminating against
the higher priced beef of late and favoring
the short fed and warmed up grades on ac
count of their cheapness. As a consequence
prices at tne close of tne week ior tne gooa
to choice cattle are very little different
from a week ago, while the medium fatr
grades show an advance of tVl6u all
around. The weak feeling at the close of
the week would Indicate that the demand
next week will hardly be as broad as It
nas been and It win take moderate sup-
piles to maintain values.
In spite of the weakness In fat cattle the
market for cows and heifers held up firmer
throughout the week. Ixical packers all had
liberal orders to fill, while the demand from
eastern butchers was good all the week
and at the close prices show an advance
and are quoted 26c higher on the good
Business In stockers and feeders has been
somewhat restricted owing to the light re
ceipts of that kind of cattle. The Inquiry
has exceeded the supply so that values have
been held up throughout the week and are
unevenly higher at the close.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
cornfed steers, $6.4fKi7.26; fair to good corn
fed steers. $S. 406.25; common to fair com
fed steers, $4 0nff6 25; good to choice cows
and heifers, $4. WW. 50; fair to good cows
and heifers, $3.25Er4.40: common to fair ciws
and heifers, $2.00fi3.fl0; stock heifers, $2.60
fe3.60; venl calves, $3.00(d7.00; bulls, stags,
etc.. $3.0005.00: good to choice stockers and
feeders, $4.75iy6.40; fair to good stockers
and feeders. $4.(W54.60: common to fair
stockers and feeders, $3.0053.86.
HOGS Receipts today numbered 141 cars
about 9.800 head, a very good run for the
last day of the week. Becclpts for the
week foot up about 69.000 head as against
46.612 head last week and 79,!i a year ago.
The chief feature of the market this
morning was the active demand. The
toppy grades sold freely at around steady
figures, while some of the commoner kinds
were quoted somewhat lower, so that the
market In general was anywhere from
steady to 6c lower than yesterday. Free
buying by packers stimulated the move
ment and, while the trade was active, the
best that sellers could do was to secure
only about steady prices on the best grades.
The top sold up to JO. 12. the highest price
of the week, with the bulk $5. iiK(jo.9S. as
against a bulk yesterday of $5.766.96.
Prices at the close of the week are abjut
10016c higher than Monday and about 10c
EGGS o lower:
current receipts, 27c.
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oats, bu ,
Close at Kansas City:
Open.Hlghest.Lowest. Close.
Wheat. I
May.. 101 101
July... 9i 93
May... rS 58
July... 5SVu 58V.
1 HVl 00fl
81 !'
Minneapolis Grain Market.
SI .(.(& l.i; July. $1 OSS,; cash. hard.
fl.U'U: No. 1 northern, 11. 141; No. ! north
ern. $1.07; No. 3 northern, $l.O4'4'a,1.06.
FI.AX-Closed at SI .&'..
BRAN In bulk, $18. 7(19. Oft.
FLOUR Quiet: first patents. $5.40ff5.65;
second patents, $6.2O(ft5.40; first clears, $4.00
(4.10; second clears, $2.8C?i3.0O.
No. Ar. Pr. Bh. No. At. Pr. 8h.
