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    Store Open
Until Christmas
Thompson, Beldcn
& Co., just one
block west of the
Auditorium and ex
position buildings.
Saturday at the Toilet Goods Department
No trouble to select a' gift at this department, even if you want
to spend only 26c.
Kirk's Witch Hazel Toilet Soap, 3 cakea in a box, Saturday at,
box, only 10c.
Ideal Hair Brushes Saturday at only 69c.
Hudnut's Violet Sec Saturday at, bottle, only 74c.
Colgate's Toilet Water Saturday at 74c, 60c, 33c and 26c.
Java Rii Poudre, Saturday 28c.
Ask for free sample of Nail Enamel.
Gifts That Men tike.
If you want to please a man
give lam something he can wear.
Suspenders are among the most
popular gifts. Our assortment
is still unbroken. We can sure
ly please you.
Suspenders at 60c, 75c, II, fX.25,
SI. 60 up to $2.76 a pair.
Half Hose in most every kind and
color. Whether you want silk, cotton
or lisle, our assortment is ready to
Dlease. Cotton Half Hnna at i n ...
" E Dn n ! t.l. It. I t t .a
.... vv. yew, . Liimts nan nose at zuc to
11.00 a pair. Silk Half Hose at S1.00 to $3.60 a jair.
Other gifts that men like: Shirts, Neckwear Scarf Pins, Cuff But
tons. Gloves. Mufflers, Night Shirts. Bath Robes, Pyjamas. Collars.
Cuffs, Darters and Underwear. Visit the Men's department in south
Gloves for Christmas
In selecting your Christmas presents do not overlook
the fact that gloves make the nicest gift,. Our stock was
never better, more choice or more varied.
Evening Gloves, Silk Gloves,
Dress Gloves, Cashmere Gloves,
Street Gloves, Winter Gloves.
Christmas Boxes with every purchase.
v " Embroidered Silk Hose for Christmas
Embroidered Silk Hosiery has always been considered the choicest
of gifts and is incomparable both for beauty and- utility. Our patterns
are exclusive. Prices, $2.00 to $10.00 per pair.
Fur Coats Guaranteed
Fine Astrakhan Coats Brook
Mink, Hudson Seal and other de
niable furs.
. Women s Bath Robes, Silk Ki
monos,' Silk Petticoats. Sweater
Coats, Sweater Vesta, make most
appropriate ChrlBtmas gifts.
Women's Fine Tailor-Mado Suits
at Clearing Sale Prices
$45.00 Suits now $30.00
$30.00 Suits now.....;.. $18. 60
$25.00 Suits now.., .115.00
Net Waists, Messaline .
Waists, Cotton Waists
Some ot them slightly
mussed. , AU are special bar
gains Saturday.
$18.60 Messaline Waists $10.60
$16.00 Messaline Waists $10.26
$12.60 Messaline Waists $ 6.25
$10.60 Messaline Waists $ 6.0tt
$ 1.75 Cotton Waists... $1 .00
The Last Saturday Before Christmas
After three weeks of heavy holiday selling our stocks are in fine condition for Christmas shop
ping. Although there were many inroads made into the various holiday lines we were thoughtful
and hurried telegrams east which brought more goods here on time in order that we might reinforce
the depleted stocks for these last busy buying days. Come to Thompson, Belden & Co.'s Saturday
and you will surely save money.
Great Christmas Sale ol Finished Sofa Pillows Saturday
Commencing ot O A. 1V1.
Instead of waiting until after Christmas to clear out these sofa pillows we are
going to give our many customers the benefit of this sale before Christmas.' These
pillows make ideal gifts. All finished complete at the following reductions:
Pillows that sold at $5.00,
Saturday at, each, $2.49.
Pillows that sold at $6.00
to $8.00, Saturday at, each,
Pillows that sold at $10
to $18, Saturday at, each,
$4 49.
At the same time Saturday we will Include ab out 2 dozen pairs ot Women's and Misses' Cro
cheted Slippers at, a pair, only. 500.
A few pairs, ot Infants' Crocheted Slippers at, a pair, 26c.
Greei Christmas Sale at Muslin Underwear Department Saturday
Commencing 0 A. IVI.
Two low prices on Children's robes that will cause a
quick clearunc. Ch..u.. a .iuut leiie robes in fig
ured pink, blue and gray, all satin trimmed. Ages
from 2 to 14 years, sold regular at $2.00 to $3.60 on
account ot being slightly soiled, we will . .rrg
close them out Saturday at the low JmJC
price, each
Children's wool eiderdown
blue and pink or figured.
bath robes in plain red.
