Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 09, 1909, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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50c Rbbons
Saurday 15c
Closing out a big Una of odd
pieces of extra wide taffeta
ribbons In all colors, &lc to
, 60c valuta, at on price, per
50c Silft
Veilings 10c
Closing oat a big Una of e4d
Veiling, all silk plain mean,
and CbenlUe Dot goods worth
regularly- 16c to 60c, so Sat
urdaj at on price, yd.. 101
yard 15
100 Engraved Visiting
Cards and Plate Best
quality; Special Saturday
at ...79c
Great January lace Sale
Continues Saturday
25 Discount on all odd
Books, eingle or in sets,
great snaps.
25c Taney Box Papers 15c
25c Paper Novels, each 5c
Phenomenal Bargains in Women's Outer Garments
- . a . ... - . -t m i , a .v.
1 .
Uiln' n4 Cofarts '
Children' Union. Suit, all slies,
wintar .weights, great snap.40
Children Vent r Pant Heavy
fleeced, all sites, at, choice. 25
Children's Outing Flannel Gowns,
all elzes, special, at 40
Ladies' Vests or Pants, . heavy
fleeced, values to $1. in 3 lots,
Saturday 25 39 and 4a
11 A. M. to 12 M LadieV Undervests or Pants All wool,
silk and wool or Vega eilk, $2.00 garment values, at. .QOc
Satisfaction and Sitings Assured Mail Order Customers.
Orders Filled from Daily Ads.
Drug 'Specials for
110 I grata Qulsine Oar... 154
100. IsUatltu :PUla (Htnkler'e)
for .,,, . . . . ..... 25
1 dozen Laxattra Tableta.'tor. 5
1 doa, -grain. CaloJnel Tabs. 6
Bwarnp-Root 45
Lydla Plnkham's Remedies 89
25c Grave', for 12
36o Lyon's,, (or 15
25c V all's, for 15
15c SantoL (or 2Q
J 6c Hiker's, for 2
25c Bwanadovn. 121
26c Aaherenta, 15
60c Java Rice ..27
60o Boasonl's.. . .27
60o Carmine, (or 39
The famous Wltlow
Brands: ,.v
Locust Blossom, 30
Jickey, (or ...30
LaTrefle, (or . .30
Peroxide, Tor
Chamois Vesta and Chest Protectors will also be on sale. Prescrip
tions carefully compounded. Mall
The best pure Cane Granulated Sugar at less
than Jobbers' cost.
10 bars best brands Laundry Soap Ifc
pounds choice Japan Klce for 26o
4 pounds bent Pearl Tapioca or Sago 2&o
The best hand picked Mavy Beans, lb e
y-puund cans solid packed Tomatoes SVtC
1-pound cans fancy No. 1 Sweat Sugar Corn,
for 'Ho
S-pound cans Ooldsti Pumpkin, ' Hominy,
. HquasK er Baked. Beans for ...J Ho
Thre lOo packages Up-lo-Date Washing Pow
der for IJo
Oylden Corn, Apples r Tomatoes .20
Bromungelon, Jellycon er Jello, pkg THo
Peanut Butter, par Jar.: o
CHI or Mustard Sardines, r ean 4Hc
'' Or How Saallenberger'i Staff Stuck
the Commissary
! eel a m Capital City Marred
by Loss of Charley Kaaialac'a
In I for as, Whlck I'ata II I m
os Warpath.
"Forward, march!" shouted Colonel C.
Kldelwelsa Fanning, and several of the ten
Omaha colonels on the staff of the new
governor fell Into line.
"Present arms!" tlie next command,
and the colonsjs lined up at the counter.
"Order!" commanded Colonel Fanning,
aad the others, signified that they would
take something.
"Charge!" then commanded Fanning, and
the colonels filed out. and the "elerk"
Twas left to charge the account on his
This is the axrcin of the first engage
mmt of the colonels, as given by Vinra
Mc-Donough, otherwise known as the Nor
man Mack of locsl democracy, who re
turned Friday from Lincoln, where he went
to witness the Inauguration of Governor
Bhallsnberger and to attend the Inmugural
ball Thursday evening. McDunough fol.
