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U , Donff. Sll
iot rxoiit sitOK A 1.x. arTSL-tnd. a-isi
Our Great Annual Linen Sale
January Sale Table Cl6tha.
All our fl.Sa Bleschetf Table
Cloths, January tale price
All our 2. :& Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale-price. 1 1.69.
All our 2.50 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $1.73.
All our 13.25 Bleached Table
Cloths, January aale price 11.25.
All our 14.75 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price 2.89.
All our $5.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $3.89.
All our $6.50 Bleached Table
Cloths, January aale price $4.00.
All our $6.75 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $4.50.
All our $7.0Q Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $4.89.
All our $7.75 Bleahed Table
Cloths, January sale price $5.00.
All our $8.75 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $6.00.
All our $10.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $6.89.
All our $12.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $7.89.
All our $13.60 Bleached Table
Cloths, January 'sale-price $8.89.
All our $16.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $10.00.
All our $20.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $13.89.
All our $25.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $17.60.
All our $30.00 Bleached Table.
Cloths, January sale price $20.00,
All our $36.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January kale price $25.00.
All our $40.00 Bleached Table
Cloths, January sale price $28.89.
All our $46.00 Bleached Table
Cloths. January sale price $35.00.
Continuation of the Great Em
broidery Sale at Half Price.
Extra Special Sale Napkins.
All our $1.75 Hemmed Napkins,
la this sale $1.10.
All our $2.25 Hemmed Napkins,
In tola sale $1.75.
All our $1.60 Bleached Napkin,
In this sale $1.00.
AIT our "U.S-Bleached Napkins,
"in the-sale hT 6. -
-All our $2.00 Bleached Napkins,
In this sale $139.
All our $3.00, Bleached Napkins,
Id this sale $1.98.
All qur $3.60 Bleached Napkins,
tJn this sale $2.60. i
All our $4.60 Bleached Napkins,
in this sale $2.75.
All our $4.75 Bleached Napkins,
In this sale $3.28.
. All our $5.00 Bleached Napkins,
In this ttle $3.89.
r All our $6.75 Bleached Napkins,
in this sale $4.(0..
. .,' AH our $7.50 Bleached Napkins,
in this sale $4.89.
All our $8.75 Bleached Napkins,
' In this sale $6,38.
All our $10 Bleached Napkins,
In thes -Bale $7.00.
All our $15 Bleached Napkins,
In this sale $10.89.
- Suits at One-Half Price.
There . are still a few pretty
styles, which we are closing out
at January sale prices,
' $35.00 Suits ,..,..$17.60
January Sale Bleached Table
Damask by the Yard.
All our 66c Bleached Table Da
mask, January sale price 46c.
All . our $1;00 Bleached Table
Damask, January- ! price 75c.
All our $1.25 Bleached Table
Damask, January sale price 86c.
All our $1.66 Bleached Table
Damask, January sale price $1.00.
January Sale of Silver
Bleached Damask by Yard.
All our 66c Silver Bleached
Table Damask, January price 4 6c.
All our $1.00 Sliver Bleached
Table Damask, January price 75c.
All our $1.25 Silver Bleached
Table Damask, January price 85c.
All our $1.65 Silver Bleached
Table Damask, January, price $1.
January Special Sale of
All our 15c Bleached Huck
Towels, January sale price 9c.
All our 18c Bleached Huck
Towels, January sale price 12 He.
All our 25c Bleached Huck
Towels, January
All our 26c
Towels, January
All our 4 5c
Towels, January
January Sale of Turkish
All our . 18c Turkish
January sale price 12tyc
All our 20c Turkish
January sale price 16c.
All our 25c Turkish
January sale price 19c.
All our 40c Turkish
January sale price 25c.
All our 45c Turkish
January sale price 29c.
All our 60c Turkish Towels,
January sale price 39c.
All our 76c Turkish Towels,
January sale price 60c.
100 Coats, Friday at $3.75
and $5.00 each, Worth
$15.00 to $20.00.
