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Don't DIHy-Dally
with life insurance. The result of procrastina
tion are too often disastrous not especially to
the procrastinator, but to his family. If you
need life insurance, stop "sparring for wind"
and Ret a policy at once in some good company.
You owe it to your family. Here's our address:
M. D. NEELY, Manager
Equitable LI f e
PAUL MORTON, President
Dundee Presbyterian. Are Excavating
for New Building.
Mosey Is Rein losated by People (
Varlooa Deaominatloa Who ItP
alde la the Beaatlfal
f"v.i520 Douglass:
Don't Put a Little Money
Into a Cheap Watch
Put $10.00 into an OMEGA, the mont,
host and worthiest watch In the world for
the price.
It in 15 Jewel adjusted, and haa a dou
ble roller escapement beautiful dial with
gold or black hands, as you wish, and fitted
Into an elegant gold filled case, warranted '
20 yean.
The watch for the Brave or Bashful. The
watch to buy this week.
Other Values for this Week
$4.00 Big ,Sllver Bowls S3.00
$4.00 Big Silver Sugar and Cream Seta. . .3.00
$30.00 Big Silver 4-plece Tea Seta. . . .820.00
$15.00 Fine Silver 4-plece Tea Sets. . . .$10.00
$5.00 Fine Silver Baking Dish S14.00
$3.00 Fine Silver Bread Tray $3.00
We are giving special attention to Optical patrons this
week, let us talk with you about your eyeB any kind of
eyes are benefltlally fitted by us, and no fancy prices
See us while you are here.
T. L. Combs & Co.
Jewelers and Opticians.
IftSO Itouglaa Htreet.
U. S. Army-Goods...
Open next Thursday, October 1st, 8. E.
Corner 11th and Harney Sts., to last only
a few days. Goods from Government De
pots. Something to please and Interest
every one. out of the ordinary.
Hreech Loading Guns, new ,...83.50
Shoot both snot and ball.
All the Ammunition you want, each 8o-3o
Government Cloth, 66-ln. wide,
'ard 91.00
Navy Blue Serge, 66-ln. wide
yard l-o0
Rain Blankets or Ponchos 7 So
V. 8. Navy Shoes, low cut 1J8
Marine Shoes, high cut 93.60
$3 00 U. 8. Canvas Bags (or....0e
Linen. 4 Inches wide. yard....40o
All wool and strongest Trousers.
for . , 93.88
Linens for Portieres, yard 40o
Linen Covers 91-00
Wool Cords for sofa pillows ... .860
Linen for pillows, handsomely trim
med 6O0
Khaki Army Blanket 90.00
Blanket, transport service. . .93.33
Blankets, V. 8. grey 93.85
Gold I.ace Belts for ladles 50o
U. S. Coat of Arms 35o
Bayonets converted to esconce 91.00
School Book Straps, cost 30c... lOo
Cloth Shirts tl.&O
Entrenching Tools 91.50
Khaki Coats 91.00
Khaki Trousers 91.60
Bayonet Sets 7 So
Military Candle Sticks 60s
Finest all wool hands 10c
Military Paper Weights ISo
To make your home beautiful.
They will not be common to the eye.
Such goods never In Omaha be
fore. Sale will last about one
week. only. Commencing Thursday,
next. Open from 8 a. in. until 9 p.
w. a. mz, KgT.
Corns 11th and Barney atresia
The Dundee Presbyterian people have
been excavating this week for their new
building. The plans and specifications are
ready to place In the hands of bidders.
While the plan Is to utilize the frame
work of the old building, the result will be
practically a new building. It Is to be of
brick veneer with basement for Sunday
school. The only thing that now delays the
work Is the securing of another ll.ono which
It is hoped by the trustees will be obtained
the coming week. This much Is needed for
meeting the conditions under which the
beginning must be made. The generous sup
port thus far gives the trustees good hope
that the money will be given In a few days.
