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Offlrn, IB hm ft. Tel. 4.
Davie, drugs,
itockert cell carpets.
Ed Roger. Tony Fault beer.
flchool (Supplies. Alexander's, ttt B'wy,
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 31.
Woodrtng Undertaking company. Tel S3.
We know we have th, best' flour. Eaco
U the name. Bartall at Miller. 'Phone 169.
'. C. C. Hayne. funeral director and em
btlmer. il Hi cartway.
Attend the millinery nprmng at Bprlnk's,
Friday and Saturday, (September Zi and -).
Excelsior Masonic lodge .will meet In epe.
clkl communication thla afternoon at J
o Clock for work In the third degree.
Benjamin Keelina. -son of Mr. Augusta
fteellne, la to have a hearing before Judge
Thornell In the Juvenile division of the dls
trjet court thla morning on a charge of In
corrigibility filed against him by Rev.
Henry DeLong, probation officer.
I Tne defendant In the ault of Benjamin
Douglass, Jr., against F. C' anil E. II.
I.eugee yesterday filed notice of appeal
fi-rirn the decision of the district court In
dismissing their oross-petltfon. The plain
tiff In the lult filed an appeal lome time
A. NorthruD. a. real estate dealer of VII
llsca. la... brought ault In the district court
yesterday agalnat the firm of Squire &
Annta and the Individual members thereof
to recover 740, claimed to be due him as
commission for the aula of 370 acref of land
. In Harrison county.
Tha team for the fire department pur
chased by Chief Nicholson at Ureenfleld,
la., arrived In the city yeaterday and haa
been quartered for the present at No. 4
rioine house. The horaea have been named
and Herb after Klrst and Police Com
missioners Louis urmuehten and Herbert
At the meeting, of the Central Bryan
Kern club. In the democratic hcadquurtert
last night announcement was made that
th total membership In the precinct auxll-i.u-v
nlnha mi elosn to 4011. Word was re-
i-ived that a-club hud been formed In
f Neola last evening with a membership of
Tha oholr of Broadway Methodist church
will glya Ha first sacred concert for th
raw conference year tomorrow evening
director. Mrs. J. F. McCarger, la pre
paring the program, which. It 4a aald, will
iik nf merit unit will be nnnreolated by those
wJio enjoy good muslo. The service will
begin at 7:30 o'clock.
petition for the parole from the asylum
rind a or l.amnen urr, a weaitny rei
One Issued by Council Committee Ex
pected to Make Appearance Today.
V petl
ail Clarl
Vent of
1 f ,
1 B Plums,
1 if
ontatna Liberal Kstrart from Re
ports of larlou Knglneer Who,
Have Been Employed by City
to Work na Problem.
pany of thla city. It will be contested for
on a sliding scale handicap.
The club. a reorganlied. ha already 4
charter membership list -of eloae upon
fifty and additional members are being re
cruited dally.
Th officer of tha club era: President,
Frank, Cunningham; vrre president, John
Mergrn; serretsry snd treasurer, Bdeort
Damon; field captain. Thome A. Kendall.
These officers, with the folowlng, comprise
the board of directors: James W. Mitchell,
O. K. Harden, Hunter Osborn and Charles
George W. Klein, 1 South Main treet
Both 'phones. "Have It done right"
lent of thla city, haa been ravoraoiy actea
innn bv the loeal commissioners and re-
(rrxl tn tha Statu Hoard of Control. If
acquiesced. In by the state board Orr will
be turned over to mt custoay 01 me ruici.
Mr. IX 8. Frank ot this city.
'"With tha eyes, the Initial danger signal Is
scarcely aeon, so little is mougnt 01 u.
Vhere'e the danger. Eye difficulties soon
lieoome serious If neglected, pernapa at
fecting the general health. ' Years of ex
perlenca and the reputation of a success
fill business house la back of our optl
cal work. ' LefferV. 409 Broadway, Coun
till Bluff
Sa HltKAJCFAST FOOD that has medt
final properties la tha latest. It baa merit
too. Known aa tne I'ncie muni nrean.
faat Food. It la auaranteed to cure atom
ach troubles; X centa per package. In
veretablea we have lettuce, radishes,
celery, cabbage, sweet potatoes, IB cent
per peck; pickling onkins, 10 centa per
.mart: cranberries. 2k cents per quart.
