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    The Omaha
AdvwrtU In
Best t'hn. West
The Holiday Handkerchiefs
Tele time by the forelock and buy Christmas Handkerchiefs early.
They are kMt bought now. Ws have Imported direct and save you
Jobbers' profits.
Pure Linen Handkerchief for
women luo, ISO, 260, 35o
Pure Linen Embroidered Hand
kerchiefs 16c, B6o, 3au, bOo
Linen Initial Handkrchlfs
' at l&o, a So, &o, BOe
Armenian lace trlmmid Hand
kerchief a. .. ,80, 750, $1 to 93
Duchesse Lace Handkerchiefs
at a, a.60, aj to aio
Linen Handkerchiefs
at 15c, BSo, 3So, BOe, 750
Linen Initial Handkerchiefs
at ISO. 880, 35o, BOo
Silk Handkerchiefs. .600, 75c, SI
Fine Imported Kid Gloves. 2-clap. gray, tan and white. $1 val..7o
Imported Cape Uloves, 1-daap. black or tan, 11.25 values 9M
Klbow length Cape Olovea, lined throughout with Mllanaise silk, Par:s
Point Kmby, t-clasp, pique or overseam atltch, best colors, all
IS values, at
150-Page Fashion Magazine for 5c
As fine a I5o fashion book aa m ever published. The Winter Quarterly
tyle Book, featuring every Ladles' Home Journal Pattern. Buy any loo pat
tern you like and thia handsome magtalne goes with it for five cents. Tell
about and Illustrates Latest Winter Fashion. Kmplre down. Fashions Tor
coming season. Fashions for boya and girls. Stencil Embroldeiy Designs.
Ideas In Needlework, Xmaa Suggestions, Ktc. Oet It at the patisrn counter.
II fllll: I
cially fine display Monday and week. New, fresh
cut, and beautiful.- LoweBt prices.
Wool Blankets 2.48
We put on sale two cases of fine large
heavy wool blankets Monday at an ex
traordinary low price. They come In
gray only, with bright borders; the"
stock In them is soft and fluffy; jubt
such a blanket as you would
expect for $3.50; while
tbey last at, pair
White Woolnap Blankets A cotton blanket
with the texture of all-wool, auft and dur
able, with silk edges, 3.uo ari 75
values pair. ,
MUSLIM 36-lneh, Bleached Muslin,
fine arsde, worth almost double
Monday, yard.
Main Floor, Rear.
Newest Furs
iAwk to Hennett's for fashionable furs. W
are now showing every late style from Ute
leading furriers. Christmas buying 1ms com
menced. Monday WpeolaV A genuine American Mluk Ret,
large 4 stripe pillow muff and 54-lneh throw
scarf; $50.00 value 939.60
ltlver Mink blended scarf ties, throws and muffs,
handsome piecea In the latest styles. The neck-
nieces are es.uu
' r I , m.,ff. r. SS.
Black Turs Fashion says they are correct We
have Mack French lynx, black martin, black
wolf, blsck fox and black real lynx scarfs and
rug muffs, each 96.00 to 966.00
Holiday Stationary
Another installment from our recent purchase
bi ought forward from stock room and offered Mon
day at unheard-of low prices.
Ail are attractively boxed for glft-glvlng.
26c boxes In one big lot, 1 Pretty holly boxes, with
on sale for 10c 1 high-grade, papers.. 3o
Anotl er table holds BOo Another lot embraces
nnd 75c boxes at... 990 boxes up to VI. 59-490
LIms Books Indestructible and washable, sold) last
for 25c, now. . .' ' ,iwo
OEB1ITT oral. A
handsomely Illustrated
T. ILUO, Augusta J.
Evans' great book,
now for the first time
at B60
book, formerly $3.00
our price oO
A memborhlp
.loin Dennett's tjite Fiction Llbrarv
nSe with a purchase of any late book at 91-03
Fine linens surprisingly priced. Our special
Thanksgiving offerings. The best time of all the
year to replenish your linen closet.
