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Supreme Court Decides Disputed
Point of Law.
Opinion of Vital Intrrral In I.nraer
Contl of Nebraska Dr. Wal
ker's t.lrense Hemalns
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dee. 6. (Special.) County
judges who have collected fees for per
forming marriage ceremonies prior to the
enactment of the present law relating to
county Judges' fees are not responsible to
the county for these fees. County Judges
who have made efforts to collect fees and
have failed cannot he held responsible by
the county.
The above the supreme court decided this
morning, when It handed down Its decision
In the case wherein Douglas county sued
Duncan M. V'lnwinhaler for fees collected
by him for performing marriage ceremonies
whlio county Jddge. The court ordered the
case reversed and dismissed.
In the lower court the Judgment was ren
dered against Vlnsonhaler for 16,862.112,
money he had collected for performing
marriage ceremonies. Both parties ap
pealed. The decision was written by Com
missioner Calkins. The syllabus l as fol
lows: 1. Where an action Is brought against a
county Judge und his surety for a failure to
report fce In excess of th amount allowed
him an compensation, earned but not col
lected, It must appear that he willingly
omitted to charge the prescribed fee with
Intent to evade the provisions' of the act of
177 (Laws of 1S77, p:ige 215), or negligently
omitted to collect such fees, or In taking
security therefor, negligently failed to re
quire sufficient surely.
2. The powers given by section 8 of chap
ter 2, compiled statutes, to Judges und
clergymen to perform the marriage cere
mony In this state Is permissive, and not
mandatory, except as to such officers as
are given fees for tlio performance of such
cei emon v.
3 The' provisions of section 8 of chapter
M. comniled statutes, giving the county
Ju1ge for any service performed by him In
any mutter within the Jurisdiction of a
Justice of the peaco, tho same fees as
allowed by law to the Justice of the peace
for like services, are limited to thoso cases
in which the county Judge derives his
powers to perfo1. m the service solely from
the grant to him of the ordinary powers
and Jurisdiction of a Justice of the peace.
It does not give him the right to charge
a fee for marriage ceremonies, because the
power to perform such ceremonies Is not
derived from such grunt of the ordinary
powers and Jurisdiction of a Justice of the
4. Where the meaning of a statute Is
doubtful, long usage. Is a Just medium by
which to expound it, and the fact that the
officers whose duty It was to enforce the
act of 1877 have for many years construed
it eo as not to require a county Judge to
report fees received for performing mar
ttnge ceismonies, may properly be con
sidered In construing a statute by which It
Is claimed the right to such fees was given.
Mathews License Revoked.
Dr. J. E. Mathews of Omaha whose
license to practice medicine was revoked
by the State Hoard of Health, secured no
relief to his appeal to the supreme court.
The supremo court affirmed the decision
of the district court, which upheld the
action of the Board of Health. Dr.
Mathews wa charged with' having per
formed an Illegal operation on Miss Edith
Shert, a nurse at ono time employed at
Oreen Gables, Lincoln, who later died. The
court helds tho evidence before the board
was sufficient to Justify Its action,
t'opoe Goes to "Pen."
Judge P. Copoe, sentenced to the peni
tentiary from Nemaha "county, on the
charge of larceny as' bailee, will have to
serve his term, the supreme court having
affirmed the decision of the lower court.
Copoe was employed as a carpenter to
fix i a house, whose former owner, de
ceased, had been a miser. Copoe found
money on the premises and turned It over
to the administrator of the estate. On
two other occasions he found various
sums, and on the third occasion he fell.
The money was spent and he was arrested
and convicted. This Is the second time the
case has been before the court.
Derision Against Sprecher.
In the llhel suit of George W. Wertx,
against John C Sprecher of Schuyler,
which the supreme court reversed after
the lower court found for Sprecher, the
higher court holds: "The truth alono Is
not ample defense In a civil action for
libel, but If the defendant Justifies, he
must further allege and prove that he pub
lished the alleged defamatory with good
notlves and for Justifiable ends." Sprecher
published a story to the effect that Wertx,
us county attorney of Colfax county
Bad Breath and
Sour Stomach
Slopped At Onto With Ture Willow
t'linrcoa!, the Greatest
AhsorlnT Known.
