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I Roller thinfrs tn nnt fnr m mnnnv
, - ' wm-W- J nk may a nap w sj sj mwwr W mar D ,":.. T-' ' ' WM fv 1
Office 15 Scott Street.
Dvls, drug
Stockert "Mils carpets. ' . (
Bd Rogers, Tony Faust beer.
KTmrl piano tuning. Hospe. 'Pho'n M4.
, Lewi Cutler, funeral director, 'Phone V.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. S3.
Th weather la fine. Drop In and aea
Hunter. '. -''
C. C. Haynea, funerai director and era
balmer, lol Broadway.
Photography supplier New goods. New
price. Alexander's, 33J Broadway.
Bluff City Maaonlc lodge will meet this
""'"i ai o ciock lor work In the first
dec. .. .
Lffert' Invisible Bifocal lenses are'the
treat est boon waarera of glasses have ever
The 11-year-old aon of A. Daniel Perry,
1211 Fourth avenue, who was reported to
tha police a few daya ago as missing from
hie borne, waa found last evening hiding
in a dugout not far from his home.
Tha Board of Park Commissioners held
a special meeting yesterday to receive bids
for tha Ice privileges at Big lake. The only
bid received waa from the Kloomer Arti
ficial Ice company, which offered tioti for
tha year' lease. - The board deferred action
until next Monday, when It will meet again.
Chart Cullen Smith, the evangelist, will
address a meeting for men Sunday after
noon at 1:30 o'clock -In the First Congrega
tional church. He will tell the story of
"Win McClure; the Rescue of a Railway
Engineer." There will be special mualo by
a mala chorus,, which will render a number
of railroad songs. ,
Dr. Quy Carleton Lee ' of Baltimore de
livered hi lecture, "When the People
Waka," to a good-alsed audience last night
In tha auditorium of the high school build
ing. Tha lecture, which waa under - tha
auaplcea of tha Woman's Christian associa
tion and for the benefit of the Jennie Ed
mundson Memorial hospital, proved most
Rev. Henry Defying performed the mar
riage ceremony, yesterday for Ben Frerlchs
of Goodland, Kan., and Katie Unger of
McOnok, Neb., and Howard Cowlrs of Sil
ver City, la, and Maud Johnson of Beat
rice. Neb. - The first couple was married
In Rot. Henry DeLong'a office at the court
house and the second couple at the DeLong
mission, 1024 Avenue F.
Tha body of tha late Lieutenant E. A
Bloom, grandson of Henry Paschel of this
city, who was Killed sepieniDer 27 in me
Philippines, arrived here last evening
enrouta to Washington, V. C, where the
fnneral-will-take -place about Deeember -1
The body waa accompanied by Mrs. Pauline
Bloom, widow of Lieutenant Bloom; Mrs.
H. B. Bulng, daughter of Mr. Paschel. and
Lieutenant Kelley of the Fourth infantry,
United States army.
Arthur Mass, member of a well known
family of Treynor, waa arrested yesterday,
charged with forging the name of his
mother to a note for 35. The Information
waa filed by Thomaa Flood, cashier of the
Treynor bank, and the young inrin was
taken into custody by Deputy Sheriff Wool
man. Maaa waa arraigned yesterday after
noon before Justice Obopcr.and his hear
ing sat for next Friday. In default of a
ball bond Masa waa aent to the county
Charlea Dobbin proprietor of an express
wagon service, was aummoned before Jua
tta Cooper to show cause why he should
not be punished for keeping his 12-year-old
aon, Albert,-out of school.' The complaint
was filed by R. Herner, truant officer. It
, stated that the boy had been absent
f mm school eight days glnce the commence
ment of tha - school year. Dobbins ex
plained that the boy had been kupt from
school only when hei -the father, was sick
and unable to drive the wagon. Th case
waa continued for. a week,. Dobblna prom
ising that -the bo would be sent back to
school Monday. . .
Thanksgiving, will soon be here. We are
rrepared to serve you' with the best poul
r sucar ae turkey a. geese, ducks and
chickens. For today we have dressed chlck
ns, per pound, 124 cents; picnic hams,
fcter pound. cents; Diamond C hams, per
7tKund. 15 cents. We have good mine meat,
per pound, 10 cents; Trinity church ladies'
mince meat, per pound. 15 cents; large
bulk ollvea, celery and fresh oysters. Our
rmw canned goods have arrived. Council
Bluff corn, per case, S1.V6; canned peas,
per case, S2; tomatoes, pr case, I2.86; fancy
canned pineapple, large can, per can, 30
cents. Orangea are getting aweeter, large
onea only 80 centa .per dozen. Also bananaa
and grapea. Leave your order early for poul
try and get first pick. Remember, we make
a trip to the west end every day. L. Green,
1M Broadway.