Try some ot eur coffee.; we know we can
nl earns vnu. Oolden Rule la a flour that
we have always watched and have kept It
the standard; It la the best In town,
per sack. Once used - always used,
A Miller.
SATURDAY 8NAP-In our grocery de
partment, grapes, basket. 25 cents; blue
DasKOt. an cents cranoerries
10 cents: ADDloa. peck. 20 cents to
, k - ...n. a , ruia ha.llut 1R Anil
Mlnute Tapioca, package, 7 center 8ara
toga chips, package, 6 centa and 10 cents;
two quart fruit Jara, doxen. 66 cents; new
honey, comb, 20 oenta: " Spanish olivea.
. -i , eiuari, ff cenia; irannns. uwn, n -rm
.4 porterhouse, sirloin or round ateak, pouud.
a UVfc cenia; noneieas ri nwms, puuim, v
eents and centa: bai-on, by the strip,
pound. 11 rents; chuck roasts, pound, 6
t eenta and 7 cents; veal roasts, pound, 10
eent; Chickens, etc. In our hardware de
,. partment, ptunpa. up from S1.9; galvanized
l ' Iron tuba, 33 centa; willow clothea baskets.
cents; dust pane. 5 centa; Universal
Food Chopper, S centa; the Rayo lamp,
$1.75; boy'a ateel wagona, 5 centa; flower
' pots, all alsea. 6 centsto B0 cents, etc. J.
v i koller Merchantlle company, 100-102-104-108
The Mark of Merit.
fou can't escape artificial eye aid. It
comes to all soma time In life. It' Inev
itable. When It doe oome you want the
best your eyes deserve the best, and you
(tn afford no other kind.
The "Mark of Merit'' our trade mark
la found on every HeeJth-Ray lens when
'If you don't find It there, you hiven't
the best you haven't the only lens that
gives the eye all natural light, Including
llie well known - health rays, discovered
fcy Flnsen.
I Exclusive agents for. Health-Ray lenses;
" tall and see them. Dr. XV: W.' Msgarrell,
Optometrist, No.' 10 Pearl St
The booklet Issued by the city council
committee on WHter works, of which Coun
cilman Jensen la chairman ot the guiding
spirit. In order that the voter of The city
might have a clear understanding of tha
water works problem from the committee's
point of view. Is announced to make its
appearance from trie hands of the printer
The booklet contains 1U - pages, and
among other matter contains the report of
W. Klerstead, the first hydraulic engineer
employed by the city council to examine
and place a value on the plant of the Coun
cil Bluffs Water Works company. This
estimate of Mr. Klerstead was later prac
tically repudiated by the waiter works com
mil tee. ot which Robert K. Wallace was
chairman. It also contains the report of
W; H. Bryan, the St. l,oula expert' hy
draulic engineer t-mployed by the present
water works committee to examine the
plans and specifications drawn by City En
gineer Ktnyre for a municipal water works
system, and whose report prompted the
committee to recommend that Contractor
Wlckham'a bid. which had been previously
accepted, he rejected and t rjat another
"expert hydraulic engineer" be employed to
revise Mr. Etnyre's plana and specifications
with a view to re-advertising for bids on
the plans and specifications as revised.
The 'bookletr It has been learned, Vas
edited by W. H. I,ynchard, a reporter em
ployed on the-local columns of an Omaha
evening paper. It is said that Mr. Lynch-"
ard tiaa Injected some of hia own original
views on the water question -In the booklet,
the cost of printing which will fall on the
taxpayers. Acting- tinder instructions from
Mr. Jensen's committee. It Is said that Mr.
I-ynchard was careful to exclude all matter
which waa not Wholly favorable to the
municipal ownership Idea. Much of the
correspondence between the city council,
the water works committee and the man
agement of the waterworks company, It Is
said, has been reproduced in tha booklet,
Now Is the time to take up your flowers,
We have every !e flower pot from 4 to
13 Inches. Let us quote you prlcee. J. toi
ler . Mer. Co., 1OO-1O2-1O4-10S Broadway
phones J20.
Viy the explosion, but no one arose lo In
vestigate, and the discovery of the rob
bery was not made until thla morning. No
Olue ha been found up to the preaent.
. Firati Fains Dead.
