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    The Omaha Sunday
Want - ads
rrlirinriiti far the wraat ad
eolamna will he likn til 12 a. for
tkr rtrilnl edltloa aad til .
for the tnnralna: and s-aadar edltloaa.
ash mast rroBPr all orders for
,,..1 ad. aad ao advertisement will
c accepted for leas thaa lO reals for
llrst lataertlaa.
Ratrt aplr to either The Datlr or
nntfar bee.
(iKiri roil) aim wards to a line.
otnhlnatloaa of laltlala or aaanhers
rniil aa oae word.
Insertion, rr liar, J ereata. Two or
more conaertal-re laaertloaa, er line,
eeata. Each taarrttoa saade oa odd
daja, 10 reats ner llae. fl.RO r
Hae aer months excepting
when accoannaated by rash, the rate
villi bet Oae laarrtloa. 4 eeata er
line three ar als roasreott're laaer
tloaa. X cents per llae each laaertloai
acTea or norr eonscentlve laaertloaa,
il eeata per llae each laaertloa 50
I'enta per llae per naonth..
want ada for The Bee aar tt
at aar of the fallnwlac draaT atoreo -
arr all branch offleea for The Bee
and rar nd will be laaerted Jaet aa
prompt It and oa the aatne ratee aa at
the tnala office fa The Bee Balldlaaj,
Virr lecath aad far nam street.
Albaeh, W ""., 4th anil rrnum-
rt,srrk, f. A.. 1 9. J6lh St.
l .e, bt pharmacy. WO S lth St.
Plenum Pharmacy. Benson, o.
Bonds Park Pharmacy, Kid and Cuming.
1'ltkf a Pharmacy. 2K2 Sherman Ave.
c ---.iKtilin. C. R. Sth ana Fierce Sts.
llt-.n HIT: pharmacy. ZT13 Military Ave.
' 'tit'. .1 F... 21st Ave. and rarnani r-L
i rissev Thartnary. 24th and lake ot.
rn-.ak. Emit. 1204-4 B. 13th Pt
..Lis. B. H., 2XU2 Lesvenwortn Si.
r..ft.i & Arnoldl. OT N. 2Mh St.
Fr. vipe. John J., Ii4 N. 24th Pt.
I m me Drug Co.. Florence. NeB.
G.-ldmim Pharmacy. lh and Lke
HTwt.i,tli, G. A, 1"26 8. 10th BU
i r-i tmugh. G. A., 1624 fl. Kth Bt.
t'Mwi.-n. William C. 320 Famjm ft.
Hanscom Park pharmacy. 1401 S- 29th M.
li l-l. John. 4 24 N. lth St
Huff. A. K. 2924 Lc'vei.worth Pt.
K r.K. R. B . 1ST I-aranm Ft.
Kount Place Pharmacy, W M.
i'sirlrk Drug Co., 1C N. 24th St.
1 athrop. Charles E.. 1324 N. ':4th Pt.
?' vton. L. E.. 24th and lavenwortB bta.
Saratoga Drug Co.. I4th Bt. and Amen
So'hiiefcr's Cut Pries Drug: Co.. 16th and
i I " at" Ft. .
f- in" rr, Auirart. 2 ran N. ith st
'-. hmldt. J. H.. 24th and Cumin B1
P-rrm Pharmai-y. lh and Martha Bta
v alnut Hill Pharmacy. 4uth and Cuming
Wnltnn Pharmacy. 2iMh anfl Orace Bta.
Worth. O H. 4th and Hamilton Bta.
WITHIN John, Ix-ormtKT 6, agd 72
Fuik ihI from rpfMrncr.. !R12 FYarklln
rirfPt. MoiiUhv. at " v " Interment for
est Lawn ennietery. -Yk;ndB Invited.
MTod 37 yn.ra. ,
Funeral Pundav, I p. m from I odder a
cliapcl. Tla-entv-thlrd and Cuming Btreet.
' Interment Forent Lawn cenwterj'. Friends
; Invited. .
Birth John Barton, 2204 Poppleton ave
'rue. girl; tieorfre Webber. 2t14 Catellar
Ktreet Rlrl; O. N. VanOatrand. 241B Blondo
;reei! arlrl ; Frark Rowley. 2lb North
Twrniv-mxth airett. girl; J. C. McDonnell.
1 1 Bouth Twentieth Btroet. boy; Joseph
Vagtnan 1717 Houth PeventeenUi aireet,
bov; Mel'vln M Nary. Ki4 North Twenty
1 .urth utit ei. clrl; Teoflel Garlick. South
Twenty -eight street, girl; Henry Ituhraon.
iriH Military avenue, boy; Joseph (""had
dock. :''l Ft. Mary's avenue, boy; W. H.
Kurd. Meredith avenue, girl; Georare
Howell. ieS Pni1h Eighteenth street, boy;
John Hart. Ft. Mary s avenue., girl;
Joseph Pherier. Still Martha stre-t. boy;
Ahr.ihani I.. Kresler, ;i4 South Twenty
t.'lrd st: eel, boy.
Iieaths A. Armstror.g. St. Joseph's hos
p lal. ;. John M Bundbcrg. Sl'll Keaven
viorth pireet, 81: Hugh c'hapman, i Era street; Frank Hoffman, 1st. Ohio
s.reet. i months; Mabel Graves, 2&.".7 Furt
s.reet, Z.
The following marriage licensee have been
!aued :
Name and Residence. Age
l-kiarar Ttudolf Zhtiriskie. Omaha Jii
Fadie xiuip Phadduck, Omaiia -4
John Hedberg. limalia 2S
Christina ltiulberg. Limaiia 23
Cyrua K Turner, Spokane. Waaii 52
Maud Pt. John. Omaha 4J
is the school that -attracts those students
wno want the BEST OF EVERYTHING.
The best teachers.
The best sjslem of Shorthand.
The best s s'em of bookkeeping.
The best Instruction In penmajialiip.
Every Instructor In the business depart
ment of tiie Mosiier-lampman college has
had from six to twenty years experience
In business college work Every tcacaer
m our shorthand department has had from
ten to twenty years experience In training
s. enograpliers. Thi is the main REASON
W HY our sludents are holding the best po
sition and drawing the best aalariea.
Miss Beriha Brown. wno tcgan the
study of Mostier ahorihand at the Mosbei-1-inipman
college a Uille more than a year
ago. is now of ficial court reporter for the
Eighth Judicial district of Nebraska, and
is now making more than $lau per month
Mr. Bert Rosatter Is now being trained in
Mustier shorthand t the M osher -Lanipman
college for a position us official court --reporter,
to which he has bwen appointed
Why go to tiie ordinary coiloge and lie
prepared for an ordinary position, w-hen
i costs no more to attend the Mosher
Lampman college and be prepared for the
best places?