Among the beautiful assort
ment of winter coats we have
taken two lines of Fine Fancy
Mixed Cloth Garments. These
coats are full, 64 inches long,
made in the New Dlrectolre Hip
less styles.
$30 Caracul Cloth Coats $16.00.
$25 Coats in all shales $12.60.
$18.60 Coats in all shades $9.25.
January Clearing Sale at
Bargain Square in Basement.
15c and 20c Half Wool Danish
Cloth in remnants or off the bolt
at, per yard, 6c.
Wool Dress Goods in mixed
suiting styles, regular 50c qual
ity, Friday, at, per yard, 19c.
The Great Waist and Skirt Sale.
See Friday's ad.
sale price 15c.
Bleached Huck
sale price 19c.
Bleached Huck
sale price 25c
The Great January Clearing
Sale of Muslin Underwear
Grows More Interesting
Every Day. .
Women's drawers made with
deep ruffle of embroidery or
flounce of Valenciennes insertions
and edge. All sizes, Friday at
just one-half the regular prices.
Women's French Chemise. Hand
embroidered and La Grecque
Combination Suits at one-third
Women's short skirts with
hemstitched ruffles or lace and
embroidery trimmed ruffles, at
one-third off.
Friday, each
Friday, each
Friday, each
Friday, each
$1.25 Skirts, Friday, each
$1.65 Skirts, Friday, each $1.25.
$2.76 Skirts, Friday, each $1.50.
Children's drawers in plain
tucked styles, sices from 1 to 6
years, at each 10c.
Sizes from 6 to 10 years, same
style as above, at, each 15c.
One lot of children's soiled
skirts at M the regular prices.
60c Skirts, Friday, each 25c.
76c Skirts, Friday, each 38c.
85c Skirts, Friday, each 43c.
$1.50 Skirts, Friday, ea., 76c.
January Clearing Sale of
Blankets and Comforters.
75c cotton gray Blankets, 35c
a pair.
$5.50 gray all wool Blankets,
$3.98 a pair.
$4.60 gray all wool Blankets,
$3.48 a pair.
$8.50 gray wool Blankets at
$2.79 a pair.
$3.60 white wool Blankets at
$2.49 a pair.
$4.26 St. Mary's gray Blankets,
$3.69 a pair.
$5.00 Down Quilts $3.69 each.
$6.00 Down Quilts, $4.48 each.
$7.00 Down Quilts, $5.29 each.
$8.00 Down Quilts. $6.10 each.
$9.00 Down Quilts. $7.29 each.
$10 Down Quilts. $7.78 each.
$12.50 Down Quilts, $8.98 each.
$18 Down Quilts, $12.29 each.
$4.00 wool Comforts, $2.98 a.
$3.50 Malsh Comforts, $2.76 ea.t
$4.50 Malsh Comforts. $8.45 ea.'
$15 silk covered Malsh Com
forts. $9.00 each.
$1.25 Sllkollne Comforts. 79c
$2.50 Cambric Comforts, $1.98
$3.00 Sateen Comforts, $2.39
$6.75' Scotch plaid all wool
Blankets, $4.48 a pair.
$5.50, $6.75 wool Bathrobe
Blankets, at $2.98 each.
60c Crib Comforts, 39c each.
$3.60 Beacon, beautiful plaid
Blankets, at $2.89 a pair.
75c Crib Blankets for Baby, at
48c each.
Fur Sale Continues.
Greater bargains than ever.
American Rescuer Are Bound for
Earthquake District
terlan church, in the presence of a company
of soma fifty or more relatives and friends.
A wedding dinner was eenred. Mr. and
Mr. Bell departed for a trip to Kanaat
City and fit. Louis, and upon their return
they will make their home on a farm near
Tremor Centlaae at Rate T'
II Heap Bodies of Caeaer
aa rVlf Ara Still Birltl
la Raima.
ROUE, Jan. 7. A special train left hers
this mornlna; tor Clvlta Vecchla with the
American relief party, headed by Ambassa
dor Qrlicom, on board.
