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The climax of bargain-giving Saturday in
(he greatest bargain giving of entire season
Many thousand dollar's worth ot seasonable merchan
dise must be closed to make room tor holiday display
Saturday Specials
7.V American Model Hce Supporter, on sale.
ri.M llnm! IWigi, ach
$1.5(1 llan1 ling-, each
fl.OO Silk F.lnstlc licit
5H- Silk F.IhMIc IW'lt
5c Hntln 1'iwl Hio NupKrtcr
BOr ( nn't Slip Hair KolN
BOr Mallnc Covered Hair Knlls
2.V.Vlrc Hair IloU
85c iUtX of KuchinK"
For tlio Holidays. Kntlre 'liritt
niaii Assortment now on display.
"Be Sterling Spoons, Corn Show
Souvenirs 35
50o lthlne Stone Hat l'lns..2.
BOc Uhine Stoue IW-lt lin..5
fll.OO Hose tiolrt ami ureen m
Belt Pins, at 50
53.00 IVVfon Velvet and
Axminster Rugs, 98c
A litf sample lino of fine
Wilton Velvet and Axmin
ster liij;s, Hi. yards lontf,
nicely bound, hundreds to select
from. scarcely any two
nlike, actual value
$3.00. on sale, at. .
hosiery Bargains Louisville Stock
. !t lev
Ladies' nil wool Hose, heavy
or medium, values to oOc,
on sale at 19c
Ladies' oOo Silk, Lisle or
Maeo Cotton Hose, medium
weight, at 25c
Ladies' 25c Hose Maco. Cotton or
Kleeced Ribbed or Garter Top,
at, pair 12
An Immense I.lne of Hoys' Hose,
values to 35c, on sale In 3 lota,
at 10 12 &nl 10
Complete assortment of the best
In Boys', Misses' and Children's
Hose, including the celebrated
pony brand, every pair guaranteed.
Big Shoe Sale Saturday
Another big lot of Shoes brought forward from the Louisville Dry
Joods Co. Stock and will be closed out Saturday at less than regular
wholesale prices.
Men's Goodyear and English welt
shoes In moat all leathers, worth
up to $3.50 $1.98
Women's Welts, Turns and McKay
, . sewed shoe in . patent colt, gun
' metal and kid shoes, worth up to
$3.00 $1.98
Several lines ot shoes worth up to
$4.00 a pair, including "a lot of
storm calf in"black(and tan
for .- 2.50
Child's and Misses shoes suitable
for dress or school wear, in
turns and McKay sewed soles,
worth up to $1.75 $1.00
The largest assortment of Men's and
Women's Slippers In the city, and
at prices that cannot be duplicated
elsewhere UP, FROM 39o
S00 pairs left of that 11.50 Satin Calf
Hchool Shoe for boys 81.00
Children's 11.00 and $1.25 fancy
Shoes, In hand-turn soles on sale
a.t. ......... 76o and 69c
In the Stove Department.
Steel Ranges --taole steeL ranges
like cut, without reservoir, with
18-ln oven leg base, asbestos
liitcd." fully nickeled, high warm
ing closet , . . . . .$19.95
Other dealers "get $40 'tor similar
range. Sama'range .with reser
voir, vtv-.-:-$22.85
Dtindy and Splendid Oak Stoves, the
finest Oaks on. the. market. We will
soil you an 11-lnch size, at 94.35;
13-tnch size. tS-SBt 15-rneh slzn,
87.95; 17-lpch slr.e,88.9B and a 19
lncli size at 89.95. You pay else
where for the 11-lnch size what wa
ask for the 19.
C..a IMn. .nil All IrlniB rtt P"l K n W
plain, adjustable and corrugated f
at '?
No. 8 CoQk Stove,, with lS-lnoh oven,
B7.AS T"'
Ok .... .,..........-...'-
We handle the Detroit Jewel and
Universal Base Burners, Ranges and
Soft Coal Stoves. See our Novelty
Base Burner, something- new., 33.50
Grand Ribbon Sale
' : -lfft v m. Fill it t rsy W m m i Kswwn
The very finest lots of
RibbonB from the Great
Louisville D. O. Stock.
Reserved for Saturday's
selling all Silk Taffeta
Ribbons, up to 5-ins.
wide and a beautiful
line of fancy plaids
regular values to 35c,
all at one price, 12VC
"Wide taffeta Ribbons
on sale at, per
yard 5c
at 12Y2c a Yard.