72-inch Bleached Table Damask, all linen, handsome
' patterns, our 80c line, at, yard 7So
Extra heavy double 8atln Damask, 72-Inch, magnifi
cent linens, worth $1.85 yard, for 91.33
Bleached all linen Drnner Napkins, 24-Inch, worth
$2.75 doaen, special 92-95
20-Inch all linen $1.65 Napkins for 91-39
Pattern Table Cloths, 2 yards square, our $'2.60
line, vry special 91.98
All other sixes reduced in same proportion. Napkins
to match all cloths.
Sale Ostrich. Plumes
$r Whatever You Miss, k"W5: &SkS hls mmense Pur" S
Don't Miss This Sale, Come and See IcSx: chase Goes on Sale Monday
y the Dig Display. JJ x and All Week. N
Never in Omaha Millinery Retailing Was There Such Another Sale
Here's and event planned and prepared for months ago. Several thousand magnificent Plumes from America's representative plume importers and makers.
Made especially for this sale in Omaha. The goods in this sale are not old brittle stock, with the life all sapped Out of the flues. They are soft and pliable
with a brilliant silky lustre, and with most graceful poise of any plumes ever turned out by expert makers and finishers. Exquisite willow effects with
thick drooping fronds. We bought theBe plumes at most wonderful price-saving ever known. Even at regular prices they would be cheaper than any ever
shown in Omaha this year. It's the greatest collection of plumes ever assembled In a single sale. It's the chance of a lifetime. Thousands have been at
tracted by the remarkable window display. Could you think of a more appropriate and pleasing Xmas Gift? Every size plume, every color. You cannot
fully reallze'the excellence of these bargains unless you come. Be early MONDAV. JUST A FEW EXAMPLES TO ILLUSTRATE.
12- inch' Plumes, always $1.75,
13- inch Plumes, always $2.25,
15-inch Plumes, always $2.75,
for .
Fine large $10.00 Plumes,
Handsome $16.50 French
Plumes, for
$22.50 Plumes, assorted
colors, choice
Dress Goods
A November Press Goods Sale that knows no
parallel for low pricing. And what makes tho
offering most attractive is the high quality and
desirableness of the good offered. Hundreds of
pieces; skirt and suit lengths to go like this ,
$2.50 Broad-
cloths, $3 Bilk I
Mixed Goods.
$2 Poplins, $0
Fancy Hroad-I
cloths, all colors
$1.60 Eroad-v
cloths. $1.26
811k and Wool J
Plaids. $1,501
B 1 a c k Voiles,
$1.25 Monalrs.
$1.50 Serges,)
Tafretas, Poplins
A Monday SUk Bargain
A very large lot embracing every kind of silk
worn this season, fancy and plain silks, every
$1.00 Messallnes, best colorings. . . ,
$1.00 Crepe de Chine, many shades.,
Taffetas and Peau de Cygne ,
$1.25 Plaids, brilliant colors
$1 black Taffetas and Peau de Sole J
Silk Velvets, factory ends up to 6 yards; every
shade, best $1.60 quality, yard 59t
Velvet Suitings, fancy effects, new greens and
browns, very fashionable, worth $1.60, our
price 69?
Dress Ginghams, choice new 15c styles for 7V4
Our Thanksgiving Sale
Pllfe f GUT GLASS Etc
Not a sale In name only but a sale with clean cut price reductions.
Thousand of pieces of very choicest genuine American Cut Glass, Etched
and Austrian Gold Glass ware, by far the largest collection ever shown
under one roof In Omaha, in a great sale Monday. Thanksgiving neds
are nowhere so advantageously purchased as at Bennett's.
