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Contest with Araei Expected by All
to Be a Gruelling One.
llaea of Both Thoosjht to lie Too
- strong to Peaetrato mm 4 This ta
Expected to Prodaee Opea
and "pertaenlar flay.
LINCOLN, Oct. 31 (Speclal.)-Ames, Ne
braska's greatest rival and the most feared
of M the teams still to be met this season.
Is next on the Cornhusker schedule, and
the same, which will be played between
the two teama at Omaha Saturday, la
tnxlously awaited by the students of the
itate school. Keener Interest and greater
nthustasm is being manifested over this
coining struggle with the Iowa Aggies than
tho students have shown over any jams
slnpn 1903, when several hundred people fol
lowed the Cornhnskers to Minneapolis to
witness the annual game with the Gophers.
Practically the entire student body, both
boys and girls, will Journey to Omaha Sat
urday for what la expected to be the "big
gest" game In the Missouri valley this
fall. Arrangcmenta have been made for a
apodal train to leave Lincoln about 8
o'clock In the morning and arrive In Omaha
shortly before noon. It la estimated that
the university and Lincoln will send more
than loco people on this train. Accom
panying the rooters will be the Nebraska
cadet band of forty pieces, which will lead
a procession of the rooters from the union
depot- In Omaha to a hotel at which the
Cornhnskers team will be quartered.
The advance of sale of seata for the game
has exceeded even tha expectations of
Xtanager Eager. Tickets were placed on
sale at one of the downtown stores Wednes
day morning and during that day nearly
800 were sold. L'p to 6 o'clock laat night
tha total number of reservations made waa
900. Manager Eager said that this large
early sale made It certain that over 1.000
Beats would be disposed of before the
ticket! are taken off sale here on Thurs
day. '
Omrllng Game Expected.
The Ames game, from the standpoint of
the coaches, will be the most grueling the
Cornhuskers have been In this fall. The
teama are evenly matched, weighing about
the same and having about an equal num
ber of veteran players In their lineups.
There probably is not ten pounds difference
In tha weight of the two lines, and In the
back fields the elevena weigh practically
tha same. Both of the teams are coached
by men who use a similar style of play,
which fact will make the Omaha gams
a battle of Greek against Greek, with each
aide using plays that are not In any marked
degree dissimilar.
Nebraska, as well as Ames, will have to
depend on its line to win the game. Last
season tha lines of the two elevens were
so evenly matched that neither side could
make any consistent gaina against the
Other. At tha opening of the contest the
Agglea started in with tha Intention of bat
terlng down the heavy Cornhuskers, but
soon found that they were wearing them
elves out, and confined their plays th
rest of tha game to open-work tactics.
Nebraska had hardly expected to make
an advance against the Aggies' line, and
after a few futile attempts gave up the
task, resorting to the use of the forward
pass, the onside and drop kicks and end
runs. , '
Ames made a touchdown, but It waa not
on straight foot ball or on a forward pass,
It was the result of a fluke and was made
about tha middle of tha second half. The
Agglea were on the Nebraska twenty-five-yard
line, and Hubbard, playing at half.
drew back as If to try for a place kick.
Radical and Conssrvative
Men unconsciously divide themselves
Into two classes in the matter of dress;
those who attempt to follow the latest
fads in shade and style and those who
wish to dress tastefully and becomingly
In the broadest sense. The modern
j-ush of business life and its heavy de
mands upon our time does not admit
of exact compliance with the rules of
correct dress. Where Clothes Eti
quette says there should be a distinct
dress for morning-, afternoon and eve
ning; Modern Business says one suit
. must suffice, Therefore in selecting
your clothes for all-the-time-wear or
for special occasions, the advice of one
who has given the subject close study
for many years is valuable to you.
In the selection of shade, style and
material you will find Molony's sug
gestions sincere and unprejudiced.
