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Friends of Eleven Do Not Look for
Big Score A&ainBt Orinnell.
Oaly Glsa f klae U ttraasrtfe
hown by ths) Lis 1m h
I, act Practice ltltl
the Seraba.
1 1 Vi TIT NX fV. a rCh.U.I T"W-. I. ma
feeling of overconftdenc In th Nebraska.
rtmp tonight retarding th gam with
a V---ar1ntlcH tomorrow. Th rooters, are expect-
f Ing the CorhuskerS to win, but they look
inr m very low score, im snowing oi int
team during the past two weeks has not
encouraged their supporters to look for any
great things from the Cornhusker tomor
row. Nobody figures on Nebraska's making
more than twenty points, and soma" esti
mates give "King" Cols's pupils only ten
points and even concede Orinnell s few
Orinnell Is not expected to be any
ttror.crer than last season, but It Is believed
Ui Cornhusker are weaker and that they
will not be able to put up as good an exhi
bition of the gridiron game as they did
when th two teams met last season. All
this week they have been outplayed by th
crubs In practice and hare not shown any
of the speed or agility that they had last
At th last scrlmmag of th week yes
terday afternoon the scrubs tore holes In
tha varsity Una at will and brok up plays
'.Ime after time. Frequent fumbling by
he regulars also enabled the second team
men to gain several yards and to prevent
i iie advance of the varsity. It took the
I -rgulitrs- twenty minutes to mak on
' loucluluwn, and that was accomplished
nly with the aid of the coach, who per
nit ted the varsity to retain th bail sev
eral times after they had lost It on down.
The Cornbusker line stood up better on
-"V defense under the attack of tho scrubs
resterday than at any time this week. The
,.k.iACond team players could not gain to any
" Vdvantage through th tn and war forced
jo kick every time they secured th ball
ifter making one or two futil attempts to
dvaticethe ball by other methods,
Baals of. Cornhaalcer ' Hope.
It was this exhibition of strength by
th Una against the scrubs that caused
the coaches to Be a gleam of light for
th gam tomorrow. "King" Cole believes
that If th Cornhusker lln caa hold th
Orinnell players and keep tha fleet men
of their backfleld from slipping through
that Nebraska will have a comparatively
aay time. With the lln withstanding all
th hammering that will be necessary the
Cornhusker ought to be able to cross
th Orinnell goal line for three or four
touchdowns. If they cannot get these
on straight foot ball they should be able
to make them on some of "Pip" Cooke'a
fast runs and by using the forward pass.
Cooke Is f r of th Nebraaka men who
has been, fj ylng fast ball all week
and has be.... die only on who could make
any consistent gains against th scrubs.
He has circled their enda frequently on
long runs and has been abl to get away
from their men on the forward paas sev
eral times. H Is being figured on to
get a touchdown or two for the scarlet
ind cream.
Orinnell Is light but fast Th total
weight of th team Is 1.71 4 pounds. Th
weight of the lln Is I7S pounds. Th
backfleld Is reported to be hardly as fast
is last' season. Wells, who played at
talf a year ago, haa been shifted to quar
ter. lie weighs 145 pounds and 4s a good
general, besides being speedy. Flanagan,
who was an AJ1 Iowa end last aeason.
Is still holding down th left wing and
U said to be playing a greater gam
than last season. He played the best
gmiiu of any end seen on Nebraska field
hint season and Is the most feared of all
the Orinnell players by th Nebraska
eleven. He caused the entire Cornhusker
team all kinds of trouble last vear and
on ucveral occasions nearly eluded all his
tuckleis when making runs around end.
Kvery man on the Cornhusker eleven will
be watching him tomorrow to prevent his
getting away for a touchdown.
The lineup:
: . . . irk
Plerc (C )
t Oarner
....L. B in. K.
Herts ....
Collins ...
Kwinc ...
HarTtry ..
u I R. T
L. i I H. 0
H. O IL. o
R. T IL. T
,...K. K. ( L. K
Q. b.Q. U
.L. II. U .K. H. B.
V "irsnr ..
j huluer ..
...R. H. B. I.. H. B..
Loo I
Kror r. a.r. b
I 1 Officials: Referee, Cornell, Lincoln;
pire. Clevenger, Lincoln; field Judge, Pln
neo; head linesman. Dr. Clapp.
Qaeem Wlas Transylvaala
tak from Teasel.
LKXINQTON, Ky., Oct. 4. The Transyl
vania, the greatest and the moat prised
stake for light harness horses, was won
today by the overwhelming favorite, Span
ish Queen, owped by O. 11. Estabrook of
Did it ever hit you that it
really pays to buy dependable,
classy clothes ?
If all professional and busi
ness men realized how much a
well dressed appearance adds to
their prestige, it wouldn't be
possible to keep up with the de
mand for the kind of clothes we
Sell in this 6hop. '
Our clothes lend an air of
dignity and distinction to the
wearer and show that thought
and care of personal appearance
which all admire.
We sell that kind of suits and
vercoats at $20 to $40. Those
jt $25 to $30 are the most per
sistent sellers.
Drop in and talk it over.
Men's Fashion Shop,
319 South 16th St. Omaha.
rhe Twentieth Century Farmer
Ktsrkri tho Stoolt an.
Otto Dollar Per Vror.
Denver, and driven by Qua Macey
victory was assy.
