Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 08, 1908, NEW SECTION, Page 5, Image 5

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0. W. Wattles Delivers Illustrated
Lecture' at All Saints' Church.
nrrnt Trig) Graphically Deserlh
nail Facta Concerning Scenes
rortrared Told In Interesting-
If a moving picture show or a profes
sl nnl torturer could get possession of the
films and slides which wer used last night
y O. W. Wattles In his lecture at All
Saint church his fortuna would be made.
The lecture was a description of a trip
around the world Which Mr. Wattles has
recently completed. More accurately speak
ing It was a verbal and ptotorlal description
of part of the trip, as one evening would
be fsr too short a time In which to hear
and see the wealth of Incident and de
scription and the Immense number of views
which the traveler brought back with him
for the entertainment and pleasure of his
There was not a vacant seat In the largs
audience rdorh when the first picture was
thrown on the soreen and Mr. Wattles be
gan his Interesting remarks. The audience
may best be' described as one represnta
tatlva of the nest of Omaha's social and
business element. Members of the congre
gation of All Saints', business friends and
associates of the speaker and many others
came to see and hear and all were mora
than repaid. "
The Illustrations, of which there wss a
constant stream on the screen, were most
happily arranged with reference te the lec
ture for as the speaker carried forward the
trip from the time he left Omaha until ho
reached the shores of Asia almost each
sentence was Illuminated by a view of the
particular place under discussion.
Faasrams of tho World.
The moving pictures are especially
worthy of remark am" It may well to
doubted whether any series of views more
original and more out of the ordinary were
ever presented to an Omaha assemblage.
They began with a panorama of the west"
rn mountain as they unfold from the ob
servation car of a transcontinental train.
The' trip through the Oolden Gate was also
shown in ti manner Wonderfully true to life.
Numerous views of Honolulu were
shown and the pictures of the natives,
caught while they were engaged in their
quaint customs of greeting visitors with
showers , of flowers, were .decidedly
Other notable views were those of a
ship passing an iceberg and of the fire
drill on a ship when an alarm Is soundod.
Perhaps the most marvelous of all, how
ever; were the views of the ocean tn a
storm, and these held the assemblage
awed, for It was bard to believe It was
the picture and not the reality which was
to be seen. Japan and China were also
- Interestingly portrayed.
The lecture Itself may be described to
some extent as a running fire of com
ment on the pictures, but It also con
tained a large amount of solid Informa
tion' and many amusing Incidents of
tourist life which were greatly, enjoyed
by the audience.
The, lecture will be repeated next Mon
day, alght at the Lyric for the exclusive
benefit of the employes of the street
railroad company, of which Mr. Wattles
Is president
Me .stated last night that In the near
future he may give one or two similar
lectures, continuing . the trip the entire
wajK around the globe. If he does it Is
, safe to toay; the auditorium of All -Saints'
' church ' will be taxed to Its utmoat to
accommodate those who will want an
other evening of pleasure similar to that
of last night.
Attention, A. O. U. W.
Tou ax hereby notified of the death of
Brother 'John P, Hainan, a member In good
standing of Union Paolflo lodge No. 17, A.
O. U. W. Funeral from the residence, 814
North Seventeenth street, Sunday at 2 p.
m. All uniformed degree teams of the city
and members !of the A. O. U. W. are re
quested . to be present. H. I. Chestnut,
Master Workman. John P. Carr, Recorder.
Followed by Sapper and Address
VratlnsT Consrresratlonalista to
A reception and supper for Hev. Prank
Tver of Chicago, general secretary of the
Congregational Brotherhood of America,
was given last night at the Young Men's
Christian association by fifty or more
prominent Congregational laymen of the
Tte event began at 6.45 last evening with
an Informal reception In the Young Mn's
Christian association lobby. This was fol
lowed by the supper, after which Mr. Dyer
delivered an address: "The Challenge of
the Times to Congregational Men." Short
sddresses by others present followed. A
feature of the evening was the discussion
of plans for a more complete irganlsatlan
among the Congregational laymen of the
city and It Is probable that a general move
ment to this effect will dato from the meet
li.S last night.
Hollow Cheeks
and Sunken Chests
Hay Be Quickly Rounded Out With
Bobuit Flesh by Using; Stuart's
Calcium Wafers.
Write for l"re Trial Package.
Hollow choeks, sunken thesis, muddy
complexions, pimply faces, and nervous
breakdowns are caused primarily by bad
blood, either filled with Impurities or con
talnlng but littls strei gth.
