Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 06, 1908, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 5, Image 13

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Many Dinner Partie. Will Be Given,
Majority Scheduled at Clubi.
eerl Hadr4 Society Wtmri Will
Solicit Sabwrlptloas for Clark
Mi Memorial Hospital
Mast Wednesday
Poker Proverbs.
While the wife In away the husband will
Too many dealers alack the park.
A little bob la a dangerous thing.
Tls a wine player who knows hla own
Never put off till next time the jackpot you
can open now.
A flush In the hand la worth two In the
A player la known by the cards he keeps.
It's an 111 deal that makea no hand good.
The four-flusher gathers no chlpa.
Blufflnit covers a multitude of bad hand.
If at first you don't succeed, draw, draw
' The hand that holda the aces rules the
' The called bluffer fears the bobtail.
v The Knave,
Tha Social Calendar.
vnMniTiitnmnhii rluh nlcnic at Blair;
vfi.. m.ii narnrnter. corn roaat for
TUFJ8DAY Miss Nell Creedon, evening
party; Miss Katherine Beeson, theater
party; Mra. J. H Conrad, luncheon at
Field club: Mra. W. H. Eldrige. lunr-h-eon
at Field club; Iadles' day at Happy
' Hollow and Field club; mid-weak dance
a. VTannv Vfollow.
WEDNESDAY-Tag day for Clarkson horj
t pttal; Balrd-MeHiigh wedding; Woods
Bonnell wedding; dinner parties at Field
club bv Mies Frances Martin, Dr. and
Mra. Fherraden, Mr. and Mra. Charles
rxmm Mr c r. Rrnwn and Mr. and
Mre.'w. M. Oilier; mid-week danca at
Country and Field cluba.
THURSDAY Ladles' day at Happy Hollow
and Fleia ciuoe; Mrs. noacn, cru """i
Mm TnwniAnll. Comts club.
FRIDAY Junior Bridge club. Mra. Oeorge
Redlck; Mlaaea Fry, luncheon at Happy
Hollow; Mra. J. H. Royce, luncheon at
Uantw HrfcllnW.
SATURDAY Week-end dinner and ,15.n?5
at Happy H01IOW, tjoumry nu -
Above everything elae Tag day will oc
cupy the attention of tho women of the
f aahlonable set this week. . Next Wednes
day has been dedicate by them to the task
of raising the remaining $8,000 of the ,-
000' they are pledged to , raise lor t-iarti-son
Memorial hoapifal and several hun
dred will participate In this soliciting tarn
A BDeeial badge is. being made for the
women authorized to ask subscriptions and
"as 'soon as these subscriptions ' are made
a little red cross will be pinned to the coat
nt the arlver. The women have been or
ganised Into fifty committees, that wjll
rival each other In their efforts.
A special meeting of all the chairmen and
.members of the committees will be held at
10 o'clock Monday morning in the chapel
of Trinity cathedral. Mrs. Charles Thomas
of Topeka, Kan., a granddaughter of the
late Bishop Clarkson, who rejenny ci
,'rected a tag day in Topeka, will be present
and give the women final Instruction re
garding Wednesday's plana. All the women
will meet at the city hall at 8:30 Wednesday
morning before the soliciting begins,
Mayor Dahlman will address the workers
briefly and give them the liberty ot the
city. ' t
' The women who attended a meeting of
one of the parish aid societies were re
cently thrown Into a flurry by the rumor
that ona of Omaha's prettiest young ma
trons had ordered a shiath. gown well
with everything to match. It was alo
stated that thegown had been ordered from
one of the best . known modistes in the
city. Unable to bear the uncertainty longer,
a friend of the young woman telephoned
the modiste, while the othera waited, but
the reply came back that the young woman
hud ordered a new costume, but not a
Sheath gown, and the members of the
parish aid society again resumed their
routine of charity work.
At tho Country dab.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bruce entertained the
largest dinner party Saturday evening at
the Country club for their daughter. Mies
Elizabeth Bruce. The guests wera seated
at a large table In the green dining room,
where garden flowers wara used In pro
fusion on the table. The invited list In
cluded Miss Ruth Hammer. Miss Eliza
beth Davie, Miss Menle Davis, Mies Mil
dred Butler. Miss Katherine Beeson, Mlfs
Helen Bcoble, Miss Pauline Bourke. Miss
Gladys Hetherlngton of Washington, D. C;
MUa Helen Rlnehart. Mlas Bertha Dickey,
Mlas Daphne Teters. Miaa Mary Rlngwalt,
Miss Ruth Hitchcock, Mr. Carl Fisher, Mr.
