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'I mmU Peng.
Tho Most Remarkable Sale of Colored Dross
Goods Wo Ever Know Commences Monday
S1.00 New Pokin Satin Stripe and Novelty Check. 50 cents a Yard
You should see them these surprising new fabrics, the patterns and colors. The ex
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The New Leather Bags Are Here
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New Automobile Baca made of black seel leather lined.
Have neat coin purses and plain strap handle.
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rus leathers.
New Hand Purees In black and brown seal, fancy calf
and alligator leathers. All hare Inside change pocket and
trap handle on back.
New styles In Combination Furses, 'also fine showing of
Men's Bill Books.
Leather Collar Bags In black, brown, red, tsn and gray.
All have nice linings. Prices: 11.26, $1.60, $2.00, $1.60 and
$3.00 each.
IBT f J 7
kaix. "y&f
l B-ll-28-'08.
. f aaaaeaaasaaaaw
Jretident-Elect Will Preside Over
Governors' Resource Conference.
nlef Forester Will Make Iterow
snendatlona Covering Many
Phases of Conservation
WASHINGTON, Nov. .-President-elect
William H. Taft has accepted an Invitation
to preside over and address a joint confer
ence of the National Conservation com
mission with the governors of the states
In this city December an event which
brings together an assemblage of the na
tion's leading men In commercial, financial
end political activity, and whose Im
portance may be expected to rival the
noted White House conservation confer,
ence held by President Roosevelt last May
v The Joint conference will be In progresi
tour days, and that space of . time will
be fraught with wonderful possibilities to
ward shaping an epoch Ir. the country's
commercial advance. In fact. It Is the
first conference-wherein tangible data as
to the scope of the natural resources In
the Vnlted States will be Issued by the
commission and a practical plan mapped
out whereby conservation may "be ac
complished. President Roosevelt will deliver an' ad
dresa the opening day, as will ether dis
tinguished men. Including governors, sen
ators, representatives, bankers, business
men and others. I. 3. Hill, .John Mitchell,
Andrew Carnegie and a score of other
representative men have eccep'ed Invita
Hons to be present. -
8'nce the conference seven months sjto
when the president qulckoiied the Interest
of the entire nation In jone of Us tnest
perplexing problems, the National Conser
vation commission has made an inventory
of the natural resources of the country.
This inventory, which embraces water
mlnernla, forests and lands, will be pre
sented by Qtfford Plnchct, chairman of the
commission, who In hle.raport to the pres
lrtont January 1 will make recommenda
tions which both the work f the commis
sion end the Joint conference may sug
fest as vital In solving the conservation
A crtckllns fir, an & chair, a bottle ot
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Domestic Department.
Special kale of Cotton Chains In beautiful new
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Cotton Batting at 10c, 16c, 20c and 26c per roll.
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Ask to see the new patterns of "Serpentine Crepe."
This fabric appeals to tbe women of taste as the new
est and prettiest of cotton dress material with a
crinkle which will neither stretch, wash, Iron or wear
out. Price 18c a yard.
Flannel Department, Basement.
9 9
The new "Kabo" Corset shown here
is without a peer. Comfortable and light,
yet very durable. Fits better, gives more
style and shapelier rounded lines than
any corset ever worn. Has long, sloping
hips, shapely waist and high bust. Al-
lows complete freedom in every move
ment, yet gives due firmness for support.
Price 3.00 Each
When in the store stop at our Corset
department and ask to see this popular
model. '
(Continued from First Page.)
tbe setopd It December by A. B. Walkley,
too flramatlc critic of the Lonton 'Times.
It 1 appropriate-that Trinity should take
the lead ki teevhlng Journalism as a pro
fession, as so -many of the eianta of both
'English and American Journalism have
been Irishmen. , jr.. X- CUL.LEN.
Soldiers Guarding Mill I ear II a in -bare
Are Attacked by Mgnt
MEMPHIS. Tenn., Nov.':8.-A dispatch
from Vnlon City, Tenn., to the- News
Heimltar late this afternoon confirms re
port of an attack on a detail of militia
by a band of men, presumably night riders,
at the Gleaaon aaw mill, near Hamburg,
last night. According to the dispatch, one
of the soldiers waa wounded In the hand
and about fifty shots were exchanged be
tween tbe military and the attacking party.
