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"'dtr for Foot Ball Tram to Bf
Chain Toaoirar AfteraoML
L&Tni vnx caucus tcoat
tadrf1aa at Hellker rr ar
j Call! as Will Me Eele-trS
Track Mrrl 1t Caaaera
: INar !
? . , . I
LINCOLN. 3n. 4 -fFi4-Tn !
.l.yed and ,nu( W"1'""4.!' ,. !
not ball csptain J me . -c-ui
eleven win take plsoe o'clock Tuesday
afternoon. The selection of bsder for
tne 1e.a.m will positively be made at that
"When tbe fourteen "N
plsycrs p:
, ta I
Vt. .nme of -the foot ball t-n e-r.lare. J
h. a by On team on Ita one
iaT a -II I flowed to raat on. taJ- "a. KebraBka i. , .i .etron, a.
Trt f r,d -if the rote 4 a t,e the t lt -prlnR. and the meet Jn May
:iot. None of the leticr player. o.rCT
to aHnw the ihletie Ijoard to chotme a
, lder. and a mnjorlly f lha .fourteen men
hat arreed on cine tra- tnr t-art
? -ef ore the ti for he elertton on To-m3nj
J ao that a ach-rtfon. i Vr ' Itllflf TO
I he ohe balU't-
i i.tne of th fbot baU nlftyr '"tl h,rf'
; re-.umf: LmcoluXnr the opentna or the
" uniremltT t6rrorrtw derlare that the man
. n . nt
rho 'ill captain the jam cievt-n - "i
. u. r-Tiit,. :ye ta-o playera
who were tlie leaders m tne twt ii
? position and -i'P earh referred seven Totes
'- st the election held Iwtore the holidays.
thua making a deadlock wt ch could not
. b-oken ui.leaa one of these candidates
threw his support to some other player.
It is saifl that Frum has sfen bow futile
ij, t vouid be for Cor.ins atid him to stit
,wk to pet tl. c-laincy .tid has decided
to throw hit volea to some nther playar
tr tipon a hom a T3ortty "r fturtP'rl mrn
I will agree. Frum. however, will not con
f sent td rtve his support t ar.y of the
f players a ho voted for Colltns. and the
(nan who lr finally aclerted will probably
fcsve to otie of the players who voted
I for Frum. '
j A caucus of several of the letter men will
fg, held tnm irrow and a man picked out for
. hom a majority of t!ie player will rote.
, It Is thought that the men St the cnucus
will hare no trouble In agreeing on a plyer
lor the captaincy. It la rumored that
t Beltaer. left JjaMback on the 19m eleven.
iU be the mun selected St the caucus for
.Br. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Cknes prc$erre and
beaut ifres the IretK and
Purifiei the breath
A superior dentifrice
for people of reEaement
Ettabliilicd la 5566 bf
wiaa I'arlBr '
Leave. Arrive.
rn m-iL r.A 1 imiia.; a i. im a 4 nm
k.ii.n.1... KarreflB .a a :aw nn a I. i4sii pm
Atlantic Eawaas - ad0:l am
(iredoii T.r. press a 4 10 pro a i:sii pm
Lo Anse.os Limltod.. .all:ta pm a s.ia pm
Fsvt Mail a .2Li am a I 46 pm
China und Jnai. Mail .a 4:w pm a :M' piu
North I'latte liocai a 7 41 am pm
Colo -Chicago eicial...aI2.I0 am a :l am
Benirice ac Stromahurg .,
Ixical br:pm bl40pm
CkinasT Or eiv i m . .
Ht. PaulMitineapoJIs .. HOpm 7:lf am
Pi Paul-iklliirNiapolUi ... 7:M) am pm
Chicago Limited pm k.ri am
Cr.ic aco Eipreas . ... Im 11:S pm
Chicaa Exureaa . . I Js pm pva
4 rkUcaTt Btawiai laOsuaal at retA
' East.
Chicago Limited .aS:Waasa all :06 pm
Iowa Local ..a7:U0am ( im
p.m l v Mountain Ltd.. A ' am all. im
Jn-s Moines Easiern..a V am a 4:Xe pm
Ies Momes Ptisaengfr..a 4.nt pm ali.JU pm
Iowa Local .'. . UU.I am b :ii pm
Clilcago iRnsfem Ex.). a 4 4i pm tlJiipm
Chuato Flyer aa.apm at. Si am
Borky Mountain Ltd .all.lai pro a I:be pm
Cola, at Cat. tsureas.. lJu pm II
Cikl. Tvaas icpreas..a 4:40 pm a 1 .lfc pm
u Louis Express a 1.J0 jm ISaa
(it. Louis Local (from
Council Rlsftsi .a :80 am al:ltpm
fltai. berry Local (from
Councul Fluffs i k i pm blOOI am
ILUaaUe t eaXraO
rhioass Exprefce..-.. a TJ am il lipa
Chicago Lmliad H"? ra a Ji' am
atain.-Si I'atl Limited... pm .
maha-Ft. loae Lacai.a 4.1 pm alijai am
javsem&o A USHSwsmn.
Chicago Daylight a a am all:4 pm
1 win c:uy iixpreas -a ..warn w.s pm
-tltCkf O 1 .IM M.1 i , I -u Mm X--7M Tim
I ui Ciy . Loa1 a. aui aii.i am i
uicaco .Luuai l lin a s.lfc pm
Cluca u ..a is4im il.sui
Mmtieaota-i-ia a Ex t4a pa a am
l ullUl. a ( M )4a
Tviu CiU' uuuitao a :w pm a :uu am
Lus Ange tw pm ali.Je pm
Cverlaia L-sala. .--.. jOOhsj jm a si jh
V.hrkiliL - .- A'lumiui Tlia-.aliM. 1
... i.. . " . , . c n
LuaooiD-Lutia a i; .tm sui A. am
Xwadwood-LMiouiii .a I a1 pm a pm
Caaper-LaixMEr ..... ..a :l pm a kjb pm
Fremont-Aibtua k".IK' pm tlit ui . . .b I.m.' pm b b ja ,ai
(klcafh sUvsaaM . fail
Chicago a Ctio Speclala 7 .A am ail:t0 ptu
tai A OruciiU Xxjinaa-a a isv pm a t .iS put
(neriand Lrmlied .a 34 pm t t.A am
t-erry Local b pm hUJi am
saaaarl acttas
K C, su L. iLi:- .a :a am a ( 4 sjs
aw. ... ta a-aprtias a 1 1 as pm a Aii u.
aiELUblW ali
il at M1IAI
mrliact mm
Leasa. Arrive.
