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Of a9 tad word
tor-rue r pen-Th
addest are theset
"It digit have ken
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msasi.M nmk
Avoid the m!hap the disappoint
ment! the 'bed hick' in baking, by
' avoiding; Poor Baking
Powder the cheap. or
biff can kinds end the hizh
price Trust brands.
fail Don't trust them.
Put your faith in Calumet 'the only strictly high-grade
baking powder told at a moderate cost. We absolutely
guarantee that the results will please you. Guaranteed
under all pure food laws both State and National.
Refute substitutes get Calumet.
Received Highent Award World's Pur
Food Exposition, Chicago, 1907
, Here Boot rrtat It.
2issiondst Sdholm, Jeweler.
Bndolph r. BwoboAfc, Pnblio Accountant.
aBoarkefor Quality cigars, 316 S. 15th
Binehart, photographer, ltth dYFarnam.
Bowman, 117 N. 16, Douglas shoe, $3.60.
Zlsctrlcal Wiring and Bepalr Burgess
Qranden company, 1611 Howard street
Equitable Life Policies sight drafts at
maturity. H. D. .Neely, manager, Omaha.
Mrs: Wheeler Bella Home Mrs. Pauline
Wheeler has sold a double frame flat
building on Jackson near Twenty-eighth
streey. to Lura Dresser for $3,650.
... Veep you ' mossy ' ana valuafclea In a
. ,' safe deposit bos in the American Safe Ds-
, poalt Vaults in The Bee building, which is
absolutely burglar and fireproof. Boxee
' rent for only ii a year or II a quarter.
' ' Kali Business Thrive That Omaha Is
ftrewlng us a.postofflce business center Is
shown In the fact that during the month
of October, 190S. there was sent out from the
W ' Omaha office 1,806,027 more pieces of various
clusses of mall than during October, 1907.
One Woman' Sues Another In the suit
for damages brought by Mrs. Lints against
Mrs.' Beard for the despoiling of furniture
belonging to the former and set out In the
street In a rainstorm by Mrs. Beard, the
jury Wednesday morning brought In a'ver-dk-t
of-6121.85 damages for Mrs. Lints.
fruit Company Sues Railroad, Suit for
damages in the - sum of 230 has boen
brought by the Gllinsky Fruit company of
3 .uth Omaha against the Chicago A North
western , Railway company. The plaintiff
alleges that a shipment of 700 boxes of fruit
to Chicago was delayed and that the con
signment spoiled In transit. , The suit has
been .lled In district court.
'Douglas Street Boon Paved Paving op
. orations on Douglas street between Tenth
antl Sixteenth are progressing rapidly, tin
. "mixture of slag and tar being laid over the
concrete base Wednesday In the western
- block af the section of the street where the
work Is being done. The concrete work on
lower Douglas street probably will be fin
ished by the end 'of -the week.
' Oooke Bays Building A new home has
'mir ..been, secured by the J. P. Cooke company.
ims m-sntfatJtrenr" of? 'Stencils ' and rubber
stamps. J. P. Cooke, president of the com
'" pany,' has bought from the Northwestern
Mutual Life Insurance company the three
story brick building at 1111 Farnam street,
Just "across the thoroughfare from the
. building in which the Cooke company has
been renting quarters. The consideration
was 19,000. The Insurance - company ob
t tainud the, building, on a foreclosure. Real
estate men say that the price for which
the property sold Ib decidedly low and think
the Cooke company has made a good bar
gain1. 'AT' C. Kennedy made the sale.
". :, Fartaers Jibake o Detersalae Ier-
,f'W -ia BU oa Which to
' Dlvld Profits.
. A. J, .Agnew.: president of the Columbian
Optical company and Klwood Rlgge shook
' ''dle' tol determine whether Mr. 'Rlggs should
, peocire S4 per cent or 36 per cent of the
profits, of the concern when he became a
member. Mr. -Rings wen the throw and
j.- now .the Columbian company is suing Mr.
Rfggs Tor U.2C2 claimed to be due upon the
' dissolution of the partnership.:
, The ease was called for trial before Judge
. Kstelie ,. Wednesday morning and Mr.
Agnewi an the Stand, testified that he and
Mr Riggs made the contract after shaking
dice . lo determine the per cent of profits
'the new member or the firm was to re-
; Want, Ads" are business boosters.
i, Palis Den a Oae Iluadred aad Fifty
Dollars oa the Klectloa of
J a dare Taft.
