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:' t
ar several statea in this union wher th
majority of the people re now, Catholics?
I should reprobate Jn-'tTi ssverent terms
th Catholics who In those states (or In
ny other state) who refused to vols for
the most fit man because he happened to be
a Protestant, and my condemnation would
be exactly as severe f er Protectant, who,
tinder reversed circumstance, refused to
vote for Catholic. 'In public life. I am
happy to say that I have known many men
who were elected and eonstanUy re-elected
to office In districts where the treat ma
jority of their constituents were of a dif
ferent religious belief.
"I know Catholics who have for many
years represented constituencies tnelnly
Catholki, and tmoni the congressmen
who t '. know particularly well waa one
mane of eJwIah faith who represented a
district -In whlrb 'there were hardly any
Jewa at all. All -of these men, by their
very existence In political life, refute the
slander you have uttered against your fellow-Americans.;
All Fnftfc In Cabinet.
" I believe that this republle will endure
for many centuries! If so, there will doubt
less be among jbr presidents, Protestants
and Catholics and Very probably same time,
Jews. I have consistently tried while presi
dent to act In relation to my fellow cltl
sena of Catholic faKh as I hope that any
future president wbe Tinppens to be a Ca
tholic will act 'toward' his fellow Ameri
cans of Protestant faith. Had I followed
any other course I should have felt that
I was unfit to represent tbe American peo
ple .
"In my cabinet at the present moment,
!iere sit side by side Catholic and Protest
ant. Christian and Jew, esoh man chosen,
tecause In my belief, he Is peculiarly' fit
o exercise on behalf of all our people
he duties of Ills atJle to which I have
ppolntd hlmv la nq case does the man's
villous belief In' any way Influence his
discharge .of Uis duties, save as It makes
him more eager to act Justly and uprightly
In his relations to ' all men. The same
principles that have obtained In appointing
the men of my cabinet, the highest offi
cials under me, the officials to whom Is
entrusted the work of Carrying out all the
Impoitant policies of my administration are
the principles upon which all good Amerl-
cans ahouli act. 1n choosing ths men to
fill any office, .from the highest to the
lowest In the land.- Yours truly,
l . .'i.ney and Ta. clears the air
. .. ;-s the Irritation In the throat,
' ' i.iflamed membranes, and the
. r-jt.u cough disappears. Bora and
i .. id'. lungs are healed and strengthened
tiii Ule cjld fa expelled from the system.
Itefuse any but' the genuine- In the yellow
pickKe. tVjId by air druggists.
Facial Trlmahiir that Mark Chi
cago's kimlirsri ' Winter
. , . ReeoVt.
This la "whiskers' week," the season of
the year when the wise man "blocks out '
a hirsute adornment to protect his face
from ths rigors of a Chicago winter.
It is the saddest week in ths year for
the "tonsotial artists," as thousands of
ptitrotis who -shave every other day will
not need a barber's attention oftener than
one or twice ' s.- month from now until
next April. '
It means a loes'of 2Sn,0(V to the barbers
of Chlonga There are 50,000 men. It Is es
timated, wb,d have taken out a member
ship card in thel.'. facial Hlrstit club and
thes would "have, spent $i each' which they
will avye P ft WU wifckw.
" 'Vtyvlakera eki,Js jjp Jpx,, i'n.tha bar
ber business," said 'a Clark street shop
owner. "It put an" awful crimp in the
receipts for -aboot six wonths. . . --. ' " j
"What Is known ataoag barbers as 'whis
kers week' begirt about the middle of Oc
tober. Nearly- pns-ttmrth of my customers j
lot some kind of whiskers sprffffc this week
and a great many others will follow suit
before the end of next week.
'Old John J. Coughlln was one of the
first In my chair, this evening to observe
the annual custom of 'whiskers week.' He
told me to block out hoot straps for him.
"Don't you know what 'boot straps' are?
You've seen thftse; little whiskers straight
down from tha ear, haven't youT Well,
those are ths 'boot strsp' brand. Alder
man Coighlln will look swell In them. His
face Is just the shape for this adornment.
"As In past seasons, the Van Dyke will
be much the vogue. This is one of the
smartest whiskers that a man can hang on
' his face. It Is much affected by profes
sional men, especially doctors.
"Strange thing about the Van Dyke Is
that every 'oon' man In the country who
can talse whiskers Is sure to have the
pointed btard. It gives the wearer a dis
tinguished appearance.
