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Senior Senator Drawl a Crowd Which
Fills the New Eagle Hall.
. W . Jefferls Winds. Ihe Veet
lai rrlth a nnr hnt r.ffrcll AA
HrfM anal Then llvtn Start
for Snnn Oaika, A
Cuinpsrfi.c Ihe ' republican ' parly .,',.'''
nurtii star, ever steadfast, arid asking the
people, to go lo the polls' In November "hd
t their vot for It and not for the
party which stands' fW the f lickerlng. fsd
Irg and chsnging "paramount Issues" ron
. (ii ted to catch votes. T.'nlted States Senn
r K. J. Burkett, senior senator from Nr
hi asks, addressed the people of, Benson
Monday nlglit.
The meeting was held In the new Kagle
auditorium, which was well filled with In
tetesled auditors, many democrats being
present. The ypeaker was .loudly ap
planned and many a laugh wss occasioned
by Sibe direct"d at the idioaye racles of
His democratic party and Ills showing that
lii leader of the patty really does not
Know what he or h's party want. ' A. W.
lerfeiij. nomine for congress, spoke be.
f 'le the senator and following the " main
nHdrefS other local candidates-addressed
the assemblage. Senator Burkett end Mr.
.let fi pin left at 9 o'clock for South Omaha,
when they spoke later In the evening.
l:i his opening sentence, the senator
.-l"'ke enthusiastically of the magnlflcetit
ii' vv KHgie nuditorluin and congratulated
i' pe.iple of the thriving city, pointing
ru the fact that republican prosperity
mad- Hie auditorium pusiiblc.
I'art)' ui rroperlt).
"I don't Know whether Jhcre are, any
l imicrii is here tonight or not. hut If there
sie ihey must concede that the. republican
parly ht the parly of prosperity. A few a(u could lell a democrat as far
.is I could f'e him. and In Vm I could tell
,i pjp clear across the road: but today we
have you all looking good, thanks to repub
lic aii prohnvrUv . Hut after all the welfare
n'J prosperity of forty or fifty years, our
pt;rt.v" is the only Concern In the country
I. m: must go out,nd battle for Its life.
"Yeni remember Mr 18!i the 'paramount
, I..KUC' was tho free and unlimited coinage
of sliver at the rntlo of 16 to 1. without the
alii or consent of any nation on earth.',
(There, t got that off as good us any demo
crat could have doiie It twelve years ago).
In lS9t the deniociafa were in terrible shape.
Their eyes used to water, their teeth chat
icted and llirir knees knucked together, be
cuiee tnia cotinny of ours w.s B dug wrong,
w-r-r-ronw. Hut It didn't.
"In 1 r"U It wa Imperialism, and we were
K"ln? to Jiave a king. queen, Jack, ten-spot,
mid fall i be iet of them right away quick.
Mr. Bryan told us that the Fourth of July
would, pas away-and the spirit of empire
wa uptn u , and he went all owr tlie coun
;r.v lell'ng how to take care of tho Philip
pines. Kill let me tell you, the welfare and
happiness of our own people is vastly more
important. And,. by. the way, we have no
King, or even a jack, but we have a ten
pot. many of them $10 gold pieces.
"I arn glad the women are here and I
w hih more ,w civ. here, for I want you vol-i-vs
to ei'k' their advice on election clay.
I'b-luro tl'.o- o urst, most miserable year
under r-ruhllran regime and then picture
the heel jf.u iifjili.- democratic admfnittra
ti m Vuii you can nnjure tip In your mind.
And then nl; tho wife, tho Ulster, the
where tliey air. The democrat tails about
Injunction. lii Bum ai:teeii8, of- hank dc
p"its. t'n telliiion -'f c sndids'.es, end what
not. But If you I ave no deposit what
fl you care about guarsnleeing what von
haven't eot ? When S.nrn.wo men are out
of employment and sie following their
shadows home to a crust of bread, what
Is there to enjoin about?
"tok at Mr. Bryan s democratic plat
form. It : We. the democrat, favor
a liberal pension policy.' Why. bless your
heart, there is now a liberal pension policy,
inaugurated and enforced by a republican
administration. It save: 'We. the demo
crats, favor the election of I'nited Ptts
senator by direct vote of the people.'
