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i Br! Emil 0. Eirtch Will Lecture nt
Temple Israel.
I ' "
(nllea Stadeat at Aire of e.1
, torn Breeder of Iowa Will
Make Sunday Ad-dresa.
Lt ! L".L MJLIL'L 'JI ! tl H M !
l(r. Emll O. Hlrch.-who will lecture
nc Jtt Tuesday evenlnr t Temple lrael. Is
declared to be one of the greatest pulpit
onalori In the country. He la the rabbi
of 'Slnal temple at Chicago and also pro.
feasor In the Chicago university. Ills mib
ic( Tuesday night will be "Jew and
i ' The Initial dance and card party given
Thursday evening by the All Saints' Social
club at the Wattles Memorial Parish house
was a success. This was the opening en
tertainment of the series to be given this
winter and about 100 members and friends
participated. The club I composed of the
1 young men of the church.
The friends of Miss Irene Klrscjistcln,
daughter of Rev. 11. J. Klrschsteln, will be
pleased to know of her return to Omaha,
after a four months' stay .In Colorado,
I wnere ine went ivr m- uvimjiiw not
' Rev. H. J. Klrschsteln and family are
now occupying their new bungalow cottage
home, Illllcrest," at 3901 Grand avenue,
where they will be at home to their friends.
Music at the North Side Christian church
Sunday as follows:
! Processional I'm but a Stranger Here..
Response I-ord's Prayer (chanted).......
Anthem Lift Up Your Heads Oadsby
Prncelonl Cross of Jesus (from "The
Response Now the Day is Over
Offertory Sentence
Anthem Hoar Me When I Call K. Hall
.lames Knight and chorus.
' Recessional Saviour. Again to Thy Pear
Name We Raise
Mrs. If. J. Klrschsteln, organist and
' choirmaster.
Mrs. J. 8. McCleary of Beatrice, state
president of the Christian Woman's Board
of Missions of Nebraska, will oceupy the
pulpit of the North Side Christian church
Sunday evening, December 13.
Sunday evening Rev. Dr. Frank L. Love
land, at the First Methodist church, will
discuss the subject, "The Witch of Endor;
. or. The Study of a Haunted Soul." This Is
In reply to numerous requests for an ex
pression of Christianity's attitude toward
. the unseen world.
'Asa Turner will address Omaha men at
the . Young Men's Christian association
Sunday at 4 p. m. , "Uncle" Asa as his
friends call him Is proprietor of Maple
Brook farm, Fairar, la.. Is ex-presldent of
the Iowa Corn Oro weirs' association; a col
lege student at Ames at the age of 65, and
a member of Governor Cummlngs' dedica
tory party of the battle fields of the south.
Attorney William Balrd Is conducting a
very successful Bible Discussion club Sun
day afternoons at 3 o'clock at the Young
Men's Christian association. The club Is
growing In Interest and attendance. The
class sessions are held In the general
board room just off the lobby.
i, Rev. E. R. Curry, pastor of the Calvary
Baptist church, begins the fifth year of
his ministry at that church by preaching
a sermon on. "A Message to the Church."
New members will bo received at the close
of the sermon and the Lord's supper ob
served. The men of the North Presbyterian
church will give their fifth annual dinner
at the church Tuesday at 6:30 o'clock. It
Is expected that 125 men will sit down to
the bountifully laden tables. A men's
brotherhood will be organized. The pro
gram will bo rich In wit oratory and
Music at First Baptist church:
MORNING 10:30.
Prelude Lemalgre
Ar.tliem O, Saviour of the World
Sir John Qoss
Response Handol
Organ Offertory Flagler
filo Holy Redeemer Marchettl
Mrs. Sunderland. Miss Gates, Mrs.
Postlude Calkin
Prelude Batiste
Anthem bend Out Thy Light Gounod
Response , Mendelssohn
Organ Offertory Batiste
Duet Day la Dying In the West
George Novin
. Miss Gates, Mr. Edgerly.
