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ThanksgiTing it the Theme of the
Pulpits Now.
All Protestant f Kas Place
Mill Jola la Devalon at Ike
, rreabrtvrlaa tloase of
" IT Worship.
' A union thsnksglvlng service will he held
In ths North Presbytertsn church. Nine
teenth "and Ohio, at 1":) Thursday morning.
Dr. Bpyker of Trinity Methodist EplscopsI
church will preach. The choir of North
church will lead the singing. Trof. Damp
man will prealde at the organ. The offering
will be given to the OM People's Home.
Twenty-fourth and Wirt. All of the Prot
ectant churches of Kountie Place will
unite in this aervlce.
Mualc at First Baptist church Sunday.
Organ Prelude Mendelssohn
Anthem-Send Out Thy Light Gounod
Response Blackrper
Organ Offertory Mendelssohn
Baea Bolo O, Ood. Hare Mercy (St.
Paul) Mandelaaohn
Mr. W. T. Nixon.
Poatlude Mandelsaohn
Prelude - Tours
ABtbem-I Will Lay Me Down In Peace
Response' Handel
. . - . Choir.
Organ Offertory Lemalgre
Anthem Consider and Hear Ma.. Pflenger
Qartet, .
Poetlude 1; Tt
Margaret Boulter, organlat and director.
The enorog choir of the North Bide Chris
tian church, Twenty-aeoond an toouat
afreets, under the direction of Mrs. H. J.
Klrachstetn. will 1ts a concert at the
church Friday evening:. The program Is
made up of favorite songs, patriotlo airs
and southern melodies.
The Caatellar rresbyterlan Bible school
has, among other features, organised
classes. Two such classes that are specially
Interested In the idvancement of the local
work are the "Phllatheas" and the "John
W. Phillips." ' These classes average In at
tendance twenty ir.J fifteen, respectively.
I Mrs. N. M. Stout Is the teacher of the
former, while Percy Eeklldion Is the
teacher of the latter. Both clasaea use the
Bible as their official test book each Sun
day and meet once eaoh month far busi
ness. One object before these young people
Is the assisting of the church materially,
which they have substantially done from
time to time.
Music at the North Side Christian church:
Opening Sentence The Lord Is In His
Holy Temple
Response Lord's Prayer (chanted)
Hymn America
Alto Solo The Home rf the 8oul
Mrs. T. F. Wiles.
Processional Cross of Jesus
illsaponse Now the Day la Over
I Utthem Father. 1 Bend to Thee....Hlmmel
Walter Cady and Chorus.
Recessional Saviour, Again to Thy Dear
Name We Raise.. ,
The Union Thanksgiving services of the
churches of the north side will be held at
St. Mark's Lutheran church -at 10:30 o'clock
Thursday morning. Rv. L. R. DeWolf, the
new pastor of the Seward Street Methodlat
Episcopal church, will preach.
The men who hold official position In
Presbyterian churches in Omaha will hold
their annual dinner at the Toung Men's
Chrtatlen association Tuesday evening at'
:t0. it Is expected that 100 men will be
in attendance. James H. Adams, treasurer
of the First church, will read a
taper on the aubject: "The Church a
Business. Not a Charity." William H.
Anderson, clerk of the session of
North ' church, will have the sub
ject: "The Demand for Business Methods
In Church Management." J.F King, chair
man of the trustees board of Westminister
church, will tell how to "Finance the
Local Church." ' Opportunity will be given
for free discussion of these pipers. Music Interspersed. Rev. M. V. Hlgbee
Is chairman of the confmlttee having the
dinner In charge.
Sunday being the eighth anniversary of
the death of Sir Arthur Sullivan, the fam
ous English composer, his mus'e alone wlil
be heard at the Flrat Methodist church
Sunday evening. The program will be as
follows: ,
Hymn Nearer My God (Tune. St. Ed
mund) .'
Anthem O Love the Lord All Ye His
Organ Interlude from "Golden Legend."
