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    unday Bee
Best & West
sixni.K corv fivk cents.
Fine Linens
Our Greatest Sale
The Omaha
& Ml Jr. M
s TV "V . .1 f ' I
s Wi7.sV .
MM, 1
7, M
sent a
SVW A We announce toda tlie
orders of Holiday Hand
kerchiefs front the famous
renters of the old world. We rail
particular attention to tho fact
that most all our lines are pure
linen and absolutely lower in price
as we go direct to foreign makers
for our supplies.- It's a Rood time
to select your Xmas Gifts; all are
fresli now, no culled over assort
ment and you can choose leisure
ly. Everyone of the lines .repre
saving of from 10 to 25.
Pure Linen hemstitched Handkerchiefs
at 10 15 25? 35
Pure linen embroidered Handkerchiefs-
t 15 2535 50
Pure linen Initial Handkerchiefs
t 1525 3550
Armenian lace trimmed Handkerchiefs
a- 50 75 $1.0O to 32.00
. Duchesse Lace Handkerchiefs
at 852.00 $2.50 $3.00 to $10
Plain pure linen Handkerchiefs
at 15 25 35 50 ' 5
Pure linen initial Handkercniets
t -15 25 35 50
Fine all silk Handkerchiefs 50 75 $1.00
Great Glove Bargains
Shop where you will there are no other Glove
Kales like thee. Hundreds of pairs went out Satur.
riiy. Enough for another big day's selling tomorrow.
Women's 'I-clasp Kid Gloves In black, tan, brown and
white, all slues, $1 gloves 79o
Mosquetalrcn, 8-button lengths, French kid, black, tan
ami brown, beat $1,-75 values, at, pair $1.15
Caps Qaaatltts for street, driving and motoring, soft
cuffs, $2 values S1.49
Finest French Kid Gloves, 18-button lengths, regular
$3.75 qualities, black and- colors, pair 3.39
Think of buying fine, strictly pure
wool California Illankets that are
excellent $H.5U and ftIO values for
95. W have 89 pairs only, In tan
shades, largest size, and heavy.
Think of baying them at (T C
such a price Cp J
60 pairs gray wool Blankets, largest
size, stitched in colors to match,
fancy borders, every pair worth
$4.50 to f 5 choice Monday. .$2.08
White Woolnap Blankets, with silk
bound edges fine, large, soft apd
fluffy great $3.50 Blankets for,
per pair $1.75
Unbleached Shaeting. 2, 2 4 and 2 M
yards wide, worth tip to 30c a
yard, for r lfic
Plain pink and blue Domestics and
heavy brown and gray mixed flan
nels, 1 2 Vt c and 15c goods . . . . 7 It c
Fancy Eiderdowns, for robes, worth
39c, on sale Monday only, yd.. 15c
Percales, 36-Inch, best goods, 40
pieces of one style 7Mc
Winter Quarterly Styls Itook and any. C
15c Ijadles' Home Journal Pattern
About Fine Shoes
We are reaching out farther for the patronage of
women who insist on the highest grades in footwear. Our
assortments of these better lines for street and evening
wear are again largely augmented with new arrivals, so
choosing can be made with discretion.
We have complete lines of sizes in calf, patent colt, kid, satin,
suede and gold effects. Of luterest are the new gray, blue, brown
and white suede top shoes with patent vamps; gray cloth top pat
ent vamp button boots; evening slippers in all the popular shades.
Bennett prices, too, are considerably less than exclusive . dealers
From the famous linen cen
ters of. Ireland, Germany and
Austria. The finest product the
world produces, imported di
rect, eliminating all jobbers'
profits. Linens that are fam
ous for beauty and lasting qual
ities. Table cloths and napkin
sets in every size, for Thanks
2x2 yard Table Cloths. $1 98 to fS.BO
2x2Vi yard Table Cloths, $2.41 to fS.SO
zxa yard Tame cloths, in.nx to S7.7S
2x3 Vi yard Table Cloths, M 98 to i S
2x4 yard Table Clot hi, $4.75 to $10.76
2tx2 yd. Table Cloths. $3 2ft to $18.75
2 4x21 yd. Table Cloths, $.1.1)8 to $28.60
Napkins to match all cloths, at. jer
dozen $1.75 to $37.M
A strictly all pure linen bleached Table
Damask. two yard wide, and very
heavy, very beautiful pat- fCs;
terns nur usual $1.00 quality, "45
for the day " ",w
Now for a Grand Climax to Our Most Succ9ssful Dress Goods Purchase and Sale
Last Monday we had thousands of yards of very finest imported $3.00 and$3.50 dress fabrics, bought from New York tail
oring house on sale at almost unbelievable bargain prices. Several hundred women bought the dress goods bargains of their lives.