- , i
In the archives that held many of the
largest and smallest election bets made In
Omaha this envelope was found Wednes
day, and since then Mr. ' Dresner's friends
have been pouring into his tailoring, estab
lishment in streams to see how the "pro
fessor" took his modlclne:
This envelope contains $160. If Taft Is
elected A. V. Dresher gets all the money.
If Bryan la elected. Prof. Pfuhl gets -all
the money. a. V. DKESUER.
Ueorge Rogera holds the meitey. ,
Jap Rose Bath and Toilet Soap Is made
by "our own process," perfected after
years of experimenting. '"It cannot be Imi
tated." Kirk make! it. All dealers sell It.
War ttvaalag Clothes.' 1
Afles cleaning clothes with gasoline the
ring left around the part can be removed
by steaiidng' over the tea kettle.
Great Sale Of
. ... ,
-This Week at
flier, Stewart
a if x t
Thejr are unreliable they too often
Rates Are Kevised in Many Instances
on Mail Matter. '
Letters and Parcels Have Benefited
by the Changes Made by Govern
ment la the Last Few.
With the approach of the-holiday season
comes the need of Information on . postal
rates to foreign countries. Ths rates have
been changed considerably during the last
few years, so unless one is careful in
sticking the right amount in stamps onto
the letters and holiday tokens he is send
ing abroad, he may expend more money
than Is necessary for the purpose.
Both letter and parcel ratee have bene
fited by the changes, and now Instesd of
having to pay regular rates for weights
over a certain mark, one need only affix
stamps at a lessened rate when the letter
or package weighs more than the ordi
nary. Letters to Great Britain have been
made the subject for one of the largest re.
ductlons in the amount of postage required.
The letter rate to Great Britain Is no.
2 cents per ounce or fraction, while to
other foreign countries In the .postal union
,the rate Is 5 cents for the first ounce or
fraction and cents for each subsequent
The parcels post rate is, with a few ex
ceptions, 12 cents per . pound or fraction,
while the weights vary from four pounds
six ounces to eleven pounds. To the
Bahamas and Barbadoes, Bermuda, Bo
livia, Chill, Republic of Colombia, Costa
Rica, Danish West Indies, Ecuador,' Ger
many, England, Ireland and Scotland,
Guatemala. British Guiana, Biltlsh and
Republic of Honduras, Italy, Jamaica, the
Leeward Islands, Newfoundland, Nicar
agua, New Zealand and Fanning Islands,
Peru, Salvador, Trlnadad, TJruguay, Ven
suela and the Windward Islands the rate
is 12 cents per pound or fraction and weight
limit eleven . pounds. To , Australia, Bel
gium, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan
and Cores, Mexico, (to certain offices the
weight Is limited to four pounds six ounces.
while to some parts of the republlo the limit
is eleven pounds), Norway, the Nether
lands and Sweden the rate Is 12 cents per
pound or fraction and the Weight limit is
four pounds six ounces. .
Soma Cannot Be Registered.
To France, England, Ireland and Scot
land. Italy, Uruguay and The Netherlands
articles sent by parcels vost cannot be
registered, being transmitted in the ordi
nary mails only. To all other paroels post
countries packages may be registered on
payment of the registry fee. which Is 6
cents In addition to the regular oostage, all
paid In stamps, to be attached to the
parcel. ,
To secure advantage of rates to the coun
tries enumerated it Is, necessary to procure
at the postofflce, registry or stamp divi
sion, a blank declaration tag, which must
be filled out by the sender and the parcel.
If to be registered, presented at the registry
division and a receipt procured, but If the
parcel is not to be registered It musj be
submitted to the superintendent of malls,
and If properly prepared the parcel will be
dispatched. Where It Is possible the postal
authorities advise the public to use the
registered mall, as this Insures safety
and proper delivery. Should the sender of
a registered letter or parcel desire It, a
receipt will be obtained from the addressee,
on delivery, and It will be mailed to the
sender without additional cost. To procure
a return receipt, the sender must endorse
on tht face of the letter or parcel, mailed to
a foreign county, the words "return receipt
Mall matter for foreign countries must
be addressed in ink, never with indelible
pencil nor copying ink.