We are getting our eyatera direct from
th Nw York oyater beds. They are not
kept In cold storage, but they are pecked
In th Sealshlpt vessels with lc packed on
th outside. They do not become water
oakad Uk th common tub oysters. One
pint will go as far aa a quart of the ortll
nrv kinf and the flavor 1a all retained.
You can ae the difference. Morrell'a mince
meat, two pounds for 25 cents. We now
bavn halibut chunks, 20 cent a pound;
cranberries. .12 cents quifrt; Citron. 3S
cents a pound; lemon peel, 35 cents pound.
We have seedless raisins, 18S cents pound.
We are making a aala today on pineapple
eubee; they are very awell. To make it
Interesting w will sell them at IS oents
per can. W have made arrangement with
eur farmer Customers to dress our Thanks
giving poultry, so we will be Insured to
Eave ail young poultry. . Bartel & Miller,
telephone K. '
Recital at St.' Fraael' Academy.
A pleasing rwltal, embracing both
vocal tand Inatrumental numbera, waa
given laat evening before a good-slxed
audlanc In tha auditorium of th In
stitution by th pupil of St. Franel
academy. That of laat evening, it I said,
waa th flrt of a erie of recital to be
given during th chool year.
This waa th program:
To St. Cecilia Lam'olllotU
Vocal Class. ' L '.
Allegretto Haydn
- Mabel Henderson. " ' ,
Vale. Op. 14, No. 1 Chopin
Winifred Leahey.
Butterfly Merkel
Mabel Van Brunt.
Recitation The Roman Architect
Katharine Uullfoyle. ' . . ,
Vala .Kowalskl
France Gallagher.
Vocal Claaa.
Spring Song
Agnea Carey.
I.uclle McAtee.
MuslO of the Heart
Clementina Gaunella.
Second Vala
Clara Gallagher.
Ruatl of Spring
Murrel Boyor.
Dora Bella
Anna McGuckln.
Good Night
Vocal Class.
.. .Godard
,. .Binding
Loese horn
, .Emerson
Marriage Lleeaae.
Licenses to wed wer Issued yesterday to
th following:
Nam and Residence.
C M. Anderson. Council Bluffs..
H. M. Thomaa, Council Bluffs....
Howard Cowles Silver City, la...
Maud Johnson. Beatrice, Neb......
Ben Frerich. Goodland. Kan
Katl Unger, McCook, Neb
, 2:
.... 24
.... 21
.... II
.... K
Cora plat guitar outfit, guitar caa. aet
strings and Instruction book, all complete
for IT.. A Hosp Co.. Pearl St., 28 8?
Main St.. Council Bluffs. Ia. Call or write
fop price and description. .
Twenty Yanra f llmnsnsfal ITastasn
Ks eonnoetUii with tit tlraa Utag tl innhi I th Clarh Mttmm Cx
Both 'Phones 43.
Annual Convention of lows. District
Hold Two Sessions.
Twnlr-Two Delegate from a Maay
Charges la Atteadaaee Seaatoaa
', tt'onclea with Service
Sanday Ereslsg,
The annual convention of tha Iowa dis
trict of the United Danish Lutheran
church opened yesterday In the Danish
Lutheran church at th corner of Ninth
street and Avenue A with an attendance
of, twenty-two delegates from the
churches in Iowa and South Dakota. At
the afternoon session Rev. Hans Jvlelsen
of Boomer township was elected chair
man and Rev. S. Andersen of Rolfe, la.,
Rev. Mr. Nielsen preached the sermon
at the opening service in the morning and
at the service In the evening brief ad
dresses were made by several of the
visiting ministers. The afternoon meet
ing was devoted to buatness, Including the
election of officers. The question of local
missions is th most Important matter
before the convention and some action is
looked for today.
At o'clock this morning ther will
be a special ministers' meeting and at
10:20 the convention will resume it busi
ness session. The afternoon will be de
voted to bualnss and In the evening there
will be a reaular church service. Th
convention will close Sunday evening.
Claim that River Barks lT and Flood
- .