"Several of my r Irons have blocked out
mutton chops. This style of facial adorn
ment Is called 'fire escapes' by uncouth
persons. For my part I prefer the 'fire
tapes' to the 'lace curtain' effect that
you see on some men's faces. There Isn't
one barber In fifty who knows how to
hang the 'lace curtains' properly, and they
make the wearer look like a monkey.
"The 'sea weed' and. 'alfalfa' are two
other styles that will be worn much this
winter. Those srs ths full set of whiskers,
and I don't think there Is anything prettier
or more becoming to any man.
"Of course we still have the 'Galways,'
that grow wild under ths chin and around
I1m neck. This style Is worn mostly by old
men. It Is very popular with forelgnera.
"The Imperial that little bunch of spin
ach on the chin Is rapidly going out of
tyle."-Chlf ago Post.
PILE tl RED I ro 14 DAYS.
I'Au oiN'i M KNT Kuaranteed ta curs any
Cuav of itching, blind, bleeding or protruding
I ..ii In to II days or money refunded. 10c.
Ornish Qua fit
In no other way does Impres
um take hold so quickly or mean
o much, as in your traveling
Board a street car and every
?ye in the car drops immediately
to your suit case or bag. On the
:rain each passenger appraises
:he other by the looks of their
The details of workmanship
and materials' that gq to make
bags you are proud to carry-the
little things the layman can't
see are my business. That's
"by every oaf I sell, regardless
of price, baa tbe distinction of
good luggage. Salt caws $6 to
126. Bags at 14.50 to fZS. .
Dealers In Harneas, Saddles and
Traveling Goods, .
1210 Farnam Street,. '.7
Han .Who Elected Shallenberger May
Hart Hit Pick of Flams.
la Meaatlaae Henanllcana Are Won
dering Hove Democrats t'aa Re
dace Taxes and Keep t o
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Nov. I. (Special.) Chris
Gruenther, who landed A. C. 8hallen
berger In tha governor's chair, has been
picked for tat oil Inspector, for private
secretary and for several other places.
Before leaving for his horns In Platte
county Gruenther was asked what he
wanted and he replied that he had no am
bition to hold an office In the stats house,
but had received his reward In the vote
given Ills chief. However, It Is believed
around here that Oruenther can land any
place he desires t the hands of the
new governor.
Two democrats were hera from Ne
brsska City the day Bhallenberger was
here and, though both said they were
not after Jobs, each Is said to have had
his fingers crossed at the time.
And then there Is Colonel John O.
Maher. Ha haa lots of friends who be
lieve he would trace a good Job. Then
there Is Will Maupln, who, It is sid,
would like to be labor commt.8ioner.
Maupln, however, may have to show his
credentials that he voted for Bhallen
berger before" ho will be taken Into the
Inner circle.
Ilut there Is only ona thing certain
about the appointments no. There -will
be an army of men who will want places
and the new governor has -not enough
places for them all.
In the meantime the republicans are
wondering how the democrats will lower
taxes and keep the stats Institutions up
to their present splendid condition.
Kelfer la Not Dlacooraced.
Chairman Kelfer of the republican atato
committee la still in Lincoln, but he will
not csll the state committee together for
some time yet.
"I expect to go borne within a day or
two," he said, "and I sea no roason
Just at this time to have a meeting of
the State committee.
"The party should continue right alone
and be ready for the fight two yeari
from now. We lost out this time, but
I feel certain that the people will re
verse themselves two years from now."
Mr. Kelfer went down In the landslide
and expressed his satisfaction that If the
ticket had to go he was pleased to go
with It.
Secretary of State Busy.
The office of the secretary or state has
been the busiest place In the state house
alnce the election. A dozen or more, per
sonally Interested In the outcome of the
contest, republicans and democrats, are
constantly on hand to scan every offi
cial return. All kinds of estimates made
In all kinds of ways have been made and
frequently every man on the ticket had
been elected except the governor. But
until all the returns are In It will not be
possible to definitely settle the fight for
railway commissioner, secretary of state
and land commissioner.
Now Government for . City.
Now that the electlm Is over and it Is
known the proposition for a city eivern
ment by commission hns carried, there Is
considerable talk about the coming stov
ernment. To , mttkf" the chanire the city
will have to acetfre the enactment of a law
by the legislature. . . .
When the election for the selection of
commlsfkners la called It will be an in
dividual affair and not a party concern,
for- It la Intended to make the city gov
ernment non-partisan as far aa possible:.