When . the question ti up for consider
ation but three democratic senators voted
In favor of ft. 11 says: 'We, the demo
crats', favor the ginyanteeing of bank
deposit,'' but only eight democratic sen
ators and six democratic representatives
voted fop It. 'We, the democrats' ought lo
read t lie Congressional Record and find
orlt what. 'we' really do want.
"Mr. Brvin does not know what Is go-.
Dig tin lii this country, he Is ho busy
louring the world and chasing around on
the chautauqua platform.
aloe of llepnbltean C ono-ressman.
"Mr. Jefferls has told you something of
the-advantages of having a republican In
ctngre.s In this district. 11 me give you
an lnatancc. Iast spring I received a tele
gram saying that the roof had been blown
off Fort Crook. In ten hours I had passeo
a bill In the senate Appropriating $100,000
for repuirs. I sent It over to your disting
uished congressman, but evidently he was
not-ou good terms over there and ho could
pot. even gel his committee to ugiee on it
In an hour he came back and told me he
could do nothing. I then took a new tack,
pjaced It as a rider on another bill, and
fixed It so that he could not stop Its
passage through the house. Hud Mr. Jef
ferls been In congress there would have
been no delay and, also, there would have
been no failure In other legislation, as
there has been.
'As a last word let me ask you to' go to
the polls election day and vote for the
welfare of the American people and the)
progress and prosperity ot the American
Mr. Jefferls apoke but few minutes,
but In that tlmo he convinced his bearers
ot the expediency of having a republican
member of congress from thin district In
that a republican, being' of the majoilty,
could accomplish much more, for the ma
jority rules. He gave several Instances,
one oi them being that of an old soldier
who,, applied through the democratic con
gressman for on Increase iji his pension.
After a couple of months the papers were
returned to him with the trite information
that nothing could be done. On the" advice
of a friend, the old soldier sent the papers
to one of the republican senators and In
two weekn he had the pension Increase.
The Seymour quartet sang four cam
paign songs, the Benson fife and drum
corps played, and on the whole the polit
ical meeting was a rousing affair.
i't m wnie-li year sl.e would, rather
Difference rin parties. ... ,
republican purty believes' In doing
the democratic parly believes ir.
dolus nothing-tt b. lh-ves In leaving things
StA Wt'li
"I he
Senator Barken and Local Candi
dates Draw Blgr CroTfd. ' .
The procession has certainly started In
South Omaha which will, carry the banner
to victory on election day. 8enator Burkett
had the best 'audience of the campaign
beforo him Monday night. Kvery seat in
Ritchie's hall was filled and men were
standing up at the rear and sides. The
audience was exceptionally demonstrative.
F. C. Best, Tom A. itolllster, William G.
L're, C.eorge Brewer, J. G. Thlesen, Judge
Micomber and I'. G., Meyers, under the
leadership of Judge A. L.. Sutton,1 attacked
Uit Bryan fallacies U1 oj)en . ciftjqr and. the
slaughter of the "hobbyhorses" of democ
racy was terrible. , Following the candi
dates came Senator Burkett and A. W.
Jefferls and they hunted Bryan to the lll
; timber nnd up In shaggy bark of lue po-
luteal tree.
J. G. Thies'n. a member of the stats leg
I Islature. made an exceedingly witty speech
from the standpoint of a naturalised Rus
sian citisen. Ills best point was an expla
nation why Governor Oeorge Sheldon
I waited five days, or the limit, before sign
j lug the mi bill. He said. "When the
bill was presented, and before H was
sgned sverl tl)rosd presidents In
Nebraska telegraphed the governor not to
sign the bill, that It would be unconstitu
tional because It destroyed all profits In
traffic." Governor Sheldon told them In
reply that if they could show him by their
records that such was true he would vetoe
the bill. They brought him the records
and he spent the days In examining the
books, and at the end of the time he said;
"Tour books In my possession show that
you will still make a profit which Is suf
ficient under the law and I have the evi
dence of your own books to show for It.
Now I can sign the bill and you will not
be able to make a case against It." Had
the governor signed the bill on the spot
the roads would have Immediately gone
Into court, hoping by the Introduction ot
rart of the evidence to thwart the law.
And for that, the best governor Nebraska
ever had is being maliciously criticized by
his political enemies, who themselves voted
against the rate bill In the legislature.