Students can enter at any time.
Winter Term
will begin Monday. January 4. Call, 'phone
or write for catalogue tud further informa
17lh and Farnam St.
Omuha. Neb
THE CITT GARBAGE CO . C'rice 4th and
Lfavniwoilli aireet. TeL Dougla l.xiT.
tit 73
SIGN PAINTING S. H. Cole. 13CJ Douglas.
(1 -'.4i'
no-TM Faxiufc BliKk. Tel. Iiouglas UU
H -7a 1
MRS. BACH M AN, C Paxton block. Is now
ready with tier annual exhibition of hanri
patnted rlmn and water colors, begin
ing Tueaoaj , 1 -e. (,. ki,d continue until
Cliristaia. pubUc is cord Uly in-
Vilcii. U. 4- 7
i ','ont murd.
That Little Word
It is a word w thout a future It means '
lodiiy. It nirnns that your hUKincs edu m- !
tion should not be postponed. Because out
First Winter Trrn. began Lweenirw r 1. i
does not excuse you from entering College j
NOW. Why delay another day' Why not j
make up your mind as you read this? j
"Every minute lost gives an opportunity
for misfortune." Every minute saved arid
rightly used means so much capital In- I
vested for future use. Aren't you wasting j
time when you plan for a business educa
tion at Home unknown future dale? I
Every Day Is Enrollment Day at
Boyles College
Keep thai I act in mind and act accoru
lnKly. Our courses of study are so ar
ranged that you can ent r Monday morning
as s-Kjn as the office is open, or in the
evening if you want to attend Night tk-hool.
Positions are opening all of the time,
not at the end of some lerin of aludy.
There will be jobs for you tomorrow and
the next day and the day a! ur and every
day some one Is completing the course,
getting a diploma and a position.
You will never git anywhere without
making a start. Make up your mind to
liegln a business career, to be a better-than-ordinarv
bookkeeper or Stenographer
or Telegrapher to be the ltoyles College
sort, whose services are always In de
mand. Write or "phone when you will be In.
Catalogues are free.
Boyles College
F.ovls Hldg. 11. R Royles. Pres.. Omaha.
Official Training School for 1'nion Pacillc
Railroad Telegraph Department.
Automobile Company
1R14 Farnam Bt.
P"oddard Pai ton Touring car, $1,200.
Reo Touring car, $54.
Reo Touring car. S.'ii0.
R-o Touring car. HaO.
Ford, model N. HhO.
Ford, model R. ia0.
Ford, S roadster, almost new, $6j0.
Ford. R, J.W.
Ruiek Runabout, almost new, $800.
Ruick Touring car. $i00.
Pleven Dur ea, $3ii0.
Dragon touring car. ll.OSfl.
Waverlv Electric, 3.t0 up.
All tiie above guaranteed In good shape.
Write for full description.
Ftate agent Stoddard Paytnn and Ford
car. The best automobile value in the
Wptoddard Dnyton, $l.f.oo, $2.imn, fc.oOu. The
sensational Ford SKV0 touring car.
Good live agents wanted. '
Dpi n and closed cars for rent day or
night. Siecial attention given to theater
Tel. Doug. 353. (2) M165
school: thorough and practical course of
Instruction; call or write for prospectus.
Northwestern Automobile and Gas En
gine School. Main Floor. Omaha Com
merciil Colloge iildg.. Win and Farnam.
t-i MS6-
NINE Rambler. econd-hand, at your own
prices. Rambler Auto Co., 244 Famam.
(21 M270 Dec. SI
I have many call for second hand ma
chines. Get them In before the Corn show.
1R12. Harney St., Opposite Library.
2i-M31B 7
PROFITABLE positions open in the auto
mobile fleJd; technical instructions on
loth steam and gns engines; students
paid for repn-lf work. Address Omaha
School of Automobile Engineering -418
Iveavenworth St. i2S
Ko-acre stock and grain farm, two mlltis
from one of the best small railway towns
In the state; ail rich level bottom land,
above overflow, well fenced with new
wire; new six-room dwelling, barn 40x40.
plentv never falling water, fine bearing
family orchard, telephone and rural niaii,
on main public road; no belter soil any
wJere, all in cultivation except Ui(. acres
fire Umber, with over SdO.ono good saw
timber, worth 116 at the mill; a hig bar
gain at tso; can UBe good hardware slock
If well located. Bradley-Ward. Ml.
Vernon. 111. (3i M400 ix
1 OWN a fine farm two mile from
Huron. S. I'., w'ill trade for general
merchandise stock or automobile. A W.
Hurd. Huron, S. D. t3 M3S1 Gx
TO EXCHANGE Hfioacre improved Jer
auld county (S. Ill farm: $Sl acre; mort
gage Jlu.oTM. due 1911. 6 per cent; prefer
income property or stock goods. Mather
Co., Cedar RapUs, la 1" 4T( 6
TO TRADE An up-to-date 60-barrel flour
ing mi.l for land. L. C. Butler. Arion. la.
(3) MJU2 la
i FARMS. town property. merchandise.
I Stringer A' Child. Puxlon Bik.. Omaha,
j (3 M;i6f.
I HAVE stock In solid company paying S
jier oeru aiviacna. w men w in irniie i or
modern Omaha home well located Ad
dress 0-KJ4 care Bee. (a M424
TRADES of real estate. merchandise,
stocks and income property a specialty.
1k not answer unless willing to pay com
mission, vuick deal certain. No charge
for listing. Have manager trading de
partment wtio does nothing else but
match deals. Write today. Abbott Realty
Co.. 41a Rrandeis Bldg . Omaha. 3
Choice .
Irrigated Land
In San Luis valley. Colo., also western
Kansas land to exchange for merchandise,
hardware or city property, clear.
i Hoxue, Kan. (,'ii 512 Sx
TO EXCHANGE Choice 44o-acre well im
proved Lnn county cla l farm; near rail
road station: price. 77.6o acre; mortgage
J It, (), payable law annually. Maiher
i; Co., Cedar Rapiua. la e3 b
TRADES of real estate. merchandise,
stock and Income property a specialty.
Do not answer unlesn willing to pay com
mission, cjulck deal certain. No charge
for listing Have manager trading de
partment who does nothing else but
match deal. Wr.'.e today Abbott Realty
Co.. 411 Brandos Bidg.. Omaha. (3i
TO EXCHANGE for stock goods: pie-acre
well Improved choice Merrick county
4 Neb. I farm. li& ac-e- mortgage S3 fciO,
running 4 year: elso 1' ai re fine land!