Chorus from "Light of the World,"
"Yea Though I Walk." (sung with
out seoompsnlment.)
Anthem Turn Thy Face From My Slna
Hymn Onward Christian Boldiers (Tune,
"Man Is As Old
Asjjis Stomach"
Thla Persian Epigram . Hie Real
iaug of a Man's Life.
The Persians were a very sagacious peo
ple, noted among other things, for their
deep thinking on life and 'the things which
make up life.
The above epigram shews the wisdom
of their thought.
When a man's stomach is able to fur
nish new material to the system as fast
or faster than the natural decay of man
requires, then such a man lives his fullest
aud his licit.
When through wrong living or t!ui
a man's stomach begins to tax the other
oigans and takea from the bloml strength
which It cannct give back In nourishment
taken from food, then begin the dnth of
man and he decays fast. The stomach is
strong, splendidly strong, and can aland
an untold amount of abuse and r.tglcct,
but when It dies, man dies.
The stomnch gives tons upon tons of
good rich blocd every year to the. svstem
and draws only 80 pounds of nourishment
for Its own use. If. however, the food
which It receives cannot be turned Into
blood which Is capable of use by It e body,
then the stomach receives no help from the
other organs
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets contain the
most perfect d'geative qualities known to
science and at the same lime the most
powerful. They will mix with tho
ius utcca ct a sick stomach and dig.-st
food In spite of the handicap.
They w! stop gus making and bid
breath. They tone up the nerves cf the
whole digestive canal, Including those if
the stomsch.
A single Ingredient contains strcnglh
enough to digest JO times Its weight In
nilxed food.
They have stood the test of time and
today'are nice sought after than all their
Imitators combined.
They are us0 and endorsed by o,ooo phy
sicians. Every drurgtst sells them, pries
loo. It costs nothing to demonstrate their
value. Send us your name and address
ead we will send you a trial package by
mail free, Addrsss F. A. Stuart Co.. loO
fituaet Bias, MatahauM. Mica.
St. Qrtrude.)
Anthem Hearken Unto Me, Oh My
People .' '
Hymn The Homeland (Tune, Home
land )
Thomas J. Kelly, Director of Music.
Beginning next Saturday and continuing
over the following Sunday the Omaha Dis
trict association of the Baptist Toung
People's union will hold 'a rally at the
South Omaha Baptist church. Among the
apeakers from abroad will be Rev. O. A.
Williams of Lincoln and representatives
from neighboring societies.
The feast of St. Cecilia will be celebrated
Sunday morning at St. Cecilia's pro-cathedral.
Fortieth and Webster streets at the
11 o i lwk mass, of which the celebrant will
be Rev. S. F. Dowd, assisted by Rev. Tim
othy O'C'allnghsn and Rev. D. P. Harring
ton as deacon and subdeacon and Rev. Ed
ward Glrasrn as master of ceremonies.
Rt. Rev. Bishop Scanned will preside at the
throne, assisted by Very Rev. John Jen
notte and Rv. M. J. O'Connor, 8. X. as
deacons of honor and Rt. Rev. Mnnslgnor
'olanerl, V. G., as aaalatant prleet. Father
O'Connor of Crelghton university will
preach the sermon.
The public school system of Omaha Is
to be the theme for the vesper service at
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational Sunday
afternoon at 4:10 o'clock. The pastor. Rev.
L. O. Balrd, has a sermon addressed espe
cially to the teachers for the occasion on
the subject. "The Rellgtoua Value of the
public Schools." The Invitation Is a gen
eral one. extended by a irate of the church
membership, asd all teacher and offioers
of the public school system will be espe
cially welcome. It Is desired to pay tribute
to them for the work they are doing and
to bring the church Into closer harmony
with their work.
The Omaha Methodist Preachers' union
will meet at the Young Men's Christian as
sociation building Monday afternoon at 1:S0.
Rev. Dr. John A. Bpyker, pastor of Trinity
Methodist church, will read a paper on
"The Johannlne Theology."
