Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 26, 1908, EDITORIAL SECTION, Image 11

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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Pages 11 tp 20.
wklcomk at ici or new
Ak-Sar-Dcn Visitors
Rare Ribbon Savings
In the Book Section
China and Glassware
Two Picture Specials
One of our areata galea of ribbons, and
ono which every wiimin In town ahni.1.1 avail
SlLTr Li "' ,.x'',.u,r" 1"t"riay- All are htuhly
dealrable all .Ilk rlbbona and the price Al
most half. fanry all nllk ltrrnrion or floral de
'nt are a-nnrt 2it: iiallty, alu a. I 1IK
rlaln taffeta ribbons. 4 H Inch wlduia. in
whlto, blaf k. pink, llirht hlue and r
led. v give yon rholce of I S
entire Una Saturday, at, yard
Black leatherette Poal Card Albums, holds
2no cards, regular 1.48 valuu, Saturday,
at ' 8o
A table full of odd vnlumei by Holmes,
Clay and other prominent authors, for
ciuirk clearance, reduced to . ISO
Pocket Bibles Just twenty-five of them
very fpeclal price of 89o
Stationery Ken of 0 sheets and SO en
velopes, nice quality (Including; 10 stamrsi
at 30
One lot of odd and ends of Vajios, Tlates,
Fruits and Trays, worth to i!5e, at 60
Kavy Hotat Tumbltrs Saturday, Special,
per dosen
XngraTad Water Tumblers Fine blown,
seven deslKhs. very special, per do. 40o
Colonial Shapad Watar Tumblara value
to I5c dosen, at for BOo
Sacoratad Covered Milk Jar Porcelain
ware, for bQ
On Saturday the art section announces a sale
of big lot yard pictures, fitted with Bold
frames; floral and many other beautiful
subjects. '1 lie regular price Is QU.
12.00 on Saturday, choice
Tramad Fosters Fancy heads, nicely col
ored, slie 12x20 Inches, fitted In gold
frames rearular $1.25 values, fyAc
Hnfiir4i- onlv "
Dainty Lnnchonattas are sarrad dally, also r
f raabinf sodas, hot chocolates, etc., modrta
prloea. Worth balcony.
. j - j
Bennett's is unmistakably a good store for men. Quality coupled with correct style and an honest price finds its best ex
pression in the superb suits and top coats shown for fall.
Our clothing is the product of the master mind3 of the tailoring craft, who know the demands of well-groomed men and who
work into their garments that distinctiveness which gives one a self-satisfied feeling and an entree into the society of well
dressed men.
There is a snap
and ginger in
our men's suits, at
$ E $-(1 SO)A
and a Saving
of from $3.50 to
$5 on each suit
The materials are fine woolens in staple colorings and all the new shades; there are styles for every occa
sion and for all tastes.
Handsome Top Coats The new models are certainly
fetching. The fancy stripe cheviots with new lapels,
novelty pocket flaps and cuffs and the button
through effect are decidedly smart; we also have
tan, coverts and black, in short and three-ouarter
lengths, at $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00
Rain Coats In regular and new military effects.
, Grey" worsteds and grey or brown soft fabrics, suit
able for rain or shine. There's a brilliant array of
new styles ready now and at prices that mean good
savings $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00
Correct Furnishings and Hats
All the late style tendencies in shirts or hats or ties the little things that add so
much to a man's appearance are always shown in greatest profusion here.
Dollar Shirts New fall effects, French per
cale shirts, plain or pleated, in regular or
coat styles, all late shades and patterns,
at $1.00
50c Ties at Half Purchase of 100 dozen
fine silk four-in-hands, latest open end
effects, fine showing of new shades, 50o
goods for 2uC
Half Hose Silk embroidered, plain or
fancy, 50c value, Saturday 25c
Hats A profusion of styles,
every late block in the famous Crofut &
Knapp stiff hats, in black and new shades
of brown $2.50 and $3.00
John B. Stetson Hats Complete range of
fall models
Stiff hats $3.50 and $5.00
Soft Hats. . . $3.50 to $7.50
Green Hats Soft felts, now so popular, on
sale at ... . $2.00 and $2.50
Sale gSS Alligator Bags
Extraordinary Saturday
An alligator bag is valued by
the beauty of the marking of the
horns, the fineness and softness of
the skin and the workmanship in its
"We positively guarantee every
bag in this lot to be Pearl Baby Alli
gator of the highest grade and every
bag to be perfectly made.
The cheap, flashy, old. stiff alligator offered bo much oa the mar
ket today.
Is that -ou compare our bags with others.
We pat-chased them at 60c on the dollar, and offer them to you
at same saving. Fearl Alligator Bags.
$7.60 bags, for
$10.00 bags, for .
$12.00 bags, for.
$12.60 flat bags
$16.00 bags, for.
$50.00 extra bags,
. 97.08
. $7.08
$18.00 flat bags, for.
$19.00 flat bags, for. .
$26.00 flat bags, for. .