MONDAY ALL THE SHORTER PIECES WILL BE SOLD Skirt lengths and suit lengths. Many not on sale last week, many others are lengths
remaining from the half and quarter pieces. These lengths will be sold at so much a yard or the entire piece, we cannot cut them. There are great
counter heaps of them; all high grada goods mind you, from which'the highest priced suits are made. Finest Voiles, Novelty Suitings, Chiffon Broad
cloths, plain and fancy; Silk Eoliennes, silk and wool materials, blacks and all best colors. Monday they'll all go like a whirlwind at still lower prices
for a grand clean up in three great lots.
$2.50 plain Broadcloths
. $3.00 fancy Imported Broadcloths
$2.00 silk Poplin, silk voiles, etc
$3.00 silk mixed fabrics for even
ing wear
13 60 bordered Suitings
64-Inch Cheviot and Rainproof
$4.00 Astrakhan and Bearskins..
Per Yard
$1.60 fancy Broadcloths ...
$l.iB silk and wool plaids
children and waists
$1.60 black and colored Voiles...,
$1.S0 Panamas and Cheviots (64
$1.25 Mohairs and Sleilllans
$1.60 wool Serges, Taffetas and
Read's L-ansdowns. short lengths
ah these magnificent ratines
We ad vis having all goods sponged So a yard.
Lot Three consists of:
64-in. Mannish Suiting (mostly
$1.25 Serges, self colored stripes.
Finest all wool Plaids. 44 to 64
Inches w ide, for children and
'Wool Serges, Panamas, Batistes,
Mohairs, almost any color, all
' fine $1.00 qualities
Per Y.rd
Gold and Gold Filled
This our greatest of all Jewelry sales will
be the big event of tho store all week. Over
n.OOO pieces of every kind of high grade Jew
elry novelties from American and European
makers, consisting of Rings, Watches, Iekets,
Fobs, Hat 11ns, Opera Glasses, Fancy Combs,
lint kles, Mesh Bags, Etc., Etc.
Owing to business depression Eastern man
ufacturer sold to Bennett's $15,000 worth at
Astonishing bargains on very fine
Oenulna Turquoise Matrix Jswelry, In solid gold
and gold-filled mountings. Kings, stick pins,
brooches, cuff links, la Valiers. etc., less than
other dealers are paying for them. Prices range
from , $1.50 to $10
Solid Gold Braoelats at almost half the value of
the gold In them very special reductions
up from 99.60
Solid Gold Kings,' set with turquoises," opals,
rubles, emeralds and sapphlrst doublets
$3.00 Rings for B80
to. 00 Rings for S1.BS)
$7.60 Rings for
Oesulne Cameo Comfes, with finest brilliant set
tings, values positively up to $35, choice. .98.98
Ilea's Gold-filled Watches, regular 16 nixe, open .
face, gold-filled, warranted for 20 years, com
plete with 7-JeweIed Americas movement. .98.94
Women's Chatelaine Watches of Sterling silver,
very handsome, less than half S1.B8
Locket Finest gold-filled dockets, greatest va
riety displayed In Omaha, values to $7. 50.. 91.98
Silk Fobs for men. worth $4. for 8o
German Silver Mesh Bags, high, grade and very
newest styles, special 98o, 91.98, 93.98, 93.98
Hundreds of other different kinds of articles, all
at proportionately low prices.
Many have made plans to buy their Christmas
Gifts during this .sale. It will surely pay.