A number of Interested property owners
appeared before the supervisors of Potta
wattamie and Harrison counties, who held
a Joint session aa a drainage board In this
city yesterday afternoon, apd complained
of conditions existing as trie result of no
embankments or levees having, been con
structed At the point where the Boyer ditch
empties into the Missouri river. For a con
siderable distance the water from the upper
part of the district cuts ' Its own way
towards the river, making excavation by
the contractor unnecessary. As there was
no excavation work, consequently there
were no leeves thrown up at the sldeof the
ditch, and when the river backed up the
adjoining land was flooded.
Th supervisor wer not certain as to
their rlghta-in th matter. They wanted to
learn before taking any action whether
they had the right to order the construc
tion of protecting levees now that the drain
age contract waa completed, so they referred
It to W.' H. Klllpack, special attorney, for
th drainage board.
M. Palmer of Pottawattamie county and
Fred McEwen of Harrison county were ap
pointed appraisers to assess damagea In
connection with the construction of the
Boyer ditch extension to Logan. This ditch
w ill be known' aa aubdiatrlct No. 1. ...
Tit Joint board adjourned to December
18, t which time It expect to take-action
In he matter" of the Boyer levees.
Cosipasf Expert to Complete This
.Work In Thirty Days.
. (trading for the extension of the street
car Una to the Iowa School for the Deaf
Is well under wsy, and according to Gen
eral Manager W. A. Smith of the Street
Railway company that part of th work
of conatructlon will be completed In about
thirty days, providing the weather condi
tions are favorable.
Work waa begun at th west end of th
line at a point about a quarter of .a mil
south of the city limits. There is little cut
ting to be don along, th right-of-way, It
being necessary to grade up th track
about three' feet moat of th distance.
Th Independent Transportation company
Is negotiating with A. J. P. Bertschy, gen
eral' manager of the motor company, re
cently organised by local men, with a view
to putting a car with a capacity of about
fifteen paaaengera on McPherson nnd Ben
nett avenues and Harrison street. This car,
If an agreement is reached between th
company and Mr. Bertschey, will be put
into service aa an experiment to aacertaln
what patronage It will receive from th
residents of these districts which are with
out street car facilities
Real testate Transfers.
Thess transfer were reported to The Be
November 20, by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
Freida Oodburgen, single, to Augusta
oedburgen, lota 13, 14, la in diock
M in Ferry addition to Council
Bluffs, a. e. d t 1
R. V. Innes and wife to Niels Jensen,
part of lot 1' Aud'a subdivision or
sa4 of 24-74-44; part of lot 20
auo s subdivision ot set ek4
24-T5-44. s. w. d
Trustees of Scandinavian Lutheran
church to Niels Jensen, lot 10 In
block 30 of Howard's addition to
Council Bluffs, except railroad, w. d
Benjamin 8. Baker and wife to Min
erva A- Gell, lota 3 and 4 in block
12 In town of Avoca, w. d
F. H. Stow and wife to M. H. Ver
poortan. lot s In block 3. In Jack
son's addition to Council Bluffa,
w. d
Treasurer of Pottawattamie county,
Iowa, to Benjamin Fehr Real Ks
tate company, lot In Aud'a sub
division of iu,l4 nw4 ot 31-75-43, tax
d. correction
Same to aatne; lot 1 In block 12 ex
cept railroad In Howard's addition
to Council Bluffs, lot 1 In Aud's
subdivision of so 4 nwV, of 21-76-43.
tax d. correction .
Total, fiv transfers
N. Y. Plumbing Co.. Tel. HO. Night, F-170.
Matter la District Conrt.
Henry Wohlers, Fred Rebehn and Mik
Davey wer arrested yesterday under an
Indictment on the charge of malicious de
structlon o? properly. The defendant wer
members of a party of young people who on
the nlsht of October 27 went to the horn
of R.- T. Ward in Bloomer township to
charivari Arthur C. Ward and bride. Th
detendanta. It ia alleged by member of
the Ward family, demanded $6, presumably
to buy aomethlng with which to drink the
health of th bride and groom. Tha Wards
refuaed to diaburse and the detendanta,
ho. It la alleged, war armed with shot
guns, vented their anger at being refused
by ahootlng Into tha bouae. Each ot the
defendant furnished a bond In the sum of
pno for hla appearance In court.
Mr. Mary Black filed suit for divorce
from Sherman Black, to whom ahe was
married September 1, 103. In thla city.
Sh allege that treating her In a cruel and
Inhuman manner he finally deserted her
on October 18, 1K04, alnc which tlm he
has not heard of or from him.
City Solicitor Kimball returned from Dta
Moines Thursday night and the trial of tha
damage suit of Charles Carlisle against the
city of Council Bluffs and Contractor E.
A. Wlckham was resumed yesterday before
Judge Oreen and a Jury.