Ages from 8 to 12 years,
these also are slightly soiled, sold regularly
at $3.50 to' $8.00. In Saturday's sale at
the low price, each
Come early as they will not last long at these
Women's Knit Cotton Skirts in black, navy and
Women's Knit Wool Skirts in red, gray, pink,
red with pretty striped borders
blue and black at $1.50, $1.25
Special Sale of Men's
Negligee Shirts t
(Collars Attached.)
Manufacturer's samples,
perfect In every way, most
ly In sizes 16 and 16..
Large assortment of styles.
Prices away out of propor
tion to the quality.
Shirts worth fl and $1.25
at. each, 68c.
Shirts worth $1.60 and $2
at, each, 7 Do.
Shirts worth $2.60, $2.76,
.$3 and $3.50 at. each, 88c. "
Bargain Square, In Base
ment. Women's Waists at
Greatly, Reduced
Prices for Saturday
Pure Linen Waists, made
with colored hand embrol-
dery fronts, regularly sold
at IT.6U, Saturday, 14.75.
This bright, busy
department ' greets '
you the moment you
enter our main en
trance,' Here are all
the newest, and,
daintiest 'colors and i
designs - in Holiday
Ribbons! Many
made up novelties
also . on display.
Merry Christmas
Ribbon for tying up
gift packages., at;
per yard .
" : ' " : i . ' i , 1 . ,i 1 - 1 ' J g
at, each, 60c.
and 98c.
Saturday Candy
rxtra Special Balduffs
dellolous Black Walnut Pon-.
gee, regular price 60o a ,
pound. All day Saturday
and evening at, a pound,
only S5o.
Our Christmas stock of
Candles Is now complete. ,
Fancy boxes, mixed candles,
figs, nuts and nut meats
In fact anything that you
could find in a first-class
candy department will be ,
found here at tow prices.
98c Special Sale of
Women Street , .
Gloves, 98c . .
Dempster A Place one- '
clasp Cape Gloves, In assort
ed tans. Tou've paid. $1.60
! for no better than these;
Saturday special price (So.
Special Announcement Saturday Will Be Remnant Day
in Dress Goods and Silks
The tremendous spiling of Dress Goods and Silks during the last
few weeks has left quantities of remnants of Silks, Colored and
Black Dress Goods Remnants. Hundreds of pieces in desirable
lengths, everything from a waist length in Dress Goods to many full
dress patterns. Fine assortment in Silk Remnants of waist lengths,
An opportunity to buy Christmas Silks and Dress Goods at a great
saving. Come early Saturday.
Christmas Handkerchiefs
We select our stocks of Handker
chiefs as you do pick and choose,
see that fabric and hem and embroi
dery and lace edge (if any) are all
that they should be, not a helter skel
ter stock, Jumbled together on the
supposition that folks haven't time to
be careful during the holiday rush.
Hence it's safe to buy Handkerchiefs
in a hurry at Thompson, Belden & Co.'s. Handkerchiefs here for the
whole family, women, men and children, at from 6c to $20.00 each.
Dainty Fans for Christmas.
One of the.e charming little fans will appeal to tho
heart of most any young girl especially one with a busy
season of dances ahead. Prices from $1.00 to $10.00 each.
Holiday Umbrellas
We are selling more Umbrellas this season than ever before. They
are the safest sorj of a gift. We are ready with all the holiday novel
ties. Let our expert umbrella chief show you the handsomest line in.
the city.
26 and 28-inch Black Silk Umbrellas, fine line ot handles, regular
price $5.00, Saturday at, each, $3.98.
26-inch Black Union Silk Umbrellas with taped edge. Sat. at $1.60.
Special for Christmas 26 and 28-inch Black Silk Umbrellas with
fancy handles of gold and pearl and Sterling silver at, each, $5.00.
Colored Silk Umbrellas in blue, brown, red and green at reduced
prices Saturday.
Handsome Silk Umbrellas with fine handleB, in beautiful case, com
plete at $7.50.
Umbrella Department Main entrance, a step to the left.
Saturday Is the Last Day
Of the National Corn Exposi
tion and before the many visi
tors depart for their homes we
would like to nave them visit
this modern Dry Goods Store
where honest methods are pur
sued. Come in and get ac
quainted, even if you haven't
the slightest idea ot buying.
