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Nebraska's Importance
at the National Corn Exposition is worth considering, be
cause Nebraska is one of the greatest agricultural states in
the Union.
And Nebraska Farmers
have prospered within the last few years as those in
no other state. Todaj, to the man who has saved a few dol
lars in the office or the factory, or to the farmer's son who
wants to invest in land where it can be bought at a reason
able figure, and where the crops, within a very short time,
will pay for the land, there is no other section of the coun
try which presents as favorable an opportunity as the
Famous North Platte Valley
The Union Pacific is rapidly pushing to completion its
railroad through this valley, and irrgated Valley land which
today is selling at $30 to $30 per acre, will increase within
the next few years to $100 and $150 per acre. Improved
lands along the. railroad on each side of the lands we are
offering, are selling for these prices today.
We have an excursion every day from Omaha.
Call at our office or write us for a free map of Nebraska
showing the location of these lands, and general informa
tion regarding the North Platte Valley.
First Floor N. Y. Life Building, Omaha, Nebraska.
.U.12JJL 11 ii ill Vi U3ooo
705 South 16th Street. Tel. Douglas 1477
Printing with character
at the most consistent prices is what we give our cus
tomers, and they will tell you how much more effective
this kind of printing is compared with some you have received.
The same argument holds good as to your office furniture.
We have a stock that is up to the minute,
at prices that will surprise you.
Anchor Publishing Co.
312 South 18th St.
T Doug. 3562
M. 31 A-2562 '
"TATl i vi tii i in v naiiuii iu mi nit 1 v-uui 111 vi v.uui'. viau-
W ing the Corn Show to call and inspect our line of
trunks, bags, suit cases and all manufactured leather
goods. We are the only exclusive wholesale trunk and
leather goods house west of Chicago
Buy from your Home Market and save money on cost
of goods and freight rates.
Make our store your headquarters while in Omaha.
"If It'm made of leather we have it."
1003 Form am Street.
Absolutely No Goods Sold at Retail.
Dlseasis Cur id Without Drugs it
Sulli, 230-24 Pnton Block.
WHAT IT IS I Thi Treatment
The Blomqvlst Institute has been
mtabllsliod nine yearn In Omaha and
in a thorough Ijr tried and sureeKgful
nystem of treating nervous di.Meaiie,
rheumatism, stomach, kidney and
liver trouble and all acuta and
chronic aliments. A long list of
eures of former Omaha sufferers are
to Its credit and are offered as n-fer-rnce.
Or. Bowen's Telepathic Diagnosis
Pr. Bowen, who is one of the phy
sicians In charge, has spent years of
study In perfecting his system of
Telepathic IMagnosls. He Is ahle to
tell the past or present ailment of
any patient by holding their hand In
his tor a few minutes.
The system of diagnosis Is so per
fect that It Is Impossible for the doc
tor to make an error, and, by his
system, he Is positively able to tell
the nature of any patient's past sick
ness, no matter' how long previous)
The system of treatment con.Mti Of
German and Swedish massage, the
Swedish medical movement cure, the
Nauhelm movement. Hydrotherapy
and suggestive Therapeutics.
Mrs. Dr. Henda will treat laules
who prefer trestment by a lady
Elaborate Facilities For Treating
All Ills
The offices consist of an tmmensn
suite of private rooms, each fully
equipped with electric mnsMuge appa
ratus for treating rheumatism, stom
ach and liver complaints, nervous dis
eases and all acute and chronic all
lflenls. There Is the latest Improved medi
cated vapor bath appliances and a
specially provided room for Klvlng
electric anil ozone treatments, so
beneficial and Invigorating to people
physically run down.
Tel. Douglas 190. Suits. 230-24 Paxton Block
For the best results from your
advertising expenditure the ad
vertising must appear in
While the Corn Show visitors are in Omaha
advertising in THE BEE will increase your
Christmas trade.
Call Douglas 238 for an expert to advise and
assist you in preparing your copy.
Western Reference
& Bond Ass'n,
The Connecting Link
v Betwaen
Employers and Employes
furnished com
petent employ
es for high
grade podithins
without trouble
or expense.
of ability fur
n I s h e d high
grade position
on short notice.
731-93 H. T. X.lf MO. I
Building. 303 Soarrltt Bldg.
'Fhonai Douglas 4383.
k Straight Talk On Printing
Does your business stationery represent or misrepresent you?
It is poor -economy to weaken the force of your message by the
use of cheap printing matter.
We produce the best in the printing line. Personal, intelligent
treatment to every job and a square deal to every customer.
Sixteen years in business in Omaha. Now located in our own
new building at 414 So. 14th Street.