T. M. C. A. Notes.
The association will celebrate Thanks
giving by giving Its usual dinner In the
gymnasium on that date.
O. O. Smith of Counoll Bluff will speak
to the boys Sunday afternoon. His tilk
will be preceded by a series of stereopticon
views. '
A dinner was given to Robert E. Lewis
of Shanghai in the cafe Friday evening. Mr.
Lewis told of his experiences In associa
tion work In China.
Preparation for the Boys' Circus Indi
cates that It will easily overtop all previous
ones. Many novel stunts sre to be put on
and the animals are all said to be fit and
Secretaries R. O.' Babcock and O. R.
Wagenaeller had charge of the soldiers'
meeting at Fort Crook, Tuesday evening,
and were favored with an audience of over
100. Dr. 'W. O. Henry will lead tho meet
ing December S.
The annual state convention of the hoys'
department of the Young Men's Christian
association will be held at York next week,
beginning- Friday. Mr. Denlson is on the
program and expects to take a number of
the Omaha boys to York with him.
Captain "Jack" Crawford, scout, poet
and lecturer, will address the Sunday after
noon meeting. The hour la 8:80 Instead of
4, as heretofore. Last Sunday In Lincoln
Captain "Jack" was greeted by an audi
ence of 1.500 men. He Is scheduled to de
liver a lecture on his early life aa a scout
Monday evening In tho association assembly
Dr. Lyman B. 8perry of Oberlln. author
and lecturer on perannal purity subjects,
will be with the Omiha association from
Sunday. November 20. to Tuesday. Decem
ber 1. He will lecture Sunday afternoon,
November 29. al S o'clock to older boys,
and again to the men at 4 o'clock. On
Monday and Tuesday evenlnga at t o'clock
he lectures to men only. See later s.n
nouncements for subjects.
V; TV. f. A. Notes.
The me.mbershlp committee will give a
party Monday evening, at the rooms at
ft o'clock. There will be yi taffy pull and a
program. Members only are Invited.
Miss Bertha DavIs. business secretary,
will entertain the secretarial force at din
ner at tho Young Men's Christian associa
tion next Wednesday evening. Following
the dinner will be held the regular monthly
secretarial meeting.
Monday evening, the In-Hle-Name-Olrcle
will meet at the rooms at b:15 for supper
and later fur the regular monthly meeting.
Bt which time O. L. Wright will speak on
the subtect of "Good Citizenship." Mem
bers only are invited.
The association rooms will be closed all
day Thanksgiving day. Members who have
heretofore spent Thanksgiving evening
at the rooms aro Invited to "Clei
Two" and attend the . Thanksgiving
banquet to lie given . by the board
of directors Monday evening, Novemnet
30. at 8:30 o'clock Printed announcements
relative to this banquet may be had at the
Miss Ethel G. Hende. Industrial and ex
tension secielary, will speak ac the gospel
meeting. Sunday afiomoon at 430. Mra.
W. H. Dale will have charge of the
music and the new Alexander song book
will he used for the first time In the as
socletlon. The social hour will follow in
meeting and light refreshments will be
served. All women are Invited.
Miscellaneous Announcements.
Second Church of ChrUt. 8clen:lst. Lytic
Theater, Nineteenth and Itanium Services
at 11 a. m.; subject, "Soul and Body."
Unity, Seventeentn and Cass, Rev. New
ton Mann, Mmisiei Service at lo:;i0; ser
mon. " l'nanksgivlng;" Sunday scuool at
Saist ga Congregational, Twenty - fifth
and Aims Avenue Sunday actio il at 11 a.
in. l.v.qing service al V:30. Judge Mutton
will talk to Juvenile tourt work.
Flrat Church of Christ. Scientist. Twenty
fifth and Farntm. Chambers Bi lling-Sunday
school at :4u a. tit . S.ndiy etvl.i 11
a. m. and a p. in. Subject oi le.aun-ser-rr.on,
' Soul and Body."
First Presbyter'an, Dodge and Seven
tienth. Rev. Edwin Hart Jcnks, D. D.,
Pastor Morning service at 10:3u. Evening
service at 7:3u. Sunday school at noon.