They will salt for Messina on board the
steamer Bayern, chartered to convey the
American relief to the south. The party
includes William Hooper of Boston; Nelson
Gay of Boston; John E. Elliott. Wilfred
Thompeon and a acore of other Americans,
fnoluAln riaetors and nurses. Mrs. Qrlsoom,
Mrs. Gay and Mrs. Elliott accompany the
rollef workers as far aa Clvlta eccnia.
The ambasKador Is going orHy as far as
the atralt of Messina, where he will start
the Bayern on Its work cf relief. will meet
Admiral Sperry. Who Is coming irom ron
Said oh board the flag-ship Connecticut. In
the strait, and return with the Connecticut
to Naples. The American battleships fol
lowing the Connecticut north will be placed
at the disposal of the Italian authorities.
Shocks Still Felt.
MESSINA. Jan. 7. Earthquake shocks
are still continuing nere n. "
about ten per hour. Fire also has again
broken out. completing the destruction oi
the city hall and the records stored therein.
A party of men under the direction oi
Major Landls, the American mu....j
attache at Rome, haa been wommg
four days to extricate the bodies or a. b.
rhnev and his wife from the ruins of the
American consulate. The apartment of the haa not vet been uncovered, and
many feet of wreckage still remain w
Bayard Cutting. Jr., Wlnthrop Lnanier
and Btuart K. L-upton, American consul.
representatives, are making every enon
t trace. Americana supposed to have been
In the earthquake sone at the time of the
disaster, but so far without success. The
authorities have determined to Isolate
Messina aa the only means of preventing
.r, outbreak of serious illness. The relief
parties oomplaln that the starving refugees
refuse the most nutritious food, and want
only macaroni. The work of the soldiers In
Messina consists principal m gain a
H.urt bodies and burying tnem in insncues
between layers of quicklime. Out of respect
to the prevailing religious feeling
determined not to- burn the dead.
(Continued from First Page )
Infants' dresses, sacquea, bonnets, coats,
boot, leggings, mittens, veils, afgana,
skirts, nursery novelties and piece flannels
at 3D (r cent oft Friday and Saturday.
Benson Thorn Co.
Dr. Maasoa Sara Captain Was Rittr
las; from Isapalslra laaaalty
Whra He Shot Aanls.
FLUSHING. N. Y., Jan. 7.-The trial of
Thornton Jenkins llalns passed today ta
that stage frequent-In homicide caafs where
testimony Is developed from medical ex
perts and alienists, llalns' counsel placed
on the stand Dr. I Samuel Manson, an
alienist, who, after listening to a hypothet
ical question regarding Captain llalns' san
ity, declared that on August IS, when Cap
tain llalns shot William E. Annls, he was
suffering from "Impulsive Insanity."
Thornton Halns' long cross-examination
was concluded at the morning session and
the defense began the presentation of ex
pert evidence to prove the Insanity of Cap
tain Halns. The prison physician was not
permitted to tell his opinion of Captain
Halns' sanity, and It looked as If the de
fense woul dbe unable to get the alien
ists' testimony before the jury. Dr. Man-
son stated he had not treated Captain
Halns as his patient, but had simply oh
served him. It was then that the hypo
thetlcal question, which required one hour
and fifteen minutes, was read to the alien
Dr. Manson stated that Captain. Halns
suffered from melancholia following the
shooting, and his mental condition showed
an Improvement. Before an objection could
be entered to an interrogation the alter, t
stated that Captain Halns was sane when
he last saw him. The cross-examination
of Dr. Manson was under way when the
court adjourned until tomorrow.
It was
between Browning and the minister, so fr
Is known. In fact, they are reported
to have been quite friendly. Tuesday after
noon Browning left a Grand Trunk train
at th nearby village of Hlokey and In
quired the way to the Methodist church In
Columbus township. He said to two dif
ferent men that he had an appointment
there. C. . O. Con at, a rural mall carrier.
and Thomas Galvtn walked part way to
the church with Browning to make sure
that he made no mistake In directions.
They left him mile from the little build
ing. If; has not been seen since.