The attack followed the firing on three
men by soldiers who discovered them In the
mill yards. The Intruders, when chal
lenged, refused to halt. Spasmodic shoot
ing continued for several hours and was
followed at midnight by a fusillade. When
the fire was returned by the soldiers the
band, composed of about thirty men, disap
peared. With the arrival of reinforcements
from Camp Rankin a search was made, but
none of the aaaallants could be found.
The placing of guards at the Gleason mill
waa because of threats that It would be
burned If operations continued.
UNION CITY. Tenn., Nov. is.-Flfty. In
dictments were returned late today by the
grand Jury Investigating the recent night
rider raids In the Reel foot lake region,
which reached a culmination a pionth ago
in the lynching of Captain Qutnten Rankin
uf Trenton, Tenn.
Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Pas.
kandles Visited ny Heavy
Fall ot Melatnre.
KANSAS CITY, Mo Nov. 28.-A heavy
rain and snow, tho latter from six to
twelve inches In depth In some places, has
'alien all. oyer south weetern Kansas, In
the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, and
A pure, wholesome,
healthful brew of the best
malt and hops spark
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' Beautiful new designs
and soft, pretty color
ings. One blanket makes
a bathrobe for man or
woman. Our paper pat
terns will show you
how. Prices, per blan
ket, $1.75, $2.50, $3.50,
$5.50 and $6.50. Cords
and tassels to1 match
blanket at, per set of 3
pieces, 50c.
as far southwest as New Mexico during
the last twenty-four hours. In Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico and eastern Colorado,
the anow Is heavy enough to Impede rail
road traffic. Snow and aleet extended as
far east as Dodge City and Bucklln, Kan.,
but east of these points only rain la fall
ing. Today's Is the first real anow of the rear
In Kansas and Oklahoma. There Is prac
tically no wind and no suffering among
live stock. The wheat crop will be greatly
benefited by this Ihoisture.
Air Supply Cat Off from Men Work
ing in Salt Mine Shaft Near
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 28. Six men were
suffocated to death this afternoon in the
village of Oakwood outside the western out
skirts ef Detroit. They were at work 5C0
feet down In a shaft being sunk for a
salt mine, when the canvas tube which rup
plied them with air became clogged and
the shaft filled with gas. The Oakwood con
tracting company has been engaged In sink
ing an 880 foot shaft for the Detroit Salt
The alx men who lost their lives this
afternoon were at work excavating 500 feet
down In the shaft. Their survly of air came
from a two-foot 'canvas tube which ran
down the shaft from the surface of the
ground. In some unknown manner this tube
either became tangled or clogged this after
noon about J00 feet down from the surface.
With the air supply shut off the shaft
rapidly filled with gas and the men were
It was some time before rescuers from
the surface could reach them, and then
they were at first, sbla to extricate only
four of the bodies. . i
The dead are as follows:
AH except Holt are married men and
leave families. The six were doing repair
work 350 feet down In the 900-foot shaft.
The contractors state that they had failed
to properly connect 1E0 feet above the can
vae tube, which carried air down the shaft.
With the air supply ahut off sulphur gas
rapidly filled the mine and suffocated the
Slto Selected for Federal Bnlldlng;
Donate! by Cltlseas of low
(PYom a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Nov. 2.-8pee1nl Tele
gram.) The secretary of the treasury his
selected the site for the publlo building at
Iowa Falls, la-, located at the northwest
corner Of Main and Kstes streets, owned by
Abble J. Foster. This lot is donated -to
the government.
Postmasters appointed: Nebraska. Lake
aide, Sheridan county, Harry T. Troupe,
vice A. 8. Miller, resigned. Iowa, Fernald,
Btory county, Reese Hilburn, vice R. J,.
Drake, resigned. South Dakota, Butler,
Day county. Charles A. Potter, vice C.
Goodell, resigned; Florence, Codington
county, Hattie L. Meyer, vice H. L. Burn
stadt. married; Greenway, McPherson
county, Henry B. Zenk. vice J. i. Luts,
resigned; Little Eagle. Boroman county,
Lorena M. Bandera, vice B. Commons, re
signed; Pennington, Pennington county,
Elisabeth J. Haleton, vice 13. J. Fan ran
wald, married.
Applications to organise national banks
ware approved today as follows: The First
National bank of DyersvUle, la;, with
000 capital, by W. E. Beddow,.W. H. Nes
haus. D. J. Murphy, W. C, tarle and I.
M. Leppert. The First National bank ot
Gary. 8. D-. with M.0OC capital by T. M,
Anthony, John Bwenaon, Christian Ander
son, Samuel Leylsyn, Q.. JL Fries and J, A.
