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Our Great Fall Stocks
Are Ready
Anticipating a most prosperous Fall season, wf have made every preparation for a
heavy trade. Every one of our departments1 ia ready with bright new Fall and Winter mer
ehandise, complete in every detail. Wearables ready to wear, arid materials of which to make
them if preferred. Strictly new and worthy merchandise shown in a daylight store at our
usual low prices. Come and enjoy the bright new goods in your own way.
Women's Gloves for Fall.
Special Opening of our Fall stock of women-!
Glove, with an extensive and exceptional lln of
staples and novelties. In selecting these gloves
we have considered quality, style and fit, as well as
price, and are ready to show you a complete assort
ment of correct and refined handwear. Ask to see
them. Main Floor.
September Saving Sale of Blankets
Not a few numbers at fictitious prices, but our entire stock is included iu this great
saving sale. Come and secure a real bargain. Our $5.00 fine grey or white wool New Bre
men blanket, at pair. $4.29
Our 18 50 white wool Blankets
$2.G pair.
Our 18.00 Oregon whlte Blan
kets 16.90 pair.
Our 15.00 plaid all wool Blan-.
kets $3.98 pair.
Cotton crib Blankets at 10c
See our beautiful display In windows. Don't wait until the last day.
New Wearing Apparel for Well Dressed Women
The new things have been arriving daily for the past three weeks and early buyers will
find much that is worth while in the stocks presented for Monday. There" are New Suits,
New Skirts, New Coats, New Petticoats, New Sweaters. . We always start the season with
Hew goods. No left-overs tolerated here. Come and choose you new Fall garments in a
bright daylight department. Our prices are always lowest for good merchandise.
Bargain Square in Basement.
Remnant sale of Flannellettes, Outing
Flannel, .Ginghams, and Percales, values up
to lot yard, on sale Monday, at yard 5c
The care of an Infant begins before its birth, as far as pre
paration for its needs are concerned. The' range between necessi
ties and luxuries for a layette is so wide that a list of the roost
necessary articles only is mentioned, and the mother must decide
upon the quality and number of each of the garments..-
Bands, shirts, pinning blankets, flannel skirts, night-dresses,
flannel or cashmere wrappers, dresses, blankets, bootees, diapers,
bibs and cambric or nainsook skirts are the essential article for
an outfit.'. I'pon the quantity and quality of these. garments and'
the additional bits of daintiness which every mother longs to add
to her baby's belonrlnm. will depend the cost of the outfit.
v .
Bell Doug, 618
tug to profit by unjustly riiscrimlnstlng
rates and Illegal rebates hnvr been taught
respect fur th law. Ztl and energy have
been shown In tlie fields of governmental
activity, and tha welfare of tha nation with
regatd both to prefent neds and to the
requirement of future development hat
hfi'D th paramont concern.
When w consider I tie Inevitable conflict
of many opinions and the Importance of
tha tuettlnn li.volved the record of pro
gressive legmlatlon la extraordinary. The
crentlon of the hurrau of corporation, the
railroad rate bill, the pure food bill, the
tntat inspection bill. the employer!'
liability bill, and the lawn passed for the
belter promotion of labor constitute a rec
ord of lenlalatlon which no ,1ut critic can
afford to mlnlmlce and which attests In a
"r''c(l rinnrer the reaponae of the repub
lican parly under tts f.u-ceful leadership
toMhe dTnnnd of the peop'e:
3 Democratic Proposal.
if till thai Mr. Bryan ha tuvuipj during
tif, twelve years uad ue.-i t nuclei!
lino It' we mioulu nave been overwhelmed
vlln diniisier and would regard Jt at our
i Mef busmcac in thu future to find a, way
f, e-c.ipe troni tin- incslK-t of ill-considered
IctiUlatlon In which we would have
iiei.ii viilaiiK'eU. It la fortunate for li I m
a will u fur us that l.e waa defeated,
ni whatever muy be his present political
; isietiuMilty :r.: be ascribed to the fact
mil I I. In rin he has not been permuted to
Mri i y out hi program. No doubt much
i (nulns to be accomplished In the may of
mv(r.v retorni. but the record already
nilpK hv the republican party Is a note
worthy one and we mut make further ad
11 wilh tar and needed refleution.