Tuxedos, Russian nets and
fancy dotted veilings, in
all colors, regular 25c and
.'50c values, all new stvles,
at 12 V2C
Ladies' Underwear
From fnc Louisville Slock
Ladies Silk and Wool Union Suits,
values to $5.00, at $3.50, 2.98
and : ....... $2.50
Ladies' Wool Union Suits Values
to $3.00, all sizes $1.50
Ladles' Heavy Fleeced Union Suits, $1.00
values, on sale at oO
Silk and Wool Vests and Pants $1.50
garment values, at 98
llrav) Fleeced Vests and Pants to "5c val
ues lot 25 39 nd 50
Children's Vests and Pants, all wool, gray
or scarlet lamb's wool and camel's hair,
values to $1.50, at 50c
, Children's Vests and Pants, heavy fleeced,
worth to 50c garment
at 10 lSt"- 19 and 25
Ladies' Knit Skirt, worth 75c, on sale,
at 390
Men's Neckwear
25c and 39c Values, 10c.
Good silk ties, in four-in-hands,
teck, shields,
bows and clubs, made
to sell at 25c and ."Kk;
choice 10c
Umbrella Bargains
Men's and ladies' gold
and silver mounted
handles, good quality
silk and linen taped
edge cover, actual val
ues to $5.00; choice at,
each $1.50
Men's Underwear
From the Louisville Stock
Wright's Health Union Suits, heavy
wool fleece, values up to $.5.50, at,
suit $1.50 and $1.98
Wright's wool fleeced Shirts or
Drawers. $1.50 values 75t
All Wool Shirts or Drawers greys,
tans and fancies, values to $2.00,
at 75c and $1.25
Fleeced Shirts and Drawers, values to 7 5c,
t 29 39 "! 4r
Men's Wool Overshlrts In army blue, single
or double breastd, value to $1.75. 75
Men's and Hoys' Sweaters, all sizes and col-
ors, roll collar or coat style, great snaps,
at 50c and 98
A Specially Strong Showing of Garment Bargains
We received by express from
our cloak buyer now in New York,
several magnificent lots of Suits,
CJoats and Furs values surpass
ing the choicest bargain offerings
previously shown. You'll be not
only surprised but delighted by
visiting the department Saturday.
$20.00 Tailor Suits $8.95 Fine
broadcloths and fancy mixed
suitings, in splendid assortment
of newest styles, as shown in 16th
St. window, 32, 36 and 40-inch
coats, well worth $20, at $8.95
Coats, Coats, Coats A swell as
sortment of kersey and broad
cloth coats, in , semi, loose .or
tight fitting styles, including the
new Directoire with L'Aiglon
. collar; coats in the lot worth to
.$30.00 on sale Saturday at,
each ....$12.50 and $17.50
$35.00 French Cony Coats, hand
Eome garments, 100 for selection,
on sale at, choice $17.50
Make Your Selections for Xmas
in our
Crockery Dept.
What 25c Will Buy.
Hair receivers, powder boxes, pin
trays, Jardinieres, vases, lunch plates,
bon bon dishes, olive dl3hes and
spoon trays.
What 35c Will Buj
Cup and Saucers, Plates, Jardinieres,
Koses and Nut Bowls.
What 40c Will Buy.
Bon Bon Dishes, Nut Bowls, Sugar
and Creamers, Pickle Dishes,
Hair Receivers, Wall Vases,
Salads, Tea Tiles and
What COc Will Buy
Rose Jars, Vases, Don Bon Dishes,
Sugar and Creamer, Etc.
What 08c Will Buy.
Cake Plates, Salads, Chocolate Pots,
Jardinieres and Vases.
Crown Jewel Suits 175 new ones
for selection; matchless quality
and styles at price. . . .$25.00
$25.00 Dresses at $14.90 A beau
tiful assortment of the one-piece
dresses now so popular, fine fab
rics in blues, greens, browns,
reds and tans; not a garment
worth less than $20.00 in Sat
urday's sale at $14.90
$15.00 and $18.00 Waists $4.95
The most delightful lot of bar
gains ever shown in Omaha
silks, laces, messalines and nets,
in black, white and colors, val
ues to $18.00; choice, . . .$4.95
Children's Wool Dresses Values
to $3.00, all sizes 1 to 14 years
bearskin coats, all colors, on sale
at 98c
Children's $4.00 Bearskin Coats,
all colors, at $1.98
In all wool frieze, all sizes 6 to
i-t l CtUJ, ut ap.iis
6 Children's Coats, worth to $10.00,
on saie ai
Moving the Hardware Dept.