Use it or not. as your doctor says
You could not please us better than to ask your doctor about
Ayer1 Cherry Pectoral for coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis.
, i nousana oi iamme aiways Keep it in tne house. 1 ne approval
of their physician and the experience of many years have given
them tfreat confidence in this cough medicine. twfM;;
By the Old
V-'-ai I as til Lalh Ail In K rtew IM
and cure yvu
W Cure
Vlbkt awv
, , .
i a-
r, QwltfSi Uwl&t & l
J V ;ri, '111
1 Kt , il
Winter Underwear bargains
Sweeping Reductions on
all lines, odd lots at a
small fraction of actual
Ladies' Silk or Wool Vests
or Pants, regular $1.50
garment values, on sale
at 08C
Ladies' Wool Union Suits,'
gray or white, all sizes,
worth up to $2.50, on sale
at $1.50
Ladies' Vests or Pants, in
wool, silk and Wool or
Vega silk, odd lots, worth
to $2.00 a garment, on
sale Saturday 70c
Ladies' Silk and Wool Union
Suits, $3.50 values, $2.50
Ladies' Union Suits, worth
to $1.50, heavy fleeced, grey
or white, at 49c and 08c
Ladies' Outing; Flannel Shirts, on
sale, at 2JS
Ladles' Knit Skirts . 39
Salurday, 1-9-09
Mothers' Friend, (or
Chamberllan's Ouugh Cure
2 60 Witch Haiel (or .....
25c Almond, (or
26c Cucumber, (or
60c Elcaya, (or ...
60c Pompelan, (or
cranappie Blossoms,
(or 30
Lilly of . the , Valley,
(or 30
25c Colgates, (or 15
25c Mennen's, at 15
25b Sanltol. for 15
25c - Eastman's. J ft
2 6c Cardock'a, 10
IO SO 33
orders receive prompt attention
RnheDD's Cocoanut. ner nound.
Fancy uoujen eanios voiim. pr
Fancy Marlcabo Blend Coffee, per
Fancy Porto Rleo Blend Coffee,
Fancy Ankola Blend Coffee, per
The beat Tea blf tings, par lb
Fancy Bun Dried Japan lea, per
f ancy epioer umm tpM, jw.uBi.
Fancy Ca
Ceylon or Gunpowder
allfornla Prunes, pr lb
Fancy Italian Prunes, per lb
Fancy Cleaned Currants, per lb,, ....8 Via
Fancy Muscatel Cooking Raisins, par W..IV10
Omaha's Orestes Tagetable and Trait Market.
Fresh Spinach, per peck ....I0e
Fresh Beets, Carrots or Turnips, tmnon. .. 60
lowed the colonels for a time in the re
connolterlng of the city and says that their
presented a handsome appearance and that
Colonel Fanning was "on the Job" in
glvlr.g commands.
Fanning; t,oses His Garb.
Mayor Dahlman left Lincoln before the
inaugural ball, only staying long enough
to see the new governor vested with the
mantle of authority. When he left at
four o'clock In the afternoon Colonel Fan
ning, to use the words of the mayor, "was
tearing bis shirt" because his uniform was
lost. The expansive garb was packed in a
trunk 'and billed for Lincoln, but it was
lost somewhere enroute and the combined
efforts of the colonel and bis spies could
not locate it The express offices were
ransacked Vnd the wtres between the
capital elty and Omaha were kept hot In
an aifort to find the uniform, but up t
the hour of the mayor's departure it was
still a missing quanlty.
"George Parks of South Cm ah a luckily
had a Robert Emmet suit with htm and
he offered it to Colonel Tanning," said
the mayor, "but whether the brave soldier
wore It at the ball or whether he found his
uniform, I can not tell."
We Inventory next wwk-Saturday all
boys' clothing going at a third off. Benson
& Thorns Co.
Gas Declatem isiwt Fallare.