This Handsome ; Brass Bed
We offer for Monday only a
straight reduction of 10 on
entire line of new brass beds.
Many new styles have Just
been added."
The bed as illustrated has 2-in.
continuous posts and seven
heavy fillers, five cot lacqu
ered; ball bearing casters; a
good 936 bed marked 28.5(
with . 10 reduction.
Linoleum, -MM Ends we bought up 2,000 square feet beat quality ooc
goods; fine long lengths, all good, new patterns, at, yard 3J4
Velvet Carpets In new fldral designs, selling regularly at $1.00
Monday : v'v ' '75
lnmiB Can Cotton chain, big variety, yard. . , :-3f)
Colored Curtains New line for doors or dining rooms, at, pair $1.50
"Bennett's Special" Sewing Machines, best $20 machine made, drop
head. 10-ear guarantee, special 813.69
Foot Stools, like cut On
sale Monday 200 fine vel
vet and velour upholstered
top., stools with shaped
biouzed iron legs
All the High Priced Suits Must Go
All the $50, $60 and $75 Tail
. ored Suits, Monday, Choice at
First break in price and a most decisive quick clearing mark-down It is. Every
one of our most exclusive high grade models, the season's highest attainment
in tailoring art, show reductions of 910 to $80 en each suit.. At no time have
there been more tban one suit of aay style been shown In Omaha. They
come in every fashionable shade. In the very finest of materials and gor
geously tailored and trimmed. About fifty suit in all. Your unrestricted
choice for ...$45.00
More than 50
New, Coats for
Styles of Smart 0J
r Women" at . . . .
Such a display of coat models at thla popular price is an
innovation in Omaha. There-is not a single style worthy
of note that is not featured. The stunning full length
Empire Coats in heavy diagonals In browns, greens, smoke and mouse shades
are town talk, then there are storm coats, doable face tweeds, auto coats and
black broadcloth coats, tan and gray coverts and theater wraps; absolutely
most noteworthy assemblage of high class styles you have ever seen at $25
Everything in Furs
Black Furs, everybody wants black turs. Fashion demands them this year,
hence you can look to Bennett's for them.
Monday we show new arrivals of Black Fox and Black Wolf shawl and throw
scarfs and animal rug muffs, these are all long, rich, silky furs in newest pre
vailing styles, each $18 $20 $25 "d $30
Black Lynx Furs, very finest qualities, at $35 $45 TO $65 EACH
Genuine American Mink Furs Not blended or dyed, every conceivable style, in
large and small pieces k $20 UP TO $75
Austrian China Dinner Sets
100 Pieces
$15 Sets for $10.00
0i Sale
20 Sets, seven different patterns, white and gold and decorated patterns
Austrian Chins, also English and American semi- CIO ft II
porcelain, positively all $13.00 sets, your choice '. iJIUUU
CUT GLASS One big lot very fine, rich, sparkling, deep cut Tankards,
Jugs. Pitchers, Comports, Bowls, Vases, Water Bottles, Fern Dishes,
Sugars and Creamers, Tobacco Jars, (TC ftfl
worth to $8.00. choice PJ.UU
CHOP SETS Of French China, consisting of six plates and one' large
chop dish
$17.50 sets Monday for $10.00 I 6-50 sets Monday for $3.08
$15.00 sets Mouday for. .$8.75 I 4-75 sets Monday for $2.08
Game Net $5.00 sets for 2.98, and $10 Bets tor $4.08
Tom and Jerry sets. 1 bowl and 12 cups, $4.75 regularly, for.. $2.98
Baking or Pudding Sets Decorated, in Haviland and other French and
Austrian China, worth to JC.75, foi $2.50
7-piece blue banded Berry Sets, I Cut Glass Salts and Peppers, sliver
only I tops, each 15
: y
Why not join the amy of users of Capitol Coal? Ever
try it? Just 'phone your order for a sample sack, all it costs
is 30c. We'll send it. Convince yourself that Capitol Coal
is equal to any soft coal on the market before laying in a
Lump or Nut
"th Bast that urns"
South Omaha orders filled direct from South Omaha yards. Prompt
deliveries to Duudee, Florence, Benson sod Omaha proper.