Genuine American
6-lnch handled nappies, Bradbury
cut $2.98 value, at '. 31.08
Heavy cut, 8-inch Bowls, regular
$3.60 values .-. $1.75
Sugars and Creams, fine cutting,
per set $2.35
8-Inch deep Nappies, Paris pattern,
$4.50 value $2.08
Hlph shaped Sugars and Creams, at,
pair $1.50
Hose Bowls with gold framed mir
ror -.$2.08
Cut Jewel Boxes, silver trimmed,
t : $5.00
Footed Fern Dishes silver lining,
each ..$2.08
Sterling silver top Salts and Pep
pers, $1.50 value for $1.00
Cut Glass Water Tumblers, $4.60
values, dozen $2.50
Heavy Cut Water Tumbler, fan pat
tern, $8.00 value, dozen.. $3.50
Jnst In, every piece perfect;
Whiskey and Cordials, worth $2.60
dozen, each 10
Tumblers, full size, worth $3 dozen,
each 15
Wines, Cherries,, Cocktails, Claret,
Sherbets and Costard Glasses,
worth $360 and $4.00 dozen,
each '. . . .20
Hollow-stem Champagnes, Goblets,
Saucer Champagnes, Footed Sher
bets, also Ffrger Bowls and Plates,
worth to $6.00 a dozen, each 25
Made In Austria.
3.60 Candlt Sticks for
$7.00 Comports for..",....
$1.75 Rose Bowls for....
$4.00 Bowls, 7-inch, fancy.
$3.60 Fancy Vases for:'. . .
$1.00 Handled Nappies for
Heart Shaped Trays at.
fteauced Prices.
penlnsuiar btoves at lesA than evor
sold tor at this season ol yoai-. a
ii Grand Base Burner for 35
4 Peninsular Bane Burner for -8
$27 Art Base Burner tor a
$11 Home Oak Heater fur .
46c Planished Iron btoveplpe.. -3oo
Iron Stovepipe, joint .....ISO
And 10 Stamps. ,
Furnace Pokers ...'T-.tOo"
And 20 Stamps.
Stove Fokers. . i lOo
l And 10 Stamps.
Thanksgiving Needfuls
Food Chop per a
. Mo, $1.08, S1.38
40 buimps.
Brownie Double tor,,19o
All Enamel Boast
ers for 480
Savory Roasters,
up from 880
Link Roaster, up
from . ...,:1.7
40 Stamps with
any 48c or over.
All kinds. Bird
and flteak Carv
ers, price from
7 so to tia.
Double Stamps
with each set
Thanksgiving Sales
- fi Ark iMif
Dining Room
You don't buy to best ad
vantage if you fail to see
Jlennett's . stocks. We sell
furniture of the most sub- '
stantlal kinds for less than
you'll find elsewhere. Pays
to investigate.
This Handsome Table is firmly construct
ed of solid quartered oak. Massive pe
destal with arched and claw-foot sup
ports. Has a 45-Inch round top and ex
tends when opened to 8 feet. It's a
beauty and has a high piano polish.
Best $30.00 Table C1
in town ysmt.lJ
Ooldsn Oak Chiffonier As UlustrHted, is
of solid oak uml a handsome piece of
furniture for the dining- room. Don't
think you 11 see anythlng"
llke It under $25.00
Weathered Oak Dining Room Suites, true
. mission style, special until Thank
giving: 10 Off
We give Double Trading Stamps with
Furniture purchases Monday.
Toothsome Groceries for Thanksgiving
The Big Bennett Grocery eaters to your every requirement. The parity and wholesomeness of oar goods Is anq.aes
slonea. Xook to as for jroa supplies. 'PS one your order If more convenient. Deliveries always prompt.
Bennett's Golden Coffe, lb .26c And 20 Stamps
Teas, assorted, lb 4 8c And 40 Stamps
Pride of Bennett's Flour..,, $1.56 And 60 Stamps
Capitol Extracts, bottle 18o A nl 1 0 Stamps
Plum Pudding. Fr.-Amer., can 3"'c And 10 Stamps
Soups, Franco-American, qt 35c And 40 Stamps
Clam Chowder, large can 20o And 20 Slumps
Capitol Miicemeat, 3 pkgs 25c And lt (Stamps
New Raisins and Currants, lb 10c
New Evaporated Aprlcota, lb 12 Vic , ,
California Prunes, lb Dc N
Specially imported by us direct from Germany. Very
delicious, l&u and 25c dozen and 6o to $1.00 each.
