Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 23, 1908, Page 7, Image 7

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A cCEoaum Sweep
off ttie Ooolk: SSttocelk:
At IKIlpatPicR's
Looks now as if there would be but little left to invoice tables
are being cleared rapidly.
x This year we show an immense quantity of medium and low
priced books in dainty bindings just the very thing to buy when in
doubt clean safe wholesome at from Vi to Va off publisher's
prices. One table covered with Altemus celebrated publications In His
Name aCarnation Vade Mecum Beautiful Stories Love and Friend
shipChildren of the Bible and other series. Linen Books Art Books
History Adventure Board Covers The Popular Novels Honor
. Wit Cynicism All Away Below Usual Prices.- Calendars Postal
Albums Stationery Christmas Cards Stickers Red Bells Wreaths
TTissue Paper.
Just bought from a big jobber open stock of Holiday Stationery;
to be sold Wednesday at about V2 usual retail prices.
Great sale at silk counter final cleap-up of our last great purchase
laid out in lots all priced plain on counter. We call special attention
to a lot of Kimono Suits, selling at 50c yard.
Special sale of Remnants and Dress Lengths at Dry Goods counter
Wednesday. '
At book counter Richard L. Metcalfe's "Of Such is the Kingdom"
' - and Grace Sorenson's "Home Made Jingles worth having, large sale.
Thos. Hiil patrick . Co.
" AT'
SIxiecnili and Farntia Sts.
, ' Below we ,Quote you the price
on a few of our popular and well
known brands":"1'"'
. Imported
Rom and Jultetta.
Flora da Partag-oa.
La Carolina.
Clear Havana v
15a Rigoletto.. ....... ,J6 box
I60 Gato ..... 1 ...... .15 box
16o Ml Favortta 25 box
150 La Vega.. 18 box
16c La Devina.. ....... 60 box
16o Banchei T. II ;26 box
lOo Pinion ........... 60 box
lOo La Devlna, 60 box
lOo La Oallnda. . ......60 box
. Domestic r-
1 0o Special Selection ... 2 5 box
lOo La Masella. . FT. .. .26 box
10c Norman King. 25 box
lOo National Speaker. 2 5 box
10c Oladiua . ........ .25 box
ICo La DeiBa .....25 box
lOo Centurlan 60 box
lOo Sunelo ...... s .... 50 box
lOo Unldad .....60 box
10c El Morento ...25. box
10c Sledanberf- 26 box
lOe Millionaire 25 box
10c Manual Sanchei. .. . 25 box
10c Don AlversV... ....25 box
10c Statesman 25 box
Get our bo price on Tom
Moore, Robert Burns, Chancellor
and other standard brands.
We are Omaha's Original Cut
Price Cigar Dealers.
$1.1 6
. .Out Rate Druggist
LiUlo Folks Stuffed
. The taolidaya tttat a lot of alck
folk aome of thero awfully ill. In
pite of all voa can do the little folk
will overeat Xmu timet. Don't fall
to give them a CASCAfcET at bed
time and help nature get rid of the
overload. It will keep them well
and lively.
STave Boot Mat IK
Badolpa r. Swokoaa, MUt Aeeoaataal
Blnenart, photographer, IJth Farnam.
Bowman, 117 N. 1, Douglas shoe. ft.tO.
9 Bourke for holiday candle and cl
ears. SIS S. 16th.
Equitable Lire Policies sight drafts at
maturity. 1L D. Neely, manager. Omaha.
Judge Estsll at rapUUon Judge Ea
telle will hold the next session of court at
Papllllon January 12.
Tor Xmu Qas or . electric reading
lamps make acceptable presents. Prices
reasonable. Burgeae-Uranden Co., next to
gas office, 1511 Howard St.
Xeep your money and valuables In a
safe deposit box-in the Amerloan Safe De
posit Vaults in The Bee building, which la
absolutely burglar and fireproof. Boxes
rent for only 14 a year or $1 a auarter.