Th re Is no necessity to suffer the
humiliation, chagrin and discomfort of
bad brer ih, bllluusness, sour stomach,
gastritis, sluggish liver, etc., when a lit
tle lozenge, of charcoal will cleanse the
stomach and make it pure and sweet.
Don't drug yourself when a simple lit
tle natural charcoal made from fragrant
willow branches, sweetened with honey,
will udd tone to your stomach, liver and
latestlnes, rapidly absorbe gases and stop
foul odors of all kinds.
Charcoal will absorb one hundred times
Its own volume In gas. A box full of
charcoal placed In a bed room will keep
the air of such a room pure and sweet.
A little charcoal hzenge dissolved on
the longuo after meals will also keep the
stomach fresh and clean. Charcoal Is
Juf-tiy called the scrubbing brush of the
stomach. The old monks of medieval
times cured bad cases of stomach trouble,
cast out devils from the system of man
by feeding such a man churcoal.
Scientific men of today believe In the
great strength of churcoal for the cure of
human tils. Too much uf It cannot haim
one. The system craves It Just like an
animal needs and craves suit every so
often;' Charcoal . goes Into the stomach
gently und Is welcome, it settles down
through tho action of the stomach, and
filters through all the food, absorbing
gas. aiding digestion and giving tone to
the Juices, so that when the food goes
into the Intestines, and there meet other
digestive fluid, the charcoal holds the
Impurities and thus keeps them from
the blood.
Stuart's Charcoal lozenges are made
from pure willow. They are prepared
fragrant by the use of honey and sweet
ened so tlicy please the taste and ure
easily dissolved.
They have an enormous sale, thus
stamping them with the appruvnl of the
public. Every druggist Sells them, t'5
cents per box. Go to your druggWt today
and buy a box; then after your next meal
take two or three of them and Judgo for
yourself of their merit.
Several taken at bed time will prove
to you In the morning that they have
oeen at work all night, for your bad
breath will not be so bad after all.
Kunrf 1 1 Vdl 1 r m vu .44....
. . 11-1 1- kiiu ftuuirii aim
' . 1.111 km.4 .'nil B ...... I. - k... Jt
W ' - J " m iiibi . . HID U ) 111 K 1 1
free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., iOO Stuart
Bid". Marshall, Mice
and his brother, another lawyer, got to
gether and made compromises which wtk,
endorsed to the county board. Sprecher
made no appearance In the supreme court.
It nth tiels Aerdlct.
In the ose of Gordon A. Kith by his n t
best friend August A. Huth nga.ns: the
city of Omaha, tho supreme court afllrmtd
tlio decision of the lower court, which
found for the plaintiff. The plaintiff was
Injured on a defective sidewalk and at
the trial of the case it was brought out
that due notice had been served on the
city that the wnlk wng defective. Tl.o city
attacked this notice. The court, however,
held It was sufficient.
Turner (iets n Telephone.
Unit Turner may have the Buffalo
County Telephone company Install a tele
phone In his house providing he pays W
In advance for six months services ami
then conduct himself In a proper manner
In tho use of the telephone. Tuner's
telephone got out of repnlr nnd it was
sent to Kearney to be fixed. One day
when In town he was given the Instru
ment and took It home and connected It
with the wires. He demanded 13 of the
company and a rebate of 25 cents for the
week the Instrument wns out of commis
sion. The company refused to pay and
after another attempt was made to fix
up the matter the telephone was discon
nected by the company. Then Turner
sought an Injunction to prevent the com
pany from Interfering with the telephone.
Ho lost out In both courts. It was charged
by the company that Turner would yell
and sing Into the 'phone when others were
trying to talk over the wire, but the court
holds there was no evidence to tills effect.
The court holds It Is proper to charge six
months rent In advance.
Large Attendance Kxpccted at Hust
ings Meeting:.
HASTINGS, Neb.. Dec. 5. (Special.)
The fourteenth annual convention of the
State Association of County Commission
ers. Supervisors and County Clerks, which
will be held in this city next Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, Is expected to
he the most largely attended gathering
In the history of the organization. As
surances have been received that at least
200 officials will be here and upwards of
100 more are expected.
This program has been prepared:
Tuesday. December 8. 2 O'clock P. M.