$35.00 flat bags, for . .
$35.00 claw bags, for.
. . 99.30
, .912.50
for h 939.00
Exquisite Fall Hats
The department is aglow with hun
dreds and hundreds of picturesque pat
terns. Styles that are surpassingly
beautiful, fashioned and designed by the
most artistic modistes of New York and
Paris, nowhere else in all Omaha is the
style element so clearly defined. Unusu
ally large and attractive display Satur
day at $7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00
Once More Wm, L. Douglas $35 -'4 Shoes - $2.29
The famous Union Made Douglas Shoo for men, known all over the United States, selling at $3.60 and $4.00.
are all strictly firsts, bearing the trademark, and all best styles, Saturday
The rckrd Shoe for Men
With cushion soles, easiest
shoe a man ever wore, and a
most durable one, too, all
lata styles $5.00
Boys' and Girls Shoes Stur
dy calf shoes for healthy,
romping children, solid
leather shoes, with extra se
lected soles, pair... 51.98
The Ifttchless Shoe for Men
At the price this shoe ac
knowledges, no superior, all
solid leather and great value,
at .33.00
Saturday Specials Shinola,
polish and brush worth 25c,
tor 15
10c Tan Paste Polish Bo
( pairs Laces for children at 6o
16c Ribbon Oxford Laces for 7o
Corsets--TH Great Sale
If you didn't get one Friday
be sure and come Saturday. Hun
dreds and hundreds were sold yes
terday and all agree it's the great
est corset bargain ever in Omaha.
Newest creations in style, extreme
long hips and high bust a genuine
$1.50 model prettily trimmed, hose supporters
front and side. Sale continues all day Saturday
but we advise coming early; sale price, 89f.
The New Fall Gloves
AU the new shades to match jour suite in finest Im
ported grades, and as usual at Dennett's, less than usual
Women's 1-clasp cape Bkln gloves, everywhere $1.25,
at. pair Og
Women's 12-button length cape gloves, everywhere $3.60.
t. pair 2.39
Women's 16-button length cape gloves, everywhere $4.00,
at. pair $2.79
Women's 12-button length, best French kid gloveB, $3.60
values, at $2.98
Women's 16-button length, best French kid gloves, $4.00
values, at $3.49
Women's 26c seamless mercerized gauze lisle hose, for.Jf)
Women's 50c Imported lace lisle hose, pair 27
Women's 60c Imported mercerized hose, best for service,
at ...8 pairs $1.00
Children's 25c fashioned ribbed stockings, for 19
Women's medium weight vests and pants ribbed, each.25
Women's fine gauze vests and pants, whit or peeler. . 50
Women's medium weight union suits 50
Women's fine gauze union suits, white or peeler. . . .gl QO
8VbC cross bar and fancy printed handkerchiefs 5
16c pure linen undaundred initial handkerchiefs, for, . 8s
25c pure linen embroidered and fancy border, hand'fs..l5..
Double stamps on all goods In above departments baturaay.
Comprehensive Display Women's $25 Suits
He say emphatically that nowhere are women's $25.00 suits
shown in a broader range of exclusive models than you'll see at
Bennett's Saturday. All those little style kinks that give tone
to a suit and that you ordinarily expect to find in $30.00 or $35.00
garments, are here at $25.00. Every kind of new coat, slashed
or scalloped bottom, tailored or braid trimmed and
either plain or novelty cloths, iri scores of new
effects. Our greatest Saturday showing at
Women's Rain Coats Almost
at half. Purchased from a New
York maker who was disposing
of his business. Long loose
coats with velvet collars and
patch pockets, tan or olive
shades; positively
worth to $15.00, at
New Coat Skirts Made of wide
wale diagonal cloths, in navy,
brown or black, open all way
down front, has 4-inch loose
fold, piped with taffeta and fin
ished with buttons,
Girls Reefers and Skirts
Fall Jackets
Be prepared for the flrBt cool days. Sat
urday we offer a line of tan covert,
black broadcloth and silk Jackets in the
most desirable of styles, Just right for
f-arly fall and made to retail at $1:2.50;
through a timely purchase
we are able to. nell them
Saturday a, one price
Smart new styles for early fall, coats and reefers are of fancy
stripe cloths and neatly trimmed, the skirts are in plain and nov
elty cloths, gored or pleated with
folds. All new garments and actual
values to $7.50
Girls' Dresses Ar..i n
lYiUdim vjcii menu
in pmiii aim IJUV-
One piece ty oTrTuceKs effect In
cadet or navy percale with white
figures, kilted skirts and strap trim
med with plain materials n p
f izes C to 1 4 years, vb 1 !