Tsar and Half In ?n sohn Nailen was
sentenced to a year and a half in the peni
tentiary Tuesday by Judge Sears, lis
pleaded guilty to breaking into Hoilenbeck
& Williams' laundry and stealing some
Lights Bblae Until Christmas By ar
rangements between the leading merchants
of Omaha and the Omaha Electric Light
and "Power company the beautiful street
Illuminations which attracted so much at
tention during the Corn exposition will be
continued until Christmas.
Closing Tp of fidelity Company The
affairs of the Fidelity Insurance company
which failed several years ago are to be
closed up. Judge Estells Issued an order
Tuesday to E. It. Leigh, receiver, to make
the final payments to creditors and present
a final report to the court as soon as possible.
Charged with Abandoning Wife Ru
dolph A. Kolls of Twentieth and Orace
streets, for whose arrest a warrant was
Issued Monday by PoHcftpudge Crawford,
was arrested by Officer'. Jielgelman Tues
day. He is charged withwlfe abandonment.
The arrest was at the instigation of rela
tives of Mrs. Kolls.
Christmas at United . Brethren The
First United Brethren church people have
arranged a pleasing Christmas program for
Wednesday evening at the church, corner 1
of Nineteenth and Lothrop streets. It will
Include vocal and instrumental music, reci
tations, dialogues and short -addresses by
members of the church and Suuday school.
The exercises will begin at 8:15. .
Cigarets and Harness Cause Tire-
Cigarettes and harness oil combined to
start a small blase in Richard Burnett's
harness shop, 1210 SoutH Thirteenth street,
about 12:45 o'clock Tuesday, Burtii-11 had
Just gone to dinner, leaving 'several ac
quaintances In the shop and It is thought
that sparks from cigarettes the men were
smoking set fire to some harness oil near
by. Tho damage done was only nominal.
as the fire department arrived promptly and
put out the fire.
Money to Bspalr Detention Home O. X.
The county board may appropriate $U!,000
to remodel and repair buildings at the new
Detention school under a decision of Judge
Kennedy Tuesday morning. In order to
test the right of the board to make con
tracts under the authority given by the
voters at the last election a mandamus suit
was brought by Frank O. Johnson, one of
Boy a 10s boa CA8CARET8-weeks
treatment and have it kaady t as
every might, Xmas week.
A Membership Ticket Hakes a
Nice Christinas Preseat
Junior Membership 6.00
Intermediate Membership.... 8.60
Senior Membership 13.00
Y. M. C. A.
We shall from now until Christ
mai Eve, receive dally shipments
of Huyler's New York and Chicago
Chocolates and Bon-Bons in H-lb.
1-lb., 2-lb.. and 6-lb. boxes.
Place you order now.
Shernii & McCooneU Oni Co.
Corner 16th amd Dodge.
Owl Drug Co. 16th and Harney
the contractors to compel Chairman Ken
nedy to sign the contract. Judge Kennedy
declared the board could appropriate the
money without a vote of the people if It so
Tina bays Tallure to Strike The stock
of the Omaha Paraphernalia house which
failed recently wll be sold by Sheriff
Bralley for the benefit of creditors March
1. The company dates Its financial troubles
back to the strike of South Omaha packers.
It furnished the labor unions with about
$10,000 worth of signs and banners and when
they were wiped out by the strike it could
not collect. Since then It has been paying
off its Indebtedness gradually, but some of
the creditors demanded Immediate payment
of the balance and It was necessary to as
Sign the stock.
araainf ttets Order Cancelled On mo
tlon by Brunlng the county board has can
celled an order Issued some time ago by
ure for the purchase through Klopp
Bartlett company of nine loose leaf ledgers
for use in the register of deed's office
Bruning's objection was that bids were
not called for before the order was given
Ure said the price agreed on was less than
the lowest figure offered in the competitive
bidding several weeks ago on the ledgers,
Brunlng, Harte, Kennard and Tralnor
voted In favor of the Brunlng motion and
Ure against It. '
Kaa Who Took a Bath Has Hearing
The suit of David H. Beaver, an abstracter,
against the Young Men's Christian asso
ciation for $1,000 damages for Injuries h
received while taking a bath, was heard
by County Judge Leslie Tuesday morning.