The pacing division of the Kentucky fu
turity was unfinished and goes over until
tomorrow. Catherine Direct, the favorite
won the first and fourth heats. Colonel For
feit th second and third heats. Tha track
waa heavy, resulting from rain this morn
Ins, nummary: ,
Trotting, i.U class (unflnshed
Wed nesday):
Lady Jones, blk. m. (Murphy) I
Masine, Ph. m. (Ryan) 1
Harry Banning (Burns) 1
Laboudi (O. Maunders) 4
(Ruth Dillon (M. Saunders)
1 1 1
I t 1
14 1
4 1k
Maryvlll (Tlppttt) I t ds
Time: Z:11H. 2:m, I 07. 1.12.
First race, paring division of the Ken
tucky futurity for l-year-oid. value $.2,000,
three heats In five (unfinished):
Catherine Direct, b. f. (McMahon). 1
Colonel Forrest, b. c. (R. Miller)... S
Tom Brewer (Lante)
Kattanna (Young)
Kewane Medium (Bowler) 4
Time: 1:1W. I:1V M44. 1:17.
Second race, th Transylvania,
Spanish Queen, b. m. (Macey)
Teasel, ch. m. (Oeers)
Carlokin (Durfee)
L. Maud (L. Oreen)
Aquln (A. McDonald)
Nahma (Burgess)
Oenteel H. (W. McDonald)
Dewltt (Andrews)
Time: :1ZV. 1:10. 1:10. 2:1ft,
Trotting. 1:20 class, nuree ll.OOO:
Paderewskl, ch. m. (W. Ross)....,
Jack McKerron (B. Shank)
Nancy Gantry (C. Davis)
Charley Russell (Chandler)
John F. Uibson (McDowall)
aim wood (Rogers)
Baron Del (D. MaJoney)
Highland Boy (Rody) ...
lime 1 1:14, 1:16, 1:13.
Zleaap Captares Wlllard Hotel Han-
eUeap at Donclas Park.
liOlTIBVILLB. Kr.. Oct. 9 A large crowd
attended the races at Doualus pain i.utii.
It was soldiers' day. 700 enlisted men and
officers who are here on an army tourna
ment being present. Enlisted men took
part In two events, both of which were
In the cavalry cup handicap CJrlmes ran
away and ran through a fence. M. Mat
thews, his rider, was not seriously injured.
In the Roman race four soldiers raced,
each on two horses. The men stood ss they
rode. Mr. HauKiit was the winner by two
lengths. Infant threw Mr. Douglas and
ran through a fence, but neither horse nor
ruler was seriously injured.
In the rcxular 1 acinar Zlenao caDtured
the Wlllard hotel handicap from a good
field Ira fast time. Jockey Butler rode four
winners and some cf them paid good prices
in the Mutual machines. The weather was
clear and cool, track fast. Summaries
First race, selling: Alice Kalrd (9. But
ler, straight, IJll'ik, won; Snmpronlum
Walsh, place. Ml ?. second; Elisabeth
Harwood (107. Power, show. 17.281. third.
Time: 1:14. Bnlff, Flighty, Manay Colors,
ne wolf. Dr. Holxberg. Mabel Henry
Olldina Belle also ran.
Second race, mile and keventy yards.
selling: Oold Treasurer . liuiier,
straight, 164.76), won; Telegrapher (1U5,
Powers, place, W.9V), second; Coaster (.o,
Walsh, show, HO.tW), third. Time: 1:47.
Purant, Dr. Slmial. Virginia Maid, Top
lofty, Royal Jack. Washakie, Voting, Cyg
net. Swift Wins also ran.
Third race, five and one-half furloncs:
Sorrowful (112, Powers, straight. Jib. to),
won; Duomo (100, McOee, pluoe, $111.9.)),
second; As pi r a (110, Butler, show, $9.7K),
third. Time: 1.-064. Salnposal, Thelphustan,
Adder, Andy Qlnter, Dr. Berkley, Jire
All Red, Lady Ruby, Tennessee Buy also
Fourth race, the Wlllard hotel handicap.
seven furlongs: Zlenap (101, Butler, 'il.5o,
straight, til. 15 place. 14.86 show), won; Al
Mullur (101, McOee, $11.26, place, W.oO sh w.
second; lvens (i(6, powers, i&.w snow) inira.
Time: 1:28. W. T. Overton and Sir Clegs
Fifth race, six furlongs: Merrick (109,
ron; Barnesdale (10K, Walsh. IIS. 66 place.
19.5 show), second; Robin Hood (107, Pow
ers, $10.10 show), third. Time: 1:11. St.
Valentine, Bonart, Topsy Robinson, Bone
brake, Woolstone Frontenac ran
Sixth race, mile and one-xlxteenth: Bes
terlln m, Olassner, $X3) straight, $24.20
place, $10 show), won; Mortlboy (1U6, Heldel,
$86.60 place, $11.86 show), second; Lnriy
Baldur (83, Deverlch, W W show), third.
Time: 1:49. Hartlng ran.
Extra race, the Cavalry cup, handicap,
four furlors: Fluslo (lX Mr. Hillings.)
first; Foole (136, 'Mr. Elliott), second; Fern
(13U, Mr. Deacon), third. Tlm: 0:57.
Force. Imp and Bnldy ran. Infant Fell.
Orlmea ran away. No betting.
Second, extra race, 'four furlongs. Roman
race: Fern and Force (Mr. Haught), first;
Flusle and Foole (Mr. Billings , second;
Infarct and Imp (Mr. Young), third. Time:
0:69. Uno and Rickets (Mr. Olvetv), alio
ran. No betting.