OoTeraor Shrlfloa Falls to Name Sac-
erasers to Kennedy and
tor? el I.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 7. (Special Telegrams-
Governor Sheldon did not appoint members
of the Omaha Fire and Police board to fill
the vacancies caused by the resignations of
John I Kennedy and Robert Cowell. It
Is believed the governor was convinced his
term of office ended at mktnlght last night
and that action taken today would be In
valid. Messrs. Kennedy and Cowell re
signed from the board some time ago, their
resignations to take effect January 1.
Sheepmen Wsit Quarantine.
PIERRE, 8. D.. Jan. 7.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) The sheep owners of the western
part of the state are asking that Governor
Vessey declare a quarantine against Wy
oming on account of alleged diseases among
Wyoming sheep and the proclamation will
probably be Issued.
Cold l'reveats Jail Break.
OKLAHOMA CITT. Okl.. Jan. 7.-Forty
five prisoners In the city Jajl last night
tunnelled their way to freedom. (Jetting
breath of the Icy air, all but three volun
tarily returned. They declared they pre
ferred prison to freedom In aero weathCT.
We Inventory next week-Friday and Sat
urday all boys clothing going at a third
off. Benson & Thorns Co.
First Day for Introducing Bills
the Hoase Brlnors Oat an Even
majority of the house opposed Mr. Bryan
!n his desire to shift responsibility, while
bossing the legislative. Job, but xnoe Mr.
Bryan i waked Speaker Pool at 7 o'clock
In the morning and demanded that he will
away . hla authority Insofar as eommlttee
appointments are concerned, all the fight
has been taken out -of the rebels.
Tb "committee on committees met this
morning and it. was decided Informally at
that meeting that every member would have
equal authority..
This committee will get busy and Monday
at. U:. a cauoua will be held, at which
the cusamiUe -will -report. The" result of
the action ,p Xh. caucus probably will be
made known efthe 'session of the house
Monday afternoon,
It Is th Intention, of this standing com
mittee on Committees to Increase practi
cally an of the standing committees, so
that every member will get Just what he
asks for.' Tha committees on corporations,
cities and towns, Judiciary and the other
Important committees will in some In
stances be doubled and others materially
It Is planned now by the leaders of the
house to follow the precedent established
by the republican "leg-Mature . two years
ago and have Joint committees of the house
and senate draft the platform pledges Into
heldoaV Vacates Exeeatlvo Mauls
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 7. (Special.) Tha
executive mansion was vacated at noon to
day by former Governor George L Sheldon
and family and tha new governor with his
family will take possession tomorrow. This
noon Governor 8heldon sent his children to
their home In Nehawka and he and Mrs.
Sheldon took quarters at the Llndell hotel.
Mrs. Sheldon did not attend the Inaugural
ceremonies, as she ..was entertained during
the afternoon by the members of the Delta
Delta Delta, sorority, of which she Is a
member. " '
The newly elected officers In tha main
will take possession . of their own offices.
The change In the appointive offices will
lake place at once.
Secretary of Senate to Forward All
Mall of Members.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 7. (Special.) An un
limited mailing privilege was granted the
secretary of the senate by a vote of the
members ' today when on motion of Sena
tor Buck of Otoe county, a banker, the
secretary was authorised to send all letters
of the members and officers of the senato
through the malls that these gentlemen
may place upon the secretary's desk. The
motion carried with It no limitation as
to the number and specified that the cost
of the postage thus applied bo paid out
of the Incidental fund tha legislature will
nrovlde. Heretofore the senate has been
rather chary about paying postage for
members, the Idea being In thla allowance
that only those letters which are necessi-
tated through the office the member holds
shall be transmitted at the expense of tha
state. The resolution passed on Mr. Buck's
motion will permit the mailing . of any
number of letters at public expense.
After a long discussion over tha proposi
tion to adjourn until Monday a decision
was reached to make the adjournment
continue only until tomorrow afternoon,
but ' the house desired to adjourn until
Monday, following the joint session and
the senate reconsidered Its action and
concurred In the action of the house. Thla
was done In order to permit the commit-
teeo on standing committees to confer, a
meeting for this purpose having been called
for tomorrow.