17 shopping days before Xmas. We must move the goods this
week to make enough room, regardless of cost.
Large 26-Inch Saw, worth $1.00 this is
a lot bought cheap get one Satur
day 39a
Yankee Screw Driver or Automatic Drills
at 85o
60c nickel plated combination Flyers.. 89o
Iioxwood Brass Lined Rule 19c
2-foot Bozwood Rule, only 5o
Enamelsd Bomitsrs, worth 91.00 39c
15-lnch Chopping . Bowls, large size.. 19e
12-u.uart Granite Dlshpans 16c
8-quurt Granite Teakettles 39c
10-quart Granite Water Pails 39o
Granite Pudding Pans, Sauce Pans, Pro
strving Kettles, Dippers, Wash basins.
etc., each Bo, 7o and 8C
Mrs. Potts' polished 5- piece Sad li jns 6o
Larue Japanned Coal Hods only 16o
I'D Clothes 1'inn if hoxes for lOo
45c Galvanized Washboards 19o
Boys' Best Quality Joe Skates 59o
Luilles' or Girls' Clamp Ue Skates. . . .98c
iff .i mu
s. M in ri m ii im hb
hi m Lf
Book Barqains
Buy now for the holidays while stocks arc t-omplete
You'll never find prices lower.
Alger. Henty nd Knickerbocker Series ot Children's
books, regular 35c values, at.
All !.. I'.mvrlulil IUmiLh . .
All $l.t( Cop)llu'lt IWMtks
Complete assortment of titles. ii.V novel-, a thousand
new ones for selection, each
Ladies' & Children's Gloves
The most complete stock you'll find in
Omaha, just what you want, at less than
elsewhere. As Saturday Specials:
The Popular Cape Gloves All the newest
shades of tan and brown, $1.50 and $2.00
values, at 98f and $1.25
Ladies $3.50 quality Long Kid Gloves All
sizes and colors; on sale at, pair. .$1.98
50c (Jolf (Sloves and Mittens Ladies' or
misses', at, pair 25
Ladies' Street Gloves In immense assort
ment of new shades, every pair guaran
teed, at $1.00 to $2.00
Millinery fust
A Stock Reduction Sale of Tremendous Magnitude.
Absolutely no reservation all go Saturday
As an Extra Special We will show a fine line of trimmed
hats, worth regularly to $8.00, at one price $2.95
All goods marked in plain
figures here.
Your money back if you
can duplicate the values.
Boys' $3.50 Wooden Coaster Wagons 82.49
SI. 75 large size Iron Wagons 98o
Best quality Food Choppers, $1.25 size,
at 79o
Parlor Brooms.. 12Ho Mop Sticks... 5a
25c l.Inen Mops, one pound 120
35c Clothes Unes, heavy braided 19o
75c Furnace Scoops only 35o
We are now opening up our Chafing
Dishes and fancy goods for Xmas, and
must close out the balance of our Wash
ers below cost.
Genuine Western Washer, worth $3 50,
at S2.75
Genuine Western Washer, worth $3 25,
at M.50
Round Western Washer, wortli $3.50 82.75
$1000 Washers. Beveral brands to choose
from on sale Saturday, 83.98, 84.98
and 85.95.
Are You Interested In Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill?
If you are wo can save you from 25 to
uii per cent on you purchases.
The lift pure cane Granulated Sugar
al I, ss than Jobbers' cost,
lit bar ' Heat 'Km All or Diamond C
S"p for 2 5 c
i lbs choice Japan Rice.... .:25c
The bet White or Yellow Cornme;il,
par saek .' 15c
Tbe l,et lia'nd-picki.d Navy Bean, lb.5c
Tin' l.i hi domestic Macaroni. pkg..Si'ie
Th. best ilumestic oil or Mustard
...tllm'. can 4c
i.ui'Ko buttle pure Tomato Catsup, Wor
cester Sauce or Pickles, assorted kinds.
pi ( bottle 'jC
Malta Vita, Dr. Price's or Egg-O-See
Breakfast Food, pkg 6-o
2-lb. pkg. Kruen's Wheat Flakes luo
Shredded Wheat Biscuit, pkg 11c
PoKtuni Cereal Coffee, large pkg....2i)c
3 pkgs 10c size l'p-to-Date Washing
powder 10c
The best Soda or Oyster Crackers, lb. 8c
Tbo best crisp Ginger Snaps, lb 5c
The best Pretzel., lb &c
To every purchaser of 1 lb. of our II B.
