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r-svts, drur.
6tockrt sells csrpets.
Ed Rogers. Tony Fsunt beer.
!! Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 87.
Woodrtng Undertaking company. Tel. 333.
Bom. to Mr. and Mra. E. I Hartqulst,
a on.
Safety raaor. complete, for 1V Petersen
& Schoenlng Co.
C. C. Haynes. funeral director and rm
bnlmer. 301 Broadway.
Ruga made from old carpets. Council
Bluffa Ru- Factory. Tel. 61.
We Know we have the beat flour. Eaco
la the name. Bartell A Miller. 'Phone C53.
Genuine hand-made art craft Jewelry and
metal novelties. C. E. Alexander, J J
Four-room house, newly painted and
papered; gss. toilet and cellar. 617 6th Ave.
J. R. Davidson.
J. C Lannlng and Mabel Perry, both of
Defiance, la., were married In thla city
yesterday afternoon by Justice Oreene.
Bluff City Masonic lodge will meet thla
evening at 7 o'clock: In stated communica
tion, following which there will be work
In the second degree.
Rev. F. A. Cruie, pastor of the First Bap
tlat church, went to Iowa Falls yesterday
to attend the Baptist state convention,
which lasts until Friday.
Tha County ' Supervisors held an ad
journed session yesterday afternoon, at
which a number of bridge matters were
disposed of. Today the supervisors go to
Missouri Valley to meet with the super
visors of Harrison county as a Joint drain
age board.
Louis Yelenrk and Mary Marstlk. both of
South Omaha, were, married In this city
yesterday afternoon, the ceremony being
performed by Rev. Henry DeLong.
Clifford Anderson, the lad who suffered
a fracture of the skull as the result of be
ing run down by a runaway horse Satur
day evening, was reported aa not doing so
well at Mercy hospital yesterday and It Is
possible that an operation will hava to be
The watch carrier who regularly has his
watch overhauled and O. K.'d by an expert
wmchwork.-r every yeitr pays less for re
pairs In the run, retains the confidences
of the watch ami gains by prolonging Its
life. All this becomes doubly true with the
limn who patronizes 1effert's, 409 Broad
wiy. Council Bluffs.
James II. Oliver caused the arrest yester
day afternoon of Ed Ullday on u charge
aif larceny from the person. Oliver, who is
a rnllrcad machinist, and a party of com
panlidis. the police aay, were "rushing the
inn'' In a sequestered nook on the banks
of Indian creek, when (Jilday Is alleged to
have relieved Oliver of his roll containing
142 In curtency.
Complaints were made to the police
yesterday by officials of the Burlington and
Great WVrtern rallroada of boya "flipping"
moving trains. Both roads have placed
special officers to stop this practice and
arrest the youthful offenders If possible.
Omnlal'i's will be filed In the Juvenile
court, the police say. against any boys
caught Jumping trains.
Oeorge Suit, aged 5ft yeara. died yester
day morning at the home of hla sister, Mrs.
H. W. Payne, 2310 West Broadway, from
heart trouble, after an Illness of two weeks.
Deceased, who was single and had been a
resident of Pottawattamie county for forty
years, Is survived by his father, Henry
Suit, aged 14 years, two brothers and the
sister at whose home he died.
Dr. W. P Hombach of this city waa op
erated on at the Wise Memorial hospital
In Omaha for appendicitis and double her
nia. He Is reported to have come through
the operation well and that the prospects
for his speedy recovery are good. Dr. F.
W. Houghton will take charge of Dr. Hom
bach'a practice until he has sufficiently
recovered to rasume hla professional work.
The two Japanese women arrested by ths
county authorities late Saturday night In
the rooms over the Boyd liquor house on
South Main street were discharged In Jus
tice Cooper's court yesterday. They were
charged with the Illicit sale of liquor, but
the evidence to substantiate the accusation lacking. The women, however. Assist
ant County Ros stated, will not be per
mitted to corduct a resort ut the place and
will bo anei-ted If they attempt to.
