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6. lOfN. ' ' '
Charity Ball Definitely Announced
For February Two.
(.'lamed In Molr, Literature, AM anil
trchltertnre Will Claim l-'ahlon-nlilt
ttlmllnn When the Hnl-
iilar Haul! la Over.
Inlrnitrd f
' i.i:.'jt 'a rlutpt-. -ili rar;y irn1 fairly mvjy,
i ney appeal t' jny soul aUiflKS,'' ."aid he,
1'iifit anw' witii a ftirnrt a lid IndiiMiant;
"tjood day
When: 1 wish 1 could play them,"
ijuoth kIii'. Tliu Puzzlei.
The cIhI Calendar.
aiONDAY-lJr. anil Mrs. hob. i t (liimore.
reception unil dunce at tor itumi' hotel
lor iklifls Amy illinm e ; lmjumers of tue
American itevoiution me. I inn at the horn.)
oi Mi.". J. M. .M-uall; niritiuK of tno
.M.iDilay ltrlilx" 1 u I. Ml tin- of M.S.
Arthur Remington; Mix Kaitli llix'l, ur
plieuni pim lor nut uf lnwn kuhIh; .Mrs.
Kosensiork innrtuiiK visiting; women,
Lynn Social club dancing patty at Cham-
Tl KSDA Y- Mr. ('. M. Wilhclm. i hi
for Mr. Ward Clarke anil Miss Amy ("lil
twire; vesttv reception for Hev. and Mrs.
X. H II. Poll at homo of Mr. and Mm.
Thomas Kry: Faturday NiRht Ianclna;
club parly Bt Chambers academy.
In the midst of d.inclnR parties, receptions
and card parties, a number of well-known
eorlety tomon are planning more studious
meeting after the holiday. SVversl small
art classes, are bring formed, some of them
to meet fortnightly and follow a prescribed
course, not only of paintings and sculpture,
but of architecture and Interior decorations.
Also a number of society women nre to
take up the study i f languages and musk-.
Miss Gwendolen White, who was to have
been one of the debutantes this season,
has decided to give her time to music, and
will leave later in the season either for
New York City or abroad to study.
The date for the charity ball has been
finally decided upon as Tuesday ' evening.
February 2, at Chambers' dancing academy.
The ball will he for the benefit of the
Creche and ninny of the leading workers
for charity In Ombaha are working for the
success of the affair. The women of the
Crerhe board will manage the affair and
will be assist' d by a number of patronesses.
The board Includes: Mrs. T. L. Kimball,
Mrs. J. K. Baum, Mrs. Ada Walker. Mrs.
T. W. Van Nostrand. Mrs. A. D. Brandt-is.
Mrs. K. R. McMahon, Mrs. C. T. Kountze,
supper lor Alias liauni and Alisa Cud my; j Mrs. Joseph Cudahy. Mrs. Thomas Kllpat-
Mis. Jay U. r'ostei, Uncm-in; .ltxs Lou hi
A. SSIIIIams, "Away Down Minn m
llxle," at tue Lyric theater; Mrs. C,eo:t,o
Charters. hux parly at Hurwoni!; tea a.
set tit m i tit hits., 4 to i. for Hi v. K. p. II.
Hell; Mrs. J. S. Kennedy. I-oi t Omaha.
JlildKi- club; Mrs. Samuel Kaiz, inXoimu!
WKLM'-sDA Y Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clarke.
bridge supper tor .Miss n.uim. AUss etui- I .... . ,-,,,,.. ., linnrv v.
ahy and M!-.s Patterson; Mrs. Moshe-r "'" "' "
ColDetzir. luncheon for Mrs. It. K H. I Yutes. Mrs. George A. Joslyn. Mrs. John
Hell; me, thiK of ti.e amateurs at the home
of Mrs. Hnvmond Welch; meeting of Mhl-
rlek. Mrs. A. J. Heaton. Mrs. Arthur Rem
Ington, Mrs. W. A. Redlck. Mrs. Arthur
Metz. Mrs. II. T. Lemlst, Mrs. F. A. Nash,
Mr. G. W. Wattles. Mrs. John C. Cowln
Mrs. Iianiel Hauni, Jr.. Mrs. W. A. Paxton,
Jr.. Miss Cnrrle Millard. Miss Hol
dree and Miss Kimball. The patronesses
Week limine cluli nt the home of Mrs.