Those who have seen the plans are pleased
with the beauty and convenience of the
proposed structure. The architect Is es
pecially happy In the plans for seating the
main auditorium and In conveniences In
the basement for Sunday school and social
purposes. The new building will be a mat
ter of prldn on the part of all residents
of Dundee, The project has been supported
without respect to church affiliations.
A musical program will be given at Trin
ity Methodist church Sunday evening. W.
B. Graham, choirmaster, terminates his six
years' service In this capacity with this
Sunday. Miss Hattle Becker, contralto, re
cently soloist with the First Christian
church of Peoria, 111., will sing. The pro
gram follows:
Namreth Arranged Oottnod
With tenor solo by Mr. A. F. Hanson.
Soprano Solo Selected
Miss Mabelle Bos-worth.
Duet-Cruclflx Faure
Messrs. A. 1-anslng and W. B. Graham.
Contralto Solo And God Shall Wipe Away
All Tears Sullivan
Miss Hattle Becker.
Hark. Hark. My Soul Shelley
With solos by Misses Alice and Georgia
Gideon and Alice Gates.
Miss Alice Gideon will sing the offertory
solo at the morning service.
Rev. R. H. Houseman, pastor of the
Castellar Street Presbyterian church, has
distributed among the members of his
congregation a small pamphlet as a com
memoratlon of the rally day helc by tha
church Sunday, September 20. It contains
an appeal to the people of the church to
attend services more regularly and take
a more active part In the work. As a new
pastor the Rev. Mr. Houseman Is making
an 'f t to enlarge the Influence of his
The choir of the Kountse Memorial
Lutheran church during the coming sea
son will be under the leadership of Henry
Bock of South Omaha. Mr. Bock re
cently returned from a two-years' stay In
Berlin. Germany, where he graduated from
one of the schools of musical art.
Rev. Peter Munson of the Swedish Meth
odist church will preach his farewell ser
mon Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. He will
leave Friday for Denver to take charge
of his new pastorate there, to which he
was recently assigned.
Music at the First Baptist churcht
tOrgan prelude Gullmant
Anthem braise tne Lord. Oh. Jerusa
lem Maunder
Organ offertory A. Loeschorn
Solo Consider and Hear -Me Wooler
Mrs. Sunderland.
Postlude Chauvet
Organ postlude Ntcode
Anthem Long Alleluia Forth Buck
Organ offertory Lemers
Duet Oh, Let Him Whose Sorrow....
Mrs. Sunderland and Mrs. Harter.
Miss M. Boulter, organist and director;
Mrs. L. T. Sunderland. soprano;Mrs. A.
F. Harter, contralto; Mr. Johnson, tenor;
Mr. Ureenflld, bass.
The Third Church, the weekly paper
of tlio Third Presbyterian church, says:
We are assured by Rev. William E. Todd
of Gadsden, Ala., that he will accept 'the
pastorate of Third church. By next week
we will be able to say definitely when we
may expect him to be with us.
See Our
Suits and
$15 to $40
Expert Clothes Fitters
107 South Sixteenth St.
Bee Want Ads
Produce Results
We are exclusive
Omaha and Vklntty
Agents for the
vnAx riAs
HE AT Fits.
The only oderless
gna heater made.
A cordial invitation in extended
to all visitors
to Omaha to visit our store
413-15-17 South Sixteenth Street.
It has always been our custom, during the carnival work to make specially low prices, to secure the out-of-town trade,
THIS YEAR IS NO EXCEPTION. We have gathered together the most complete assortment of FURNITURE, OAR
PETS, RUGS, LACE CURTAINS and DRAPERIES ever shown in OMAHA. We are offering this week hundreds of rare,
bargains in every department and it will be to the interest of every visitor to inspect our stock before aking their pur
chases. Household goods of all description, from the cheapeest, dependable goods to the highest grades made.will be of
fered for your inspection and comparison.
1 V 1
V. W. C. A. Notes.
There was a large attendance at the noon
musical on Thursday given by Miss Estelle
Brown and Mlse Elisabeth Hamlin.