Mrs. H. W. Voss, 211 Scott street, reported
to the police yesterday that a burglar en
tered her homo Sunday night while the
family was asleep and stole from a cup
board In the kitchen a pocketbook contain
ing about So In silver. The empty pocket-
book was found yesterday morning In tho
yard of a neighbor. The burglar also ran
sacked the other rooms In his evident
arch for monev. Entrance was effected
by removing a screen from a dining room
Samuel C. Sorenson, proprleter of the
t'hieaso hotel at 135 Bouth Main street,
died yesterday morning from consumption
after a year's Illness, aged 39 years. He is
survived by his wife, two sons and one
daughter. Funeral services will be held
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
borne and burial will be 1n Walnut Hill
cemetery, where the services will be con
ducted by the Danish Brotherhood, of
which deceased was a member. Rev. H. A.
Relchenbach, pastor of the Danish Baptist
church, will conduct the services at the
Snperlor Court Jurors.
Tha following Juiors were drawn yester
day for the November term of the superior
court, which opens Monday, November 2:
E. T. Waterman, E. A. Archer, L. C. Ankle,
J. U. Toller. Fred Carty. Council Bluffs;
James R. Felton. Neola; Alonia Knight,
Tork; P. N. Splttier. Haxel Dell; Mike
Doyle, Mladcn; Allen Fehr, Garner; Her
man Bench, E. Q. Kllndt, Lewis; C. B.
Haiker. Ruckford; Al. Prultt, Crescent; J.
H. Turner, Washington.
Marrtaste Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterda
y to
the following:
Name and Residence
Fred Scheffler. Bentley. Ia
Sophia Kesaler. Neola, Ia
Toula Yelenek, South Omaha
Mary Marstlk, South Omaha
Bartel Nelson, Council Bluffs
M. C. Chrtstensen. Council Bluffs
J. C. lnnlng. Defiance, Ia
Mabel Perry. Defiance, la.
John Walsh. Ashland. Neb
Mae Weaver, Ashland, Neb
Vat vAiir f.vrtrit tnnAt unfit Ant far'
WjS J w eo V w w V ww " W M V Va
of Indigestion or upiet stomach.
Take your sour stomach or maybe you
call it Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Gaitrltt
or Catarrh of Stomach; It doesn't matter
take your stomach trouble right with
you to your Pharmacist and aafc him to
open a sO-cent case of Pape'a Dlapepsln
and let you eat one 22-graln Triangula
and see If within five minutes there is
left any trace of your former misery.
The correct name for your trouble ia
Food Fermentation food souring: the
Digestive organs become weak, there, la
lack of gaatrtc Juice; yeur food la only
half digested, and you become affeoted
with loss of appetite, pressure and full
ness after eating, vomiting, nausea, heart
burn, griping in bowels, tenderness in the
AXD Ainr coArm security at oNa-HAn? xbm ricAi bates.
Twenty T esar stf skats imsfal irnsgmaM.
N teosMtln with tha Ana lrt - - - rlu t n.
'm-aw ... At
Severe Rain Keepi Many Away from
the Hawley Meeting.
Does ynt Aaaall Candidates, bat An
alyses the Democratic Conten
tion In a Most Convinc
ing Manner.
The elements were against the republi
cans Monday and the heavy rain In the
earlier part of tha evening waa responsible
for Congressman W, C. Hawley of Salem,
Ore., being greeted by a somewhat slim
audience. Those who braved the rain, how
ever, were amply rewarded aa Congress
man Hawley delivered a atrong address.
At the close of the meeting Congressman
Hawley left for Chicago enroute to TJr
bana, O., where ha is scheduled to speak
tomorrow evening.
General Grenvllle M. Dodge, who had
been Invited to preside ,waa unabla to
be present on account of his health, and
Mr. Hawley waa Introduced by Attorney
D. E. Stuart.
No Harsh Words for Bryan.