Wlllard rioKlord; Mis. J. D. Foster, lunc i
eon; Airs. J. a. Kennuoy, Mr.'-. Sim Frank,
whim party; Alu.iii.ili: dub, Mis. C. A
Tl I I'R.SUA Y M is. V. A. Nash, luncheon
for Mrs. R. II. U. Hell: Mr. and Mis.
Po.vld I tn ttm . supper nnd theater party
for Miss lUiuin and Miss Cudahy to s"-;
Naziniova In "A Hell's House" nt Hoyd's;
Mrs.-A. L. Meyer, luncheon at Hanson's
FHirAY Mrs. C.eore L. Hammer, tea for
Mlsa Hilda Hammer; Miss Hortenso
t lurke, bride party; Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Fmlth, dinner Miss Cudahy: Colonel
antr Mrs. Cornelius (Mrdner. dinner at
J- ort CriMik, preceding hop; (etn ral aim
Mia.. J. C. Cowin, dinner for General una
Mrs. Charles Morton. Mrs. F. W. Judaon,
bridge; KUI-Khto club, Mr. and Mrs. H.
K. Armstrong.
SATURHAY Miss Hortense Clarke, bridge
A. McSl.ane. Mrs. C. W. Lyman. Mrs.
Casper K. Yost. Mrs. W. J. Conm-11, Mrs.
K. M. Fairfield, Mrs. Ward Hurgeaa, Mrs.
A. C. Smith, Mrs. Iuther Koun'.ze, Mrs.
Hen Gallagher. Mrs. N. P. Dodge. Jr.. Mrs.
John S. Brady, Mrs. C. C. Alllsin. Mrs.
George W. H'oldrege. Mrs. Herbert Rogers,
Mrs. Charles Metz. Mrs. Guy Barton, Mrs.
Hugo Brandels, Mrs. C. N. Dletz, Mrs.
Harold Olfford, Mrs. A. J. Beaton, Mrs.
TL H. B ildrlge, Mrs. F. P. Klrkcndall and
Mrs. C. C. George.
The pronunciation of the name of the
Russian actress. Kaztmnvn, who Will be
here the latter part of the wnejt. has been
causing much embarrassment for hosts
planning theater partlen. Even the ticket
man was not quite certain until the ad
vance man appeared, and now he says with
the greatest ease, "Natz-ce-mo-fa," with a
slight accent on the second syllable. The
proudest people are those who learned the
pronunciation while visiting In the east,
nd few of thorn have missed an oppor
tunity of demonstrating their knowledge
to Interested and admiring listeners.
The Cat'
lot Society-
I or use in inclement weather.
, the Baker Electric Inside
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f luxurious and comfortable.
jt It is made in two models
VI for two or four passengers
i I and is distinguished by the
f elegance and refinement of its
I appointments. J. he
Extension Front Cowpe
' with a seating capacity for
four passengers ia our latest
model and possesses in every ,
particular the high grade
quality so well known in Baker
construction. ine yueen
Victoria body can be used on
the Extension Front Coup
Let Us Demonstrate
Vi i a viAiir mnrlol to vnn Due
demonstrator is at your service
and we ahull be glad to make
an appointment either by
"phone" or mail.
1930 rarnam St., Omaha, ITsn,
Tslsvhoss Douglas 3961.
With the midwinter pleasures occupying
most of the time and attention of the
society leaders the outdoor clubs have
Jumped back Into the limelight during the
week past by the announcements that big
sums of money were to be expended In en
larging the plants of at least two of the
elubs and In otherwise making Improve
ments. The Omaha Field club directors
have decided to spend $6,000 1n doubling the
capaelty of th dance pavilion and in In
creasing the dining room facilities 60 per
cent and also In doubling the kitchen space.
The Happy Hollow club has decided to
spend a like amount In making Improve
ments on the club house. Including a new
dance hall and bowling alleys. Mr. Euclid
Martin, Mr. A. T. Austin and Mr. Edwin
Haney were elected new directors of
Happy Hollow club.
Army circles have enlivened society con
siderably, of late and now oomes the pos
sibility of a military wedding. Dame Rumor
says that a charming girl, the daughter of
an officer stationed here, Is the fiancee of
a general's son stationed at one of the
posts a few hours' ride from Omaha.