Remarkable French Woman Believed
to Be Murdereis.
Her Salon Daaallnarly Brilliant -line-
baas' Hat and Probably Rf
nM by Her Order, la
the Belief.
PARIS, Nov. 28. The gtelnhell case
continues to be the aensatlon of the hour
In all France. No one ventures to say
where the revelations will end. The po
litical aide looms larger and larger every
day and the Interest harks back aiwaya
to the tragic death In Paris In 18V of
Felix Fure. president of France. M.
Faure died In the midst of the Dryfua
The most minute details of the scene
In the room where he expired In the, com
pany of Madame Btelnhell are today fla
grantly published by even the republican
newspapers. Up to the present time this
incident In the career of Madame Hteln
hell has only been referred to covertly.
The royalist and anti-Dreyfus organs de
mand an official Investigation Into the
death of M. Faure and Intimate openly
that M. Faure, aa the Insuperable obetacle
to the leaders of the Dreyfus agitation,
was the victim of a plot. They have put
forward the old allegation that M. Faure
Intended to yield to the petitions of the
Dreyfusarda and sign an order' for the
revision of the case, and consequently he
was poisoned.
Verdict aa to Faere'e Death.
The only reason to believe that M.
Faure did not die a natural death Id
found In the fact that hie body discom
posed with unusual rapidity, and to offset
this are the statements of five of the best
known physicians who certified that he
died of cerebral hemorrhage.
The other etory, that Madame Stelnhell
waa present when ha passed away, seems
unfortunately to be true, and great regret
la expressed that clrcumstancea have now
compelled the disclosure to the world of
thla old acandal which the Faure family
and the frlenda of the former preaident
thought waa burled with hla body.
Hhat letters containing evidence of M.
Faure'a relatione with Madame Btelnhell
were eurrendered after his death probably
la true, but the Idea that these communi
cations contained compromising etate se
crete la rejected by all who were behind
that aoene at the time.
With regard to the crimes themselves;
Madame Btelnhell's husband and her
mother, Madame Japy, were found mur
dered In the Stelnhell home In Paris on
May 31 of thla year, and at the aame time
Madame Stelnhell waa discovered bound
and gagged; the net Is drawing closer and
closer around the wife. Stories of her
numerous romantic affalra with peraons
of note In political and artistic circles are
coming to light dally, and they prove what
a remarkable woman she waa.
' "The Charmer of Men.
She is now called "the charmer of men."
Her salon was daztllngly brilliant. Her
last lover, in whose eyes she declared she
wanted to Justify herself, has now been
discovered, and his Identity furnished a
clue to a motive for the crime. He Is a
rich widower and resides in a famous
chauteau near Mealeres, In the department
of the Ardennes. He la not implicated in
the crime. When seen by a Journalist thla
man, who la the father of three children,
protested frantically at the disgrace an
exposure would brlnftv He-said he waa
ready to commit suicide! but nevertheleu
he made a clean breaat of hla relations
with Madame StelnhelL He described how
he had met her at a reception at the Steln
hells. Tho gathering waa a distinguished
one. He soon got Into the habit of meet
ing her at the "Oreen Lodge." a villa at
Bellevue, which Madame Stelnhell rented
under the name of Madame Provost. Mar
lette Wolff, the cook, whose son waa ac
cused by Madame Stelnhell of being guilty
of the murders, lived at the lodge and
waa her mistress' confidante. This waa
early last year. "For a month it waa an
exquisite Idyl," said thla man In describing
the episode. "Madame Stelnhell aald aha
adored me, and at each meeting she made
her avowala and swore I waa the only
lover ahe had ever had."
Woman Dealea Pair Rtory.
"She told me her peat," . the widower
continued to the newspaper man, "and
denied thla goaalp of her relations with
other men. Sh4 insisted particularly that
the Faure story waa a legend and aald
ahe could .prove that ahe was home 111 at
the time of M. Faure'a death. She ad
mitted, however, that ahe hated her hua
tiand and aald ha led an Infamous exist
ence.' She detested her mother, alao, for
having forced her to marry Stelnhell. She
asaured me that ahe would get a divorce
and marry me."
Continuing his explanation, thla man re
lated how the acalea gradually fell from
hla eyea. When the apell waa broken he
returned home. Madame Btelnhell, how
ever, continued to pursue him and tele
phoned him every day.
On the morning of the crime ahe called
him up by long distance telephone, but
the wire waa not working well and he
could barely understand .what ahe aald.