RiELMONT PARK, Oct. . Summaries:
First race, handicap, 2-year-olds, six fur
longs: Statesman (105, McCarthy), won;
Footpad (108, Lang), second: Royal Captive
(117. Lee), third. Time: . 1:12. Schlcswlg.
0orge W. Lebolete, The Gardener and
Bird of Flight also ran.
Second race, steeplechase, 4 years and up,
selling, about three miles: Jimmy Lam
(148, Allen), won; Yama Christ (111, Hen
derson), second; Agent (146. Kelllhen, third.
Time: 4:10. Parson Kelly and Ramrod also
Third race, the tenth matron, fillies, S-yenr-olds,
six furlongs: Maskette (124,
Notter), won; Affliction (106, McCarthy),
second. Time: 1:2C. Maskette and Afflic
tion Keens entry. Two starters.
Fourth race, the New Rochelle stakes, S
ye r- Ids snd up, pelllng. mile, main course;
Cressina (UV. McCarthy), won: Arasee (106.
Schmidt), second; Black Mary (loS, Her
bert), third. Time: 1:31. Queen of the
Hills and Ardrla also ran.
Filth. hiKh weight handicap, all ages, six
and one-half furlongs; Fashion Plate (113,
Vnton). won: Star Oowan (112. Miller), sec
oiwl: Brookdale Nympth 18i Otlbertk third
Time: 1:1. Far West, Nimbus, .East
River and Ross Fenton also ran.
Sixth. $-vear-olds. mil and one-half:
Oowan 006, Upton), won; MM ford (109. J.
serona; corncob mi. uuiien), third.
Time: i:33. uoleonda also ran.
The best game of the season was bowled
on the Association alleys last night. In
wnicn tne wets Hrothers won two out of
three games, getting high total pins for
the aeason, Ida. Rempke of the Chan
cellors had high single game of 22( and
ilea up with Cochrane lor high total of mi.
score :
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
Neale 178 J 179 6
Kolls 172 1 147 4S8
Denman 129 t"0 lii 498
Cochrane 212 181 198 691
Huntington 172 176 178 6A!
Totals 8K3 9,'9 $71 $.663
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Dudley 169 lri6 144 468
West 180 19 170 619
Ooff 176 JU 136 63
Frush 205 173 149 627
Rempke Vi lbi 179 691
Totals ! 946 904 77S $.68
The St. James won three games from the
West Sides last night on the Metropolitan
alleys. Wilson had high three games with
492 and Yonsen had high single game with
172. Tonight the famoua Borshelm Jewels
play the Dally News team. Score:
1st. Zd. Sd. Total.
Moyna 167 147 141 446
Wilson 11 17 164 492
Scannell 13 163 131 419
454 m
1st. Id.
12 173
1) 101
13 108
436 1.36
Sd. Total.
H! 440
Totals ..
.41 SSI 40S 1.303
Practice Begins nt Once for World's
DETROIT, Mich.. Oct. 9-Bcfore day
light today there were Camped before the
ticket windows at Bennett park, where
tomorrow the Detroit American league and
Chicago National league base ball teams
will open their second struggle for the
world's championship, several hundred en
thusiasts, dele'-mined to be In advan
tageous position tor the opening of the re
served seat sale at 10 o'clock.
It was Just after midnight when a po
liceman discovered the first applicant. He
announced that it was his Intention to se
cure th first ticket for the world s series
and that he proposed to stay there until he
did. Hundreds more gathered during the
early hours of th morning.
Whll the sal of seals was occupying
very parson connected with the business
department of the club. Manager Jennings
and the players were engaged In their practice for th great game tomor
row. The players reported at lb park Im
mediately after breakfast and were kept
at work at tup speed until noon. Under
the rules governing the world's series"
bhorUlop Bush la nut eligible to play wlta
the lrrl teem In the series ami this will
forre O'Leary lnt the game, despite the
fact that he has a badly bruised thumb.
It was Manager Jennings Intention to
day to have ritcher Klllian. letrolt'S
strong left hander. to fsce the Chicago
team In the opening game. Catcher
Schmidt la expected to catch most of the
fames during the series, In spit of a pain
11I finger whh-h the club physician aay
Is both dislocated and sllshtly fractured
Contractors had double forces of men at
work In the purk today putting up the
extra seats snd bracing the stands where
necessary and President F. J. isavin de
clared that by noon tomorrow the park
would be ready for a crowd or to
.010. It la expected ' that there will be
seating rapacity for about ft.ouo.
The Chicago team la due here at 11
this afternoon.
"I feel confident that we will win the
world's title," said Mansger Jennings to
day. "Yet I will make no prediction. All I
will say is that when the Cubs get
through wtth the series they will know
that they have been In a fight.
Weather Indications are for a bright,
sunny day tomorrow.
No More Entitled o "Tie" Game Tham
itallaa to Marathon.