Postlude Duncan
Margaret Boulter, organist and director.
The regular monthly meeting of the Sis
terhood of Temple Israel will be held
Monday at 2:30 p. m.
Charles Elgutter will deliver the third
of the series of lectures being given at
Vnlty church Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
fit rwisyyh
11 , .S f ,yi .T V.
I! ip
11 ft X (!
U!) till M ll'LJ' 1 !' J.
Mo of
Is marie with a frame of quartered oak.
It Is handsomely carved. The upholster
ing is of a most dependable character,
the covering being guaranteed Nantucket
learner. The seat is set with
best oil tempered steel spring
the edge Is finished with deep
plaltlnKH. It's a world beater
and Women Who Want to Help their Husbands
Save. We realize that for every man of wealth there's a
thousand sons of toil for every millionaire's "brown stone
front" there are thousands of humble abodes of salaried men. That's why we lend
every energy to the service of salaried people to those who delight in saving money.
We want your trade if you are a man of ordinary means and want to get the most
for your hard-earned dollars. We want to save you money save you every dollar
TT 4 11' .1 .1 II 7 1 -
vr r-nn w f rf in enrnper in rnic rnnrniurn v Qinrorp vrv r p nim in
I- undersell, and WE'RE MAKING GOOD.
This Rocker value will serve to Illustrate
Pedestal Extension Tables
Quarter-sawed oak, large base
with carved head and claw feet,
m-iuiantiy poiisnen
top, 45 Inches in di
ameter. Specially re
duced for this sale..
Brass Bed Specials
Brass Beds, with two
inch posts, a most
dosirahlo design,
heavily lacquered,
and ffiiaranteed for
10 years.
Special . . . .
McDoug&ll Kitchen Cabinets
Made of best materials, satin wal
nut. Guaranteed for durability. An
unexcelled cabinet. Try ono e7 C()
for 30 days at our risk. M
Complete as shown above.
Special thin h1
I Be a wise
& Santa
Blast Heaters
They luirn coal. wood.
Klack conl. coal slftltiRS.
cok or rubhlsh. Hums
Its own khs and smoke,
is of handsome propor
tions nnu orna- fC
tuenteil with fine
nickel trlni
mlngs, at
Massive Dressers
Most substantial In con
struction, extra we'll fin
ished and have neatly
carved mirror
set with extra
larRe Krench
beveled mirrors.
Sale price
f riiniew.
We Will Give fou This Magnificent
Absolutely free with every purchase of $2.r 00 or over.
Clock Is 13-in. JiiKh, and 10-ln. wide. Solid oak. Weuth-
ereU nnMi
I i
the wonderful swcrlflee ut pi'ic
will be made. There are Just r,
In this lot. The rocker Is made
of solid oak, handsomely carved
exactly like illustration
Special this sale
(Cm 1 II 13
Iron Bed Special
This bed is of handsome design
Just ns Illustrated here, and may
lie had In any or tne
popular colors desired,
is made of larje tubing;
and has steel side rails
Made of quarter-snwed oak or ma
hogany veneer, very hanflwomc In
deslun. made of selected fl kC
liiiiterlnls noil beautiful-
ly pollsluil Specially
l leei, I'M I'll f.llf
Made with frame of American quar
tered oak, expertly upholstered In Im
ported velours. Hack and seat are
deeply tufted over oil tempered steel
springs. It's a thoroughly well made
Davenport and pre-eminently
the blKtrest bargain
of the kind ever offered in
Omaha. Vrlce
Hid you ever stop to think how silly old
Santa Claus must be to tflve so many gifts
that are utterly useless to the person rei
cetvlnR them. "I'sef illness" should be of
first consideration always. An article
of furniture makes the best kind of a gift
in the world for It gives the greatest
nmount of comfort and service is prac
tical is valuable. bet us show you
through our splendid line of holiday
gift furniture.