The following from one who knows
whereof he speaks Is worthy the serious
consideration of all who may be In posi
tion to remedy an abuso that undoubtedly
exists only through thoughtlessness:
"On Monday night at the cotillion at
Chambers there was a very great amount
of unnecessary discomfort to both man
and horses, caused by the thoughtlessness
of the people attending the same, in order
ing their carriages to return at a certain
hour and then keeping them waiting from
one to three hours. This Is an occurrence
which happens at very nearly every func
tion given In Omaha, Monday night being
an exceptionally bad night owing to the
sudden change In the weather. If the peo
ple using the carriages would kindly give
a thought to the drivers and horses they
would certainly do away with a great
amount of suffering and earn the thanks
of both the drivers and owners, besides
doing an act of humanity to the horses.
club organized Ir. Omaha wa held at the
home of Miss Mildred Funkhauser Friday
afternoon with the following charter mem
bers present: Misses: Florence Miwra,
Nell Howard. Kthel Cole, Martha Mur
theny. Grace Hemple. Mildred Funkhauser
and Mable Hodgln. Forty-two Is a game
that Is very popular In the east and hs
Just invaded Omahn. It Is played with
dominoes and the play Is similar to algh
five. The meeting of the Omaha club was
a charming affair and was greatly enjoyed
by the yt ung women members.
The Souel club was very pleasantly
entertained Friday evening nt the home
of Miss Clara Curtis. High score was won
by Miss Flora Stemm. while the consola
tion prize went to Miss Gladys Holmgren.
The hostess was fjlven a hand-painted
plate. Those prcsint were: Misses, Maude
Wilcox. Stella O'son. Gladys Holmgren,
Jessie Corey, Ellen Nestor, Charlotte Peter
siwi. June Cony. Bertha Plxton, Nella
Hurst, Clara Curtis, Flora Stemm. Jessie
Robinson. The next meeting will not be
held until after the Christmas holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Carmen entertained
Friday evening at their home on Fpencer
street for their guest. Miss Don thy Neff
of Kansas City. At cards prizes w-n won
by Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Blake and Mr.
James Redmond. The latter part of ths
evening luncheon was served from small
tables decorated with carnations and holly.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Blake. Mr. niul Mis. J. P. Redmond, Mr.
und Mrs. W. D. Blackburn, Mr. and Mia
F. E. Kern, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Salveter,
Miss l'eterson. Miss Josephine Hart, Miss
Neff. Mr. W. L. Scheenan and Mr. P. B
Mrs. John G. Bourke was hostess at a
delightful bridge party Saturday afternoon
In homw of Mrs. Will Cowin, who Is the
guest of Mrs. J. C. Cowln. The guests
from Fort Crook were: Mrs. William C.
Bennett, Mrs. Jack Hayes. Mrs. Ball; guests
from Fort Omaha were, Mrs. W. N.
Haskell. Mrs. Otto Nesmlth, Mrs. J. F.
Kennedy, Miss Kennedy, Mrs. Oury; guests
from Omaha Included, Mrs. Charles Mor
ton, Mrs. William Evans, Mrs. Jacob Q.
Galbraith, Miss Oalbraith, Miss Eastman,
Mrs. Frederick Bucan, Mrs. J. S. Brady,
Mrs. J. A. McShane, Mrs. Slilverlck, Mrs.
T. J. Mahoney, Mrs. George Barker, Mrs.
Charles Martin, Mrs. Thomas Kllpatrlck,
Mrs. Henry T. Y'ates. Mrs. Voss, Mrs. W.
J. Connell, Mrs. Nathan Merrlam, Mrs.
K. A. Cudahy, Mrs. Wadleigh. Mrs. S. D.
Tiarkalow, Mrs. T. F. Kennedy, Mrs.
Phelps of Wyoming and Mrs. Franklin
Miss Eloise Wood assisted by Miss Myrtle
Moses gave a delightful musicale and "cof
fee" at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. N. Wood on Georgia avenue, Sat
urday afternoon, the program beginning at
2:to o'clock. The rooms were effectively
decorated with palms and cut flowers.
Pink roses and pink shaded candles carried
out a color scheme of pink In the dining
room; yellow chrysanthemums were used
In the library and red carnations and red
roses in the music room. Assisting Mrs
H. N. Wood through the rooms were Mrs
Harry Jennlson and Miss Estelle Brown
Mrs. George Day presided In the dining
room and was assisted by Miss Henrietta
Rees, Miss Fannie Howiand, Miss Laura
Dale and Mrs. Judson Chapman. Punch
was served In the library by Mrs. J. D.