It's all over and Chicago won a clean
pennant and New York waa fairly and de
cisively beaten, but J net the same this
editorial trom the Sporting News will be
read with Interest all over the country:
"President Pulllam's ruling on the report
of Umpires O Day and Kmslle of the final
play In the game of September it between
the Chicago and New York National league
teams Is In accord with base ball law and
an appeal to the board of directors Is a
grandstand play to humbug patrons of th
Polo ground Into believing that the
Giants were chested out of th champion
ship. Responsibility for loss of that game
rests upon Merkle, a minor league recruit,
who, through Ignorance or excitement,
failed to comply with th cod and deprived
hi team of a victory. The only point at
Issue Is whether Merkle waa forced. That
was determined by Umpire O'Day, who de
clared the base runner did not reach sec
ond base before the ball was held on that
bag by a Chicago player. Two hands were
out and the bases were full, when Brld
well batted the ball safely to center. Mc-
Cormlck ran home, but Merkle, who was
on first. Instead of touching second base,
made a dash for his team'a dressing room
as soon ss he saw Bridwell's drive pass the
Infield. McCormlck had legally touched the
first three bases and home base before
three men were put out, but his run did
not count because he reached home on or
during a play in which the third man was
forced out. The proviso In rule 59 nullified
the run of McCormlck, who, under the
circumstances, had no mora right to score
than If he had sprinted home before the
third out was made on a fly from Hrld
well's bat to the limit of the field that
was caught or hnd touched the home plate
before the Giants' shortstop had been
thrown out before reaching first base
The force out of Merkle at second base
was retroactive and the moment that It
was consummated, McCromick's right to a
run gained by legally touching the first
three bases and home base, was rendered
null and void and. under base ban law,
he and his teammates were left on bases
and Merkle made the tnlrd out. New York
had no more right to count a run for Mc
Cormlck than the game Greek who was
assisted through the Coliseum while neHr-
lng the finish had to be acclaimed tne
winner of a recent Marathon race, which
an American won, not by reaching the
goal first, but by complying with the regu
lations of the race, which were violated
by sympathisers with the exhausted leader.
Merkle, a major league novice, made ft
minor league break In falling to legally
touch second base and thereby prevent
th operation of the proviso In rule 69 and
all the sophistry of Brush will accomp
lish nothing in the attempt to nave tne
directors of the National league exempt his
club from the full operation of rule 69
of the code of rules, adopted In compliance
with section 1 of article 3 of the National
agreement, to regulate the playing of the
gam of base ball tor tne season 01 iuo.
President of National League Believe
They Will Win.
w. 'c ............ v
of the National base ball commission left
at noon today for DeUo t to at en I tne
opening gam of the world's champ onsh p
series, which begins there tomorrow. No
statement further than last nUtit's official
announcement of the conditions governing
the contest was given out, but Pns.dent
Pu l!am In an Interview talked entert iln
lnsiy of the champlonh p race. He said:
"It was the greatest race In the history of
base bail, ana the best teun undoubtedly
won. But there was great giory ior ouier
teams besides the winners In the battles
that were fought right down to th last
dr- . . .
"All honor snoum go 10 m new ion
team for the gallant fight they made to
bring the flag to Gotham.
"With practically only two dependable
pitchers they fought their rv.y from a
lowly position to the leadership In the
rate, holding that place for a long time
bv a display of gameness and base ball
ability that has rarely if ever been equalled
In bane bail.
"Pittsburg too. deserves the limit of
f raise for the fight made by Its represcnta
Ive In the National league. Manager
Clarke started the season with only one
regular outfielder. He also tried four first
basemen during the season. Yet, despite
this hand cap, the team batt ed gamely and
successfully, winding up the season only
one game behind the leaders and remaining
In the light until their last game was
"As for the Chlcagoes. they ae a great,
game, able team. No team In the league
suffered more through accidents and Ill
ness during the eeason than the Cubs. Yet
they were never discouraged, but were al
ways fighting among the leaders. In the
series with the Tigers I believe the Cubs
Mgiln will come off victorious. However,
In all fairness, I trust that th best team
will win, and that there will be no excuses
to offer on ekher side after the world's
championship battles are over.
"80 tar as tlie National league race was
concerned, It was tha greatest, cleanest
base ball fight in the history of our or
ganisation. The matter of the disputed
gume between the Ulants and the Cubs Is
to be greatly deplored, of course, but It was
settled In the only honorable way that
could be devised.
"As evluvme of what a close race It waa
I only need to cite the fact that there was
much leas trouble with players this year
than ever before, only four men on the
three leading teams being suspended during
the season. New York having one, Chicago
three and Pittsburg none."
Play Vnder Big Eight Roles Will Bo
Bis; Blow.
AMES. la., Oct. .(Speclal.) Practice
on State field is becoming strenuous and
Coach Williams' repeated Injunctions to
gel some pep, combined with the bracing
01 wie 1-001 weauier, are pulling tne
men In fighting trim. A week Is too short
a time to recover from a blow like the one
tUat fell when the announcement came that
the Minnesota gam must be played under
the Big taght rules, but the team work
Is Improving.
No secret practice has been started her
yet, though Minnesota seems to find It
necessary to conduct Its maneuvers behind
a canvas wall. The opinion la prevalent
here that th Minnesota-Lawrence game
last Saturday was little Indication of the
real strength ot the Gophers, and that they
will put up an altogether different game
this week. The Aggies have been up
against th husky northerners too many
times to be fooled Into thinking that their
playing will be seriously weak. Though
th loss of three old veterans has killed
the hopes of th Ames supporters of being
able to celebrate a victory over Minnesota,
th team will be full of fight, and the gam
will be a scrappy on from start to finish.
Tha only regret expressed here is that the
gam Is to b played away from home.
Th varsity made sum long gains on th
scrubs last nigUt. chiefly through the lln
and around the end. Both Heggen and
Knox are being tried out at quarter. Knox
Is also being practiced at fullback, where
he shows up with considerable speed. It Is
quite likely that he will play this position
in Saturday's game, with Heggen at full
Chicago Woman Takes Championship
at St. Lonla.