Xenvsr A CaiU amia.-. -a a.j pm t 14, pm
.Nuniiwusi vuai .. .-a 4 -At pm a a e pui
siiack ilis --a u pm a fc.ii, pui
Ikoraiwaat Lviueaa... a-i.-i am a:iaui
Nobiaaaa poiiils a 1 :aj am a k ill pm
Llnuuiu Faai aiaii a 1 - po aU.ii pm
Neuaaaka kainM mi 4u a pui
Ltuoiiln .. . .- . aS:Uaoa
Lin'i'l" Lcai a t m pia
bci.u inr-i-'itisnu'uta - I -It pm Aaaa am
ateiirvue-i'ialisuuiuUi.. fc.yu pm a pm
Balirvue-f laJiamtuiui 1:1a pm
I'i:umou. u-lu a ...H.liB -
kcllrvue-BlatuimouUi ..e t-Sm pm tl pia
t un..r ljmd a 4-ia pm ilaui
Ctucaas Special : aU 46 pm I
Cliioaso l-anaa a 4 J pm a ij pm
Cliu-su Kiyer a as pm a au am
jowaLicai a-la am JtiiJu am
f Louis Eaareaa. ! aj Jai am
v -nsaa Olu a ft. J-oa.-alu 4 4m a . am
itaoaaa Clry st fa. Joa .B :! am a IS am
y .n-r- City st- Joa.a paa . .
ins a ariiiTU
St. raal. Ml
.aalia . 4k
w Leave.
. Twta City Pasaenrer...b V am b pm
fiiuux - Pi i i Fnar-.a pm tell t am
si.aua vur tKs.. s a a aai- c
Emcraoa luamt .t..tlipa
b J aja
Auburn . t, ai ;....rkl pa bli 2f Aa
. X'aa'y. a ii:i aa. myi ouwitr a
staj aiA. A La-ty eaoatpt Baturdsy-
the captaincy. " It stated by men on the
rem that he will Cn one. anl possibly
three ' plea, Ironi among Collins' urp;irtTl
By getting oof vote away front Collins he
ill Iw el'id, Xnr 1 will Un Urf eight
Sole, which will be m msjiwtty.
There to innie talk by the Collins faction
of putting up Louis Kane., the Cm aha boy,
for tbe position. Ht w-nilfl stsnd an ex
cellent chsnce of tieUig elected, ion, but lor
the fart that he bad staunchly supported
Collins in the previous balloting, and now
cannot get a singie vote from the Prum
crowd, while Beltaer can pull the entire
vote of the Frura f actios and at least one
erne from the Collins surort-ra.
Manager Efcgrr announced yesterday that
b nfcd Jufrt mfwi . eoBtr,rt wAh Coch
Waim. j Mirme-ot. tor a trac k meet
between Nebraska and Mrnnescrta, which
j will be beld is Minneapolis cm Nonhrup
field Met 15- Tor the lairt four or live
years the Cornbuskere bsve outclassed the
a - anE Nrbraaka defeated Mlr.neanta In the
uuu m-et vj a acore ox h a
W illlas Flrat Jeaatn tvr Pen
f ChaaiMakl Mae.
I EWER. Jan. 4 Appari:Jy Jantra J.
Cor)tt i sincere In lar uitiourued d;alrc
tt re-nLr the prlae ring- and endeavor to
brliAtT back to a a hlte man the wo-id r
lioav-xwcictit championship wnn by Jack
Johiiaun. the Ga.v-auiu colored fiptiter.
Crtven all moult In ni.ioti to train and
coiidition himaelf jrropcr'y lor the content,
be a&ld today that tit tlt puprt-mely erro-
firlnt a f.iilri vln fin it t mnr T t . 1 n
i,rj,bj,i ti,i,i .t.ouiiJ ttie jLuatrallan f iriit
jiromoiem. f nn iiae iaucu iu viiu tia ,
urn Jr.tirut back Into the arena to inert
the coiored man. take Corbert talk aer-i-
oue'y and oflt-r a i hampjunahip puree for I
a cbamplonahip fignt. Corbetl would again
I n In tt ring.
Corbei.1 nc 4? years old. but he av
pears to lw in perfect physical condition,
feii'-e the nigrht of Aurusi 14. 1W)3. alien
Jeflrie knocked him out in ten rounds,
t'orbeu has had on a boxing glove but
"But I've always kept up my eaercise,"
said Corhett to the Associated Press rep
resentative today, "and jhsicaily 1 know
1 am in better condition than Jeflriaa or
any of the others, nuuside of these young
lellcas ho would not have a chance tin
ear-.h any aay with Johnson."
"Honestly, though." continued Corbett, "1
tfid not mean to start thta talk of my going
up afaitim Johnson. I simply fell badly to
see a colored man champion and 1 told a
hunch of friends one evening how I felt
and that 1 did not know of any man who
had a better channe with Johnson than my
self, umens it should be Jeffries. 1 don't
want to lie put In the position of appar
ently iusuiiig a challenge to fight Johnson.
1 don't intend to do anything of the kind.
1 ta.ked too much because I frit so badiy
over that Australian fiptit. But if the Aus
tralian j-eopit should happan to like the
idea and g-ive me s:z months in which to
train, why J 11 go inta the g-atxe again and
1 think I could make good and get that
championship back."
Corbett said his weight had rot changed
much In several years and that be could
probably enter the ring weighing about ISi
Bee-sac-r De-fenata J laser.