There are many free conveni
ences provided tor your com
fort. We check hand, baggage
tree ot charge.
Silk Rubberized Utility
Coats .
On Special Sale Saturday
$25.00 Coats. $16.50
$16.50 Coats... $10.50
$15.00. Coats.. . . ........$ 8.50
Misses' Coats, All Specially
Reduced for Saturday .k.
Girls Coats 8, 10, 12 and 14
years All specially deduced tor.
XlJilM Iri CRAfl CASE:
Judge Kuniel Gives limit to Capitol
Fraud Ilea.
Looters of Pennsylvania Treasury
Coma Be far Coart After Com
pletion Caftea Will Bo
HARRISBURQ. Pa.. Deo. ll-Two years'
Imprisonment and a f ne of Sou, the maxi
mum penalty, was the sentence meted out
today by Judge Kunkel In the Dauphin
tounty court to each of the four men, who
were convicted of defrauding the tate In
connection with the furniahlrg ot the cap!
tol but d nt In this dir. I m -t lat y after
sentence was pronounced the lis endanta
were remanded to the uitody of the ther ft
and taken td a side room pend ng applies
tlon for a supersede a, which was made in
the superior court at Philadelphia no
tice ot the sentence here was given. As
oon as It Is granted the defendants will
offer ball, pending appeal to the aupeilor
esmrt. '
Tho four defendants are Job?; H. Sander
son, Philadelphia, contractor lor the fur
niture; James M. Bhumaker. Johnstown.
superintendent of the board of public
ground and bu'ldlng at the time the con
tract for furniture was let; William P.
Bnyder, Bprlng City, and William L.
Mathuea, Media, respectively auditor gen
eral and state treasurer during the opera
tion of the oontract and by virtue of their
positions members of the board of
grounds and buildings.
The men convicted today were tried a
the state bank of 119,308 in a contract for
wooden furniture. Other charges Involved
large sums In the aggregate. The men
were tried last spring and last week they
Were refused a new trial.
The men conducted today were tried a
neoond time and acquitted of a charge of
defrauding the state In a metal furniture
Senators Prepared to . Take Cs Any
Line of Canal Inqnlry
Deemed Noeeseary.
WASHINGTON. Doc. 18.-That the senate
committee on Interoceanlo canals' Is pre
pared to take up any sort of an Investiga
tion of canal affairs that may be do
manded by any member of the committee
was asserted today by Senator Klttredge
of South Dakota, chairman of the com
mittee. Thus far there have been no demands
upon the committee, and as there baa not
been a meeting at the present session of
congress It cannot be ascertained what ac
tion will be taken. "It has been the policy
of the senate committee," said Mr. Kit
tredge today, "to call witnesses at any
lime a demafld Is made by any member of
.the committee, and I purpose to continue
that policy." The demand. If It oomee, prob
ably will originate with democratic mem
bers. An Investigating resolution was offered
In the house by Representative Ralney of
Illinois, which Is said to have been offered
at the suggestion of the democratic na
tional committee followtflg the publication
In certain "democratic and Independent
newspapers of a story that Americans may
have profited by the sale of the canal
property to the United States. Senator Cul
berson, chairman of the minority caucus
of the senate, was intimately connected
with the management Ot the democratic na
tional campaign and Is a member of the
senate canal committee, but he has not
yet taken cognizance of the houso resolution.
Racer Morder Case Continued.
HURON, a D.. Dee. l.-(Speclal.)-Ta
the surprise of a large number of people,
who filled the court room Wednesday af
ternoon, the case of the state of South
Dakota against Iue Racey, for murder,
was continued tn the June, 1909 term. A
large number of ' witnesses had been
subpoened and had been In hearing since
the 8th Inst., but In order to secure wit
nesses from Kansas City, on behalf of the
defendant. It Was found necessary to con
tinue the case of lue Racey, aged about
25 years, is charged with the killing of
Oeorge N. Stewart, In an old mill at Wol
sey, last November. It appears that the
two men while under the Influence of
'Iquor,- got into a quarrel and It Is claimed
that Stewart died from the effects of
wounds Inflicted by Racey, who, after hlr
death put the ' body Into a grain chute,
where It was afterwards found. Racey,
himself, sought help to extricate the body
from the chute. The young man's mother
has been here for the last week, but will
return to her home in Kansas City in a few
days. In the case of the state against Wil
liam Roach, charged with criminal as
sault upon the person of his stepdaughter,
aged 14, the Jury, after being out eighteen
hours, returned a verdict of guilty, and the
court will pronounce sentence next Monday.