Coster county. Neb.. i acre: mortgage
lM'. runnine S year Trade toceihcr or
separa" Owner wants to go lmn pu!
nes Would consider livery. Mather
Co Cedar Rapids, 1h. i'i el
TO GET IN or out of business call on
GANG EST AD. I;oom 402. Bee Bldg
14i 742
STEAM LA I' N DRY for rent; fully
equipped. James Hair. Albion. Netv
(4 1 MS8i
tRl'G store frr sale ever' here. Knlest.
New Yolk Lilc LlUa. li
'Cwit.nued. 1
An Invention That Has
Startled tlif Whole
Ilich Grade Fiscal
Acent Wanted.
re is one of the greatest electrical
inventions of tiie age The Rurltntame
Telegraphing Tvpewriler the invention of
Elmer Rurlitig&me.
The invention ciwisisis of an electrical ap
paratus that can be attached to any stand
ard typewriter. The i message Is recorded
In page form both In pending and reoeivlng
typewriter written out letter for letter Just
The Riirlniganie Telegraphing Tvpewriler
has lieen tested before electrical experts
of large corporations and the I niled PiBies
government; these experts have reported j
most favorably on the invention. I
High grade fiscal agents wanted to sM!
stock in the Bjrlingame 1 elegrapnmg
Typewriter Co. Rate opportunity for 'the
r'eht innn. Agents must have of fine equip
ment ajid a clientele; must qualify a- lo
financial ability and furnish references.
Accepted agents get exrl'aRlve territory
and a set of demonstrating typewriters
with ail necessary equipment.
Agents will lie supphed with the finest
collection of literature ever gotten tip for
stock promotion. ineludthg reproduced
press notices from papers all over America
and letters sgio-d by telegraph and tob
jiiinne expH.ts. I'nltetl States army, navy
and signal ' olficers. unlx ersiiy proftissors
and well known electrical engineers.
Write at once for further particulars
Though tiie invention whs
bought out but a few months ago, territory
is fast being taken up.
Applications for exclusive territory for
sale of stock must be accompanied with
satisfactory bank references. Only high
grade men with necessary qualifications
need apply. Address. Rurlingame I'nder
wr.ters. if. Chronicle Bldg., San Fran
cisco, Cal. 4i felt! 6x
STEAM laundry for rent; fully equipped.
James Ilaire, Albion. Neb. i4i MisH lfx
FOR SALE Tony Lang's restaurant.
Iti'atrice, Neb. (4i M;i!a 6x
HIGH-GRADE cigars, low prices Sherman
& McConnt ll Drug Co. and Owl Drug Co.
t4 M2."4 DecSl
FOR RENT For J25 per month, butcher
shi'P. complete equipjed; brick, modern
and brick Ice house; located at Persia,
la.; can give possession Jan. 1 or later;
rent must be guaranteed: send corre
spondence to Wm. Timmerman. Manning,
la.. Owner. i4 M3l4 6
WANTET All-round country- printer To
take chares of small weekly; would sell
to responsible party. Merna Postal Card.
Merna, Neb. 4 Mjo8 7x
Tou can Increase your Income Sao to tSO
monthly by Investigating ttiis ad : no
samples. Call, or address Butler Uroa..
14iit Farnam St.. Omaha. Neb.
(4 1 M43fi 6x
WANTEIs Information regarding good
patent which would be money maker.
Only Inventor, who wishes to sell out
right or on royalty basis, need answer.
Give price and brief description. S. M.,
Box 834B. Rochester, N. Y. (4l
DON'T fall to get a copy of our special
letter on the stock market. Phetp A:
Co.. member Chicago Board of Trade.
Royal Ins. Bldg., liii Jackson Blvd.. Chi
cago. (4 1 189 Gx
$100 to 10 (ki(i Investors wanted ; group pat
ented mines, Nevada. Including producing
gold mine: operating day and night.
Agent wanted. Address Garfield, n East
4d St., New York. i4i 472 bx
H4.(HHi Dividend paying stock for sale in
Al manufacturing business; party needs
cash and will sell stock In amounts to
suit at par worth 113. Address John
Stromberg, 1SH N. St.. East Orange.
N. J. (4i462 tix
FOR SALE fc.0 stock of clothing, men's
shoea, hats and fumislcng good, in good
county seat town in South Dakota; good
farming community; doing good business;
best of reasons for selling; corner loea
t.on. reasonable rent; no trades. Address
Y' 81. care Bee. . (41 .vtai.7 la
AGENTS Red vulcano ink pencil, 2.
fipidman, a Coenties Slip. New York.
! M5ii 7x
WANTED Young man aged Z. born Ne
braska, father well known, would buy
entirely or active interest not exceeding
a.(Kio in good staple business, well lo
cated. Address, with exact information.
S 628. Bee. (4 Mtlo 7x
FOR SALF A nice, neat, clean, money
makine business located in Beatrice,
Neb.. 12.M w 11 liandle it. The best money
making proposition in the c.t... for the
capital Invested. A new, complete con
fectioner', ice cream parlor and soda
fountain In fine location. Walter D.
Hill 6. Co., Beatrice. Neb. (4i Mi39 If.
TERN your mining stocks Into cash. We
buy them. Send for list of eash offers.
P. W. Andrews, 1S4 LaSalle St., CUoago.
(4 Mat? tix
I LEAVE for Lo Angeles Jan. 1 to eFtate
lish manufacturing business; half Inter
est, $a,(4i and services. Adarees P (Tiff. Bee.
(4i-M4al f.x
liiC ACRES of smooth, cultivated land. 7
miles from good town in the east central
pari of Nebraska. Price SiiC per acre.
Will exchange for good merchandise or
hardware s'ock re-oo
llcl Board of Trade Bldg.,
Kith and Farnam Sib
Phones Douglas 49. Independent A-2Mfi
TURNED Illustrated guide book and list
of inventions wanted, free to a.r.v address
Patents secured bv us advertised free
In World' Progress: sample eopv free
Evans. Will-ens A. Co.. .SS F St.. Was!,
ington. D C. I'l-
l.;lii MAIL ORDERS received from a two
ltne ad. Will mail ropy for and
s: amp B. Stegman. I'loS Winnemac Ave.,
Chicago. 14)
Ft)R SALE Clean up-to-date hardwsre
stock at Bancrof, Neb. Invoice, Ji.g'Kf.