Handsome Bise
'Elegantly trimmed in
nickel, large coal mag'
Azine, return
flues, nickel
trlnimlnps . ,
Massive Over-Tufted
Turkish Recker
Here Is a rocker of mas
sive proportions and
thoroughly well made. It
Is broad, spacious and
comfortable. Upholstered
In guaranteed Nantucket
leather. The best oil tem
pered steel springs. The
back Is deeply tufted.
The rocker rests upon a substantial platform
and Is firmly secured by steel springs. It
Is a value that cannot be duplicated In
Omaha at anywhere near the price. Special.
j jj
9S 4SS5 r
SILVERWARE SET FREeS i Do Tour Xmas Sl"""li"!' How
They are complete with high shelf, as
shown above, have large square ovens,
elaborate nickel trimmings,
and extra heavy castings.
Kqual to any SS5 range that,
wns ever oirerea you. At..
261! I
Consists of 26 pieces as follows: 6 knives, 6 forks, 6
laoiespoons, o teaspoons, i outter knife, 1 sugar shell.
It Is the New Grape pattern. The entire set is put up
in a satin nneu leamereue case una given
with every purchase of $100.00 or over. Or It will be
SOLD outright for $7.50, on terms of $1.00 cash, 75
cents monthly.
JTOTE In case you order the set on the above terms
and should, within one year, buy goods to the amount of
$100.00, we will refund all you have paid on the set or
creau your account witn me amount.
Only 16 More Shopping
Days Before Xmas
The selections are far more numerous
and the crowds less pressing. More court
eous and better treatment Is assured.
Goods purchased during this sale deliv
ered when desired. AO CHAlUiK FOR
Bb " f
n .0 LET, j '
BHPgWPSB ill' '
' A immc 10 nnnni ao ot
A . W B B W I II" B II I BB BB llll B. m B
All steel spring construction,
upholstered In Imported ve
lours, solid oak frames, guar
anteed durability. Special at....
mWTi i. i- nu s
Size 9x12 ft. Again we offer this high grade
Ilrussels rug at the amazingly low price of
$1 1.S9. There hasn't bean a rug of equal quality
offered in Omaha In years at snvwhere near
the price. These rugs are made with- f Bl
out miter seams full woven mirs K
They're made of best all worsted
materials price
A Square Deal
It assured you when you buy Dr. Pierce's
family medicines for all the inpredl.
nu entering :ou them are printed on
the bottle-wrappers and their formulas
,are attested under oath as being complete
and correct. You know Just what yo" are
paying ft and that the Ingredients are
i gathered from Nature's laboratory, being
elected from the most valuable native
ediclnal roots found 'growing In out
American forests and while potent to cure
are perfectly harmless even to the moxt
' delicate women and children. Not a drop
of alcohol enter into their composition.
A much better agent Is used both for ex
tracting and preserving the medicinal
principles used in them, viz. pure trlpln
reflnod glycerine. This agent
Intrinsic medicinal properties of its own,
being a most valuable antiseptic and antw
ferment, nutritive and soothing demul
Glycerine plays an Important part la
Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery la
the cure of indigestion, dyspepsia and
weak stomach, attended by sour risings.
hearV-buru, foul breath, coated tongue,
poor appetite, gnawing feeling In tom
ach, biliousness and kindred derange,
menu of the stomach, liver and bowels.