The new domestic arts department offers
classes for beginners and advanced work
ers, mornings, afternoons and evenings.
Following is a schedule of classes to be
formed this fall:
The Bible study committee has Issued a
neat little announcement card with the
names of Bible teachers and schedule of
classes and a blank for registration.
may be secured by caning at the rooms.
Mlsa Mvra Withers, formerly general sec
retary of the Association of the University
of Nebraska, is the new state secretary for
Nebruska. 1 ne (jmana association will
have a visit from Mlas Withers In the
near future.
Mrs. D. Burr Jones, formerly extension
secretary In the association, who has been
spending the summer in Omaha, leaves next
week to join ner nusoana, wno nas just
become general secretary for the Young
Men's Christian association at Columbus,
The prospectus number of the Budget has
been published and may be secured by call-ins-
at the office or by a telephone mes
sage. This number Is a sixteen page folder
with announcements of all the fall classes
and the coming events of the season In the
The opening gospel meeting of the sea.
son will be held Sunday afternoon at 4:30
o'clock. Mrs. o. C. John will speak on
the Proverbs; solos by Mrs. Lena Ells.
worth Dale. Following the meeting there
will be a social nour wnen refreshments
will be served and Miss Ellrabeth Ham
ling, who has but recently returned from
her studies abroad, will sing. All women
ure Invited to the meeting and to the social
hour, which Is free to all.
Monday, special emonoiaery, 12:15-1:15
Full size Brass Bed ,like cut, with 2-in. posts,
l1i-in cross rods, -in. latter rods, and fur
nished with best quality of leg-mount casters
which allows the bed to be moved very easy;
price $21.50
Large assortment of the new plain effects in
all iron; up from $7.50
46-lb. rope stitched
edge, felt mattress,
made in blue and
drab ticking, our
special, for. .810
Room Size Rugs
f 22.50 Brussels Rug, 9x12 $17.00
123.60 Brussels Rug. 8-3x12 $17.50
$20,00 Brussels Rug, 8-3x10-6 $15.00
$18.60 Brussels Rug, 8-3x7-9 $14.50
$26.50 Brussels Rug, 10-6x10 $20.00
Wilton Velvet Rugs
$32.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs, 9x11-9 $22.00
$25.50 Wilton Velvet Rugs, 9x11-6 $19.00
$22.50 Wilton Velvet Rugs. 9x12 $17.00
$23.50 Wilton Velvet Rugs, 8-3x10-6 ..... .$17.50
Axmlnster Rugs
$21.50 Axmlnster Rugr, 8-3x8-9 $16.00
$24.00 Axmlnster Rug, 8-3x10-6 $18.00
$35.50 Axmlnster Rug, 9-9x10-3 $27.50
$33.00 Axmlnster Rug, 10-6x11-6 825.00
$35.00 Axmlnster Rug, 10-6x12... $27.50
Don't Kail to Ste the 0x12 Brussels Rug, for. $12.00
Don't Fail to See the 0x12 Axmlnster Rug, .$17.00
We are agents for the well-known Kashmir
Rugs, made in all sizes at popular prices.
Princess Dresser, like
cut, genuine mahog
any, full swell front,
with two small draw
ers, one large French
plate, beveled mirror,
18x40; price $22.00
Others in all finishes,
at from $35.00 down
to $14.75
Regular size Dresser,
in quarter sawed oak,
nicely polished, with
two small and two
large drawers, half
swell front, with
large French beveled
mirror, 122x28; price
Genuine mahogany;
Table, like cut,
beautiful in design
and workmanship,
best all hand pol
ished; price, $10
Other Parlor
Tables, from $4.50,
to $3.00
Solid oak Chiffonier, half swell front, with
four large drawers and two small drawers,
French plate oval mirror ,16x20, brass trim
mings; price $11.50
Special Sale of Lace Curtains
36 pair of ecru Cluny Lace Curtains, 36-ln.x2H
yards, per pair 1.7
24 pair of ecru Cluny Lace Curtains, 40-ln.x2'4
yards, per pair 94.00
24 pair white Cluny Lace Curtains, 4a-tn.x2i
yards, per pajr M-78
24 pair of white Cluny Scrim Insertion,
48-ln.x2H yards, per pair S6.00
18 pair Arabian Battenberg Lace Curtains.