Christian Endeavor me. ting at 6:15 p. m.
Church of the Covenant, Twenty-seventh
and Pratt, Rev. R. T. Re!J. Pastor Services
at 10:30 A m.. and p. in.; Sabbath
school at 12 m.: Jjnlor Endeavor at 3:30 p.
m. ; Young Peoploa' Society Christian En
deavor al p. m.
Trinity Cathedral. Capitol Avenue and
Eighteenth, the Very hcv. George A.
Beecher, Dean Holy communion at ti a. m.,
Sunday school and Bible class at a. m ,
morning prayer and i.Tinon at 11 a. m.
evening prar and sermon at ?.X p. m.
Grsce Lutheran, Twenty-Sixth, Retween
Poppleton and Woolworth Avenues, Kev.
M. L. M'liik. Pastor Church service at
lit:46 a. m. and 7:S- p. m.. Sunilav scuool
at 12:1a and Luther Iphkw at b.UO p. ni.
Prayer meeting Weilnesoav night. Class of
catechumens on Friday at 4 p. m.
First Christian. Twenty-Sixth and Har
ney, 8. D. Duti-her. Pastor Ribl school at
12 in.: W. A. DeHord. miperinteadem ;
r reaching by the pastor at lit:) a. m. and
-.30 p. in.; Christian Endeavor at ) p. m.;
teachers' training class Wednesday at s
p. m.
First Congregational. Nineteenth ' and
Davenport. IKrederlck T. House. Pastor
Morning wcfshlp at 10: So. theme, "What I
Think. Thai 1 Am;" evening aervlce at
l ib. "What Jesus Teaches About Society;"
Young People s Society of Christian En
deavor at (:30.
North Bide Chrlstltn, Twenty-second and
Lvust. II J. Klrschsieln. minister Morn
ing worship at 10:30; sormon subject, "Give
Thanks I nto the Lord." Hlble school at
12 m: Christian Endeavor at li 16; evening
ierlce at 7:30. sermon theme. "The Para
d. x of Neman."
vYainut Hill Methodist Episcopal, Potty
first and Charles, E. E. Husman, Pastor
cm at count vt church belli out of ie;sl.
the church will Join In tin on tervt' et lih
lite I we Avenue 1'resby tertan church
morning and evening. feunday school In
their cnurcii at 3 p. m.
First l' Hrethten, Nineteenth in
iH.tlirop nunjay school at to a. in. Preacu
kng al 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. in. Morning
Heme. "Tt.e Key to Prosperity;" evening.
"1 u Heal Good." Special song service m
tle evening. Cisss meeting al if m. Prayer
sen it a vtediiesuay al S p. IP-
Casiellar Presb tetian, Ralph H. Hoise
man, M mister Morning, "The Lord's Hnirf
nts to Me, ' a pie-Thanksgiving theme.
Evening al ?:3o, 'The lnoi).pardnle Foun
dation, bible school at It m. Young pro
pa's service al o. Ontario and Paik
Forest chapel Bible schools at I p. m.
Hirst Memorial Methodist Episcopal
CuurcO. Xulrty-ANuiU a-utl Lartmoxe
tTiTiTl 11 . c
WE'VE A GREAT DEAL to be thank-
V' ful forhaven't you? We're getting
the bulk of the homefurnishing business of Omaha
and we're mighty grateful to the people for it. We know of no better
way in which we can show our thanks than in our present policy of saving our customer every dollar we can
in the cost of their housefuruishingp. We are dead in earnest in this and on this special Thanksgiving occasion
we want to demonstrate it more thoroughly 1han ever before. The special offerings made this week are proof
of our sincerity. Read them study them, come to the store and investigate them. Tut them to every test
and if you don't find that we are saving you 25 to 35 per cent we won't ask you to spend a dollar with us.
it Sii
China Closet
Made of solid oak, bpnl ond design,
adjustable shelves, double )5Q
able value. Price
S lid OakD&venport sofaBed
Made with frames of solid oak.
each corner post adorned with carving.