Besides curing all the above distressing;
ailments the'tiolden Medical Discovery
Is a tpeclht. for all diseases of the mucous
membranes, as catarrh, whether of the
nasal passages or of the stomach, bowels
or pelvic organs. Even In Its ulcerative
stage. It will yield to this sovereign rem
dy If It use be persevered In. InChronia
Catarrh of the Nasal -pasages. It 1 well,
while taking the "Golden Medical Dis
covery " for the necessary constitutional
treatment, to cleanse the passage freely
two or three times a day with Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Hvmedy. This thorough course
of treatment generally cure toe worst
In couch and botrteness caused by bren
ehltl. thrust sod lune affection except con In lis sdrsncrd siacea. the 'uoldeoi
Mxiical DiwoTcry U a Biot ethcleoi rem
edy, etpeotlly In those obstinate, hinc-on
ousbs caused by Irritation and amiMtiun of
( Uronciiiel nucuu membranes. The Du
roverr " 1 not to txxrfl fur acute couhs aiis
!( front sudden colds, nor mast it be ei
gtrtted lo cure consumption In its advsnced
tae oo nteJIclne will do Ibst but for all
tae obetleste. chronic cuue-he. -hlrh. If ne
lectetf. ur bedly trssicd. lt,&o up to ennsuma
tSuu. U Im Lm beet soilti lae tat caa be tekasw
Size HX12 ft. Made of the best selected worsteds
firmly woven and recommended fur exceptional
durability. The pattern Is Hn exceedingly beau
tiful one and the colorings are muni depend
able. Heineniber this Is a seamless Q?C
riiir fliirl th iiunlltv Is iruar:inteefl. I mA s'
It's a most extraordinary value at J
our Haie price
His subject will
United States."
be, "A Citiien of the
Rev. F. J. Collar, who will take charge of
the Church of the Ckvod Shepherd after the
departure of Kev. R. B. II. Hell for Dcs
Moines, will conduct the services and
preach his first sermon Sunday morning.
The choir of the Klrst Congregational
church, under the direction of Fred O.
Kills, will give r musical service Sunday
YV. C. A. Notes.
Miss Jontz. the new general secretary of
the Associated Charities, will speuk at the
f;ospel meeting Sunday at 4:30. There will
e special music. Social hour at b:'M. Light
refreshments will be served. All women
are invited.
The Business Girls' club will have one
of lis open nights next Monday evening.
The program will begin at S o'clock. This
meeting Is open to friends of the club. Part
of the evening will be devoted to a special
parliamentary drill In charge of Mrs. A. K.
M iacellunroos Announcements.
Second Church f Christ. Scientist. Nine
teenth and Farnam. I.yrlr Theater Service.
11 a. m.. subject, "(iud the Only Cause and
Vnlty. Seventeenth and Cnss. Rev. New
ton M.inn. Minister Service at 10:30 a.
111., subject, "The Kingdom of Heaven;"
Sunday school at noun.
First Christian. S. I). Putcher. Pastor
Pieaclilt g at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. ni. hv
the pastor. Bible school at noon. Chris
tian Knileavor at 6:30 p. m.
Saratoga Congregational. Twenty-fitth
and Ames Avenue Sunday school. 11 a. ni.
Program and welcime to new pastor. Hev.
J. I.. K she . Short talk by Mr. Fisher.
Evening service at 7:30.
First Presl yt. ri in. Dodge ai d Seven
teenth. Kev. Ixlwln Hart Jenka, D. IX,
Pastor-Morning service at u::iu. Kventng
service at 7::'0. Sundae school at noon.
Clirlntlan Kndeavor meeting at ti:!5.
Church of the Covenant, Twent v-soventh
and Pratt. Rev. It. T. Hell, Pastor-Services
at 10: Jtt a. m. and 7:' p. m. Sabbath
school at noon. Junior Kndeavor at 3:30
p. in. Young People's society at fi:3t p. ni.
Klrst Methodist Kplscopal. Twentieth
and Davenport Services will le con
ducted by the pasior. Kev. Frank ,nve
land, D. D ; morning theme. "The Real
Meaning of Chrlstl.ui Wurshlp;" evening
subject. "The Witch uf Endor. or the
Study of a Hauntet Soul;" Sunday s.-houl
at 1- o'clock. T. F. Sturgess. superin
tendent; young people's niteting at 6:30
p. in., D. B Marti, president: musical
program by flie estej choir, Thomas J.
Kelly, choirmaster.
First Cuited Itrrthren, Nineteenth an
L.otbrop Sutulav school, 10 a. m Preach
ing. II a. m. and T::") p. in. Morning theme,
'Experience:" evenb.g. "Zeal. " Class nice,-
Ing. U m. Pray, r se.vlce UV husiiav at 8
p. m.