Colorado Irrigated Lands
$o00.00 certificate given one who makes largest number
of words out of Colorado Land. This certificate is good for
$300.00 on the purchase of any quarter-section of our Colo
rado land
Call at our exhibit at Cora Show, Auditorium, and see
products of this land. Location of land 15 miles from Den
ver. Soil and irrigation best in the state; rents readily for
$10.00 an acre. ...
Our Denver office sold a quarter million dollars' worth
' of this land the past 90 days. It will double in value by
next June.
National Investment Co. I
Finlander Writes to Omaha People
to "Touch" Him.
la Course of Ilia l.elr He Throws
Out the (ienera,! Invitation,
.rrr Kail to Touch
Impecunious Omaha reslJrnts if there
are any auch should not full to take ad- j
anta-e of the Invitation which Alexander
llaltls of Abo, Finland, Inadvertently holds
out in a letter to the Commercial club.
Mr. Ualtis, It will be remembered, wrolu
hero akklna for Information about Omaha
grain mills. In Ills letter Mr. UaltU ex
presses his thanks for Information received
and urges the club to keep htm uosted.
saying. "Never fall to write and to touch
The epistle runs as follows:
ABO. FINLAND, Nov. 21, li-To the
Commercial Club of Omaha, Hear Sirs:
Herewith 1 beg to acknowledge the receipt
of your favor of the 6l lust., the content
of which had my beat attention and tor
which I thank you very much.
With the name mall I am answering to
Mr. T. ti. Hiake, manager of tlio Maney
Milling company, as well a to the I pdtku
company or Omaha and would be very
much pleased if some busmeaa Let ween all
of us in the near future would result.
'leae keep the name of my liouxo well
before ou, and should the occasion be,
jiever fsll to write end touch me.
Thanking you again for your promptness
and always at your services, 'I beg to re
main, dear aiis, yours verv truly,
It Is not In the least unlikely that busi
ness between Omaha and Abo will result,
as tho outcome of the oorrespondence. The
Ualtis firm Is one of the largest importers
of grain In the Russian empire tjnd repre
sentatives Pf the Omaha companies named
said Satudray that the price propositions
of Mr. Pallia are such that they can fill
his orders.
$11,000. The building is occupied by a whip
factory at the present time.
Bowinan-Krants Lumber Company
Mill llnlld f Coal Yards
The payment of taxes on several lots at
Forty-tirst and leaven worth by the Bow-Man-Krantz
Lumber company reveals the
fact that ncKotlatious by this company
for a Bite on the Hell line have been com
pleted. Tho lots are on Vanderkopf ter
race. No. 17-a. The Missouri Hlver Lum
ber company In which U..H. Krants of tin
Howmau-Krantz company Is heavily Inter
ested Is said to be negotiating for prop
erty on the Holt line. It is said that tho
Bowmaii-Kraiitz company will put in a mod
ern coal yard on the property acquired. This
Is tho third company to buy propi-rty on
the Kelt line within two weeks and It is
known that other are contemplating a
similar move.
Samuel lUvltx has bought of Sophia Ieh'
man the property at Klghteenth and Chi
cago for $.5u) now occupied by n small
frame, house. It is said that Kavltx will
build apartments ou his purchase.
V. J. Wley lias sold to Ellen M. Reynolds
two lots between Martha and Castellar on
Thirteenth street. The consideration is
suit for Alleged l.lbel
Against Hearst I Set for
New Date.
The answer day in the case of diaries
N. Haskell against William Randolph
Hearst for $'Xi.u-t damages ha been
continued to Iccember 15. The answer
was originally sot for December 7. The
case was first filed In the United States
circuit court, November 6. A motion of
the defendents to strike the petition from
the files because of Insufficient verification
was filed November and on the same
day a motion was filed requiring the plain
tiff to separately state the cause of action.
No step have thus far been taken toward
remanding the case by the plaintiffs.
Fute of fouueil Hlaffa Man Who I
Hnn Over hy Train In
W. A. Smith of Council Hluffs had both
leg broken below the knee Friday night
when he fell from an Illinois Central train
on which hu was working In the
Omaha yard and had the wheel
pasa over his limbs. One leg had to be
amputated by Dr. Rich, who attended
Smith at St. Joseph- hospital. The shock
iiKUUned make the case qulto serious an
It Is not yet known whether tho man Is
out of danger. Ife ha a wife and chil
dren living In Council
Two County Commissioners Oppose
Sale of Anything.
l re. However, 4 (trees with the
rnnd Jury In Advocation Male
of I'roperly ov I ed aa
1'oor Fsrin,
Agreeing with the grand Jury In its rec
ommendations that the county hospital and
county poor farm bo conducted as separate
institutions and that the county buy a
location some distance from the city for
poor farm purxses. memiMis of the
Hoard of County Commissioners do not
think It wise to Bell uny of the holdings in
the city at this time. The grand jury In
its ropor't recommended the sale of a
large part of the land now used for the
ioor farm, characterizing Die retaining of
tliis valuable tract as poor business.