we offer five dozen all black lawn
waists, with allover embrold-
ered fronts, short sleeves, (
that were $1.50, for
On special table, very attractive cambric
gowns, with square or V-neck, cut wide
and full, also some beautiful styles In
Corset Covets, Drawers and Chemise,
daintily trimmed with val laces, em
broideries and ribbons, gar- m
ments worth up to and good
values, at $1 and $1.19, for. . Vtw
TWS TPVWaO fa-aV t1 9Q
$8.00 1QJJU1UUV mi
For one day only lOO
handsome all solid uart-rr-sawed
oak Taboretteo,
like cut, strongly con
structed and with at high
piauo finish. We have
always sold thetw for $4
and good values at that
Saturday Special
Lace Curtains
500 Pair Irish I'oiut. Cable Net and Nottingham Curtains,
. 25 new patterns, every pair worth up to $3.00, on Satur-
day. pair $1.69
Two Tone Nottingham Curtains, new novelties, especially
desirable for living rooms, values to $4.00, at. pair $2.89
Irish Tolnt Curtains beautiful parlor 'effects, made of extra
tine French Nets, values $6.00, choice of six fine patterns,
pair -$3.39
j Bennett's Big Grocery fgjjl
Kennett's Bent Coffe, 3 lbs $1.00 And 100 Stamps
Pernett's Beet Coffee. 1 lb 8c And 30 Stamps
Tas, assorted, per lb 88c And 50 Stamps
Bennett's Excelsior Flour, sack. . . . f l.TO And 60 Stamps
Tea Slftlngs, lb 15c And 10 Stamps
Bennett's Capitol pure Pepper, can. . !lOc And 5 Stamps
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder 6 And 75 Stamps
Advona Jams, two cans SOc And 10 Stamps
A. B. C. Catsup, bottle 23c And 20 Stamps
New York Full Cream Cheese, lb. . . .20c And 10 Stamps
Beauty Asparagus, can 2Rc And 20 Stamps
Crackers, assorted, pkg lOc And 10 Stamps
Peanut Butter, two Jars 20c And 10 Stamps
Queen Olives, large, pint 20c And 10 Stamps
I.lmburger Cheese, pound 20c And 20 Stamps
Swiss Cheese, pound 25c And 10 Stamps
Shredded Codfish. 3 pkgs 25c And 10 Stamps
Allen's Brown Bread Flour, pkg. . . . 15r And 10 Stamps
Blue Borax Starch. H-lh, pkg 2.V And 10 Stamps
doklng Raisins, fine for ie, 2 lbs. for 15c
Cor.NTRV BUTTER Pure and sweet, direct from the
farm, per pound 18 AND UP
English Walnuts, lb.. 15c Fresh Roasted Peanuts, qt..5c
Oyster Shells for chickens, lb. .le Chicken Feed. lb. . .3c
Salted Peanuts, lb 10c I Toasted Marshruallows. H-
California Figs, new, pkg. 5c I lb. . .f); full lb. ..18
: s
Bennetts Meat Market
The usual Saturday list of money-saving spe
cials is again announced. We offer you only the
freshest and sweetest orgeats. Thousands of fam
ilies in Omaha know this and are regular patrons.
Order your Sunday dinner here. You'll appreciate
the cleanliness, obliging service and prompt deliv
eries as well as the low prices.
dressed same day as offered for sale, lb
Fnll Lamb Legs. lb. . .)4
Choice Pot Roast 7 &. 5
Veal Chops, per lb 10
Fall Lamb Shoulder Chops,
lb lOt?
Fall Lamb Shoulder Roast,
4 pounds for 25C
Pig Pork Shoulder Roast,
pound 8tt?
Prime Rib Roast, all bones
out, lb..lO and 12
Veal Shoulder Roaat, per
pound 0 and 7
Mutton Stew, 8 pounds 25?
CAl.l'MKT HA CON 2,000 pounds narrow strips, 6 to 7-10.
average, by the pli-e, per lb 13 H?
SWIFT'S PHKMIUM HAMS -Their best brand, all selected
and guaranteed, pound . . . i 1Q Vi
HOLLAND HFRRING Imported, per keg 75
And 30 Stamps with earh.
Peninsular Ranges
Besides being the best ranges con
structed and raoBt lasting and dur
able, they are alao moat economical
In saving of fuel. Our new lines are
ready now. Saturday we offer No.
815 Anvance Peninsular .. $22.50
Coal Hoda Japaned, best quality,
special 25
And 20 Green Stamps.
Stove I'okera Straight or bent, spec
ial 10
And 10 Green Stamps.
Sapolin Stove Pipe FJiamel, per can. .
And 10 Green Stamps.
Stove I1e Extra high quality, per Joint 12
And 10 Oreen Stamps.
RusKin Iron Stove I'i c Worth 4 5c Joint, for 30
B. O. E. Sad Irona 5-plece set. worth $1.35. for U8
OH Heat-ra He prepared for the flret cool days. Use an
oil heater before It's time to start the furnace. . . . g. 50
complete range and at lowest prices.
FOOT HALL SUPPLIES Spalding's full line, as well aa
all kinds of gymnasium good.
$1.60 Foot Ball Pants $1-00 j Nose Guards Old prico
$2.50 Foot Ball Pants $1-75 j $1.50, special price 50