Beaver was using one of the baths last
July when he slipped on the wet floor
and fell, breaking his wrist. He charged
the floor was not kept In proper condition
General Secretary Wade of the Young
Men's Christian association testified the
bath room floor was considered perfect by
experts and that an attendant was kept
cleaning It constantly during the afternoon
and evening.
Boy Bleeps m Moving Tan -After sleep
Ing out doors all last night In a moving
van belonging to the Expressmen's Dellv
ery company, 2307 Izard street, Johnnie
Murray, 8 years of age, was found In the
wagon Tuesday morning by a stable hand
taken to the police station by Emergency
Officer Relgelman and later taken home
by Juvenile Officer Carver. The little fel
low has established quite a reputation as
a runaway and makes occasional visits to
the police station In charge of one of the
patrolmen, many of whom know him. The
lad lives with his mother at Thirteenth and
Jackson streets, ths father and mother
having separated.
Xxpos Case of Smallpox For expos
ing a case of smallpox In violation of the
health ordinances of the city, a complaint
has been filed and a warrant Issued for the
arrest of William M. Wright, an attorney
who lived - at 1914 Famam street, until
It was discovered that his wife had small
pox and the home was quarantined, after
which he moved away and the health de
partment lost track of the couple. Health
Officer E. M. Bonce gave the Information
of the case to his office and later to the
police, who say th'at every effort will be
made to take Wright and his wife lntp
custody and punish the former under ths
city ordinances.
lire. L. Goldsmith Asks Divorce Sam
uel Ooldsmlth, a saloon keeper at Ninth
and Capitol avenue. Is defendant in a di
vorce suit filed by Lillian May Ooldsmlth,
in which she charges many forms of
cruelty. They were married In August,
1906, when she was 18 years old. She as
serts after their return from the honey
moon trip he called her names because she
bought some furniture for their home. She
says he has property from which hs re
ceives an Income of $300 a month. She has
secured a restraining order to prevent his
molesting her or their children. Edward
Norton has .been granted a divorce from
Fannie Fairfax Norton by Judge Redick
Abandonment was the charge.
Appeal from "Railway Business As
sociation" Doesn't Stampede.
) Readers of Letter Sent Oat
tervret It as Means eft Gettlaa
j Baslaess for Big Sap-
pi? Henaes.
In face of the many announcements by
railroad companies that railroad rates must
be advanced and the growing tendency of
transportation companies to meet every re
quest for an equalisation of rates by an
advance, business organisations of Omaha
are receiving many letters from business
organisations In the east begging the
Omaha organisations to help "conserve the
Interests of the railways."
One of these letters was received by or
ganisations In Omaha Tuesday when the
Omaha business men had scarcely recov
ered from the coup which the railroads
worked on the Nebraska Railway commis
sion In order to get rates Increased for
switching cars between Omaha and Ralston
from about $2.60 per car to a minimum of
$10 per car.
The Nebraska Railway commission had
Just realized how the railroads had thrown
few hands full of mustard powder In
their eyes and announced that they would
reconsider the Ralston rate hearing when
the "Railway Business association," with
headquarters In New York City, sent this
ppeal to Omaha:
We believe that your organisation ean
plan an Important part in bringing about a
permanent and thorough resumption of
prosperity lor au our peopio tiy router ng
conditions which will restore vitality to the
ranroaos. n tne carriers are eitner to pro
mote business by improvement of service
or create business by large expenditures
of money, their purchasing power, now seri
ously impaired, must tm restored, win you
not do us tne honor to read the enclosed
appeal and. if It meets with your approval,
causxt It to be laid before your body for
official action. Trusting we may hear from
you favorably at your early convenience, I
remain, very truly. u. m. BAfujKu,
Acting secretary.