Finally ahe exclaimed: "I am satisfied,
for I have heard your voice; that la
enough for me."
The next day, when he learned of the
murders, he suspected the truth and cama
to Paris. He aaw Madame Stelnhell and
told her never to' see him again until she
had cleared herself.
The prevailing belief In Paris today ia
that Mme. Stelnhell deliberately had her
huaband and mother asaaaslnated.
Possible Political Developmeate.
The possible developments of the political
aide of the case can best be likened to a
pawder magaxlne, and the Preyruaards are
moving heaven .and earth to explode It.
absolutely regardless of the national scan
dal that may result.
M. Berry, conaervative, gave notice In
the Chamber-of Deputlea thla afternoon
that he Intended to present an Interpella
tion en the matter.
The aensational afternoon papers are
filled with the wildest rumors and the
most minute articles concerning the death
of M.. Eaure. It haa been predicted al
ready that Madame Stelnhell will be de
clared crasy and locked up in an asylum
And that In thla manner all further pro-
ceedlnga will be stifled. As a matter ot
fact, the experts agree that ahe la today
a complete nervous wreck, even If ahe
were responsible at the time of the crime.
Several newspapers pretend to know the
name ot the asaessln fit Btelnhell and
Madame Japy, aa well aa that of hla ac
Late thla afternoon the widower who
admitted he waa the last lover of Madame
Stelnhell cama into Parle and voluntarily
told his story to M. Andre, the examining
magistrate. The name of thla man haa
not yet been disclosed:
Franrle Joseph Entertains Delegation
of Elarat Hendred Officials, Who
Asanre Hla ef Loyalty.
VIENNA. Nov. .-Emperor Francis Jo
seph today received a delegation of 800 offl
ciala of the emperor, Including the Austrian
premier, who congratulated him on hla di
mond Jubilee, The premier made a speech
In which he aseurrd hta majesty of the
ateadfaat loyslty of his subjects. The em
peror replied that the work of the aervants
of the empire mut aiwaya be baeed on
the law and must never be Identified with
any political party. Both bounce of the
Austrian Parliament were In seeelon today
and speeches of enthuslaatlo loyalty wero
made In each.
(Continued from First Page.)
them down because of the source of tne
Idea. And then some of the officer be
lieve It Is beyond their Jurisdiction to
make recommendations to a legislature
and governor of the opposite party.
One thing, however, has been practically
agreed upon by the holdovers and that
Is Governor-elect Shallenberger will get
an opportunity to assess rallroacia all by
hla lonesome next summer. Ono of the
reaaona why the democrats urged the
election of the Alma man waa because,
they aald, he would Increase the value
of railroad property and reduce tha value
of farm lands. At least two members of
the board have said alnce election Ihcy
will vote for any motion Mr. Shallen
berger makes In reference to the asseaa
ment of railroad property. There two
with the new governor will constitute a
majority of the board.
So the new governor will be vtlvon a
free hand to keep his pledge to Increase
the value of railroad property. A ma
jority of tho holdover board members will
also vote to reduce the value uf tarm
lands If the new governor makes the mo
tion. Consequently no governor ever went
Into the executive office in better shape
to carry out hla pledges, and If 'he new
governor falls to keep hla promises and
flnda it impossible to keep them for other
res.sona the blame will be entirely his
Certificates of election have been made
Credential for Klectorn.
out to the democratic electors by Gov
ernor Sheldon and a letter aent them to
appear at the executive office "at noon
Saturday preceding the second Monday in
January" to meet and organize. On the
Monday following that meeting thoy will
meet again and eelect a messenger to
take the vote to Washington.
New York Central Lines Will Present
Them to Technical Schools of
(CHICAGO, Nov. El (Special Telegram.)
Instead of establishing a museum of Ita
own to preserve Its relics, the management
of the New York Central lines has decided
to donate whatever It haa of historical
value to the colleges and universities of
the country. To start the work the com
pany haa presented to Purdue university
in Lafayette, Ind., an old Eddy engine.
the only one of lta type in existence, which
was built in Springfield, Mass., In 18TS,
named Marmosa, and numbered 39.
This school already haa fn lta museum
five distinct types o( old locomotives and
the Eddy will make the sixth. The Mar
mosa haa for aome time been uaed for
heating care at the Worcester, Mass.,
terminal of the Boston & Albany road;
The Eddy la sufficiently small to be trans
ported on an ordinary flat car. . The
standard weight ot englnea built In 1871
waa about 100,000 pounds, while the stand
ard of passenger engines now on the big
roada ia 276,000 pounds.