BEEMER Neb . Jan. 4. (Bpi cia.1. e
Bemer defeated Wiener at midwinter buse
ball yesterday on their grounnn by a score
of 7 to 8. The ground was alow, but the
day was fine. Heavy hitting wa the fea
ture, both sides showing up welL Bat
teries: Wiener. Kasi and Thompson;
Beemer, Butjc and Fehlunan.
Matty Mrlatyr lias AsisaallrltJia.
NEW TORK. Jan. 4 Matty Mclntvre,
outfielder of -the Ietrou baae ball laun,
champions of the American leag-ue. is In
Bt Vincent's hospital. West Hew Brighton,
Biaten Island, suffering from appeudGltla.
His condiuon is taid to be serinus.
Lrgrlaiatarr VUI Eltr1 I site acavtre
seaatr mm tesaBt Bwel
Cwaatr Optina Lw.
INlT'lANAPOLlS, Jan. 4 The session of
the Indiana legiBiature w hich opens next
Thursday promises to be one or unusual
interest, because of the election of a Tnited
Btates senator to succed James A. Heni-
enway. and the possible attempt to repeal
the county local option law. 7 ne nousc
w-i'J lie democratic and the senste repub
lican, but the democrats have a majority
on Joint ballot. John W. Kern, democratic
candidate for vice president, is In the race
for the ser.atorship.
Wllltasa J. ItlrkardMia, Hat-S wmre
Hrrtkasl, Cats Trwa-t la Praa-
mt Wlte.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Jan. 1 Immediately
after hi wife had kissed him and told him
to sleep as long as lit liked. William J.
Richardson, a hardware merchant of this
city, procured a rasor and with a sing-le
slash nearly severed Ids head from his
body, falling lifeless at his wife's feet. Ill
health is said to have prompled the deed.
Aa Eastlaaisuttwa.
Notice appeared in the Sunday papers
of a Whhe Bteamer automobile belonging
to Mr. W. g Goodrich of Counctl Bluffs
exploding at Fifteenth and Farnam streets
while the owner went into the Henshaw
hotel for a few minutes.
in Just tee te ourselves, as agents for the
White Bteamer, and having sold Mr. Good
rich the rsr which It is "alleged" ex-"
P''. " " t Mr. Goodrich
; states that he had removed the safety
I valve from this car entirely and failed to
' cut off his fire when he b;ft the car. which
i caused an elbow or a coil in the generator
to open up. allowing the steam to escape
through .this opfnlug Instead of through
the safety valva, as It would have don
had this valve not been removed Mr
Goodrich states that the fault is entirely
i his own and ne fault of the White BteMa
w iiatever. The total diunaae done is to
coll of the generator, which It will
' ccist about SIC to replace.
We wish to state that this
is the only
"explosion" which can occur on a White
Steamer. No White Steamer has even
"blown up." and we want this definite'
understood by the public notwithstanding
occasional newspaper accounts of steam
car ewplodtng.
In this connection we wish to s.ats fur
ther that we presented bids and specifica
tions to the Board of Fire and Police Cum
m test oner last wee looking toward the
purchase of a Whhe Steamer patrol and
ambulance a-aerm combined, and guaran
teed to the board to furnish the city of
Omaiia the safest and sanest patrol wag-on
made. The I'nited B tales government have
purchased many of these cars for amba
lance and field work after the most se
vere tests possible. President Rouaewill
1 as two Whhe Steamers in constant use
and has had for tbe last two years. Preai-Aett-alect
Taft has Just been supplied with
a White Faaner for his southern trip, and
an officer of the War department has Just
purchased tws other cars for Mr. Taft's
use after March 4- Two other WhlU
Sieamers are if be umd by the city of
Baltimore fre dvpaHnwin in responding to
alarms, a While Suuuoer patrol has Just
been ordered by the city af Richmond.
Va.; the citms of Philadelphia, New Tork.
Boston. Chlcaga. Trtnton, X. J, and mat
others, are using Whits Susanw ambu
lance and patrol was" oris, bra use this to
the one automobile which is absolutely
ncd sulfas, adurlass and free from viora
tiuci. and which possesses the sH impor
tant quality of aerfact fieaUhility.
M s eanaioer this srplsaaTloa due m s
people of Omaluv. a ha will tae tntereated In
otnamlnaT the best auURKibits made fat
is 1b tbe fire and iUioe ot-partrorat. --
By W. R. Isrummund
Kisi Webster a&d Gecrpe rrin Ed
terttia Titir Veddin Pirty. '
Trm1rr mm dale Parttr 4t-4 rf
mtar MeMa far Tkaw Vk WaaVa
Eaertal taltlac af tr
Itr Kratm Ca tvrta 1 a eel .
Mi riora "W-ebater -a-ill plve a email
dinnej- party Monday rvmitiX at her Lome,
a lien the rtteata vlll Include the a omen
In her krldaJ par;y. Coj-era -a-lll be placed
for Mra. Arthur Jerrems of Chicagn, Mrs.
William Beara Puppleton, Mra. Luther
Koutiia. Mlaa Ella Mae Brown. Mlar
Weliatcr Bjtd Mrs. "Webater.
Mr. Georre Frins arUl be bxamt at a small
dinner party Monday evenlrit; at the Omaba
club, for the mem of the'Webner
elG:iif party lncludluc Mr. Eflwa-rd
G-orre. Mr. Joe Baldripe. Mr. Stockton
Heath. Mr. Luther Kountae and Mr. "W. B.
Far Mr. l Mra. Btrel.
Mr. Earl Gannett and Xr. Lrcroy Crammer
will trlve a theater party Monday evening
at Boyd to see Ma I)avi m -Tnder
the Green a-ood Tree." complimentary to
Mr. and Mrs. E. Diroon Elrd of New Tork
City. Pnpper at the Omaha club will
follow the performanoe. The pa. ty wjl
Include Mr. and Mrs. Bird. Mr. and Mrs.
E. M. Fairfield. Mr. and
Mrs. "W. E.
Jdartln JuS. aiifl MTa. rxana januiiao, acira.
, tv,... Ul pni.
" """" ' '
O'Neill, Mr. Gannett and Zrr. Crunnner.