Cooeerts for If orttraltaral Coagreas.
On of the entertainment features of -the
National Horticultural congress will be the
concerta by Prof. A. A. Covalt'a band of
thlrty-on pieces. Concerts will be given
every afternoon and evening during the
week of the congress In the auditorium.
Prof. Covalt la now engaged in assembling
his men and has slready contracted with
a number of the best band men In the west.
One of the soloists secured Is T. Fred
Henry of Des Moines Whom Mr. Covalt de
clare to be one of the best cornetlst In
th country.
Work on the auditorium Is proceeding
rapidly and without the slightest Interrup
tion, The roof trusses sre all In position
and enough of the sheathing has been laid
to permit of th roofers commencing work
Monday. '
An Important meeting of the directors and
chairmen of committees of the National
Horticultural congress Is scheduled for this
evening at headquarters. As there are
many matters upon which action must be
taken. General Manager F. I Reed Is
anxious for a big attendance.
Inspeetlag School for Deaf.
John T. Hamilton of Cedar Rapids, John
Cownle of South Amana and Gifford S.
Robinson of Sioux City composing the Stat
Board of Control spent yesterday at the
Iowa School for the Deaf. The members
of the board were accompanied by Henry
F. Llebbe, stste architect. The board la
on It a regular tour of inspection of state
Institutions. ,
While at the school the board took up
the matter of granting the street railway
company the right-of-way through a corner
of the Institute grounds. It Is understood
that the board acted favorably on the
propositions, all of th member expressed
themselves aa deeply gratified that the long
promised street car service to the school
was now about to be secured.
Superintendent Robert entertained the
members of the board at luncheon, other
Bursts belns State Senator C. O. Saunders
and Victor E. Bender.
Attorneys Declare John M. Brown
Was Defending; Crippled Wife.
LAKE CITY, la., Nov. 21. Speclal.)
Wlth little trouble a Jury was secured In
the trial at Rockwell City of the aged
John M. Brown, on the charge of murder.
Only thirty member of th venire were
The plan of th defense waa outlined by
the attorney for the 72-year-old prisoner
this afternoon. M. F. Healy of Fort Dodge
made the statement for hla client and de
clared, that the evidence would declar the
Justification for th killing of the young
Mr. Brown by her father-in-law.
Th defense claims that during the two
or three yare that the aged father and
mother lived in the home of their son In
Man aon. th daughter-in-law pursued a pol
icy of cruel treatment toward- th mother,
who I a cripple. Evidence will be, offered
to show that on th day of th crime th
father was .aroused by the crlea of. his
helpless wife upstairs. 8ha shouted for
help and he rushed up, and, the defense
claims, found Mrs. Brown In the closet
and the daughter-in-Uw attacking her.
Attorney Healy atated th evidence would
how th aged man struck at the young
woman with an Indian club and was forced
to protect his own peraon. .
Neither Danajeroaaly Wonnded and
Latter Landed In Jail.
FORT DODGE. Ia.. Nov. a. (Special
Telegram. Marshal Victor Gabrlelson of
Dayton and John Winter of Bokholm, ex
changed eleven ahot during an argument
following a row ralaed by Winter in the
telephone office Thursday night. Gabriel
son waa wounded twice In the leg just
above ' the kne and tn the shoulder.
Winter was shot in the hand, in the arm
and was graied by bnllnts causing a scalp
wound and a alight Injury on th abdomen.
Winters was locked tn tha Dayton jail.
Last night while there, 1, is guards saw htm
pick the lock and make his exit, but put
him back In again. He 1 now In tha
county Jail her. Winters participated In
a ahootlng acrape fourteen years ago In
which Marshall Larscn of Dayton was
killed, yis brother. Pari Winter was aent
to the penitentiary on charges ot malici
ous mischief.
Minister Rendered Speechless.
MARSHA LLTOWN, la., Nov. 21.-(Spe-
clal.) Rendered dumb and forever speech
less, la th fate that ha befallen Rev.
J. G. Van Ness, D. D., formerly presiding
elder of the Marahalltown district of the
Upper Iowa Methodist conference, and a
preacher who has a' number of important
charges In Iowa, Including, this city, Mason
City, Clinton, Cedar Rapid and Boon.
Rev. Mr. Van Neaa recently underwent an
operation for cancer of th throat. It was
necesaary to remov on vocal cord and
part of another. Rev. Van Neaa I now
residing on a farm near Mount Vernon, Ia.
I.a Follette on Old Them.