With Molony it is not a question of
making that particular eale so much as
la securing a permanent and satisfied
customer. The same idea predom
inates in taking your measure and cut
ting the garment (both of which Mo
lony does personally.) Small indi
vidual peculiarities, entirely unknown
to you, catch his trained eye and re
ceive special attention in the making
up of your suit. Molony clothes are
comfortable. They feel well, wear wU
and look well all the time because Mo
lony endeavors to make every suit con
real the weak and emphasise the strong
points of the wearer.
Stop In and examine his stock.
Old Viceroy
Bstlltd in Bond Is lintuelf
fdnucums $5.00
8 nni quarts $8,50
I 4 A ata A a"h
Express Fropald
Good abippad in plain pack
a- Sala deliver f uaramaad
"t msaey bus.. Make all re
mit tneet to inUy enilflP
uw4 sm st. junn on'r.
yrr.. .J
City, Hi
When the ball was passed to him, In
stead of trying for the kick, he picked up.
the spheroid ami ran around left end for
a touchdown.
The Aggies secured a total of nine points
in the game, the other four coming on a
place kick from the thirty-yard line soon
after tha opening of the second half. Ne-
braska'a score was ten. Two drop kicks
by Wcller gave eight and a safety made by
Keppert of tha Aggies gave the other two
Chances of Victory Aboat Even.
With practically the same teams that
played last year In Lincoln facing each
other again In Omaha next Saturday, the
game should be another great battle, with
the chancea of victory evenly divided.
Neither team can hope to gain through.
Its opponent's line. At least Ames, al
though It may have had some high hopes
early In tha season of breaking down the
Nebraska line, cannot expect to do any
thing of that kind eince the wonderful
showing of the Cornhuskers against Min
nesota. And reporta from Amea Indicate
that Coach Clyde Wlliiama has seen the
hopelessness of directing plays against the
Cornhusker lino and la devising other new
plays calculated to work better under the
new rulea than line attacks.
Ames haa had considerable success with
tho forward pass, and on this play has
depended for a great many gains this fall.
Coach Williams expects to have this In
novation working In good shape by next
Saturday and will attempt to fool the Corn
huskora with It as he did last season. Dur
ing the second half of tho game a year
ago this play wrought all kinds of havoc
In tha Nebraska ranka. It was employed
five times In quick succession ' for long
gains after the opening of the second half,
and resulted In the Aggies being able to
tie up the score with a drop kick from the
thirty-yard line.
"King" Cole has never figured -on
braska being able to do any succo
work aa-alnst the Ames line. Wit
weight and tho strength of the
always In mind, ho haa been bull
a "peekaboo" defense by which h
to win from the Iowa Aggies.
been building up plays adapte
now defense during the last t
and the varsity has employed
great success against the scrub
Neither Strong; in Ktc
Neither of the tearoa Is str
kicking depratment. The
probably have tho edge on th
punting, but In drop or place
elevens are about on a par. I
does the punting for Nebraakl
form, boota the ball conslstentl
and fifty yards. "81" Lamben
punter, has not equaled that
hia kicking this fall. In pld
howover, Lambert haa been fa!
ful and la a match for Kroger,
drop and place kicker. In the
Ames game three weeks ago hi
ball over tha crossbar from
yard line for a goal from
Kroger haa been handicapped
two wcefcs on account of an 1
and has not been able to pri
kicking. Just before the Corni
for Iowa City he was again ri.
form and did some encouraging kicking.
Theso two men should play a very Im
portant part in the game at Omaha next
Saturday If it becomes an open-play con
test, as is very probable, with the forward
pass and drop and place kcking In pre
dominance. Both of them are hard fighters
and can stand a great many rough scrim
mages without being injured, so the chancea
are good for their staying in the game to
its end. When It cornea to the point
where neither side can gain, that team
which Is close to its opponent's goal will
be forced to try a drop or placo kick.