Fmr Mlaa Clabaaga..
Mrs. George West was hostess at a
delightful bridg-e luncheon Monday evening
at her home, complimentary to Miss Ellon
Clabaug-h, one of the brides of the we k.
A cr-lor scheme of red was used in" the
appointments. The ruefte were seated at
small tables, each of which had a tenter
piece of red rosea and stevia. Covers were
placed for slcteen gruesta.
Pamela r Erealai Kssser.
In honor of Mr. and Mra. Edward Iimon
Bird of New Tork City, who are visiting
Mr. and Mra. 6. 6. Curtia. Miss Lynn
Curtis entertained informally svt a bullet
supper Sunday evening, at her home.. The
g-uesta included: Mr. and Mra. Bird, Mr.
and Mra. Howard Baldrlge, Mr. and Mra.
F. A. Bropan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamil
ton. Mr. and Mra. W. E. Martin. Mr. and
Mra. E. M. Fairfield. Mrs. Daniel Wheeler,
Mrs. Lillian Jacobs. Miaa Doajie, ' Mr.
Joseph Baldrig-e, Dr. Leroy C rummer. Mr.
Earl Gannett, Mr. Charles Saunders and
Mr. O. C Redlck.
torarltr Fa-ty .
The members of the alumnae of Pi Beta
Phi sorority entertain od Saturday after
noon for tne active mcmners a no tot
home from college for the holidays at the
home of Mra. V. R. Goukl. It was an
nounced as a "baby party" and all or the
guests came dressed as children and the
afternoon was spent with children's gunes,
the most popular being a spider web tangle.
Those present were Mrs. M. L. Vaug-ha.
Miss Gertrude Branch, Mrs. Bryce Craw
ford, Mrs. V. R. GoukJ. Mrs. John La veils,
Mlas Jessie Nason. Miss Jessie Pan tins.
Miss KatheniTie Thomas. Miss Norine Wil
son. Mra. W. L. Tetter, Miss Pearl Flta
geralfl. Miss Edith Fisher Miss Henrietta
Benedict, Mlas Alloa Trcxell. Miss Marg-aret
Phllllppl. -Miss Kstberine WIllrd. Mrs.
Kuelson. Miss Zura Fitzgerald. Miss Fra-ices
Gould. Miss Sarah Martin. Miss Anne Mack
Mis Helen Blrrhard' and Miss Fern Btoek
dale. The guests from Lincoln were Mlns
Gertrude Klnkald and Miss Florence Chap
mar., and from Council Bluffs were Mra
C. A. Chapman. Mra. J. T. Brook. Mrs. C
H. Park. Miss Mlttie Pile, Mrs. H. J. Saun
ders, Miss Mignon Maynarfl, Miss Mary
) ts-adsworth. Miss Smith. Miss Dot Laoey,
. . pajfenstecker. Miss Edh hu-
pert. Miss Wheeler, Miss Agnes Pheney and
Miss Walker.
M. M. C. Claa.
The M. M. C. club was entertained Sat
urday evening by Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Max
field. At tbe game of high five prises were
won by Mrs. W. H. KellosTK Mr. Henton.
Mra. Ghew and Miss May Slolspark. Fdnch
was also played and the prises won by Mlas
Margaret Barry. Mrs. S. A. Maxfield. Miss
Ptisler of Eldorado, Penn., was the guest of
the club and the next meeting will be In
two weeks at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. H.
H. Martin.
Cwsae sue Ca 4Saawfa.
Mlas Edna Baker, who has been the guest
of Miss Miriam Patterson, has returned to
her home in Lincoln.
Mr. Randal Brown has returned from a
western trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armstrong;, who
have been spending the holidays in Santa
Clara and other po-nta In California, are ex
pected borne this week
Mr. Sidney Smith has returned from a
Short western trip.
Mr. James Woodard of Sheridan, Wyo
whs has been visiting his parents during
tbe holidays, returned west Saturday.
Mr. Jo Byrne, who spent the beadars
with his parents, Mr. and Mra. T. C Byrne,
returned Friday to Denver, Coio.
Miss Faith Potter Is spending a fortnight
visiting; friends in Bt. Louis, Mo.
Mr. Joseph Barker, who la visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Barker, re
turns to ' Montreal, Canada, next Friday.
Brigadier General E. M. Hayes. United
States army, retired, and Mra. Hares of
Washington, T, C. arrived In Omaha Mon
day for a visit of several weeks with their
son. Captain Jack Hayes of the Sixteenth
- Miss Mar Norman of St. Joseph, Mo.,
who spent the week end as the guest of
Miss Frances Naas, returned to her home
Monday noon.
Miss Henrietta Hees left last week for
California where she will visit relatives
fur several weeks.
Mrs. E. W Nash and Miss Franoes Nash
win lesve next Sunday for New Tork
where they will sail for an extended stay
In Germany.
Mr. Edmund Krug. who spent the holi
days In Omaha, returned to St. Louis Sun
day evening.
Mrs. Vance Lane of Salt Lake City, for
merly of Omaha, 1s the rueet of Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. BryeoB-
Captnln and Mrs. Edwsrd R. Chrisman
mt the Sixteenth infantry, who have been
stationed ax Fort Crook, leave Monday.
Captain OirlsmaB having received a spe
cial detail.
Miss Tessie Grahle of Greeley, Cole, is
visiting tor a few weeks with her cousin,
Miss Hester Peters. 1111 South Twenty
elghth street.
attalsat aaasbs-r MaAaa Ckarsps that
Fa ads far Fre-vtaaa (atartrssks
Were Mtsase-a.
X.TNN. Mass.. Jsa. 4 A snaas maeting
of Italian ciuaans held la Lastrs hall to
night to raise funds for tfea asrtnquake
sufferers ended In a riot. The trouble was
prscuitated by a annalist speaker whs
charged that funds raised for auffeieis by
a previous aarthquaks bad been mlsappra
priatad la Italy.