Foster, Mrs. J. W. Griffith and Mrs. G.
W. Megeath. About 150 guests were pres
ent to enjoy the program.
and Binney streets. No Invitations have
been Issued, but a cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all of tiie friends of Rev. and
Mrs. Bell to come. In the receiving line,
besides the honor guests, will be the mem
bers of the vestry and their wives. Includ
ing: Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Sears, Mr. and
Mrs. Cium, Mr. and Mrs. R. Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. M. Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. 8.
Robinson. Mr. and Mis. Clarke Powell.
Among the events of the week at which
society will appeur In numbers will be the
"Evening In Dixie Land," to be given at
the Lyric by Miss Louise Williams. A
number of parties are being planned. Among
the stories Miss Williams will tell arc:
"Seeln' Spirits." "(loses, "Walkln to
Eppt," "Wa tin' fer a Name," A Dissen
sion Among the Deacons,' "How I'ncle Ned
Lost a Fortune" and "Mandy's ' Weddln'."
Her readings will Include "Marse Willie"
and "Higher Culture In Dixie." A feature
of the evening will be the singing of some
of the old southern songs by a male i)uai.
tel. Among the patronesses of Tuesday
evening's performance are Mrs. E. A. Cud
ahy, Mrs. Joseph Cudahy. Mrs. John S.
Brady. Mrs. F. H. Davis. Mrs. C. T.
Kountze, Mrs. Charles Offutt, Mrs. F. P.
Klrkendall, Mrs. 8. D. Barkalow, Mrs. W.
T. Page, Mrs. George A. Joslyn, Mrs. David
A. Baum. Mrs. A. C. Smith, Mrs. George
Doane, Mrs. H. H. Baldrlge. Mrs. Victor
Caldwell, Mrs. J. E. Baum, Mrs. Ben Gal
lagher, Mrs. John A. McShane, Mrs. W. A.
Paxton, Jr., Mis. G. W. Wattles, Mrs. C.
C. Allison. Mrs. L. A. Williams. Mrs. G. A.
Beecher, Mrs. T. J. Mackay and Mrs. F. A.
An interesting event of the week will be
the reception and dance given by Dr. and
Mrs. Robert S. Gllmore at the Rome hotel,
Monday evening, In honor of their daughter.
Miss Amy Gllmore, who Is one of the de
butantes of this season. Assisting will be
Miss Gilniore's guests. Miss Peggy Polleys
of Minneapolis and Miss May O'Rourke of
California. Others assisting will be the do-
bntantes, Including: Miss Katharine Pow
ell, Miss Marlon Haller, Miss Bess Baum,
Miss Jeanle Aycrlgg. Miss Miriam Patter
son, Miss Jean Cudahy, Miss Gwendolen
White, Miss Kathryn Barkalow, Miss Hilda
Hammer and Miss Louise Peck. Others
assisting will be: Mrs. Arthur Keellne, Mrs.
J. A. McShane, Mrs. A. J. Beaton, Mrs.
Fred Davis. Mrs. O. N. Peck. Mrs. R. S.
Anglln. Mrs. Ben Gallagher, Mrs. Wlllard
Hosford, Mrs. Herman Kountze, Mrs. J. M.
Metcalf. Mrs. W. T. Robinson, Mrs. W. B.
Millard, Mrs. R. C. Moore, Mrs. John
Barker, Mrs. W. A. Paxton, Jr., Mrs. Vic
tor White, Mrs. Robert Lee Hamilton, Mrs.
D. M. Vinsonhaler, Mrs. C. K. Coutant,
Mrs. Harry Jordan, Mrs. J. IT. Evans, Mrs.
Thomas Kllpatrlck, Mrs. Herbert Gates,
Mrs. George Charters of Chicago, Mrs. John
Weltzell, Mrs. J. A. Munroe, Miss Hortense
Clarke. Miss Ella Mac Brown, Miss Marlon
Connell, Miss Jeanne Wakefield, Miss Edith
Thomas. Miss Sara Bourke, Miss Helen
Davis, Miss Edith Locke, Miss Pauline
Schenck. Miss Agnes Burkeley, Miss Eliz
abeth Congdon, Miss Eugenie Whltmore,
Miss Gertrude Moorhead, Miss Mario McShane.
wwaroua vHClM&k3 2 Ji 01111 O)
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Is what charms It also stamps
our showing of Chrlslmati goods
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tinctive and out-of-the-ordlnary of
any preceding year, with the re
sult that our goods are sound in
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substantially wrought and, withal,
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liorgnetteM Candlestick
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Mesh Hug Salad Him I
I'mbrellii Jluklug Disli
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coard by the Younger Mea.