The expected action of the committee on
rules was taken during the morning, when
Senator Ransom, chairman of thla body,
sent to the desk a resolution providing for
tha Increase of the membership of the com
mittee on banks and currency from five
members, which Is the usual number, to
seven. Yesterday Dlers of York moved
that the committee be increased to nine
members and the motion was referred, the
committee on rules thought seven was a
sufficiency and the farmer members agreed,
imiiHing mey migm De able to secure a
majority on It. As constituted In the pre
llmlnary arrangements, however, with the
commute standing at fire, tha delayed pay
inent banking members had an apparent
majority. A strong contest will result yet
over the makeup of this body In the effort
to depose the bunking Interests, and In case
this Is not done, the bill will be drafted by
special joint committees, should the farmer
members be enabled to take such action.
,.,.. hv Mr. Olmsteaa oi rtiinj"-
His remarks stirred up the BUDjeci in
Its phases and gava the so-called insurgents
under the leadership of Mr. Gardner of Mas
saohuaetts an opportunity to air their opin
ions. Mr. Cockran of New York occupied
the middle ground on the proposition.
Mr. Tart's reported Intention to break
the solid routh was Incidentally brought
Into discussion In the course of a speech on
the tariff by Mr. Shephard of Texas, who
remarked that the president-elect had made
hlmnolf rtdlculOUI.
The only other speaker was Mr. Russell
of Missouri, who made a strong plea for
river and harbor ., Improvement
At 4:16 p. to. Ae fcpuae aaojumea.
Hows Starts rnTratiajaiion oi
dltnre for Service and Sopplles.
WASHINGTON. Jan. T.-Wlth a view of
...rtalnlnr how tha X213.0W.WO appropri
ated annually for the expenses of the postal
service Is expended, the house committee
on postofflce expenditures has started Its
Chairman Wagner's committee is engagea
In examining conditions In the office of the
purchasing agent. It haa been ascertained
that a large quantity of supplies has been
purchased by th office, independent of the
annual contracts, designed to cover every
thins- that the service needed. So far as
the committee has gone the acting purchas
ing ,nt has been' able to give a satis
factory reason, It Is said, for the purchase,
A Bank Account for
The facilities of this bank make it possible for every
person to have his own account. Even $1.0Q will start one.
j The savings bank in Nebraska is carefully controlled by
j state laws to afford to saving people a safe place where
-they may deposit their funds.
The office hours are convenient. The location is con-
venieht arid easily accessible. The functions of the bank
-4ire arranged to assist the saver as much as possible.
i ; 4 'interest paid on deposits. V. ' .
"Si -If j-ou have no bank account now, we respectfully
'' Tecornmend our advantages to you. a -t
Oldest, Largest and Strongest Savings Bank In Nebraska.
iixY savings bMk
! :; 16th and Douglas Sts. ;
j PAZO OINTMENT guaranteed to cure any
case of itching, blind, bleeding or protruding
Piles in to 14 days or money refunded. 60c.
TIERRra. S. P., Jan. 7. (Special Tele
gramsToday was the first for Introduc
tion of. bills and they came with a rush
In the house, an even dozen coming along.
Hale got No. 1 on his bill, providing for
depositories for state and county funds.
Ranum also filed a bill on the same sub
ject. Others following were a pure drug
till, one providing for the establishment
of a stato Inebriate asylum at Highmnre,
Increasing the supreme court to five and
two of special Import to the press, as they
require election officials to make prompt
abstracts of the precinct votes to county
auditors, and that auditors make womnt
nofflclal returns to the secretary of state.
Ranum and McDonnell had their 2-cent
rate bills ready and both were sent In.
The senate did no business except to ap
point a long list of clerks, appointing J
M. Otterness senate stenographer, Thomas
McKIe Journal clerk and on committees
K. Snyder, F. E. Van Shalck. Pearl
Hunklns, Len Robertson, N. E. Phillips.
Clarence Thompson. Hans Helaerson. M.