The: commercial club has taken a, great
Interest In the proposition and some of the
best business men In the city are anxious
to give the commission pUn a trial.
- Ror Eye Epldemle Gone.
The sore eyes and akin disease at the
HayWard school among the pupils haa al
most dlsappesred. The school board when
the matter was reported to It, employed
a professional nurse and the little children
who were afflicted were treated In an im
provised hospital In the basement of ths
school building. The nurse visited the
hemes of the children and gave instruc
tions to parents how to treat the little
ones and the result haa been very .!
Congressman Norrln Speaka at
atoaa Laying-.
M'COOK, Neb., Nov. I. (Special.) Tho
cornerstone of the McCook Masonic tem
ple was laid Saturday afternoon by the
Nebraska Grand lodge, assisted by the
local Masonic bodies, under the most im
posing and Impressive circumstance sod
particulars. The grand officers present
were: William A. De Bord, grand mas
ter, Omaha; Francis E. White, grand sec
retary, Omaha; John B. Dlnamore, grvnd
treasurer. Sutton; Henry Gibbons, rand
Junior warden. Kearney; Samuel D.
Dutcher, grand chaplain. Omaha; Thomaj
M. Davia, grand Junior deacon; Robert K.
French, grand custodian, Kearney. Ona
hundred visiting Masons from the dif
ferent lodges In this section of Nebraska
Indianola, Danbury, Bartley,. Oxford
Cambridge and others participated in
the ceremonies, which have never been
equalled In solemnity and magnitude In
southwestern Nebraska.
Congressman Q. W. Norrls of Uie Fifth
district delivered an eloquent oration
after the formal ceremonies of the cor
nerstone laying were completed, along the
lines of fraternity, an effort whlcu called
forth the boundless approval of liU au
dience, which, la conservatively pUced at
4.000 people.
In the evening the members of the
grand lodge and all visiting Masons were
entertained at supper by the McCook
lodge. A memorable . feature of thU
event were the toasts responded to by
members of the grand lodge present, as
well as by member of the local bodies.
A wave of good feeling and fraternity
in th highest prevailed and closed an
vent memorable to McCook Masons and
which will be recorded In th annals of
ths city of McCook with greatest pleas
ure and pride.
The temple under construction will cost
150,000 and will be th finest and largest
and best appointed In this portion of Ne
braska and the pride of th city, regard
less of fraternal tie.
X harlee Braner Shoot HI Slater,
Mistaking; Her for Her Lover.
ALLIANCE, Neb., Nov. I. (Special.)
A shooting that haa every Indication of
serious results occurred at 4 o'clock this
morning at Braner ranch, eight miles
west ot here, when Charles Braner shot
hi latr, Llsale, whom he mistook for
Frank Augustine, her companion, to
whoae attention he objected. Augustine
accompanied Mis Braner to the skating
rink her In Alliance last night and was
followed by th brother. . During their
return trip Mis Braner put on Au
guatin' fur coat. Braner fired th shot
gun he waa carrying- Into tb wvertr of
th fur coat at short rang. Upon de
tecting hi mistake ha fired th remain
ing charge Into th flering Auguitlne, but
only slightly Injured him. Hlxty-four No.
4 shot were taken from the back of
Miss Braner In th Imspttst her today
and her condition l eh that she will
not live through the night. Both men er
In Jail.
Dave Fisher Killed hy Emery
, Mstkews la Fight at Dance.
LEXINGTON, Nov. 8.-8peelnl Tele
gramsLast night a fatal affray occurred
about fifteen miles northeast of this place
at a dance between Dave Fisher and
Emery Mathews, two neighbors who were
not on good terms with each other. Hot
words passed and Mathews struck Fisher
twice with his fist, on blow on the Jnw
the other over the heart, the latter blow
killlMr him Instantly. Mathews fUd but
a sheriffs posse captured him today and
he was placed under arrest. Coroner Wade
summoned a Jury and Inquest was held
who returned the Verdict that deceased
came to his death by a blow from Mathew's
fist. Mathews Is now In jail awaiting fur
ther developments, ' this being Sunday no
charge has not yet been filed.
Frank L. Merrymaa of Miller shoots
Himself In Meek.