CEDAR FAt.LR la., Sept. M. (Spe
cial.) Alhert Vasey, a rich and promi
nent farmer, living near Orundy Center.
wa found dead by the side of the road
last evening, where ha pobably left hi
wagon and laid down, suffering from
heart trouble. His tm atood nearby
where he had tied them. He was 0 year
of age and left a wife and one child.
We are alwaya on the move, but this
time we are moving our hardware and
paint stock Into our new building juat east
of our main office and lumber building.
Our floor space Is about four tlma aa large
as before, and we are enlarging our stock
accordingly. The main reason why we
grow: We always sell low. C. Hafer Lum
ber company. 13$ Broadway. Both 'phones
202, Council Bluffs, la.
Fine of Tea Dollar aad Coata Effect
Change of Heart. .
R. W. Flood, the Missouri Insurance man
alleged to have threatened to shoot Miss
Freda Sterling, a waitress at the Goodrich
hotel, was fined $10 and costs In police,
court yesterday on the charge of carrying
concealed weapons.
Miss Sterling Waa In court with a number
of letters alleged to Wave been written to
her by Flood and said to contain threat
that he would kill her If h persisted In
her refusal to marry him. Miss Plterllng.
however, was not called upon to testify
and was not afforded an opportunity to
offer the letters.
Mis Cora Newton, one of the young
women employed a waitresses at the
Goodrich hotel, testified .that Flood shewed
her a revolver when he waa at the hotel
Ust Saturday and that Flood made some
r. marks at the time about killing Miss
When asked by the court what he had to
say In excuse for his conduct Flood re
plied: "I have learned my lesson, Judge.
This woman will not be In any more dan
ger from me. 1 am guilty of carrying a
revolver, but I hope you will leave me
enough money to pajr my fare back to St.
The fine and coata exhausted? what cash
Flood had with him. ao $0 was returned him
In order that he might get out of town, and
he left his watch as security for the
amount, which he promised to remit as
soon a he reached St. Joeph. The police
confiscated hi revolver.
Drlak traawetser.
King of all bottled beer. L. Rnsenfeld
Co., distributors. Both 'phones, Wi.
The One Minute washer, 110. Let us send
you one-on trial, Other machines from
13.75 to 117.50. J. Zoller Mer Co., 100-102-104-
106 Broadway. 'Phones 320.
Fall term Western Iowa College I open.
Enroll any day. Send for catalogue.
expected, be placed
Coat the Coaapaar Total of Eight
Tabaaaad Dollar
The deal for the lota at the corner of
Washington avenue and Bryant atreet, on
which the auditorium and stock aalea pa
vilion I to be erected, waa conaummateu
yesterday and the property waa transferred
L ' A . ,? the Auditorium company. The deed to
j . he property will. It I expei
on file today:
r The corner lots having a frontage of 1-8
feet on Washington avenue coat the Audi
torium company 18,000, while the adjoining
ialxty feet on Washington avenue cost but
12,000. The deal for the oorner lota was
tnade through N. P. Dodge A Co., agents
for lie owner, an eastern man. Anderson
Bros., the well known contractors, owned
the adjoining sixty, feet, on which there is
-a frame dwelling. The company will die
jHae of the dwelling and It will be re
moved aa soon aa possible. ,
i The property extends across Indian creek
and It la likely that the company may be
able to dispose of the triangular trlp which
.lie outh of th creek.
( The first call waa made Tuesday upon
'the stockholders for 25 per cent of their
ubaciiptiona, and thla waa used to make a
payment of nearly two-third of the pur
chase -price on the property.
Men were atarted yeaterday excavating
fur the foundattona and the work of con
struction will be pushed from this on a
rapidly aa posalble. President Stupfell of
the Auditorium company atated yesterday
afternoon that the board of directors hoped
to be able to let the contract for the build
lng next week.
On next Monday four committee will
tart out on another canvaas of the city and
adjacent territory to clean up the amount
needed to bring the stock subscription up
to tX.000.
Ererythlna ' ' tValt ' at Preaent on
' Report of Enalneer.
" Officer of the ,Des Moines & Western
Railway company recently Incorporated at
Pierre. 8. D.. for the purpose of construct
ing an Interurhan electric railway between
Des Moines and Omaha were In the city
yeaterday. In the party were Dr. N. W.