Then it will be simply a question aa to
whioh man is In the better form. If
Kroger Is kicking well Ames will have
none of the best of the work in this de
partment, and If Lambert la In good form
Nebraska will be In no better way to get
the game on drop or place kicks than the
Game Worth Seeing-.
Nebraska rooters are looking forward to
thla game Saturday as the greatest exhibi
tion of modem foot ball that haa been
seen In tho west this season. They are
going to Omaha convinced that the team
which wina will have to fight even a
greater battle than either of them put up
last November, when Nebraska barely
nosed out a victory by the score of 10 to
t. The rooters look for much spectacular
playing and many thrilling runs.
Cooke, tho fleet quarter of the Corn
huskers, who w"as out of the Iowa game
today on account of blood poisoning In
hia right foot, will be back in form and
at hia old position. Considerable attention
will be given to Cooke to get him back
into form again to do some of the sensa
tional running which characterized his play
ing laut season. Nebraska felt his ab
sence today In tho hard struggle with the
Hawkeyea, and will need him next Satur
day to keep the Amos ends busy trying to
stop his runs around the wrings. With
Cooke in the game Nebraska's chancea of
wtnnlng will be greatly enhanced.
A plan Is on foot at the state school to
arrange an annual foot ball garni bo
tween the Nebraska and Kansis fresh
men teama to be played each fall near
tha end of the season. Ono year It will
ba pliyed In Lincoln and the next in
Lawrence. An attempt waa made last fall
to inaugurate this game, but the Kansas
freshmen would not play on Thanksgiving
day and the Cornhusker first-year men
could not arrange to play at any other
time. The matter was dropped after this
attempt and waa taken up only recently.
It la probable, If tho arrangements can
be made this fall, that the game will be
played in Lawrence after Thanksgiving.
The freshmen of nolther school wish to
play on Turkey day, for tho varsity elevens
of both Institutions have gamea on that
day and the freshmen want to witness thelt
first teams in action. ,
Kreahmea Are Weak.
The Cornhusker freshmen have the weak
est first-year team that has appeared at
the state school for several years. I.ast
year the freshmen foot ball players were
a fast and strong bunch, but thia fall the
team has not done any commendable play
ing. Tho material Is green and quite light.
It haa been an easy mark for all the
teama it haa played so far this fall. In
a short gam early in the season the
light and Inexperienced Lincoln High
school eleven outplayed it in every de
partment of the game.
Fir the last three weeks "King" Cole
has been giving some attention to the
freshmen, but there is no material on that
squad with which he has been able to get
any aatlsfactory results. The line Is ex
tremely weak, and on the offenso plays
without much force and headwork. Un
less the team improves rapidly It will
be an easy victim for the Kansas fresh
men in case the Jayhawker contest is
The preliminaries at Nebraska for the
"Big Eight" crotrs-cuuntry run on Novem
ber 14 will be held on Wednesday. Over
thirty men will start in those prelimln
ariea. A coarse from the university to the
alate farm and back will be run over by
the athletes.
Basket ball practice waa started Tuesday
with a squad of fifty candidates.
promising men appeared for the early work,
and Dr. Clapp la pleased over the prospucts
fur a farlly fast team.
Over Seven Million Persons Witness
Games in Two Leagues.
White Sox Lead In Attendnnce la
American League Tigers Ont-
draw nttuhara- Tean
Sandfly Ball Helps.
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.-Base ball madaa
great record this year. As clos as can
be calculated, 7.24i.354 persons witnessed
the combined games of the National and
American leagues. These flgurea are com
puted after careful compilation and enured
fiom each Individual city. For the first
time since 1903 the Nationals outdrew their
rivals. The grand total of the National
league was 3,634,988, while the Americans
drew 8,611, 366, showing 23,622 difference In
tha National s favor. In 1907 the American
league outdrew the National by 660,971,
which shows an Increase for the old league
of 837,195. The American league showed an
Increase of 212.61)2 over 1D07. In one or two
of the cities official figures were not ob
tainable. New York was the National's bright spot,
and careful estimates place the figures at
910.000, an average of 13,000 per game, or
one-fourth of the total of the league.