Build up. your blood snd you supply every
pert of the body with the material for
building flesh, bone, muscle and nerves.
The ordinary woman or man who suf
fers from physical decline Is morose
moody and Inclined to despair. Conse
quently they do not eat or do those things
which tend to Improve their condition and
thereby steadily grow worse. Stuart's Cal
clum Wafers is a tonic pure and simple
with a great blood purifier combined, thus
giving tho system immediately that re
newed vigor and life so necessary to over
come decline of flesh and nerves.
These little wafers make themselves felt
st ence by renewing the blood so that It
InvigoraU-e the nerves arxl buoys I'p ths
spirit of the sufferer.
One notlcee almost Immediately a gen
eral Improvement In health and a desire
for greater, activity and vim.
This condition is due to ths Introduction
of new blood to the dying, tired or decay
ii.g flesh and nerves.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers, though power
ful and their result wonderfully rapid In
transpiring, are absolutely harmless, and
they may be used by children as well as
Do nut let . your blood rsmaln longer In
an Impure, decaying state, but write a
once, for a trial package of Stuart's Ca!
tium Wafers. We will send them tu you
fie"., pr go to your druggist and buy a
box. "trice 6uo. Address K. A. Stuart Co.,
IV Stuart Bldg. Marshall. allcr
sts Boot mat It,
Diamonds, B&aolsa, Jeweler.
Bndolph T. Swebeda, PabUo Aoeonatant,
Sr. Swing- Brown, 503 Bldg.
raBoaxkefor Quality cigars, .IIS 8. Hth
Btaehart, photographer, ISth A Famam.
Bowmen, 117 N. la. Douglas shoe, tt.tO.
Bleetrteal Wiring and Bepalrs Burgess
Qrandan company, 1511 Howard street.
Ssoitabla I4fo Policies sight drafts at
maturity. H. D. Neely. manager, Omaha.
Tor furnace or hot water combination
heating see Omaha Stove Repair Works,
1X4 Douglas. Bell Tel. Doug. MO, Ind.
Tear Mosey and Znsuraaea Papers
should be kept In a fire and burglar
proof safe deposit box In the American
Safe Deposit vaults In the Bee building.
Boxes rent for only $4 a year.
B. A. Benson Will Talk on "Cowards'
E. A. Benson will address the - Omaha
Philosophical society Sunday at I p. tn.
In Barlght hall, Nlnete'entli and Farnara
streets, on "Cowards."
Pipe Oeta Too Hot An overheated fur-r-ace
pipe started a fire In a hnl'.way of
the boarding and rooming house conducted
by James Linn at 2321-23 Harney street
Saturday morning. Floors and caniets
were damaged to the extent of about
root Ball Pan Loses Clothes Walter
Southerland, an Ames foot ball enthusiast
from Iowa City, la., had his suit case.
which contained a quantity of new clothes,
stolen frorh Union station late Friday
night. The police were given a descrip
tion of the man whom Southerland sus
pects. Burglar Steals Barber's Goods A bur
glar with tonsorial Inclinations is sup
posed to have stolen a puckago of bar
ber's Jackets from an Minneapolis &
Omaha freight car which was standing In
the Omaha yards Friday. The Jackets had
been shipped by a local barbers' supply
Heart Pall ore Caussa Death Heart
failure caused the death of William R.
Hardy of 718 North Nineteenth street Fri
day morning, according to the verdict of
the coroner's Jury at the Inquest Saturday
morning. Hardy was an agent of a nur
sery company and had been setting out
trees Just before he fell dead. A brother
at Clinton, la., has been notified and will
come for the body. No other relatives are
known here.
Mog Drops on Man's Back Because a
live hog dropped from the celling on his
back, bruising him - and breaking his leg,
Oeorge Novak has begun suit against 8wlft
A Co. for 13.000. Novak was at work in
the killing department hooking hogs to a
chain In order that they might be drawn
up over the large wheel to be transferred
to a cable. One of the animals came loose
and fell on him. Inflicting the Injuries.
Tom Sloan Made Guardian for Indians
An order was Issued by Judge W. II.
Munger Baturday morning appointing
Thomas L. Sloan of Pender guardian ad
litem, as the representative of the heirs
of, Joseph, William P. and Alvin Cox,
Omaha Indians, in the matter of certain
land allotments on the Omaha Indian
reservation In Thurston county. The
amount of land Involved approximates
about 480 acres.