Hansen of .Hasllth, la., vice president of
the company; R. B. Bannister of Des
Molnee, treasurer of the company; W. S.
Booty, said to represent an English ayn
dlcate which Is expected to finance tha
project, and E. M. Raymond, a consult
ing engineer of Philadelphia. The visit
of the party. It was stated, waa for the
purpose of looking into the matter of ter
minals across the river In case the road
Is built.
Though none of the members of the party
were prepared to give out . any Informa
tion aa to their plans, Dr. Hansen stated
that the preliminary work was about com
pleted and that the company expected to
get the proposition In more definite shape
within the next two months or bo. "We are
here today," aald Df. Hansen, "for the
purpose of perfecting some of the prelimin
ary details. It would not, however, ba
policy for us to say at the present time
just the exact nature -of the business which
brings us here. We are not yet In a position
to make any definite statement aa to when
the road will be built or whether it will
be built at all.
It Is understood th:it the building of the
road depends altogether on whether the
report of E. M. Raymond, consulting engi
neer, Is favorable. Mr. Raymond was In
Council Bluffs recently with C. WBaker
of Dea Molnea, one of the promoters of the
pruject and according to Mr. Baker, at
that time pronounced the route suggested
for the line as feasible. It was aald yester
day that Mr. Raymond expected to have
bis report. ready to submit to the English
syndicate within a abort time and it would
then be determined whether the road Is to
be built or tha project abandoned.
Dr. Hansen intimated that It would be
at least a month and possibly six weeks
before his company woull be prepared to
make any definite statement.
Elevator Meara Completion.
Work on the new elevator . of the Ne
braska Hay' and Orain company, located
north of tha track of th Chicago Great
Western railroad on South avenue, 1 near-
Ing completion. The frame work la prac
tlcally complete and the galvanised Iron
sheeting will not be placed on the exterior
until the machinery I lntalled and the in
terlor finished. ' It wai atated yeaterday
that the contractors expected to have the
building ready for the reception of grain
in about four week.
A force pf men la at present engaged In
stalling the machinery- The building will
be equipped with two elevator, one on
each aide and the Great Western la pre
paring to lay two switch tracks, to the
elevator ao tint grain can be loaded or
unloaded from either side of the elevator
at the- same time. The elevator will be
operated by electric power for which three
dynamos will be installed.
loera tm ftotea.
CEDAR FALLS J. W. Jarnagln. editor
of the Cedar Falls Dally Record, has re
ceived word that his brother, J. H. Jar
nagln of llorlck. la.. Is dead.
ATLANTIC The city has contracted
for the Installing of a new elghty-horse-
Fower hlgh-reed engine for the electric
Iglit plsnt. The engine Is to be In
stalled within the next six weeks.
CRESTON While attending a ball game
at the Orient pumpkin festival yester
day, John Heflln. an enthusiastic fan of
thla place, waa struck 4n the mouth by a
ball bat flying from the hands of a player,
which knocked out nine of his teeth. The
Injury la a very painful one.
ATLANTIC The canning company has
shut down Its plant here until some
seventy-five acres of corn la ready, which
will finish th pack for tnta year. Tne
Plants at Fremont. Neb.. Audubon and
Shenandoah have also finished their
parka and It la thought that the pack
ma year will te aooui nan or tne usuni
FORT DODGE At a-recent meeting of
the city council of thla city it was de
cided that Fort Dodge needs a paid fire
department and steps will be taken im
mediately to get one. The recent Mtil-
roney Manufacturing company fire, where
1150.000 loss occurred, lias created an
Impression that perhaps better lire pro
tection Is needed. New pumps will be
put In the municipal pumping station and
then the department will be adequate to
any demands placed upon It.
ATLANTIC Claus Krambeck. widely
known both at home and abroad, died at
hia home near Marne, death resulting
from cancer of the stomach, from which
he had been a sufferer for some time.
Claus Krambeck came to this state
thirty-five years ago and settled on the
farm where he died. He engaged In farm
ing and the raising of tattle arid has
taken first prises at all the stock shows
which he has attended, nia oiaca cattle
being the finest to be found. At the time
of his death his fortune was estimated to
be about 1250.000 and he was the owner
of 1.000 acres of the best land around
CRESTON A deal haa lust been con
cluded whereby Fred L. Robinson of Coin,
Charles junktn or Falrrteid and Paul .