Links TiHVeling llug
Studs Cui'il Case
Wt Buttons Cigar Clip
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These are a few of the many
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Albert Edholm
(iold and Slh crsniitll
10th and UAIt.NKY STKLLT.
Pleasure Past.
Mrs. R. Rhyn was pleasantly surprised
j Friday evening at her home by a number
of friends. Cards were played and the
' prize won by Mrs. Raymer.
I Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Hamilton, who
have been giving a series of dinner par
ties, entertained Saturday evening at their
home, when covers were laid for fourteen
guests. Cut flowers made an attractive
centerpiece for the table.
MIks Mary Alice Rogers was hostess
Saturday evening at a delightful bridge
supper complimentary to Miss Jean Cud
ahy, Miss Brownie Bess Baum, Miss Ed
wards of Chicago and Miss Donaldson of
Minneapolis. The guests were seated at
small tables, each having a basket of cut
flowers for the centerpiece, a different
flower being used ut each table, and place
cards matched the different centerpieces.
Altout thirty guests were present, Includ
ing members of the younger set.
Mrs. O. G. Ofib' rne entertained the Peer
less Card club Thursday. High-five was
played and hand painted plates were won
by Mrs. E. J. Fellow. Mrs. E. Ryks and
Mrs. O. G. Osborne. The next meeting will j
oe m iwo weens hi me nome oi Mrs. j-j
Ryks. The club members are Mrs. O. (1
Ohborne, Mrs. C. J. Ztibarth, Mrs. Oscai
Hofmann, Mm. J Mullen. Mrs. Willis
Crosby. Mrs. J. Holmes, Mrs. C. V. Wed j
dell, Mrs. W. Rye. Mis. R. F. Cul'.if lower
Mrs. J. Conger. Mrs E. Ryks and Mrs
E. J. Fellow.
Mrs. P. tl. Winckler entertained the Cllx
c dub Friday evening. The i veiling wa
spent with music and games, after which
lut'Cheon was kerved. Those present were.
M'sses Florence Hoyc, Kdith Sounders
Laura liiinn, llu Bridges, Mamie Munson
Laura Hoffman, Anna Hansen, Rost
Fraser, Cl.iltlck. Messrs. Frank Scliinitz,
Harry Slgwart. Carl Munson. Wlllian
Hoist; William Balnes. tl. E. Phelps, G. V.
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hempen, Jr.
Mr. und Mrs. Fre.nk Klnkenon and Mr. and
Mrs. P. U. Winckler.
A plfusam surprlee was given Mlta Ruth
Kinney F. Iday evening at her home, 3Ut
Burt. The rooms were decorated wtli a
ci lor scheme of red and green. Those
present were: Missed, Helen Riepen,
Malzie Cij'.kain, l!-.i:dii:e Simmers, Lilian
Woolsti nci'uf:, Miud Gunner, Lucie
Kwltjti', Mary McDonald. Fav Carter. Tot
Slefkeii, Ruth Kinney; Messrs. 11. til y Ex
ironi. Hairy BUckwel, Lluyd Iilackwel,
Warren Powell, Hugj WVssen, William
Ciulghead. Frank Brown, William Shorter,
Ord Van Iom, M. Moore.
The initial meeting of the first Forty-two
Prospective Pleasures.
Mrs. Samuel Katz will be hostess Tues
day at an Informal musical.
Mrs. Mosher Colpetzer will entertain at
luncheon Wednesday for Mrs. R. B. II.
Mrs. George L. Hammer will entertain
at a reception Friday afternoon for her
daughter. Miss Hilda Hamme..
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wllhelm will give a
bridge supper at their home Tuesday even
ing in honor of Miss Bess Baum and Miss
Jean Cudahy.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clarke will give a
bridge supper at their home Wednesday
evening for Miss Bess Baum, Miss Jean
Cudahy and Miss Miriam Patterson.