Hon. C. J. Miles, mayor of Hastings. Re
sponse, J. M. Weldon of Wood RIer,
president of the Commissioners' and Su
pervisors' association. Report of i lfl
cers and committees. Appointment of
officers and committees.
Wednesday, December 9, 10 O'clock A.
M. "Needed Legislation of Interest to
County Boards," State Senator G. W.
Tihbets, Hastings; discussion led by
John Snider, countv attorney Hastings;
M. A. Hartlgan, Hastings; H. It. Hortli,
Grand Island. "County Pest Houses and
the Care of Epidemic Diseases," Dr. E.
A. Weir, county physician, Hastings.
Wednesday, December U. 2 O'clock P.
M. "The Equalization Board." P. J. Ken
nedy, supervisor, York county; general
discussion. "Care and Management of
tho County Poor Farm," Kd Williams,
supervisor. Hall county. "Koad Drags
and Their I'se." Dr. W. B. Kern, fciiper
intendent Nebraska Asylum for the In
sane, Ingleslde; general discussion. "The
Most Economical, Practical and Durable
Bridge for the Counties to Build,'' W. S.
Ash ton, Otoe county; general discussion.
Wednesday, December 9, 8 O'Clock P.
M. The supervisors and commissioners,
with their wives and sweethearts, will
be entertained at the Kerr Opera house
at the "Devil's Auction," which will be
followed by a banquet at the Bostwlck
Thursday, December 10,10 O'clock A.
M. "The County Board," W. F. Button,
county Judge. Adams county. "Handling
the Commissioners' Proceedings." George
E. Mlzen, county clerk, Adams county.
"For the Good of the Cause," C. O. Ryan,
Grand Island. Election of officers. Ap
pointment of permanent committees. Se
lection of next place of meeting.
Thursday, December 10, 8 O'clock P. M
vThere will he an automobile ride abt.
the city of Hastings, which will incltuiu
a visit to the Nebraska Hospital for the
Insane at Ingleslde.
As an example of the fuii.thet is In
store for the delegates, prizes will be
awarded to the:
Heaviest supervisor or commissioner.
Lightest supervisor or commissioner.
Best looking supervisor or commis
sioner. Homeliest supervisor or commissioner.
Tallest supervisor or commissioner.
Shortest supervisor or commissioner.
Oldest supervisor or commissioner.
Youngest supervisor or commissioner.
Supervisor coming the greatest distance.
Most supervisors from one county.
The handsomest county clerk present
will receive a handsome prize, likewise
the homeliest county clerk will receive a
homely prize. '
The saving clause of the visitors Is
the Inexorable rule barring Adams county
from all contests.
President Weldon of Wood River, Sec
retary Hill of Hastings and Treasurer
Ttralnor, South Omaha, will be early on
the ground and will establish headquar
ters at the Bostwlck hotel.
Farmers' Institute Closes.
TECl'MSEH, Neb., Doc. 6. (Special.)
Tho last day of the Johnson County
Farmers' Institute was filled with Inter
est and the crowd was the largest of the
session. This morning the principal thing
on the program was a discussion of the
subject, "Small Against Large Shovels for
the Cultivation of Corn," by the members
of the audience, the same being led by
Sccietary C. V. Douglas. There wns a dif
ference of opinion in the matter. Follow
ing a corn song by pupils of the second
grade of the Tecumseh schools this after
noon, Miss Viva Sandusky of St. Mary
gave a recitation. The afternoon and
evening piogram was under the direction
of the s hool chUdrcn of the county. Piof.
F. M. Gregg of the Peru Normal school
gave an t .liess on "Agriculture for the
Rural Schools," and Miss Edith Miller of
Sterling gave a vocal solo. Robert David
son of Tocumseh favored with a vocal solo
and Superintendent Gem-go D. Carrlnylon
of the Nemaha county schools gave a t:ilk
along educational lines, which was very
Interesting. The Tecumseh High school
orchestra favorrd with music this evening.
Miss Minnie B.ierstetta recited and Prof.
Greggs gave an illustrated lecture on
"Landscape and S: hool Gardening."