Will sell rlieap If tal:en al once. Call
or write. First National Bank. Teksmah,
Neb. (41 M3ai6
WILL FELI half Interest In excellent
ta'lortng business, long established. In
college town of Ho.OOa; thi will prove a
rare opportunity for some man w an a
few thousand dollar to enuage in and
manage a big business; fine locattcn and
large established monev maslng trade;
will sell or trade outright, but prefer to
dispose of only half interest: nrsir heHr,
neeess tates change; knowledge of the
business not necessary, as Ihe present
cutter snd designer will rorisin. Ad
dress In. mediately L CI. care Bee.
i4MS7 7
loc a Jl.cmi; no red tape; our fee small:
everything furnished; stock sold and
guaranteed; beware of lrmtators with no
testimonials. Lawyers' Title and Trust
Co., Wi.mlngton, DeL 141
A SPLENDID opportunity for a pertuji
with :'..a to Sf.txi in cash, to become
interested In a legitimate proposition, a
business which has always paid end
never failed: corrispondence confidential.
Adelres J. iliii. care Bee. (4i Med7 tx
VleP'E president, and manager wanted: must
Invest $l(i.(4). which is secured by city
real estate: excellent opportunity. Press
Euu'iimeiu Co, Metropolitan Bldg. New
Y ork City. e 4 4oeJ Gx
PROFITABLE business and ctitro! of
Omaha to iionest man with push and
hundred dollars; make t'i first month
ure. KovU Mfg. C o., Roc. heater. N V.
14 i-4vJ CX
TOT" can secure an esis'.e worth tivt."00
for yourself by asidstiug to inert one of
tiie gravest find roosr disastrous calami
ties in the history of i ne i omiberi 'mi
world. If Interested wrile t one- and
we wiil submit s plan wltii evijeiiee
which you w,il find a lis lui cly ctivitic
lng. SWramento Valley Imp to. Si
louts. Mo. (4i
FIRE appliance mar
faiturers require
competerii representatlv
daily responsible t In
? who i finan-
ecitnie sole agent spi'duaies
nt stiindlng and
our interests will
for our patented fire f
Only men of promin
fully capable to hunrii
be considered. Exi Iufi
if territory ana
Men with slorp-
big advantHKes oltered
room faeiluies pre'ei ri
neering and Chemical
St., Philadelphia. Fa.
d. Adam Kngi
1'iv, ,.l" i.oi'-stnut
(4 4?a ox
OVR newly patented Mai. Mess Match Safe,
including matches and your name printed
on suriace. is postively i oe eneapest anil
most attractive bustto-bs card to advei -tlse
any business; l.C'io sent piepaid upon
receipt of t.'i. Matchless Match Co., Fac
tory 371 Pearl St. New Yon;; Sales Office,
Flatiron Pliig.
HOW to finance n bu';iess enterprise
dearly show n by (ieeeriptive booklets i No.
IO, w iiich we forw ard ire1. Itjsmess
1 levelopmcnt Co., Hi Nassau St.. New
York. 1 4.1 46',' Hx
A GoD. first-class paying retail groi er.i
business for sate, ow rig lo owner s d"ath.
Apply to Mrs E. Johnson. lftM N. Ut h St.,
Chnaiia, Neb. Will invoice aboul ..-.:fc'.
i4 M'i&M x
FOR BALE Fine up-lo-date stork of mil
linery. Hoc or. the doliar if taken at once.
Address Y 'JH, care of Omaha Bee.
(41'i Ix
FOR SALE Real estate and Insurance
business, fixtures, with or without of
fiee Addjess Ins.. eare Ree,
h julh omaiia. 14 M4;ki 13
FOR SALE-A good clean lirst i 1h.-s stork
of clothing lor cash or will trade i or land.
Write full particulars of w hat you have.
Addrebs Box N-i.-a. Omaha. Neb
(4I-MT.45 6
SaO WEEKLY' and independence, lew Im
proved Hilo penny lianut machine will
make lli.aiin per year and not inu Here
with your work. Cost SI. cum casti cir $1,200
on time payments (if winch SoTa must be
cash. Hilo e,um I. uitipati . einc.i 1J.
Market St., (Tncago. (4i M.'ia:t ('."! j
tention: liave I sted. f(r iiitrty dais -. t i y. I
the liesl money making hotel projiosltion
in Netiraska.; live, wet tow-n cm two rail
road. ling lease. We deal in hotels,
restaurants, rooming and boarding house
exclustvely. If you want To buy or sell.
chII of wr-te. Wstc-rn Hotel Brokers. 1 tot;
Farnam f. 4i M41!'- tix
UNDER LAW? OF ARIZONA. cost; most libera! laws in the
United States: no fr-Lnchise tax; private
properTy exempit: writ- for copy of cor
poration laws, blanks, an.l full informa
tion. The Hayes Incorporating Co.,
Phoenix. Ariz. 14 i Ma74 tix
WOULD LIKE TO HEAR of stock for sale
In any enterprise wh"re an Investment
of several thousand dollars would be safe.
L. Darbyshlrei, Box 1S10A, Rochester,
N. T. (4
FREE book on Oibe by an American six
years in Cuba. Write A. Eenkema. Se
curity Bank Bldg., Minneapolis. Minn.
(4 1 o(4 Gx
$, In prizes for best articles on "Real
EsTate, the Ideal Investment." Fr?e for
all. For particulars write Realty Asso
ciates, Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
(41--492 Gx
Industrial, manufacturing, mining, oil, gas.
and railway stock and bond issues sold
direct to Investors; commission basis.
Samuel Graham & Co., Belling Broker.
43 Sacrament ft., Montreal, Canada.
(41471 Sx
IF YOU want a good money making room
ing house, cal) or phone 5cl N. Y. L.
Tel. Douglas 1071. e4i Md2u 7x
DR. ROT, R. 2. 1006 Farnam St. Doug. 6497.
ti 746
DAVID COLE Creamery Co. (6i 746
Water Filters.
lSld INWARD ST.. Missouri filter; 15 days
trial. b 766
China Palatine.
CHINA decorating; order work a specialty.
Leon, Thursday and Satur
day. Firing dally. Leatner craft. ia.ns.
leather and designs. Mrs C. C. Hungate,
Brandeis Bldg. Tel. Red 14m1
(E C,l
IN FAMTLIEH. Mta Sturdy, Tel. Doug. 4220.
(D) V4i
TERRY, ladies' tailoring, dress cutting and
designing eciool; can be taught by mull.
2tith and Farnam. loi 3i2 Di7
McDowell Dreimaung achool. 1G23 Farnam,
(I.i 74S
TERRY Ladies' Tailoring -d Dressmaking
school, lauglit m English or Gerrtan
lrom k a. m. to t p. m. L-tnh and Fari.arn
St. (in-Mi Janl
Dent I ata.