Zmrux the aacumncnt soma one pulled
tbe speaker from tbe platform. Thai was
a signal fur a general mixup. Ti.s twe
faction, itiiiu loudly cams together la
an attempt to meh racYi mhrr from the
builfltnp a the police at -efl
ew swl)ag rreirterii rt
aaally St aswirt far
The dedication of the First Presbyterian
nrch of Benson look plsre Sunday
a fir moon with tntrreefmg and iTpress re
The pretty new church occupies s siirhy
eminence on the north aide of the main
thoroue-rifere of Benson near the eastern
limits of the city and easily hcrm one
of the most conspicuous ed riceS of Bcnson.
The building wss erected st a rot of
about lr.XlH. most of hich b paid for
Work on the edifice began fjrly last fall.
The First Pi etrt-yterlan church if Benson
wa ors-anused early in Beptenber. 1!.
The church now ha a membership of
about sixty, with Rev. J. C. Wilson as
pastor. The church has also a thriTty
Bundcy school.
The new church was filled Fundsy after
noon with friends Irani Benson. Omuha and
ether adjacent points to participate in the
dedicatory services The program becan
with the sinping of a hymn, lmd 1y the
Westminster Presbyterian church choir of
Omaha, in which the congregation Joined.
The Invocation was pronounced by Rev.
E. C Thorpe of Benson Methodist Epis
copal church. Then lollrwed the anthem.
'Festival Te Ieum." by the Westminster
Presbyterian church choir. The scripture
reading was from the twenty-fourth I'salm
anil twelfth chapter of Isaiah and wa read
by Rev. W. H. Kearns of Beatrice. Rcr.
T. B. Greenlee, pastor of Clifton HiU Pres
byterian church, led in prayer.
The dedication sermon was preached by
Rev. M. V. Hifbee of the North Presby
terian church of Omaha. His theme w-us
"The Lord is in His Holy Tempie. Let
All Earth Keep Silence Before Htm." Ir.
Hi" bee souglit to show the wrii of God
in the erection of temples to Him w hether
they be material or sprit ual and how the
the will of God is revealed to man. be It
to his rrlvate, family, business and chur.-h
Uvea. He held Oiat a church or a life
built on a fragile foundation could not
endure "God's presence." lie said, "is
more real to rou here In this church edi
fice you have built ry your love, energy
and sacrlfloe and where you will meet to
do His will, for this Is in truth His holy
The ceremonies closed with a few word
by Rev. J. C. Wilson, and the prayer of de
dication by Rev. N. Mcaiffen, D. D., pastor
of Lowe Avenue Presbyterian church of
Omaha. The benediction was pronounced
by Rev. J. E. Btonc. pastor pf the Con
gregational church of Irvington.
Many ministers of the different Pro
testant denominations' of Omaha and Ben
son were present at the ceremonies.
Kearns of Beatrice preachtng eatih evening,
this week at the new church, Rev. W. H.
Kearns of cBatrlce preaching; each evening.
Wiaasr at Grseral faas Hawetoa Is
Slawlr atar-i-iac DeatTs at
Are af 114.
ANADARKA, OkL, Jan. 4 Left alone to
die of hungrer and shunned by her tribes
men is the sad story of Melius Houston,
the once handsome Indian wife of General
Bam Houston, first president of Texas.
This woman Is, according to the best au
thority, 114 years old. She Is a full blooded
Kiowa and at one time was a belie of the
famous tribe of warriors.
Bhe lives In her tepee on the banks of
the Washita river, .three miles from the
ag-ency. Her nearest neighbor 1 a white
family, about a mile distant. . As the w hile
settiars know It would ofSead the mem
bers of her tribe should Ihey render as
sistance, they refrain from, oolng ao. Tbe
old woman is blind and ' partially para
lysed. Aunt Meliaa is furnished with small ra
tions onoe a week, enough te sustain life,
but she refuses anyone the privilege of en
tering her tepee. Almost arr hour of the
day or night one can stand outside and
grenerally hear her moans and cries.
General Houston lived among the Cher-
okee tribe when he was quite young, but
later came southwest and oast his lot with
the Kiowas and married Melisa. Aunt Me
liaa owns a fine tract of land and roary
head of horses and cattle.
Baa Traaalerrr-a a Cwtht-aral
Taraaasi atrevta l.iaew arita
CRONPTADT, Jan. 4. The mody of
Father John of Crcmstadt. was transferred
j today to PL Andrew's cathedral through
j streets lined with mourners. At the service
and during the period w hen the body lay
in state, there were scenes of hysterica!
grief among the thousands of the dead
priest's followers, many of whom, unable
to afford sleighs had walked five miles over
hummock Ice from Oranlenliaum
waited two days In the cold.
The Iwidy will be interred at Et. Peters
burg and deputations will attend the burial
from places as remote as Arc.liangel. The
general expectation among his followers
is that Father John will lie canonised.
Barge ata aa Laalslaaa frlde Dees
Thr-lTiaa Basiaeas aa First
Dry saaday.
VlCKFBlTiG. Mass.. Jan. 4 In spite of
tbe wide prohibition law which went into
, .
effect on January 1. itisburgers can get
an they want to drink within lali leet oi
the city proper m the Louisiana side of
the Tasoa canal, a saloon has been oticned
on a barge. Patrons have swarmed across
the narrow canal in launches and skiffs,
the saloon proprietor furnishing free rides
to the thirsry. Sheriff Sevier of Madison
Pariah, Louisiana, has a deputy stationed
on this barge to preserve the peace.
n-eans many bad bruises, which Bucklen s
Arnica Salve heals quickly, as It does
sores and burns. 3c. Fur sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
saraaa 7 ratal as tar Raeia.
NEW TORK. Jan. 4 Alfred Bhrubb
English runner, who is to participate
twelve-mile race m Madlsun Square Garden
next Saturday night began putting on the
finishing touches to his training here to
Yhooplnq-Cought Croup,
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh,
Bronchitis, Diphtheria.
F ar AT SaBTasaTssaw
M 9 WaaVa. tin
I fawabltsss lira)
Cianlssa ss a Baa, llis slns.