Congressman Hawley In his address cov
ered generally the question! Involved In the
present campaign. It was noticeable that
from start to finish he refrained from say
ing a harsh word of the demooratlo candi
date for president, for whom ha said he had
considerable admiration as a citizen, but
not as presidential timber. During the
course of his speech Mr. Hawley used a
great number of Illustrations to emphasize
his point and his address throughout was
thoroughly Interesting.
In opening he said he would briefly re
view the three questions which he stated
Mr. Bryan was attempting to make Issues
of In this campaign. They were, he said,
"let tha people rule," "the guaranty of bank
deposits" and "the publication of campaign
contributions," These, however, the speaker
declared, were not the real matters at Issue.
The real matter at Issue were the regula
tion of corporations, the tariff, the cur
rency, labor and Injunctions and the regula
tion of railroad rates.
Regarding Mr. Bryan'a cry "let the peo
ple rule" Congressman Hawley said: "The
only method we have In this country by
which the people may rule Is to give to
every voter the uninterrupted right to caat
hla vote for the persons and policies that
he approves of and have that Vote counted.
in every republican state every voter whom
the constitution grants the privilege of suf
frage exercise this right to vote as he
wishes and in the states which are demo
cratic alonu is this privilege denied." As an
uiusirauon tne speaker referred to the
southern states, where he said over 120
representatlvea In congress were elected
by lens votes than those of Massachusii
Connecticut and Rhode Island, with not to
vAceea iweniy-nve representatives.
Speaking on the democratic plan for guar
anty of bank deposits, Mr. Hawley said:
"The business of a bank is to receive the
surplus money of a community on deposit
and loan such deposits upon approved se
curity to the customers of the bank. The
depositor Is secured by the carefulness by
wnicn the loans are made and anything
which will decrease the care exercised by
banks in making loans would impair the
aecurlty of the depositor for the return of
his deposits. Mr. Bryan's plan for the
guaranty of bank deposits will encourage
speculation and dishonesty In banking.
Under such a plan as proposed by Mr.
Bryan K would be possible for a group of
men to organize a bank, receive deposits
from others, make deposits of their own
money and then wreck the bank, leaving
the government the burden of paying the
freight. Mr. Bryan' plan will not protect
depositors In state or private banks and
moreover the money forming this guaranty
fund will be taken from the customers
of the banks. The depositors, the borrow
ers and the people generally of each local
ity will have to pay the losses of their par
ticular locality. It will be a tax upon thrift
and prudence to pay the losses Incurred
by the Imprudent and dlahonest.
Touching upon the question of the pub
lication of campaign contributions Mr.
Hawley aald:
Campaign Contributions.
"The democratic platform misleads the
people by Ignoring the laws already passed
upon thla subject so far as It forbids cor
porations or officers of corporations con
tributing the fund of such corporations in
federal elections. In January, 1907, a repub
lican congress passed and a republican
president signed a law by which such con
tribution are forbidden under penalty of
fine or Imprisonment or both and this had
been the law of the land when the demo
cratic platform was written. Why did not
the democratic party. Instead of promising
to pass such a law, commend the repub
lican party for having already enacted a
drastic law months before It ever became
a campaign Issue In regard to the pub
lication of contributions upon which Mr.
Bryan la laying great stress the republicans
In the house of representatives at Its last
session passed a bill providing for the more
complete publication of receipts than Mr.
Bryan proposes and for the publication be
fore election of all expenditures, a thing
which Mr. Bryan does not propoae. Every
pit of the Ktomach, bad taste in mouth,
constipation, pain In limbs, sleeplessness,
Delchlng of gas, biliousness, sick head
ache, nervousness, dizziness and many
other similar smptoms.
If your appetite Is fickle, and nothing
tempts you, or you belch gas or if you
feel bloated after eating, or your food lies
like a lump of lead on your atomach, you
ran make up your mind that at ths bot
tom of all this there Is but one cause
fermentation of undigested food.