Mr. and Mrs. David Baum Will give a
dinner at their home on Thursday evening
for Miss Bess Baum and Miss Jean Cud
ahy. A theater party will follow the din
ner. Complimentary to General and Mrs.
Charles Morton, General and Mrs. J. C.
Cowln will entertain at dinner Friday
evening at their home on South Thirty-sev
enth street,
Miss. Faith Hoel will give an Orpheum
party Monday for Mrs. George Charters
of Chicago and Miss Gregolre of Dubuque.
Mrs. Rosenstock will entertain Monday
for a number of visiting women.
Mrs. T. L. Kimball will give a bridge
party Wednesday evening December 23, In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Holyoke of
Madrid, Neb., who are coming to spend the
holidays with Mrs. Holyoke's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George W, Holdrege.
Invitations were Issued this week for the
military ball and reception which will be
given at the Rome Monday evening, De
cember, 14, by the officers and ladies of
headquarters of Department of the Mis
souri, Fort Crook and Fort Omaha.
Mrs. George Charters of Chicago, who Is
the guest of her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
Lamhofer, will give a box party Tuesday
at the Burwood for her guest, Miss Gre
golre of Dubuque, and for Miss Peggy
Polleys of .St. Paul, and Miss May O'Rourke
of California, who are the guests of Miss
Amy Gilmore.
One of the larger affairs planned In honor
of Hev. and Mrs. Robert B. H. Bell will be
the reception given by the vestry of the
Church of the Good Shepherd Saturday
evening, December 12, at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas A. Fry at Twenty-first
This Institution is the only one
In the central west with separate
buildings situated in their own
ample grounds, yet entirely dis
tinct and rendering it possible to
classify rases. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of noncontagious and
nonmental diseases, uo others be
ing admitted. The other, Rest
Cottage, being designed for and
devoted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental eases, requiring
for a time watchful care and soe
rial nursing.
Come anil Go Gossip.
Mrs. A. H. Cowgill Is spending the winter
with relatives in Springfield, 111.
Mr. Ben Wood returned this week from a
visit of two weeks In New York.
Miss Bertha Brown, who spent Thanks
giving with her parents, has returned to
Ponca, Neb.
Mrs. Martin of Chicago has arrived to
be the guest of her son, W. E. Martin, and
Mrs. Martin. -. ..
Miss Julia Hlgglnson of Chicago, formerly
or umana, is the giet.of; Mr. aaid' Utr.
Harley G. Moorhea'd.
Mrs. J. A. C. Kennedy, who has recently
undergono an operation on her throat. Is
recovering satisfactorily. .
Mr. and Mtb. Jerome Magee are spend
ing ten days In Chicago.
( Miss Margaret Dovey, who Is the guest
of Miss Carolyn Barkalow, returns to her
home In Plattsmouth Sunday.
Mrs. Charles E. Forbes, who has been
visiting Mrs. J. J. McMullen, left Saturday
evening for her home In Chicago.
Mrs. William Cranmer of Denver, who
has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. B.
B. Wood, left for her home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Stirling are In San
Francisco. Mr. Stirling Is on business and
Mrs. Stirling Is visiting In the coast city.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dimon Bird of New York
will arrive about December -JR to spend two
weeks with Colonel and Mrs. S. S. Curtis.
Mrs. Bradway of Chicago, who was to
have arrived last week to be the guest of
Miss Gertrudo Moorhead. will arrive today.
Miss Josephine Roche of Denver, who has
been visiting Miss Edith Patrick for the
last few weeks, has returned to her home.
Mrs. John Hilbert, who was the guest of
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hilbert,
left Wednesday for her home In Lancaster!
N. Y.
Miss Marlon Tyler of Council Bluffs, who
has been visiting Captain and Mrs. Wild
man at Fort Leavenworth, is now In Kan
sas City and Is expected home this week.
. Rev. and Mrs. R. B. H. Bell are guests
cf Mrs. Bell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Porter Peck, and will be with them
until they leave for Des Moines on Decem
ber 15.
Mrs. Mary H. Dundy of New York City,
who will spend the winter with Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dundy, spent several days
this week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
T. M. Orr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hormnn Jacohy of Los
Angeles. Cal., who are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugo Brandels, will remain un
til after Chrlslmas, when they will go to
New York.
Miss Gregoire of Dubuque, who Is tho
guest of Mltss Pauline Schench, will, this
next week, be the guest of Mrs. George
Charters of Chicago, who Is visiting her
parents. tr. and Mrs. Iamhofer.