Imn a aot mmm mmm Swrci. Sf lfc. la s
am tar tana at a fci i laiasais taas
4ir ! saaaj fci " m saa etrsaaaasai
auiSaa. anal mi p Si as ah S'uis pmmii as aai
aaaS aauaas. iA a tmatiialiai a. atanaan
VUS Maail oaixaraa- VBaaasaaBBaaaSBaM.
far I a tarast 0 aa
i a bhiuui n ii jrrwtti'i-. jr
iimu tlvaauaa aauaaatai -.egirSa.
taroai tan i.i. ir.-, f
fcaas ar n Salgi , T fV -
a n , f f
U (HrutvatSTS. ,
rlpuS is. f Vaf
I a Oaa'aa) Oa i .0 f y
iaV flUk. Suaaai ' -S.
cuke; victims careless
Kad VTho lire, in Urgica Cant
Blame God, Saji Xixitter.
Rev. It. R. Rnx-Mi Mfceas Malyw
fafrrrrt ta Mra tl be by lifal
efllieare Ierlve kelTrs
ef Un'l ResiTM.
I Teaching a sermon on the subject of the
Italy earthquake. Rev. Ralph H. Houaemaa
of Caetnhar Sireet rresb-terlan church
yesterday morning likened those people who
bulid their honu-s on the siojies of belching
volcanoes or in the region often visiu.-d by j
such catastrophes to the mun a ho dis-
putcs a grade crossing with an express
train or hatidles loose powder whiis sniuk-
"It is a settled principle in our court
of Justice that men contributing by witlul
neglige noe to their own undoing oannot re
sort to the c!ri law for redress." said Rev.
Mr. Houseman. "Nir can such m n reason
ably assign the results to 'an act of God.
They must assign It to their lack if pre-
caution. So long as men will build upon the'
siopes of belching volcanoes or in regions
where earthquake phenomena are an essen
tial part of the earth's development, the re
sults are not wholly of Gods providence,
but of man's folly.
"But with no unkindly thought of chid
ing the unfortunate creature wno were
on earth's forbidden" ground, let us turn to
ourselves. A great spirhual lesson is taught
us. Are we building character and eternal
bejies upon Immovable foundations?
"This is not a runaway world. Amidst
the evident and mysterious mixup in
earth's fierce forces successively at w Dik
mowing down the race there i an over
whelming vitality of life. Humanity live
on under a great convoy, win we Instruc
tions vary. To all alike He offers leading
to the 1-adahle and instruction to The tsut en
able. After the earthquake and after the
fire and afier the pestilence and after the
flood of jr-eat waters the t!l! small voice' !
of the Divine speaks to listening ears. Of
all this array of divine permissions of
nstural power the quiet voice is the most
e af the TsksswaMe Thtage.
"When such a frightful catastrophe as
that which occurred in Italy falls upon a
nmiulnliR section. inRtinctfvelv all who be-
lleve in
merciful Providence fly like
Milton s angels, TO Justify the ways
To Justify the ways of!IOT Lml11' 1 mw l " "i'""e
God to man.' Just as of oldT In our Lord's
life on earth, the fall of the Tower of
SiJoam crushing out the lives of all that
were within its walls caused deep search
ings of heart in the holy city, so the dis
cussion of this great calamity aJls for
editorial columns and sermons innumerable.
"But no mere man can Justify to man
God's permissions and executions. He oper- j
ates Jn a realm beyond man s abllitv to
fullv comprehend. To analyse God s m'nd
r.fl motive, and loudlv nroclaim that God
must tie bound by the reasoning of the con
clusions reached is to assume mental acu
men and eternal perspective tjtterly for
eign to man's present endowment. Man is
not to let his head grow diny and his
heart hard by asking the "why" of every-
thing unusual that occurs. B.mie things hold
within them rxplanations reserved for a
sphere other than the temporal and the
human. That man Is foolish who walks de
liberately into a dreary labyrinth of dark
ness without a clue te lead him Into the
light. But, on the other hand, there art
some practical moralizing which suggest
themselves by this calamity, and these may
be helpfully passed upon.
"It Is mistake to add one man's sorrows
to that of another. If the Ki.lXK' who per
ished last Monduy had died singly and
scattered throughout the earth, then death
would have no national or historical sig
nificance. As many do die every three days.
Without belittling the poignant elements In
this calamity it is evident to any mind that
no one dying suffered measurably greater
w lhauBunCi r others were dvins
j jmu,. art personal not distrlbuTlve. As
In innumerable wrecks and holocausts it is
not perceptibly harder for any one to die
because others art dying. It is a mistake,
then, to exaggerate the agonies of such a
calamity by adding one man's agronies to
those of another."
Bal B'Rtta aad Hebrew Cleb Mea
Wr Give Maaey.
Members of the Nebraska l:dge, J O. R
B-, and the Omaha Ht brew club yesterday
met at the B'nul E'rlth ludge rooms In the
Continental block and started a fund for
the earthquake sufferers of Italy. Rabbi
F. Cohn of Temple Israel and Dr. Philip
Bher, 701 B-iuih Sixteenth street, were com
missioned as custodians of the fund and
i fcrj- donations may be tent to them, or
eiUier of them.
Here are the donors of yeslerduy and
their donations:
N or .sk i lodge.. I. O. B. S J2L.0C
1 Omaha Hebrew club,
i Ri.bbi F. Cohn
.. IUi.iiu
.. i Oil
.. l.Wl
.. i. e
' 1. Ziecler
A. G. W nKtuin
1 Kuiakofhty
' ! J.1 LTV n""'
m . m..uer
! a n lnschrlber
E. A. Cohen
Joe Levine
i B. Aum n
i.i ;
i.i;i !
.mi I
.is.' i
-o ;
.B'. I
.SO '
M .
.Ml i
.Ml j
E. Fleachman...
M. G ikienlierg...
A. Ka;iian
M Newman.
N Bernstein
H Kiamar
A. Mansky
laacoa tx
A. Bitiger
V. C-ihen
M Morris..
K. Fair
S B-gal
M. J. S:mon
P-rate.tsst Ckarcket 4.1 ve.