KEARNEY, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special Tcle
grsm.) Frsnk L. Merryman, a well to do
farmer, living north of Kearney nenr Miller
committed suicide at mldnlarht Saturday
by shooting himself In th neck with a
shotgun at his home. Th coroner's Jury
met today at Miller and gave a verdict of
suicide. Merryman was a married man
and had had family troubles. He was di
vorced from his wife a year ago and they
remarried last month. No word was left.
Rons Into Baser at Falls City, Cans-
Ins n Runaway.
FALLS CITY. Neb., Nov. S.-Mrs. August
Mueller was killed and her husband prob
ably fatally Injured Saturday when a
buggy In which they were riding was run
into by an automobile. The driver of the
automobile sought to stop his machine and
partly succet-ded, but the horso of Mueller's
plbngcd wildly, throwing the occupants
under the buggy and th automobile.
Freak Election Bet.
(Special.) A unique bet was made a few
days before election, to this effect, If
Bryan was elected Ephrlam Casscll was
to wheel Reg Able In a wheelbarrow from
the printing Office to the Eagle hotel,
the full length Of Main street, and if
Taft was elected president, Mr. Able was
to give Mr. 'Casaell the ride. The bet
was paid this aternoon before a large
crowd of Saturday shoppers, when' Mr.
Able appeared with a wheelbarrow all
decorated with red, white and blue, stars
nd stripes, and Mr. Cassell had his ride,
wearing a hat made out of red, w.ilte and
blue paper. They visited the pho
tographer afterward.
Plurality for Morris.
HASTINGS, Neb., Nov. 8.-(Speclai Tele
gram.) The majority of G. W. Norrls. re
publican nominee for congressman In the
Fifth district, is finally figured at tS. This
result Is determined by reports of the of
ficial canvass in all counties received by
the republican congressional committee.
Oakdal Man . Ac-eased.
OAK DALE, Neb., Nov". 8. (Special Tele-
gTam.) Jesse Klnnin was arrested last
night, charged with statutory assault on
the S-vear-nld dauirhtei nf Alva Mivin
The preliminary hearing was set 'for the
14th of .this month. The prisoner was re-
leaaed ,oi flhqn ( .' M M : .
. " ". Nebraska .NeVva :.itei ' .
TABLE HOCK A tramn slvin the nam
of Robert Thompson, was arrested hero,
for steeling a pair of shoes yesterday from
the. store of Oscar D. Tlbhets. He was de
tected in the act and followed from ths
store, and arrested by the marshal, nd
the goods found In ills possession. Tills
morning he was brought before Justice
M. H. Marble, and plead guilty, and fliwed
110 and costs.
EaniUn-Amerlcan Company Flans
Book of Royal American
"America's PurDle." reeentlv nroWle.1 kv
an English-American company, alns to be
an American Almanach de Gothn. a royal
book of American roval rltlcena. Are ihn
Imperialistic high Jinks of the byxantlne
court of Washington to find no echo in
the breasts of humble but aspiring Inhabi
tants of this kingdom In embryoT We may
deride the wearer of coronets and even
sneer, thouah ever so a-entlv. at the ami.
able weakness of the new rich who em
boss their motor cars with coats of arms.
But when a prospectus from across the
waters tells us that "with the view of
obtaining for Americans traveling abroad
the recognition to which they are entitled
at home" the Blank company asks you to
enroll your name and the name of your
wife and the name of her grandmother
within the paper walls of Its purple book.
men we succumb. Passports to social emi
nence are not to be corncd.
Naturally you must plank down a few
Inoonseauentlal dollars, aa nrinter.'
and paper coat money. Yet what a meager
saennce: mow Inrinlteslmally small la the
outlay compared to the results. As a
purple American aristocrat, with
name printed In the magic book, you may
ey wun iisioi. slightly altered: "The
world Is my social oyster."
In your car you may knock at the doors
of palaces and haughtily send In your re
quest to be received. And what royal per
son will dare refuse you recognition T That
everyone, that the world and hi wtf will
b Included In a reckless mlhm..h r
discriminate housing under on roof, we
are assured by the prospectus, will not be
me case. A keen discretion In the i.
tlon of names will be exercised. You will
be exercised. You will b In It, the other
fellow will not. althoua-h
are pussled aa to the methods of the ma.
enmery to be set In motion. Fancy meet
Ing your dearest friends, book In hand, on
the chase for a Saturday till Monday heuas
party In England! Rut wh .niun..
such hateful happenings? Does not the
book solemnly promise that th o sv ( at
tlon between Us covers will be proof of
social eligibility T" What a smoothenlng
o, oirucuu social ways. Send your money
and you will be In th social Arcadia
Snobbish? Not a bit of It. A young French
philosopher, Jules Qaultler, has evolved
the Ingenious theory that i.
th most natural of traits; nay. th most
necessary, a sign that w are nnW e.,i
filling our deatiny; mankind alway seeks
to seem other than It Is. Darwinism ap-
puea io social climber.