Monday's Sales
Ranges and Heaters as advertised for Saturday on sale
again Monday.
$36. DO Peninsular Range S31.50
, '.'. 50 Peninsular Range tM.53
Ab!i Barrel SifterH. special 0
rAli Sifters, all steel, metallic S9o
Ash Sifters, small oblong 8o
20c Fire Shovels, long handle l&o
75c Furnace Scoops for
Door Locks, copper finish, pcl..38o
Door Locks, oval, copper finis'i..40o
)4t Base Burner for $38.00
til Hume Oa; HeuieiM S8.B4
Quick Cut Kitchen Stone for "
knives JOo
50c KanthiHk Knife Sharpener. .39o
Hatchets, all steel aie
45c Stove Pipe, planlnhed lron...SOo
Jl Axes, black finlsl 7Bo
Monday Special
J. 000 yard highest quality Silks
selling at $1-60 and 12 yard. In
one tremenUoiM lot: II 5 j M
sallnes. 3 Inches;
Black Taffetas. Inchc wile;
li.iO Ret Hlack l'eau ie Soic,
, 3-lnch; 11.50 Black fstln Duc.i
eaae; 1.60 Satin Dirertoire. Mrs
sallnea and l'eau de C'ygnta, h 11
t SBo
Bennett's Big Grocery
Pride of Bennett'B Flour, sack
Bennett's (Jolden Coffee, pound
Tetley's India and Ceylon Sunflower Tea. lb .
Tetley's India and Ceylon Sunflower Tea,
Tetley's India and Ceylon Sunflower Tea, i
Peanut Palud Oil, smadl bottle . .
Beauty Asparagus, can
Allan's Brown Brtad Flour, pkg. .'
t'uocolatu itieuier. can
Bensetl'a Capitol Pancake, pkg
Hub-No-ilore Soap or Powder, nix for
A. B. C. Catsup, per botlU
bul e Have Corn, three cans for
Oatmeal and Oraham Biscuits, per pound
. $1.60 and
. . 8 So and
. . . 70o and
lb. 360 and
lb. 18o and
, ., 86c and'
. . Bfio and
. . . 18c and
. . . 36o anil
. . . llo wind
. . . S5o and
. . . 83o and
. . . a&
CO Ureeii
SO Oreen
50 reen
25 Oreen
10 Oreen
10 Oreen
20 Green
10 Green
10 Green
10 Green
10 Oreen
30 Oreen
Terrible Experience of Young1 Rns-
sian Officer.
Meets lllat I" Hots mm Vrm
I rates DUfalw, brryo II
is C'uaazM'llea to Shoot
' ltlsa.' ;
WARSAW. Nov. C (Special.) - Serge
Alrxandrovltch, a young ortlcer In one of
tli regiments of dragoons stationed at the
town of NlUwa, near the German frontier,
has been compelled. In the performance of
Ills duty, to shoot Ms dearest friend, a
Polish patriot who became mixed up in
an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap the gov
ei nor general of Warsaw. Vet," urrlble as
the tragedy may appear to the readw in
the Culled Slates. It Is but typical of the
conditions which prevail today in Russia.
Jan Pietrowskt, Alexaudrovltch's Polish
friend, served his time In the Ktiasian army
I IV the same regiment as his future exe
cutioner. Tho men became txan com pan.
Ions. Upon tb expiration of the compuls
ory' term th Pols resigned and came home
to Warsaw. The two young man. however,
emalned flrss friends and constsnt cor
respondents. Frequently, when he could ob
tain leave. Serge Alexaudrovttch came to
visit Jan hero.
riots Aaalaat Hassla.
Several mouths ago some hot-headed, but
Impracticable Polish youths in Warsaw, be.
gen plotting against the Itusalan adminis
tration, which, according to their poorly
laid planaj as to bo overthrown in a night
nd replaced by Poles. All was satisfac
torily arranged on paper and Jan was
among the conspirators, though he had lit
tle more thun a passive hatred for the gov.
ernment. Serge noticed a change in his
friend when he. went up to Warsaw. All
the youth's spirits seemed to have left him.