Bo Federal Court West Week The fed
eral petit Jury recently drawn for the en
tire Nebraska district and ordered to re
port next Monday, will not report after
all, the panel having been discharged1 for
the term. Consequently there will be no
Jury term here for. the fall session of the
federal courts for the immediate present.
It is probable that a Jury will be empan
eled later to try civil cases In the Omaha
and North Platte subdivision.
Sheldon's Defeat Blow to State "Gov
ernor. Sheldon's defeat is a blow to good
government In Nebraska as welt as n
great loss to the republican party. He
has made the best governor Nebraska has
had In years," said Senator E. J. Burkett,
who was tn Omaha between trains Friday
night. Senator Burkett was on his way to
Carthage, Mo., to give a lecture. He will
leave In a few days for Washington to
make ready for the coming session of congress.
Voted Colored Woman in Omaha Mrs.
Lucy Thurman of Michigan, national or
ganiser among colored people, has made
several engagements in Omaha. Mis. Thur
rnan arrived Friday morning and will
speak at tho African Methodist Episcopal
church. Eighteenth and Webster streets,
Sunday evening, at the social, science de
partment of the Omaha Woman's club
Monday, and at the Literary club at Zlon
Baptist church Monday evening. Other
meetings in Omaha, South Omaha and
Council Bluffs will be arranged for.
. T. Ollder Starts Unity lectures-
Monday evening at Unity church, Seven
teenth and Cass streets, Robert F. Gilder
will open the series of lectures planned by
Unity club for alternate Monday evenings
during the winter. H.s subject is "Results
of Excavations at Bellevue and Child
Point." Mr. Glider gained distinction
among archaeologists by his discovery In
October, 1906, of eight human skulls of a
primitive type In a Loess hill north of
Florence. The antiquity of these finds is
said to compare with that of the famous
Neanderthal man.
Poor Wives and Oae Hubby Divorced
Four wlvea and one husband were suc
cessful In securing divorces by decrees
filed with the district clork Saturday morn
lng. Nellie Trlplett secured her divorce
from James on grounds of desertion; Stella
Sweeney accused Anthony L. of desertion;
Mae C. Levtne charged Shepard L, with
non-support; Mandy MUner charged ex
treme cruelty and secured the custody of
two children. William W. Harper, the
lone husband, secured his decree on al
legations Mary D. was extremely cruel
anl abandoned him.
Bow Election Affsots Courts "People
will have to take a week or two to realise
that our old state has gone democratic,"
said Justice of the Peace Eben K. Long
Saturday morning when asked. why the
Justice courts wre not as busy as usual
Only a comparatively small number of
cases have been heard In these courts
since the election. "All the excitement in
cident to the election has subsided, and I
think people are Just sitting back and
drawing their breath for a while. When
they gat rested and realise that the ex
citement is all over, the Justice courts
will resume their wonted business again."
Pig and Colored Man la Jail A amall
black and white pig with a curly tall and
no great excess of avordupols, is liable to
make Its home at the city Jail tor a day
or two soon. No, It will not be a regular
prisoner, but Just a piece of property
brought in on a search warrant. Its owner,
Irene Miller, having complained that some
one stole piggy from her residence at KC1
Parker street a short time ago. The search
warrant ana complaint is sworn out
against John Watson, a colored man, and
Court Sergeant Whelan, who will servo
the papers, says that If the woman's al
legation is true, the colored man and the
pig will go to Jail together.
The beautiful hand-made $400.00 Schmollcr & Mueller , Piano. Given Away Absolutely
Free with 14 other principal and cash prizes, and In addition $5,000.00 worth of minor prizes.
For nearly twenty years the Schmollcr & Mueller Hand-made I'iano has been manufactured as a high grade piano, adapted peculiarly to the needs and conditions of western climate
and people. It has never failed to give absolute satisfaction. With the purpose of further Increasing the sale of the RCHMOLLKR Jfc Ml'EI.I.KH riANO and to make known Ua Intrinsic
merits, we now Inaugurate this, the second contest we have featured this year. Refer elsewhere If you plesae In this ad as to how well we lived up to our promise In our former con
test. We guarantee to do the same in this contest. The residents of this community know that our word is as good as a government bond.