46-ln.x3H yards, per pair 93.60
18 pair Arabian Battenberg Lace Curtain.
48-ln. x3 yards, per pair C7.8S
12 pair Ivory Battenberg Lace Curtains,
60-ln. x3 yards, per pair $14.50
24 pair Ivory Novelty Lace Curtains, 46-ln.xjj
yards, per pair 93.95
24 pair Ivory Novelty Lace Curtains.
40-ln.x2Vi yards, per pair 93.00
20 pair white Novelty Lace Curtnin,
40-ln.x2 yards, per pair 92.75
36 pair white Novelty Lace Curtains,
80-ln.x2H yards, per pair 91.75
48 pair Arabian Novelty Lace Curtains.
4B-ln.x3 yards .94-99
24 pair Arabian Novelty Lace Curtains,
48-In.x2Vi yards, per pair 97-00
12 pair Ivory Duchess Lace Curtains, 60-ln xii
yards, per pair 912.00
24 pair ecru Dm hess Lace Curtains, 48-ln. x3
yards, per pair 98-80
12 pair Brussels Lace, 60-lnx3Vs yards, per
pair o-T5
1 pair Brussels lace, 60-ln. x3 yards, per
pair ..
12 pair 'Brussels Lace, , 60-ln.x3 yard, per
pair .-99-50
18 pair Brussels Lace, 60-ln. V4 yardsier
pair ..97.50
12 pair Brussels Laoe. 60-ln.x3 yards, per
pair 911.79
24 pair Nottingham Lace Curtain, 48-ln.x3H
yards, per pair..; .91.50
30 pair Nottingham Lace Curtains, 64-ln x3
yardM, per pair 91.60
37 pair Nottingham Lace Curtains, 46-ln.x3
yards, special value, per pair 99o
All Single Pair Lac Certain CUscd Out an Half Prloa.
Special Sale of Portere j f
6 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres, all-over
Uesign, xi, per pair
10 pair Mercerised Tapestry Portieres, all-over
design, 50x3, per pair 93.50
12 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres, all-over
design, 50x3. per pair 94.75
10 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres, all over
Idesign. 50x3, per pair 95.00
24 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres, all-over
design, 50x3, per pair 98.00
16 pair. Mercerized Tapestry PortiVfea,
bonier, 60X3. per pair
24 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres,
border, 50x3, per pair... I...
12 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres,
border, 50x3, per pair
6 pair Mercerized Tapestry Portieres,
border, 50x3, per pair . ... . .:- .
12 pair Mercerized Tapestry JtylWlerHS,;'
border, 60x3, per pair
- l
i : v i '
' :' 1
p. m.: Monday, enmroiuery, z:3i-:uo p. in.;
Tuesday, practical sewing, 10:00-11:30 a. m. ;
Tuesday, millinery, 7:16-8:45 p. in.; Tues
day, practical sewing, (:ia-:is p. m.;
Thursday, special embroidery, 12:15-1:15 p.
m; Thursday, plain sewing, 2:30-4:(.) p. in.;
Thursday, advanced sewing, 7:15-8:45 p. m.
Miss Clara K. Burgnyne, domestic science
and arts director, will have charge of all
these classes except millinery.
Mlse Minnie K. Lockwood, formerly a
deaconess at the Hanscom Park Methodist
church, has accepted the position of travel
ers' aid for the Young Women's Christian
asoclatlon, and may be found at the city
depots, where she Is giving her especial at
tention to young women visiting the city
during the carnival. Ulss Lockwood will
ttudy the work that needs to be done for
women traveling alone, and after the carni
val Is over will have special hours for
meeting trains.