MARSH ALLTOWN, la.. Nov. 21.-Spe-otal.l-Senator
Robert M. La Follette of
Wlaconain, In a lecture delivered In tht
city Thursday on "Representative Govern
ment," flayed the truata, conaolldatlon and
merger, and charged them with corrupting
government and Intimidating, inducing and
ven buying legtalatora for their purpose.
H predicted that the people of this coun.
try would eventually have to either bow to
th will of th money interests or subdue
them, or the control of corporations. would
pas under the direct management of the
Fraaer Man Shoot Marshal.
WEBSTER CITY. Ia.. Nov. 21 (Special
TeUgram.) John Winters of Fraser, while
drunk and resisting arrest, shot Marshall
Gabrlelson of Dayton twice last night,
one In tha leg and once In th shoulder
Th marshal! returned th fir, ahootlng
Winter In the arm and hand. Winter Is
In custody. Both men will probably re
cover. Man Wanted In Mlsaonrl Held.
BOONE. Ia.. Nov. 21.-8pclal Telegram.)
Fred Bailey, wanted In Milan. Miaaourl
charged with attempted murder and se
duction was arrested here in a resUursnt
last night by Chief of Police Jones. When
arrested h confessed all to tha police. Ha
shot his wife three times, one bullet put
ting out one of ber eye. Bailey waa taken
back to Milan today.
By ualng th varloua department of Th
Bo Want Ad page yeu get th beat results
at th least xpn.
Pardon Board Will Take Until Jan
nary to Consider Their Cases.
Governor Cnmmlns Declare HI
Intention I Do All In III Power
to Heal Factional Differences
In Repnhllcan Party.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Ia., Nov. 21. (Speclal.)
The Ratnsbargers. serving life sentences. In
prison, sre not to know their fate until
after a new governor takea his seat. Today
the pardon board decided that th rasa had
not been sufficiently Investigated 'for a
conclusion and the case was deferred until
the January meeting. The Ralnabargers,
former head of a noted gang cf hors
thieves, made a fine presentation of their
ae and have raised a doubt as "to th
certainty of their guilt. Some time ago
members of the board personslly visited th
scenes of the crimes and secured Informa
tion as to the feelings of the people. It
Is regarded as certain the Ratnsbargers
will be released, but not immediately.
The parol board today want .over tha
esse ot George Weenis with th governor
and In this rase It la quite probable that
decision will .be rendered soon.
The governor hss personally received
plea In the matter ot the application for
pardon of W. A. Richards, formerly Deputy
United States marshal, serving an eighteen
year term. Judge McPherson and offlcerj
of the federal court are asking for this
Iown Wants Advertising; Agent.
On of the subjects considered most serf
ously today at the meeting of the Iowa
Stat Dairy association was that of having
Iowa secure a good advertising man e
peclally to set forth the agricultural posal
billties of the state and to show to the
world what Iowa can do In dairying. The
suggestion cam from th editor of a dairy
paper and was taken up enthusiastically
by the members. The plan, which Is not a
new one. Is to to enlarge the State Agri
cultural department that It can get all.the
Information relating to these various sub
jects and disseminate the same. It 1 cer
tain that at the coming session of the legla
lature a move will be made to enlarge the
appropriation for th agricultural depart
ment and to authorize a considerable ex
tension of the activities of th department.
Short Coarse Extension Work.
The Dairy association In session at
Waterloo adopted resolutions recommending
that the state legislature appropriate not
less than $10,000 yearly to hold ahrt
courses In dairying throughout the suit
and to conduct educational meetlnga. It
asked the general assembly to make an ap
propriation to provide reasonable com
pensation to owner of cattle slaughtered
after having been tested and condemned
as being tuberculous, to enact a law pro
hibiting discriminations on prices paid for
milk, cream and butter fat by any
creamery In th state, and urges congress to
maintain duties on dairy and farm pro
ducts. Threaten to End HI Life-
The threat of an Omaha man to kill film
self -did .not deter Judge McPherson from
sentencing Mm to prison. . The man was
Eldon M. Tucker, formerly postmaster at
Brooks, Ia., who pleaded guilty to em'
besalement of . postofflc funds. When th
case was called some time ago Tucker' at
torney pleaded that he was 111 and couM
riot come. Investigation ahowed this was
hot quite true and the, case was called.
Tucker I bookkeeper for the Omaha A
Council Bluff Ice company. He aent word
today that If he was sentenced to Jail h
would cut hla throat and hi mother mad
a plea for him with tears. He got, a year
and a half aentence.
Canaisi Deflnea Hla Poller.