C. Special blend Coffee at, per 1D..30O
We will gie Free a pair of Beautiful
Japanese Salt and Pepper Shakers.
One pair only to a customer
Fancy No. 1 Country Creamery Butter.
per lb i5o
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, lb 15c
Fancy Full Cream Brick or Llmburger
Cheese, per lb iyc
Fancy Full Cream Domestic SwNs
Cheese, per lb nc
Sap Sago Cheese, each 7'ic
Neufchatel Cheese, each 3c
2 lbs. No. 1 Butterlne for 25c
Fresh Splnai h, per peck 20c
Fresh Cauliflower, per lb 5c
Large bunches fresh Shalots 5c
Li(-e heads Lettuce, per head 10c
2 heads fresh hothouse Lettuce 5c
3 bunches fresh hothouse Radishes ... 5e
Hubboard Squash, per lb 2c
Fresh Cabbage, per lb 2c
2 heads fresh Celery 5o
Beets, Carrots. Parsnips, Turnips or
Rutabagas, per lh 2c
Regular 2': size, per doxen 15c
Regular 25c size, per dozen lie
Regular 30c size, per dosen 20c
Regular 35c size, per dozen 25c
ee our full line of new Dried Fruits,
the largest In the city.
DON'T HP-- - IT TT j, TS. TTrTri TV T i h i; jl
FORGET il JTHi"k X RKLri S IT lfSi
Come View the New Fall Models
Our stock of It. & d. models for
the i all includes shapes ana sizes (-
for all figures and every corset
perfectly embodies the reigning
Parisian fashion.
Every fashionable woman will
secure one of these Fall models to
have her gowns fitted over. The
style shown here is for medium
figures medium bust, deep hip,
extra long back. Price in Coutil
1528 $1.50.
Every Pair Guaranteed
75c Coutil Corsets Long hip, high bust and long back
models, hose supporters attached; special 49c
Hayden's First for Pure Home
Made Candles
10 different kinds of Pure Home
made Taffy, per lb 10c
The Mest Home-Made Pure Mixed,
pure pound 1
Fresh Roasted and Salted Peanuts,
per pound -'
Fresh Home-Made Peanut Drops,
per pound Oc
Fresh Home-Made Hoarhound
Drops, per pound 10c
Fresh Home-Made Burnt Peanuts,
per pound 10c
Fresh Home-Made Peanut Brittle,
per pound ,Uc
Fresh Home-Made Pure Sugar Stick
Candv, per pound
Fresh "Home-Made Peppermint Drops,
per pound
Fresh Home-Made Fairy 111 lows, 1-lg
Centers, per pound ......loo
Fresh Home-Made Peanut Rock, pel
pound ,r?
Fresh Home Ma.le Fudge, per lb..lOo
Fresh Home-Made Popcorn rults,
per pound
Come and see us making It. 1 lie
largest line In the city, al one-half
the regular retail prices.
Drug Dept.
A few bargains iu our Drug De
part li.cnt for Saturday, Dor. 5.
1-lb. pkg. Medicated Cotton.. 20c
'-lb. pkg. Medicated Cotton.. 10c
V4-lb. pkg. Medicated Cotton, .lie
i-lb. pkg. Medicated Cotton.. 7c
1-oz. pkg. Medicated Cotton.. 8c
2 bars Jap Rose Soap 15c
2 bars Wild Rose Glyc. Soap. 15c
2 bars Palm Olive Soap 15c
Drake's Chest Protectors, 83o, 480, 69o
Frost King Chamois Vests 81-75
25c bottle Witch Hazel Cream... 150
25c Hanltol Toilet Article 19o
Colgate's Perfumes 35c
Toilet Waters 24o, 48o, 74o
All 60c ounce Perfumes at,.....48o
$1.00 Kodal Dyspepsia Cure 75c
All Patents at cut prices. Our
drugs are the purest and best, our
prices the lowest.
. 1 11 1 -
-- i 1 i : :
Pamoui Revolutionary Ride to "Med
ford Town" Pronounced Fiction, j
Jihn llaacovk's Letter to i:ibrldge
.rrr Halm A Larse Doubt
' llisturlral Feat area-of Hal
lowed laeldeat.
c..r IVnJumln of New Yoik. pulilisher
Ti e Collector, has In li s possession u
I. Iter h believes ' proves conclu-
vely that Paul Revere never made tin
midnight ride attributed to him by Ixng
f. How and tradition.