Manner of Death In Doubt.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Dec. 6.-(Spe-c
I :1.) Coroner Sutherland called a Jury in
the case of the death of E. R. Rickey,
whose remains were found In the I nion
Paciflo yards yesterday morning. It was
later found that the man had come to this
city from Iowa on truin No. . 5 the same
day; had called on a lady friend during
the evening, and was in good spirits over
having obtained a position at Cozad. He
was seen at 4:10 o'clock in the morning, In
the yards near the place at which his re
mains wero found, and there had Inquired
of a company employe when train No. 11
left. It Is believed that In some manner
unknown this train ran over him as he
was attempting to board It. The Jury was
unable to ascertain the exact manner of
death and found a verdict that he had
come to his death, attributing negligence
to no one. Word has been received from
the parents at Joy, 111., asking that the re
mains be held until the father could como,
which will probably bo late today.
Kalrn Applies for Pardon.
BEATRICE. Neb., Dec. 3 -tSp.-cial.i
M. F. Kalrn. who is serving a three-year
sentence in the stato penitentiary for de
fiaudlng the Barneston Horse company by
a bogus pedigree, has applied to the gov
ernor for a pardon, and the case has been
set for hearing by the governor on De
cember 28. Kairn, whose home Is at
Clurlnda, la., came to Birmston and
represented he had a valuable stallion,
which he would sell at a fancy price. The
Barneston people formed a conn any, to'.'k
rvRMSHr.RS or HOTELS, clubs, restaurants as well as private homes
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tlio hcnsn and the ppdlnreo and paid the
fancy prlre. Tliry soon learned that tho
hoist, wan not a leillgret'd animal, and
Kairn's arrest followed. He was convicted
of obtaining money under false pr'tense
and Bciiteiiced for three years. At the time
of the trial tlio authorities did not believe
Kalrn was the real culprit, but the man
did not testify agaJnat lila ymployer, C. H.
IMxnn, and took his senttmre. The trial
Judge, YV. II., County Attorney
M. W. Terry and others have recommended
to Governor Sheldon that executive
clemency he extended to the convicted
man. Kalrn Is nearly 50 years of age and
has a wife and three children living at
be taken to stamp out crime In every form
and the grand Jury Is the best means of
getting to the bottom at once. The result
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Whittles?? In Harton's Place.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Dec. 5. (Spe
cial.) V. C. Whittlesey has been appointed
as grand recorder ot the Ancient Order
I'nited Workmen to fill the vacancy caused
by ths resignation of 8. It. Uarton, who
has been elected V auditor of state, the
resignation to take effect January 1. It Is
expected that he will be a candidate for
election at tho next biennial grand lodge
session to be held In May. He has for
many years been a chief clerk in the grand
recorder's office. It was rumored during
the campaign that A. Galusha. ex-secretary
of state, would succeed to this posi
tion, but there appears to have been no
foundation for the rumor.
(rand Jury for Bos Botte.
ALLIANCE. Neb.. Dec. B. (Spot lal.)
retitlon for and against the securing of
u grand Jury for this county to look Into
the reported laxity of the "soft drink
parlors" and various other offenders of
the law, are being circulated throughout
the city and county today. The one side
opposed for the great expense it will entail.
and the belief that the local officers and
the usual terms of district court can cope
with the alleged .criminality. Those In
favor belke that drastic measures should
I'nrk Injunction Dlamlssed.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Dec. B. (Special Tele,
gram.) The temporary injunction grantuU
.1 few days ago to Mrs. B. H. Wilber
against the city council and the board of
commissioners apiminted to appraises her
property for city purk purposes, was dis
solved today by Judtge Pomherton, who
found In favor of the city. The case will
probably be carried to tho supremo court.
Know at Ilea I rice.
BEATRICE. Nob.. Dec. 5.-(Speclal Tele
gramsA heay rain bepnn falling In tills
section today turning to snow this evening,
which covers the ground.
government not being ready for trial the
case was continued to December 15. In de
fault of bond Kelley was taken to Lincoln
and placed in Jail by Deputy United States
Marshal llenfel.
Denies Mraltnic Mall Poach.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) William Kelley, charged with steal
ing a mail pouch at Grand Island, was ar
raigned beforo I'ntted States Commissioner
Cobbey today and pleaded notguilty. The
A Wise
and cream. It nourishes
brain and body.