Bryden, O. B. Mackey. a. D. Cook and
M. A. K. Keene.
In the senate tomorrow Engelsby will
Introduce a bill fixing a maximum rate of
20 cents for a ten word telegraph messare
between any two points In the state.
Ct01tllN4 CVHfAtl. ',
Be Sure and Attend the Great
Clearing Sale Friday
Va Price
Tha rreatest haraaltlS that . have
ever been presented to the "peoiiln of
Omaha are offered In this Rreni saie.
Men'i Winter Sultg .
and Overcoata now
groins' at
Overcoats as low at ,,
Men'i $7.50 Overcoats now..... .93-73 ,
Men'a 17.60 Suits now ,9-'
Men'a 110.00 Suits and Overqoats fJt.OO-
Men's $13.60 Suits and Overcoats 9.25
Men's $36.00 Kur Trimmed Over- -coats
$4.00 and $5.00 Boys' Overcoats 92.2J)
I Ago o o I WUlf.l
Telephone your needs' and w will
deliver to any part of the city, Kb.
Extraordinary Bargains fcr Friday
$1.60 Overshoes 05c, 75c and $1.Q
Canvas Levins, 80; 76c Betch Kersey
Gaiters, 40c; $100 Ta'tl Gait
ers 73c, Men s is. uu 'uress Buoys..
91.98, Men's Heavy Wool $1.?5 Vo
derwear 40c, Men's $1.00 and $1.25,.
Caps 50c, Men's $1.60 . and $.2.00
fancy color Wool snirts hoc,
Heavy Wool Sox iHr, 76c ana ii.uu
Negligee Shirts 80c, $1.50 Sweatet
Coats 09c,' Men's Sheepskin" -Unfcd
Durk noats C2.0A. Men's sheen ana
Corduroy Coats 94.80, $1.50 Worsted
Pants 75c, Way's Mufrlers lc.
CaBh must accompany till mall .orders
Corner Fourteenth and- Douglas Sts;
(Continued from First Page.)
pered around that the chief of them all,
Mr. Bryan, may have to coma to Ransom
for help before the session Is over.
While Taylor Is standing for an honestly
chosen judiciary, and will have the republi
cans with him on a vote to sustain that
Judiciary, some of the democrats are not
sure that he will be able to make enough
of the majority see tilings with his eyes to
prevent Ransom from carrying out his pur
pose. Carrying out his purpose. Senator Ran
som In the senate this, afternoon before
Joint aesslon moved that the secretary of
state be ordered to furnish a. certified copy
Of the returns on the two amendments sub.
mltted at the lust election, hoping In this
manner to get them at no expense. . King
of Polk raised the point of order that the
senate had adjourned to a specified time
to go Into Joint session and that no other
business was in order. A sharp debate on
the point of order followed and the lieu
tenant governor sustained the point, from
which Senator Ransom appealed and lost
by a vote of 17 to 16. Buck, Donohoe, Gills
and Tibbels of tha democrats voted with
the republicans to dowa the Douglas county
There Is no ease on record of a cough,
cold or la grippe developing into pneu
monla after Foley's Honey and Tar has
been taken, as It cures tha most obstinate
seated couahs and colds. Why take
anything else. For sale by all druggists.
Axel Carlsoa.
ST. PAUL. Neb,, Jan. 7.-(8peclal.)-Axel
rarlson died yesterday morning at his
home in Dannebrog, after a long period of
Intense suffering from spinal tuberculosis,
aged about 43 years. He came to this
country from Sweden In 1882. and served
as Union Pacific station agent at Danne
brog since the opening of the road In 1885
and down to 1903. when Impalrea neaitn im
nlid him tb ault the service. Mr. Carlson
leaves a widow and three sons. He was
member of the Masonic and Knights Temp
lar orders.
Harare D. Dweller.
Horare D. Dwelley, residing many years
at -Thirty-second and Burt streets and
,',iiMr in the Union Pacific shops, died
on New Year's day at Washington, D. C.
Interment at Lewlston. Me. Mr. Dwelley
will be remembered by many Omaha peo-
nle. He is survived by three grand chll
dren living here. Mrs. R. T. White. Mrs.