Lloyd Lpmax, Mr. Blaine Young, Mr.
Robert Mackay, Mr. Percy Hall. Mr. Don
ald McWhorter, Mr. Hal Brady, Mr. John
Daugherty, Mr. Louis Sweet, Mr. Robert
Wood, Mr. Francis Gaines, Mr. Stanford
Glfford and Mr. Victor Caldwell.
Mr. Bourke entertained at dinner Sat
urday at the Country club, covers being
laid for Mra. George Voas, Miss Beasle
Yates, Miss Bess Moorhead, Mlas Bourke,
Miss Anna Bourke, Mrs. Bourke, Com
mander, . Hetherlngton ot Washington, D.
Ci Mr. W. H. Mo Keen. Dr. J. E. Sum.
mers, Mr. Luther Drake, Mr. W. Farnam
Smith and Dr. Lee Bridges.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Keller entertained at
dinner Saturday evening for their son, Mr.
Harold Keller, who is home on furlough
from Annapolis Naval academy. The
guests Included: Miss Caroline Congdon,
Mlas Esther Byrne. Miss Alice Cary Mc-
Grew, Miss Nannie Page, Miss Carolyn
Harding, Mr. George Thummell, Mr. Beu
Wood, Mr. Doane Keller and Mr. Jack
Welsh. '
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Swobe entertained
at dinner for Mrs. Louis Nash, who has re
cant ly returned from Massachusetts. Cov
ers were laid for; Mr. and Mra. Louis C.
Nash. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Westbrook. Mr.
and Mrs. C. Y. Smith, Miss Frances Wes
sells and Mr. and Mrs. Swobe.
Dining with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bruce
were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Love.
Other dinners at the Country club Satur
day evening were given by Mr. and Mra.
G. I Hammer, who had eight guests, and
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Deuel, six.
... At Happy Hollow.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Benson gsve the larg
est dinner at Happy Hollow Saturday.
Thlc lBaKtioB la the onjy oo
hi b central wort with aeyaraU
bunatftfa situated tm their owa
gaupU gro anils yet CdlUrely dis
tract aal wixtorlm It poMlbVa to
eUju&T taaes, Tha on boJldinc
beta tttfed tor mU derot6 to Um
treatment o njoavoasjtajlama and
oaaaMttal Ilium, bo ofbMS b
i mOmttUA. Vh ottMV, Boat
Ootto, botng 4otgBaxt far ad
oovovmI to Um oxejaarro treoeasOBt
of select BMtital raaaa, reqotrUf
tor tiiao wotcbrei car aa4 spa
da! mojoanj.
Their guests were vested at the round ta
ble and Included Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Web
ster, Mr. nd Mrs. R. C. Peters. Mr. and
Mrs. Euclid Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Dempster, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Relden, Mr.
and Mrs. A. T. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. John
F. Dale. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Trimble, Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Selby, Miss Alexander,
Miss Ada Alexander and Mr. Frank Alex
ander. The dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Lyle were Mr. and Mrs. John C. Howard.
Miss Helen Howard. Miss Hasel Howard,
Mra. Richards, Mrs. Fuller. Mr. and Mrs.
Dale, Mr. Ptircell and Mr. George Fuller.
The guests of Mrs. H. C. Vsn Gleson at
dinner Included Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Le-
mere and Mlas Susan Rich and Mr. Walter
of Canada.
The guests of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Telser
at dinner Saturday were: Judge and Mrs.
Lee Eatelle, Mr. and Mrs. John Rosa, Jr.,
Mrs. T. L. Combs. Mrs. Langley. Mr. and
Mra. E. R. Duffle and Mr. and Mrs. 8. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Millard F. Funkhouser en
tertained at the club as their guests: Mr.
and Mrs. R. L. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Zackary, Rev. and Mrs. F. D. Tyner, Mr.
and Mrs. H. G. Brown and Mr. and Mra.
W. P. Durkee.
Mr. and Mra. E. D. Van Court enter
tained as their guests st dinner Satur
day evening Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Rl
drige. Dr. and Mra. F. S. Owen, Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomaa Farnaworth of Ctmnoil Bluffa,
and Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Van Court.
Other dinner parties at Happy Hollow
Saturday evening were given by Mr. J.
W. Carpenter, Jr.. who had covers for six
guests: Mr. Samuel Rees, Jr.. two; Mr.
A. I. Crelgh, four; Mr. W. H. Gerhard,
six; Mr. W. B. Saunders, six; Dr. J. P.