"There's a Reason."
rlimka n Notes.
' KALLS CITY About thirty of Rlchard
inn county's farmers (spent this week In
ami mar Canyon City, Tex., In search of
homes and Investments.
l'LAT'l'SMOl'TH The Missouri Pacific
depot in tills city Is now being furnished
with UkIUh i:iui fires, and a room has been
prepared for the accommodation of the
PLATTSMOl'TII-The funeral services of
the late Mrs. Jaron Schneider at Cedar
Creek were largely attended today,' the
semion being by Hev. J. II. Balsbury of
this city.
PLATTSMOI'TM A humorous cantata,
entiled "Tile Hares' Christmas." will
he given in the hlii school building by
tin- Mmleiits of tlie Central building Just
bcf jre tlie lnl!davs.
FALLS CITY Frank Oraves of Rulo was
brnuHht to this city this week and taken
before the 'insanity board, by which he
was Indeed 'insane. He has been takeu
to the asylum at Lincoln.
PLATTSMOl'TII-The C:is County Teach
ers' uK.socUittnii held a meeting in the First
Methodist Eplscoi al church in Weeping
Water torl:iv. under the leadership of Mis
Mary E. Foster, county superintendent of
public instruction.
FALLS CITY A new s?cret order, the
Daughters of Isabella, an auxiliary to the
Knights of Columbus, has recently been
organized here. The order has now a
membership oi fifty, with a long list of
candidates for admission.
1'ONi "A Judge Graves considered the ver
dict of the J'iry In the case of liquor selllnR
without a license in Wakefield, and fined
A. C. Pratt I I'D and costs John Conrad
left the county and caused the forfeiture
of his bond In case of the gamblers taken
In the recent drawing of the net.
AINSWOKTH A few of the manv
friends of A. J. Warrick assisted him In
celebrating bis Ttith birthday. His son.
f'liarles. of Kansas City, Mo., has Just re
turned home for (he occasion and to aid
his father In dlsooslns; of his property,
either by sale or lease for a term of years.
FALLS CtTY-The Royal Highlanders
elected their officers this week for the fol
lowing year. They are: . P.. Fred Brecht;
( C, Grant Windle; W. E.. Mrs. Kate
Wylie; warden, Mrs. Everett 8. jit; sentry,
Stanley Stump; secretary, W. K. Knight;
treasurer, Nellie Downs; manager, ('. I'ire
baugh. AINSWOKTH Tlie Grand Army post
met this afternoon In J. f. Tolevor s office
to elect new officers, and as there ere so
few old soldiers here only six members
were present. It was ordered that tlie post
here be dissolved and that the charter be
sent In to headquarters. A new association
was organized to look after all old soldiers
anil their families and to attend to the
duties of Decoration day, and meet on
April T) each year to elect new officers.
They elected the following officers for the
ensuing year: Chairman, C. W. potter;
recretarv-t reasurer. C. F. Barnes.
AINSWORTH-Isalah Fowler of Alns
worth died December 1 and was. burled
December 3 In tlie Ainsworth cemetery. He
was born In Ohio August Pi, ism, und en
listed In iMi'J In Company F, Nliiely-elgbto
Ohio volunteer Infantry: and moved to.
Ainsworth In 1XK3. and remained here until
his death. He leaves a wife, two sons and
one daughter. Hev. Mr. Van volkenburg
(Continued on Fourth rage.)
Holiday Suggestions
Jewelry fop VI en
Cuff Buttons, Seal Rlngx,
Stick Pins. Diamond Pings,
foliar Buttons. Diamond fttuus, .
Full Dress Buttons, Watches,
Emblem ButUnt, Fol.s,
Chains, Watch Charms.
Military Brushes. Clothes Brushes Hat Brushes, Fl:iks,
Smoking Sets, Shaving Mu. Cigar Clipper, pciiill.
Fountain Pens. ClKHretto Cases. Mat, ll Safes. Key,
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Soap Dishes, Bottle Openers.
Cigar Jars, Whisky Sets, Will" Decanter. C!jr-t Ji'.jts,
High Ball Sets, Tobacco Jar, Mutch Holders'.
Knives, Nail File. l"nibrella-. Key Hint;-,, Cl?ur flippers,
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