NEW YORK. Jan. I Failure r,f custo
mers to protect the holdings or t nnsnli
dated Gas at the time of the severe decline
in that stock following the decision uphold-
Reliable Dr. Searles & Searlea,
1 1I1U ll si fnr 1 . . r . i , - .
, mv ev av mmmj . UiVUeW
1 1 M t si in t la.'. 1. .n i i . , . .
lnvl bDciaiUU In lu West la $xil 4imm and ui-
know lust what will cure fon
You, Then You Fay TJ Our Fee.
We naks ao misktading or false atatsinenu, or ettet
you th WW, wurtiilees ttMliueak Our rcpulaiion aa4
lauie are tco favorably kuuwa: every taaa m umi uur
,.i,i iiu.n i at taAi. Iur braiin, lite aau baplaeaa
Is toe serious a matter to blace la the hands of
jl.VaUH.aa" BOCTuaw Honest C -or. of ability use
tu.. , a T Man aUkisiasa. siareeaa
wvimvm, mmmm inmshs, sifllfT SAg IBiaa,
sLuaasvaa er Mask
ayiuuloa UUnk for limn, treatment.
Cor Douglas, Oanlui
Our Cloak buyer is now in New York and quick stock reduction to make room for new goods is
the order of the day. All winter garments go at half and less than half regular retail value. Seldom,
if ever have you had an equal opportunity for satisfactory and proiitable selection
CaricuL Cloth and Fur Lined
Coots; splendid assortment for
selection, values to $25, $9.00
Choice of any Cloth Coat in the
house that sold up to $4000;
Saturday $15.00
Women's $35.00 Sable Coney
Coats Great snap at $14.90
Fine Beaver Coats Regular $90
values, on 6ale Saturday at,
choice $45.00
Infants' Curley Bearskin Coats,
$4.00 values at $1.50
Boys' Ice Skates, worth 89c, only. .... .49
$1.76 nickel plated Ice Skates (or boys or.
girls, Barney tt Berry and Wlnslow's make.
(or . $1.10
11.65 Copper Tea Kettles, nickel plated. QS
Large sice snow shovels on sale (or... ..19
76c furnace shovels, a big snap 35
$1.00 self-basting roasters, only 39
Fresh Head Lettuce, per head
Fresh Onions, three bunches
Fancy rreun cauuiiower, per id.... ic
Fancy fresh Wax Beans, quart 10c
Fancy fresh Green Beans, quart 10c
Two heads fresh L,eaf Lettuce be
Three bunches fresh Radishes 6c
New Honey, per rack 12 He
New Fard Date, per lb lc
Fresh roasted Peanuts, quart,.
Larse Cocoanuts. each c
Large, Juicy Lemons, per doxen, lie
per lb.
. tOo
Tea, per lb.tSo
lng the 80-cent law Is alleged to have been
the cause or ins iauuie or me una ui
ll&ckiock, Baxter & Seed, which was an
nounced on the Consolidated Stock ex
change today. The failure of C. W. Wil
lets, a trader, also was announced today
on the same exchange.
Sportaaaem Aid Asduboa Workers to
Cheek Market Heaters state
Laws Mar Help.
NEW YORK. Jan. 8. To measure the con
tents of Uncle Barn's game bag during tne
new year la the object of a concerted effort
In which sportsmen from every section or
the country are Joining tha National As
sociation of Audubon Societies in this city
today. Detailed records of each day s shoot
ara to be secured from every true sports
man, and required by law of everyone else,
it Is proposed, in all states where the Aud
ubon and sporting Interests will urge the
crying need of legislation to this effect
Unless the annual Inroads upon the rapidly
decreasing game of America are thus de
termined, the leaders ef the new . move
ment declared today, shooting, as a 'healthy
recreation, will soon be killed in almost
every ' region of the continent.