Chicago was Eecond with 665,325, an aver
age of 9,504 to a game. Philadelphia was
third with a total of 420,660.
The White Sox led tho American league
with a grand total of 636,096, while Pt. Louis
was second, with the grand total of 418,947,
this being the greatest season tha Browns
ever had.
E. V-lj.yr0 mo f 36.000 who Wit-
team on the road, making an average of
8,437, The Giants were not far behind,
though, as they averaged 8,193. Detroit
waa the best road team In the American
league, with an average of 7,847 to a game.
Cleveland was second, with an average of
7.0i3. The combined attendance In Boston,
New York. Brooklyn, Ph.ladelphla and
Washington waa be.ter thin the combined
figures of Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Cin
cinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburg.
The western cluba of the American league
drew 2,113,Lt4 to the eastern cities' total of
l,497 8ii2, while the eastern cities of the Na
tional league drew 1,&60,020 to the western
cities' total of 1,774,908. The lara 8unday
attendance increases the western figures at
least one-third.
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where Creighton failed on a farward pass.
Denver foozled on a forward pass and
Creighton kicked to middle of the field.
Crowley made five yards, Skldmore three,
a forward: pass neiiea live-, uenver wuiu
not gain and tried another place kick, but
Creighton was offside. Denver fumbled the
ball, but Ruse picked it up and gained
seven yards. Skldmore went straight In for
six, and with the ball on the three-yard
line Denver was penalized fifteen yards be
cause the water boy ran on me iieia. a
forward pass gave five yards and on the
third down Brusse kicked a goal from the
field. 4 to 0.
Cr.lghton kicked to the north and the
ball went to Denver on the twenty-yard
line. Crowley made seven and followed with
a twelve-yard run. Creighton was on the
defensive during the entire first half and
In fact during nearly the entire game, for
every time Creighton got possession of the
ball a kick was necessary as no gain could
be made. After an exchange of punts
Crowley made a fifteen-yard circle of the
eml and Volk carried the pigskin one more
to the seven-yard line, where it waa lost on
downs. Creighton kicked to Brusse, who
made a fair catch and kicked a goal. 8 to 0.
In the second half Denver kept up its
fast gait of circling the ends and plunging
the line, pulling off forward passea and
doing some brilliant kicking until Creighton
was fairly swamped.
There waa a good crowd at the game
with plenty ut enthusiasm and music by the
band. The lineup:
H.nnlfin. Boyle L. E l R. E..
. .Hiyiel, Rennick
...Lleber, Bennott
B ui
....Bruaae, Lar(o-
Hlueilorn. Young. .
brriumn, Crnier.
Btratton, Hum!,
Boyle i...
Merrln, Hronek...
. .L. T I R. T..
..L. O.I K. O..
,.R. O I L. O..
..K. T.lL. T..,
. n. t u k
,..Q U Q. B..
U H. R. H
H. U. I U H
... Crowley, Herbert
.Skldntura, Hcanl.iS
F. B I f. B grhrader. TjW
Heferre: Finneo or wncoin. I mpire: j. at
tain Ellison. Field Judge: Balrd. Heart lines
man: L. A. King. Time: Halves 0:30.
Humphreys' Seventy-Seven
breaks up Grip And
Lassitude Is the first sign of taking
Cold; before the Cough or Influenza.
Fever or Sore Throat, there is a feeling
of weaknss as if exhausted from some
great physical labor. If you will rea
lize that this is the precursor of a Cold
and take "Seventy-seven" the Cold
w ill be prevented and the vitality. Tim
and vigor restored. 25c, at Druggists.
Humphrey's Homeo. Medicine Co., Cor.
William and Aaa -Streets, New York.
Captain McCoy Scores tho Only Points
of the Game.