STT' LOUI9. Mo., Oct, .-Mrs. W. F. An
derson of Chicago, representing the Hins
dale Uolf club, won tlie western women's
championship her today. She defeated
Ml ts Grace Annul of tha felt. Louis Country
club, t up and 1 to play, th match being
the last of th tournament which started
Monday. Th cards Ver as follows:
Mrs. Anderson:
Out i j f I 7 4-47
In I liliii tl
Miss Bemple:
Out I I M T I I 4-41
In I 6 6
By using th various departments of Th
Be Want Ad Pages you ft th bt re
sult at the least xp
New System of Snperriting Bank
Examinations Devised.
F.ack Headetl by Chairman Who Will
Meet Exasnloera Quarterly aad
Co-operate vlh Clear
Ins; II oases.
WASHINGTON, Ott. .. -Comptroller of
th Currency Murray announced todsy that
he had decided to put Into Immediate ac
tion a plan for the formation of the eleven
districts of national bank examiners with
a chairman who will preside over quarterly
meetings of all the oxamlners In each of
th districts and In Intervals between such
meetlngr will keep In touch with the ex
aminers of other districts. From the rep
resentations of examiners, the chairman
will compile reports to the comptroller de
signed to furnish In detail a list of the
lines of over-extended credits, large loans
and heavy borrower and 1m general all
of the questionable or doubtful paper which
comes to the attention of the examiners.
Tho co-operation cf the districts with the
clearing house associations of tha locality
la also a contemplated feature.
Following are th boundaries of western
districts, tentatively determined upon with
examiners In charge:
District 8. headquarters Chicago. Exam
iner C. H. Bosworth In charge, will Include
Illinois. Indiana. Michigan and Wisconsin
with ten exan lners.
District 7. headquarters Minneapolis, Kx
amlner J. A. Rathbtin In char, will In
clude Minnesota and South Dakota, with
five t xainlners.
District 6. headquarters Kansas Cltv, Mo, F. C. Hicks In cnere, will In
clude Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri,
Oklahoma and Arkanasus, with twelve ex
aminers. Dlstrlrt 9, headquarters Fort Worth,
Tex., Examiner J. M. Logan In charge, will
Include Texas, New Mexico and Arizona,
with four examiners.
District 10, headquarters Denver, Colo., F.
I Klein In chaigr, will Include Colorado,
Utah and Wyoming, with two examiners.
District 11', headquarters Sam Francisco,
Examiner E. T.. Wilson In charge, will In
clude Montana, Idaho, Washington, Ore
gon, Nevada and California, with six ex
aminers. Iowa's Crack Woman shot.
LAKE CITY, la., Oct. . (Special.) Miss
Lottie Case, 14-year-old daughter of Ottn
Case of this place. Is reputed to be one of
the best all-around rifle shots In the state.
The feats she accomplishes on the ordinary
22-callber rifle are astounding and already
have began to attract considerable atten
tion. 8he shoots and breaks bottles thrown
Into the air easily, and by holding the rifle
at arm s length, without using the sights,
shoots holes In tin cans thirty yards away
One of the most remarkable targets she
uses and successfully shoots full of holes
is a wooden block hidden behind a piece
of black cloth a yard square. The wooden
block Is set on another block entirely he-
behind the cloth and In such a position that
the shooter cannot see the target. By using
several mirrors arranged In such a manner
that the wooden target Is rerlected Into
the mirror nearest herself. Mips Case has
been known to hit the wooden block six
times out of ten shots. Tbe feat Is wonder
ful and the sighting Is done along the
barrel after a careful estimate has been
made of th exact position of the target
through the mirrors. Miss Case says sh
fixes the position or the target by seeing
In the mirror Just how far from the center
of the cloth the block appears. The block
Is moved each time following a ahot and
the gunner does not know the exact loca
tlon until the same appears In the mirrors.
Miss Case Is equally good with the snot
gun and brings down the quick, swerving
Jack snipe with aptitude and skill.
Complete Reversal of Form.
IOWA CITY, la., Oct. . (Speolal.)-Wlth
a complete reversal of form tbe., varsity
mowed down the freshman eleven in fierce
style last night on Iowa field, scoring three
touchdowns In nine minutes. Twenty min
utes later another score cam,' ttur the
freshmen, recovered from the surprise of
the onslaught, had struggled to-keep the
regulars trom scoring.
The play was by far the best displayed
by the varsity this season. Hazard was
shifted back to his old position ot fullback
with Fee at left half and Carht-rry at
quarter. The combination worked like
a charm, a 85-yard run by Kirk, with
splendid Interference bv carberry. mark'
lug the climax of the brilliant performance
Gross was out In his suit and the coaches
Immediately sent him to right guard In the
scrimmage practice. He iiiayed well for
the first night out, upsetting several of the
rresnman piays ana charging the opposing
linesmen in 01a time zorm.
Hyland and Perrlne were on tha ends.
Their defense was the best vet. and tha
receiving of the forward passes was satis
factory. the feature or the practice was the de
termined suirit of the varsltv. The prac
tical defeat of the regulars by the 1912
eleven the previous evening had nettled the
first squad. They were out to win. Has
ard on the klckoff never stopped lntll ho
naa reacnea tne rresnman 40-yard line.
The Initial play was characteristic of the
entire thirty minutes of scrimmage. The
varsity, was out to whip the freshmen.
End runs, a few forward names and a irnori
onslde kick occasionally couldn't be stopped
uj neiiiaiiimi nien.