Maude Kelley and Mrs. J. T. Vest.
Pater GlUted.
Peter Qilsted, 61 years old, died at the
Central hospital Thursday. The funeral
will be under the auspices of the Danish
Brotherhood, lodge No. 1, and will be held
Sunday afternoon at 1:80 o'clock at the
Dodder chapel, Twenty-third and Cuming
streets. Interment will be In Sprlngwell
cemetery, northwest of Benson.
Misses' and girls' cloaks suits and dresses
Friday and Saturday one-third gI. Benson
Thorns Co.
Farmhouse Near I.extnston.
LEXINGTON, Neb., Jan. T.-(Speclal Tel
rgram. )The dwelling house of Isaac
Brown, a farmer living seven miles west
of Lexington, burned to the ground thl
afternoon. A small amount of household
goods was saved. The total loss was est!
mated at $1,600.
Groeerr Store at Kearney.
KEARNEY. Neb., Jan. T. (Special Tele
gram.) Fire broke out at 1 o'clock this
mornlns In a small frame building on
South Central avenue occupied by K
Carpenter, grocer, and before the flames
could be checked had consumed the whole
structure. Insured partially; damages, $3,M).
Brandela' Great Seml-Aannal Offer of
Choice of Any Salt or Overcoat
la Stock for S12.50.
Omaha men were never before so thor
oughly interested In a sale. The Indlca-
tlona are that there will be a bigger at
tendance at this sale at Brandels' Saturday
man ever before in Omaha's history. La
year at this time Brandels offered the
choice of any suit In tha house for 11160,
ana me sale was a brilliant success. Last
June the choice of the house was offered
at 112.50. and it looked aa If half the men
In Omaha were on hand. Next Saturday
we offer the choice of any overcoat or suit
In the stock at $12.60, and a crowd of gl
gantio sroportlons will certainly take ad
vantage of thla chance.
Qiggost Salo
In tho West
The St. Louis Salvage and Wrecking
Co. Will Put the Omaha Clothing
Stock on Sale Saturday
Stcrs Closed Until Goods An Remarktd
Be prepnred for the bargain event of
the New Year.
There's an old saying that "A man of
words and not of deeds is like a gardes
full of weeds." I am from Missouri and
I propose to show you. Thla sale Is go
ing to be Jusfks advertised. Not one bit
of misrepresentation. We never do busi
ness that way. We have purchased stocks
for 30 years and aa Manager of the St.
Louis Salvage & Wrecking Co., at 1SK-
1318 Farnam Street. I want to say that
I never came across a neater and better
atock than this merchandise which I ara
now putting on aale. ,
I will quote Just a few prices. I am too
busy marking down the stock to quote
any more.
A raw Prices
16o Barker Brand Collars, 2c; $2.00 Stiff
and Soft Hats, nobby shapes, S9c; $1.60
Pure Wool Underwear. 4c: 60o Boys'
Sweaters, 19c; $1.60 Men's Sweater Coats,
49c; $15.00 and $17.50 Men's Suits, $6.98;
$16.00 Men's Overcoats, all wool, $4.91;
Strouse & Bros. Hand-Made Clothing, reg
ular value $27.50 to $35.00, now , $10.98,
and ao all along ..the line. Boys' L6ng
Pants Suits,, worth anywhere $7.60, now
$2.98;. Men'a $2.00 Shoes, $1.19. I oannot
take the time to quote more prices. All
I can say Is that there never was such a
sale before. I will expect every man
and woman In Omaha to do their duty. A
word to the wise should be sufficient
Remember the place, The St Louis 8al
vago A Wrecking Co., at 1I1-118 Far
nam street Look for the large Bed Signs.
The character thftt- we
give to fine; linen makes: a
gentleman easy and .eleiraui
anywhere. .. -. .
'Phone, Harney 17TJ. (
Oorreot Xanaerers of Man's Pine I-lnen.
Average Time to Cure
Hupture. ., ,One Visit
Enlarged Veins.
owe Vlstt
Cataracts ...10 Days
Catarrh . .v. .80 Days
(totter . . . .90 Days
Piles ... .3 to 6 Day .