Young Ladies
TVe are showing some spe
cial lasts and patterns in fine
grade young ladies' shoes
that should appeal to the
young lady; desiring jnvidu
ality and style, combined
with, comfort and quality.
Built on common sense lines,
with low and medium low
heels. The price is
S3, $3.50, S4
and $5
Small Women's Coats and Su i
The small women's Coat and Suit section offers some
very tempting bargains for Saturday.
Suits that were O
$22.50, now vplO
Suits that were $25 C
now PU
Suits that were
$27.50 now...
Suits that were
$30 now.... t4. J
Suits that were
$35 now ,
Coata that were
$18 now
Coats that were
$22.50 now...
Coats that were
$25 now
Coats that were
$28.5,0 now
Coats that were
$32.50 now . . . .
Sizes run from 32 to 38, bust measure.
1513 mj DOUC1
Dr. R. . Geaplaod Defendant la Salt
by Phyalcian Who Is alagr
far Divorce.
BALTIMORE. Md., Dec. 18.-Rev. Dr.
Robert S. Coupland, rector of the Protes
tant Episcopal Church of the Ascension ot
this city, has been ailed for 130,000 dam
agese by Dr. Pierce B. Wilson, Jr., who
Is suing bis wife for divorce, naming former
United States Senator Oeorge U Welling
ton as corespondent.
No cause of action Is stated in the paper
filed In court and neither Dr. Wilson nor
his attorney would talk today.
Dr. Coupland, 'who has ueen summoned
as a witness in the divorce trial, said he
had no knowledge of any reason for the
. iJt. Wilson Is a member of Dr. Coupland' s
church and the lergyman said their rela
tors had been most friendly.
Dr. Coupland was a leading candidate
'or coadjutor bishop of the Maryland din-
ese at the election recently.
. On the witness stand In the divorce trial
"der Dr. Wilson swore that a few days
fter the birth of their baby his wife had
I nfeaed to him the story of her allegefl
'atlons with Wellington. After that hi'
irrled life ended, he said, but to avoid
Sliclty and scandal he gave her a home
'i him.
month, among whom Is N. E. France, man
ager of the National Bee Keepers' associa
tion. An effort will be made at this con
vention to secure legislation that will as
slut in checking the spread of the bee dis
ease In Iowa and South Dakota. .
First Snow Near Mitchell.
MITCHELL, S. D., Dec 18.-(8pecial.)-The
first fall of snow of any proportion fell
last night and today, the enow measuring
eleven inches on the level. ' The fall .was
sufficiently heavy as to delay trains. The
storm did not interrupt cement work that
is being done on the Milwaukee passenger
station nor the digging of the tracks for
laying the mains for the new gas plant,
which is being erected. Both enterprises
are In such condition that work will be car
ried on all winter If it does not turn too
cold. It Is expected that electric light and
nan Bis Down by Antomohlle of
William B. Rldgely Dies
of InJwrles.
KANSAS CITT. Dec. 18.-As the' result
"f being run down by the motor car of
William B. Rldgely, former comptroller of
the currency, and until recently president
of the National Bank of Commerce here.
Mrs. Byrl Greer of this city died today.
Mrs. Oreer wns struck by Mr. Rldgely's
machine on November 19. Mr. Rldgely was
not In the motor ear at the time of the ac
cident. Mrs. Greer recently entered suit
against the former comptroller for 126. POO
damages on account of her' Injuries. Mr.
Ridsely set up the claim that although
the machine belonged to him. It was at
the time of the accident being run by a
chauffeur and was without rssaenvers.
Western Asaoelatloa of Be Men trout
rtr States to Assemble it
Sloas City.
The third convention of the Western
Honey Producers' association will be held
In Bloux City on January 10 and ZL Tie
states belonging to the asaoclaUoa art
Nebraska. Iowa. South Dakota. VUh and
California and representatives from every
section will attend the convention nest
Look over this list carefully and find
your favorite e g r, then no'e the p ice we
are offer'ns; them at on Saturday, Many
are less tan the obb rs first cot. We
have half a million cigars on hard and In
tend to move them if price wl'l do it.