Prove to yourself, after your next meal,
that your stomach is aa good as any;
that there Is nothing really wrong. Stop
this fermentation and begin eating what
you want without fear of discomfort or
Almost instant relief is waiting for you.
It is merely a matter of how soon you
take some Dlapepsln.
- : T T T .
democrat In the house voted against that
Speaking on the attitude of the repub
licans towards the laboring man and labor
organisations Mr. Hawley said:
"When Mr. Bryan was a memlwr of the
ways and means committee of the house
of representatives there were pending then
before the house these bills relating to
labor and In behalf of which Mr. Bryan
made no effort to secure their passage so
far aa the records show. A bill for the cre
ation of the Department of Commerce and
Labor, employers' liability bill, child labor
bill, a bill regulating hour of labor, nil
of which, with many others favoring labor,
have since been made the law by the re
publicans. At the same time Mr. Taft In
the Phelan contempt case wrote the deci
sion afterward universally accepted by the
courts, which recognized the right of
labor to organize.
The speaker also paid his compliments
to the democratic platform, which, he con
tended was a tissue of misrepresentations.
"For Instance," he said, "It demands that
wood pulp, print paper, lumber, timber and
logs be placed upon the free list, while
the last two named have been on the free
list for many years. Congressman Smith, I
am told, Ras Information from the secre
tary of the treasury that this Is correct.
Before closing Congressman Hawley
paid a high rlbut to Congressman Walter
I Smith, who, he said, had fully demon
strated his value as a public servant and of
whom tha tate of Iowa and the people of
the city of Council Bluffs could be Justly
Board to Be In Session Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday.
Registration for the general election will
open Thursday morning and City Clerk
Casady was a busy man yesterday gettlrvg
the supplies ready for the registrars.
Thursday, Frtday and Saturday of this
week and Saturday of next week are the
registration days for the general election,
and every voter who expects to cast his
ballot on Tuesday, November 8, will have
to register on one of these four days. The
old registration will not count, neither will
registration for the rpeclal water bond
Saturday of this week will be the Inst
day for registering for the special election
to be held Tuesday, October 27.
The registrars who are serving for the
special election will also serve for the gen
eral election.
These are the places In the several pre
clncts where the registrars will be In ses
sion Thursday, Friday and Saturday cf this
veek and Saturday of next week:
First Ward Flret precinct Victor Jen
nings' barn, 216 East Broadway; Second
precinct, Sheely & Lane s, 217 East Broad
way. 8 eond Ward First precinct, city hall:
Second precinct, Luchow cigar store, 741
West Broadway.
Third Ward First precinct, Anderson
Bros., 28 Fourth street; Second precinct,
917 South Main street.
Fourth Ward First precinct, county
eourt house, farmers' hall; Second precinct,
A. W. Oard's drug store, "04 Sixteenth ave
nue. Fifth Ward First precinct, county build
ing; Second precinct, county building; Third
precinct, 8. U. Gray, restaurant, 2301 West
Sixth Ward First precinct, county build
ing: Second precinct, East Omahn, Fifth
and Locust streets.
Andubon Mffht at Y. M. C. A.
It will be Audubon night at the session
of tho Young Men's Christian forum this
evening and a feature of the program will
be a talk by Mrs. E. Irene Rood of Chi
cago, founder of the Audubon society on
"Peculiar Habits of Some Birds."
The program will Include other talks, us
"The Crow," Beryl Ouren.
"The American Eagle," Louis Cook.
"Game Birds." Arch Hutchinson.
"The Owl," Harold Brown.
"Song Birds," M. W. Raymond.
"Birds of Plumage," William Chrlsten
sen. Special efforts to arouse religious Inter
est among the men of the city are to be
made In connection with the work of the
Young Men's Christian association thla
winter. A "Band of Seventy," which Is
the name given to similar organizations
subsidiary to Young Men's Christian as
sociations elsewhere, is being organized.