Senator Burkett. although it waa nearly
10 p. m. when he arrived at the ball, kept
every man In the audience on tiptoe, not
knowing whether a laugh or a good round
cheer would follow his next sentence.
"The administration of public affairs be
longs, under our government, to the people.
We get at the truth of public needs through
the medium of politics In the best sense
of the term." The questions Involved are
so important thst It seems to me that
the people ought to take a little tTmj as Is
truly required to Investigate and see what
were the essential Issues. Don't be side.
tracked by a lot of casual Issues of events.
It Is far more Important in our scheme
of things that men should have a job and
fair wages than that the law of Injunction
should be wiped out. Jn China today men
are buying their chance to work. They
bid for one another's Jot) In a frightful
eompettion. No man can hold a Job mors
than sixty days there before It Is bid off
lo another man. AH trie world around,
it Is the great Issue, a chance to labor, to
earn with the hands and secure as many of
the comforts and opportunities possible for
the wife and the children at home. Ths
lack of a Job was what sent the Industrial
army to Washington under Cleveland's ad
ministration, praying that the government
engage In some public work such as canals
or roadways to give work to ths three mil
lions of the unemployed, and they wers
told to keep off the grass."
Tom Holllster told a good one. "A friend
said to me: 'Why Is Bryan like the Mis
souri?' What's the answer? 'Bryan ant
the river change courses so often, run for
ever and never dry up.' "
A. W". Jefferls cut Ms remarks short, as
the hour was very late before ha began.
In the brief time, however, he showed thst
he had a grasp on the situation and would
be far more effective In congress than a
democrat. Senator Burkett In his speech
also msde a plea for a republican con
gressman, for, he said, lie did not like to
be continually going over to the house of
representatives to get something done for
Omaha which Hitchcock could not do, be-
Ing out of sympathy with the majority.
Be Fair
To Your Face and
Your Face. Will beFair
If your stlln i murred by hlrtm
IsIicn of anv .klnd. If ypur com
plexion .Sallow' artil Spoiled for'
the features Irregular and out of.
harmony, do nut think It tinpoa-i ,.
ill.l.. 4..' l,l.,a.l v 4
. la. -f, : tr.
happiness. We are practical Dertnatdllglst. Our methods are our own-Klie
.hcautt of great study and numerous tests.
Kcnerna. Ring-
led Nose, or any
skin, disease. , . .-,
WE (JLEAU THE SK1X Permanently and speedily of Moles. Warts.
" J-im orvtiA Hears. Freckles, Moth Patches. Birth Marks,
Mipertous Hair and all face blemishes.
iV ()IIR EV IVVFA'TIOV the "Immediate Method." we remove
Dl,ytll Ann J. V TiA 11U, wrinkle. Frowns. Hollow Cheeks.
Drouplikg Mouth Llnea and evidences bf Age, Illness or Dissipation.
large or to long. Pug Nose. Outstanding F.srs. Rsggy Eyelid,' Double Chin
or. Hanging Chops, in fact we improve the "Looks."
ITie Face is Our Specialty
' "We" challenge the world to 'duplicate our "NF.W SKIN PROCF.S " where
- , by those having v rough, leathery, sallow skin, marred by coarse pores and
,-ysllow stains, are given a fresh, healthy complexion.
,' '' All we ask is your interest in investlgatipn. We promise the strictest
tionfidence and nil replies sent In plain sealed envelope
80 'lStb. Cor. Douglas.
icnwa m lock,
M floor, lutts 815,
orrios hohi
Sally t a. a. to 8 p. m.
Sua. 10 a, m. to a p. m.
233 W. riftta Utrset.
Bnrlbut Blag.,
8d Floor. Salts 10,
will handle the best hotel in the Texas Panhandle besides
water works system, complete with a 50-year franchise
to supply water, light and power to the town of Farwell.
The Hotel Is Mission style
of architecture, of brick and
P 1 a t e r cousiruc Uou. Noi
furnished.. . .
-, tiround, ji,cf leuxll'S.
Building three stories high
' MtH thirty-two sleeping
' looms', not including serv
ants' Quarters.