BAILET A MACH, d floor paxton. D. lOSS.
l Enter any time; business, telegraphy, arten-
i i',u?.,i, 1.... .krlr u.t mi' IT.: n Iilii- mlit u r A
1 r- . - ...r-, ... .. , .,0...
day sessions; free llustrated catalogue.
Write to 11. B. Buylea. President. Oflicial
Traiiiing School of Telegraphy lor Unojii
Pacific R. R. ( M3iiu
HESS A. 6WOBODA, I4ii Farnam Si.
(."o 750
L. HENDERSON. 1019 Farnam. Tel: D 12e3.
(ii Tin
J. II. BATH, ltlii Harney. Tel. Dout.
RATE, in sum to
sua. Z10 Bee Bidg
''Ow.t... TU.H..1.. IL.
(i) 7i3
etafea, shatters, Ete.
OMAHA Safe and Iron Work makes a
specialty of fire escapes, shutters, doors
and sales. G. Andreen, Prop., iUJ S. loth.
(5 7ij
LADIES and family parties
about to visit New York can find
the most desirable hotel ace-orn-n
icalallons, with refined surround
ings and associations, at node-rate
rate at tiie Hotell Etidi
cott. iVlst St. and Columbus Ave.
Write for particular and guides
til 441 til
THE SCHLITZ, European. 16th and Harney.
(it 7o
THE Dodge hotel, reopened, new m an a ge.
tiient; refurnished throughout; choicest
rooms at mnoerai price. American and
European plana, ii-i47 k
o:ei..nued i
MoTlaar aad tortna;.
EXPRFPf MEN"? Pelhery C-i . nrfire :n
N. iWb 8;., warehouse 7-9 irard Pt
loi -75!
T. L. Tel D MM.
Dr. Katheryn NHskoiaa 5 N. T. L Bldg.
li -Tin
! Printing. I
' BEFORE piscine -.our li1? alendar order'
don't fall t- sei' out imported line l.yng
! Ftad Jorve, jrinters 16lh and Cai'itoJ
I Ave. (B 7S)
j Fhonhand Reporter aad Notary. i
F. J SI"TCI.1FTE-If position.
Blog. Tel. Douglas Ptn.
F.2 Be
(ii 72
he It rpalrlnar.
wura. lfiltou Capiiul Ave Phone Red :H4.
FHOES repaired right, called for and de
livered fne. Standard Shoe Repair Co.,
1W4 Farnam St. Tel. Douglas ".'C7.
". i -7M
Aatcuta and Salesladiew.
LADY agents i'i ioa' $- per week
selling our great line of neeess'ties. no
s. viet'ie; partitu.ars free. Write us now.
Young. 1M Iieatborn St., I). 3 Ciieago.
(7 1 - H::hi, iix
Clerical and Office
phone who is
YOl'NG lady to answer
r.tti'Uiar wt-h city. .
S.eiio.. insurance xpei i.-nce. $. tin.
I'.Kpr.. must live in Council Blutls. Stie-ISei,"..
tall or write for a complete lis'
Suite 721 N. Y. Lile l'.ldg
BOOKKEEPER, must be A-l. J.'iO to Jiiej.
Stenographer and correspondent. Sail.
Saleswoman, experienced In jewetij, $12
per weca.
If v ou want a position, see u.
t7a-G77 Brandeis Bldg. i
(7 MtiJS U
W ANTED Girl for office work. Address
M G2. care Bee. e7 3ln
WANTED liKi salesgirls. Apply any time
alter 7;.'td a m. to T. I'. Ilinin mil s office,
mam floor, west. Brandeis si ore.
(7 1 MH01 7
WANTED Young man or lady, combina
tion bookkeeper and stenographer; some
experienie required Applv at once in
writing: telephone. Addiess N til'",
care Bete. i7i Mtil9 tix
Factory and Trades.
WANTED Experienced hlndery girl. Ap
ply between I'i and 12 a. m. Omaha Print
ing Co.. Si'4 Farnam. Oh-S
LADY SEWERS Profitable machine sew
ing at home; material furnished; prepaid
anywhere; S4 20 dozen. Particulars,
ptamped envelope. Wijson Ftpecialty Co.,
Dept. L'. LJ LaSalle St.. Chicago.
7 5 tix
WANTED Good tailoress. for waists and
coats. 2207 Farnam St. (7i M5P1 7
I.ADTES and girls can make big money at
heme during lieilhdays; experience un
tecessary; call forenoons. 2.'t"7 S lrrt ti.
7) ME 7x
Housekeepers aad Domestic.
WANTED Experienced cook; good wages.
Mr. Arthur C. Smith, 1203 Park Ave
GIRL or woman to help care for children.
Call 322Tj Wool worth Ave., Tel Harnev
S192. (7)-M403"
A GIRL for general hoi sework, two in
family. Apply 1111 Ge rgia Ave.
(7 1 MfT'9 6
MODERN. 2218 Chicago, one furnished or
unfurnished. liht housekeeping if desired.
'Phone Red KV7S. Gin M42 11
WANTED Good cook, with references fi32
S. 37th St. (7)-S4C 6
YOUNG country girl to work for room,
board and go to school 'Phone Webster
24a4. (7i-M42el 6
M I seel la a eo aa,
GOOD opening for lady who understands
hair dressing, municurlng and massage.
Call or address 1411 N. 2f.t.h St., Omaha
(7 1 M 403 8
ANY Intelligent person may earn good In
come corresponding for newspajM-rs; ex
perience unnecessary; ro canvassing.
Send for particular. Press Syndicate,
Box Ms. LockjKirt, N. Y. (7i
LADIES Good pay fin ribbon work, everv
where. Sample 2c. iRohinson. Middle
town, Conn. Box tilf. I. I. (7)
Agents, Solicitors aad halessaea.
AGENTS wanted for the most complete oil
gaa burner in the world; no wlck; no
smell, generate kei osene oil Into a fins
gas; it f:is any cook stove or range;
nothing like it; ohe-tiiird cheaper w.n
- coal or w
lliii and glu N. Y. Life Bidg.. Oman. Neu.
GOOD subscription soli, Hot wanted far
county seat weekly; go d proposition;
references required Audreag The Senti
nel, Onawa, la. 9i-M:fit5 7
A COMPETENT traveling salesman for
sont hern Netiraska: trade well e-stnb-listied.
Buckley Shirt and Underwear Co.,
Pt. ljouls Mo. Address or call E. T.
Millri. M Hard H' tel. timaha. Neh.
i9i M526 9x
MEN men of experience in selling men's
f urnisniriga. Thomas Kilpatrlck A. Co.