44 145 KO ( & 77 21 ... 6 HU
W If.S 40 t 65 M Z'.i M iL
II 1 til iU 77 21 80 8!S
hi 1V7 ... 6 5 74 2.M fc mi,
71 3UI SO t 70 (2 212 ... ili
68 172 ... S 70 10 r.7 2S0 ( 8j
83 ls;l 40 $ 71) 48 240 40 5 85
86 171 ... 5 70 74 77 40 I 85
It Iki 40 5 7 270 13u 6 85
34 )) ... 78H 2S4 S40 I 86
fc) 1 80 I 72S 1 2l 121) 6 85
81 18S ... t 7t, 72 240 Ik) I 86
S y1 ... 6 7i', 70 210 161) 6 85
84 114 ISO 8 72 7 216 no S 'j
86 t'48 10 1 76 71 141 ... 6 86
b! lul 80 6 75 61 2X5 120 6 8a
78 212 40 6 75 4V 180 160 6 Ho
3 221 120 6 T5 64 178 100 6 874
70 lit 40 I 76 61 2f,l to 6
75 187 Hi 6 75 40 6 S7t,
73 224 2m) 6 76 84 227 80 6 87
91 2-H .20 6 774 12 Z . 60
42 125 ... 6 71, 32 264 40 6 SO
76 215 ... 6 77 4 75 260 ... 6 80
64 244 1 2 1 6 80 Tl 247 80 6 80
60 ' 40 6 80 4 213 40 6 0
II 2"4 ... 6 W) 53 1x4 40 6 W)
87 182 ... 6 o 68 211 40 6 80
76 :j ... 6 80 64 2J 120 6 80
211 40 6 80 42 11 ... K
8,', II 80 6 M) 6i 2,0 ... 6 IT)
64 224 SI 6 80 71 27 ... 6 8
71 242 11 5 81 70 iu ... 6 85
67 242 120 6 80 bC S:0 40 6 UK
63 214 11 6 60 41 .......'( 240 110
Hi 120 6 80 64 2 IW liu
64 2"4 12W 6 80 61 H ... 8 00
86 t4 ... 180 36 2H 120 4 On
II Ill ill 54 M 40 I 00
(Ct 244 k.i 6 81) 4. ....... 4H1 12') 600
86 te UU IKI 67 326 80 4 05
T7 223 ... 6 80 64 278 ... 6 06
Never In the history of mining share speculation east
or west has the American Investment public been afforded
an opportunity to buy Into a great gold mlnlug enter
prise on such an assured profitniaklng basis as that now
offered in Hawhlde Coalition at 67 to 70 cents per share,
its present market quotation. The chances of rolling up
enormous profits in Rawhide Coalition in a short period
now appear to be overwhelmingly greater than by an In
vestment In any other security, railroad, industrial or
mining, on the entire American securities list, and I
urgently advise immediate purchase at anything near
prevailing quotations for the biggest stock market and
dividend profit ever made by investors in their careers.
Born in February, 1908, the Rawhide. Coalition Mines
company has beaten every Nevada gold mine record for
quick developments. Not in Goldtield, nor Tonopah, nor
Ely, nor any other Nevada mining- camp could any one
company boast of the following:
In the first eleven months of Rawhide Coalition's
career $100,000 has been spent for mining machinery
with which to open up the property. Twenty-one ma
chine hoists of an average of twenty horsepower each
have been installed and are in operation. Approxi
mately more than $500,000 has been spent in exploring
and developing the ore bodies.
Two miles of underground work has been done.
More money is being spent to develop the property
this month.
More miners are at work and more underground
work is being done than in any other month of the com
pany's career.
So great is the ore showing on a single leaser's ground of
only about 600 feet square in a total company acreage of
nearly two-thirds of a mile square that this leaser has or
dered a mill of 75 tons per day capacity to treat its ore
Of a capitalization of 3,000,000 shares the company has
still a reserve of 700,000 shares Intact, unused and unsold
with which to provide Itself with development funds, mills,
etc., when the leasers shall have discontinued next year,
and It has money In Its treasury now. The company h&a
practically been on a self-sustaining basis from its incep
tion, the royalties received from leasers being at all times)
sufficient to defray current expenses during the exploratory
and development period, 95 per cent of the money spent in
development and proving up the ore bodies has come out
of the pockets of the leasers. High grade ore has already
been shipped to the smelters from nine separate and dis
tinct wokings on the property, and ore of commercial value
has been disclosed in not less than fifteen wokings. It
is the opinion of President E. W. King, the far-famed
Montana gold mine magnate, that there is already in sight
on company ground, without any scientific endeavor hav
ing been made as yet to block out ores for purpose of
measurement, sufficient ore to keep a 225-ton per day mill
busy for years. On ore already in sight the net earning
capacity of the company at the age of 11 months is esti
mated at $700,000 per year when proper milling facilities
shall have been installed.
Of an Issued capitalization of 2,300,000 shares selling
on the New York and Boston curbs and San Francisco
stock exchange at 67 to 70 cents, this would make Raw
hide Coalition at least at a 60 per cent per annum divi
dend earner.
Buy Rawhide Coalition today "at the market."
Order through any reputable stock broker, stock ex
change member or "wire" house. Buy It outright for
cash, and not on margin. ,
Stick it away for half a year or so. In a single month in
1906 Mohawk or Goldfleld advanced from 50 cents to $20
per share.
One blast in the lower workings of the Hawyes-Mon-nefte
lease opened up a treasure chamber and accom
plished the feat. The ground of the Rawhide Coalition is
four times as large as the Mohawk and more money 1b be
ing spent in opening up the Coalition today than was be
ing spent on the Mohawk.