Peanut Butter, 1 Jars
Tea Garden Preserves, Jar...
Hartley's Marmalade, Jar,..,
Ciackeio, large assortment...
Capitol Baking Powder, lb...
A. B. C. Catsup, bottle
Katavla Boiled Cider, bottle..
Full Creum Cheese, lb
, . .20c And 10 Stamps
, . ;30c And 10 Stamps
. . . 20c And 10 Stamps
, . . lOo And 10 Stamps
,-tc And 20 Stamps
. . .23c And 10 stamps
. . . 25e Anil 10 Stamps
. . . 20c And 10 Stamps
CANDY DEPT. In Grocery
New California Figs, pkg., 6c and 10c
Imported Figs, lb., lie, 20c and 25c
New Dates, per pound. loo
Suited Peanuts, per pound 10c
Mixed Canity. 10c, 12Vic and 15c
Dennetts For the Late Styles in
And still no let np to the incom
ing new fashions. The suit stock is
today as replete with new styles as
the early season's display, and it's
bringing the business. Those who
appreciate the new modes will find
abundant "choosing here Monday.
A striking new model just In Saturday, is
of finest broadcloth and serge, has a Iodk
4 8-lnch. snug-fitted coat with tucked and
turned cuffs and velvet collar; lined
throughout with striped silk. Has a 15-
gored skirt with wide welt seams, trim
med with satin buttons, and
loops. A rich refined model,
OXE I1ECK FItOCKS It s the reigning
fal and nowhere else will you find a bet
ter array of them. A new broadcloth frock
that clings snugly to the form Is just in,
had two rows buttons and loops down
front; Persian vest effect; new pointed
cuffs and Dlrectolre sash; comes in black,
navy, green, brown, smoke C C
and wistaria
LOXG COVERT COATH Full length, 54
lnch. models of finest hard-twist English
Covert, tight-fitting, seven welt seams. In
back; comes also in black
PANAMA SKlItTA new line and entire
ly new effects, all best colors
at $7.50 nd $8.03,
Net waists In gray, white and cream,
tailor pleats and fancy front or yokes;
tailored satin waists, button trimmed,
best colors $5.05
U flt 1 .1
I : ' N J
Former Populiit Leader Geti Fine and
May of Kieeslles Uraalea Vmtll Ie
. .tmker 1, ts Allow Prlswaer
. .-re His Affairs Bfre
Utss; Jail.
a...(i Edmisten of North Platte, tur
ner slate oil Inspector and former chair
man of the populist state committee,
pleaded guilty In fedoral court to 'a charge
f conspiracy to defraud the government
in Thomas county land deals and was fined
$1.(W and sentenced to four months In the
Uncoln county JaW-t North . Platte by
Judge W. H. Munger Saturday afternoon.
Bdmlston was Indicted by the federal
grand Jury In Omaha June 4, 1906. on three
counts of perjury, subornation' of perjury
and conspiracy, and on June 15, 1908, of
forgery In seeding to defraud the govern
ment out of use, title and possession to
large tracts of land In the North Piatt
land district
The case was called for trial February M,
1907, but the defendant failed to appear
and his bond of $5,000 was declared for
feited. On April $. of the same year, on
motion of bis attorneys and on proper
showing tho order of February M. forfeiting
bis bond was vacated.
The trial was set for some months later,
but the defendant was unable to appear
on account of Illness and the tease has
been continued up to the present time.
Nr. Edmislen "was is court with bis at
torneys, W. a Summers of Omaha and
E. B. Strode of Lincoln. Both attorneys
made an earnest plea for a light sentence
In view of the long publlo service of the
defendant and his hitherto good character.