S-vcral of the P ot sunt churches of
Omaha took uo collections Sunday for tht
distressed jieople and the Catholic churches
will make their contribution next Sunday.
Aaaaaaeeaarats af (he Theaters.
That old auafe about its being a long
lane that has no turn Is being nicely
worked out at the Burwood theater this
weeii te tne entire satisfaction of every
lKidy in general and Edwin Clistiee In par
ticular. Mr. Clieliee has had to content
himself thus far this s-iason by playing
"bits" and minor parts until the present
production, "The Middleman." lor the
simple reason that none of the plays con
tained a part especially suited to his
talents. But he has finally come into his
own, and is this week carrying off all tht
honors as the old clay baAer. and tbe half
daaen curti-in calls given him after the
third and fourth arta are well merited.
There will bt a matinee today, aise Thurs
day and Saturday.
fafcara s btrtfca as 4C.
NEW TORK. Jan 4 After weakening
gradually durmg tbe last week the sirik
of cabmen and chauffeurs, members of tbe
Liberty Dawa a aai iciauon. was oeclared off
at a mta-unc lima iat last tugnt. Ttis
union men assert thai 766 memliers of In
association won their demand for increased
waaea and a cliiaed anop and that
oi tiers returned to wora under tlie open
shot' agreement, -f r, w aves and hours as
betor the wi. Ejnpaers mattiuua that
tney are in a strotiser position tnaa toetor
the walkout, but that tney will take back
tut oal men withuut di.crinnua.Uoa.
K" lsiW travel
ill ""wt fiask rf pood Pnre whiaLey I
M If "-BtrruirelieTinriatiAie A S.
f-a-r whibtrT
or tic tness is very beneficial
a" I r 4 a ... oi ve4l Uld O acaeabeuaer Purs
Ry U just ripht for the potkrt or the
fir Like the larper borJe it contaim
the tame rood" wholesome wt.i.1..
which has len iamoui for its purity
Since 1857.
If your dealer cant supply yisj
rh uc lor name of nn Mm
1 Euctonhernisr I Brvt. Oidiliex
Piftsbirj, Pi.
CrniV Cf f nVPTRFKf V
31 a Is A I Jill JUL V v.t I LIl L.i V L
Baptirt Societies of SerenU Citiei in
Session at T. VL C. A.
Txsrrots rs iTLnrs stxdat
Rev. PI. T. Maiaaelsaaa af Fkila
delphla. la eraaam, w-lth
ftiy fehols strata K-ias-anas
ef tbe Master.
Prominent ministers from other c t:
filled the rulptts of tli several Baptiat
churche of Omaha Bunflay, the ministers
being here to atenii the second annuul
conferenoe and joJit Puniiy echo J ln":tute
of th churches of the tl.ree cine of
1 Omaha. ouih Omaha and Council Bluffs
The Institute opened this afternoon.
Amotig the out-of-town ministers who
spoke from the pulpits yesterday are
Rev. Hugh T. Musselman of Ftuludel
! phia, educational secretary of the de
I nomination's publication society, and
Rev. E. M. Stevenson of Denver, su-
permtenoeni oi r.unuay sunoui wors
at the i irst cnurcn cm iunuay, su.r. aoussui-
man speaking in the mnrnlng.
Mr. Musselman took fur his text tbe reply
ef John the Bcptist to hi imm'tiiate
lowers when they called his attention to
the fact tiiat John's movement was on the j
wane while that of Christ, a lio cume after
wards, was witxing. J'Ht who c ;meth from
heaven is above ail," said John the Baptist
An preaciiej or re: pious icacner
"tracts penple to himself and not to
Christ It, a failure," said the speaker.
John the Baptist was the idea; teacher and
he attracted people to UrS Lord and not to
Grvale-st rtiarrtaa .1 C'aarra..
"The greatest function of the church is to
teach. The Kingdom of d:s not rest
j n orators and evangelism and doctors of
flivmity it rests with the Sunday school
teacher. As a man ages the teachings of
his youth crops out. If those teaoiJngx
were of the right sort, were of Christ and
H.m crucified that we niight have ever
lasting lif.i, xhen it is wel. But if the m -n
has not had religious teaching when youi.g
it will take more than eloquence to sate
him after he has readied man's estate.
With the Sunday SLboul, then, rests tiie
kingdom of the Master."
Mr. Musbeimiin preached at the Calvary
church in the evening. Rev. J. 1). Fprihg.
ton, superintendent of Sunday school work
for Kansas, speaking at that church in the
morning. The pulpit of the lmmanuel
church was occupied in the morning by
Mr. Stephenson and in the evening by Dr.
A ilson Mills of Iow a. At Grace church
' Prof. J. A. Baber of Lincoln, eupenntenu-
ent of Sunday school work for Nebraska,
j was the speaker in the morning. Mi.
: pprmgston spoke at Grace church in the
; evening.
The general meeting of the Bun
day school institute, which began to
day, will be held in the Auditor um
of the Toung Men s Christian association
building every afternoon from S:S0 to 4:li
Evening meetings will bt held at the
various churches. This evening meet
ings will be he.d at South Omaha.
Council Bluffs. Benson and in Calvary, lm
manuel and Ol.vel churches. Tuesday even
ing meetings wlU tie held in the F.rst.
Calvary, Grace. lmmanuel and Olivet
churches and in Council Eluffs. On Wednes
uay evening meetings will be held in ail
churches and the institute will close Thurs
day with a mass meeting at the Firxt
This evening these men will speak: Rev.
TmpossTbleto be Well
It is impossible to be well, simply impossible, if the bow&ls are
consbpated. Waste products, poisonous substances, must be
removed from the body at least once each day, or there will be
trouble. Ask your doctor Zibout Ayer's Pills, gently laxative, all
vegetable. He knowt why the-v act directly on the liver. i-?.rZ;
Always out pnaiuveiy if the fee includes the MElK'IKLsi. If you "Jisy
for medicines every time you get them, you never know what the curt ,t your
treatment will be I hi not 1 caught in tins great medicine graft. TJe -ui rare
yom far less snonay than any other specialist ana aooept the money la any way yea
was vw jii nu. Ji!.,-i".' , ....... u . i.... . . , &iutnf i'.u nrr , itubiiul i TUUbia
V eaknee. Stomach and hkin Iiae.aaes, all aiimenia ot lueu, nt maiter now ac
quired. .