MI.eellaseoaa Assaasremeuts.
Plymouth Congregational, Twentieth and
Spencer Service at 10:30, conducted by Rev.
K 11. jKUklns.
Calvary Baptist Branch, Thirty-fourth
and Seward Sunday, S Jo p. m., Bible
school; Friday, 8 p. m., devotional service.
Park Forest Chapel, William Krelle, Su
perintendent Bible school at i p. m ;
Kally day program. Bsv. Houseman will
peak at S:4&.
McCabe Methodist Episcopal, Farnam
and Fortieth Services at 11 a. m. and at
8 p. m. John lewls will speak at th
morning service and James Trebllcock at
the evening service.
First Church of Christ. Scientist. Twen.
ty-fifth and Farnam. Chambers' building;
Sunday school at K 46 a. m.; Sunday serv
ices at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.; subjet of les
son sermon "Reality."
Westminster Presbyterian. Twenty-Ninth
and Mason. Rev. W. S. Ful'on, I). L).,
Pastor Morning service at 10:. evening
service at 8. Sunday school noon, En
deavor meeting at 7 p. in.
First Presbyterian. Cnrnsr Dodss and
Seventeenth, Rev. Kdwln Hart Jenks, D. D.,
Pastor Morning service at 10:30. evening
service at 8, Sunday school at noon, Chris
tian Endeavor meeting at :t p. m. i
Swedish Methodist. Nineteenth and Burt i
T? r, i. Pot., din.fin will nr.inh st 11 R m. '
and in the evening at 8 o'clock will deliver
a farewell address. Sunday school at 10 a.
m. and young people s meeting at 7 p. m.
First German Free Evangelical, corner
Twelfth and Dorcas Streets Service at 10:30
a. m.. with sermon, conducted by Rev. F.
H. W. Bruechert, pastor. Bible 8abbsth
school at 2:30 p. m. No evening service.
Kountze Memorial Lutheran, John E.
Hummon, Pastor Service at 11:00 a. m..
with sermon by the pastor, sublect "Duty."
There will be no evening worship until
October 4; full chorus win lead the music.
Graoe Lutheran, Twenty-sixth, Between
PonDleton and Woolworth Avenues. Rev.
M. L. Mellck, Pastor Services at 10:45
a. in.; Sunday school at 12:15 p. m.; Lu
ther league at 7 p. m., topic, "Constantino
to CharlemaKne.'f
Hillside Congregational. Thirtieth and
Ohio, Rev. Herbert L. Mills, Pastor
Services at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m , with
sermons by the pastor and special music
by the choir; Sunday school at noon;
Christian Endeavor at 7 p. in. .
St. Mary's Avenue Congregational, St.
Mary's Avenue and Twenty-seventh, Rev.
L. O. Balrd, Pastor Morning worship at
10:30 a. m. Sermon subject "Lincoln's
Pledge." Sunday school at noon. Young
Peoplu's Society of Christian Endeavor at
6:30 p. m.
Trinity Methodist Episcopal. Twenty
first and Blnney, E. T. George, Pastor
Sunday school, :30 a. m.. preaching service
lo:45 a. m. Sermon by Rev. John Dale. Ep
worth league meets 7 p. m. Sacred concert
by eholr at 8 p. " m. Prayer meeting,
Wednesday, 8 p. m.
Kevanth Dav Adventlst. Twenty-fifth
near Indiana. L. A. Spring, Pastor Quar
terly business meeting Sunday at 3 a. m.
Preaching by the pastor Sunday at 8 p. m.(
sermon subject "The Ending of Probation.'
Sabbath school every Saturday at 11 a. m
Preaching service at 11 a. m.
First t'nited Brethren. Nineteenth and
Lothrop, Rev. M. O. McLaughlin. Pastor
Sunday school at 10 a. m. , morning wor
ship at 11 a. in., subject. "Hood Hear
ers;" evening worship at 8. subject, "Good
Workers;" song service by the Berean
ihorus; class meeting at 12 m.