The commissioners appreciate the fact that
they could secure a much larger block of
ground equally as well adapted to the
liecda of a p .or farm, farther from the
city for considerably less than what the
present location could be sold for, but they
think it would be better l bold the land
longer and wait for a higher price.
"We have this land. It is costing u
nothing new; what's the use of being in a
hurry about selling it?' said Chairman
Kennard of tho lxttrd. "I would be in
favor of hanging onto the land which ur-
rouiiilH the county hospital for twenty
years If necessary and then when we do
sell It. why, sell it for $l.('J,tieO. If wo
hold it long enough wo can sell It for
j enough to pretty nearly wlpo out the
j county debt.'
Member Hruning unices with the chair
man in this and says that If the county
will construct a pretty boulevard through
the land that tho1 land will "go out of
sight" in valuation and tho county can then
sell It at, sonic date fur ill the future for
many times what it would bring now, even
though were the land Bold today hu be
lieves It would bring a good price.
The county hospilal Is located at For
tieth street and Poppleton avenue, but a
short distance from Hanscom park and
consldu. ably inside the city limits.
"For my part. I think we might as well
sell this property now as any time, and I
a--; roe with the grand Jury that It ought to
be sold." suid Commissioner I 're. "We
could get a good enough prl e right now.
Hut there Is no use in talking about this
question at tills time, as nothing could be
done for a year any way, even should it
lie finally decided by tlx- board that the
sale of the "properly would be advisable.
It could not be sold without a vote of thi.
peop e. It would be folly to call a special
election for the pu pose, and tile next gen
eral e!ei lion will nut he for a year."
All the hoard members are hi favor of
dividing the county hospilal and tho county
poor farm and buying land for the latter
farther from tho city where a sufficient
tract could be secured, comparatively cheap,
to make tho farming of It worth while.
! Tills system would h ave more room In the
hospital buildings for those who are sick
and enable tho giving of better cure to
I them.
( lalmuah anal Other from Omaha
Will Attend the Commercial
CI. W. Clabaugh, general manager of the
Omaha Gas company; K. If. Martin, com
mercial agent and W. E. Davis, manager
of the South Omaha branch of the gas
company, will leave Monday evening for
Chicago to attend the annual convention
of the National Commercial Uas associa
tion, which will be held at the Auditorium
Annex in Chicago December ii, 9 and 10.
The association Is composed of the men
who represent the progressive American
manufacturer of stoves and other fuel
appliances, lighting fixtures and supplies.
Gas men from all over the country who are
Interested In the commercial development
of the Industry will be present. At the
same time in Chicago, December 7 to 12.
several hundred manufacturers of stoves,
appliance and fixtures will give an ex
position at the First regiment armory In
Chicago, under the auspices of the association.
increase of $3,145,Hj.55 over the correspond
ing week of a year ago. Hunk clearing"
are quite generally taken aa a good barom
eter of business and the remarkable in
crease of 3i per pent shows that buslnen
Interests havo gained confidence sine tho
republican vic tory on election day.
Omaha Ilnslnras a llrfleeted lu
.Mirror la Meadlly on Ihe
The bank clearing of the Omaha bank
as reported th ougli the Omaha Clearing
, House association continue to show bg
'gains and week after week give indications
of a general Increase of the business in
'thi section of the country. Tho clearing
for the calendar week just clovod show an
Latest Rraneh of Nodal Krttlement
and Mission Will He Opened on
The free dispensary Is the newest branch
of the Omaha settlement and mission work,
two such departments now being main
tained in t lie city. Fur the last six month
the City Mission at Tenth and Capitol
aveniio has dispensed free medical atten
tion, Dr. K. A. Van Fleet being in charge.
Tiio cost of drugs Is necessarily heavy and
for the benefit of the Mission and tills de
partment "Oliver Cromwell," presented
recently under the auspices of Kountzo
Memorial church, will be repealed Iccem
her 17 and IX, at the Lyric theater.
Monday the Social Settlement on south
Fourteenth street will open a free dispen
sary. It will be In charge of Dr. James
8. Goetz, Dr. J. F. Hyde and Dr. Baylor
and will be open between 12:30 and 1 :'..
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Miss
Njii Dorsey of li e VIsKing Nurse's 'asso
ciation will also give her services. A small
charge will have to lie made for tho drugj
for the present, but other aitentlon will
be free.
Frlublfnl Cnnim
'of the stomach, liver torpor, lame back'
and weak kidneys are overcome by Klcc-
irie Kilter. Guaranteed. tOa
I Drug Co.