In a letter sent to a personal friend who
had congratulated him on hla success as
a candidate for senator, Governor Cummins
wrote as follows, thus defining his atti
tude and policy:
I Intend to do all f can to make fac
tional dlfferencea In 4owa a memory only:
I want to ae tha party absolutely united,
going atralght along the path of good gov
ernment. If I can merit and hold the con
fidence, you have so generously given me.
In the future, it will add much gratification
to my political life.
Cnndldnte for Swiss Mission.
S. H. M. Byers, of this city, formerly and
for many years In tha United States con
sular service. Is an active candidate for
appointment aa United State minister to
Swltserland. H Is of a literary turn, and
ha written much for tha papers and
magaslnea, but ha taken little part In
politics. It I probable Iowa will have no
other candidate for any foreign position.
Epworth Lenarn Meeting;.
Over 500 delegates from all over tha
atata will assemble In Des Moines Thanks
giving day for the first btennlel convention
of th Iowa State Epworth league to be
held hers for four daya. Some of th moat
noted speaker in the country will be here,
chief among them Dr. J. M. Buckley, editor
of th New York Christian Advocate. Cap
tain Jack Crawford, th poet scout, and
on of th moat Interesting chsrscters on
the lecture platform, will addreaa a men'
meeting. Captain Crawford was with
Custer at hi famous laat fight.
lawn Now Note.
CRBBTON A number of rases of scarlet
fever are reported at Cromwell and several
families are under quarantine for the dis
ease and th school have been closed for
a time.
ATLANTIC -John C. Voorhees has filed
his expense account In the' office of tha
county auditor, stating hia expenses In the
recent race for representative. The state
ment show that he spent $1,440.
IOWA CITY Herman Laufer, a well
known pioneer of Iowa City and a resident
her tor several decadfcs, died yesterday
afternoon at the hospital at th age of 69
yeara. He waa a harness maker.
FAIRFIELD Ms Farley, on of the
victim of th supposed epidemic at
Corning, whose life was despaired of for
a time, has recovered sufficiently to re
sume his duties In th drug store of the
late Dr. Potter at that place.
CRE8TON Whll hunting Thursday,
Ray McNeer of Mllo was shot through the
arm by the accidental discharge of his
gun. He waa crawling through a fence
when th hammer of his gun caught and
dlacharged the weapon. It Is thought the
arm may be saved, as the bona was not
seriously Injured.
ATLANTIC Teaterday in Omaha oc
curred the marriage of Frank W. Whit-
comb and Mlaa Mabel Oothard, both of
thla city. Frank W. Whltcomb I a well
known actor and baa lived hero alnce hla
boyhood and Miss Oothard has also grown
up here.
CRESTON Th country horn of John
Ellis, In Dodge township, was burned
Wednesday. Only a few articles In the
lower rooms wer saved. Tha loss will be
complete, as th Insurance on the house
hsd expired about two weeks ago nd had
not bevn renewed.
MARSHA LLTOWN Albert Borrenaun. a
prominent young man of Avoca. 19 years
old, lias been lying In his room unconscious
for three days and three nlghta and the
physicians sre not able to determine th
cause of his strange malady. Sorrenaon
complained ef feeling slightly 111. when he
retired Monday night. When efforts were
mad the following morning to arouae him,
they failed, and he has not yet regained
hla naea.
ATLANTIC Sunday the local lodge of
Knight of Columbus will have a grand
Initiation ceremony, which will b followed
Douglas 647
Rewtanrmnt on 2d
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vhI Fresh Strawberries
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Alegatan Pears
Mail Orders Will Receive Careful and Prompt Attention.
17th and Ointirey.& 2X. nth and
Douglas. i uk Douglas.
Private Telephone Exchange Connects All Departments.
Fifty Leading Newspapers
located where the population is the thickest, as shown by this map, form
They are the newspapers with whom advertisers and agents have no trouble
because their rates are invariable and their treatment of customers uniform.
7' : t T-'v G M J J
( f j j X i J S-
V. l " I ' a" zsrr
r--u - V-sU-v'n
Albany Journal
Atlanta Journal
Boston Glob
Brooklyn Eagl
Brooklyn Timet
Cracago Daily New
Chicago Record-Hera!1
Chicago Tribune
- Cleveland Leader
Cleveland Newt
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Des Moinc Capital
Df Moines Reg i Iter 4- Leader
If your goods are thoroughly distributed, take this list under consideration
and if you want any information write The Daily Club, 901 World Building,
N. Y. Gity. k
by a banquet. At thla time they will take
Into the lodge forty-one new members from
th territory surrounding this city. At the
banquet, which will be held In the evening
at tho Mtsonlo hall, John P. Tlnley of
Council Bluffs will be the toastmaster, and
a good program ha been arranged for the
rest of the evening.