Welcome, then, th Book of PurpI
Welcome th Social Badeker. Welcome
th new Peerage of th lmoerlal
Seven dollar and fifty cents.-New York
A Tnrllllnn- rr
Plnr fatlln Si v.lrl nM rn.bli.. . i. -
Cleveland farm, Watertown, N. Y., declared
that Wednesday while In a deep aleep she
heard the vole of her father, many mile
away, call her In agonised tones and then
receiving a few hour later a telegram
announcing hi death at Cardinal, Canada,
th girl's father, was working In th
Canadian town. At an early hour h was
found , unconscious, suffering from spasms,
which lasted until 10 o'clock, when b died.
' ' ' ' '
Your Neighbors Can Tell You
No doubt, if you yourself don't know, of many marvelous cures of Stomach, Liver, Blood and Skin affections that have
been made by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, for it has a most successful record of over 40 yean.
These CURES embrace also many bad cases of Weak Lun&s, lingering
Coughs, Bronchial, Throat and Lung affections, some ot which, no doubt,
would have run Into Consumption, had they been neglected or badly
treated. We dont mean to say that the "Golden Medical Discovery" will
cure Consumption when fully seated, but It will strengthen weak lungs.
Improve digestion, and make pure, rich, red blood thereby overcoming and "'f
casting out dlseaseproduclng bacteria and giving robust, vigorous health.
All particulars about the "Discovery," its composition and uses, in Common Sense Medical
Adviser, 1000 pages, revised up-to-date, sent for 31 cents, in one-cent stamps in cloth covers, or
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more difficult esses ot Chronlo
disown whotbor requiring Mod'
ioMl or Surgicol skill tor their
euro. Sond for free
Continued Advance of Market Cantes
Demand ta SafReteat to Absorb Real- I
I.Imi. - 1 - - 1 ......... v n 4h J
Situation la Greater Than
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.-The release of
much industrial energy, held In reserve
pending the national election was counted
upon with the passing of That event. The
record of the lat week In that respect was
an agreement with the confident expecta
tion universally held In financial circles.
In the response of the stock market to the
situation, however there was a genuine
surprise. As the speculative medium of
events to come rather than those already
accomplished the action of the stock mar
ket indicates that the extensive advanco
In prices which had occurred over the level
of last year's depression, which fully com
mensurate with tha Improvement then In'
sight In the country's affairs, did not be
gin to measure the hopes of the ultimate
Improvement to occur The outbreak of a
furore of speculation last week whs a re
sult of th election, so far as the great
parties are concerned, and was accepted In
Wall street before the decision at the polls.
It was the common expectation of the spec
ulative element based on thes conditions
and the fact that prices were brought on
the eve of election to the highest elevation
tf the year, that abundant supi.l'o nf
stccks would be offered to meet every pos
sible demand witftA woyid be attracted"
from the less 'prrifctlcecT speculative publlo
and from Investment sources.
Reaction, Pall to Come.
There were few .obHervers In Wall street
who had not given the advice .that the first
after-election rise In prices Would be fol
lowed, almost certainly by a sliarp reac
tion. Th inrush for stocks, un the con
trary has been sufficient to sweep all sell
ing to realise with a sustained upward
movement of prices. The news of the week
contained plentiful evidence of th quick
movement that has occurred towards the
revival of Industrial and commercial ac
tivity following the election. The response
In this field apparently exceeds as much
tha expectation as does the murket move
ment of stocks. One apprehension dispelled
by the result of the election and which was
lost sight of In th consideration of the
larger reaults .was that tha minor political
parties would reveal a growth of revolu
tionary doctrines that would serve aa a
portent of future dangers to capital and
property rights, even if no concrete result
were achieved.
Effect of Taft'a Speech.