The Eddy waa way under the standard
of the year, It waa built. and embraces
several . peculiar features. The New York
Central syatem la made up ot some of the
oldeat roada in the country and it la be
lieved a search will find a great deal that
will be ot vaJue to the schools of the coun
try. Of course In the distribution most
ot the stuff will go to the technical echools.
Cardinal Gibbons Comments I'nea
Shonlng by UnltedT States One
In Twelve Marriages.
BALTIMORE. Md., Nov. a.-Cardinal
Gibbons commented today on the divorce
statistics recently sent forth. It was a
deplorable exhibit, he aald. that there was
not a united effort to combat the evil If
we are to remain a Christian people.
There must be more stringent legislation
on the subject, he declared.
Referring to the ahowlng of one divorce
In every twelve marriages, the cardinal
"But when we come to observe more
closely, we find that as tho Catholica do
not tolerate divorcea they muat be ex
cluded from thla atate, which makea the
ahowlng actually one divorce in every ten
marriages. Could anything be more shock
ing? The data ahowa that the divorce rate
la higher In the United Statea than In
any other civilized country in the world."
He added: "The marital tie la becoming
less and less binding, and unless some
thing can be done to check the evil, the
results must be appalling."
Rerord-Breaklasj: Competition Marks
International Live Stock Ex
hibition at Chicago,
CHICAGO, Nov. 28. With more animals
than were ever shown here before the
International Live Stock exposition opened
today at tha International Amphitheater
and adjacent buildings at the stock yOrda,
to continue for the next, twelve days. The
exhibits are from twenty-two atates, Eng
land, Belgium. Canada and Mexico. Today's
program Included conteata between audenta
of agricultural colleges for 15.000 worth of
agricultural scholarships offered by J.
Ogden Armour. One feature waa a com
parison by rigid contests of practical ex-
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perlence not obtained In college with the
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Blajr Project Second Only In Import
ance to Harnesilnn ot St.
Anthony Falls.
8IOIJX FALLS, 8. D., Nov. 28.-(Bpeclal.)
By the harnessing of the Big Bloux river,
which flows directly through Sioux Falls,
the greatest water power development In
tha west thla year Is fast n earing com
pletion In thla city. The development of
the water power of the failaof the Big
Sioux river at a point In the northeastern
portion of the city waa financed by the
American Trust and Savings bank and the
Thomas J. Bolger compar.y of Chicago.
Hatf a million dollars haa been expended.
The project la second in Importance only
to that ef the development yeara ago of
the water power of St. Anthony falla,
which haa made Minneapolis one of the
greatest manufacturing cities of the west.
The water power of the Big Sioux river
haa been developed by a company organ
ised under the name of the Sioux FalU
Light and Power company, with a capital
of 1760,000.
The company haa an authorlaod bond
Issue of $750,000, of which $500,000 Is out
standing. The company purchaaed and
conaolldated with the Caseade Milling com
pany, the capital of which was $160,000,
and the Queen Bee Mlllinr company, with
a capital of $600,000. The officers of the
new company are: President, ' K. W.
Coughran; vice president, W. O. Haley;
treasurer. George B. Caldwell: aecretary,
Fred H. need. Mr. Caldwell Is a Chicago
man, being In charge of the bond depart
ment of the American Trust and Savings
bank of that city.
The company owna about twelve . acres
of land along the Big Sioux river, extend
ing front a point below the famoua falls
of the Big Sioux to the business center
of the city. It controls the flowage from
the falla aome three mllea up the river.
The water power of the Queen Bee Milling
company was furnished by a, dam across
the river. Just above the falls. A massive
retaining Wall haa been built on both side
or the river by the new company, this
extending from a point far up the river
to i point a short distance above the falls.
William B. Montgomery Sentenced to
Thle Term by Pittsburg
PITTSBURG. Nov. 2$. William Mont
gomery, former cashier of the Allegheny
National bank, which failed for over
$1,000,000 some time ago, waa sentenced
.o serve fifteen yeara In the western
Pennsylvania penitentiary today by Judge
Jamee 8. Toung of the Vnlted Slates
court. Montgomery waa sentenced upon
two Indictments charging Mm with tha
embesxlement and abstraction of over
$500,000. Contrary to expectations, there
were no argumenta when the motion for
a new trial came up today and Judge
Toung immediately pronounced sentence.