"wtle Boyuston of Omaha, who Is
winter in the City of Mexico,
'f Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Boyd
'. the ball Thanksgiving night,
1 American colony. Mr. and
.. Th Jinpson opened the ball.
G. Mi-Grew nnd muhII n
Charles Fremont McGrew. of Fort Steele
Wyo., arrived Saturday evening to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McGrew at their
home. Thirty-eighth avenue and Farnani
street, until after the holidays. Miss Ac
Carey McGrew is expected home in two
weeks from Miss Homer's school In Wash
ington, D. C.
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The styles are beautifully trimmed Directoire and Empire Models, also
trimmed and plain tailor-made hipless effects, semisitting and tight fitting
models in full lengths. The materials are fine broadcloths, kerseys, cheviots
and coverts, all lined with guaranteed Skinner satins. Altogether one. of the
largest collections of exclusively stylish Cloaks ever offered for sale in Omaha.
Special Sale of Reliable Furs
Hundreds of beautiful new furs carefully selected for
their style and high quality. Every fur piece that leaves
this house is absolutely reliable in quality, besides we can
save you 25 to 50 on a furrier's prices.
Genuine mink matched sets,
Genuine lynx matched sets,
Genuine ermine matched sets,
Genuine fox matched sets,
Genuine blue wolf matched sets,
Genuine squirrel, etc., matched
sets, at
Regular $19.50 values, on sale
Regular $27.50 values, on sale
Regular $32.50 values, on sale
Regular $39.50 values, on sale
Regular $45.00 values, on sale
Regular $55.00 values, on sale
S35 to SI75
S25 to SIIO
S60 to S95
SI5 to S45
SI5 to S35
s95-0 to M95
The Rome Hotel, Suite 40-A
Convenient to Elevator and
Main Stairway.
The Exclusive Quality.
Shop for Women. , .
General Clearance Sale
One Ermine Set, was $135 $85
One Mink Set, was 185 $135
ULtS One Mink Set, was $165 $110
One Mink Set, was $150 $110
BeSL One Black Lynx Sot, waa $90 $69.50
.i One Black Fox Set, was $55 $30.50
fj"''-y One Baum Martin Set, was $150 $85
And Separate Furo. Scarfs and Muffs at $25, $1.50 and $15
One Green Velvet Suit, size 38, value $110 $75
OllltS IOr One Light Blue Broadcloth Suit, size 38, value $110. at $69.50
"kff tv-i pT Ten Suita, no two alike, sizes 36. 38, 40, value $55, at $39.50
28 suits, no two alike, value up to $30, at $16. 50
and Misses -n Blzes on)y
today AT
Cafe Beautiful
Will t BrTd th s moat delicious
Table d'Hote Dinner
To be had In Omaha. Amid vur
roundinfs Khl'.'h are Incomparable the
country over. You will receive un
eq'ialetl service and attention.
j I'luneer itlxru la l.nicl at Heat with j
Mue ut Sitrrrd Heart
I thuri'li.
! Final riti'i over the body of John Mc
1 Cieary, the Omaha pioneer who died ThU'i
day, vore held at the Burred Heart church.
Twenty-m round mid liinney utrevta, Satur- '
duy morning ut 9 o'eloek. A large number j
of relative, friends and acquaintances of 1
I the old settler attended the services. I
i The pullbe irers were M. W. Moore. T. F. I
1 Qulnhtn. J. M. Mullen, fa trick Duffy, Jo
; oeph McMunuu, l'.dwnrd Klley, Thomas Mc
; Govern ard George Howcn. Father l'airlck
J. Jiulgo ceh hrated muss.
After the church serviees the body was
'taken t MoIt Scmjlrh-T n-metery for In
terim nt.
Kiral Miihtshlp Reported.
VALPARAISO, Child, Dec. S.-The steam
l.ght hip, Manaunitu, came Into this port
today from New York. It Is the first of
the six vessels comprising the fleet of
tenders and lightships that left New York
September 21 on their voyage to the Pacific
Place your order now for Christ
nifl Candy.
We are agents for Continental
Chocolate, the best in the world.
Vfc to 5-lb. boxes, per lb., 80c.
Ixwney Chocolates, plain and
fancy packages, from 10c to $16.
llowcH Alh'grctti CliooolatCH and
lion Hons, to 5-lb. plain and
fancy boxes, per lb., COc.