The unimportant purt played by the minor
parties seems to have dispelled tills anxiety
entirely. Ther can be no doubt. In fact,
that th financial sentiment has read In
th sentiment of the elections a revulsion
of sentiment in the country frnm the spirit
of hostility to capital as It Is embodied In
the great corporations. Judge Taft's speech
to the Commercial club of Cincinnati, al
though protesting adherence to the Roose
velt puUUrs and warning offending corpor
ations of the purpose to pursue and punish
them, was seised upon with avidity to In
dicate Immunity from further Irksome re
straints with serious effect on the specu
lative excitement. The decision of the
Northern Pacific directors to distribute
13.28 per share of "concealed assets" to its
stockholders, was Interpreted slso as a
braving of formerly hostile public senti
ment, which waa directed by state legis
lative acts toward limiting freight charges
by the company. - .
The assumption of more tolerant public
sentiment towards corporations finds ex
pression also In the unconcealed determi
nation of the railroads to secure higher
rates for freight than they have hitherto
enjoyed. The knowledge of a concerted
movement to this end Is credited with large
Influence on the animated speculation In
stocks which gained volume as the week
progressed. The enthusiasm ot the specu
lation leaves much to th conviction that
conditions favor a quick recovery to an
extent unusual after financial crises.
Effoet of Blow on the Head Over
or n Knock on th
Burgery as a cure for moral degenrates
has had a remarkable demonstration in this
city through an operation performed by
Dr. Herbert. U Northrop, dean of Hahne
mann college.
By a simple operation on th head, re
moving pressure on th brain caused by
Injury, Dr. Northrop changed a man from
a drunkard and a thief to an honest. In
dustrious man, respected by his employers.
The operation was performed twenty-two
months ago, but its result has only just
been announced.
Th main facts set forth In th history ot
th case are as follows:
"A man 3 years old had been of good
habits. In May, 1891, a timber struck him
on th head, causing a contusion of ths
scalp and a hematoma In tha upper frontal
region, close to th middle line on tb right
side. He was unconscious for about sixty
second and was then driven horn In a
"H returned to his position and remained
ther for twelve years, when he was dls-
to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce,
President, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are little in size but great in gentle
acting sanitary results; cure constipation, ask your neighbors
charged for drunkenness and misuse of the
company's funds. To quote lils own
" 'I looked upon money and the spending
of It as a thing which I was not responsi
ble for. I spent It right and left I might
say, threw It awayand because I did not
have enougn ot my own, I helped myself
to that which belonged to th company,
and yet I did not think I was doing any
thing wrong. I felt that everything would
com out right. I felt happy and contented.
My chief pleasure was In spending on lots
of foolish things and In drinking whisky.'
"His accident had no effect on his mem
ory. The patient himself summed up the
effects of his head Injury when he said he
had all his faculties except his sense of
normal responsibility."
On January 18, 19U7, the operation was
performed, and Dr. Northrop says that up
to the present time the result has been
satisfactory in every respect. The patient
is now devoted to his wife and ohildrcn,
and says the thought of taking a drink
never enters his mind. Two months after
his operation he returned to the employ
of the company for which he worked be
fore his downfall, end he has been pro
moted twice, with an Increase of pay.
Philadelphia Record.
(Continued from First Page.)
States 240 aliens found to be here In vio
lation of the contract labor law.
In twenty-eight Instances of apparent
violation ot the alien contract labors by
corporations or other employers, evidence
was transmitted to the Department of Jus
tice to local United States attorneys with
a request for the Institution of suits to
punish- th- persons shown by the evidence
to be guilty.
By Means of This Process Meat Haa
Been Kept Foor Month In
, the Tropics.
Still another use has been found for
electricity the curing of meat. A process
recently perfected will, the originator
predict, revolutionise the packing indus
try and drive the method of curing now
in general use out of existence.
For many years inventors have been
puxsllng their brains over how to apply
electricity to meat curing. Th Idea
was public property. It is only recently
that it ha been applied In a practical
It ha long been acknowledged that
electricity Is the greatest purifier known.
Physician Use It to destroy germ life.
The purest water Is that which has been
surcharged with electricity. Accordingly
meat ha been similarly treated.
A lot of meat which had been elec
trically cured was boxed and sent to the
United States consul at Vera Crux, Mex
ico. It was protected only by a screen,
to keep out rats and mice, and a layer
of thin parchment paper.
The consul at Vera Crux kept the meat
four months, then returned It to New
York. On It arrival here It passed gov
ernment Inspection. Another piece of meat
from the same lot has hung two years In
a room where the temperature has never
been below 70. It Is sweet and wholesome
today. Other equally startling tests of the
electric process have been made suc
cessful. The process In it fundamental princi
ple is simplicity Itself. Th meat Is
placed in tank containing brine. Th
brine Is the same solution which Is used
In curing establishments everywhere.