Mornlagsld Has Light Team.
SIOUX CITY, la., Oct. (Special.) The
morningsiue college foot ball eleven, which
will go against the Creiahtun universlt v
squad on Saturday, will he the lightest
wnicn nas represented the Methodist Instltu
tlon In years. According to the weights
announced by Coach Jack Holllster. the
men will average but 150 pounds. T..e ooach
does not bellevo that the lack of heavy
material win prove a serious handicap, a
the team Is showing great speed In th
execution of plays. The . loss of Captain
Ray Whisman, who has not returned to
college, naa left a big hole In the bar
field. Although outweighed bv the Creieh
ton eleven, the Mornlngslders expect to get
away with the long end of the score. The
Morningside back field will be entirely
new and untried one. It Is probable tha
Bob Smylle will be at quarterback, with B
iKogers and Burns at the halves and Clyd
Rogers at fullback. Brldenbaugh, guard on
last year s elevjn, has been shifted to cen
ter and displaced Stiles, who has played
ma position ior tne last tnree years.
No CleTr!and-.ew York Game.
CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 9.-A telegram
j was received from John T. Brush of th
1 rw lora national league club
cue dull torinv an
proving a suggestion that a aeries of nost
season games bti played between tth New
iora anu Cleveland clubs. The manage
ment of the Cleveland club waa at fir.
favorably Impressed with the proposition
m iiib conclusion or a conrerence late thli
afternoon of the officials of the club, how
ever, It waa decided that as the tosm Um,
disbanded and the players are widely scat
ieiu, ii is iuo taie to pi ay ine games,
Going; Ont for Darks.
Charles Hlghsm th, Clint l.erch. E-t Rmnt
land and Andrew Orey will leave Monday
for Bill Francke's ranch at Hackbeiry lake
for a weeks shooting for riuiks and Inci
dentally to do a little fishing.
will be received by th school trustees
Cook, Nebraska, until 2 p. in. October
1. for the furnishing of labor and ma
terial for the construction of a school build
ing in strict occordance with the plana and
specifications for such building, which
plana may be found On file with J. H
Craddock, architect, Omaha, Neb., and
James H. Tober, Cook, Neb. The success
ful bidder will be required to furnish a
bor 1 equal to oi.e-third of the amount of
th contract, to be -approved by the board
of trustees, conditioned Uiat he will per
form the conditions of the contract In a
faithful manner and in accord with Its pro
visions. All proposals must be sccompan
led by a certified check for $260, payable
to James R. Tober, secretary of said dis
trict, to guarantee the good faith of th
bidder. The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids and waive defects.
Mall bids to James It. Tuber, Cook. Ne
braska. B20dlt
Fees. County Court To Whom It May
Concern: Report having been made to the
Board of County Commissioners of Douglas
count, Nebraska, by the county Judga of
said county, which report shows that thers
la now and has been for th Ins six months
remaining in th hands of said county Judge
witness fees which have been uncalled for.
Now, If such feea shall not be called for
Within six months from August 24. llo,
th earn will b considered as furfeliad
and will be paid Into the common school
fund of said IKiugU eouu . V. U IIAV
LRLY, County Clwk.
Our lines of fall, and winter gar
ments are filling a "long felt want" In
the heart of good dressers. They have
the "style" that appeals to the young or
old who takes interest in his personal
appearance. We've a display of suits you
can't match in a day's journey. Expert
workmanship, cut to the
. Mm ATTTl nmrnn
sign, uua ouua are eitner newer, or better, or tnere s
makes them more desirable than the suits sold elsewhere.
our window display and see what magnificent values, and
at remarkably reasonable prices.
in this window
They command
pleased attention.
New Stiff Mats
We've a stiff hat that was made for you, sir, as tuljr as if you
were measured for it. A stiff hat exactly suited to your build and
contour of your face from the staid staple to snappy extremes.
There's not a hat in our store but what bears the stamp of newness
and style. All popular colors and black We can't sell you a 5.00
hat for 1 1.00, but we do promise the best hats made at
S2, $2,50, $3.00, $3.50, $4,00, $5.00 and $6.00
and we'd be pleased to give
selection of a proper hat.
will be received until 4 o'clock p. m. on
Saturday, October i, lis, at he office of
the undersigned In Lincoln, Nebvaska,
room hJ'i, of th Administration building.