Junkln of this city become the owners of
the Charlton Herald, formerly owned and
operated by Sam Greene. Mr. Robinson
will have the sole management of the pa
per, possession being given October 1.
This gives the Junklns control of five
newspapers along the Burlington route.
C. M. Junkln haa the Fairfield Ledger,
P. S. the Advertlser-tiaaette at this place
and the Corning Republican and W. D.
the Albia Republican. Mr. Oreene ex
pecta to go to California for awhile and
may decide to quit country newspaper
work entirely.
Night school 'Western Iowa college open
next Monday evendng. College office ope,
evenings this week.
Son of Theodore Thomas, Jr., Taken
front School by Man and Woman
in Automobile.
LEAVENWORTH. Kan., Sept. 2S.-A
woman, heavily veiled, snd a man in an
automobile kidnaped Theodore Thomas, Jr.,
on of a well known Leavenworth man,
from the grade school here yesterday,
and, placing him In an automobile, drove
off hastily in the direction of Kansaa City,
Mo. Officers have started in pursuit and
will try to Intercept the automobile before
It crosses the Missouri state line.
Later a young man, who gave the name
of John Hayes, Jr., and said he waa the son
of tho former chief of police of Kansas
City, Mo., was arrested and placed in the
county Jail charged with aiding in the
kidnaping. .
Mr. Thomas some time aga was granted
a divorce ' from - hi wile, tr. . Agnes
Thomas, and was given the custody of their
eon. Young Thomas lived hre with hta
grandmother, Mrs. Dr. Thomas. Mrs. Agnes
Thomas, mother of the boy, lived In Kan
sas City, Mo.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 36.-Mrs. Agnes
Thomas lived In t,his city at the home of
her mother, Mrs. Annie L. Boss. Inquiry
at the home of Mr. Bos this afternoon
elicited the Information that Mrs. ThomuH
was not In the city, but no Information
waa forthcoming aa to her whereabouts.
Our New Store
Omaha and can
pay you to come
Has the very best front in
easily be found, and it will
and see our new store everything new except
the people, which are the same as always for
the past 25 years in Omaha.
We carry the largest lines of Knit Goods,
Yarns, Hosiery, Underwear, Beads, Jewels
and Spangles in the West. Give us a call.
Special for Ak-Sar-Ben visitors who call at
.our place we will givd free of charge one
year's subscribtion to the Paris Model maga
zine. Call in and leave your name. We are
agents for Paris Dress Patterns, only 10c each.
A big line of silk and all wool Shawls at prices
to surprise you. We are showing a big line
of Winter Underwear. Prices always right.
kSo IT
New Store 204 N. 16th Street. OMAHA. NEB.
JJJ JalMsnl
r -
Alarm Clock Sale.
Four hundred 11.25 alarm clock at tCc.
Petersen & Schoenlng company.
FARMERS NOTICE)-We are closing
out our stock of hog and field fence. Spot
cash talks. We will save you money as
long aa our stock lasta. J. Zoller Mer
cantlle company, lflO-lOS-104-106 Broadway.
Phones 130.
We are the only laundry that are using
tt. Protex. Bluff City Laupndry. 22 and
14 North Main St. 'Phones 314.
Great muslo sale at Hoap'' Saturday.
All the latest popular bits lie per. Pearl
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night.
Gia flab Incorporate.
Articles of the recently reorganised Pot
tawattamie Gun club. It Is said, will lie
filed for record today by the secretary, Ed
aon Damon. The object of the club, aa
sat forth In the articles of Incorporation,
I to promote all klnda of athletio and field
sports and for the advancement of trap
and rifle shooting and the holding of shoot
ing contests and tournaments.
A club house and ahooting grounds have
been leased at Manawa, Just north of ill
main entrance to the Lake Manawa re
sort. Plan for a big shooting tournament
to be held In the near future are now being
matured. The tint club ahoot will be held
Sunday, October 4. tor a handsome sliver
trophy donated by C. B. Jacquemln corn-
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
September 25 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
Edwin B. Maglll to Mattle L. Maglll.
lota 11 and 12. block 13. Bentley, w. d I 1
Iowa Tewnsitc company to Mason
City Fort Dodge railroad, outlot
B, Gllllat, w. d 103
Interstate Realty company to Mary
Alice Hoffman, eso feet or lots 11 ana
11 block 3ft. Perry's 1st add., w. d.... 200
Joel L. Bird and wife to Charles O.