North Side Christian, Twenly-Serond and
locust, H. J- Klrschsitln. Minister Morn
ing worship at Id:', theme, "The Revival
In Bible Study;" Bible school at noon,
Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m., evening
sermon theme at 8 o'clock, "Our Next Pres
ident;" midweek meeting Wednesday at 8
p. m.
Castellar Presbyterian. South Sixteenth
and Castellar, Rev. Ralph 11. Houseman,
Pati r Public worship and sermon at
Ift Su a. m.. subject. "The Soul's Divine
Ownership;" Bible school at 12 m; Young
People's Society Christian Endeavor at i
ui.:b p. ni., topic, ir isoi tnrisi
horn ?"
North Presbyterian. Nineteenth and Ohio,
M V. Higbee. Pastor Morning worship at
lo:30, theme. "Thinss That Pleasa God;'"
Sabbath school at noon: Young People So
ciety of Christian Endeavor at 7; evening
Sunday 10:46 a. m., subject, "Who is the
World's God; Who the Christian's?"
Evening services at 8 p. m., subji ct,
"Whom Do We Love and Serve Most?"
Sunday school at 12 m. Young people's
meeting at 7:16 p. m.
First Congregational, Nineteenth and
Davenport. Ilev. Frederick T. Rouse,
Pastor Morning worship at 10:30, subject,
"Other Foundation Can No Man Lay;" 12
o'clock, Sunday school rally, with addresses
by W. H. Russell and the pastor. At 7
p. m., Young People's Society of Christian
Endeavor. No evening service.
Grace Baptist, Tenth and Arbor, B. F.
Fellman, Pastor 10:45 subject. "The Sons
of the Kingdom;" 7 p. m., young peoples
meeting, led by Mrs. G. D. Maddlson ; 7:45,
gospel service; Sunday school No. 1, Tenth
and Arbor, at noon; Sunday school No. 8.
Fourth and Cedar, 8:30 p. m.; Sunday school
No. 3, Thirteenth and William, 3:30 p. ni.
Calvary Baptist, Twenty-fifth and Ham
ilton, Rev. E. R. Curry, Pastor Services
at 10:80 a. m. and 8 p. m.;morning theme.
Giving a Man Anotner (jnance; evenniK,
"The Shadowed Soul;" Bible school at 12
m.; young men and young women's Bi
ble clnsies, young people's service at 7
ft. m.; Tuesday, 8 p. m., devotional serV
ce. First Christian, Twenty-sixth and Har
ney. Rev. H. D. Dutcher, Pastor Bible
school at noon, W. A. Ie Bord, superin
tendent; at 10:30 a. m., subject, second of
a series on "Religious Delusions," at 8
p. m. will be given the program tor Bible
study day, subject. "A Generation of Bi
ble students; Christian Endeavnr at 7 p.
m.; Teachers' training class Wednesday
at 8 p. ni.
' First Baptist, Twenty-ninth Avenue and
Harney, Rev. J. W. Conley, Pantor Serv
Ices at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; morn
ing sermon subject. "Thy Kingdom
Come;" evening subject, "The Unselfish
ness of Jesus;" Sunday school at noon;
young people's meeting at 6:30 p. m.
Bethany Bbanch. 3883 Leavenworth
Sunday school at 3 p. ni.; gospel meeting,
with stereoptlcon, on Thursday at 8 p. m.
People's, Charles W. Savldge, Pastor
Morning theme, "Are You Spiritually Lo
cated?"; evening theme. "Does the Wedge
of Gold and the BabyleniBh Garment Still
Cause Defeat?"
First I'nlted Presbyterian. Twenty-first
and Emmet, David R. Turnhull, Pastor
Preaching services at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p.
nj.; Bible school at 12 noon; meeting of
young people at 7 p. m.
Hanscom Park Methodist Episcopal,
Twenty-ninth and Woolworth, Rev. R.