Electric current are sent through the
tanks. They drive the salt Into and
through the meat much more quickly
and distribute It much more thoroughly
than Is possible under the old method, In
which the meat is merely allowed to
soak In the brine.
The originator of th process claim
for It that it is quicker, mora thorough
and more sanitary than th old method.
Even th most Up-to-date curing cel
lar have brine-covered floor and damp
walls. The process of curing take so
long and the' meat must b handled so
many times that perfsct sanitation Is Im
possible. The meat must be changed fre
quently from one hogshead to another,
from old brine to new. There I alway
mors or less seepage from leaking casks.
Th cellar are in layer, underground,
and are Invariably dark and often poorly
With the electric method the meat Is
handled but once when It goe Into th
brine and when It comes out, cured.
Therefore ther are fewer casks and less
seepage. Th brine can be used over and
over again Indefinitely, as It, too, has been
purified by electricity, and circulating
through a cooler vat outside returns to
the tank.
In the matter of time consumed In cur
ing the originator make thes compari
sons; Under th old method ham I cured In
from seventy-two to 10$ day. Electric
ally cured It need stay In th brine but
from twenty-flv to thirty-five day.
Under tha old way bacon I cured In
twenty-two day. Electrically cured It
remain In th brine only four days.
Itemised, th claimed advantages of th
new method over th old ar: Takes one
fifth to one-third a long; doe It better;
save th packer from SO to 11 per cent
In labor In th curing room; eliminate
th cost of cooperage; reduce tha cost
of brine three-fourths; saves the packer
loss from "skippered" meat. Meat which
ha been electrically cured will not spoil,
for ther ar no Impurities left tn it
New Tork World
If You Don't Know
Decorations Contemplate Elaborate
Scheme at Lavish Coit.
Andltorlnm Will Be Transformed Into
n Vast Panorama ot Scenic
Beauty by Ninth of
Bcenlc and decorative effects at tho Na
tional Corn exposition this year will be
the most handsome and lavish that money,
architectural skill, dllleence and good
taste can achieve. The decorations will In
themselves be such a triumph In embellish
ment as has nvcr teen equaled In tljp
great middle west.
So much has been decided by the direc
tors of the exporltlon, although details of
the work have not yet been determined.
There are awaiting selection a number of
complete decorative schemes cf great
beauty and magnitude submitted hy local
and foreign decorators and probably a
choice will be mtdo among these, although
It Is wished to emphus!ie the fact that
suFgestton are still desired regarding this
imrxrtant part of the exposition.
The possibilities In the way of deccratlng
the Auditorium for the great exposition
are fairly duxsllng. The mammoth stsge
offers a choice to the scenic artist for the
lovelleat of perspective effects and the
drsplng of Ue girders and beams aloft af
fords another opportunity in which nn en
thusiast along Jhis line could t ot but revel
in the possibility of artistic creation.
It la probablye that at the sldn nf the
hall long-ranging peristyle will l erected
and It is unnecessary to suggest that here,
too, the architect of the decorative scheme
haa a rar chance.
Dtllcate anodes of red, green and yellow,
th royal colors of King Ak-Sar-Hen. have
been vested aa the official hues ot the ex
position and In the wealth of these there
will come a pleasant flavor of the merry
atmosphere pertaining to his Court end
Rome Miller Is chairman of the commit
tee on decorations and suggestions in this
respect should be made to htm.
Plcasare, . Profit and Safety Con
densed Into Two Words,
Don't Shoot."
The text of this brief sermon addressed
to all who propose going afield after game,
big or small, la this: Don't leave your
common sense at home when you set out
for the hunting ground. And as an open
ing remark, don't fall to 'cut thla article
out and take It with you.
For fear that you might not aee the
force of which opening, just listen to this:
The writer foregathered lately with a
gentleman from one of the large cities
who Is, by way of thinking, himself a fair
woodsman and is certainly reputed a hunter
Of class. He delivered himself as follows
apropos of the rudimentary principle of all
hunting, vis.:
"Don't shoot until you know what you
are ahootlng at.
"I was up in north Minnesota deer hunt
ing last fall and got a lesson I won't soon
forget. Just learned how easily a ' man
who Is sure he knows better can do worse
and not half try. On my Way up I picked
up a copy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press
containing a reprinted article from the New
York Times which Interested me greatly,
though I never then dreamed that It was
to b tha means of averting a tragedy.