Significant Array of Names.
Then follows an appeal from men whose
names are found In almost any guide to
manufacturers or sellers of railway equip
ment, who send out such a letter when the
Missouri river cities are trying to figure
how much the railroads are going to make
as a result of advances from the Pacific
ooast amounting to as much as 20 per cent
and advances from tho Atlantic coast.
The organization sending out the appeal
says It Is formed "to conserve the Interests
of the railways of our country and of the
manufacturers of railway material and
equipment, contractors In railway construe
tlon and dealers In miscellaneous railway
The Commercial rhib of Omaha and other
organizations are inclined to thick the
preamble of the organization tells the truth,
but cannot see where the shippers of the
Interior are to be benefited by "conserving
the Interests of the railways" to benefit
11. H. Westlnghouse, the airbrake man.
who Is vice president of the organization.
The letters will be read to the executive
committee of the club.
Expected to Succeed Stlckney as Pres-
. Ident of Great Western.
The appointment of Horace O. Burt as
one of the receiver of the Chicago Great
Western is taken as an indication In rail
road circles that Mr. Burt will become the
president of that road when It Is reorgan
ised. As president 'of the Union Pacific Mr.
Burt made a most'JjihWlable reputation as a
railroad builder, and" it is generally con
ceded that no one Is a better upbuilder of
tho physical condition of a railroad than he.
It Is recognized in railroad circles that
Mr. Burt Is the representative of the Eng
lish capitalists who own the majority of
the stock of the Great Western and as such
is expected by these capitalists to put the
road upon its feet. Thore seems to be no
doubt that Mr. Burt can do this if he is
given the money, with which to work. In
looking over the properties of the Great
Western which have now come under his
charge Mr. Burt was In Omaha a short
time ago, but his usual reticence prevailed
and he did not give any Intimation as to
what he or the English capitalists expected
to do with the road.
The rumors that the road was for salo
seem to be put at rest by the employment
of Mr. Burt and Omaha railroad men think
this is an indication that every effort will
be made to put that road upon Its feet and
1 ifJhilnH
SeedV looking printed matter may
not lte fruitful
;, I
A. V eUea, Ia HiS-llll Hawara1 St Osaaka
Little Soavealrs Still on Salo
Aro Dolagr Well la
Mra Edholm, who has charge of the sale
of the Red Cross Christmas stamps in
rOmaha. reports that the sale so far has
been very encouraging, but that the chief
difficulty seems to be that people do not
know where to obtain them, and Inquire
at the poatofflce for them. These stamps
cannot be obtained at the postof
flee, because they are no part of
the government's business, but they
may be had at any drug store, at
any stationery store, and at any stationery
counter In any department store. When
you mall a letter, step into the nearest
drug store or other place where the Red
Cross stamps are on sale and buy a supply.
The proceeds are devoted to the anti
tuberculosis campaign, and $0 per cent of
the total sales In Nebraska are devoted to
the work la Nebraska. Over M.Oi of these
tamp have already , beta fold la Omaha.
Itching was Intense Humor Spread
from Hands to Body Work Inter
rupted and Sleep Often Impossible
Disease Resisted Treatment k
"Mr trouble commenced about two
rear ago and consisted, at first, of an
eruption of small
pustules on my
hands. These
spread later to other
parts of my body,
and the itohlng at
times was Intense, so
much so that I liter
ally tore the skin off
in shreds In seeking
' relief. The awful
1 1 o b i n g interfered
with my work oon
, si derabi y, and also
ketit ma a w a k a
nights. I tried several doctors and
a number of different ointnvnta
and lotions but received practically no
benefit. Finally I sot tied down to the
use of Outioura Soap, Cutloura Ointment,
and Cuticura Resolvent Pills, with the
result that In a few day all itching hal
ceased and In about three weeks' time
all tracts of my eruption had disap
peared. I have had no two Me of this
kind since. H. A. KruUkoff, 067 W.