A - lis J... I I III .11 I. - -I ... I I. , I -
c Boot Styles for Fall
All the new shapes and shales now being shtwn
in 80rosis for Fall wear.
The different shades of brown in both button and
blucher will be popular for fall.
Blkck in kid, calf ant enamel are shown in the
proper 1908 If all shapes.
Sorosis always lead, therefore, muit and do
have the very latest.
You and yours am oordially invited to look
them over-
Sorosis Shoe Store .
Frank Wilcox, Mgr. ' ,r - .SOS S.l3tK St.
Labor Day Our Store Will Close
Monday Specials in Our White Goods
1,000 yards of 20e and 25c White India Llnons,
In Monday's Saving Sale at, per' yard 5c.
Real hand embroidered tea cloths and scarfs,
regular jirlce $2.50, Monday, each $1.39.
All our 7Cc Huck Towels Monday, each 50c.
Great savings on all odd Tableclotha and Nap
kins Monday.
Our 14.50 all wool plaid Blan
kets 13.48 pair.
Our $1.25 sllkallne Comforters
at 79c each.
Our 60c cotton Blankets at 35c
pair. '
Our $1.65 cotton Blankets with
. socalled wool nap at $1.19 pair.
' New Flannellettes.
Beautiful assortment of new designs, in birds,
butterflies, orientals, and sidebands; including new
teddy bear border, suitable for dressing eacques
and kimonos, prices 10c, 12 He, 15c, 18c yard.
Both 'Phones Reach all Depts.
(Kir progress will" be entrusted to safe"
hands and we shall be fortunate In having
a sailing master who knowa hi chart and
who will take quite aa much account of
reef and shoals a tha speed' of the vessel.
V have got our direction, we have a most
precious cm go and ws must have a safe
experienced pilot.
Mr. Hryan say that the democratic plat
form "I binding a to what It omit a
well a to what It contains." He might
have added that It la a algnlflcant In tha
one case a In the other. Lincoln said,
"In the absence of formal written plat
form the antecedent of candidate be
en ma their platforms." It may also be said
that In the presence of formal written
platrorms the antecedent of cundidate
cannot he forgotten. Silence is often elo
quent. In the election this fall wa choose
men, not abstractions. Platforms must be
read In the light of history and they may
be eloquent of past mistake and mis
guided agitation which their sponsor
would gladly Ignore, but which the nation
will do well to remember.
Candidacies Contrasted.
. There are a -thousand exigencies in th
affairs of this great nation wh'ch cannot
be forest en or attempted to be cnntrollel
I bv any platform. The sagacity, rteadlne
or cnaracier, nrmneKs ana souna juagmeni
ot the chief executive must be the feci:rlty
of the nation in many a trying emergency.
And It Is no InJustU 'u Mr. Bryan a at
tractive personal qualities, to l,; effective
ness as an orator, hi ak.ll aa a pnty
leader, nor la It any disparagement of the
purity of bis motives to say that the man
who espoused free silver in 1S9, renewed
Its advocacy In 1900 and later declared his
at 1 P. M.
and Comforters
Our $2.00 Beacon Blankets
$1.49 pair.
Our $5.00 Down Quilts at $3.69
each. '
Our $3.50 Beacon plaid Blan
kets $2.98 pair.
Sale closes September 14.
Latest News from
Miss Steenstfup.
Word was received Thursday from our
Art int'ructor, Mis ijteenstrup, telling
of her wife arrival in London, homeward
bound. The letter tels of many beauti-r
fid things that she has purchased while
in Europe. Thcss will a' I be on e.tili
tinn at our Art JJtpartmtnt tehm Miss
C-henstrup arrives home, which will be
about thi ISth of this mem, A.
ilsit the Rest Room,
Third Floor, Muni-
curing in Connection.
Ind. A-1241,
belief In government ownership of rail
road cannot be regarded a a safe leader
to whom may be confided the great powers
of the president merely because those doc
trine are omitted from hi present pi it
form. The country need a man rook
baaed In sound conviction and fundamental
principle. In wliose good Judgment In any
difficulty all may feel Becure, and such a
man pre-eminently I William H. Taft.