:. Ou.tlie hotel .property is
located well, power house
-and 40,UOO gallons capacity
elevated tauW mains all laid
through the towu and con
nected to 'iiet
A 60-year franchise lo fur
'ulsb water, lifbt and power
4 lo th towu of I'afwell 1s in
cluded in the rale. Water
okI Jight tan HUewlse he
Capitol Freehold Land
rirst astloaai Ink Salldlug
furnished to Texico, New
Mexico, adjoining Farwell on
the west, Texico now desiring
to connect for same. .
The price of 165, Out) is the
actual tost of property alone
the actual value of the
fiauihibo is inestimable. It
will increase as the town ex
pands. The eutiie property, water
works aud 5u-year franchise
will he sold at 65,tH. easy"
terms to right party.
Investigate this offer. v
own I'OO.OOO acres in thin lo
tftllty and are deeloping it.
Write for', more, particu
lars. & Investment Co., Ltd.
Thinks He Is Keeping; Money of Fel
low Countrymen and Loses His
Onn Savings.
"Guiseppe Cicvliello is one muciia nica man
toa da stranger." So nice, In fact, that
Monduy morning he was confidenced out
of $9 by two fellow Italians who told him
of sick families In the old countrv and
asked him If he would not he so good ss
to take care of their money over night
while llii-y saw the town before starting fnr
New York and Italy. Of course he would,
and as a guarantee that he was a man who
could be trusted, he nut all his asvlnrs
with the money belonging to the strangers
and then watched the two men wrap the
uius up in a handkerchief. Tim himrii.
was given to him, as he supposed, and he
placed it in an Inside pocket of his coat.
His good fairy told him a few minutes later
that something- might be wrong, but when
he discovered that the package of hank
notes and greenbacks was rraiiv hlni.
of pieces of old newspaper, his trusting
inenus nan uisappearea and Qulseppe could
only tell his troubles to the police, who ate
now trying to locate the confidence men.
A similar trick was turned on an Italian
trult dealer some time aao bv another n.i.
of clever fellow countrymen who also
wanted a safe repository for their surplus
cash for over night. The latter duo are
now serving time In the county Jail.
Western Association of Electrical In.
pectors Comes Here In
Mnetern, Ten.
City Klectrlcian Waldemar Michaelsen is
home from Chicago with annth.r r...i i
convention bottled up for Omaha. This Is
the convention of the Western Association
of Electrical Inspectors and It will corns to
Omaha In 1910. The electrician hoped to
get the convention for next year, but rather
than precipitate a fight and be In danger
of "losing out" sltogether, he formed a
"pool" with Detroit and voted tnr .v..
Michigan metropolis for the convention for
iik ana tnen uetrolt voted with him for
the convention for Omaha for ths follow
ing yesr.
Mr. Michselsen. who was chairman of ths
executive committee and member of the
committee on outside wiring, was compli
mented cn a paper ha read befora the con
vention by the passage of a resolution n
(icrsing his Idea and recommending all elec
tricians to endeavor to aet it ad,mtA in
their home cities. This Is tha rimioiiiii. nt
lull electric light, electric power, telegraph
anl telephone companies to string their
wires on one set of poles, or In the event
there are too many wires to use cables or
place them under ground. By this method
there would not be sach a net work of
wires In streets and In front ot office
windows. '
The electrician says he will draw up an
ordinance slong this line and present it to
the city council for Its consideration.
Delaaai III Be la Omaha Tha radar
n His Tatar of the Western
Part ( Read.
F. A. Delano, president of the Wabaili
railroad, with Henry Miller, vice president
and geneial manager; W. C. Maxwell,
truffle manager; 8. K. Cotton, general su-
, perlntendeut, snd numerous other officials
j will arrive in Omaha, Thursday afternoon
I at ::. In a special train. Thsy are on ths
annual tour of Inspection of ths entire
system. They will leave In ths evening
over the Burlington for Kansas City, where
Ihey will continue their trip over the
TVabaah lines. Harry aloores. division pas
senger agent and George il. Entiikeu, d.s.
trlct freight agent, will gu to fi. fjnult ID
meet the officials. .