Twenty-five of the seventy members have
ulready been secured by Secretary Harry
Curtis, and an organization, It Is expected,
will be perfected this evening at a meet
ing prior to the session of the forum.
During the revivals which are to be con
ducted by Evangelist Charles Cullen Smith
at the Broadway Methodist church next
month, Mr. Smith will address the Young
Men's Christian association on four dif
ferent Sundays.
Congressman Smith's Dates.
Congressman Walter I. Smith opened his
campaign In the Ninth congressional dis
trict with an address at Balrd, Guthrie
county, last evening. He will remain in the
district until the end of the campaign,
winding up with an address at the opera
house in this city on the night preceding
These are his dates for the remainder
of the month: Klmhallton, October 20;
Shelby. October 21: Mondamln. October ?5:
Greenfield. October 23; Vllllsca, October 24;
Llllott, October 26; Emerson, October 27;
Cumberland, October 2S, afternoon; Atlan
tic, October 28. evening: Audubon. Octnher
29; Oakland, October SO; Council Bluffs,
November I.
No Additional Taxation.
The voting of the JtiOO.000 bonds for a new
water plunt will not Increase the taxation,
but the revenus derived from the plant,
which will go Into the general fund, will
reduce the taxation every year.
Trust your own horse sense and not the
paid emissaries of the water company.
Much Damage Already Done and Pre
cautions MrrrHtrr to Prevent
Greater Loss.
From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Oct. .-(Spclal.) Fearing
lest Iowa cornfields may be swept by dls
astroua fires, Attorney John N. Smith of
this city today Indicted a letter to Governor
Cummins urging him to call the attention
of farmers to the recesslty of carefully
avoiding the setting out of fires during the
unusually dry period. During the last week
over 160.000 worth of crops have been de
stroyed by fire In this stats.
Hhtllrock was thla morning swept by a
tire entailing a loss of $150,000. The fire
started in the city hall and the fire appa
ratus located there was burned, thus crip
pling the work of ths firemen. Firemen
snd spparatus were rushed to the town
from Waterloo on a special train and gained
control of ths flames.
Ths stats rtfls shoot of ths Iowa National
Guard will begin tomorrow at ths new state
rangs Just completed a few miles north of
this city. Four thousand marksmen from
ths state guards will be here for the occa
sion. The new range ia said to be one of
the most modern In America. It has been
arranged at a cost of over J10.000, with ce
ment target pits and cement walks st the
firing lines. Communication with Dts
Moines Is established by telephone and
fi foot, for $12.00
8 foot, for $14.00
Like Cut, for ....$12.50
Omaha Price $19.00
Governor Sheldon and McBrien Speak
Twice in Gage County.
Strong; Address on State Issues by the
Gorernor--Cons;ressiiian Jones of
WnnhlnKton Delivers Strong;
Address at St. Paul.
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. 20. (Special
Telegram.) Although rain fell here a
greater part of the afternoon and
evening, a large crowd was present
at the Paddock opera house to
hear Governor Sheldon and Superinten
dent McBrien last evening. H. J. Dobbs
presided. He first introduced Superinten
dent McBrlnn, who spoke of school mat
ters and referred to Hi. van, the false
prophet, lie quoted from scripture as to
his authority on what constitutes a true
prophet, und proceeded to prove that the
democratic' leader was a false prophet.
Bryan's remedy for hard times was free
silver, and he predicted dire results If this
measure should , fall. The prediction In
regard to the celebration of July 4th, was
another bad guess. His prediction that the
gold standard pnrty would ultimately de
mand closing of free schools has proven
false, because more money Is spent for
free education now than ever before. Mc
Brien explained the free high achool law,
a republican measure of which 5,000 farm
boys and girls In Gage county have taken
advantage of.