Our opponent aeem to regard the ques
tion before ua aa simply involving a pio
gram of legislation or of const itutlonul
amendment. But first and chiefly we are
electing a president, the executive of the
nation. Nor should we In considering leg
islative proposals forget this. Now there
is no man In the country better fitted
properly to preside over and direct the
varifrd Dusinesa or the executive depart
ment than Mr. Taft. He already know It
thoroughly. He ha rare executive ability.
No one I better qualified than he to do
the work which under the constitution the
president la called upon to perform.
Election Laws.
Governor Hughes discussed tha tariff,
trust and labor. On election law he said:
Mr. Bryan also has much to say with
regard to corrupt practices and Cumpaign
exienditure. But he omits to give cue
credit to the republican party for what It
has accomplished with reuard to thes Im
portant reforms, an accomplishment the
more noteworthy in the light of Mr.
Uiyan's reiterated criticisms of contribu
tions to republican campulgn funds. In the
state of New York a republican legNlatura
In lUOtf passed a statute prohibiting cor
porations from making any pol c n
trlhiitlona, directly or indirectly, and pro
viding that officers, directors or stock
holders participating In or consenting to
the violation of the law should be guilty
of a criminal offense. And 1 know of no
more drastic statute In this country with
regard to tho publicity of campaign contri
bution and for the prevention of corrupt
piacticea than that )asved In New York
under republican auspices. These were n t
promises of an opposition party seekinj
power, but enactments by a party in power
securing genuine reforms. Proper recogni
tion must, of course, be given to the pa
triotic democrat who supported these re
forms, but they were enacted by a repub
lican administration. Congress (las als)
bviaiated aitaJnst political contributions
by corporations. Purity of elections and
free opportunity for the uneiirrupted ex
pression of the popular will He at tne foun
dation of ev'-ry reform and cannot bj to
carefully safeguarded. And there should
be fedeial legislation securing proper pub
licly of and accounting for campulun con
tributions In connection with federal elec
tions. But It must fairly Te recognlxed
that the klrt of neither party have been
clean. If we search Mr. Bryan's following
we hall find not a few who have sinned.
and also those who, If we may Judge from
their local activities, are still unrepentant.
The democratic party cannot claim unsul
lied virtue either with regard tj the source
of Its revenues or its readinesa to rcielve
them. And when criticism Is meted out t
the republican party on this scre justice
requires that It should also credit
for the reforms it ha achieved.
(Continued from First Tag.)
Fremont Normal school; President George
Sutherland of Grand Inland college; Prof.
Albert K. Owens, department of education
liaatinga college; President O. J. Jchnaon
of Luther academy, Wshoo; President J.
M. Pile of Nebraska Normal college at
Wayne; Dean C. A. Fulmer and Dean W.
R. Jackson 'Of tha school of education at
the Wesleyan university; President C. C.
Lewis of I'nlon college; President Wm. B
Bchell of York college; and th state
board cf examiner for Ufa certificate,
conip ed of Superintendent E. J. lijd
well of Beatrice. Superintendent K. 8.
Perdue, of Madison county, and Miss
Cora Q Cornell of the Ashland High
Bet. want ads ar business booster.
Both Republican Candidates for Got
ernor Agree to Withdrew.
Federal Jadae Who Ha Not fleen
Connected with fctther Fac
tion AsWed to Make
NEW TORK, ftept. 5 Nnthan Goff of
the United State circuit court of Parkers
burg. YV. V., will be the republican can
didate for governor of that state If an
agreement between tha representative of
C. A. Swisher and S. C. Schorr, the pn sent
candidates for governor on rival republi
can ticket. I carried out. A contest be
tween thesa two faction for the approval
of the national republican committee, which
waa aaked to determine which faction was
regular, today ended In the announcement,
ot tha withdrawal of both Mr. Swisher
and Mr. Scher'r upon condition that Judge
Ooff be nominated. Judge Ooff I said to
be willing to accept.