MARSH ALLTOWN Charles 8. Walters,
who for eighteen years haa been connected
with tha Iowa Central, and who for moat
of that tlm has been district passenger
agent, with headquarter tn Peoria, haa
resigned, effective December 1. Mr.
Walters will then go to Salem, Ore., to
become connected with the Oregon Electric
company. Mr. Walters Is very well known
In railroad circles, In Iowa, where h lived
until a few year ago.
FAIRFIELD Fifty farmers of this (Jof
ferson) county have banded together tn
prosecute all huntera found on their lands
because of disastrous fires which have oc
curred ther recently nd are supposed
to be caused by the carelessness of hunt
era. The farmers derlare the hunters
have become a nuisance and they do not
propose to put up with It longer. One hun
dred and fifty acrea of corn, millet, pas
ture and timber land was recently burned,
entailing a loss of $1,000.
CRBSTON A queer coincident In name
ha Just been discovered In th marriage
of a Clarion dontist, who beara tho sums
name as the president's son, Theodore
Roosevelt, Jr., son of Theodora Roosevelt
of Ackley, who was married to Mlaa Dot
Sou Its of Ackley Wednesday. The young
man with tho president's name la a grad
uate of the Ackley achoola and later was
a atudent at the state university and now
follows tha profession of dentist.
GRINNBLL A man calling himself
William 8. Powell and claiming Oahkoah,
Wis., a hla home had hia preliminary
hearing thla afternoon in tha court of
Justice J. F. Wllaon of this olty on the
charge of assault on th person of Miss
Larsen, a domestic In the employ of B. H.
Bpaulding. and waa bound over to the
grand Jury. Powell Is one of the canvassers
of the city In the Interest of a feather
renovating and mattress making business
temporarily tn th city.
IOWA CITT A rewrd of H ha been
offered by Sheriff Black of Washington
county for the arreat and conviction of the
perann or peraona who blew up the aafe in
the Prenyl store at Riverside, night before
last. Ro fsr no traces ot the robbers haa
been found.
MARSH ALLTOWN Flv months of being
an old man'a darling waa enough for Mrs.
Josephine Peterson of Kensett, aged tt.
wife of John Peterson, a rich property
holder, aged 63. Mrs. Peterson petitioned for
rjii alimony, but the coutJ granted her
but IU.O00. The petition for a divorce was
granted at Mason City yesterday.
IOWA CITT-"Dark Pances." the Jov of
the young men and women in the lorn a
City High school, are no more If th edict
of Superintendent H. E. Blackmar iaaued
vesterdav Is followed. In a letter to the
fathcre and mothers of Iowa City he tells
them It Is "up to them" to prevent the
pleaaura-lovlng porjlon of tha hlah school
1 . : Vt
Imported Endive
Fresh Mushrooms
English Hothouse
New1 Nuts, Figs, Dates
Houston Post
Indisnapolit Nwt
Jrsy City Journal
Kansas City Star
Uuiivill Herald
Lowell Caurwr-Citizan
Minneapolis Journal
Minneapolis Tnbun
Montomery Advertiser
New Bedford Standard
New York Evening Post
N. Y, Journal of Com meres
N. Y. Staati-Zeitung
New York Time
Oakland Enquirer
Oil City Derrick
Omaha Be
Ottawa (Ca.) Evening Citizen
Pittsburg Gazott Time
Pmsburg Chronicle Telegraph
Portland (Or) Journal
Reading Pa , Eagl
Richmond Tim-Dispatch
Ssn Francisco Call
Sl Joseph Nsw-Pr
student body from turning off practically
all th lights when the Blow, dreamy
waltae are played by the orchestras. The
board and superintendent will not Interfere,
but they wish to Inform the parents of the
"doings" of their children.
FORT DOnQB-The work of transferring
the furnishings of tho state home for un
fortunsta girls, maintained by the Women'
Christian Temperance union, from th
abandoned horn In De Moines to tha homo
here recently devded by "Father" L. S.
Coffin, ha been completed. The name of
the now home has been changed from
Hop Hall to Benedict Homo, In memory
of Mary Chase Coffin, "Father" Coffin'
first wife. Seventeen Inmatea are en
aconced In th new home that la being set
tled a faat a possible. Miss Qarrlaon,
the superintendent, declare that the place
Is well suited to Its new usage and Is very
grateful to Mr. Coffin.