If a ballot were taken as to
what single feature of home
furnishing produces the
greatest comfort, every
member of every family
that has graduated from old
fashioned heating methods
to Hot-Water or Low -Pressure
Steam heating would
cast a unanimous vote for
1 1
These outfits not only make a
house homelike, but their soft, even
warmth protects the family health;
their cleanliness halves the clean
ing-work, and the fuel savings soon repay their cost. They will
outwear the building and prove to be a permanent paying investment
far better than bonds at 6 per cent.
IDEAL Boilers arc made to fit 3 -room cottages to 90-room buildings or larger. They
are made for Hot-Water, Steam, or Vacuum heating for burning all kinds
of fuel, even to the cheapest of soft-coal screenings, gas house coke, etc.
They are made on the unit or sectional plan, so will pass through cellar
door of any building already erected, and can, be made larger or smaller if
building is later altered in size. They arc made of the finest grade of new
iron and arc put together so they cannot get out of order. They arc
absolutely safe a child can run one. Three or four gallons of water
added twice a season will keep the boiler filled. They take up all the
heat from the fuel, and deliver it just where needed without passing up
ashes or coal-gases to living-room. Fire runs without attention for at least
eight hours in coldest weather. Wc cannot here explain all so please
ask for free book.
IDEAL Boilers have large
fual-pots In which the air and
coal-gases thoroughly mix, as
in a modern gas or oil burner,
thus extracting every bit of
he heat from the fuel. Nona
of ths heat is wasted up ths
Whether your building is old or new farm or city cast an early vote for release from the troubles
and expense of old-fashioned heating seven winter months ahead! Write, telephone, or call today.
New York
Dept. N-80
413-417 South Tenth Street, Omaha, Nebraska
8t. Louis
Kansas City
San Francisco
Brantford, Ont.
Our Letter Box
Contributions, on timely topics Invited.
Yt'rlto le-Klbfy on ono slds of the pacer
only, with name snd address appended.
Unused contributions will not V re
turnsd. Letters exceeding 300 words will
bs Subjttt to bi-lns; cut down at the
discretion of the editor. Publication of
views ot correspondents does not com
mit The Bet to their endorsement.
Denorrsta Condemn Hnral Deller.
NORTON, Kan., Oct. 26. To th Editor
of The Bee: Desr Sir In the present
campaign. It appears to me that one iilank
of tho democratic platform has hefn over
looked by republican Journals and speakers,
and that la the first plank after the pro
amble. This plank condemns the republi
can party for creating 99,31 new offlres In
tha last six years, ar.d makes an unfavor
able comparison with he (Cleveland and
McKlnley sdministratlons. U goes on to
"denounce this great and growing Increase
In ths number of ottice holders as not
only unneceis 11 and wasteful, but also as
clearly Indicating a deliberate purpose on
ths part of 1h o.linlristration to keep the
republican party In power a: public ex
pense by thus '.r cieas'nt! ti: number of its
reti-tneis and Ipntndents." Further ti
says, "Such procedure we declau- to be no
less dangerous and corrupt than the
open purchase of voles at the polls."
Now If this me:iiis anything l all. il
means that '.he tn'.ccrat;c party condemns
the rural free d! vry servl,-.- eubllslu-d
for the sole byufit of the'ti. of the
99,81 new off)yNs. c.eateu in. tho last six
years, about hrvi irf-en rural mail
carriers and 'otivr ..-onnc !. J with tho
fres delivery scrvi.o. Tli-ss in:ilrts are
all appointed after i a civil service
exaiuinaton, and many of them are dtnio
crats. The i-l.irlt-s paid them are dis
tributed ainon.t the farm. oinl smaller
towns, and niri.' - Hi-' ii '!. r- aie
farmers aud lub.u iiu! men Yi : the demo
cratic party a-jltrn i.y ojtid-.-mim their ap
pointment as "no loss dat.gercub than the
open ct v.j'es at th l oils."