It was explained that the Judge had
never been Involved In any political con
troversy and that he stood high In the
estimation of republicans In West Vir
ginia, regardless of factional affiliations.
It was declared that the nomination of
Judge Ooff, provided he would accept the
honor, would Immediately clear up the
situation and bring harmony In the re
publican party throughout the state. Re
publican leader had been greatly dis
turbed over the possibility of continued
strife In the party ranks, resulting in a
democratic victory In West Virginia. But
It waa asserted today that the harmonis
ing of the two factions would undoubtedly
once more place tha state In the safe ool
umn. At republican national headquarters to
day the statement was give out that
both sides In the controversy had ex
pressed their willingness to sacrllTce per
sonal Interest In behalf of the republican
presidential ticket. This waa an Indica
tion that the Swisher and CcTierr forces
were endeavoring to effect a settlement
among themselves, and the announcement
of their withdrawal in favor of Judge
Ooff quickly followed.
National Republican Chairman Pays
Visit to Middle Baas Island.
DETROIT, Mich., 8ept. S.-Chairman
Hitchcock of the republican national com
mittee, arrived here today from Indianap
olis, and shortly afterwards left on Colonel
8. J. Hecker's yacht. Halcyon for Middle
Bass Island, to confer with Judga Taft.
He was accompanied by a number of Michi
gan ' republicans, Including supporters of
both Governor F. M. Warner and Auditor
General J. B. Bradley In tha primary
fight, In which Governor Warner, It Is
now generally conceded, ha won. It waa
expected that Chairman Hitchcock would
use his efforts toward helping the two
factors in the party to forget the differ
ences which existed during the primary
President of National l.easne Confers
with Secretary Hayward.
CHICAGO. Sept. 6. -Alfred E. Lunt, presi
dent of the Republican National College
league, arrived at national republican head
quarters today and conferred with Secre
tary Hayward and began the college cam
paign for Taft and Sherman. There are
ome 300 club In 'the league, L which was
organised seventeen years ago and has
worked 'actively In political campaigns.
"The legue ha demonstrated Its worth,"
said Mr. Lunt, "by changing the political
viewpoint of college undergraduates. It
was formerly largely democratic, but has
now become overwhelmingly republican."
(Continued from Flrt Page.)
Valley KB 34 70
Washington, S prec't ltd 2) 31
Wayne, 3 prec't i 4 28
Webater 24 103 32
Da we 76 27 29
Otoo 171 183 341
York 138 157 :"21
Madison 113 2"0 t
Knox l' l.H lfS
Pierce rt 99 125
Box Butte 38 83 45
Holt 7(1 71 6ti
Totals 8J48 11,479 8,91
Flrat District Democrat.
Fltsslmmon s. McGulre.
Pawnee ...
Johnson ..
Nemaha ...
3 16
Otoe 241
Total 1.790-
Sccond District.
Black- Jeff
burn, eri.
Douglas ...ltiw Ubl
Sarpy 1-- l&l
Washington ISO i90
Total ....1993
Third District.
Wavne, one prscinct
Cedar ''
Total ttM
rind Qrp-Kut a Blalng
Aftei one i aeventy, the question ot
nourishment la a very delicate one.
When old age cosines on we do not need
so much food a during the more active
year, but the digestive organa are very
sensitive and care must be exercised In
its selection.
No food haa the strength giving pro-
pertie and I so easy to digest by old
and young aa Urape-Nut.
"For years I have been troubled with
dyspepsia for on period, V year"
writes our aged minister.
"1 finally began using Grape-Nuts and
have had not trouble with my stomach
since, feel perfectly well and strong, and
though I am 71 yeara old t feel like a
Then, too,' my wlf ha been troubled
for yeara with blllou and alck headaches.
Since she began to uaa Grape-Nuts about
I weega ago, sh haa no further trouble.
"She la quit well and alrong, much
mora cherry and happy than In other
year. Grape-Nut and Fostum occupy
an Important place on our breakfast table,
and In our dally food. It would be bard
for in to tell what we owe to Grap
Nut." 'There' a Reason."
Name given by Poatum Co.. Battl
Creek. Mich. Read "The Road to Well
vllle." In pkga.