10c Tom Moore, boquet else, Saturday
only, box of 25
Box Of 60 1.60
10c Palmer House, B"ouet Invincible
s'se, Saturday, box "f 26 1.11
Box of m 1.26
10 Wlrdsor, Boq'iet Invincible ' size,
Saturday, box of 25. '. 1 20
Box of 60 '. 1.40
10c Fpl ndl "o, clear Havar a, box of IB,
Saturday only 1.16
10o Ml Flo-cion. clear Havana, conchoa
lie, box of 60 1.60
10c Paxton A Gallagher's Plato - Fro
len o . Ise, box of !, S turday onl ... I IS
10c Queen Elena, box of CO, Saturday
and Monday only l.iS
:0c Continental Seals, club slse, box of
U Saturday on y -. 1.23
10c La Baienencla, box of 26, Batuiduy
only 1.11
16c Ml Elecclsn Victoria., box of 60.
Saturday only 4.10
lie El HItlulo. Brevos slse, box Of 60,
Saturday only 4.50
lf Edward Gato, Marconi's slse, Satur-
aay only, box uf 26 t.SO
Box of .60 4. J)
1(0 P I dps De Gales, Pullman slse, air
tight tin box, b turday only.... I.t
16o Opt mo, box of 60, Saturday only... 4.70
ISO Foeneda, box of 26, Saturday only.. t.U
6o Lttle Joe, box of 60, Saturd y onl ., 1.G6
tt Uncle Oscars, box of 60. Saturday
only 1.46
Co ' Portuondo, box (0. Saturday only 1.6s
6o Little Nations, box of 100, Saturday
oniy I K
Little Bobs, box of 60, Satuiday rnly 1.
And all other b.ands at cut press. Be.t
by mall or express, add 12o fur uos 26 and
Ke for hex of 60. Orders above 110 sent
gas plants, both new, will start January 1.
HURON, S. D., Dec. 18.-8peclaI.)-A
snowstorm has prevailed here for the last
twenty hours. Six Inches of snow covers
the ground throughout the Jim river val
ley and far to the north. It Is the heaviest
snow since last January.
only on "Bnojio cinrB.M
That la Laxat've bromo guinlne. Look for
the signature of E. W, Uruve. Used the
world over to Cure Cold In One Day. 2&e.
Active Salesmen Bee Want Ads.
Matinee Today, SUB.
Aay Beat S5o. Children lOo
Tho Teddy Bear will reeelve the child
ren on the stage at the close of tho after
noon performance.
Prices 10c, 25c and 50c
.' Bat.
s-aeaesi Oosg. IMS) ana. aWavu
sa uapaeity weex, oorgeoo !.
Amotion ol Osoar Wilde's
WelrC Terrible. l,eeeinatln
juiM Week -I.orna BUlett as CAMXLI.X
Tonight, Saturday, Saturday Matinee
T. Say Oomstook offers
eats Vow eUlnsr.
Henry W. Savage's Only
Authorized Version of
By Franz Molna
Beaton Drug Co.
Gttvand Farnam
Where to eatj
3 -CS
Table d'Ho e Dinne;
FROM 11 A. U. TO I P. M.
Dinner 10c Music by Mace Orchestra,
bungs by Mi. Uuugauir.
Meal Tickets fm a! Kami's
lbVry pel son vtDu lake a tueai al Tj
lianaon's basement rrstauranl may guis
the number Who visit there duiltig the Us.
Every day the neaieei guts arms a 111.41
Toll Hanson's Lunch Saon
Tha in", a. 1. active, unam.. a.r ri
and most economical lunch room In Onubt
The Biggest
Value. SGOO.OO
Visit the Jubilee Manufacturing
Co's display at the Corn Chow,
estimate the number of kernels of
corn In the glass Jar on exhibition
there and the 610 neareat correct
guesses will receive prises abso
lutely free.
y The first 10 will receive prises
of 15.00 value.
The next 600 will receive prises
of 11.00 value.
The oontsst Is free and open to every
one. rrae guessing blas-as at tAslf
booth In the coxa show.
TONIGHT Matinee Saturday
A Beautiful Story of Life
.' and Adventure
Ocand Production Qoesoelled Oast,
and visitors to National Corn Exposition will find a direct exit from Exdo.
Itlon Concert Hull to Sterne TUeyard. A moat delightful dining plaoe. Ooan
from lliii A. Id. to 1 A. U. " v ,