Postage stamps should be placed on the
face, upper right hand corner, of the article
or letter to be mailed, never on the back.
The department has Issued, for free dis
tribution, a small pamphlet, In which will
be found many pointers of general Infor
mation on postal matters. Copies can be
procured at the office of the postmaster
stamp or registry division.
laele 8am Secarca a Trio to Testify
Agalast White Slav la.
Tho "white slave" traffic of the west has
received a severe setback by the arrest
of thres Important witnesses In Omaha
during the last few days and their trans
fer to Chicago Wednesday morning under
charge of Deputy t'nlted States Marshals
Nicker son and Proctor.
These witnesses are Alice LaPorte, Ar
maria Lapaasengc'and Paul Ronandln, who
have been ' arrested to appear In tr- case
of the United States against 3. Mitchell
of Chicago, who is charged with being one
of the most extensive Importers ef Immoral
women Into the country- ever engaged In
that nefarious traffia, and for whom ths
government has been seeking for years.
The arrest of Mitchell was made at the In
stance of tiie Department of Justice, and
not through the immigration bureau, aa in
the case of the Duprey woman, now await.
Ing deportation under $5,000 in the Douglas
county Jail.
The LaPorte woman, Lapaasenge and
Retiandln have neon In Omaha for severs!
wetks, and a fourth member of the trio
took the alarm and has disappeared. These
people are regarded, as most Important
witnesses, and the order for their arrest
and trsnsfer was issued Monday, the ar
reat following.
..Tax M'aralsg,
Don't let stomach, liver nor kidney
trouble down you. when you can quickly
down them wit ESectrte Bitters. Sue. For
sale l.y Beaton Drug Co.
Mr. and Mn. B. A. McAllister Hon
ored by Good Shepherd's Church.
Card, Danclaa-, Lancheon, Keaslaa--
tea aad Other Clahe Hold Their '
Meetlasrs Rea-nlarlr at Hemes
f Members.
Mrs. A. C. Powell, opened her Honrs. In
Kountse Tlace Wednesday, evening for a
large reception In honor of Mr. and Mrs.
B. A. MacAUaster and family, . given by
the members of the perish of the church
of the Good Shepherd. Mr. and Mrs Mac
AUaster and fumlly extect to leave Satur
day for their new home In San TYanclscot
Cal. The rooms had pretty decor
ation of yellow chrysanthemums, palm
and fern. In the receiving line, besides
Ihe guests of honor, will be Rev. and Mrs,
Robert B. M. Ben and Mrs. A. C. Powell.
Assisting through the rooms were Right
Rev. Bishop end Mrs. A. I Williams, Mr.,
al.d Mrs. Millard Sears. Mr. and Mrs.
Maynard Cole,. Mr. and Mr. L. B. CYum,
Mr. and Mrs. A 'W. Allen, Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton Miller. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Fry,
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Weeks, Mr. and Mrs.
Roomson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke .Powoll,
Mrs. Weeth and Mrs. Ely. Serving punch
will be Miss Inea Late?. Miss Georgia
Trimble. Miss Alios Fry, Miss Gertrude
Weeth and Miss Powell.
New Kensington Clab.
iMIss Grace Conant entertained the mem
bers of the new kenslngton club Wednes.
day afternoon and the time was pleasantly
spent with needle work. The members in
cluded Mlts Grace Conant, Miss Elolse
Wood, Miss Fannie Howland, Miss May
Murphy, Miss Effle Haight, Miss Sophie
Shirley. Miss Alice Switsler, Miss Laura
Dale, Miss Henrietta Rees, Miss Wayne
Hemphill, Mrs. C. J. Chapman, Mrs. Frank
Hsrwood, Mrs. Ronald Patterson and Mrs.
Paul Burleigh.
Mld-Welc Bridge Clab. .
Mrs. Jerome Magee was hostess Wedncs
day of the meeting of the Mid-Week
Bridge club. Mrs. Joseph Barker Was the
guest of the club and the members present
Included Mrs. Glen Wharton, Mrs. T. L
Davfs, Mrs. Louis Nash. Mrs. E. T. Swobe,
Mrs. Willard Hosford, Mrs. B. W. Cotton, j
Mrs. C. Y. Smith and Mrs. Jerome Magee.