That the health, crops and woods, as well
as the sport, of many extensive localities
are today seriously menaced by the extinc
tion of game birds will be demonstrated by
the latest results of the scientific Investiga
tions of government authorities at Wash
ington. Water fowl and shore birds will
be shown in their natural rapacity of de
stroying the anopheles mosquito as well ss
many other recognised distributers of
deadly germs. Gulls and many other va
rieties of sea and inland water birds wilt
be proven by ornithological experts to be
wholesale destroyers of grasshoppers and
a multitude of the trisects which cause an
annual crop and forest loss of nearly a bil
lion dollars, or more than the entire na
tional debt, as recently announced, accord
ing to the most recent calculations of the
government bureau of entomology. Tha
case of Salt Lake City, whose people have
erected a monument to the jjulla that saved
all their crops from destruction by an in
sect plagua will also be cited.
In every one of the state legislatures
which are beginning to convene for tha
new year special efforts to obtain legal
provision for this game census are being
planned among organised sportsmen and
Audubon workers. Where a hunter's license
lav is already In force the addition of a
law to enforce the recording of all game
birds and ailsnals shot will be urged. It Is
proposed, in order to protect the true
sportsman and to detect market hunters,
to punish failures to report the season's
shoot by a forfeiture of license, and tales
returns by proceeding as against perjury
Special blanks tor tha purpose are being
prepared as an attachment to all hunters'
license cards.
Wnaa the purpvss and necessity of this
200 Handsome Tailor Suit3 All
colors and styles, values to $25,
on sale at $9.90
Beautiful One-Piece Dresses, in
silks and fine wool fabrics, all
colors, worth to $25.00, choice,
for $9.90
Fine Silk and Net Waists Gar
ments that sold up to $10.00, in
one lot to close at $3.95
Children's $5.00 Coats Sizes 8
to 12 years; choice $1.00
Children's $8.00 Coats.. $2.95
Big Hardware Bargains
25c Sale Saturday !2c
Co Voorman Sink. Strainers.
0c Large Open Coal Hods.
2$o Wilson Breed Toasters.
lie Cotton Mop Heads.
Sic Parlor Brooms,
t&c Bread Boards,
tic Steamers.
Z6c Folding- Lunch Boxes. "
2&c Dinner Buckets.
10-quart Galvanised Palls.
Sic Heavy Mi aided Clothes Line.
Two 10-cent Scrub Brushes.
Six Wire or Wooden Coat Hangers.
Two Nickel Plated Trouser Hangers.
Six t-cent Tooth Picks.
. .
.6c and TVie
Big Klghlana xrarel Orange gala.
The most healthful fruit grown to eat U'Ij
time of year. The Highland Navels are the
finest, richest flavored, Juclest and sweetest
oranges grown. Sale prices:
Regular 26c else, per dozen 15c
Regular 80c sixe, per dosen 20c
Regular 860 size. per dusen 25c
Regular 40c else, per dozen 30c
A handsome Tea Canister, FREE, with every
pound of Tea Saturday.
Try HAYDENs First
widespread checking up of the nation's
game bag la realised by the people at
large, tb labor of corMplllng the records
of the Individual prowess of millions of
hunters will be begun. In this gigantic
task the officers of the National Associa
tion of Audubon Societies have been prom-i
lsed the hearty assistance of the directors
of the National Conservation commission, a
co-ordinate branch of which their organi
sation has become by the special invitation
or the authorities at Washington. This
conservation movement they will forward
as one of their principal activities for the
new year, together with their regular work
of education, bird care on reservations and
legislative campaigning for general bird
protection. '
"The conservation of the dying races of
the game birds and animals of this conti
nent is an object for which we are finding
every true sportsman ready and eager to
co-operate with us," said William Dutcher,
president of the National Association of
Audubon Societies, at its headquarters, 141
Broadway. "The proposed census is the
only sure way to determine the extent of
$30 Suits to Order
for S15
On Gale Saturday,
January 9th
We offer for this day's sale our
$25, $28 and $30 Suits and
Overcoats made to your C1C
measure for $lw
This to reduce our stock.
To keep our workmen busy
and to bring In new customers.
We offer our $40 Suits and Ov
ercoats to order, 01C
for .KU
And our $50 Suits and (Of.