Alst Place, Chicago, 111., November IS
and . 1007."
Effected by Cuticura Soap,
Ointment, and Resolvent.
The agonizing- itching and burning of
the akin, as in ecaema; the frightful
scaling, as in psoriasis; the loss of hair
and crusting of scalp, as in acalled bead:
the facial disfigurement, as in acne and
ringworm; the awful suffering of infanta,
ana anxiety of worn-out parents, as in
tetter, or salt rheum all demand a
remedy of extraordinary virtue to suc
cessfully cope with them. That Cuti
cura Soap, Ointment, and Resolvent
(liquid or pills) are such stands proven
vj unqueauunea teeumomaia.
i Seat CUe.) e Oeeaee the gkln. CtiUreia
fccj la llakl uk Plm. 4 Cuiloura
60e ), ar le lb form ol dtocul&M Otetad
1 BoM Pn'. , RoaUM
Cvtteurm Seas CUe.
Pule, 16e. tr Till of SU to Purify u bond,
tout u vona. roller urus a tbcia. ceu-
tvm-, num., pid
Holiday Shoppers Will Find a Considerable Saving of
Time and Money by Scanning the Following List of
Xmas Gilts Sor Men and Women
Fur Caps, up from. .fl.BO
Adler's Gloves, 11.60 and.. $1.00
Bilk Mufflers, up from 80c
Linen Handkerchiefs, half dozen
in box. each 91.50
President Suspenders, In Xmas
boxes 45c
611k Suspenders, up from....25o
Flannelette Nightshirts, up
from '. 50c
Lisle and cashmere Hose,
50c and .25o
Scarf Pins, Studs and Link But
tons, $2.50 down to 50c
Solid Leather Suit Cases, up
from $5.00
Very Special
For tomorrow we will place on sale
another big lot of regular 76o and
60c Neckwear at the very low price
of only SSc. These are real snappy,
new ties and show every one of the
new popular color shades and the
latest fashionable shapes. Will
make beautiful and appropriate
Christmas gifts, at
3 for $1.00 i
Each 1
Extra Special
Regular $L50 and $2.00
Mufflers, at 95c
Another big bargain in these
new style mufflers in Reefers,
Squares and Oxfords, every
one of them being an actual
$1.50 or $2.00 value. These
are easily the handsomest in
town and are certain to be a
big drawing card tomorow
at the special Q'5i.
price yC
9 & V
Vanity Bags, up from $1.00
Boston Bags, up from $1.50
Linen Jnce Handkerchiefs.,. .50c
Initial linen Handkerchiefs, halt
dozen In box, each $1.50
Children's fancy Book Boxes, halt
doeen in box, each SSc
Women's Guaranteed Hose, per
half dozen $3.00
Fancy silk elastic Supporters, 50c
down to........... SSc
Umbrellas, $2.50 down to.. $1.50
Kayser's double silk Gloves. $1.00
Mocha and Kid Gloves, silk
lined $1.50
We're still talking of the advantages of buying
Men's Clothing as a Xmas Gift
But why shouldn't wet
It's not only the most acceptable, but by reason of Its useful
ness, it's also the most sensible of all holiday presents.
After we've fitted any man as only we can with a strictly
nil wnni nrmont. made in the Identical styles worn on Fifth avenue,
New York; he'll wonder why he's been donating an extra $10.00 or 0VrC03tS
$15.00 to a custom-tailor, when he can get the perfection of the jjfj
weavers' designers' and tailors' arts in such clothing aS is only Bold . .jv
by us. 10 4U
Isn't that $10 or $15 difference worth your Investigation T
t Give any boy a "Nebraska" Suit or Overcoat for Christmas and
BOyS he'll be happy. Ask him why he likes them and he'll say It's be
SllilS 2nd cause they are warm without being too heavy, comfortable no mat
ni,.A0 ter what he's doing or what position he's in, he can wear them daily.