(9i Mi G
SALEiMEN warned to represent us. ex-perit-n.e
nt iiecest,arv. S".. t-i Iliti p-r month
arid expensei, or commission. Yale Cigar
Co.. Indianapolis, lnd. (9i Miiik 7x
WANTEIi Honest, energetic salesmen to
J uc-t to tiotels. restaurant. farmers,
ranchers and other iaig. eiiisnmers; ex
perlence .unnecessary; we leach you the
business; exclusive territory. Our goods
are guaranteed full weight, full measure
and in everv way meet the requirements
of all pure focid laws. Exceptional eipour
tuntty. Write today for part euiars. John
Sxton & Co.. Wholesale Grocers Lake
and Franklin Sts.. Chicago. (Pi Mi.71 Gx
AGENTS To hanale new patented modern
window washer: big se'ler; good profits;
exclusive territory. Write outck for nar
t'eulars Chicago Co-Operative Com
pany, 1M DeartKirn Pt , Clncairo.
(9 1 Ma7iO Gx
JUST OUT T.ow priced S-lh. mop: turn
cratik to wrlne: cle.-.n hands; w omn all
btiv: IVt per cent r.rnfii ; cats Uigue f r-e. U
S. MOP CO., 19u Main Pt.. St. L--ps,c. O,
(9i 4-4 Gx
SAIj-M'.Y arid commission to experienced
specialty salesman: Hi t-i f i'H per week
w holesaling onlv pump eniislizers to can
aasse r and ferme- in Nebraska. Kan
sas. Iowa and Daioia: your pav- firs,
outfit fomlshcd: references end txind re
tn ulred. Equalizer Mfg Co., !4 Be Bldg.,
Cm-.aha. (9i Mir 7x
ATTF3NT10N Agents "Empire" Incan
descent kerosene lainos snd burners,
make big money for all who sell tliem:
guaranteed li-os-d!epower Wrlie now
for term and prices Empire Supply
Company. Sidney. N. Y. e H. 47.", Gx
AGENTS Make IT 03. oft per month selling
wonderful . If-sharnenlng. pne-neted scla
'.rs and cutlery. V. F Giebner aold 2.
pairs tri S hours, made S18; you can do H:
we I'law how: free outfit TTioma
vianufacttirlng Coen.pany. tJ4 Fourth St.,
Iay1on,- O. (9476 6x
Ageat and 'alnmri-C oat la Bed.
W ANTPD-ExP' M. ni-d
nccjsioived i, cHllnig
f h 1 s ore 1'ade lo n
l;ne propriciHry no die
e.'ialtv siilesman
n drnc and geii
eil aoxertised
for' large eon
i-irr m this line
must ha e i p
or be goeii specm 1 1 aMnn!l; good
povi ,in'i , sh la r and
experience, territory tt
ences corv'Spondence
iksi. Chicago.
I'll ;
a el d and ret et - i
coninb'ti: .al Box ,
ijn-IMl x
i AGENT W A NTFI ' Sa In ry nn1 i ommls
) sion; sinieii'ing ont'rely nev. f r the holi-
das r.tnorv s. King Tlieater Bl is
I I1H-M..7.". I.
WANTED AGENTS legitimate substitute
for slot muciiines. patent -o: sel'.s on
sight for 1. Piirtlculars C.1SI1A COM
PANY. Anderson, lnd. iMi 7 Rx
1 AGENTS earn fir. to .' weikly selling new
! s"les Merry Widow wslst pat.erns.
! Mexjeau and Sw iss i mht oidered waisls.
j Catalogue fre . Na"ional lmpsrtlng Co.,
lesk D, em Broadway New York
I Mi sx
LET I S be your factory, if you have any
thing you want ninnufaeiureil. send it
for estimate. We manufacture special
machinery and no cities for others, also
make metsl patterns, dies and tools
Smith A Baxter Co.. 1U West Fifth.
Cincinnati, o. (Hi 4:n. tlx
! SALESMAN to handle up-to-date lite- of
pos. cards: g-ent sellers and very prol li
able; llbt-al commissions paid promptly,
lai g- st pos: car-d house in. the west.
Arthur Capper. Topeka.. Kan. si
rich; Korstari s sales $j.Jei two weeks;
S.oneman. H.i-i monttil.v. hunlr.-ds hot
aging Wi weekly, expeiieme- u nnecessary ;
i New field; .Vi.'ieiei already sold nvilllotis
! needed: exciting business. Allen's- Appar-
I stus gives every tionu a batnroom for
t'.. ( water: cleanses almost au-
lomaiicallv. Allen Mfg. Co.. 2-il2 Adams.
Toledo. O. (lei 4!l! Kx
SALESMEN make r.nei per cent ptorit sell
ing our holiday specialties to merchants;
enormous dema-'i for them: no experi
ence required, catalogue tree Sullivan Co..
4(6 W. Van Buren St.. Chicago. Ill
(to ."ml fix
STOCK BROKER or salesman wanted to
se ll our quick selling stock, (patent medi .1b-ral terms. Address. President.
United Stales Chemical Corporation. 74
Koylstoti St.. Boslon. Mass. (Hi iiifc 6x
SALESMEN WANTED A-l salesmen for
city of Omaha and vicinity. lo handle
So-jder s (iuaranteed Hoof-O-Iine. Souder
Ar o.. Kokomo. lnd. (9i 477 tlx
WA NTEI Thorough salesmen covering
retail trade; till sections of United Slates;
to sell our exclusive copy-rig hted advertis
ing fans as side line. Live men make $2ti
to Salt per w '-k entl-e fan se-ason. Samples
very compeet and light Every merchant
a possible customer. Best selling line
made. The Kemper Thomas Co.. Cincin
nati, Ohio. (9i 4a9 fix
AG t'NT WANTED Slary end commis
sion: something entirely new for the holi
days. Emory's. Krug Tlieater Ride
(7j Mi.76 6
WE PAY S36 A WEEK and expenses to
men with rigs to introduce poultry com
pound; years contract. Imperial Mfg.
Co., D-78, Parson. Kan. (9
FTOVTNK Wonderful new stove blacking
that will never burn off; sells nt every
home-. Agents make 1120 monthly. Write
t'day. Hay den-Grif fdi Companv, Toledo,
O. (9i4l (ix
I WANT a fi'st-clRss article, or line, to
sell on commission. Address D Til care
Bee. (9 M577 t.x
AGENTS Either sex; e-xperlenoe unneces
sary; a new musical instrument; nevy on
the market before; selling like hotcakes;
lug profits. Write quick and lie first in
your lotNilltv. H. B. Daigger Company.