I'ponthe reuuest of the attorneys for the
defendant, a stayiof execution was granted
until December 1. to enable the defendant
to arrange his affairs prior to entering
upon his term of Imprisonment. The Lin
coln county Jail was selected aa being the
present home of the defendant. The plea
of guilty was made upon one Indictment
tor conspiracy, the other indictments tor
perjury, summation of perjury and forgery
being dismissed by the United States dis
trict attorney.
Watertewa, . ll.f Clergyman Accepts
Call to Pastoral la
t Osaaha.
Rev. i. P. Clyde of Watertown, 8. P.,
haa accepted the call to the pastorate of
the Plymouth Congregational church,
Spencer street and Florence boulevard, and
will enter upon Ills new work the first
Sunday In December. He will aucceed Rev.
F. W. Leavltt, who resigned last July to
become principal of Franklin academy.
Since that time the church haa peon without
a pastor, the pulpit being supplied by other
Mr. Clyde, who Is at present paator of the
First Congregational church In the fourth
largest city in South Dakota Watertown,
with a population of about 1.000 will come
lo Omaha with a record of a good work
well done, and Plymouth church, the third
largest of the nine Congregational churches
In this city, looks forward to an era of
growth and good fellowship under his mln
Istry. The new pastor haa ministered to
the wauu of the South Dakota congrega
tion three years and seven 'months and dur
ing that time the mortgage and interest on
the church debt has been paid off, more
than one-half of the present church mem
bership has been added, and while the city
has Increased 3.000 In population, the church,
In point of membership, financial strength
and benevolences, has grown faster in
proportion to the new Protestsnt popula
tion. The church and Sunday school 'at
tendance have also Increased to a remark
able degree. This haa been done despite
differences in the church.
' That Mr. Clyde ia a fearless worker in
his chosen field of labor was not only
shown during his pastorate In Watertown,
but also In the address he made his people
when he read hla resignation to them last
Sunday. He lias all along ledl a fight
agalnat the gamblers and other social evils
In his home city, but In his resignation he
talked directly to the dissenters in the
church the moneyed interests who had
made, he said, the pastor's work all the
harder and thrown handicaps In his way.
Kalgkte Will Be la Omaha ss4 Their
Nasno Will Be la the Bis;
I Arch.
"K. of P.-Welcome." "
This will be the next lettering to appear
In the new welcome arch, across Farnam
street, by the city hall, and the city elec
trician haa the letters all ready to put
up on time, and not a day or two late as
has been tho oaae at other times by reason
of authority not having been given him to
procure them. The letters will be put, In
plsce on the arch Monday morning to wel
come the delegates who will come to the
city that day to attend the celebration of
the fortieth-anniverslty of the founding of
Pythlanlsm la the west.
Omaha Loan and Trust Company Will
Pay Dollar for Dollar.
Bevelver Shows by Statemeat Balance
Oafstaadlna- to Be S24,845, and
This Will Be Carefully
Creditors of the Omaha Loan and Trust
company, which failed six years ago, wlU
be paid 109 cents on the dollar. ' '
This gratifying condition Is disclosed in
the report of the receiver, William K. Pot
ter, which has been approved by Judge Ken
nedy of the district court. The report shows
the balance of claims now outstanding to
be $21,643.08 and Judge Kennedy has ordered
the receiver to pay theae In full on his
showing that there Is money enough In his
hands to do so. ,
Mr. Potter has practically wound up the
affalra of the company and the report made
Saturday is practically a final report,
though a subreport showing that the money
has been paid will have to be filed later.
All that remains now Is the puytaent of the
When the company failed six years ago It
had creditors scattered all over the county
and it was feared for a time they would
lecelve only a email proportion of their
money. Mr. Potter waa appointed receiver
hy the court and during his receivership he
has made cash collections amounting to al
most $1.WU.0!j0. He now has on hand a cash
balance of over $27,000, which Is more than
enough to wipe out all the unpaid indebted
ness. ' An unusual feature of the receivership is
also disclosed in the report. None of the
assets has been used to pay the expense of
the receivership. An Income has been col
lected from the business transacted which
after dedutting the total expense account,
the account for repair and care of the real
estate and the attorney's fees, leaves a bal
ance as profit to the assets of $JXuoo. This
has enabled the receiver to apply all the
assets and a little more on the payment of
Statement of Liabilities.