UVerCUdlS brugh them up a llttle and heu ai, have a stylish, handsome "Sun-
$Z.?d day" suit or overcoat.
I a t7 11 Then we can
an always save you at least one-fourth of the "other gJ ffjA
Give us a chance to prove this. J
- .,il: (.
'M 17,
store" prices.
Extra Special Boy's Suit SI
Here's a big bargain in a Knee Pants Suit, sizes 11, 15 and 16 years that we've been selling for
$2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. We want to sell them quick if your boy will fit any of these sizes
it's a bargain for you. There's only 168 of these suits and only in sizes - flO
11, 15 and 16 years, while they last, your choice vPl JJ
I OMAHA'S LEADING T,.t' ' .Z"1'"'" j
make It a paying- proposition. In Omaha
the Great Western owns Its own terminals.
which are very valuable, being- situated at
the end of tho Sixteenth street viaduct
where loads may be moved without a pull
up grade.
Baaiaess Section Has No SI of Great
C. E. Bpens, general freight agent of the
Burlington, has returned from an extended
tour of the Burlington agencies in the
Pacific northwest and In California. This
was Mr. Bpens first trip to many of these
growing cities and hs was most favorably
Impressed with the rapid strides which
many of them are making.
"No trace of tho fire and devastation Is
descemable In the business districts of
Ban Francisco," said Mr. Bpens. "The only
traces of the fire which are left are In
the resident sections. All modern cities
practically rebuild their business district
.vorr ten years or so, and by the fire
Ban Francisco had a chance to rebuild all
at once. That chance was taken and a
maenlflcant city now rears Us Bead at
the gateway to the west."
Lines Cited by Stat Commission to
Show Cans.
Th. Btt Railway commission has noti
fied the railroads to appear January 12 and
show cause why the rates to Kaiston
should not be established on a lower and
different basis than that which now exists.
With tho consent of the commission .the
rates to Ralston were raised some time
ago to a mileage basis and that new
town was taken from the switching sone
of Omaha. On complaint of Bhlmer &
Chase, founders of tho town of Ralston,
the case was reopened and the commis
sion visited Omaha aSturday to look over
tho situation. The notice to the Burling
ton and Missouri Pacific Is the result of
that visit.
Moaatoata College Boy Hart at Foot
Ball May Come Complete
George McKltrlck. who was Injured in a
foot ball game at Oaleaburg. 111., on No
vember 14. was brought to Omaha Tues
day morning and is at the home of his
mother, Mra George McKltrlck, 2214 Cap
itol avenue.
George received a basil fracture of the
skull In the game between Monmouth and
Galesburg college teams and Is still In a
serious condition, though the critical stage
la past and the attending physicians say
he Is tn a fair way to complete recovery,
lie was brought home on a stretcher and
it will be some time before he will be able
to walk. George will be 21 years of age
next May.
Scaldt-4 lv Steam
or scorched by a fire, apply Bucklen's Ar
nica Balve. Cures plies, too, and the worst
aoit-s. Guaranteed. 25c. Fur sale by
Beaton Drug Co
Good Leather Goods
Just what would be appreciated
by "The One" you have in mind
Freling & Steinle
1803 Farnam
'Phone D. 4995
fid Bank Book for Christmas!
5 A savings account opened with Ono Dollar or moreKSi
makes a most acceptable fit
5j to wife, children, relatives or friends. If desired we willii
Ci mail book with vour cards, so that they will be Teceived on
5j Christmas morning. We especially solicit small accounts M
Ci a.n which we pay SIX PER CENT interest, compoendedf
5j semi-annually.
fS Assets, $2,300,000. Surplus, $55,000
Omaha Loan & Building Associations
fS S. & Corner 16th and Dodge Sts. M
rzOao. W. LaomJa. Praa. O. M. Natt Ingar. Sy. and Traa."
W W. R. Adair. Aaa't. Saeratary. VI
Bee Want Ads
Produce Results