909 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, (ill 4eJ0 t'.x
WANTED To employ a Catholic gentle
man as local representative; we require
a )erson of energy and ability for the
position: salary S1K jcr week. Write at
once for particulars. The Hoey Publish
ing Company, 2d leearborn St.. Cxiengo,
111. (9 1 44e; Gx
S9a A MONTH. $;o expense allowance at
start, to put out me-reiiandise ajid grocery
catalogues; mall ordr house. Amerlcsn
Home Supply Company. Desk 21. Chicago,
111. (91 4W bx
A GOOD business man can earn S".a"H per
year handling our formaldehyde disin
fector. References required that will b'-sr
the strictest Investigation. Exclusive ter
ritory given. Formacorie Companv, n'l
Church St.. New York. (9 459 fix
W'AN'TEti Salesmen ; experienced premium
men; no otlirt-s need apply: something
new for 1909 Patent
Fulton. 111. Box 106.
Novelty Oomna.ny,
(9I-4T.1 6x
A WELL known .lobbing house desires to
negotiate with ten Al salesmen for 1909
contract: must be producers; state fully
nature of present emplovmerit. Address.
B. Griem, Schiller Bldg., Chicago.
(9 1 4. X
AGENTS coin money with the new "No
Match" Inverted Gas Lamp: Immense de
mand: great seller; la'tre profits; exclu
sive territorv. "No Match" Lamp Co..
Chicago. 9 4Mi fix
S3 A WEEK and expenses to men with r g
to Introduce noultrv compound. Grant
Co.. Dept. 87. Springfield. 111. ifb-447 6x
PlNO salesman. Man to tak - chame of
department. A good p'-op.silion for a
live mati Best town in s-utte-rn Ne-t,
Ada ess C. F Fte-'e F"-i Co .
Fairr ut v. N' b. (9i M197 tlx
AGENT wanted In everv town for our
beautiful V"- cardi-: s-.-r-d 27-- and iret 2r
Christe.ft c-ards t I h 1 w II set f(,r e to
your friende; ni iriev teick if not satisfied
Ttiiffmsn Gen'l Puto'Iv House Mfcrs..
Wholesalers and Retailers. Y'or't. Neb.
(! MC4 fir
t 1. thoroughly reliable, honest r presenta-
Tlve to mi-enaae big paving proposition:
permanent ; ambHIoup man clears over
flme weeklv and rirofits from men under
him: excellent future: references wth
BTinlie&tioJi Address K e'37. csre OTmha
Bee. '91 f.SK x
OUR AGENTS mat e from n tvi-e to SS.deifi
per y ear. Onp-'rt unit v to establish per-thhui--1
paying neency m v our eommuri-
Ifv. No cat-' Hl i-e-i-'tt-e-fl p-rTterlerice ll'i-
reecessa ry ""rite for oh -! iculars. Great
Wei rn A -e Ident assoc-lati in. D--s Moines.
Iowa. (9i
TRAVELING MEN with grit . no dead ones,
for greatest line of calendars atid adver
tising novel: es ver put out. M-tny new
features. A'-t quii-k. Now making con-trac-s
for 1" 9 Spotswood Bpecial; v Co..
Lerngton. Ky. (9i-4Ht fix
WANfFD Fvoe'-fi-nce csn.vv salesmen;
no Tioi-i'-M re'.d ar-'-ti-: a'1 -orresniiid
ence confidential Address 1 sxi Tve
(9i M4'S 12t
fl EVAN-" vn wish to connect w-o
Vjtt mot nr-gress've. rirosperous calenda'
snd advertHine icvettw house where eonri
se-rcices count r reromorion. addree
J hn Bbumiifh Co., Chicago w'M;
reference. (9i ft 4 fi
fAl F!vtttV w VTKI v Tw rne-ncb -exnerie-fired
speclalte tiaee's p-i-ferr.-d
stsnle, well kn'.WTi. fat sell'nc !me: ter
riforv ar"ST'ed fo oi't f.- n-,, ner y.-ar
FianVI n Pr ce Co.. Iowa City, 'a
('-ZV, fx
W ANTFTtp.eiie'ile lo al salesman H"h'
knowlee're of .ookk e ' in- reo'ii'-ed : hie
roon v- for husl'-r. rld Reliable C i. 4"C
Emp're Bidg.. Denver. c,i,,. (9. r.'fii,x
CAPABI F salesman t,, rover Nebraska
w"h staple line: Viieh conmi sons, with
SliTI mi-nHilv advance . peimsnenT posi
tion to rxrht man. .less II Smith Co.
Tv-troit. Mich. (M V'fx-
SPECIALTY salesmen In innorimiwl i. rt-i-tf.ry;
em-lusiv-e or side line: nt hers earn
ST, to STL s week easl'v. Write for par
ticular. Kelly Mfg. Co.. St I.uis
(9i-r?-. f,
AGENTS Most extractive propositions: nui
self-generafng gas burners for kero.-n
lamns; brilliant gas llrht; pleeral inriuee--menls-
desert"! ii n free. EaaTern Gat
light Co- a Broadway. New York
(i-6i ex
WANTED A roi.l genu. tie s-ilesm.ui. a man
woo tin.- woiii.y ami who will w oi'K lot
us as ;,aid and conscn tittonsiy as iie
Would loi- hliuseir, lo represent us ex
clusively m Nebraska and tin Black Htl.s,
not inciu.iiiig (imiitia and South cimaha.
W'e tune a large, well km wn and m
coty way t.rst class lino ot ('alendaTH.
Advert. sing Spevialiies and 1 fluggis: s'
IIm is and boxes and our line is so ai
irai'tiie a:ul al led that i acli and every
business In every town m the countiv.
wllhcuil rig. ltd to size call lie successfully
solicited our goods ate verv attractive,
but no more so ii.n out- reasonable
prices and we know from the , xiwrienoe.
of others who have been and are imw ir
our enploy. than any bright hustling mar
who has g iod averac- ati'lity and i
willing to work, can make with us frcirr
.' to fit) per we.K Must he ready ic
e-oiiiuniu-e woi k 4 Ccmmissloni
litieT-al. fur company was orKsntsed it
ISV;' We MT" Capitalized for $Jl.tljl. W I
state tins simply to show that we arr
responsible and mean business If you do,
it will pay you to write. Sales Manager.