UpholHtercd In a auperisr manner with
veiour covering over on temp
ered steel springs. Opens auto
matically Into full size. bed.
Combination Book Cases
Book Case and Desk combined.
made of solid oak. ncHtly carved
and highly pollslnd. It's m ate
a barsraln von can't enual 1 9 JJ
anywhere It's impossl- I ,
uiv. nuiu pi icr
I CU1UI i- r
A ass)
25- i
flBi H-
Pedestal Lxtension tables
These tables are made of best selected solid
oak and they're brilliantly polished. They
jliave round to-is, fitted with Hartman's
smooth riinning extension sliden. They
have massive) pedestals and largo curved
claw feet. These tablus extend to C feet.
You can t match this bargain in
.. . V. ,s i a 1. . . SI
aUJ ULUri llUlt III Wllldllc K
n Abarliifa ..ftrtnlntv S5a lr iirlo'.
Sermon at 10:45 by the pastor, subject, "Do
Christians SinV" Sunduy school at m:-n.
Junior Kpwotth league at 3 p. m.. Epwoith
league al t:W p. in., evening song servlco
at 7:30. followed by a seitrion on "riin a
Fatal Hindrance."
North Presbyterian. Nineteenth and Ohio,
M. V. Ili?,bee, I'asior Morning worship at
In o'tliick; theme, "The Kot givepess of
bin;" Sabbath school at 12 m; Yojng Peo
ples' Society Christian Kndeavor at tt:i p.
m.; evening worship at 7:', theme, "The
tplritunl Cntapass. ' i'rayer meeting in
Wednesday at S p. m-
Hevcntli Pay. Adventist. North Twenty
Fllth. Het ween Cuming unil Indiana. I.. A.
Spring. Pastor-Pn aching Sunday at 8 p.
ni., subject, "Tnanksgivtng;" Junior meet
ing at 7 p. m. Als service every Satur
day; Sabbath school at 10 u. m.. preaching
at 11 a. m. Prayc meeting Wednesday
evening. All are Invited.
Trlnltv Methodist KpUn nnl. Twenty
first and Plnn -y. llr. I. A. H!ker. Pastor
Morning service at )i-30. aulijcrt, "Christ
ianllv a Religion of F.illnx;" Sunday
school, I? m. : Junior league 3 p. nv: tip
worth league. 6:3D p. n..; evening servce
7:3i subject. "Show ng the WHte Feather "
Prayer meeting. Wednesday 8 p. m
The Walnut Hill Meth misi Cjngregatlona.
will worsitip witii tho i,jii Avenue Ptta
byterlan church dorlog tne pertoa of i
1uirs on their church.
I.owe Avenue Pi eaby In ian. Fortieth and
McholHB-Murning strvu-e at lu:3u; Rev.
McCiiftin speaks. Kvenin worsulp at 7.3.
sermon by Kev. E. K. Jlosinan ui Ualnui
Hill Methodist.
Plymouth Congregat'cnil. Twentieth and
Spencer Or. I. tC. Jenkins wlh preach at
l:3u a. m. and p. in. Mlsi Hecker will
sing.' Sunday school at I.' in ; t 'iiiisnian i
beavor at :30 p. r.i.
MeCabe Mell.odl-t. : nd Fortieth
rtieols. Rev. J. Ndrier Hornier, Paster
Preaching by the p'jf. o: at II a. in. and st
J 5u p. in. iiou.l'.a lu. iri', ' . n lmi oi tant
UuesTlon;" (vtiina t, "Tho lionie of
tlie BlesseJ."
Peoples, Charles W. hrfvid". P.s"r
Morning, "Hen. Soeing TiTouch a (1U
Harkly; There. Fuce lo Fsre." Evening.
"Jes'is Cstchlng Peter by the Hand.'' Prnf.
Mcrtea has charge of the music.