The' document is a letter fro'n John
li.incock to Elbridge Gerry, dated Uex
Ington. April IS, 1775. at 9 o'cbck. This
was Ute night before the m.-morabla bat
tle and three hours before Paul Revere,
according to IjQngfclluw, "cross-Hl ' the
bridge into Medford tewn." The message
lear Sir: I am much obliged for your
notice. Il is sld the o!icers are gne
lui.g the Coticurd road, and I 'will send
word thither. 1 am full with you that we
oi iiht to be aertous, and 1 hope de
cision will be etfactual. I intend doing
myself the pleaaura if beli.g with vu li
n orrow. My. rejects to toe committee. I
am your real frieud, JOHN 1IAMh K
Mr. Itenjamin says that if ll.'n.Mck of
II. s committee ot safety, knew at 9 o'clock
11 at the troo)is had gone along the Con
cord r. ad and hoped they would be "se
rious," that lrf-xinsjton and Concord were
fully aroused lo the danger of tile coming
of Hiitlsii troops, and that there would
be no need for Paul Revere to send
Through the night his cry of alarm
To eveiy Middlesex village and farm.
The guarded expressions in the note, M.
l'.enjanitn says, are due to the troublous
limes, when Hancock might expect to
have his in. el seized and did not want to
have his correspondence betray more In
formation than was absolutely necessary.
His pcsitlon Is that this letter proves thai
by S o'clock th committee of safety was
well acquainted with the liritish plans
and had sent troops to Concord to b.i
ready. Therefore if the patriots were fully
prepared al o'clock, why make the mid
lilgnt r'lle to carry news which they had
uiready had for some lime?
A ((uettloa of Time.
The evidence .f ihe Hancock letter to
Gerry has been known, for it was pub
lished in lies in a rare "Ufe of Gerry,"
but tho dalo with the 'H o'clock" was
omitted, so that printed with others It
caused nd comment. In the origlnay copy
tho date is there In Hancock's writing.
Iaul Revere waa never famous until the
lAjngfellow poem appeared. Since then
historians, remembering that the stone
tower, which the poet's hero of "The
rtkeleto.i In Armour" had built for his
lady turned out t be the eld round mill
'which Rent-diet Arnold's grandfather had
erected, have been looking raluer askaju-e
at Paul, particularly a xingfellow pointed
him. Still historians are agreed that Paul
Revcro a.tuully did clis. and did some
riding, although not as Longfellow made
him do it.
After the learned professors had declared
their distrust of poetic history, they did
manage to find a plain prose version of
Paul Revere among the old manuscripts
or the Massachusetts Historical society
papers. It proved to be a letter written by
Paul Revere in 17!W to their secretary. Dr.
Relnap. Right then and thero Paul, as
Iongfellow wrote him, and Paul, as lie
wrote himself, began to disagree.
The first trouble was over the lantern to
be hung In the old North church for a sig
nal light. Even now historians are not
decided whether the tablet hung In Rostnn
commerorating the spot is placed In the
right church, or whether It was Robert
Newman or John Pulling who "climbed
the tower of the old North church by tho
wooden stairs with stealthy tread to the
belfry chamber overhead." Paul Just calls
him a friend, and so does Longfellow.
Having established the fact that there
was a church somewhere and a lantern
trouble begin to arise. Paul Revere him
self wrote that the signal was Invented by
him for the benefit of aome American of
ficers. "'Colonel Conant and others," In
Charlestown, to let them know when the
British crossed, fearing that any messenger
from Boston might le taken by the Hrltlsh.
A Borrowed Horse.
When Dr. Warren asked him to go to
Ixx':ngton to warn Hancock and Adams
there, he told 1.1s friend to raise the lan
tern as a signal to Conant in tae lie (Riv
vere) couldn't leave Boston. Having or
dered the lantern to be placed, Revere
quietly rowed across to Charleston and
borruwed Deacon LarMii's bursa. In Ids
letter Paul assures Dr. Belnap that the
horse, though belonging to the deacon, was
a good one. The historians do not raise
any great objection to the Revere docu
ment so fur. but it Inconsiderately de
stroys the first six stanias of Longfel
low's poem.
While Deacon Larkin's horse was being
addled. Revere met Richard Devens of
the committee of safety, who told him
that ten liritish officers iiad been seen
going up Hie lx-xiugton r ad at sundown
This supports Mr. Benjamin's argument
that the Gerry letter shows that the Com
mittee of Safety knew the danger three
hours before Paul Revere took to nigh?