Governor George L. Sheldon In detail, ex
plained tho republican administration of
state affairs. The rate of Interest on state
money has been raised, the permanent
school fund has been Invested to bring
greater return than ever before, state In
stltutlons have been conducted to keep
within the appropriation and avoid the
necessity of a deficiency appropriation. As
sessments on lands were raised this year
by the county assessors and not by the
state board as charged. The state board
Fur Neckwear
Is Made In
Bewildering Variety
THE newest and best styles are
always found in Lanpher Furs.
No matter what fur you want
Sables, Mink, Black Lynx,
Squirrel, Fox, or whatever it be,
if you get a Lanpher Fur you may
be sure it is correct in every respect
ifT 33 Years In
Hile the Fur Trade
LANPHER FURS are sold by the
best dealers. If your dealer
does not sell them, writ
ut direct.
Fur Manufacturers
fas '
Just Received. In Golden Oak or Mission
only equalized the assessments. They
raised Gage county to make It uniform with
that of surrounding counties, and the Jus
tic of It was proven by figures. The rall
ros assessment Is a difficult problem, and
th governor explained the method of
using the cost of rebuilding, net earnings
am stocks and bonds all as a basis of
determining the value. He showed that the
rej bllcans have done more to secure the.
gu-.anty of bank deposits than the demo
crats have done. The democrats promise
much, but the republican cpngreasmen,
Norrls and Hlnshaw, and aeveral republi
can legislators, have Introduced bills to :
make It effective.
The Beatrice Military band furnished the
music during the evening and at the close
of the meeting the governor and Mr. Mc
Brien were given a big raccption at the
Paddock hotel.
Sheldon Makes a Hit.
WYMOKE, Neb.. Oct. 20. tSpeelal Tele
gram.) Governor George U. Sheldon was
greeted by a large and enthusiastic crowd
ut opera house yesterday afternoon In spite
of the rain. He was suffering from u bad
cold and could not make a long speech. He
made a very favorable impression on Wy
more and aroused much enthusiasm among
citizens of all political faiths. In his talk J
he told of the work of the repuDiican party
In Nebraska, especially In the last two
years. He spoke of the reform measures
und the beneflcal results and touched other
subjects briefly. He praised A. C. Shallen
berger as a citizen, but picked his state
ments to pieces and denied them. Ho issued
a challenge to the democratic nominee ror
governor to prove the charges that the
present administration has been extrava
gant In expending state money.
He also staled that Shallenberger's state
ment that the present administration Is
not entitled to credit for reducing the state
debt on account of the special 1 mill levy
for the purpose is untrue. He said that the
special levy In the last two years has
raised $650,000 and that the other 1667,000 1
was secured by careful administration and
close economy. Ho made a detailed ex
planation of why hind values or assess
ments had been raised, giving as his reason
for doing so that It Is expected there would
be circulars, probably unsigned or fictlc
ously signed, circulated In Gage and other
counties and that he wanted Wymoreans to
know the truth. I'slng Gage county as an
example he gave Us former assessed value
and the former assessed value of sur
rounding counties, showing that Gage did
not come up to the average, and It was
necessary to raise It to make the values
and taxes paid equn.1 with others.
The governor said In looking over the
senate and house records of the state he
had failed to find where a single bill mak
ing toward the guaranty of deposits had
neen Introduced by a democrat, although
he found two bills and been introduced by
republicans along that line, stating that
only three democrats out of thirty-two In
the national congress had voted for a bank
guaranty bill, he made the assertion that
the republicans have far the best record on
the bank provision.
A plea was made for a republican legis
lature to carry on the work commenced
and spoke highly of Hon. Adam McMullen
of this city, who is candidate for state sen
ator. "No retreat" was given as the slo
gan and waa greeted by cheers.
State Superintendent McBrien preceded
Governor Sheldon with a splendid speech
lasting an hour. Mr. McBrien spoke on
national and state candidates and showed
where Mr. Bryan failed to qualify as a
Democratic Rally at Lincoln.