In the report the receiver calls the spe
cial attention of the court to the following
statement showing disposition" of liabilities,
as well as results attained during the re
ceivership: ''
Cash received from O.
L. 4 T. Co $ 4.417.26
Cash collections made
by receiver 1.8S9 031.67-$l,fc93,448 92
Cash disbursements by the re
ceiver under order of couit I,86ti,4i3.i
Cash now on hand 27,uuw.&i
laanuities poo, settled and otherwise ili'
pc sed ol ss fo.lows:
liuaianteed nilgi $2, 491,225. 00
Ji lls payabltt 2(l,i'KI .Si
Deben urn bonds Z.iJl.'jd
Encumbrance on com
pany n al estate
Gt n-ral rllma pay
able acrount
Otl er liabilities
Clairrs allowed by the
court (or whl h re
ceiver's reilif.cutes
vere issue,!
Allowed claims still
Allowed claims reduced by pay-
menu, ieu, fluents ana Ulvl-
deuUs declared
Other liabilities existing prior to
appointment of rei eiv.T. but not
shown on iompan'a books, paid
utuler order of couit
C arious I adertakera' algtaa.
There are tiiree undertakers' signs in
dlffeient parts of Philadelphia which have
(ailed forth both humoroua comment and
vigorous protest. The first Is of doubtful
stgnliicaju-e, the second brings a natural
fear of death to the reader, while the last
speaks of the ceremony attendant al daain
In the light of a formal farce. The first
sign is to be seen in the northern part of
Hie city, end reads: "A step In the Klght
Direction." One is' at a loss to know
whether this refers to death or the couish
of the surviving relatives. The second
sign sdvertises complete funerals at reason
able ratea and concludes: "We have done
It for otheia and tan do It for you. The
last sign advertises: A hall, a minister of
any denomination and every requisite for
a modern and up-to-date burial. Philadel
phia Record.
International Harvester Company
(eta Permit for Erection of
New Building;.
Building permits were issued by the city
building department Saturday for the erec
tion of the six-story brick warehouse of
the International Harvester company of
America, the permit calling for the ex
penditure cf $66,000 In the erection of the
building. The new warehouse will be built
on the south side of Capitol avenue, be
tween Eighth and Ninth streets, the found
daiicn for the structure being now nearly
con plete.
The Harvester company's warehouse will
have, a frontage of lao feet on the avenue
and will be 81 feet deep. It will be six
stories high above the founrtutl' nhnd will
be us near fireproof as It can ba made,
fireproof brick and concrete to be used in
its construotlon.
E. D. Plue of Chlce'eo Is the architect
and Mc-Ocwan & Jacobberger of Omaha
are the builders. The work of the super
structure will begin at once and will go
ahead rupidly despite weather conditions.
Other permits Issued Baturduy include
the following: W. II. Hatterothe, Thirty
fourth and Arbor streets, frame dwelling,
$6,000; D. V. Sholes company, Thlrty-fiftli
and Martha streeU, frame dwelling, $1,600;
U J. Nelson &. Co., Tenth and Seward
streets, frame shed, $o00.
Is to love children, and no
home can be happy without
rJAxr "" "" them, yet the ordeal through
of C ATATTTlTTiTI?' which thc expectant mother
GA Mlil U J l?fLLhmust Pas usuay so full
V. w of suffering and dread that
she looks forward to the hour with apprehension. Mother's Friend,
by its penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea, nervousness,
unpleasant feelings, and so prepares'the system for the ordeal that
she passes through the event -
with but little
numbers have
: J .L. :
oaiu, u is wui in its wcigni in - - s
book coaiaiuiag valuable In
formation mailed free.
Adesta, C,