Ertr r4 ths aboys Isttsrt A. crw on
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Fourth District, Repwbllcaa.
Jefferson IS6 144
York Ml I'M
Oaga 1879 im
Butler 123 661
Seward, majority 259
Fillmore 6 4 104
Thayer 660 Sv
Saline N19 'M
Saunders, 11 precinct 263 lot
Total 6443 3112
Foartk District, Democratic,
Gilbert. Jones. Cramb. Main
Fillmore 15 46 114 it
Saline 169 26 117 3,1
Vork 3.6 4s ii 14
fiutler 318 153 200 40
Baunder. 11 pet. 113 63 101 99
Polk 31 179 14 i
iriiayer 1 17 210 . H
Gugo 235 196 163 63
Total 1.515 724 981 669
Sixth Dlstr-Jt, Republican.
Klnkald. Sibley.
Grant, 1 pet 1 1
Box Butte, 1 pets 110 7
Cherry, 4 pet 91 4
Hoik, 1 pet 47 3
Keith 101 1
Custer 627 bi
Hooker i 1
brown 23 13
Dawson 4ft Liii
logkn 17 2
Thomas 34 2
Howard 237 23
Dawes 274 36
Sheridan 2A 30
Blaine 69 14
Kimball 4 16
Cheyenne 210 41
Scott a Bluff K-'3 1:9
bloux 99 1
Boyd 4i 39
Sherman 177 Do
Garfield 79 2
Valley V.U 192
Greeley 197 16
Lincoln 271 11
Deuel 135 11
Total 1857 1,014
Sixth District, Democratic.
West- Mc- Stew- John
over. Neel. Ross. art. (on.
Orant. 1 pet 3 1
hox Lutte, 3 ci. 51
cherry t 4 pc.s 1
Hoi k, 1 pet 3
Kellli 14 83 1 10 19
Custer 62 57 67 23 119
Hooker 6 s 3 2 3
Brown 6i) IS 4 1 19
Thomas 11 13 , 11 9 11 4 9 4 8 6
Dawson 6" 87 77 24 31
Howard 42 19 16 .. 126
Dawes 92 6 12 32 16
Micrulun 78 16 t .. 16
Blaine 1 1
Cheyenne 10 41 29 50 18
Scott' Bluff 26 12 12 60 t
Sioux 4s 1 3 9 5
Boyd K4 22 .. 11 51
Deuel 12 7 8 10 13
Lincoln 27 148 .. 15 64
Greeley M 77 21 22 119
Vall-v 42 21 9 .. 56
Garfield 23 I J 20
Ionian 1 li J 13 44
Totals 902 676 245 289 760
Republican Contests.
Return complete from eighteen countle
Allen v .
Ant he J1
Hrton .-
McKesson , ?i
It-l. ll M?
klartln i-lio
llusenetter J'i7
Shlvely "
Abbott tl
Hedlund 'ii?
Van Wagenen
Wallace .J1
William "5,
The countle Included are Butler. Fill
more. Burt, Cuter, Saline. Barpy, Keith.
Hooker, Dougla. Oosper, Hitchcock, John
son. Dawon, Thoma. Phelp. Thurton,
Banner and Cuming.
Paiuoas Indian ta Dead at Mobrara
KaploKcd aa Martyr to
NORFOLK. Neb., Sept. .-Standlng Bear,
a famous Panca Indian chk-C. Is dead at
Nlobara. Ha was onr exploited In Boston
and other eastern cities by Thoma Tibbies,
former populist vice president candidate,
a a martyr to government persecution.
Tibbie dressed Standing Bear In silk hat
and corresponding at'.lr.
Uaageroa Saraery
!n the abdominal region is prevented by the
use of Dr. King's Ne w Life Pills, the pain
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the city.
W. Farnam Smith & Co..
Tel. Doug. 1064; Ind. A-1064.
Russian People Bitter Against Activ
ity of Government..