Merc-hams Publishing Co., Kalamazoo,
Ma-ti. Ene-lnse this lidv ert iseoient Willi
y our "application. (Hi 4s" dx
SALESMEN WANTED-lliinilrods of good
oTieniT'iis 'e have mo?" ealls tor our
gradual es than we rati fill. W e w ilt 1oh h
you tit tie a salesman m eiKhi we-ks by
mall and assist you lo seeure a position
Willi a relianle fom. eurs Is tin1 most
li irt 1 1 v endorsed Hnd practical course ol
salesmanship in tiie world If in want
to earn from SI.2IH to SI ei.eusi a year and
y chit exrieiises our I'ree Book. "A Knight
of the eirip." will siiow you how. W i itr
(or call i for it today. Address nearest
ot f ici . Iepi. M.';. National Kalesmana
Tiaming Association, ('htengo. New- Yoik
Kansas Oty. San l'Arnncisco, M mneHpnl'
tin A'.ii tix
WANTI-'.D r?;periem-'d. e'lercetir. sc
fn-sive salesmen to sill old established
line of proprieiarv Medicines in NehraskH.
A-l proposition, Kis ogden Ave. CIiIcsbo.
(Pi-a21 li
SA1.ESM EN-Experienced In any line to
si li iieTieral trade in Nebraska An tin-e-xi-elied
specialtv propos't em. Commis
sions wltii Sf weekly advanced for ex
pense The Continental Jewelry Co.,
Cleveland. Ohio. !i i20 6x
AGENTS New invent Ion : never before
sold in your territory ; coin money. Auto
matic iiame lasletie-r; -horse owners wild
about them; sells on sight. Any person
getting territory will make fortune.
Free sample tu workers. Wriic at once
Automatic Fastener Co., D721. I'lm-innaii,
Ohio. (Hi 494 (ix
AGENTS for latest high claws Home
Amusement. "Write quick for Territory.
Jlti daily. 'hromo-Soopi- Amusement
Co., Utl La Salic iL, Chh-aco
(9) f.19 'ix
AGENTS to handle biggest money-making
Fire Extinguishers. Special starting
offer; exclusive lerritorv ; S7F. to S-'i'O p i
month. Badger Chemical Mfg. Co.. Mil
waukee. Wis. (Pi
AGENTS SlWt per month easily made sell.
Ing my new patent floor mop; sells like
wildfire. II you want a rrackerjack ar
ticle write to E. Hilker, 371 Grand Ave..
Chicago. (9i
WANTED F.nertretlr man to travel In Ne
braska; experience unnecessary ; good pa y
and tailor-made suit of dot ties free In 90
days Write f,,r particulars. J F- Mi
Brady cV- Co., Chicago. (9i 474 6x
: AeiENTS Sltii a week, exiK.nset paid: no
1 experience r- quired ; plioto pillow teps,
; SOc; enlarged iortruits. frame-, lowest
i priees: free samples: catalogue. Dept. 7K.
Bitter Art Studio, Chicago, J 11.
(9 1 C7 Cx
LIVE men handle greatest magazine club
bing offers. Four magazine XI; Mn- com
mission. M. B. Ramsey, Lexington. Ky.
(Ml 449 Gx
AGENTS-Fortune maker: Wonderful Self
Working Washer: does the washing bv
itself; runs automat icully by water weirk
pressure: saves all tiie hard work (if wali
day: new- invention; sales tin precedent ed;
agents wanted who can handle high-oias
proposition; exclusive territorv ; So to
$4nti per month. Tin- Eagle- Tool Co.. Sole
Mtgrs., sxv. Cliiclnnati. O
(9i 4.'.2 6x
WANTED Agents make Jli, to S-Ti weekly
with our f. fast sellers. Write for Illus
trated e-atalotue and terms. Mie-iiael Ar
Co.. 4ii La Salle St.. Chicago. (9i 44K tix
SALESMAN wanted for highest class, most
complete Hne calendars, combination bank
books le-ather gHiods and aluminum ad
vert sing goods tin tiie market ; excep
tional contract. Economy AdverUsing
Co.. Iowa City. la. : 44i 6x
AGENTS S3't every month s n-- selling
our wonderful eight-ple-ee kilc-hen s t;
send for sworn statement of S12 da'lv
profit: outfit free. Thomas Mfg. Co, 64
Jefferson St., Dayton. O. (9i 479 fix
CREW managers, we have absolutely new
specialty; clears S20 weekly on eaoh msn ;
crew organizing instructions: exclusive
territory; tree information: sample for
stamp; sales guaranteed. 616-6" Wabash,
Chicago. (! 4So 6x
AGENTS We give free silk kimonos, py
jamas, stockings. so.. revolvers and Jew-e-lrv.
tie.ildes large profit ; beautiful cut
and particulars free. Chinese Importa
tion Co.. Indianapolis, lnd. (9i 4R2 6x
CALENDAR salesmen, experienced 'n the
sale cif advertising calendars: large line,
best selling styles. tmport"d and domes
tic: new line for 1910. re-ad v January 1.
IV: deal with main office direct, no
middleme-n. Address wtth references.
Aug Gasi Rank-Note and Lithographing
Co.. Ft Louis, Mo. (Hi 490 fix
WANTEIs-Exncrienced salesmen for 1909
to sell i-falendar and noyeit-es n everv
state: als whins in Neb-aska. Colnrsdn
Kansas arid fiklahoma. Lincoln Novell v
Advertising Co. 12"9 N St.. Llrn-oln. Neb
e e i 50g fix
WANTED Ten specialtv salesmen for per
manent place; staple line with atiract've
advertising; want high grade men able
to earn S3 IWi annually or better. Address
B J , P O. Box 470, Kansas "1tv Mo.
(9 1 MS 6r
THREE first class siiesmen, city, 9 o'clock
Monday, 414 Bee Bldg. ' (9i K7 t
Clerical aad Offlca.
Rate clerk to handle dlve-sions. SflS.
Two., stenos . for wholesale bouse. 4-StT"
Iio'-kkeeiier, Council Bluffs man preferred.
Bkpr. and steno for country bank, must
speak and write German, S40.
n.-ik. fanriliar with stationery line. ITS,
Furniture and carpet salesman. S20.
Four salesmen for gen. mdse. stock, dif
ferent cities
10 salesmen who can handle soap rneclal
tes sabu"v. gnus-S-uo; teimtory, Airt,.
Mexico. Calif.. Kansas. St. I'aul, Duluth,
Iowa, Northe-rn Mo., Kanaas and Colo
rado. AKo other different lines for salesmen of
Cali or write for a complete list,
Suite 721 N. Y. Life Bidg. '
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IMMEDIATE consideration:
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Stenographer, ra-lroad experience, S.i.
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s.-,. us We wnni men in tic- following
lines: Groceries, soaps, meats, harness,
coal, pianos, etc.
We gel li, e OPENINGS. A call will con
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