TOPEKA, Kan.. Oct. 31 (Special Tele
gram.r Tha foot ball team from Drake col
lege won from Washburn In a hard-fought
game played here this afternoon. In the
middle of the second half Captain McCoy
of the visiting team carried the ball through
the Washburn line for fifteen yards, making
the only touchdown of the game, lie also
kicked goal. The Drake team tried the
forward pass but twice, and then with poor
results. Old-fashioned foot ball waa tha
style of play used and was very effective.
The Washburn defense was weak. How
ever, when the goal line was threatened,
four times the Washburn team held and
punted the ball out of danger. Washburn
carried the ball over the line once on a
forward pass, but Referee Maskey refused
to allow it, on the grounds that the ball
waa thrown over the center of the line.
The forward pass was the only effective
play by Wasnburn. The work of Captain
McCoy and Van Meter of the Iowa team in
returning punts waa brilliant, and very
frequently the ball was returned further
than It was punted. Both teams played up
to the dope and the result was not unex
pected by the betting fraternity. The lineup:
Larlmar L. B R, E Srharnburg
Munford L. T. R. T 8lck-l
TWaln L I;. R. o WIItoh
Whitney C. C Warnn
Codding R. il. L Wlltar
Teuipleton R. r. h. T Hrr1
Poster , R. F. L. ' Woo l -oar
Hon q. n. Q. I?
8mlly L. H. R. H
McVey R. t,. H M .M
Brcthour F. B.F. B Puidjr
Referee: Masker. I'mplre: Holllster.
Linesman: Orlrg. Field Judge: Armln.
Touchdown: McCoy. Goal from touch
down: McCoy. Time of halves: Twemty
five minutes.
iJutV ,pflmt and Second Elevens Lose
Their Games.
', Neb., Oct. SI. (Special Telegram)
the most favorable weather condl
ld In the presence of a large crowd
uslastlc normal rooters the second
Ity team defeated the Normal In a
usly contested game by a score of
Although the Normal team was
unds lighter per man they re peat -
unctured the Unlveraity line. The
slty made the only touchdown of
ame by blocking an outsldo kick,
recovering the ball and ran thirty
for a touchdown, Kay, Gelwlck and
started for the Normal. Ray played
ce game at tackle consistently
center. Gelwlck played a fierce
at tackle, going down on punts and
the man almost In his tracks and
Renfro had a shade the better of
nlversity punter. Frank and Flgno
ar work for the University. The
was as follows:
P. Medler
a C. C...
R. O.I L. O....
L. T. R. T...
L. E.I R. B...
U H. R. K...
Q. P. . B. . .,
w L. O.I R. O...
R. T. L. T....
R. B.I t,. E...,
..Rentro (C.)
D. Medio
R. H ! L. H Stewnrt
F. B.I r. B Roy
the first Normal team was bat
tling with the second University team here
the second Normal team was at Nebraska
City playing the Nebraska City High
school. Tho score was 6 to 0 In favor of
Nebraska City.
Falrbnry Shows Lack of Practice and
YORK, Neb., Oct. 31. (Speclal.)-Today'a
game of foot ball between Falrbury High
school and York High makes the fourth
game played this season. York won every
contest, making a total snore of 226, and In
only one game was York scored against
and that waa by Beatrice Hlrh school.
which kicked a goal from field. York has
met Lincoln Military academy, Beatrice
High school, Osceola High school and to
day defeated Falrbury by a acore of 61 to
0. This being the second game played
this season by Falrbury, they clearly
showed lack of experience and at no stage
were they able to prevent York piling up
scores at will. Falrbury players were out
weighed and considering lack of pract!
put up & pretty good game against York.
When time was called for the first half of
twenty minutes York had secured 29 scores
and Falrbury none.