Iterent Circular of Holy Synod
Aroose Storm and Martial
Law Stops the Cele
bration. ST. PETERSBURG. Sept. 8. Tha circular
addresued by the holy synod to all be
lievers appealing to them not to participate
In tha celebration September , In honor of
Count Leo Tolstoi 80th birthday on the
ground that thu to praise thlg opponent of
the church would be a stumbling block to
person of weak faith, meet with approval
from only a limited section of the pre,
and th public, the latter being repre
aented by the league of Russian people.
This circular Is virtually a second ex
communication of the aged writer.
Th Znamla and other newspaper con
demn it unstintedly and a scathing criti
cism by the Novo Vremya, which usually
1 a. staunoh supporter of the government,
furnishes a criterion of the temper of Rus
sian society in general.
Provincial Authorities Active.
The administrative provincial authorities
are bestirring themselves at the eleventh
hour to check the observance of the count's
Jubilee, and the governors of the provinces
of Moscow, Warsow, Saratov and Sim
birsk hHve resorted to the provisions of
martial law to veto th celebration ar
ranged by the municipalities. Further
more, the censorship at St. Petersburg has
prohlblttd the memorial performance an
ranged for a local theater.
A telegram received here from Yasnaya
Pollana saya that the lnfluenxa and fever
from which the count has been suffering
has disappeared and that the Inflammation
In hi leg ha aubaided. In the last few
days, however, he has become extremely
weak and greatly emaciated and he la
scarcely able to speak. But In spite of
this hi mental vigor I not Impaired. The
count's wife ha Issued an announcement
setting forth that even her husband' rel
ative and closest friend will not be re
ceived at Tasnas Pollana next Wednesday
because of the patient's weakness. She
haa requested all newspaper publishing
commemorative articles of the count to
forward copies to th Rumlantsoff His
torical museum at Moscow for preservation
in the Tolstoi room.
The efforts ot the countes to prevent
th new of the bitterness excited by his
jubilee from reaching her husband have
been fruitless. He Insists upon seeing all
the tspapers. and his grief at the harsh
sen ,n'nts expressed is pathetic.
Federal and State Officials Take
t'hirge of Two Smaller
PITTSBL'RQ, Sept. .Two financial In
stltutlons, the Cosmopolitan National bank
and the Mount Washington Savings and
Trust company, were closed her today by
orders from th federal and state banking
While the Cosmopolitan Notional bank
wa a fair sited Institution, th trust com
pany was a small concern, and there win
little or no excitement when th failures
became known.
The order closing the Cosmopolitan bank
waa brought forth by the refusal. It Is
aid, of Bank Examiner John B. Cunning
ham to approve some of the paper and
other securities of th bank for loan, ag
gregating, it U alleged, over fl.OOO.OU). The
Lowest Prices
e are nt a
Our credit, service
nmmtru. uui wsu Bvw
different and distinct from
trade at the STORE THAT'S J
fall and
1320 Farnam Street.
official of the bank deny that 'worthless
or insufficient securities have been ac-.
cepted for loans. They say all the paper
and other collateral held by the Cosmopol-
Itant Is collectable and that the bank iiy
solvent. f
Further than to state that the bank is
Insolvent, neither Examiner Cunningham or
Judge Oldham, of the legal department of
the comptroller cf the currency, whijl ar
rived here from Washington early tpday,
would commit themselves.
According to tho bank's last statement
It liabilities were $l.sei,S30.!Hi. The Rank's
officials seemed to be Wdignant that the
government should close the Institution.
The cashier declared that the available
cash on hand was nearly 60 per cent of
the total deposits. Included In tho depos
its are federal and state deposits of
K 1100,000, each secured by bond. Robert
Lyons, who is tha receiver for the Alle
gheny National bank, which recently failed
here, was appointed receiver of the Cos
mopolitan. Willow Springs
Stars and Stripes
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Thirty (13.00) Green Trading
Stamps with every case, (Z dozen
large bottles) price $2.25
Fifteen ($1-50) Green Trading.
Stamps with every case (2 dosen
feniall bottles price... $1.25
OrnCX 140T aTaraej Street
Phone Songlaa ISO
BSZWI1T 3d aad Hickory .
Fbone Doug-la lias
Out-of-town customers must add
)1.25 extra for case and bottles,
whith will be refunded when re
turned. , '