"What la the matter?" he asked one night
at a gay supper, after he had vainly
striven to bring a amile Into the other's
face. "Nothing." was the reply. "Im
sleepy and will go home to- bed." Instead,
he left the supper table to attend a secret
meet'ng at which lots were past as to who
ghoul. 1 he Intrusted wllh the task of kid.
napH g and holding prisoner the governor
general. The fatal choice fell upon Jan
and final arrangements were aoon made.
Dressed In his dragoon's uniform he was
to go to the governor general's summer
residence on the outskirts of Warsaw and
demand to see him, saying he bore private
and pressing dispatches from tfie garrison
at Nllawa concerning the Germans, who
are continually looking hungrily across the
Russian frontier. Once In' the governor's
presence there was no fear of his plan
failing, because the conspirators had
chosen a day when men who were known
to harbor grudges against . the official
would be on guard at the house.
As these supposed secret dispatches were
timed to arrive In the evening, the young
soldier world be received In tho governor's
private room overlookiiaf the park. The
men on guard there were Poles, who had
bribed the police to change uniforms. The
victim would be gagged, carried through
tho park and hurried to a quiet road, where
a closed motor car watted. No violence
km to be used unless absolutely necesaar.
Ufllflala to Be Hostages.
Simultaneously with the capture of the
governor general all the other high Rustin
military and civil officials would b seized
I and Imprisoned in various uulet country
houses. If the cxar granted the demand of
tho conaplratora for autonomy these men
would be released; if not, they weie to ba
killed and an attempt made to forcibly
secure the reins of government. It was
as mad. daring and hopeless a plot as ever
youth concocted.
Although few peopl; wore acqua nled with
tho existence of the plul, it happened that
one of the most trusted of the plotters was
a Russian spy. The arrangements once
completed, this Individual lost no time In
putting all the details, together with a list
of U.e conspirators and the parts they were
to play, into the hands of tho police. This
happened on June 3. tho day before thai
fixed for the can y ins" cut of the plot.
Through a frieijd In tho police word
reached Jan that he and his friends had
been ' betrayed. Jan, after warning his
fellow conspirators, decided upon flight.
He had no choice cf routes, because he
happened to be at the country house
destined for the governor general's prison
a little place In the gcvoi uiient of Flock,
not (ar from tho German frontier when
the news of betrayal cane. Having no
passport, such aa is necessary to go abroad,
he borrowed one from a lady named
Madame Oadomaka, living near at haul.
Tie quickly dressed In woman's clothes, and
as he waa yourjR, slight and beardless, dis
guise was an easy matter. With false hair
and a thick veil, such as women wear when
tisvelang, he was soon ready to pass the
cursory scrutiny customary among frontier
officials. His friends put him Into a closed
carnage and he act out.
Spy Spoils All Plata.
It was a three hours' drive to tho frontier
station and the road lay on the outskirts
of Nils a, where his old regiment was still
stationed. I'nfortunately for tho young
Pole, tho same spy who had mads known
the plot to the authorities also disclosed
the whereabouts of tho several arch con
spirator. Co panic-stricken was the gov
ernor general that, upon learning the Iden
tity of the man who planned to get rid of
him, he telegiaphed to the colonel of Jail's
former regiment to scour the country for
this desperate character, and shoot him on
the spot. Serge Alexandrovitch. among
others, was ordered out with his troop. He
paled when he heard the fugitive's name,
and his colonel, noticing It, said: "You
know hhn better than any of us. If fat
puts him into voir hands, it Is your duty,
not only as a Russian, but the czai'a hpi
vant. i(j have hlni shot." Srge saluted in
silence and went out to watch the road
along which the fugitive must pass on hi
way to tho station.
It grew dusk. Many peasants' carts and
humble vehicles had passed and each time
the young Hii'slan heaved a siKli of relief
as he satisfied himself that none of them
contained the friend he loved better almost
than a brother. The dull, sultry day was
closing In when a shut can-las-, drawn by
four good horses, came in sight. It was
the first conveyance of the kind that had
passed. Serge Alexandrovitch ordered his
mer to stop It with a light heart. Doubt
less some lady was traveling in state, he
mused. The driver pulled up with reluc
tance, protesting that his mistress was In
a hurry to catch the evening train. Walk
ing up to the window Serge saluted and
asked courteously for the lady's passport.