Continuing his account. Revere says he
saw two British officers, and after leading
one into a clay pit, he turned Into the
Medford road to avoid the other, and
"alarmed almost every house to Lexing
ton." There he found Hancock and Adams
at the Rev. Mr. Clarke's, and there "we
refreshed ourselves'' and half an hour
later set out for Concord to protect the
stores. This prose account knocks out
Longfellow's eighth and eleventh stanias.
Worse, however, is to come. Paul Revero
himself doesn't profess to have reached
Concord. When half way there, the Brit
ish officers captured him, tk from him
Deacon Iirkin's good horse, and mounted
him on the worn-out. nag of a British
seigcant. They also addressed language to
him. which Ingfeow certainly never
would have Invited children to "listen and
hear."' Paul was forced to accompany the
British back to I-extngt un, as far as the
meeting house, whtrs he dodged tiiem, and
went to the tavern to help move the trunks
So the historians any stanri twelve
couldn't be true, granted any amount of
poetic license. He certainly never did
"come to the bridge In Concord town" as
the clock struck ! or at any other early
morning hour.
Having completely taken the wind from
Longfellow's sails, the prose letter ends
the midnight ride, and goes Into great de
tail on a subject not connected with the
However, lh historians arc not alto
gether satisfied with the Revere letter, for
he wrote it in liMi. twenty-four years after
the rid and, conceding his honesty, his
memory might easily have been bad. Con
sidering the many doubts which the learned
have come to have of Paul Revere' ride.
Mr. Benjamin bllcve that the evidence
c intaine 1 In the H'incock-Gerry letter
shows that It simply never happened at all,
outsldo lmgfellow's p.ems. New York
Moat Wonderful Healing:.
After suffering many years with a sore
Amos King, Port Hyron, N. Y., was cured
by Bui klen's Arnica Salve. 2T.c. Beaton
Drug Co.
syRaiiia where the coal owner are taking
out their coal without much precautionary
consideration for consequences to bouse
owners on the surface. Philadelphia
Inataaces of Oversealoaa Work In
Behalf of the Big;
And while I am suggesting topics, sayi
"Interpreter" in the American Magaiine,
there is another department of Mr. Rocke
feller's great business which originated
with him and which I wish he would be
explicit about, and that is the spy system.
Certainly Mr. Rockefeller will not venture
to attribute this peculiar activity to the
"over-real" of some employe "anxious for
his own or Ids company's advancement"
the general explanation he gives In the
first chapter of his reminiscences to the
criticisms made in tils conoern. I at
least know that far from being a rase of
overzeal the spying on competitors lies
been a well-organised and most efficiently
managed part of his business organization
for many years. I once had In my hands
a great bundle of the anonymous "repirts"
and "forms" which had been used and dis
carded by th bureau which looks after
tliis kind of thlng-a division of that great
bookkeeping system to which I see Mr.
Rockefeller attributes so much of the suc
cess of the Standard Oil company. The
bundle came to me In a curious wwy. A
boy employed by the Standard OH cosn
pany to burn uch papers regularly In tip:
furnace, noticed frequently on them aa he
stuffed them into the fire the name of 'a
man hi had once been kind to him. Tlio
man was an Independent dealer lu . olj.
The biy studied tho papers. He auw from
them how this man's shipments were re
ported from the freight offices by railroad
employe secretly to the tftandnrd. HV
found a telegram ordering agents to secure
a countermand of the orders saw retiorLs
that the ordering had been successfully
discharged. So often did he see this that
he became alarmed for Ids friend and
finally, unable to endure his secret, lie
gathered up comph te ots of the documents
and carried them at night to the man's
house. It was from there they came
to me. The paper" now are buried In the
mountain-high pile of testimony the gov
ernment is taking in its suit against the
Dangerous Townsites.
The danger of building towns on lands
where the mineral rignts underneath have
been previously sold by ontinal owners Is
freshly illuslrat. d in Wisconsin. The city
of Iron Mountain, in that state. Is hunted
on top of ore beds owned by Senator St-pn-enson
and others. It is now proposed to
move the ore. This necessitate moving the
city. The situation appears to he very like
thai iu soiuu of tho cval luwu la Peun-
A Tonic iree from Alcohol
Talk with your doctor about Ayes non-alcoholic barsaparillai
Ask him it he prescribes it for pale, delicate children Ask him
if he recommends it when the blood is thin and impure, and
when the nerves are weak and unsteady. Ask him if it aids
nature in building up the general health.
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