We therefore will give away WITHOUT PRICK and ABSOLUTKLY FHKK the following prises to the, strcressful contestants In this contest, which closes NoTrmbrr 80th, at 6:00 p. m
One $400 Sriimoller & Mueller Piano One $125 Schmoller & Mueller Organ
One $250 Piano Player One Prize Ten Dollars in Gold
One Prize five Dollars in Gold
Ten Prizes One Dollar Each
All of which are on exhibition in the windows of our salea rooms in this city. And in addition to the FIFTEEN CAPITAL PRIZES Juet enumerated we will rre away FREE.
!? v'Vw:! WE IK) AS WK agree. :hvV:
.VtV'f'?: 0lir contest of last spring was by far the most ".Jj'lJ
to'vAt.' V'.tfi successful contest evej conducted by a piano dealer V'..t
?. rfl I. Ih. T'nlt fltataa. ill hnraiiM w T I
faith with every contestant snd delivered to the
BUCCESsrub rain wihsibi
the prises as we agreed to do, The successful win
ners were:
Vr aid. w. Wane of Omaha. Heb.
Mr. Geo. M. Btolteaberg, loath Omaha, Web.
Mrs. Marie Christiansen, Council Bluffs, la.
Mr. Wesley Beak. Edgar, B.b.
Our fair dealing with our friends snd patrons
during the past fifty years Is the best guarantee
that the present contest will be conducted honestly,
fairly and squarely, and In the Interest ef all con
testants. Our sole desire In to advertise the Schmol
ler & Mueller Piano. We will play no favorites and
are entirely disinterested as far as the making of
awards Is concerned.
lV.JJV.V No one need hesitate to compete. Ask your local K'Sll'A
?MJ!'.M banker as to our reputation and financial responsl-
eieV.Ve bllltv. He will tell you thnt no firm In the music 5-'.;r
:", 't? business stands as highly throughout the West ns
'VttI does the piano firm of Schmoller A Mueller. Inves- f.t
;;, tlgatlon into our ousipess memons is bihijh V.VS1
Every contestant, whether successful or not, will receive a handsome SOUVENIR SCARE TIN EKKK.
Try your skill count every dot then send your count to us today. Observe oa re fully the , ,
First Count the dots carefully contained In the piano outline.
Becond After doing this, mark the total number In the space provided in the coupon.
Third Kill out the coupon carefully usn another sheet of paper If you prefer. No answer will be considered
unless all questions ar answered as requested.
Fourth State whether you have an organ or piano. Write your name and address plainly. Remember every
icelves a prise, whether the count Is correct or not. Each one gets a DOUVfcMK BCA
contentant receives a d
Fifth Awards will be made bv a committee of eleven disinterested newsDSDer men
lng papers: Omaha Bee, Omaha World-Herald, Omaha Daily News, Council Bluffs Nonpareil
Sioux City .lournal, Sioux City Tribune, Lincoln State Journal, Lincoln Star, Twentieth Centur
Isltor. Address your reply as follows:
ne eaoh from the follow-
Sloux City News,
entury Farmer, Sovereign
Department B.
Omaha. Nebraska.
No. of Dots.
. Name . .
.State. ,
. .Street Address.
Have you a Piano?...
Have you an Organ?.
.Dept. B.
Plenty for Everybody to Eat . and
Drink at Pure Food Show.
carefully.. In this sheath the hair lies
smooth and untangled, only needing to
be cared for once In several days, and
giving the sick one the least possible annoyance.
Women Spielers I'rge Visitors to Try
Wares Wlthont Money ssd With
out Price Good Crowds
If you're hungry visit the Pure Food
show. ,
There Is no excuse for a man going hun
gry while the Pure Food show is on at the
Auditorium, for on every hand free lunches
are handed out In the freest abandon, the
pretty demonstrators even begging people
some times to sample pancakes, hot baking
powder biscuits, sausage, beef broth, cof
fee, buttermilk and even Whter, the Intent
being ta show the exceedingly fine quali
ties of tho flour, meat or coffee that goes
into the making of the foods or drinks.
Smacking of the county fair, feminine
"barkers" cull out to the crowds:
"Here you are, the greatest breakfast
food ever made and made right here In
Omaha. Roots shredded hay, tousled oat
flakes, wheat wrinkles and all the rest
Come and try Unrle Sam's Breakfast
"All the hot pancakes and hot biscuits,
with maple syrup you can eat, made from
cur own flour," sings, out Miss Mabel Bab
bitt In charge of the McCord-Brady ex
hibit, as she sets out a smoking stack of
cakes with a cup of "Advo" coffee and ar
ranges an array of canned goods on the
tide as an appetizer.