Walnut Hill Methodist Kplscopal. Fmty
flrst and Charles. K. K. H.isinan, Pastor
Tlie church will Join with the L.oe Avtnue
Presbyterian church In union ervlce at
luo a. in. and i .Ju p. in. Hunday Bcno .l at
p. m.
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational. St
Mary's Avenue and Twenty-seventh, Rw
Lucius O. Balrd. Pastor Morning wor
ship at 10:30 o'clock, sermon by the pis
tur, subbjact, "The 6uul's Awakening,'
Sunduy school at 12 in.: vesper worship
at 4:30 o'clock, subject. "A Trip to
Mlcronerla" (illustrated); Junior Kn
deavor and children's hour at 4:30 o'clock;
Young People's Society of Christian Kn
deavor at &:45 p. m.
First Church of Christ. Scientist. Twenty
flflii and Farnam, Chambers' Building
Sunday school at 8:45 a. m. Sunday serv
ices at 11 u. in. and S p. m. Subject of
lesson-sermon, "God the Only Causa and
McCabe Methodist, Farnam and Fortieth,
Rev. J. Narver Gortner, Pastor Preaching
by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Morning theme, "Habukkuk's Prayer for a
Revival;" evening theme, "The Cry of the
North Side Christian, Twenty-second and
Locust, H. J. Klrschsteln, Pastor Morning
Worship at 10:3o and cvaning service at 7:S0.
Bible school at noon. Christian Kndeavor
at 6:15 p. m. Mid-week service Wednesday
evening at IS.
CasteMar Presbyterian, Ralph H. House
man. Minister .Morning worship, 10:8o, "The
Kingdom and the West: at 7:30, "Visions
and Voices from Old New Mexico." Hole
school at II. Henry Kleser. suirlnt: ndent.
C'htihtlan Kndeavor at 6:30.
Pearl Memorial Methodist Episcopal.
Twenty-fourth and Larimure, Dr. Tlwinas
C. Hinkle, Pastor Regular preaching serv
ices Sunday at 10:45 a. ni. and 7:3o p. m.
Morning theme, "(Jod;" evening theme,
"The Success of Conviction."
First German Congregational. Twelfth
and Dorcas Public worship and sermons by
Kev. F. H. W. Bruechert, pastor, at in; 30
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Bible Sabbath school
at 2:.'i p. m. Kxpository Bible- study and
prayer service Wednesday evening at '8.
First I'nlted Presbyterian. Twenty-first
and Emmet, Rev. D. K. Turnbuli,'or
Services at 10:30 a. in. and 7:3o p m. Ser
mon subjects, "The Barren FN Tree" an.)
"Tne Hidden Treasu e." Bib e -hnn at
12. Me, ting of young people at 6:30 p. in.
Westminster P.esbyUrlan, Maai n and
Twenty-ninth. Rev. W. 8. Fulton. 1. D.,
Pistor Communion service at 10:30 a. in.
Sabbath school and Bible class s at 12.
Young Peoples Society of Christian En
deavor at 6:o0 p. m. Pleaching at 7:Al p. in.
People's, Charles W. Sividge, Pastor
Morning, "la the Old Fashioned 11-aver
Meeting Gone Forever?" Evening. "The
Perils of the Rich." Prof. Merles bus
charge of the music. Services at the House
of Hope at 4 p. in., conducted by Rev. J.
11. Brooks.
Hirst Memorial Methodist Epls opal
I.arlmore and Tolrty-f uurth Sermon at
10:45 a. m , subject, "Three Old Wells;"
Sunduy school at 12 m; Juniors' meeting
at 3 p. ni ; Epworth league at 6:30 p. in.;
evening song service at 7:30; sermon sub
ject. "Talents."