Danclaa- r-arty.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clarke and Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Rogers entertained the mem
bers of the Young Married People's Dancing
club Monday evening at Happy Hollow.
The latter part .of the evening a cotillion
was given, Mr. Louis Clarke leading and
several figures were used which Mr. Clarke
had introduced two seasons ago, when he
led one of the germane given by the Cotil
lion club. Those present Monday evening
were Mr and Mrs. Louis Clarke, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
George, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Plerpont, Mr.
and Jtfrs. Clarke Powell, Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Doorly, Mr. and Mrs. N. P Dodge,
jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Eira MIHard, Mr. and
Mrs; S. S. Caldwell, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick
Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Richardson, Mr.
and Mrs. David Raurn, and the guests were
Miss Marie Crounse, Miss Elisabeth, Cong
don, Miss Faith Potter,- Miss Susan
Holdrege, Frank Morsman, Mr. Everts.
Hal Yates and Randall Brown.
LaDonsalae Clab.
Misses Joe and Fay Lyman entertained
the members of the LaDousalne club, Mon
day evening in celebration of the fourth
anniversary of the club. The guests wore
olbVfashioned dresses, coming In gowns
worn years ago by their mothers, grand
mother and greatgrandmothers. Miss
Beatrice " Klntner wore a gown 100 years
old. The prise for the best costume was
awarded to Miss Ines Bonnell. Many Hal
lowe'en games were enjoyed, and at the
close of the evening refreshments were
served In the dining room, the table being
decorated with large and small pumpkins,
black cats, witches, eto. Souvenirs of the
club were flven each guest. Those pres
ent were Misses Maud Bonnell, Ines Bun
nell. Emily Allen, Beatrice Klntner, Grace
Montgomery, Blanche Moore, Edythe Mar
ley. Virgil Redfleld, Nellie Winn, Fay
Watts, Joe Lyman and Fay Lyman.
Mrs. E. W. Gotten entertained the mem
bers of the Travelers' Protective associa
tion Wednesday afternoon at cards at her
home on Harney street. Assisting Mrs.
Gotten were Mrs. C. W. Close and Mrs.
C. J. Vlebrath, and about sixtieon gaests
were present. Yellow and white chrysan
themums and palms made an effective dec
oration for the rooms. i
Airs. c. B. Peterson gave a luncheon
Tuesday at her home, 2416 Franklin street,
In honor of her guest, Mrs. W.. J. . Van
Buren of New York. The table was dec
orated with chrysanthemums, and covers
were laid for Mrs. L C. Clauson, Mrs.
Proof Is inexhaustible that
Lydla E. Pinkham'g Yeg-eUble
Compound carries women safely
through the Change of Life.
Read the letter Mrs. E. Hanson.
804 E. Long St, Columbus, Ohio,
writes to Mrs. Pinkham i
" I was pa Minor through the Chang
of Life, and Buffered from nervous
ness, headaches, and other annoying
symptom. My doctor told mi thai
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
PQiurd was good for mo, and since taking-
it I feel so much hotter, and I caa
again do my own work. I never forget
to tell my friend what Lydla E. Pink
ham'g Vegetable Compound did for me
during- this trying period." ,
For thirty years Lydia K. Pink,
ham's Vegetable Compound, in&de
from roots and herbs, baa been the
standard remedy for female ilia,
and haa positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
pertodlo pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, flatulencyt indiges
tloiv, dizziness or nervous prostration.
Why don't you try it ?
Mrs. Pinkham Invitee all sick .
women to write her for advice
She haa rulded thousands to
health. Address, Lynn, Mass.
' -
B. Mofmsnn, Mrs. A. D. WebK Mrs.
IV. Johnson. Mrs. W. J. Van Buren,
Mrs. C. B. Peterson, Miss Clara Hofmann,
Miss Margaret Hofmsnn. . .
Bride Laarhroa.
Mrs. John W. 1 Ratlin entertained this
woes; for the Tuesday Bridge Luncheon
club, r The luncheon table had a decoration
of yellow and white chrysanthemums.
Thost present Were: Mrs. Longley,. Mrs.
Frank Turney, Mrs. A. W. H. Bush, Mrs.
SB. F. Reynolds, Mrs. Marshall Collins. Mrs.
Frstik; Cowdery, Mr. Helen Fowell.