Haves, part lot 3, Mallett a eubdiv.,
w. d 800
Elton Lawson and wife to Arthur J.
Smith, lot 8 and n lot 4. block 12.
Macedonia, w. d 1.250
Iouie J. Ferron and wife to Joseph
Ferron. part n nhi nev, 20-i5-43,
w. d 2.400
Daniel Driscoll and wlfn to Lincoln
Sears, lot 12, block 37, Beers' subdlv.,
w. d -750
Lincoln Sears and wife to Mrs. Mirmle
Schultx. lot 12, block 37, Beers' sub
dlv.. w. d 1.000
Joseph Ferron and wife to Louie J.
Ferron, part ,n4) n ne; 20-75-43,
w. d 1,01
Quaint nnd Cnrloos Features of Life
In a Rapidly Grovrlns
Though nearly everyone is through hay
ing, we have not heard of any one being
sorry of the fact. Irving Items, Bridgeport
Society Items Mrs. Jeasen and daughters
were callers at Everett Sundahl'a Sunday.
Also a certain young man, we didn't know
his name. Poor Eddie Welble didn't
have a buggy ride Sunday. Another fellow
beat him. Sleepy Eye Gossip, Wlnslde
Tribune. .
Too Fast For E. H. When Engineer '.us
tin trted out with the Harrimah -j,.-cial
last, Thuraday he had schedule of a mile
a minute- to Grand Island. He reeled oft
the sixty miles to Lexington In fifty-five
minutes, an -while stopping there for
water, was approached by General Super
intendent Park and told to cut the speed
to fifty-five miles rer hour, which was
done, otherwise the mlle-a-mlnute gait
would have been maintained. When Mr.
Harrlman made hia record-breaking Jaunt
across the continent some time ago Mr.
Austin pulled the train to Grand Island,
and the speedometer In Mr. Marrlman's
car showed bursts of speed at the rate of
eighty-four miles per hour, and the railroad
king seemed to enjoy the gait. Lanl
Thursday, however, he concluded he did
not want to ride so swiftly. North Platte
Joy There waa great hilarity in the
Marker and Winkelman famlllea of Osceola
and Rising City, respectively, Sunday
morning, when It was discovered that a
pair of twin girls had arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Marker. Then Grandpa
Ed winked at Grandpa Winkelman and
Winkelman winked at Kd, and all went
merry as at a marriage bell and a pair of
marriage fiddles. Ed says that this is the
greatest arrival of Markera that he can re
member and he haa been marking down the
doings of the dynasty for about two score
and fifteen years. Osceola Record.
To Die on the Scaffold
Is painless, compared with the wcuk, laniti
back kidney trotiblu causes. Electric Hit
ters Is the remedy. 60c. For sale b
Beaton Drug Co.
Combine to Fight the Claims of the
t n Ion Paclflp.
SILVER CREEK, Neb., Sept. 31. Spe
cial.) At a meeting of right-of-way
farmers near Duncan last night a perma
nent organization was effected under the
name of "The Platte Vulley Farmer. V
Protective association" and a constitution
adopted. Officers were elected as fol
lower Charles Wouater. president, i.n.l
Frank O. Holden, secretary, both of Sil
ver Creek; John Engel of Duncan, treas
urer, and J. O. Blodgett of Colunititis,
Abner Wltchey. and Martin Kargcs. Jr.,
of Duncan and Robert Murray of Silver
Creek, membera of the executive, commit
tee, of which the president of the inun
dation la ex-offlcio chairman.
One of the declared purposes of t lie
farmers la to "protect themselves from
the encroachments of tho Cnlon Pacific
Railroad company" In the matter uf
claims for 400 feet of right-of-way.
Farmers and landowners along V.e
Union Pacific railroad from Omaha l;
Ogden, Utah, am made eligible to mem
bership. Silver Creek Is made the head
quarters of the association.
Only Small Amount of Cash Secured
br Them.
SIOUX FULLS, S. D.. Sept. 25.-The
Colton Savings bank at Colton, northwest
of Sioux Falls, was burglarlxed early to
day. The thieves escaped in an auto
mobile. They obtained less than f 1,000.