Rawhide is in the same county as Goldfleld and already
threatens Goldfield's laurels as a producer of gold bullion.
It will surprise few mining men in the west if Coalition
repeats the record of the Mohawk.
Buy the shares now while they are still selling for a frac
tion of their value.
I predict $2.50 for Rawhide Coalition by spring time,
and $5 before the year is out. In the end the truth always
prevails, and the truth about Rawhide Coalition is that
never in the history of mining share trading in the east
or west has the public been offered the chance of getting
into a high class speculative Investment security on the
the ground floor, sub-cellar basis of Rawhide Coalition.
This is your opportunity.
January 10, 1909.
P. S. Prospectus of Rawhide Coalition Mines company
may be had by addressing Nat C. Goodwin & Co., Mis
Operators and Stock Brokers, Reno, Nevada.
Milwaukee Grain Market.
No. 1 northern. $1.11; No. S northern, $1.10;
Mav. tl.!1 asked.
(TRV-Ixwer; May. tnfffilc bid.
BARLEY Lower; standard, 6c; sam
ple, 6'ii(ii)c.
Philadelphia Produce Market.
Finn, fair demand: extra western cream
ery, !4c; extra nearby prints. 38c.
CHFESE Firm, fair demand: New York
full creams, choice, 14c; fair to good, 13
45 14c.
Peerta Market.
PEORIA. 111.. Jan. t.-4"?ORN-flteady ; No
J yellow. 69c; No. S yellow. 5c; No. I, 69c
No. 3. 68e; No. 4. 57c; no (rada. 62'&6Je'
OATS-Steady; No. S whlta, 6eV(ffilc, No
4 white. 5Cc.
Toledo Seed Market.
TOLEDO. O. Jan . SEEDS Clover.
SK.!; March. $5 47. Alslke, prime
$8 95. .. '
Blsrver, Better, Busier That's what mi:
vertlsinc ia Tbe Bee does tot your bust-
SHEEP-With only about ouO head here
today, which was hardly enough to muko
a n arket, receipts for the week foot up
37.O0U head, as againut 34,761' head Ixst week
and 26.110 head li.r the corresponding week
of last Weuk. The run during the week
has been fairly liberal, and It will be noted
lrom the figures above that the receipts
were larger than for the previous week
and also larger than for the same period
last year. It has beun a seller's market
throughout the week, us prices on every
thing in the way of fat sheep and
show a marked Improvement over a week
ego. As a rule, values cn all fut grades
are 4otj60c h gher thsn a week ago, with
the supply inadequate to the active de
rrsnd. The advance In prices this week places
values at the bight hi point reached this
season on all fat grades. Fat lambe sold
up to $7.76. yearlings at SS.8& and ewes up
to S6.1. all record prices for the sen son.
There has also been a good demand for
feeding stuff for this staaun of the year.
However, very few sheep and lambs of
that description have been received. The
demand has been lilmral and anytlilnir ar
riving has met with very ready sale at
current quotations. In faot, the market :n
everything has been In a most satisfactory
condition, as viewed from a seller's stand-nolnt.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: flood to
choice lauibs, $7.U4j7 76; fair to rood lambs.
$ 6iu7.0u; feeding lambs, $4 bc'ati &0; good to
choice light yearlings, teev-tf fci; good to
choice heavy yearlings, sa.xue.tio; feeding
yearlings. S4.60i.u0 ; good to choice welhurs.
U.Xio4Vtu fecdiua' wethers. RoonjH.fc): good
A limited number of shares of the
capital stock of the National Fidelity
A- Camialty Co., of Omaha. The direc
tors of this company are men whose
names are well known In the business
world In this community.
Address A-S68 care of Bee.
$10 buys Puts or Calls on 10. (too buiheln
of Wheat. NO FURTHER R18K. Aniove-
: ment or oc from price makes you 1500:
I 4c. $40i; 3c, $300, etc. Write for Clrcu
INC., 435 Electric Bldg.. Cleveland, Ohio,
to choice ewes, $; fair to good
ewes, ll.SSH 76; feeding ewee, 2.0ftfJ.X;
culls and bucks, $!.if'V-.00.
Cattle, ("beep and I. a nibs Steady
Horn Five Cents Lower.