LINCOLN. Neb.. Oct. 20.-(Spec!al Tele
gram.) George Fred Williams of Massa
chusetts, talked to a fair sized audience
at the auditorium last night. His principal
topic being about the publicity of cam
paign contributions. He talked of the $o00,
000 campaign fund which had been raised
In New York by Thomas F. Byan to defeat
the nomination of W. J. Bryan In 1900. This
could be prevented he said In the future by
publicity. He did not say when Mr. Bryan
would make public the expenditure of the
115,000 brought from the same Ryan to
Tom Allen, according to Tom Tibbies, to
help Mr. Bryan to the senate In 1904. In
fact he did not even mention that money
wheh had been brought here by Tom Allen
to defeat the will of the people. The audi
ence waited patiently for the explanation
which did not come Dr. P. L. Hall, vice
chairman of the national committee pre
Judge la rklllpplars Makes Address
at Ponra, Farmer Home.
PONCA. Neb., Oct. . (Special.) Judge
W, F. Norrls sddressed a large audience
in the ppera house Saturday night In tha
Interest of the republican administration
In the Philippines.
"I have two objects," said the Judge, "the
first Is to vindicate our course in the
Philippines, snd the second, to draw your
minds and hearts to Judge Taft, ths re
publican candidate for president."
Tho Jutye reviewed Mr. Taft's record In
v 1
S. I. " .1 ' i. K
every place where President Roosevelt had
sent him to settle difficulties. "Panama,
Cuba, Philippines and also with referenco
to the overgrown corporations, the trusts."
Judge Noirls made It clear "that no man
In the I'nltcd States Is so well fitted for
the office of president as Judge Taft." Ho
cleared up :he matter of tho so-called
"church lands" In the Philippines to the
satisfaction of every fair-minded citizen.
He left no room for doubt In any man's
mind that while Judge Taft Is a Unitarian
yet he Is far more of a real, practical
Christian than many who pose on their
Christianity for public honors.
He made it clear tint Instead of the
administration introducing imperialism it
had for the first time In the history of
nations perfotmed a national duty toward
the weaker nations.
The Judge reviewed the work of estab
lishing schools and bulldlns railroads and
other Improvements to show thut there was
no selfish motive In the rule of those peo
ples. The law prohibiting the manufacture
and use of opium was contrasted to the
methods of England and Franco in such
matters. He said: "It is the first time In
history that school teachers could take a
flag and say to the subject rice that the
administration Is according to the law of
Turning to a picture of Taft fastened to
a large, flag at the side of the stage the
Judge said: "I'nder that picture ought to
be the motto, 'The Philippines for tho
Filipinos.' not equal rights for ill, Amer
icans, Europeans, etc., but for the Filipinos,
for that Is Mr. Taft's position.
"It Is the first time In history that the
dominant race has helped the weaker race.
This Is known In the Philippines as the
'American Idj.'
"We are told that we cannot establish
self-government In the Philippines, but If
thit be true It will be the first time In
our history that the American people havo
failed to help a weaker race. Never was
the flag more glorious than here, with
the missionary on one side and the school
teacher on the other side.
"This Is a new era and our Influence will,
Increase till all the weaker races are
recognized by all European nations."
Judge Norrls compared Mr. Taft with
Washington, Webster and Lincoln, and the
crlbls of 1908 with Hio crises In which
these great men did their work In history.
He drew a mental picture of the Inaugura
tion of Mr. Taft as governor of the Philip
pines and his retirement from the Islands
and the banquet given by the Filipinos In
his honor, and banners bearing the legends:
"Wo Want Taft;" "Give Vi Taft;" "We
Must Have Taft." Thin he said: "We want
Taft, give us Taft. we must have Taft
for our next president."
Judge Norrls was for many years a resi
dent of Ponca and the citizens have such
regard for him that they believe he is right
and ha told them the truth. The Judge
became very eloquent as he related the
facts from his personal knowledge of Mr.