Overcoats to order for..,.vuJ
We Guarantee a Perfect Fit
Come early Saturday.
Tailoring Co.
804-804 South 16th St.
Near Southwest Corner 16th and
200 Fine Silk jPetticoats All
colors, actual values to $12.50,
on sale at $4.95
Women's Eiderdown Bath
Robes All colors, regular $5
values, at $2.98
$1.50 Flannelette Dressing
Sacques, on sale at 49c
$2.50 Long Kimonos at 98c
Heatherbloom Underskirts All
colors and black, regular $3.00
values, on sale at $1.45
Infants' Bonnets, values to $2,
at, choice 49c
Five rolls Toilet Paper.
Four boxes 120 Clothes Pins.
Extra large Corn Popper.
25c Heavy Dust Pans.
Ten Mouse Traps.
Dornestlo Wringer, three year guar
antee, worth 1 50 each; on sal BaW
f$.S6 Rotary Washer oa sale (or M-8
We have only 85 mors Western
Washers on hand, they are, worth
SI to to 13.86 each; this will be the
last aal on them round or square,
at 8.60
110.00 Easy Ak-Sar-Ben Washer.
only f3.S
Quality and
Pork Roast,
per lb
Mutton Leg,
per lb.
Mutton Roast,
per lb
No. 1 Ilams, per
the existing commercial bird butchery and
the means to check It. Though we shall,
of course, have to fight the organized and
financially powerful market hunters at
every step toward this end, I feel sure that
the support of the sportsmen will help us
greatly and that we may rely upon the
support of every patriot io American as
well. The whole public dubt of this nation
has Just been reported as $997,549,751. With
a known annual loss of many millions more
than this, due to the growing inroads of
the insects which our game birds destroy, I
do not think Americans can Ignore this
subject much longer."
to the: jews op America.
Appeal for Assistance for the Rartho
quake Sufferers.
The American Jewish committee, tn
executive session assembled in New York
City, expresses its deep sympathy with the
Italian people In their distress. On behalf
of American Jewry It sends the Italian
people messages of rncouragement and
brotherhood, with Ihe prayer that they
may be strong and hopeful of the future.
We call upon the Jews of America to
open wide their purses and lo contribute
what they can to the funds now bring
gathered by the American Red Cross so
ciety. Let every Jew do his duty by his
stricken Italian brother.
Contributions should be sent to the near,
est local Ked Cross treasurer or to the
national Red Cross treasurer at Washing
ton, D. C.
Mrs. Powell Says This Is the Heasoa
She Shot Three loss and
FORT DODGE. I-., Jan. a (Special Tel
egram.) Mrs. Powell . of Rockwell City,
who shot her three sons and herself, is
worse this morning and her life is again
despaired of. The oldest son is better, but
is not out of danger. The other two are
dead Mrs. Powell says constantly she
committed the, crime to punish her hus
band for drinking. She says she hopes
both she and the remaining son die.
Young men's "Bam pock" suits and over
coats going Saturday at a third off. Ben
son A Thome Co.
HUtaa Teseperature . In Other Parts
f Country Is the Pre
diction. WASHINGTON. Jan. I. -Frost tonight as
far south as northers Florida, a slowly
climbing mercury In the Atlantlo states
Saturday; rising - temperature In the Inte
rior iuta sxceot for swert culd la tha
Men's Winter Underwear & Furnishings
Magnificent clearance bar
gains in all winter garments.
You'll find you can't dupli
cate the qualities elsewhere
at our prices.