I'ni in Gospel Mission, 13-1 Douglas
Evtning service at 7:45. C. F. Kobel, su
perintendent, will speak. Meetings every
night during the coming week. At t le
Omaha General hospital. Fourteenth and
Capitol avenue, at 4 p. m., a gospel serv
ice will be held lit the parlor.
Clifton Hill Presbyterian, Rev. Thonm
B. Gieenlee. Ph. I., Pastor Morning seiv
1 e at bi:3o, subject "Soul Winning.' Even
ing service at 7.30. Sunday school at 12
o'clock. Young People's Society of Chris
tian Kndeavor, 6:30 p. m. Wediu slay even
inn rayi-r meeting at 8 o'clock.
First Baptist. Twenty-ninth Avenue and
Harney, Kev. J. W. Conley, D. !.. Pastor
K rvices at lo:3o a. in. and 7 JO p. m. M irn
Ing sermon. "The Danger of Neglect:"
evening eermon, "Christ and the. World
Needs.'' Sunday school at noon. Young
peouU's meeting at ti.30 p. tu. Bcthanv
Branch First Baptist, 3863 Ieaven worth
Sunday school at 3 p. m. Preaching by the
pastor on Friday evening.
Seventh Day Adventlst. Twenty-fifth, Be
Iween Cuming and Indiana. L. A. Spring,
Pastor Preaching Sunday at 8 n. m., sub
ject. "A Science, Falsely So-Callod." Serv
li cs eery Saturday. S ibbath school at 10
a. m. Preaching at 11 a. in. Prayer meet
ing Wednesday at 8 p. m. Child. en's meet
ing Sunday at 7 p. ni.
Trinity Cathedral, Capitol Avenue and
Eighteenth, the Very Rev. George A.
Beecher. Dean Holy communion at 8 a.
in.; Sunday school and Bible class at
9:1." a. m.; holy communion and sermon
at 11 a. in.; confirmation class at 3 p.
m.; evening prayer und sermon at 7:30.
Central l'nlte.l Presbyterian, Twenty
fourth and Dodge. Kev. K. 11. A. McHrlde.
D. D.. Pastor Morning worship at 10:30
sermon subject. "The Eleventh Com
mandment;" evening worship at 7:30, ser
mon subject. "A Letter of Encourage
ment;" Sabbath school at noon; Young
People's I'lirlstian union at 6:30 p. i.i.
Grace Baptist, Tenth and Arbor, II. y.
Fellnian. Pastor Preaching nt 10:4.", u.
m.. subject. "The Communion of the Holy
Spirit;" 7 p. in., young people's meeting:
7:45 p. in., subject. "Be Ye Reconciled."
The siereoptlcnn will be lived at this
s-crvice. Sunday scl 1 No. 1, Tenth ai:d
Aibor, 12 m. Sunday school No. 2.
Fourth and Cedar, 3:30 p. in. Sunday
A Man May
Eat Any Meal
And Digest It Kiislly If Uv Will Hut
Don t be afraid of your meals. The
reason you have, dyspepsia Is that some
thing is lacking In your digestive ap
paratus necessary lo the stomach's work.
A perfect stomach loves to wmk. per
fect digestion Is nut afraid of any meal
and benefits by its consumption of food
the whole machine of man.
Stuarl's Dyspepsia Tablets make eay
the work of digestion, because, they com
bine active fruit and etjciublu essences
which are needed by the stomach.
These essences are so powerful they
digest food without aid from the btom
ach. They hae done this with u meal
encased in a glass lube.
We will send a trial package to any,
one iree iur ins nauio anu uudress.
Eat what you will, or when you will,
then take a Stuurt Dyspepsia Tubiet
and ice how you will digest that nieai.
In a abort time your stomach will have
a natural supply of gastric Juices ami
your whole system will be able iu take
care of digestion easily.
Ask any druggist about Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tublets. His answer will tell mure
than we can say. Ask him how they a, II.
If you want to buy them give him ioc.