Taft and the course pursued by the admin
istration during the last nine years, the
time of his residence there as a United
States Judge. It Is acknowledged to be the
best address that has been delivered In
this part of the state since the campaign
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Number of Appointments Announced
la the nallrray Mall
tFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Oct. 20.-(8pecUl Tele
gram.) Fay McClure of Mahaska county,
Iowa, has been appointed superintendent of
road construction lu connection with the
Agricultural department.
Peter J. Hogan of Chicago has been ap
pointed clerk In the land office at Alliance,
P. C. Lamb of Sulphur, H. A. Kenney of
Kimball. W. E. Lee of Lilly. Alexander H.
Hansen of Lewis und M. Schopp of Edge
mont, S. D., have been appointed railway
mall clerks.
Joseph Kos has been appointed postmaster
at Richmond, Washington county, Iowa,
vice W. C. Chapek, resigned.
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Large line of LEATHER
at ys Below Omaha Prices.
' Secretary of War Severely Condemn!
Nebraskan's Ideas.
Democratic Tariff Tlank Intended to
Please Free Traders and Protec
tionists Alike Business In
terests in Danger.
NEW TORK, Cot. 10.-S ldom has W.lllait
: J. Bryan been so severely arraigned durlni
i the present campaign as he waa here last
I night by General Luke E. Wright, secretarj
of war, who addressed a large mass meetlni
at Xerrace Garden.
General Wright, who 'was Introduced ai
"A democrat having the honor of holdlni
a cabinet position under a republican ad
ministration," was greeted with enthusiast!!
cheering when he appeared on the platform
The speaker entered vigorously into th
principal Ishucs of the campaign, condemn
ing Mr. Bryan In sharp terms for the lat
ter s reference In a recent speech to Presl
I dent Roosevelt as "the hired man."
General Wright said that such statementi
; "tickled the groundlings, but made thi
judicious grieve."
He then outlined the powers of the presi
dent In an endeavor to show that the presi
dent is not a hired man, but "the chief rule!
of the people."'
lie then made some comparisons of tin
materlul points of the platforms of the two
great parties In those particular parts in
which they are In conflict.
Tho omission of the democratic platform
to declare for revenue only. Secretary
Wright said, was not accidental, but was
Intended to present a plank upon which
democratic free tru tiers and protectionists
alike could stand. The secretary said:
I say thi? because it Is a matter of com
mon notoriety that there Is a very consid
erable, and I may say growing, element in
tho democratic party which favors reason
able protection to American Industries. We
know that there are many thousands who
habitually vote the democratic ticket In
the eastern states especially, who are for
moderate protection, call It by whatever
name you please; and we know also that
In tho other great suctions of the country,
and especially In the Bouth where mining
and manufacturing are being developed by
leaps and bounds, and where sugar, wool
lumber and various other products receive
tho benefits of protection, democratic votes
are In favor of a continuance of nm f.irm
I or other of the protective policy. It must
noi re overiooKea that there exlule n
strong feeling among the masses of the re
publican voters, especially in the central
and far western states, all of whom are
protectionists, that many of the existing
tariff schedules are too high and should
be Immediately lowered.
Business Interests In Dancer.
The real question, the speaker said, waa
which of the two candidates can be best
relied upon to make an honest revision. He
was persuaded, he declared, that If Mr.
Bryan's Influence Is controlling and ha
can give direction to tariff legislation, the
strong probability Is there will be an un
settling of all the large Interests of the
country, while Mr. Taft, he said, would
not Impose upon tho shoulders of that great
mass of the American people who are
consumers and who chiefly pay the freight,
any unconscionable burdens.
The secretary ridiculed the feature of ths
tariff plank In the democratic platform
which proposes to put on the free list
ti ust-controlled manufactures, declaring
that 11 reminded hlrn of the proposition to
cure a case of Indigestion by giving the
patient rough on rats. It illustrated, he
declared, the superficial manner In which
Mr. Bryan proposes to deal with evils
which everybody sees, und his readiness
to apply a remedy so out of proportion to
the evil as to be destructive, or so Inade
quate as to be worthless.
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