Get a muffin, get a muffin," is the cry
at the I'Pdlke Milling company's, booth
where muffins, gems and pancake are
made from Vpdlke flour. Tickets on sacks
of flour are also given to every visitor to
the booth and during the show a fifty-
pound sack of flour will be given away
every night.
Hot biscuits and fresh bread, baked In
the booth, are also given away by T. C
Bruner & Co., while nearby steaming cups
of Parmer's Ak-Sar-Ben coffee are served
the hungry multitudes. Not far fmm these
booths Is the Kamo coffee inn where coffee
and wafers are served, and in another
booth Runkel's cocoa is poured out in un
stinted quantities to tickle the palate and
quench the thirst.
Live Exhibit.
Occupying a prominent place In the cen
ter of the Auditorium Is the exhibit of the
Cudahy Packing company. On one side an
endless chain of Dutch scrub women la
shown chasing dirt with "Dutch Cleanser1
and a pretty girl with a bar of "Diamond
C" soap stands ready to obliterate any
smut which might by chance get on a vis
Itor's face. On the other - side little pig
sausages are fried for the visitors and beef
broth served them.
Macaroni and spaghetti are served In two
booths, the Lorens Brothers Macaroni
company of Milwaukee and the Minnesota
Macaroni company both havlni.; exhibits
Both cook and serve spaghetti Ir several
styles and the Minnesota company will give
away & tonight to the person guessing the
nearest number of pieces of maccaroni in
a box. The Lorens company expects to
begin the manufacture of maccaroni In
Omaha by the middle of the winter. It not
In the booth of the Fairmont Creamery
company Diadem butter on wafers Is served
In quantities and the man who hesitates to
spread butter ea his bread very thick while
it is 9)-odd cents a pound can for once In
his life get all the butter he wants. But
termilk Is also given the thirsty, and when
tou many people are not crowded around
the booth Delicla Ice cream Is served, but
sparingly, for the reason that the women
of the Kountse Memorial church have ice
cream to sell In a couple of other booths.
Bide by side the Iten Biscuit company
keep plied on numerous plates on the
counter samples of sundry wafers and
crackers and the Carnation milk people
pour out cups of their milk and cream to
drink with the wafers, drink In coffee or
pour on dishes of breakfast food borrowed
from Vncle Sam near by.
The smell of coffee, sausage and biscuits
permeates the sir In the Auditorium, and
If a person Is not hungry when he goes he
soon gets an appetite, which, however. Is
easily satiated.
Whole Toanato Preserves.
Take firm tomatoes, not too ripe; place
In Jar and covey with melted paraffin. Have
Jar warm by placing In hot water, put in
layer of tomatoes and cover with the paraf
fin, then add second layer of tomatoes and
continue until Jar It (Hied. To remove friut
place Jar In hot water, and wax will soften
tnd tomatoes can be taken right out.
Marked Tendencies In Winter Wraps
of Ilatskln Seems to Be In
Hlarh Favor.
It Is always difficult Oscrlbo a sea
son's furs. In many cases the mew shapes
vary but slightly from those of the pre
ceding season, and besides often much of
the beauty of a fur garment depends upon
the quality and color of the fur and the
workmanship put Into It rather than upon
ar.y originality of line or trimming.
The most beautiful furs are at their best
when severely handled. No applied trim
ming or blsarre cutting can Improve Rus
sian sables, silver fox, etc., and Indeed as
rule the better long-haired furs are .more
effective when merely self-trimmed.
There Is, however, a marked tendency
even among these furs a widening f
shoulder and flattening of line In the large
neck furB, oddly at variance with the.
fluffy frilllness and choking closeness of
the frivolous small neckpieces.
Naturally, consideratfon for purBe or fig
ure usually modifies the size of such
models, but the shawl Idea finds an echo
even In many of the smaller pieces. Chin
chilla lends itself particularly well td this
treatment, and lovely shawl models, large
and small, are shown In this fur and In
ermine, while the lighter, thinned breltsch-
wanz Is usually slightly draped when It
assumes the long shouldered shawl or
fichu lines.
The dlrectoire cape goes beyond the
shawl Idea ar.d is possibly the newest and
most luxurious note In fur garments. Va
rious models launched under this name
show slight differences of line and finish,
but the general character of the garments
Is the same a long, loose, sleeveless cloak
whose shoulder line runs down almost to
the elbow.