But if you want to test them, write us
and you will receive a trial package by
mall without cost. Address, F. A. Siuart
Co.. 150 Stuart Bldg , Marshall, Mb h.
school No. 3, Thirteenth and William,
3:3o p. m.
Grace Lutheran, Twenty-sixth, Between
Poppleton and Wool worth, Kev. M. L.
Mellck, Pastor At 10:30 a. m. Rev. J. F.
Kuhlman. who was the second Lutheran
missionary to Nebraska, will preach. His
subject will be "Jesus Will Come Again."
Services at 7:30 p. m. t'unday school at
12:15 p. m. Luther league at 6:30 p. m.
Lowe Avenue Preshy terlan. Fortieth and
Nicholas. Rev. Nathaniel McGlffln, D. I ).,
Minister Morning worship at 10:30;
Sabbath school at 12 in.; Christian En
deavor at 6:30 p. m.; evening worship at
7:30; union services with Walnut illll
Methodist church, as Rev. Mr. Hosiuan
will be absent. The pastor will preach
both morning and evening.
Not til Preshy te. tan. Nineteenth and Ohio,
M. V. iilgbee. Pastor Morning worship at
10:30. Sabbiith school at 12 m. Schools at
Twfiit -fourth and at 12, Thir
teenth and Lake and K)ifl Omaha at 3 p.
in. Young People's Society of Christian
Endeavor at 6:.i0. Even:ng worship at 7 oil.
Praer nncting at 8 Wedn.sJay ven:ng.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal. Tweir.y-tlrst
and Blnnev. Dr. John A. S yki r. pastoi
Sunoiiy at hoe. l m i.oon. Preaching tervt. n,
io;3o a. in.; Kev. E. K. Hosman of the al
i ut Mill church will pre Junior le.igue.
3 p. m. Kpw rth ague, 6 30 p. m. Pieaen
ii.g 7:.o p. m. Rev. E. K. Hosman
wl.l preach. Prayer meeting Wednesday
at N . in.
llnnscom Park Methodist Episcopal,
Twi niy-ninth and Woolwoith Avenue ft.
Scott Hyde. Pasior The past ir wl.l ,r ach
at ii:3o a. lit. and 7:30 p. m. Morning theme,
"What Is Man?' Evening theme, "The
Secret of Spiritual' Enlargement." Spe lal
lnusl.' nt loth services. Lee G. Kratz.
choirmaster. Sundiy school ut 12 m., licit
I c ix, si. pi l intendent.
Iminanuel Baptist, Twenty-fourth and
Plnckney. Philetus II. McDowell, Pastor
Theme, 10:3) a. in.. "Signed l'p for Serv
ile." The Lord's Supper will be observed
and the. right hand of fellowship will be
given to all new members. Theme, 7:jo
p. m.. "Heaven Mightily Moved.'' the clos
ing service of the revival meeting. Bible
school at noon. Baptist Young People's
union at ti:3o p. m. .Mid-week servlct
Wednesday evening at 8.
Calvary Bui list. Twcnty-fi'tli and Ham
ilton. Kev. K. It. Curry. Pastor Sei v ces at
lo : it' a. hi. and 7:30 p. in. Morn ng. "A
Message lo the Church;" evening. "The
Master s Challenge to the Man of the
World." Bible school at 12. Young p.
pie's meeting at 6. to . in. Wednesd ly at
p. in., nd l-week devotional tervii e. Cal
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St. Mark's English Lutheran. Twen
tieth and Burdette, Rev. L. Grub, pastor
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Wednesdays, at parsonage Fridays.
headquarters of the order sre now. This
order, which Is of country-wide importance,
was Btarted in Iowa and Vinton was Its
first headquarters about seventeen years
Brotherhood of Locomotive K.nnl
leera and Pen ns I vo ll la Hall
road Arbitrate Differences.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 5 A successful Is
sue of the conference between the Broth
erhood of Locomotive Engineers of the
Pennsylvania railroad lines west of Pitts
burg, and the board of mediation, consist
ing of Chairman Knapp of the Interstate
Commerce commission and Dr. Charles p.