State university grounds, for the Installa
tion of plumbing fixtures, piping and con
nections; and aiso for heating apparatus
and steam mains' for th mechanical engi
neering laboratories now In course of con
struction on the university campus, Lin
coln, according to plans and specifications
on fhe In the office of the superintendent
of construction, room -OS, In said Adminis
tration buiiuing. bluders must consult tne
superintendent before preparing and filing
bids upon ail mailers winch may appear
to tnem uncertain In either plans or specl
llcailwiis, and must also carefully examine
this notice and the forms of contract aud
bond on file with ths superintendent; they
must also personally inspect the building,
bids must conform strkliy to the plans
and speclficatiis ami ths requirements of
this tiOiice. B.iiders must be prepared to
lurnisit commercial rating or satisfactory
refeiences upon their financial standing, if
the same be requited by the university au
thorities, bios must be filed separately for
plumbing and heutlng. Kacii bid for
p.umbing must be accompanied by a cer
tified check on some bank payaoia
to in University of Nebraska uncondition
ally for the sum of two hundred dollars,
and each bid on heating work must be ac
companied with a like check In tlie sum of
threa hundred dollars. The checks of the
successlul bidder, In case of an award, will
be held as a guaranty for turntsnlng to
th superintendent of construction sched
ules of nuleiials, with quantities and
prices, signing the contract In form as pro
posed tui. lurnlshing security company
bond In a sum equal to one-third of the
contract price ot work awarued. both the
security bond offered and the form of bond
must be salistactory to the lioard of itu
geuls of Its bullulng committee. In case
the sjciesbful bidder talis wlthlu two
weeks from Ihe dale of the award to file
suti schouules, falls to furnish and file
bonds as required or to enter into contract
at ' the amount of his bid, the ciieck de
pos.ted by him will be forfeited lo the uni
versity as liquidated damages without
further procted.ngr or nolke. The check
of the bidder whose bid is second best in
the Judgment of the board of Regents or
Its buuuing committee win aiso us nem
penultig the negotiations tor tne closing ot
a contract win, the first best bidder, or
until it is determined whether the secono
best bid will be taken up or rebldding
calied (or. Ail bids must bear the resi
dence or business address ot the bidder,
mual be signed, sealed up, addressed to
the undersigned and be plainly marked on
the outside with the bidder s nam and th
words "plumbing work" or " work,"
as the case may be, for mecnamcal engi
neering laboratories. Th bids will be
opened and inspected as soon after th
uale above set lor filing the sams as th
board ot Kegenta or its building commit
tee can be conveniently assembled. Th
right Is reserved to reject any or all bids,
Address blus to th undersigned at room
lu.', Administration builclng, Htale Univer
sity, Lincoln, Nebraska, blatlon A. J. 8.
IiAi.W. secretary. , 8l-3U-n
way Company Auction. Tne following
unclaimed baggage will be sold at publia
auction al it-i and 1424 Dodge street,
Omaha, Neb., commencing 1 p. m., Tues
day, October 6. Auu, and continuing at th
same hour each day until all has been
sold: Bampl trunks, marked J. E. J.. W.
li.; painted canvas trunks, Mrs. M. Rich
erdsou, M. H. McCown. Tom C'urlln, J. Y,
Whltlon, George Meyer, R. C. Broderlck,
H. M. Jeffrey, William Dunbar, Orover
Warner; sink trunk, marked Miss Margaret
Rainbow, Mrs. Belle Rescorder, Trti
Vv'ampole. II. Mclntyre. William Feddero.
Miss Lottie Jeler, Coc!! Broking, Mrs.
Annie Flnasso, Walter Campbell, Alex
Krlaran, Ray Emerson, P. lsllagyl. II. F.
Wallace, Vlncens Luclto, B. E. Stafford,
Charles Helscher, Mrs. L. A. Crus, Mary
Stuart, I'nn Krandt, Curio Bonflll. Mrs.
Ceona Finch, James Koulentes, J. A. Hell
burg. Mattle Foget, Muncle Lonenso, Mrs.
Thursla Metseuegger, Duncan Nellson,
Paul Msloney, Junk Mllnartc; steamer
Inink marked John Petree: russet trunk.
marked William Rebesock. G. A. Paxtsr;
chest, marked Frank Armetrong: Doxea.
marked J. M. Howell. M Taylor. HJurady
o ( . J
lie mm
c v . -
' , V'.,.
. :-; r
o o o o
i ' ; -' t mz ',
w.isSn444v Cv
limit of correct artistic style and
a .
in this window
$22. 50
They speak for
in this window
Nothing to match
'em in Omaha.
you the benefit of our experience in the
Muy imyimrd, A. C. .Major: null cmmvs,
marked t Kroop, J. E. Hamilton, H. Mc
Oee. Kred Filson, Charles bongiy, F. U.
Hartman, J. K. Grant, 8. K. feikarskl,
Arthur iVatarl, Miss M. Pace, Mrs. M.
Hooper. 'rank Doiton, J. 11. Morrison,
Fran Meyers, H. A. Powell; canvas tele
scope, marked H. C. Morhouse, John
Qabel, Ygnacio Coto, Karl Baylor, A. U
Cord. E. U. Collins. R. J. Walters, Fiank
Hughes, J. D. Mayo, H. D. Carpenter, C.
C. Hroslns, Charles Raymond. J. K.
Bchoolby, C. H. Jenkins, Tom Clemens,
John Murphy, C. fl. Grandstaff, F. W.
Scliaffsr, H. P. Johnson, A. Leyner, H.
Peterson, Harry Bwanson, John Roberts,
R. J. Kohn; russet grip, marked D. II.
Man, Miss Alma Robert, J. W. Welae:
valise, marked A. Peilff; hamper, marked
O. Kaneks; also 1,000 pieces of miscellan
eous articles consisting of guns, bundlos.
blankets, valises, trunks, boxes, chests,
watches and musical instruments not
m irked. A. TRAY NOR, General UaggHg
Agent. fl!2-I-3tiOl
by given that all voters desiring to vote
at the primary election to be held In th
city of Omaha on Tuesday, Beptember 1,
1908, who have moved from on voting dis
trict to anoiner since me last registration
day, should call at th city clerk's offlco
on or before Friday, August 21, 1904, and
secure certificates of rumoval to nble
them to vote. For the accommodation of
voters who csnnot attend during the day,
the city clerk's office will remain open
until 9 o'clock p. m. on Friday, August 21,
1908, for the purpose of Issuing such cer
tificates. Omaha Neb., August 18, lpjg.