Westminster Presb.-terinn. Mason and
Twnni) -ninth: Re . W. g Fulton. Pastct
Morning worship at MV3u: evening servte
at 7:3m p. ni; Sabbsih school and Bible
classes, 12 m : Isrl street mission. p m. ;
"iouuf People's ttovleiy Christian Kndcivor
$2 Gash.
This special as shown ahove is the very best value that has ever been offered to the peo
ple of Omaha. Bed is made of heavy tubing and post, all sizes and colors. Dresser of
elaborate design, serpentine top drawers, large French plate mirror, carved standards
and brass drawer pulls, in oak or mahogany finish. Washstand made of same material
and to match dresser; roomy drawer and compartment.- This special is a Q75
I most extraordinary value. A
L&re Steel
rira Largj Heator
These heaters have a
largo radiating surface,
have return flues and
are powerful ... double
heaters. They are elab
orately trimmed ' in
nickel base heaters
that regularly sell at $35
They are complete with high shelf,
s shown above, have large square
(ivens, elaborate nickel trimmings
ana extra neavy cast
ings. Equal to any 2o
riik-e on sale In Om
aha. Our special
to 14 0. You
Can boy thetn
at Hartman's
7n A
m r
nt :30 p. in. I'nlon Thanlssgivlng services
In St. Mary's Avenue Congregational church
next Thursday, 10:30 a. m.
First German Free K angelical. Twelfth
and DorcnaPreuchlng service at 10:30 a.
m.. and 7: p. m., with sermons bv Rev.
F. H. W. Hruechert, pastor; Hible 8abbath
school at Zulu p. m.; expository Bible study
Wednesday 8 p. m.
Hanscnm "Park Methodist Episcopal,
Twenty-ninth and Woolworth Avenue. It.
Heott Hyde. Pastor Preai hlng nt 10 80 u.
m. by District Superintendent Dr. William
Co wit. Preaching bv the pastor at 7:."0 p.
m. Special mute at both services. I.e O.
Kratz. choirmaster. Sunday school at 13
in., Bert Wilcox, superintendent.
Grace Kaptlat. Tenth and Arbor, B. F.
Fellman. Pdstor At 10:45 a. m., "The Incar
nation of the Holy Spirit." Young people's
meeting at 7 p. m. Gospel service with
stereopticon Illustrating mlasicn work in
Cuba snd Porto Riro, 7:4S p. in. Sunday
school No. 1, Tenth and Arbor, l m.; No. t.
Fourth arid Cedar. i: p. m.; No. I. Thir
teenth and William, 1:30 r. m. . .
All Stints'. Twrnti -slxili ard Pewey A
nuc Holy communion el 7:30 a. in. Church
achool and Sunday s-hool at 4 a. m.
Preaching service at 11 a. in. Vesper serv-
New Method of Reducing Fat
A news Item from Paris Informs us that
the American method of producing a alim,
trim figure. Is meeting with astonishing
success. TIUs system, which has ma do
such a wonderful Impression over there,
must be the Marmola Prescription Taolet
method of reducing fat. It In safe t say
that we bsve nothing better for tnls pur
pone In this country. Anything that will
i educe tire -excess flesh a .pound a dy
without injury to the xtomacn, the rank
ing of wrinkles, the help of exercising
or dieting, or' Interference with one's
meals 1m a mighty important and useful
additloi lj cl iiixatlon'a necessities. Jut
such a catalogue of good results, however,
follow the u.e of tliese pleasant, nariu
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W'e khv economical, bei'aui Marmola Ptv
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: B B II -
sn i H...H.. t ii it - sii iisssii laiiMt.Mi-aasifcSJiiPi i.nss 'irriariii r nisi tit i asiasiini arinnin-ns i " m vvx t.ftistw K''ZJLytZ iH i i9
r L hll ' fitfm n pisw:
the True
This Elegant Iron
Dresser and
world beater at the price
McDouaIl Kitchen Cabinets
Made of best material, satin wal
nut. Guaranteed for durability.