Scott Hyde, Pastor It being conference
Sunday and the pastor being absent. Rev.
A. W. Clark will preach at 10:30 a. m. No
evening service, except the Epworth league.
First Methodist Episcopal The pastor.
Rev. Frank- L. Loveland, D. D., will preach
at both morning and evening services.
Morning theme, "The Human Test of Di
vine Tenderness'! evening subject, "Rea
sons for Life's- Reversals, Sundsy school
nt 12 o'clock noon, Young People's meeting
at 7 p. m., evening sermon at 8 o'clock.
Central United Presbyterlnn, Twenty."!
fourth and Dodge, R, B. A. McBrlde, Pas
tor Morning worship at 10:30; sermon suhr.
Ject, "The Joy of Service." A sermon for'
Sabbath school rally day. " Evening wor
ship at 8 p. m., sermon subject, "The Para
ble of the Laborers In the Lord's Vine
yard." Sabbath school at noon with st
rlul rally day program for all but the adult
department. Young people's prayer-meeU
Ing at 7 p. m.
Dundee Presbyterian. Rey. Henry QuIpV-'
enden. Pastor Morning service at 10:30:-
sermon subjoct, "Phases of Home Mla-j--,t
slons." Evening sermon by the pastor at".
8 p. m. Christian endeavor at 7 p. m. Rally
day service In the Sunday school at noon;?
Mrs. gulckenden . will tell a Bible story;..
J. J. Dodds will speak on "What It Means , '
I to Study the Lesson Beforehand." Orchee-
tra will be present to assist 1n the musio. i -
I 1513
service at 8; preparatory service Wednes
day at 8 p. in.; communion Sabbath morn.
Ing. October 4.
Irr.manuel Baptist. Twenty-fourth and
Plnkney, Phlletus H. McDowell, Pastor
Services. 10:30 a. in., subject. "God Getting
Ready a Mun to Go for Hlin." Evening
services at 8 p. m.. subject, "Worth Sav
ing." Bible school at noon. The Baptist
young people's meeting Wednesday even
ing at S p. in.
Lowe Avenue Presbyterian, Corner For
tieth and Nicholas, Rev. Nathaniel McGif
fin, D. D.. milliliter Morning worship at
10:30, Sabbath school at 12, Christian En
deavor at 7, evening worship at 8 o clock.
The pastor will preach at both services.
Rally dav will be observed In the Sabbath
school at 12 o clock.
St. Mark's English Lutheran. Twentieth
and Burdens. L. Groh. Pastor ar vices
Highest grade Pianos selling at bargain prices. Immense variety of makes in latest de
sign of case. . -
$250.00 new upright grand, mahogany case, pay $5.00 monthly .$165.00
$300.00 new upright grand, oak case, pay $(5.00 monthly .$100.00
$325 new upright grand, walnut case pay $6.00 monthly .$218.00
$350.00 new upright grand, mahogany case, pay $7.00 monthly $234.00
Then our splendid values in used Pianos are unequalled at our price. Every Tiano fully '
guaranteed. Come and see these and others: ; r. ,
$350.00 slightly used Emerson upright piano, pay $5.00 monthly . .$178.00 ,
$600.00 used Knabe square piano, pay $3.00 monthly .' . . r .$35.00
$400.00 slightly used I vers & Pond upright piano, pay $6.00 monthly .$205.00"
$375.00 slightly used Kimball upright piano, pay $7.00 monthly , . .$235.00
$250.00 slightly used Cramer upright piano, pay $4.00 monthly ,. . :$125.00
Remember we have more splendid underpriced pianos .from ,which you may choose, -Should
you decide later that you want a Kranich & liavh, Krakauer, Hallet & Davis, Bush &
Lane, Kimball or any of our magnificent line, we will allow a good valuation in exchange. ,
Al. HOSPE CO., 1513 Doufllas Street
Branch Houses: Council Bluffs, Iowa; Lincoln, Kearney and jTprk,.Neb.
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