Men's $2.50 Undershirts or
Drawers, pure Australian
wool, extra fine quality; on
salo at .$1.50
Men's heavy wool Shirts or
Drawers, worth to $2.00 a
garment, all sizes, at 98c
Men's Winter Underwear,
80 wool, all sizes and col
ors, worth to $1.50 garment,
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MtVs Fleeced Shirts or- Drawers
worth double, sale prices
at 29,nd 39
Men's and Boys' Wool Sweaters,
(Ine quality to 13 values
t -.81.50 81.98
Men's Bine Flannel Overshirts
California or Army flannel
worth to $2.50, chrrfce. . . .98
tt to 10 A. M. Men's Fleeced
shirts or drawers, 60c Quality,
t 25
Hart, Schaffner & Marx $".95
Grrtfeff Clothing Btrgains Ever Offered -Stt Ltrgt hi Psgt
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rooms, G9c values, Saturday, each 45c
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Saturday Specials in Meat Department
Price Inmre At All Times H a Unf action
Veal Roast, per
lb., 8c, 7c and
Veal Chops, per f
lb.. 12Vo and I
Mutton Chops,
per lb. ..... .
12 4 No. 1 Picnic Hams
5,000 lbs. Armour No. 1 Bacon, lb . . 15
northwest, falsing of the eastern snow
storm into the Atlantic ocean and storm
signals flying from the California coast are
the features of today's weather bureau re
Charles Grlscora of Portland, Miss Alma
Summers of Humbnldt and Kred A. Bar
tett of Kvlra at the Her Grand.
C. O. Maulscrti of Denver, C. K. Daugh
erty of Norfolk, A. M. Chambers and A
D. Beers of Walthlll are at the Murray.
Bert Wattles of Neligh, nephew of O. W.
Wattles, and Art Alhmain left Thursday
night for a short visit at Excelsior Sprlnga.
C. F. Cain of lender, F. H. Cromwell of
Elmwood, O. T. Herrmann of North Platte
and Fred Bchroeder of Cheyenne are at the
Mrs. H. II. Heller, superintendent of the
Detention school, who has been In Salt
Lake City, attending the funeral of her
father, returned last evening.
Dr. W. M. Davidson, superintendent f
the city schools, goes to Lincoln tnnlKht to
attend a meeting of the Schoolmasters'
club. The doctor is president of the club.
J. H. Grady, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ketter
ing, Mrs. Walts of Denver, II. D. Bchroeder
AJZ- 70
On all broken lines off SUITS
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319 Co. 16th St. MEN'S FASHION SHOP
It to 11 A. M M mi s heavy cot
ton flannel gloves and mittens,
15c values, pair .y. .-5
and Savings.
Veal Steak,
per lb
Veal Stew,
per lb. .
Mutton Stew, f"-
per lb. .
of Pender. August Voor of Nooora, Mr. and
Mrs. C P. Muaon of Ansley and S. Slaugh
ter Grand Island are at the Hotel Ixiyu.1.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bell of Sallna, T. ftf.
Martin of Halt lke City, J. W. Horton
of O'Neill, Samuel Pepier of Pueblo. H. D.
Scrlbner of ean Frartcisio and C F. Way
of Lincoln aro at the Rome.
Norman Nlroll sailed for Cuba Thurs
day from New York City on the Morro
Castle in the interest of his firm, Glovet
Realty EyTXlicate, to Inspect 6.0 O acres ot
fruit land fhere owned by the Glover Cuban
Land com amy.
John Clapjer of York, J. If. Butler ol
Kansas City, G. W. Murdock of Columbus,
J. A. Johnson, James Frown of Valentine,
D. Treadway of Wall Ijtke. la., Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Bertrand and child of Sioua
Falls are uc the Henahaw.
Hershey C. Welch of North Platte, C.
H. Reed of Madison, J. D. Horton ef
Grand Island, C. W. White of Gregory. H.
V. Htanfleld of Tekamah, L. K. Cummlnge
of H Ignore and C. B. Duffey of Coon
Rapids are at the Merchants.
W. F. Porter of IJncntn, Mr. and Mrs.
Thro Helvers-m of Battle Lake, Mr. and
Mrs. Zachary 8. Taylor, George XV. Taylor
of Bnid. Okl., John Martin, John Williams
of Douglas, C. C. Crowell. Jr.. of Blair, F.
J. Hale of Atkinson and William Smith
of Rising City are at the Paxton.
, !
r 1
1 1