An unexcelled cabinet. Try one
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Complete as shown
above. Special this sale. ,
RAV Payable Weekly or
Urn 1 Fnr Anv Sinvft in
w 4 ...aj b Bf sj t a
- 1 -S-W
- 18 Douglas Street
ire at 4 p. m. The kindergarten for chil
dren of parents who wish lo attend the
sen-Ices Is held during the hours of service
in the parish house by Miss Howe. No
charge is made for this service.
First Baptist, Twenty-N'inUi and Harnev.
Rev. J. W. Conlev, D. D., Pastor Service
at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; morning
aermon, "Deairlng to Hee Jeius;" evunimj.
"What Is Man Religiously?" Pundav school
at noon; young peunle's meeting at :30 p.
in. Bethany Branch First Baptist, Ssfi)
Ieavenwgrtli Sunday school at p. m.;
goHpcl meeting at 8 p. m. Friday.
Imiiianvel Barxlst. Twenty-Fourth and
Pinckney, Philelus il. McDowell, Pastor
10:35 a. in.. "The Glory of Garnered
Bheavea;" 7:30 p. m., "The Task of Seek
ing and Saving Men;" Bible school at
noon; a apeclal baptism.".! service at S:Si;
the Baptist Young People's union at 6:3").
The apeclal revival meetings continue every
evening at 7:45, except Saturday. All aro
St. Mark's English Lutheran.' Twentieth
and Burdette, 1.. Groh, Pastor Services on
Sunday and Thanksgiving, 10:45 a in., ser
mon by Rev. Mr. Sm'tli rf the seminary.
7:30 p. m.. sermon by W'lllert I.ampe, theo
logical student; Sunday school at 12 m.:
Young People, 6:45 p. m. The pastor
Rev. Dr. Groh will be away over 8uiul-.iv.
He will look after missionary work al
Bruning. Neb.
Central I'nlted Presbyterian. Twenty
Fourth and Dodge, R. B. A. McBride, D.D..
Pastor Morning worship st 10:30, sermon
on the "Ninth Commandment and the
Danger and Doom of I.lnrs;" evening iwor
ship at 7:30, sermon, "The Nation's J'et; a
Temperance Sermon;" Suhbath school at
noon, with special ntienlion to adult
classes: Young People's Cluistian union and
teachers' meeting at 6:30 p. in.
St. Mary's Avenue Congrrgational. 8'.
Mary's Avenue and Twenty-Seventh Rev.
Lucius O. Balrd. Pastor-Morning worship
at 10:30 o'clock, sermon by the pastor. si:ti
J(t. "The Religious Value of the Public
School"." (This service is In honor of pub
lic achool teachers ) Sunday school at noon,
vesper worship at 4:10 o'clock. Junior Kn
Ceavor snd children's hour a! 4.10 o'clock;
Young People's Society of ChrlMian En
deavor at 6:45 p. m.
4'liflon Hll Presbyterian. Rev. Thomas
B. Greenlee, Ph. D., Pastor Morning serv
ice at W:Jv, evening service at J:3 Thanks,
giving sul.j.cls will b- the themes al both
services. Sonday school a I noon. Young
People's Society of Chriatian Knot av-or
6. is) p. m. Ia)e Avt.-iiue Pi eli i-rlun. W al
nut Hill Methodist Lpiscopal and Cliftun
L 1 'sinpaMar' a
Hot Blast Heaters
They burn coal, wood, slack
coal, coal si f tings, coke or
rubbish. Burns its own gas
and snioku. Is of handsome
proportions and ornamented
with nickel trimmings. The
best hot blast beater
Omaha at
the sale
flur Slnrp
at an
a riw
txl2 ft.
Hill church will hold union Thanksgiving
servlev at 10:30 Thursday morning In Clifton
Hill church. Rev. Nathaniel McGlffin will
First Methodist Episcopal. Twentieth and
Davenport. Rev. Frank I.. Loveland, Pas or
The pestor will preach a Thaiikegl
sermon In the morning at 10:30. In the
evening the large vested choir. Thomas J.