They faced one another In the dusk Jan
reeofmiied ids friend without being recog
nized himself. He handed the passport in
silence through the open window. Rut. un
happily, he nad taken off his glove, which
was tight. The right hand bore a large
scar on the back the result of a cut given
him by Serge Alexandrovitch while they
were playing with foils one afternoon In
tho barrack yard. Serge saw and remem
bered It; his own hand trembled as he took
the passport.
"Your name, madame?" lie asked.
Tho woman inside nodded towards tho
alii) of ptiper, implying that ail information
was there. S. rye glanced t it and
frowned, because his duty hod become so
hard. He knew the real Madame Gadom
ska; she would have, answered questions
Comrade Shoots Comrade.
i ou can assurn me, on your wjrd of
honor, madam", that you and the worn n
described here are one and the same," he
asked at lenytli. There was a long silence,
hrok. n at loiistii by Jan. who tore off his
hat anil veil with a cry of despair.
"It haa to be." he exclaimed. "Oh!
Serge, how hard our lu k Is."
Serge Alexandrovitch looked up and diwn
the darkening loud. His men stood near;
behind I Im was a ditch, I ho sort of ditch a
man might fall hack Into when he it
"Why, in God's name, did you tVe of f
your glove?" ho asked. "1 have order to
shcxit you here at once." Breaking off.
he turned from the carriage to hide Ills
tearsv .
. Jan was dumb for a moment. He had
not thought of death as being so near.
The . dusty road and flat fields beyond
suddenly seenvd very fair, because they
represented life. Then he stared at the
ditch, the soldiers in their familiar uni
forms, and his friend's back. H scarcely
heard tin driver's protestations; there was
no train to l lust niw. Suddenly he
sprang from the carriage and hastily re
moving his disguise, went up to Serge
"I am ready." he said simply.
Serge turned round and they embraced,
after the manner of Slavs.
Irstcar Carried Oai.
"Wo must hurry." murmured ons of tho
men, looking skywards. "It grows very
dark." Jan turned to tho carriage and
returned with a small bag. It contained all
his money, collected iu bast to beytu
that new life beyond the frontier. Hand
ing it to the man who had pointed out the.
need for haste, he said:
"Take these and share them with your
comrades. Only' shoot straight and be
He took his stand in front of the ditch.
Serge drew up his men and bandajred Jan's
eyes with the thick veil. Once more they
took have of each other, but in silence,
with hands clasped. F.ven the old driver
had ceased his lamentations and Mood by
t'te leaders' heads leat tiny should bolt.
Then, as though suddeu'y ntvald of the
sl;ht he should wltn.S'-. he sprang to the
box with the aglity of youth ajid dashed
with his horses down the rox:d. .leaving
the men and the little pile n' coiIips in
the dark behind hint. Wllh whit.-, s.-t face.
Sergo Alexindrovlteb gave the order t
fire and twelve mnsUet rang out. I'tter
lrg a sharp cry Jan f' II back into the
Prattle of the Youngsters.
Jamie was begging his father for a s -cond j
helping of preserves. "When I was a boy,1
said his papa, "my father only allowed mo
to have one helping." . ,
Jamie was silent for a minute, tuasl then
asked: "Aren't you (lad you live with as
now, daddy?"
Tommy Where have you been, Willie T
Willie-Been flahln'.
Tommy Catch anything?
Willie-Not yet, hut 1 will when I get
A little girl wss sitting on the floor cry
ing. After a while she stopped, and seemed
buried in thought. Looking up suddenly
she said:
"Mamma, what was I crying about?"
"Because I wouldn't let you go out"
"Oh, yes!" and ahe set up another howl.
Principal Johnnie. I'm surprised that French la mi weak. Now think cjia
I .eau what is that? What does your father
throw up when he's merry?
Johnnie His Job, sir.
Cleanses beautifies and preserves the teeth and
imparts purity and fragrance to the breath
Used by people of refinement since 86$