DAN B. BUTLER. City Clerk.. AlSdSt
ceived at Office of Treasurer, Battle
Mountain Sanitarium. N. H. D. V. 8.. llo
Bprlngs, ftouth Dakota; until 12 o'clock, M.,
Beptember I, 1908. and then opened for fur
nishing .And delivery of Subsistence . Sup
plies, li. accordance with Instructions and
snaetflcat'ons. copies of which, with blank
proposals and other Information, may be
had upon application to W. A. ' Turker,
Treasurer. aiuijo
Omaha, Nebraska. August 1, 9o8. Sealed
croDosals. In triplicate, win be received
here and by quartermasters at th posts
named herein, until 10 a. m.. central standard
lime. AuKiisi 31. 190ft. for furnishing oats.
bran, hay and straw, during the period
from October 1. 190a, to June 10, 1906. al
Omaha U M. depot. Forts Crook, Omaha.
nd Hohlnson. Nebraska: Forts Leaven
worth and Riley, Kansas; Forts p. A. Rus
sell. Mackensi and waanakie, Wyoming;
Fnrt IJea Moines. Iowa, and Fort Msade.
South Dakota. Proposals for delivery at
other places witl not b entertained. United
There is scarcely any one, no matter how vigorous and healthy, who does not
need a tonic sometimes. Little physical irregularities upset the system, tlie appetite
fails, digestion is poor, the body feels tired and worn-out, and other unpleasant
symptoms give warning; that the system is disordered and needs assistance to ward ofL
perhaps, some serious sickness or ailment S. S. S. is recognized everywhere as tha
best of all tonka, nature's meiicine, made entirely of healing, cleansing, invigorating;
roots and herbs, a systemic remedy without an equal. & & & has the additional value
of being; the greatest of all blood purifiers. It re-establishes the healthy circulation
of the blood, rids the body of that tired, worn-out feeling, improves the appetite and
digestion, and brings about a return of health to those whose systems have been
weakened or depleted. S. S. S. acts more promptly and pleasantly than any other
medicine, and those who are run down in health should com rue nee its use at once.
It will thoroughly purify the blood and tone up the system. S. S. S. is adtniably
suited for a systemic remedy because it is free from mineral ; it may be used without
harmlui results or unpleasant eftrts by persons of any ape.
guarantee. N money Is b
if Ciiiorotorm, Bthar r ether
TO-DAY Hr Pro Bfc a
DR. C. R. TARRY. 224
" vr . v i t j
V. ;-'':
exclusive in fabric and de- O
... ...
sometmng about tnem that
Just take time to look at
superior styles we of fer you
in this window
$ 7.50
$ 8.50
You can't beat 'em.
States reserves the right to reject or accept
any or all proposals or any part thereof.
Information furnished on application her,
or to quartermasters at stations nsmed.
envelopes containing proposals should bs
marked "ProposulH tor Forage" and ad
dressed to MAJOR D. E. II CAKTHI,
C. Q. M. A1-S-4-27-2S-29
State of Nebraska, office of auditor ol
public accounts. Lincoln, Bept. 19, 19u8.
It Is hereby certified that the Firemen's
Fund Insurance company of San Franolsco,
In the state of California, has complied with
the Insurance law of this state applicants
to such companies and Is therefor author
ized to continue the business of fire, light
ning and tornado Insurance In this state
for the current year ending January 81,
Witness my hand and th seal of the
auditor of public account th day and
year first above written. . '
E. M. BRA RLE!, Jr.,
Auditor of Public Accoula.
Isaac A. Coles, General Insurance, Room
S3 Douglas Block. Telephone Douglas 274.
of Omaha Sealed bids wl 1 b received by
th und.rhignad until Beptember li, ltut, at
2 o'clock p. m., for th purchase of school
district bonds In the sum of two hundred
fifty thousands ($260,000) dollars of th de
nomination of on thousand tl.-vt doUara
ach. Interest at four and one-half per
cent per annum, semi-annual, payable Jan
uary 1 at the Nebraska fincal agency in
the City of New York. Bonds dated July
1 1908, to run twenty yean without option.
Bids must be accompanied by a certified
or caahlor's check on a national bank of
Omaha for two per cent of the timount of
bonds bid upon and submitted with a view
of having the bonds delivered as follows,
at the option of the bidder, vU : Llthar
the entire Issue to be oellvered October
IS 1IM), or S10U.O00 on thst data, $100,000 on
Noenioer li, 1918, and tbO.OOO on December
1 190s, plus accrued Interest from July 1
to date of delivery. Tbe Board of Educa
tion reserves th right to reject any or all
blus submitted. Complete abstract of pro
ceeding regarding the lssu,. of thoM bonds
mailed- on sppllcatlon. Indors nn envelop
bid lor Ecliool Bonds." J. F. hurff(, -Pecra.ary
board of Education, 16 Cltv Kali.
Omaha, Neb. Stdst
Plans for excsvatlng our new factory
at lUth and Davenport may b seen
Wednesday on our office In the Avery
building. Bids must be In by 4 p. m. Thurs
day, September 1. Right reserved to rejeot
any and all bids. LOOSE-WILES CO.
w -
a jss-nmn
j '-. 'it- J
I'' 1 -J
-3225 N
KHIPB. All Reotal DIhuh trraisd a poo Bnra
pal till swrsa. A mild irsaimant. Without Ifeajut
cenaral anaasrhatios. Entmirurton PftEg. IU
Htsl Viseaaa wll Testimonials.
Uee Oullding, Omaha Nab.