Lunchuon was followed by bridge. -Orgheaea
rarty. -
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Battln, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Turney, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. II.
Bush, Miss Wright and Mr. Llndeman
made up a party at the Orpheum, Tuesday
evening. '
Proseetlv Pleasares.
Mr. -and Mrs. C. L. Dundey and Mr. M.
E. Berat entertained Informally at din
ner Wednesday evening complimentary to
Miss Hester Taylor-end Dr. Richard Lock
wood "of.dhleago, whose wedding will take
place Thursday evening. The table will
hate a pretty decoration of pink chrysan
themums and covers will be placed for eight
Mrs. H. Newman announces the engage
ment of her daughter, Miss Amelia New
man to Mr. Louis Sommer. The date of the
wedding will be announced tster. An "at
home" will be given Sunday evening from
7 to 11 o'clock, at 2710 Burt street.
Come aad Ua Gossip.
Miss Eugenie Whltmore, who Is visiting
In Tipton, Ind., Is expected home in about
two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. . Warren Rogers are plan
ning to leave for the east next week, where
they will visit before starting for an ex
tended trip abroad,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Coad have moved to
the house which they have taken at Far
nam and Twenty-seventh street, recehtly
occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rogers.
Jewelrr for
Women to .Wear with
Attire- for the
"Shirt waist rings" is what they are
labelled. They are the simple maaaive rings
that some women prefer to wear with
morning Attire In place of their Jewelled
rings which they save for afternoon and
All the various forma of seal rings now
popular are Included in the shirt waist
ring list, but the name is used more espe
cially for rings of severely plain design
set with semi-precious stones of the kinds
that will stand hard wear and even soap
and water.
Many of the shirt waist rings are plain
bands of twisted or braided gold or silver.
Some are fashioned like snakes. But most
of the rings are stone set.
Turquoise matrix la among the best liked
stones, as it is becoming to any hai j that
a ciear SKin. It IS usually set In ft
large oval rimmed with an edge of gold no
heavier than Is necessary to hold It se
curely. Many of the turquoise matrix rings
are silver highly burnished or oxidised in
very dark tonest
rr .
ins revived gsrrlet Is much used In these
rings. It is usually set In cabochon fashion
a. irosted gold tins) in a deep Etruscan
tone has a lion's head for Its ornament
and a cabochon garnet Is set in the lion's
A great oval disk of highly polished coral
simply set In a rim of gold Is the ornament
or another ring. ; Moonstones are much
ued. usually set; In silver, which carries
out the silvery quality of. the stone color
Lapus .lasull animalacWlta are' used with
gold or silver rings. One model has a long
narrow stone embedded in the ring so far
rouna me ringer that the ring seems made
of the stone. Some rings are made entirely
of Jade,t the Chinese lucky stone. Topas
anu ameinyst shirt waist rings abound.
Caraeile Fans! Briars Timely Assist.
aaee t a ' Fatherless
Mrs. Mary MoAteer, 8408 Michigan avenue.
St. Louis, widow of Patrick McAteer, who
lost hi life last June rescuing Uv year-old
josnepnine Tulley, daughter of Herv C
Tulley, manager of the Walnbright build
ing, from a run away pony which she was
riding near Union boulevard and Fairmont
avenue, has been awarded a pension of J60
a montn while she remains a widow, by
the Carnegie Herd Fund commission at
rutsDurg. ,
Mrs. McAteer also is to receive a sliver
medal to remind her of the herolo manner
In which her husband met death, and 16 a
month extra for each of her seven little
children, the oldest only 11, until they reach
me age oi u years. . -
McAtter was standing In ; front of the
new Soldan High school at Falrmount and
Union when he saw Josephine Tulley ap
proaching on a fast wunnlng pony and
heard her cry for help. He brought the
Pony down, but sUpped In the act of doing
so and his scull wss factured when his head
etruck the street car track.
The pony also fell, pinning Josephine
under IL One of her legs was smashed.
Two weeks ago a agent of the Carnegie
oommlsslon called upon Mrs McAtter, after
having Investigated the nature of her
husband's act. and made Inquiries as to
her financial condition, since MsAteer's
demise the widow has obtained employ
Kent as janltress at the Herbert school
s'.. Louis Times.
Cato.u, Water Color Plctares and
Old- shoes Among; tho
t Novelties.