It develops that the cracksmen who early
this morning blew the safe In the Colton
bank at Colton, in addition to securing
silver coin to the amount of 227 also se
cured note to tha value of $50,000. Today
a leather case stolen from the bank and
containing $5,000 In notes waa found near
the South Dakota Central railroad track
east of Colton. It Is believed there were at
least three men in the party of cracksmen.
It Is learned that tha postmaster was
aroused by the noise of the explosion when
the safe was torn to pieces and arising
he saw one of the robbers in the street.
Snatching a weapon he fired one shot at
the stranger who returned the fire and then
Nine transfers, total t3,50
Wanted, placea for ladles to work for
room and board. Westers. Iowa College.
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high-grade pianos In all the latest woods
and design. 29 Pearl atreet.
Executive Board to Deride on Next
' - Place of Meeting.
HASTINGS, Neb., Sept'. 2.-tSpcclal Tele
gram.) The Woman' Christian Temper
ance union today referred to the executive
board the matter of selecting a place for
the next annual convention. Invitations
were extended by Fremont, Falrbury,
Chadron and Pawnee City, and a lively con
test ensued when they were taken up till
morning. Fremont aeemed in the lead, but
the reference to the executive board was
agreeable to all. Th convention adjourned
till afternoon.
TwFctj Tear of flir sful If sinner
No aooneotlea with tha ftrta aaXUog lani ta The Clark Mortgage On.
BCrXH Y210XE4Ue JS. jr. iiailTjf, Jig,.
Pocket Picked on Train.
R. M. Beck, a farmhand enxoute from the
Minnesota harvest field to Omaha, re
ported to the police yeterday morning that
he had been robbed while aboard a North
western train vt 1110. Thla money reprc
ented the entire savings of Beck for tho
summer. R. V. Hurd, with whom Beck had
fraternlifcd to acme extent on the train,
was suanocted by Beck and the latter
caused Hurd's detention a the Union Pa-
clflc transfer. Investigation by the police
however, entirely exonerated Hurd and he
was permitted to proceed on his way to
Kansas city.
Beck, It was shown, had boarded the
train at St Paul and had been drinking
more or leaa. He fell asleep in tho day
coach with his coat open and hia pocket
book within easy reach ofvany pickpocket
wno might nave happened lo apot It.
According to reports received at police
headquarter there I an unuaual amount
of thievery and pocket picking being done
on train and the work I believed to be
that of an organized gang of crooks who
work out of Omaha and thla city.
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Preacott Poatofflr Robbed.
CRESTON, la.. Sept. 3fi. (Special Tele
gram.) The Preacott postofflce was looted
last night. The safe wn blown open with
dynamite and currency to the amount of
tlO and a large um In sianipe aecurcd
by the burglar who managed lo cscapa
without detection. Cltlseoa were awakened
' Wife Complain at l.aat.
CAIRO, Neb.. Sept. 2fi. (Special.) A
L. Omer is In the hands of thf sheriff
on complaint of hia wife for beating arid
abualng her Wednesday morning. That
morning ahe came to the home of Mar
shall Clark for protection from her hue-
band, . being badly marked and bruised
from the mistreatment. It aeems that
this beating Is only one of a series last
ing for years, and she became desperate
and decided to put a atop to It, even
though he threatened worse if ahe told of
It. She went to Grand Island yesterday
and put It In the hands of the county attorney.
Aata Tarn Turtle.
RED CLOUD, Neb.. Sept. 2.-(Special.)
What might have been a very serious acci
dent happened yesterday when Mr. and
Mrs. I. II. Holmes were on their way to
Bladen. They were driving their kuto
moblle down a bill when the brake refused
to work and the machine flew into the air
and turned over backwards with the occu
pants underneath. Mrs. Holmes escaped
badly bruised, while Mr. Holmes was not
Injured at all.
Gas Belt Fait- a fearers.
PIERRE. S. D.. Sept. 2i.-8peclal Tele
gram.) The second annual gas belt ex
position cloaed here today with the attend
ance very eatlafacrffry to the management.
The last day waa somewhat marred by a
drlnlltig rain falling, the first moisture
for over a month and while it made things
disagreeable for the crowd the rain waa
so welcome that there wr no Cum
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