CRBBTON Judge Evnne In the district
court her . yeaterdsy nipped a habess
corpus proceeding In the bud for John Tet
ter, a resident of Parnell, Mo.k charged
with the crime of felonious aaaault upon
the peraon ot Thurmin Rarlork In a Jus
tic' court at Maryvllle, Mo. He waa ar
rested at Bedford by Sheriff Humphrey
and was being held for the sheriff of Nodn
wsy county, Missouri. While extradition
papers were being awaltod from Oovernor
Cummin. Tetter began habeas corpus
action at Bedford. Judge Evans wss Im
mediately notified and ordered the accuaed
man brought here and placed him unrir
11,000 bonds for an appearance at th
coming aesslon of court at Bedford.
FORT DODO B The federal grand Jury
Thuraday reported four Indictments. Iris
Doutrlch of Mason City waa aentenced to
a year In the penitentiary and fined I W0
for robbing th poatoffire at Thornton and
the Oreat Western atatlona at Thornton
and waledale. Han Johnson of Fertile
was fined SluO for having atolen 13 from
the till of the Fertile pnstoffice. Kdward
Lower, a Hampton youth, was sentenced to
a year In the Fort Leavenworth, Kan.i
penitontlary for having opened mall be
longing to another that was put Into hla
bog by mistake. The aentence was re
mitted on Lower's good behavior. Mlaa
Hilma Oleaon of Bancroft wa given a
fine of U for mailing an obscene postcard.
Governor Haskell Will Ask Hearst
gait Do Retaraed Ther by
Ol'THRIE, Okl., Nov. a. -Governor Ha
kell aid today that on th first
day of th next federal court term
at Omaha hla attorneys will ask
that his damage ault for 1600.000
against William Randolph Hearst b r-
manded to th tat court for trial. I
November T. Mr. Hearst transferred th
case to th federal court. If the federal
Ind. al216
Open from 7 a. in
to T p. in.
Saturday from 7 a.
m. to 9 p. m.
Suckling Piga
St Paul Dispatch
St Paul Pionear Press
Seattle Post-lmclligencar
Springfield Repubhcan
Springfield Union
Springfield (III.) Register
Spokane Spokesman Review
Terr Haute Tnbun
Toronto Glob
Trenton Timet
Troy Record
Wamington Star
Judg denies th request of Haskell'
lawyer, tha governor believes th cao
will then be aet for trial. He say
way of knowing when th federal .court
term begin. H Inalats th Asa Will ba
Secretary ' Straa Develop Ceaer
henalv Plam Walca Will B
Aaasssceg Hooa.
WASHINGTON, Nov. il.-AU th Dum
ber of th cabinet attended the regular
meeting today except Postmaster Qeneral
Meyer, Secretary of the Interior Garfield
and Secretary of Agriculture Wllaon.
Secretary Btraua of th Department of
Commerce and Labor had developed a com
prehensive plan for aiding th unemployed
ot th country. Thi plan he will announci
and explain In his annual report, to be
made publio In a few day. It partake of
th principle underlying th organisation
of th bureau of Information In th Immi
gration service.
When Secretary Btraua of tha Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor waa asked
today, Just befor th cabinet meeting, ll
he contemplated a "shaksup" among tha
official of th Immigration wrvic t New
York, he replied that an Improvement ot
th servlo waa In contemplation.
"Publio offlc I not a prlvat franchise,
as I myself will soon learn," seid th see
reUry a h disappeared in th cabinet
Mlsaoarl Maa Seek Property.
PLATTS MOUTH, Neb.. Nor. H.-Sp-claI.)-C.
C. Phillip of Maltland, Mo., I
In thl city today to leara It any ef th
Jewelry recently found near Weeping
Water belonged to him. Burglar ntrd
hi Jewelry tor through th tranaom
over th door and tole about MOO worth
of gold watch, bracelet and other Jew.
elry. Th gold watchea In th posteaaion
of Sheriff Qulnten wt all Identified by
th Jeweler from Stella, Neb., by th num.
ber on th watchea and hi prlvat coat
mark. Mr, Phillip departed for Wplng
Water to examln th good recently found
by Frank Glbon. Ex-Sentor B. U
Thorns and wlf, Sheriff Qulnten. a. W.
At wood. Charlea D. Grtma and Walter
Thoaaaa aJso want to Weeping Water la
th former new automobile te further In.
veatlgat th find.
j Th .Bee Want Ad pages attar Ui best
advertising medium, . r-