Place cards for bridal luncheons, dinners
and suppers are being turned out in rw
and fetching styles. Tbey are very large
nm, ,nJf elght ,nchet hlBh , 4re
either of the paper doll variety or oblong
or square, with a picture In water colors
or a veiled bride or a bridesmaid tarrying
a bouquet. The cut out figure, sre also
painted In water colors. Many of them are
three-quarter length. They stand by
mesns of a paper easel .Jand glued to the
tni"" tHI. noveltu, "'all place cards
for the wedding are cut out water- color
Picture, of.tree shaded church... Cut out
brides slipper, make other care,.. A "t
b"eh of artificial orang. bio.,. .
r ,h th t09- 01(1 h0e stlil
snother design. .
hi?., m0t' C'r b" even ected the..
Cum . PPer ftUed out "ke motor.
Cupid appear. n many of th. cards. In
hnM, 1h"-hP'd model he
ou V ,Ur" bUqU"- In "other cut
out card of a tall champagne glass h. sit.
upon the rim of the giVi , "U
"i. e"y nmt,er to business
through Th. Bee W.nt Ad Column!
Ballalaa- Permit..
,.M,r": Bridget O'Brien, Thirty-second mA
VV right streets, frsme a welln
Emma H. Clarey. Thlity-ttlrd iVreet A
PoPPle'OU avsnue. frame dw"lnS LL 4
Brigadier General Charles Morton re
turned from Chicago and la again on duty
at department hcadu trturs.
Democratic City 'Administration Be
fore the Grand Jury.
McGovern and the Rest Mast Tell All
Aboat Vaeatlast streets Contrary
to' the Charter Provi
sions. ',
Before election democrats said that the
county grand jury was trying to make
political capital by Ir.vestlgstlng the demo
cratic city administration and calling Coun
"llmm Thomas McGovern. chairman of the
committee on street improvements, on the
carpet. But election Is now past snd the
grand Jury Is still after the democratic
city officials.
Mayor Jim Dahlmara, President of the
Council L B. Johnson and Councilman
Thomas McGovern were all summoned be
fore that body Wednesday, together with
Councilman Zimman and Chief of Police
Donahue, to tell what they knew of the
management of city affairs. The nature
of the investigation which the grand Jury
Is conducting Is, of course, not divulged,
but It is stated by those who are in a
position to know thnt the action of Coun
cilman McGovern in pocketing the city
abstracter's report regarding city land un
lawfully occupied la one of the Items.
In accordancs with the charge to the
Jury by the Judge before it began Its sit-
ting. It will Investigate tho "red light"
district, and the mayor and chief of po
lice may have been summoned on that
score, though the mayor is also In on the
occupancy of city property by reason of
his approving the .council's action.
Magrney Known Aboat It.
Assistant County Attorney Mairnav. who
Is acting In an advisory capacity to the
grand Jury, Is conversant with the actions
of the democratic council in its violating
of the city charter by vacating streets, ny
reason or a civil suit he brought against It
last wlnte. This was when the council
usurped Its powers and vacated TWenty
fifth avenue between California and Burt
Streets on December 13, 1907. Attorney
Magney brought suit against the city and
the Creighton university authorities on be.
half of Louis Johnson, Peter Peterson and
G. B. Bonderson, who objected to the clos
ing of the street. The council made cer
tain concessions, however, and the case
was dismissed.
Councilman McGovern, who has held the
report of the city abstracter since May
12, last, refused to go before the grand
Jury on Monday of last week, when re
quested to do so by the foreman, because
he was not regularly subpoenaed. He has
now been subpoenaed and will have to tell
the grand Jury why action has not been
taken on the report. Large and small
tracts of land in various parts of the city
are occupied by public service corporations
and private individuals. Nominal rental
Is paid for the occupancy of a few pieces,
but the majority of them are occupied free.
Famous Trial Had Nothing; to Do
with Election, Says Boise
"The famous Haywood trial had no In
fluence in this campaign in Idaho," de
clared Charles J. Perkins Of Boise, who is
at the Honshaw. "Governor Gooding was
not up for re-election and tha republican
nominee, John H. Brady, has been elected
by over 7,000, a telegram informs me. Mr.
Brady also says that Taft's majority in
the state is 19,000 and that a republican
congressman has been elected."