.lolnnton Milwaukee Swiss Choc
olates, per lb., 80c.
lluyler's Chocolates, Vi to 5-lb.
boxes, per lb., KOc.
O'Hrlen's Monte ChrUto Choco
lates, to 5-lb. boxes, per lb.,
Leave your orders, as we do
liver to all parts of Omaha or
pack for shipment.
Beaton Drug Co.
lath and Farnam
Clearing SaJe of Fine HaUte
. i , .
Every Hat In Our Stock Will
Be Sold This Week Below Cost
F. M. SCHADELLL & CO. Douglas
coast, to be reported here,
expected shortly.
Th others v re
Vy u:nr? the v.irhmi d pnr-meets o" Tim
Doe want ad pages It is ea?y 10 teach H19
people who have money to spend.
M rallnarhouee Ileeelvrra niaekarued.
PITTBiU.'RG. Dee. 5 The re. r.vers ol
the Westing house lUeetrle & Manufactur
ing company and the Beeurltles Investment
company were dlsi luii K'1 In the I'lilted
Slates ilrcuit court shortly after noon today
by Judge James 8. Yuunjr
The Nation's Laxative
This remedy is not a "cure all" but it is ail It's name' Implies a laxative
made from fi uit.
It is just tho nicest and most pleuant laxative made up to date. You
have doubtless used IVroxiile Cream, the swell face cream containing Hydro
gen Peroxide. Well, 1'Kl'lT L..V is made by the same people who make
Peroxide Cream.
Ask any of the following druggist about these goods:
Schaerer Hon. 2831 North 16th St.
ticliiiefw" 'ut i'rlco Uiug Store, 16th and
mui:i'i; Streets
Ki'hii, fer'a Cut 1'rlce Drug Store, 16th and
c iiu-,i;o .StreetM.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 40th and Cuming.
O. 11 Wlilli. 40th and Hamilton St.
Benson, Heb.
t-pnifcuo's Benson pharmacy.
8onth Omaha, JTsb.
.7. I.. Kubat. I1U -North 24th rtt.
Seliaefir'a Cut Price Lrug Stores, 2401 H
. t . ZHU and N bis.
Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Jno W. ramp. &oj W. liromlway.
lull H. Morgan, 14 2 West Broadway. '
Si'Ium ler'K t ut Pike Iirug btore, tth Avu
und Main Kt.
FSell In Ok' Co.. 1216 t'arriuni 'H.
S. A. iieiaiak. Hu2 Soutn l')lh ?
Knill (Vmiak. 12iiJ Mouth 13lh St.
Cnssey Pharmacy, 24tl and Sta.
H. 11. K.'ilers, Situs Keavcnwoi Ui St.
! ester ft: Al'Iioldi, 213 North 2uttl St.
J J. l-'ieytatf. t L 1 4 North 24ti .St.
Green'H t'li'iiuiacy, l'srk Ave. and Pacific.
Il.iil.. . 'i I):m ( o . Hit ii and f ariiani Sts.
ll.uiKCoiii I'uik l'hario.icy, liul So. ;ntti.
11 .Mill lilll Co.. ZUT-.U'J .. lull &t
W. C. Il.iy.lei). 2'Jo F;:rn;;m St.
11. -r Grand I'liariiuic) , ('or. n.tli & Howard.
.lolianfcoii lrug C o., 24tu and S'l.ioliiii;.
H S. Ulne. 2Hli end K.irnani Sis.
C K. I.Htliioi,, 1324 North 24th St.
J 11 .Mcrrlii. nt, Cor. I Kill and llo.vard.
I,, lv Peyton, 2401 Uu veiiworlli St.
Prilihi r.ow fc I'n,, 1.",.'7 Vinton St.
Sarttogi. Urns Co.. 2 1th ami Anns Ave.
J H Seoinhlt, 24th and Cuming Sts.
And 8 0OO ot'isr drvtfffricts in every v'.l'.'ajro and city all over the United States
selling this wonderful pr aritio't today.
Monday and Tuesday, Dee. 7th and 8th.
1843 north lth Street
Sin-censor to Dr. 1L I iUunacclottl)
Office and XosplUl. 8810 Hsrai
Calls Promptly Answered at All Heerr.
fasM Office Harney t7.
atath. tKMIgt lis
Caiii, If V