If this rial is i .it a to.iuc mt.ation of
Foley's Honey and Tai cures cough!
quickly, strengthens ths lungs and sxpt't
ti, Ids ;-' li crnjlne In a yeltotr (ack
j.e i'l b a!l drufg::s
9 Hint
Ko.l Low
N'o.Z Medium
No.l Higher
Corliss -Coon
Ksnd -Mtds
i - Retain Tbsir Style
Successfully Combat Laundry Strains
At Best Furnishers
the rural five cklimy sc rvici, it has no i
meaning and Is mere political buncombe,
and If so, mnv I t- t;iken an u fair sample
of the sincen'y r, f the i c rr.iivaler of the
platform. In iIk few c aiiipiiiin speeches
nhlch I have ma I". I liavu called attention
to it. and I ihl-n r. thoehl hj r.ctii.ed by all
republican specie's tnd paiitrs and by all
others Inter s: e l io Ihe tlectir. i of Mr.
raft and the -.Miuinmmce and exunsloii of
free rural tn'til d-dlvr.v. Ver." truly yours,
K. W. 11 EM THILL.
bat la a Trail f
LINCOLN, Oct. 2'). To the Kditor of The
Bee: What Is a trust? Is It not a com
bination to maintain and advance prices?
Most assuredly.
Now wlmt biagei- trust Is thtie in the.
I'nited Slates than the Ijibor trust? Some
trusts will of their own free will lower
their prices, but this trust never.
Now the democratic party, or Bryan
(who Is the whole cheese) comes to this
trust and says to it: "You .lust Htatn wha4
you want and 1 will put II right In this
platform" Why? Simply because this
uurft hits lots of votes. And then he says:
"We will go out ami howl down ell the
other trusts," and lie rocs up and down
tlio country howling about the Steel trust,
the Beef trust, tne Oil trust, etc. But this
Labor trust (which not Infrequently Is Hi..
most ex8J.peiatlng and dialioliral of any
of the trusts! lie constantly pats on the
back and sas in It: "You vote for me. I
promise you hitf things." What incon
sistency! What hypocrisy:
Now Hie w riter believes in labor organi
zation". They are labor's only defense
against capital (unless It be co-operative
employment), but he believes they should
be known as what they are Labor trusts
and he aiiiensble to the law the same as
other li -lists and should not be allowed to
become the ik.iKit of the I niied States, as
some of their leaders, especially this man
Guinpeis. aiv- sttiving to make them, amen
able to no law -except of their own choos
ing. Ft KADKR.
Mleul on 1 Hal Uuesttons.
BhSLLKVL'K. Neb.. Oct. JS, l!W-To
the Lditor of The Bee: It has been
aptly said "there is a fierce light beslj
about t'.ie throne." and today the halo of
a similar light coveia us all. for our own
weal or of. During the impending con
test, the sweet singer of Israel? s in his
iNiimini; way throw on the light vet he
rrmainn as sihiu as Lie tomb and fails to
answer the several important questions
put to him by The Bee. He certainly Is an
artti'l dodger and smooth side-stepper
when il comes light ilown r.i tacks In a
hard pinch. Some vears ago I beard the
I eminent attorney, T. J. M.ihcniev, exclaim
I in a public addiens that "(iod hates a
I cuward." and 1 have woi.d.-icd if lie wuuid
j be w iilihg to apply t'us same designati iii
to Mr. Bryan, who has thus far refused
to make known his poition on many vital
quenti'UiM of the clay that fi deeply con
cern our future progress and welfare. In
II serioubtictv. we wutild like lo know if
he favors legalising the boycott and tske
the ) enponsihllit y f ir all the resjlts that
would follow this a-. I ion. We would lili
to know, and we date him to answer, whai
his intention are to redemption
of government bonds, u Mr , rea l on then
face. "uiv s'lli- M li.lli. Wlieliier mm
,a,fllile It. is l'i mean niUcr ill tile
absence of gold, and at one fell swoop
place the country on a silver basis with
out any action or authority by congress.
We would like to know ir he favors plac
ing the full power to Initiate and fix rates
and the control of railroads in the hands
of the Interstate, Commerce commission,
which Is equivalent to practical govern
ment ownership without paying One rent
for the roads. And I want to say light
here that,, any man who refuses to make
his position known on questions as vital
as these Is not fit to be a candidate of a
great political parly, let alone president
of the United States. He Is simply a four
flusher masquerading around behind the
mask of a hypocrite.