I Nelll, commissioner of labor, was reached
tonight and an agreement proposed by the
boaid of mediation was accepted by Gen
eral Manager G. L. Peck of the Pennsyl
vania lines and by the board of assessment
of Ihe Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neers. When the controversy was submitted to
the board of mediation It contained ele
ments that were very set ions. Already the
engineers on the Pennsylvania lines wesi
of Pittsburg had voted to utrlke unless they
could obtain what they deemed to be proper
redress of their grievances. After careful
consideration of the statement of both the
engineers and the railway officials. Chair
man Knnpp and Dr. Nelll proposed a plan
of adjustment which eventually proved I i
he satisfactory lo both sides. Following Is
the slatemi nt issued by Chairman Knapp
and Dr. Nelll, which embodies the agree
ment; "The facts of this conlrovery, as devel
oped by repeated conferences with the re
spective parties, appear to De as follow:
"The general committee of adjustment of
the engineers desired to present certain re
quests to the general manager and to dis
cuss the same with him. The general man
ager declined to take up these reiiuests on
the ground that It is the settled rule of t lir
lines that the general manager will not take
up requests of employes unless they huvn
been previously presented to and refusej
by the proper division superintendent and
by the general superintendent In turn, and
that the request In question had not been
presented to these subordinate officials.
"Tin" representatives of the engineers
claim tbHt most of the matters they desired
to present to the general manager have
already been submitted to the division and
general superintendents.
"Cpon examination of these request It
appiars that some were presented to the
division superintendents in December, Hi1?,
In accordance with the rule; that an appi al
was taken to the penerat superintendent,
and that arrangements were mado for a
further appeal to Ihe general manager, bill
that it wus later decided not to prosecuta
the same at that time. It also appeals tl.t
some of the requests had not been pievi
ously presented to the siihoro'lnate officers.
"It seems to us, und we recommend, that
the general manager should waive any
qii'-stion as to whether the appeal has been
pending and should promptly meet with the
committee mid take up fm settlement thos?
matters that have In f.u I and siishstanee
been passed upon by the subordinate offi
cers." Kccommenilut ion Is made that more defi
nite rules be adopt' 'I govern future negotiations.
fc&slO o feo
Railroad TelesrM.iiera Dissolve.
M A RSHALLTO WN, la.. Dec. 5. iSpi
clul.i The coiporatiun of the Order of Kail
road Telegraphers, through an uct.uii
brought by the state In the Benton count
district court at Vinton, has been dissolved
The action was a friendly one and it wa
not contested, as the order desired that the
Incorporation In Iowa be wound up so tht
it could Incorporate in Missouri, whtie L.i
Rheumatism ia nnvr.t 1.. avu rJ ,ei ... it., .i .i.. i.
-.M.V . J Oil .AVV.TJ - ' OV 1 111 U1C I , 1 f ,1 ,( I , VV UK II
gradually gets into the circulation because of iiidi";estion, constipation, weal:
kidney action, and other irregularities of the system which are sometime.
considered of no importance. This uric acid causes an inflamed and irritated
condition of the Llood, and the circulation instead of nourishing the different
ortions of the body, continually deposits into the nerves, nitisrles, tissues
and joints, the irritating, pain-producing acid with which it is filled. .Rheu
matism can only be cured by a thorough cleansing of the lluod, and thia is
just what S. S. S. does. It goes down into the circulation, nnd by neutral,
uing the uric acid and driving it from the blood, tructuully und surely
removes the cause. S. S. S. strengthens and invigorates the blood so that
instead of a weak, sour stream, causing pain and agony thoughout the sys
tem, it becomes an invigorating, nourishing fluid, furnishing health and
viror to every part of the body and relieving the suffering caused by this
disease. S. S. vS. being a purely vegetable blood purifier, is the surest and
safest cure for Rheumatism in any of its forms. Hook on Rheumatism and
any medical advice desired sent free to all w ho write,