CHICAGO, Jan. 9 CATTLE Rerelpts,
400 head; iniirket steady; beeves, $4.i"i(7 50;
Texans, S3.9tr(4.u; western. $1 i)i'((6.lX);
stockers and feeders, $2.S.Vi4.90; cows and
heifers, Sl.75ti5.15; calves, $T.tV!iS.5o.
HOGS-Receipts, 1S.0i head; market 5c
lower; lights, $i.ii.l0; mixed, v.(5'(j.26;
heavy, $i.70(i.3o; rough, $i.70u6.l; good to
choice heavy, S-VKriO 30; pigs, $4. jU6.5o;
bulk of sales, $3. Mi 6 16.
81IKEP ANU LAMMS Receipts, 2.iX)
head; market atcady; natives, ;t.lii().76;
western.; yearlings, J',.ii'i7.25;
lumljs, native. $; western, S5.0o'(i&.uu.
St. Louis Live Stork Market
8T I-Ollt. Jan. S.-CATTLE-Receipts
300. Including 150 Texans. Market steady.
Native shipping snd export steers $'''?
steers, $4.25(i50; southern cows, $!.7VniiH.0S;
native cowa, $2 . ':,. i"; native heifers, $3.60
4'4jni; bulls, il.mrtiu.wi; calves, $4.iVh8.J5.
IIOOS Receipts, 6.KI0 head; market So
lowui ; receipts for the week, 92.000 hood;
top, ;.7; bulk of sales, $5.5o'(i.oo; heavy,
$5 9irti!',.n7; pai kurs and butchers, $5.70 j
6.; light, S.".4'u6.9u; pigs, $4 5016.26.
SHEEP AND LAM HH Receipts, lot)
head; market steady; receipts for the
week, Z7.3H0 head: lambs, H.t)'-'S7.9u; ewes
and yearlings, Sl.60iii(.tk; western yearlings,
o.7iy 7.i"i; western sheep, $4.006.50; stock
era and feeders, $3.0ofu6.00.
Stoux City Live Stock Market.
SIOI X CITY, la., Jan. . (Hpoolal Tele
giam.) CATTLE Receipts. Suo head; mar
ket steady; beeves, $4ti"u'7.00; fat cows and
heifers, $4 0rii6.0O; butcher stork. H.Oofj-l.OO;
feedeis. $3.ouu4 75; yearlings, H.OOh.oO.
IK KJS Receipts, 4,soo htad; market weak
to 6c higher; tango of prices, 16.50.9u,
bulk of sales, JC.lijj0.7i.
St. Joseph Live Stork Market.
ST. JoSEl'll. Mo.. Jun. 9. CATTLE Re
ceipts, Uk) heuri; market steady; steers, $5.00; cows and heifers, K.joutt ; calves.
a inr dressed bier and nuicner sie-in 1 .tr i v . . , ,
tJ ; steW U Hler 1.00O pounds HOG-Rccelpts 6 (,. he.d; market 5c
i kf. and feeders 3 7wi 4.7n; cows and lower; top, $0i; bulk of sales, $6.5uUo Ho.
heheV. $3 8HJ:F A,M' LAMMS -Receipts none;
$2 751S. Oo : T- x us and In. Han steers At market nominally steady; lambs, $8507.85.
.; cows and heilers Sl.761i4.5o. V.u l - m.i,"
Ufil He-t ints rear Market strong, pigs nut.
and lights, $4.7".ni.l'i; packers, y, &a.lo;
butchers and tiest heavy, $;.l.Vrij.35.
SHEEP AND LA M US Receipts, J' head;
market steady; native muttons, $t.'u6 25;
limbs. $C.5u6.o; culls and bucks, $3.0X!)
4.50; stockers, $2.6u-4.60.
Kansas City Live Stoek Market.
ceipts, 5oO head; market steady; receipts
for the week, 43, 4W head; choice export
and dressed beef steers, $6.2Vi7.ii"; fair to
good, S4.9o4f6.lo; western steers, $4.0VJK.60;
stockers and feeders. $1.4v!ift.3o; southern
Receipts of live stock at the six Drlnrluil
western maiaeis ycsicrujv:
Mouth Omaha
St. Joseph ....
Sioux City ....
Kansas City ,
HI. Ixiuls
las; Seetloa.
Hugs. Sheen
ant 10 20f 42
tVO (J.iiiO
, 3-4) 4.MO
, 6i) S.oiO luo
Sri") 6.0H0 2
, 4'K) lh.lM) 2.o
ttll 60.000 2.841
n a $ tBarte