Kelly, chnlrmas-rr. will civs a special musi
cal pr rgrsm In e ebratlon of the eighth an
rilvcttary of the death of Sir Arthur Sulli
vtin, the great musical i omposer. Tl.a pas
tor will deliver a brief address on 'Our
Debt to Past Genius."
Calvary Baptist. Twenty-fifth snd Hamil
ton. Rev. E. R. Curry. Pastor-Services at
10:30 a. m and 7:30 p. m.j morning, "Occa
sion for Thnnksglvlng:" evening. "Old as
Dight;" Bible school at II m.; young peo
ple's classes. 6:30 p. m.; young people's
service. Wednesday. p. m.; midweek
praise service. Thursday, 10:J0 a. m.; union
Thanksgiving service at St. Mark's Luth
eran church, chtirchea of the North 8 de
uniting. Calvary Baptlah branch, Thirty
fourth and Seward Sunday, S:30 p. m..
Bible school; Friday, 8 , p. ir . devotional
Babies Strangled
by croup, toughs or colds instantly re
lieved and quickly cured with Dr. King's
New Discovery. 50c and $1. For sale by
Beaton Drug company.
I ' I
Quartered Oak SicL-uoard
Very elaborate design, has serpcillno frnnl,
magnificent carvings ami carved c!:iv; feel.
Has larare French heveled mirror, 'kn?1!
Ynli ran' oinil this hnreniti .-Imp- a Tv.
In Omaha. Such h t hing f 9
ne impossmie- at mm ii"ct. .
Sanitary Steel Couches
They aro mnde with heavy ang'" rtr-M fr;.us
and have spiral spring support.. They niaku
a most comfortable bed or n numt ry "K
handsome couch, llnth side elevate
when belnir tninnfnrni"1 from n Jf
couch -to h bed. Sul' iiric
to Out-of-
: fli
They. are jnade in goldivi cwk
finish, or In polished nialii'Hnny
finish. Have flf large draw
er and heavy I'rcncli l.evil"d
mirrors. 1 1'e an x
traordlnary cliiffun
ler for the money.
Special sale pri.-e. . .
Urussels Hup.s
we'offer this hlgh-graile llruss.lo Hug
amazingly low price. There .hasn't bwu
of eiiual quality offered in ''.iialia In
years at anywhere near tho p'lce These rugs
are made without miter scums full "AH
urAt'AH .ii. Thoir'r. matin i f I.hkI m
all worsted materials price. In size
0 - B
only, 911.89; In size sxv it.
Man C'haro-ed with Rastln Murder Not
J Iteqalred lo Take Msiid at
Insurance Hearing.
Because his trial rn t'u- -!ini- f ni
dering Dr. Frederick llus-lio i js oily :i
week away. Charles K. '.m pot i -Oiilred
to go rn the w! ncmi Mai'-I il t
Ruetln Insurance hearing before Jud-o .a it
lon Saturday morning. Mrs. .V-bio Hlce,
the principal witness for the retold
her story of her relations with Pr Unli;i
and his efforts to Induce her to sho-t hlin.
Her story developed notlilii? nc w.
"Tho letter had no mcaninc i all." sin
said In reply to a question about t Its- p n
pose of the letter slii wrot" Dr. P.imiIii,
to which the words "Polly. I o'clock.''
were appended. The letter also referred ti
her baby, but she testified that she had
no children.
The hearing aas to perpetnat the tc! -mony
for use In case Mrs. Kustin sue.i Ih
Fidelity & Casualty company cn Hie ac
cident policy her husband carried. Davit.'
evidence will be taken after the criminal
Look Out and
Don't Get Stuck
. ofl a couple of pieces of window glam
inaEgueradlng as eye glasses. They
are Injury Instead of a benefit to th
sight. If you need glasses at all yon
need them accurately fitted to your
vision. Our free eye examinations de
termine the classes. Our moderate
charges t-nable you to have the brut.
H. J. Pen fold &
I.esdinK Optician".,
J 1 08 t-'aruaui