DR. KcBBEW CO., 215 S. 14
Dr. &iWfir&ulei. 119 S- 11th, Cor. 14lh tzA Dxlix, 0s-
and fkvw
J. IX Ppringston at Calvary church; Prof.
J. A. Baber at Emmanuel rhurctv: Rev. E.
M. Ftevensnn. T. V.. 1 Grace churchj Rev.
T H. Hagen at Olivet rburch: Rev. Wlisoa
Mill at Pouth Omaha Baptist church; Rev.
H. T. Musselman at Memorial Baptist
church. Council Bluffs, and Rev.
Jucobe at Benson Baptist church.
Sot r.
PrlBrtfwl f !( raial Bwrtrw su
PrHprrt HIU Cesaetrrr erltli
f. ttsrp-a Serviera.
With the ordinary funnraJ services of tht
Eplscojial church, lust respects to Miss
fsarah McClieane, who fliea Frlflay, n
JHili putiday afternoon at the funeral and
burial. The service were held at the Wi
nona spartments of Miss McCbeane and
the three other pi.blir school principals wbc
had been the closest of friends for years
and the ceremonies, although private, were
so well attended by the many friends that
the adjoining apartment at the Winona
alsp had to be used.
Father John Williams, who has been pas
tor of Bt- Barnabas' Episcopal church ever
slnoe the McCheans isters first attended
it. conducted the services. The pallbearers
were John L. McCague, W. H. Koehig. Wil
liam H. Anderson. C. F. Harrison. H. A.
Doud and William Parkor.
Fitting testimonials of the high esteem In
which Mis McChcane was held and 'ma
terial memorials of her death, the profusion
of floral tributes, completely covered the
casket Among lliero was a handsome one
from Superintendent W. M. Davidson of
the public schools, whose appreciation of
MiBF McCheane lias increased ever sincie lie
came to Omaha. -Other finral lueces., mostly
bunch flowers, were from the many teach
ers, principals and friends.
At the grave in Prospect Hill cemetery a
large number of the pupils of Long school,
of w hich Miss MoCheane was principal un
til recently, and tne parents of the chil
dren, increased the ranks of the mourners
A blanket of evergreens, large enough to
completely cover the grave: was be floral
tribute of the Long school teachers, and it
was spread over the ground above the cas
ket to remain a bright memorial of the life
of the departed teacher and principal.
Hity nireetors Will Br Ckaaea Tbir
t era I b of Moath aad Tkey Se
lft Cterstlte (aaltire.
The tr.nual electun of the Commercial
club will be held January 13. members
then choosing by ballot the sixty new
directors for the club. This large board
will in turn elect the executive comm ttee
of twenty-five, which el-rts the president,
secretary and treasurer.
Whether one or more tickets w!U be put
in the field is a yet unee -tain, d pen2::.g
somewlu t on t' e mak tip f the first tick"t.
The present offic-rs of the club are: W.
L. Teter, piesiuent: W. E. Ha vers lie It,
treasurer; W. R. Wood, secretary; Xuclid
Martin, chairman of the executive com
mittee. A new president win, at 1 ast, be
se ected, for re-electlnn are contrary to ths
cuKtom of the club.
TIh' committee on new cuarters of the
Commercial club held a meeting Monday
n"on and decided to report to the execittive
committee Tuesday. Chairman Wflhelm of
the committee stated that the report will
not be positively in favor of either buying
the I'nited State Bank building at Twelfth
and Farnam or of remaining tn the ireeS'int
location. The old hank building can be
bought for a reasons bb- sum, but the Bite
ail! possibly not meet the favor of all
memliers (f the club.
The influence of a Bee want
trates Ui unsuspected quarters.
ad pene-
Men sfTlicted with any aiinient should go to the Doc
tor loi.geai estahliehed. muni experienced and best sui
IV"' 0ur taerrty-five yearn' succesful praclice in rurmg
Ali-.N has enabled us to perfect cures ttiat have never hi-n
eurpaased. 11 equalled. Tina successful experience la alne
atut to our jianenta and yon pay whea oared.
Established in Onaha 25 Years
This reputation w hue held so manv vears as tht
in the "Wtat Idea m to us knoa mg their true coiicliuon
will be honestly explained and treated After a perfoit ID
oerstanding of eaui case, a fair, honest price atieed
upon lieiween doctor and patient, lniiuuing 14 niecicmea
until cured. Our patients knew .iuki w ii will eott for
a Jiermanent cure before they trln treat men t
AM lOl
By the Old Etliable Dr. Searles & Eeirlea.
Lttaiiiiahea IB cnuaha tot v jiu,. he iha Uiwua.
anas oi cases cuieo It Um lhaac us ins hiu.i exiiar.
I tinea apacia-iiaia la u, a eat. m a nn ti . ja r
menia ot awn V aim. ju.i what i.i cie 11m
ana ckre y ou cuh-a.'y.
We Cure Yon, Then You Pay U Our Pee..
We Baas as Buu acung or laas n.iniw bL, tir adler
you ciieaii. auriutfl uUkcat uui 1 1 ui uut aui
tarns ara loo taioraiiiy tum,, nerj t Ub uur
repulaiM'ti is at alaaa I ouj titsalh, iur auu - i a
is too serious a s..ilw l itmu ih the i -AAatTI.a.ha-'
OCitia. Hi.i.r.i " - t, ,j aj,. , .
their to st Aatst Lai fKCIa Bt7ai.JrX.Aa. a ajvuus
gMtttilty. avuaa ftnasa, ftkxua biaaaaaa, suaaew aad SViaa.
ass giisaaaaa, ail apaciat laas aad A-iauaate mt At .a.
FR y.K 1 aaimiiation and cwasuitaUaa. a ru Xat
-l ( H.1,1 fill fn, t ., . n. , i , , , -. , .