Lord, four; Mr. W. D. Strode of St. Louis,
six; Mr. J. C. Barnard, sight; Mr. W. J.
Creedon, four; Mr. Edson Rich, three;
Dr. A. B. Bomere, four; Judge Kennedy,
five; Mr. J. W. Palmer, five; Mr. H. K.
Burket, five; Mr. Albert Edholm, three.
At the Field Clab.
Very few reservations were made Sat
urday evonlng for dinner at the Field
club, although a large number of reser
vatlons have been made for next Wednes
day evening, so It seems the table
d'hote dinners are much more popular
than a la carte. Among thoso making
reservations for Saturday evening
were: Mr. A. Potter, four; Mr George
Laier, eight; Mr. L. G. Horton, four; Mr.
B. C. Rogers, four; Mr. O. W. Hoobler,
two; Judge Leslie, three; Mr. C. D. Arm
strong, four; Mr. ' 1 Tarry Steel, two.
Weddings and EnsjaurenaeaUs.
The wedding of Mlas Gretchen Patti
Emery of Omaha to Mr. Roderick D. Scott
of Los Angeles, Cel., formerly of Omaha,
will take place some time In September.
Invitations have been Issued by Mr. and
Mrs. James Burt for the marriage of their
daughter. Edith to Mr. Alfred Ellegaard,
which will take place at the future home
of the young couple. 8215 California street,
Wednesday, September 9 at 8:80 p. m.
Several school frlenda of Miss Hazel Con
nell will arrive In Omaha about the mid
dle of September to be her guests for her
wedding to Mr. Edlo Crelghton, Septem
ber 30. Among these will be Miss Wanda
Estee of Montpeller. Va., who visited here
last summer and who was one of the most
popular guests who have visited In Omaha.
Another guest will be Miss Eleanor Pierce
of Fall River, Mass., who has also visited
Miss Connell before and made many
friends here who will welcome her again.
Miss Clara Mitchell of Denver, Colo.,
will be another of the attractive guests.
The wedding of Miss Ruby M. Gagnebtn,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Gagnebln,
to Mr. Carl A. Fried, took place Saturday
at 4 o'clock at the home of the bride, 3S54
Seward street. Rev. ' E. E. Housman, pas
tor of the Walnut Hill Methodist church
performing the ceremony. It was a pretty
home wedding. The house decorations
were green and white, with ferns and
pulms. The ring bearer was Master Byron
Gagnebln. The bride wore a wedding. gown
of cream silk poplin, trimmed with cream
eattn and cream valenclenea lace and car
ried a sheaf of American beauty and brides'
rosea. The maid of honor. Miss Mabel
Drum, wore a gown of green and white
silk' mull. Mr. Therm Fried,, brother of
the groom, waa best man. The wedding
march was played by Miss Oladys Lo
beck. About seventy-five guests were
present. Mr. and Mrs. Fried left for an
eastern wedding Journey, and will be at
home after October 1 at ISM North Fortieth
One of the first of the September wed
dings wtll be that of Miss Adele Mc
Hugh, daughter of Judge and Mrs. W,
H. McHugh, and Mr. Claire Balrd, which
will take place Wednesday at noon at the
home ot the bride's parents on St. Mary's
avenue, Rev. B. A. McBrlde officiating.
Owing to the recent death of Judge
McHugh's brother, Mr. James V. Mc
Hugh of Minneapolis, the wedding will
be a quiet one and the guests will be re'
strlcted to the relatives and closest
friends. The attendants will be the
maid ot honor, Miss Edna Baker of
Lincoln, and the best man. Mr. Edward
Baird. One of the Interesting featurea of
the wedding la that the bride will wear
her mother's wedding gown, and the wed
ding will take place on the twenty-second
anniversary of Judge and Mrs. McHugh's
weeding. Tho original plan was to have a
large wedding and a family reunion, but
all plans were altered and no invttationa
will be Issued. The young couple will go
Into their own home, which Is now being
Prospective Pleasarea.
Miss Katherine Beeeon will entertain at
a theater party Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Edward Roach will entertain the
8t. Patrick card club Thursday after
The Misses Fry will entertain at
luncheon Friday at Hpy Hollow for
for some of their school friends-
Mtss Estelle Brown will give an after
noon musical at her home next Thurs
day In honor of Miss Lltta Rohrbough
whose wedding to Mr. C. Judson Chapman
will take place September It.
Pleaasjrae Past.
Miss Ruth Miller entertained a few friends
Friday evening in honor of Roger Shot-
well of New Jertiey.
Mrs. Henry Heitfeld entertained at dlmer
Friday, complimentary to Mra. W. H
Glllls of Sioux City. Ia.