Mr. Perkins Is general manager of the
Twin Falls It ,'ion company and Is here
with a party colonists from western
Iowa, who will settle on lands his company
has made it possible to cultivate. He Is a
graduate of the University of Wisconsin
and was in college with Senator La Follette
and former Governor Heriod of South Da
kota. By a coincident another man bound for
Boise was at tli Henshaw. This was a
well known eastern lawyer, Peyton Gor
don, special assistant to the attorney gon
eral of the United Status. Mr. Gordon,
whose home Is In Washington, has been
retained to help In the prosecution of land
frauders In Idaho and other parts of 'the
west. He and S. R, Rush will conduct sev
eral cases for the government about to be
tried In the Idaho capital.
Leather Baa's.
The fashionable alligator bags can e
kept looking fresh and new If treated with
russet shoe polish. The best quality must
be used and applied In exactly the same
way, as It Is to shoes, being sure to uss the
wan finish, which prevents the color from
rubbing off. .
It is claimed that the same dressing can
be used on tan gloves with satisfactory
results. Patent leather bags can be
cleaned with warm watter and soap with
out Injuring the leather. If they are well
dried with a soft cloth.
General Demand
of the Well-informed of tho World has
always been for a simple, pleasant and
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
value; a laxative which physicians could
sanction for family use because its com
ponent part are known to them to be
wholeieome and truly beneficial in effect,
acceptable to the system and gentle, yet
prompt, in action.
In supplying that demand with it ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup
Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies
oa the merits of the laxative for it remark
able success.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Fig and Elixir of Senna i given
the preference by the Well-Informed.
To get its beneficial effect always buy
the genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sals
by 11 leading druggie . Price $fty centl
tor bcttls
ape otner drag habits sre Dostttnlv eaiwd i,
ror ayponaniifa or lotemu ess.
mpi ml to say
SMll. Kifiilr prtoe . psr bold s re
oer drKst or by mail la i!ala wrapper.
Moll Order Filled lly
Regal Shoes Stand The Test
Lust week the "Hoga! Buzz-Saw" provotl to liuntlrods
of interested upet'tators thut tlio material! in, "Uegal"
shoes from the genuine oak-bark-tanned soles to the fast
Underwear Special at 45c
An excellent early fall
weight, fine and soft, non
shrinkable Men's combed
EgjT)tian cotton, derby rib
bed underwear. Shirts have
silk finished front, drawers
heavy sateen French yoke
band and ecru or salmon
pink, per gannent. . . .45c
Extra $100-00 Prize
is offered to the winner'
of the bread baking contest '
at the Auditorium, if the
winning' loaf is made of
- Our Flour is in the Contest
Remember Our Flour Took Flrsf Prlro Last year at. th
Pur Food Show
Sold at All Grocer - -
jllfSk Via Des Moines and Davenport v yjjj jijl
1 I illlllmiV Into La Salle St Station : $illlilHlll!llll
!l llllllllinlllllliSw Nearest Chicago's business fl7' 7
lliilllllllllllIlM shopping and hotel jfi jjj ji!LH j
lilVi,Vlct"i0ll,y.07 onM iMElilil
! 1 1 III S I J I lim. the elevated Al i i- . j
lllllllllillllliililll ip yfllil fnuliiiiwi 1
1 o As n
There are no vacant offices, but: -
i ,
i '
If you have been looking for such rooms, no doubt
you have found desirable space is a rare thing. From
time to time changes are made by tenants which -would
make available just the kind of office rooms which you
N 1 occupied from top to bottom, but for reasons above stated
we keep a waiting list and would be pleased to have you call
and look through the building. By giving u an Idea of your
requirements would place u in a position to fulfill your want
along this line at tome future time. Leave your name, and
address with '..'...
R. W. BAKER, Supt, Room 105
color hooks and eyelets are
the finest money can Iniy.
No fhoe but the "Regal"
could stand the test of being
sawed into little pieces and
every hidden' part exposed.
That's why wc sell so many
"Ilegals" tq Omaha patrons.
The " Regal" quarter-ixes
insure a perfect fit or man
or woman at
3.S0 $4
i c a g o
Cooking and Heating
Fuel and Trouble
Savers 1
If fear dealer tries te talk yon lata taa
ndstsfce ef begins another nuke, write te as