Offloe Honrs to S .
' ,Trlte today tor-
Main and Broadway,
Oloves, hosiery, caps, suspenders, under
wear, mufflers, earmuffs, mittens, etc., at
20 per cent off Friday and Saturday. Ben
son A Thortie Co.
IdentlfleaMon of Torso Found Near
Detroit aa Minister Is Not
DETROIT, Mich., Jan. 7. With rumors
and stories of all sorts floating about the
countryside today, near Columbus town
ship, where a dismembered body was found
yesterday afternoon stuffed Into the Meth
odist church stove, there is not one posi
tive development toward solving the mys
tery which shrouds the crime.
Suspicion of the accuracy of the identi
fication of the body aa that of Rev. John
H. Carmluhael of Adair developed today.
Many of the people of the neighborhood
express doubt and the sheriff states that
he Is not positive that Rev. Mr. Car-
mlchael was the victim of the horrible
Another man is missing from the neigh
borhood, Gideon Browning, a carpenter.
who lived near the minister. The officers
have been searching for Browning since
the crime was discovered.
There had never been any serious trouble
$30 Suits to Order
for S15
On Gale Saturday.
January 9th
We offer for this day's sale our
$25. $28 and $30 Suits and
t Overcoats made to your C1C
measure for ylu
This to reduce our stock.
To keep onr workmen busy
and to bring In new customers.
We offer our $40 Suits and Ov
ercoats to order, fic
for $3
And our $50 Suits and nn
Overcoats to order for....)uU
We Guarantee a Perfect Fit
Come early Saturday.
Tailoring Co.
304-806 South 16th St.
Near Southwest Corner 16th and
. Farnam.
I ;
TBCUM3EH. Neb.. Jan. 7. (Special.)
Raluh Edward Bell, son of Mr. and Mrs
Edward Bell of Vesta, and Miss ueiyra
Dnnlsp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Q. A.
Dunlap. were married at the Dunlap home
In this city yesterday arternoon at t o'clock.
Tha ceremony was'performed by Rev. Rob
ert Llddell, D. D., pastor of the Presby-
Begins Our Annual
January Sale
There' Is no better rem
edy for a cough- sold. .
-. sore throat- sr lung -
- - Weuoie man . , j. ... f
- Try a bottle. 16o ana Ida
town nana op., . .. ,
Tonight Saturday -Saturday Matins
lX KOgerS to. Pi;,rsi Bros., la
nnday and Monday afort Singer Presents
With BUly Clifford, Maud X.amber aad
70 Others.
ta Oonoert. aeata Mow elllngV '
January 14-15-1
Za KepertoUe.
Matinee every day, 8:15. livery night a;U
Kltabanxal Troupe, Howard Howard.
Hayes Johnson,- James H. Cuilea,' Mo
Phee Hill, Two Pucks. Musical Cralgs,
Klnodrome. Prices 10c, 25o and SOc.
Dally, starting Monday. Jan. 4th, 1D0S.
The Stirring Western Melodrama
hones: Doug. 160; lwUJV-lioa
Mais I Tb In Was sly Interesting Drama
Tfcal MJUDMatAaT , -
I As played by M. M. WUlarO.
Vest weaki Teas of to S'VraefTtUaa,
The Bargains Will De Extraordinary
1 r -
All this week, except Wednesday
ADMISHIQN .......... 10 tts.
SKATES .... SO cts.
Meal Tickets. Free at Hansons
Kvery person vyho lakes a luaal at To.t
Hanson's baasmsnt restaurant may guess
the number wbu visit there during theTis.
Every Uay the nearest sas wins, a uissi -
Toll Dansoo's Lunch Room -
The most attractive, brightest, airiest
ad most economical lunch room id OmaSa.
Ouess nearest luunbet1 of-paopla
srvad each day. . -. . f
Aax.a jyworm diststkk. -Brery
Saaday. aaa XoUdaya, ,ti
Friday SFisliJ Day
Jjhe GaluiTiet
1411-13 0pu4lM ,Sfc4