In the second half York seemed to score
at will and made sixteen In the last ten
minutes of pliy. The lineup:
G. Haneen R. K
T. Bprague R. 'i .
O. Cedrlc R. G
C. Wlliiama C
D. Huhea L. ('.
A. Rtutevors...., L. 1.
P. Bllaa L. K
R. Glhaon 0. 8
J. Collier (C.) K B.
.0. lUa. l
D. Meehan
E. Tildtn
L. R. ...
L. T
h. O
R. O
R. T
R. E.
.B. B. Wood C
Q. B Srotly
r. B A1for
R. H F. Wood
W. Bsauldlug L H
..R. H.I L. H Wiley
Scores Two Touchdowns, bat Unable)
to Kick Goals.
SPRINGFIELD, Neb., Oct. 31. (Special
Telegram.) The Springfield High achool
foot bal lteam won Its first game of the
season today by defeating Weeping Water
High school to the tune of 10 to 0. The
game was called at 3 p. m. Weeping Water
kicked to Sprlngflelr, who returned the
ball ten yards. Springfield gained steadily
and with the ball on the ten-yard line sent
Elwell across the goal line for the first
touchdown of the season. A difficult goal
was missed. Springfield kicked to Weeping
Water, which returned twenty yards.
Weeping Water aflled to gain and punted.
Springfield secured the ball and soon ow
Springfield secured the ball and soon
worked It to the five-yard line, where the
old tackle play was brought into use and
Right Tackle Cockerell, with three of the
opponents hanging onto him, carried the
bal lacross for the last score. Goal waa
missed. The half ended with the ball on
Weeping Water's- ten-yard line, in posses
sion of Springfield.
The second half waa a little more even,
although Springfield had a shade the bet
ter of it." The game ended with the ball
on Weeping Water'a five-yard line. In pos
session of Springfield.
Arrangements Completed for Country
Club Meat.
rangements are complete for tho annual
fall golf tournament of the Country club,
which will be held over the club course on
November 5, S and 7, The first and second
rounds of match play will take place on
November 6. and the third and final rounds
on November 7. All matches will consist
of eighteen holes.
Fremont Y. M. C. A. Winner.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Oct. 8L (Special Tel
epram.) Kearney Military academy foot
ball team deefated North Platte High
achool here this afternoon in the flnent
game by far that haa been played in
Kearney thla year. The acore waa 6 to 0,
and the same was made in the first halt
oy a clever rake play to a forward pass.
1 he teams were evenly amtched and tha
play was a splendid exhibition of open fora
l'enaay Defeats Cavrnegte.
PITTSBURG. Oct 81. Tha University of
Pennsylvania eleven defeated the foot ball
team of the Carnegie Technical schools
heer today by a score of 26 to ft. Both
elevens used tha forward pass extensively
Advertise in Tha Bee, tha paper that goes
into tha homes of the beat peopla,
Jayhawken Think They Have Good
Chance with Nebraska.
MUaoarl Game Thanksgiving; Day
Worrying Them Kennedy
Has Tryoat with Indian
LAWRENCE. Kan., Oct. 31.-tSpeelol.)-Although
the Jayhawkers met no foe on
the gridiron this week, there has been no
cessation in the routine work of practice.
Snow and mud kept Kennedy and his pu
pils off the field several afternoons, but no
time was lost, for they filled the time by
running signals in the gymnasum. There
will be no letup on the work next week
and by Saturday every man should be on
edge for the Washburn game.
The grilling pace Kennedy has been put
ting the men through since the first day
of practice is showing up in the develop
ment of his scoring machine in a fairly
creditable way. Though the team had no
chance to "show off In the Washington
game. It was plain to be seen something
had been done in the time Intervening be
tween that and the Oklahoma game. The
holea which the opposing teama have been
puncturing in the line all fall seemed to be
pretty well repaired. The backs have done
much toward overcoming their weakness
In getting off at the signal. The team aa
a unit is working better now than it haa
at any time this season.
All the men came out of the Washington
game in good condition and, although the
weather and field conditions were most
conducive to stiffness, all were out Monday
afternoon as though no game had been
played Saturday.