Yet while these great dangers threaten
us, we can all "praise Him from whom all
blessings flow" that at the present time
there are only two democratic senators
north of the Ohio river from Maine to
California, Teller of Colorado and New
lands of Nevada, both former republicans,
with protective tariff leanings. There is
also Warner of Missouri and Bradley of
Kentucky, besides the senators from Dela
ware, which gives the republicans thirty
majority In that body, with only one
third of its members elected every ensuing
two years. Senator Beveridge has also
declared that a considerable number of
the members fiom the south are conserva
tives, and would never support Bryan's
false theories and radical proposals. With
this stonewall confronting him, how could
Bryan accomplish anything whatever. Why
should he be elected? I cannot call to my
mind where he has performed one single
service in an official capacity that has
been of any value to the people of Ne
braska or the nation. He never tiled to
dominate and lead his party In the days
of Holcomb and Poynter. but he remained
outside Of the breastworks when lie should
have been on the firing line acting a'
commanding geneial. practicing wist lie
preaches, fighting for those great reforms
Inaugurated by the late Kdward Rosewater
and enacted Into laws under the adminis
tration of our efficient governor, that men
of worth snd quality, (icorge 1. Sheldeii.
JIENKY V. (.L.MlKi;.
state of over $100 deposits for every resi
dent of the state. The state banks carry
the larger amount, being far more numer
ous, showing JiS.Sfrr.OW.r.', while the l na
tional banks come In with IndlvMjal de
posits of Vl-.Z'&.ZVi M. The banks show
total deposits of nearly $10,000,000 more, but
these are credited to other banks and bank
ers. Tho Increase in deposlls for the state
in the last car has been approximately
Vomit Woman noes Not Allow Illness
lo Ohatriict llrr 'Wedding
Sickness did not prevent Miss Minnie
Kdmonds from being married to Steve
Mcidrttnger, Monday aCsVrriouu. althoug ,
the bride was confined to her bed with
serious Illness and the ceremony had to he
performed at the bedside of Justice W il
liam Altstadt.
The marriage took place at the home of
the young woman's parents, 3706 south
Eighteenth street. Mrs. Meldlinger was
formerly a packer for the Paxtun-OalU-gher
company, and is 1H years old. Tim
groom Is II. . i '
'I he Bubonic- Plaarne
d'.Mi-ivs fewer lives than atomic!). Lver
and kidney diseases, for which Llectiic
Bitters is the siiarar.tsed remedy. fe. K-r
salt by Beaton Drug Co.
lonalllon of Dakota rianka.
PIKRRK. H. D.. Oct. L'.i -'Special )-The
reports of condition of Eoutli Dakota baukd
for August 17 on state hanks and rteptem
her ' on national hulks show that the
liuiiv deposits In the banks of t,,e
state on those dates amounted to'jJ.
317. 'W. This will make a showing for the
Kr.uil; Wi'llem. ger.eral camper of th
Nori hwestern, Dfl Monday for a ihort nii
to Chicago. ,
.lusilce and Mrs. William K.iMinan, wh.i I
le.t Kuday for lies Monies to tisll their
daughter, Mrs. V. K. King, returned home
Tin i'lay
Alirs tiertrude Moorhead Is exp'1 tsd home
Tl.urailay from Chicago, wheie sh has
been visltins Mrs, Bradley, who Ima bseu
,i popular visitor In Omaha.
Miss May Howard or i.Vil.inilnii, Neb..
dauKhter of Kclgm Howard, the demo
cratic pohttcUn, and .Mrs. Hugh Miller of
I'larliula, la., are si the I'axton. together
having met here tor a day's shopping.
city Comptroller L'bick left .Tuemlac
altornoon for Lainel. W.irtau. Bloonifiehl
Mini Wakefield, win-re I1 hu been pm u ,
'to him to niiil iv- vo'es fur the ileirm.
cratic ticket. II- will '-''urn the last of
i lie we". ,
S. I'. Miller, geun-al freight ar.d pUsu
per us-rii of ill-' Not tnwestern, inmj
Tuesdav nimiiiif tiwni a three dsvs' hun'
mg tui to C fly. Neb, He reports th
clucks as onii plentiful Snd tagtert t..e
D ii 1 1 1 . Mi. Miller says the three .Jan' net
inc. in the nand hills of Nebrsuka was on"
of the most ujoable vacations he e.r
There is Only Ono '
"Bromo Quinine"
That la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
useo thc would ovrit to cure a gold m one day.
AIwsti renjeoiber the full nam. Look
fur tliin i;ulurt vu tvtrj Ian. Jof.