Attorney Marshall, the banker's coun
sel, aald:
"Thla enda the eaae. I do not think
that a writ of error will be asked for."
Before being sentenced Montgomery
waa given an opportunity to make a
statement and said:
"I never took 1 penny ef the bank's
money for my own uaa. The way I have
been treated remlnda me of the old days
of witchcraft. I waa willing to go on
the stand and waa not allowed to and eny
ease waa butchered up. I had no oppor
tunity ef refreshing my memory from the
booka of the bank. I waa led to bellevo
by counsel that my caae would not be
tried until four or five weeka after the
term of court waa opened and then was
hurried Into court before I was pro
pared. I never took money of the bank.
Move the Balance of Our Winter Suitings Quickly
$33.00 Suits
to Order
white blood corpuscles healthy and
strong so that they can destroy dis
ease germs which attack the red
blood corpuscles and bodily tissues.
" My appetite was gone and I was
In an unstrung nervous condition,
unablo to sleep. I became thin, pale
and looked ten years older. I was
languid and tired all the time.
" Hood's SarsAparilla restored
me to perfect health. It aided the
worn-out nerves of my digestive
organs to do their duty. 1 slept
peacefully the entire night, and
now I feel new life and vitality
course through my veins. Within
six weeks 1 was once more my
former self and have for the past
year enjoved the best of health."
Julia C. tiso.v, Atlantic City, N. J.
At one time, about five or nix years ego,
I was worth over $1,000,000. but In the
financial flurry my fortune dwindled. The
bank also lost, but I think with a proper
bank examiner It would not have been
Montgomery made a request that he he
sent to the federal prison at Atlanta,
Ga., but Judge Young said the sentence
could not be changed.
Cracksmen Secure fit, ZOO and MnWe
Their Kacape from Missouri
CASSVII.LE, Mo., Nov. . The Citizens
bank of Rocky Comfort, Mo., was robbed
this morning of $3,200, all the ready money
In the bank's safe, and all the papers of
the bank were destroyed by the use of
explosives. A hardware store was robbed
of all the weapona and ammunition that
could be found. The robbers stole a hand
car belonging to the Missouri & Northern
Arkansas railroad at Wheaton, a email
place about four miles north of Rocky
Comfort, leaving the car three miles east
of Wheaton.
Rocky Comfort la an Inland town four
teen miles west of this city and If about
three mllea from the railroad. Reporta say
there were four of the robbers. Railroad .
tools were used to effect an entrance to
the bank.
Lender and Ex-Boas of Jew York
City Will Talk Over the
NEW YORK, Nov. 18. The World
' froflj
"Charles F, Murphy will return today
Mount Clemens. Mich., and Is expected to
meet Richard Crokcr this evening at 'ha
democratic club'a reception to Croker,
Frlenda of both expect that after the meet
ing something definite will be forthcoming
to dispose 6f the renemt-J and persistent
rumors about the object of Croker'a
return. Tammany men are sure there will -be
less talk of Croker'a coining back after
the boss and the ex-boss have talked. So
far la the district leaders are concerned,
no stock has been taken in tha story of
Croker's taking hold of Tarumany."
t'nlted States Commissioner Rules
antes of Russians May Be
Ket Secret.
CHICAGO. Nov. S.-United States Com
missioner Foote had difficulty In restrain
ing an outburst of applause today when
he declared that Christian Rudnwlci, the
Russian revolutionist, need not divulge the
names of his comradea who had plotted
with him against the csar In Russia.
Attorney Rlgby for the Russian govern
ment. Insisted that these names be given
or all Rudowics' testimony stricken from
the record. Clarence Darrow of counsel for
the defense, wrathfully declared that the
evidence demanded had no bearing on the
case. T
The court'a ruling waa of vital Impor
tance to the defendant.
Edict Issued Fixing; Beginning mt
' Reign of Pn Yl for New 1
Year' Dny.
PEKING, Nov. .-An edict was Issued
today ordering tho necessary sacrifices pre
paratory to the ceremonlea of December 13
to mark the ascension to the throne of tho
infant emperor, Pu Yl. Another edict of
today flxea the beginning of thai Hsun
Hsuang Tung era (the reign of P4 TO fr
New Tear'a flay and aets forth that Pu Yl
makes hla ascension to the throne Imme
diately because, having received thla great
responsibility' from Kuang Hsu, the. lato
empenor, be must lose no time In under
taking It.
D. II DECK, llgr.
65) Ofll
' Ua 4LaV