Small Hospital List.
The hospital list Is the smallest It has
been for several weeks. No serious cases
are recorded. Harley Wood la still having
trouble with his knee and Is kept from
practice on account of it. Caldwell has
turned In a like complaint, though he re
ports regularly for practice. Captain Crow
ell, who missed several practices on ac
count of Injuries, Is working regularly
Stanley Myers, the new half, gives every
Indication of making good. Johnson Is
doing well at quarter. He and Bond work
together on offense like clockwork, but
on defense both are of the Lollypop dollar
watch caliber. Johnson handlea punts in
good style, but tackles like a school girl.
In fact the secret of the team's present
weakness Is Its lack of tackling ability.
More and more as the season advances
do the coachea feel the need of a man to
take Forter's place with the boot. With
such a man in the lineup Kennedy thinks
he would have an edge on Nebraska and
an even break with Iowa. But Kennedy
has given up hope of developing a man to
pit against Kirk and his boot In the Iowa
Kennedy Insists on continuing dally
scrimmage with the tyro team, and Rouses'
pupils continue to make the regulars work
to cross their line. The Jayhawkers are
standing up to thla grilling work much bet
ter than they did at first, which speaks
well for their physical condition.
Tryont with Haskell. .
Wednesday afternoon Trent brought his
redskins from Haskell and turned them
loose against the Kansans.
This was the team that held Nebraska
to lone touchdown. They were allowed
to keep the ball all the time, and run
through some of King Cole's formations
which they had , learned at Lincoln. Time
and again they executed a successful
forward pass that gave them several chalk
lines. All of Kennedy's regulars were
not In the lineup,
but It was evident that
was not the reason his men could not break
up the formation. .
Much Joy is there in the Jayhawker
camp over the way the Indians showed
against the Cornhuskers. It ia conceded
that Kennedy has a better team than Trent.
which gives Kanrai an almost even break
with Nebraska. At least the Indians,
showing against Nebraska gives the Jay
hawkers more hope.
Missouri's score, S to 6, against Westmin
ister has only served to confirm the fear
that squad and rooters like have held all
season that Monllow haa an aggregation
this year that will take the Turkey day
game. Two representltlves from Missouri
were at MoCook to witness the Washington
game and get a line an Kansas' style of
play, but they went home with their note
booka empty, as nothing new was tried In
the twenty-Hve minutes the two teama
floundered around In snow and mud.
Hereafter Kennedy and Morse will do
their tutoring behind closed gates. He will
give the team some new playa In the next
few days so they may get them down In
working shape to try against Washburn
next Saturday.
Washburn Conies Next.
Washburn comes to Lawrence next Sat
urday to meet the Kansans in the last
varsity game that will be played here
this year. Heretofore Kansas has always
met this team In Topeka, where either the
town or the team seems to be a hoodoo
to the Jayhawkers.
Kennedy specially wants to take this
game, as the mentor of the Congregation-
allots is an old team ma'e of his at Pennsyl
vania. Thia team took the state cham
pionship laat year and though they are
not doped aa having as strong a team
aa the varsity this year, they will make
the boys from Mount Oread play their
The site of battle of the Thanksgiving
game has finally been agreed upon. The
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constant arguing over the place for this
game has at last ended with tho slpn'ng of
a five years contract with Tebcnu. and tho
annual game with Missouri will be played
at Assoclatlan park, Kansaa City.
econd Eleven Has m Hard Contest at
WAHOO. Neb., Oct. SI (Special Tele-
gram.) A score of 11 to 5 tella the story
of a hotly-contested game between the
Omaha High school second eleven and
the Wahoo High school team. Omaha hav
ing tha long end. Tho Wahoo team wa
heavier, but not so well trained as their
lighter opponents. Line smashing by
Havelka, the giant Wahoo tackier, and
tlia fine work by Jamieson and Dolczal
were the features for Wahoo. MeCul
lough's kicking, llatrh's running with the
ball and the working of tha forward pass
were tha features for Omaha. The first
touchdown waa made by Omaha near the
end of the second half, Millard getting
the ball on a fumble by Wahoo and a neat
run for a touchdown. Hatch kicked goal.