Mrs. Robert Purvis entertained
luncheon Wednesday at her home, covera
being laid for: Mra. Clark ot Milford
Conn., Mra. C. J. McDonald. Mrs. L. H
Korty. Mrs. J. H. McDonald. Mrs. J. A. C.
Kennedy, Mrs. Alfred Elrlck and Mrs
Mrs. George E. Mlckel gave a dellghtul
children's party Saturday afternoon a
Happy Hollow to celebrate the seventh
birthday of her little daughter. Gladys
Mlckel. The afternoon waa pleasantly
spent with old-fashioned games on the
porches and lawn. A luncheon was served
during the afternoon, when the children
were seated at the round table, which
had a pretty decoration of yellow, an lm
menae bunch of golden rod forming the
centerpiece. Another feature wss the large
birthday caks with yellow candles. Those
present were the little Misses Esther Work
man, Virglria Taggart, Josephine Plainer
Harriet Walter, Margaret Getten, Julia
Uetten, Virginia White. Frances Mathews
Arlene Abbott. Mercedes Abbott. Margaret
Reynolds. Katherine Hastings, Dorothy
Hippie, Katherine Goss. Lytwi Stallard.
Eleanor Osborr, Sybil Foote. Miriam Wls
ner. Faye Price. Elolse Magaret, Mary
Josel Oodfrey. Lillian Head. Helen Ict
wller. Ruth Mlckuro. Katherine Hodges,
Janet Hodges. Mnsters Morlyn Combs,
Elton Combs. Winfleld Kock. Harvev
Foote. John Detwller, Oliver Indoe, Gerald
Wianer, Warren Ega, Emerson Adams, Oor.
don Trimble, Paul Workman and Robert
Perry Mlckel.
lome ana Om Gossip.
Mr. George Lsler left Friday evening
for New York City.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burleigh have re
turned from Denver.
Rev. T. J. Mackay leaves the first of the
week for Boston. Mass.
Mr. Arthur Gulou, who has been east for
ten days, returred Saturday.
Mrs. J. H. Royce will give a luncheon
Friday at the Happy Hollow club.
General C. F. Manderson expects to leave
Monday evening for Washington, D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Cameron have re
turned from a three weeks' outing on
the great lakes.
Mr. Roger Shotwell of East Orange, N. J
la visiting at the home ot Mrs. Alice T.
Miller this week. v
Mrs. C. M. Wtlhelm and daughter Fa
ther will return this week from Lake
Wequetonslng, Mich.
Mlas Erma Gof f of Fremont Is spending
a week as the guet of her sister, Mrs.
Ftsnk Brown, In Dundee.
Mr. Arthur W. Wakeley returned
Thursday from Lauderdale Lake, Wis.,
where h e spent the summer.
Miss Beulab Sharp has returned from
an automobile trip in Minnesota with Mr.
and Mra. Metcalf of Council Bluffs.
Mra. M. A. Zanner has returned from a
month's vacation at St. Joseph Island,
Canada, and Lake Mlnnetonka, Minn.
Mr. diaries B. Hammer of Pasadena,
Cml., arrived Saturday evening to spend a
few daya with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hammer.
Mlas Irma Phorman of Cleveland, O..
who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Dreyfoos, leaves Monday for her
Miss Mayme Hutchinson, who has been
spending the summer at the Thousand
Islands and Mackinac, returned home
Edward Ryan, Jr., returned yesterday
from New York City, where he went to
meet his mother on her return from
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Canfleld returned
Saturday from their ranch near Sheridan,
Wyo., where they have been spending the
Miss Gwendolyn White returned Thurs
day from a two months' eastern trip
which tncltided Boston, New ,Tork and the
Canada lakes.
Miss Lera Walker of Forest Grove, Oro.,
and Miss Bertha Miller of Crete have been
guests of Misses Gertrude and Grace Ernst
the last week.
Mr. Hugh McWhorter will leave
Wednesday evening for Geneva, N. Y.,
where he will enter his Junior year at
Hobart college. '
Mrs. John W. Robblns and Mlas Mary
Wyman returned Saturday from Hot
Springs, 8. D., where they have been
spending ten days.
Misses Josephine Brady and Nellie
Morlarty have returned from a vacation
pleasantly spent In the mountains of Colo
rado and New Mexico.
Judge Lorenzo Crounse and Miss Marie
Crounse have returned from a visit to
Murray Lake, Canada, where they en
Joyed a month's outing.
Miss Blanche Stlckney of Minneapolis.