The cloak is opened all the way up the
sides, but caught together lightly undet
the arm to provide some slight semblance
of a sleeve effect. Often the back ends In
one long point, falling out over the train
and the front In two shorter points, but
other models show a gradual slope from
middle front to middle back.
Other Ways In Which BatterHles of
Fashion May Make
There can be no doubt bridge has lost
Its hold, but this does not mean the butter
flies of fashion will cease to find excite
ment In gambling, said a New Tork man.
If It is not bridge, It wilt be something else,
as was shown the other night at one of the
first formal dinners of the opening season
in New York, when an ingenious young
matron added several hundred dollars to
her credit by a guessing contest as to the
number of feathers in the Indian head
piece of the Irish maiden decorating the
new S10 gold pieces. .
The thing' was rather apparent, but the
diners, pining for novelty, did not seem
to care, paying their $26 each, and the win
ner gallantly returning his prise of 1100 to
the fair originator of the friendly swindle.
Although large amounts still are won and
lost at bridge, adeptness In the game Is no
longer necessary to the woman of a com
paratively slender purse remaining in the
social whirl, for the unskilled or unlucky
ones now may plead off the card table
without running risk of being looked upon
as a hindrance to every hostess.
Among Best Families Relatives Alone
Are Son Eiiertrd to Make
These Gifts.
"Wholesale giving of costly wedding pres
ents Is no longer In good taste," writes
one of the dictators. "Many wedding In
vitations sent out by the best families of
Europe and America now are accompanied
with requests that no presents be given.
Among these It is the custom for presents
to be given only by relatives. Occasionally
such a privilege might be enjoyed by a very
dear friend, but for others to give presents
to a bride could be Interpreted as taking
a liberty to which their relations do not
entitle them. It was only among the vulgar
classes that the great erase of wedding
gifts ever received extensive sanction."
Celery Itellsh.
Three green tomatoes, three large cab
bages, le quart onions, three peppers.
Chop fine and soak In weak brine over
night. Drain and add three quarts vine
gar, four cups sugar, one large tablespoon
brown mustard seed, one ounce celery
seed, and a half ounce turmeric. Bring
to a boll, then add one cupful of flour
moistened In a little water. Can at once.
If not cooked too long this has a crisp,
fresh flavor that Is pleasing for winter and
early spring use.
Raklna- Leaves from the Grass De
stroys Natare's Method of
Restoring- It.
Why on earth should a man or woman
run a lawn mower In October, or why
should they rake all the beautiful brown
loaves out of the grass and burn them?
Nature sprinkles these leaves all over the
lawns as a protection against the cold of
winter, and I would have removed only
those which gather In heaps, or possibly
lie so thickly as to smother the grass.
Nature works all summer weaving at mil
lions of looms to shade us and the earth,
and when the work la done she shakes off
the leaves to keep the earth warm during
the sero weather. It is a wonderful gift,
and that man Is a fool who rejects It.
Leaves not needed on the, lawn, should
be gathered for the compost pile; others
to be used as bsddlng in the stables, and
others still to bank the buildings and eover
the floors of tho chicken room and tha
apple cellar If these are under the bam.
In all sorts of ways autumn leaves are
money savers and money makers, and yet,
I think that over half of these brown beau
ties are burned that is, of those that fall
near our villages. Outing Magazine.
Bee Want Ads are business boosters.
We want you to expect much
Dynamite Wrecks Bnlldlags
as compleeelely as coughs and colds wreck
lungs. Cure them quick with Dr. King's
New Discovery. 50c and H'.UO. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
Care of Invalid's Hair.
"When caring for a patient with long
heavy hair, I arrange It In two firm
braids," writes an experienced nurse.
"Fastening two long sort ribbons or strips
of cloth at the top of the braid, I wind It
closely to the end, again securing ths strips
if , jK' 1
I "- K ' a!i 1
I k ' " '
I u - '"7 ft "
; tv ' ti
i VX? j ' J
; Wv;;
i Vv
! it1' S
It-" -I f
i j t :
i -$M)
i - 3 f J
I r " s ' -' -
j .V...-f J v'1
HIS store has made its biggest success
in pleasing exacting patrons.
Men come here expecting a big bit
more in style and quality than they can obtain
elsewhere and get it.
That's why we specialize
We want to be able to say here are gar
ments that have individual character and tone
that are above par away from the common-place.
There's a certain genuine worth and rich
value in a garment made by The House of
Kuppenheimer that you'll find in no other.
Just see the clothes and you'll understand
what we mean.
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