In the second half a clever forward pass
from Hatch to Lowe netted another touch
down with Lowa on the ball. He missed
Stralgh line bucking gave Wahoo a
well-earned touchdown by Jamieson In
the second half. Gentlemen Is the word
for the Wahoo team. With training they
will be formidable opponents for any high
school team. Avery as referee and Su
perintendent Fnlton aa umpire, both of
Wahoo, were models of falrneas. Lineup:
Burland R. E L. K Lowe
Dolil R. T. L. T Bom-n
1'Ud R. 0 1 U Q Hen-lee
P. Aodereon C.I C Olll'ird
C. Andereon UO.lR. o Caldwell
HTlk U, T.I r. T l.uKfy
Cmrlnon L.. V R. Ti Mlllc.1
Kllllea . B I Q. B lUwh
Roer R. H U H Bril
.Temleton C.) P. B r. B. MK'uHuliSh
Rand L. 11 I R. H Mills .)
Hamilton Sua ! Sub Pellen
I Sub Lermon
Iowa Agglea Aro Too Faat for
Colombia Team.
COLUMBIA, Mo., Oct. 81. Ames de
feated Missouri, 1 to 0, In a fast foot
ball game today. Sis minutes after play
began Ames' fullback waa pushed over
for a touchdown after an exchange of
punta had brought the ball within strik
ing distance. The Iowans were stronger
in the second half, counting twice. Knox
scored one of the touchdowns after a run
of forty-five yards. Ames started the
game minus the services of Bruegger at
right tackle and Jaensen at quarterback.
They were barred because they had al
ready played four years. The lineup:
R. R Knox
R. T Wllmarth
R. O Murphv
C Rytlrdr
L. O NeUon
Drive UK.
Andereon L. T
Carothers L. Q.
Rletlne C.
Miller R. C.
Btuck R. T
L. T Law
R. K I L. B
.... Graham
Ollchrlt ..
Ewlng ....
...... )'. y. b
.. t V H. H
...R. H U H
...K. U. r. B...,.
. ... Meaon
... Hubbarl
G. Lambert
B. Lambert
Referee: A. D. Ronnlflelit nf K.inan. f'liv
Umpire: George Bryant of Carleton college.
Field Judge: A. R. Hamilton of Kansas
City. Linesman: T. W. Burckhalter of
The Lemps Falstaffs as usual won two
out of three games from the Gate City last
night on the Association alleya. Berger
and Jordan tried mighty hard to beat out
bogey, but failed in the attempt. Captain
GJerde of the Gate Cltys is certainly a
good loser. Cogswell of the Falstaffs savs
he will study the little red book all next
week. Score:
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
Chandler 179 M OS9 497
Lucas 173 1 36 156 4i
Maurer 167 1H5 155 4.7
OJerde 179 173 141 493
H. D. Reed 170 181 163 514
Totals 868 813
773 2,444
3d. Total.
Jay 158
Mauch 168
' Jordan 195
Totals 82S S74 80:
The Hussies' Acorns had a good fire in
their range last night, when they took two
gamea from the Drelbus Csndy c npany
on tha Metropollton alleys. The Acorns are
surely coming fast. Bill Vaughn, the light
of the Harney street line, took alt honors
for the Acorns, with a total of 676. and 196
single game. Vaughn Is the artist of the
alleys these days. Seabert was high man
for the condy company, with a total of 636,
and Captain Bryan says he Is more than
proud of the old Chicago bowler, score:
Pierre an Easy Winner.
PIERRE. 8. D.. Oct. 81. (Special Tele
gram.) nl a foot ball game between Huron
and Pierre High school teams here today
Pierre won, acore, 39 to o.
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