One rule It laid' down waa when in doubt
of the identity of anything looking like
deer, but to which as deer you could not
swear, to 'holler.'
"Now I thought that ahy fool ought to
know that, but mark what followed. I
secured quarters with a 'Winchester
farmer I knew and the morning after
reaching hia place set out by my lonesome.
He had told me that a moose or two
were loose and when I glimpsed the un
mistakable coat of the big moose through
some thick brush perhaps W0 yards from
where I era crossing a thick piece of tim
ber I threw my rifle to my shoulder and
drew a bead on Mr. Moose.
"But I did not pull the trigger. Into my
mind came the printed warning and al
though I was not In doubt a littl bit I
yelled. An answer cam back Instsntly
and a moment later my host stepped Into
view and cam toward me. And I sat
down on a log with lo water pouring out
of every pore" and a lot more going to
prove that an experienced hunter had left
hi common sense at home and but for
Qod' mercy and through no fault of his
own had escaped the guilt ot blood.
Take your common sens with you when
you go to hunt. It will teach you that
ther la no reaemblance between a man
and doer or bear and will fore you
when In doubt to "holler" and keep on
"hollering" until you get an answer or see
the suspicious object run.
Don't leav your common sense at home.
If you take it with you it will In
terfere and stop rvry tlm you start
to drag a gun out of or through any
thing by the barrel with the mussle point
ing atralgnt at your body or head. That
1 the method of suicide, self-mutilation, or
manslaughter most favored of gentlemen
users of th shotgun, although som do
either or all of tho acta In a similar man
ner with th rifle.
Use a hammerleas, do youT And so you
can drag your gun any old way and still
fC 1
be safe, can you? Krlcrjd, there never WJ',
and ni-vi-r will be, any kind of loaded gun
that was or could be safe while Its muscle
was pointed at a human iH'Inar. Olv your
common sense half a chance and nobody
will need to tell you thai. If you are going
to leave anything at home give automatla
guns and whisky the preference, but take
your common sense along every time.
The killed and wounded during the oped
season for deer In the three states of Min
nesota. Wisconsin, and Michigan alone
wouldn't make a very bad second to the
performance of the railroads In that line
during the same length of time, and nine
out of ten of every deplorable happening
of them all happened because some man
went hunting and left his common sense at
Take your common sense with you. It
will teach you that under no circumstances
must you carry a loaded gun, particularly
a loaded rifle Into house or camp. It will
show you the criminal folly of shooting at
rabbits, squirrels, or birds with cartr'dje
from rifles which will propel a bullet two
miles, especially when the chances are
strongly In favor of your hitting anything
In tlio wide world except the' mark you
are aiming at. . ' n
It will call your attention to the fact that
you came out for a hunt and not a drunk,
and that the less liquor In the party the
better the party's chance of a pleasant
time and auccessful hunting. It will force
you to bear constantly in mind the fact
that you are not a "kid," and so
ble for nothing, but a man who knows him
self responsible to Qod and man for his ac
tions, and who Intends to act- as one who
fully realties his responsibility.'
Now, beforo you forget it, cut- thl out,
take It with you, and read it over each
day while, you are out If you do, sir, com
mon sense will be of the partyand ths
most honored member thereof. Now York
Times., k. . ... . ,.;..ic i-
Records In Tnnnel Dorlngr.
"World's records In the tunneling line
are being broken down in L,os Angeles,"
said 1 l(n ry Martin. '
"The reeords are being broken in the
construction of the great aqueduct which
will bring the waters of the Owena rivet
from the distant high Sierras to the city
of L.os Angeles. Several great tunnels
ar necessary. On the Immense Elisa
beth lake bore 160 feet has been exca
vated during the last ten days, a world'!
record. The cost has been $34.19 a foot
while the board of expert englnecra es
timated that $76 a foot would be the
lowest possible figure at which the worM
could be done. One mile of this tunnel
Is now completed. '
"On the Gunnison tunnel S20 feet
month has been bored, which Is consid
ered extraordinary." Milwaukee Senti
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by croup, coughs or coMs are instantly re
lleved and quickly cured with Dr. Klng'l
New Discovery. 60c and $1.00. For sale bj
Ilea ton Drug Co. '
It Is veil known to bo
Dest Natural
Laxative Water
and all disorders of
the bowels and stomach.
Infult boltlti and 4plH
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