Minn., who has been spending the past few
days with Mrs. C. N. Dietz, will leave
Saturday for her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Millard, accom
panied by their son, Hugh, are expected
home Monday morning from a s'tay at
Lake Beaumarais, Canada.
Mr. William Brill of St. Louis, who
formerly lived In Omaha, is spending a few
daya visiting frlenda. Mr. Brill is return
lng from a western fishing trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ktrkpatrlck, who
have been spending a few daya, guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wattles, returned
Saturday to their home In Lincoln.
Clement E. Chase, who has been spend
ing the summer at St. Ixuils is now visit
ing his parents in Dundee before going east
for his third year In Cornell university.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyers and family
will take the house at Thirty-eighth
and Famam streets. which is now
occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Holmes Updike
and family.
Mr. Osgood T. Eastman and children are
visiting Mr. and Mra. Samuel Burns. Mrs.
Eastman has gone to Holland, Mich., where
We Are Disappointed
. . !
At not being able to make important announcement
of special interest to the ladies, as we intended. We
will be all ready in a day or two bear with us,
please. You know
"The well laid plans o' mice and men
Gang aft agley."
Watch daily papers.
Thos. Kilpatricic & Co.
A Purchaser Remembers
Quality Long After She
Forgets Price.
Prices mean nothing, It's Quality that counts. Price making Is the least
of merchandising arts. Quality at a bargain price Is supreme evidence of super,
lority. In this Tatter respect I excel. Yon buy something at La Book's, you
know the La Book guarantee is In It. through It and back of It. It meana much
to be able to say "I had this made at La Book's." It's the evidence of shrewd
merchandising on your part and Its a positive proof of dependableness. I
riarantse everything I make; as a matter of fact I will not makt anything
cannot guarantee.
Wa hava not yat romovod from our
K A'
ST- "A.
ahe will be the guest of her sister. Mrs. C.
T. Kountse, for a couple of weeks before
coming to Omaha.
Mra. J. H. Conrad will entertain at lunch
eon Tuesday at the Field club. Compliment
ary to M-a. H. D. Neely and" Mrs. C. C.
Wright, who have recently returned from a
trip to Europe.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ilaum and Mian
Bess Bsuni. who have been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. K. A. Cu'lahy and family at
their summer home on Mackinac island,
will return today.
Mr. Charles Khlverlck will leave next
week for New York City, where he will
take up his permanent residence and will
be connected with the dry goods firm of
H. B. ClaTlln A Co.
Mr. and Mra. Holmes Updike and chil
dren, Laurence and Marjorie, will leave
Thursday for Los Angeles, Cal,, where
they will spend several months, returning
to Omaha about next June.
Mr. and Mrs. George Redlck, Miss
Ruth Moorhead, Miss Elizabeth Congdon.
Elmer Redlck and Frank Pollard left
Thursday morning In automobiles for
Lincoln, returning Saturday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Alllaon. Mr. Ward
Burgess and Mr. 8. A. Megeath of Frank
lin, Pa., formerly of Omaha, have returned
from a camping trip near Sheridan, Wyo.
While at Dktz. Wyo.. they visited Mr.
James Woodard. formerly of Omaha.
Miss Nell Creedon will give a farewell
party Tuesday evening for her cousin, Mlsa
Stella Creedon. whl leaves Wednesday for
her home in Denver, and for Mlas Tress
Rofeblns. who leaves Thursday, September
10, for St. Catherine's academy at St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Will Hamilton and
children, Charles W. Hamilton, R. N.
Hamilton and Miss Marlon Hamilton, who
have Just returned from an extended stay
abroad, are staying at the new Henshaw
until their home on Park avenue Is ready
for them.
Commander Hetherlngton, TT. S. A., re
tired, and daughter. Miss Gladys Heth
erlngton, of Washington. D. C, guests
of Mrs. Bourke and the Misses
Bourke, who have been much entertained
during their stay, will leave the middle of
the week for their home.
Miss Katherine McCormlck, with a
party of friends from Chicago, is now
in Europe enjoying the cathedral cities
of Italy, England and France and tho
chateau country of France. Before re
turning MJss McCormlck will take a trip
up the Rhine and through Italy, start
ing home September 16 by way of Na
ples. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burgess, Mr.
and Mrs. George Roberts and Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Hynes left Thursday even
ing for Excelsior Springs, Mo., where they
will spend a week. Mr. and Mrs.
Burgees will go from the Springs to
Chicago and Pontiao. 1111., and probably
New York City before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Weller, Miss Agnes
Weller, Mrs. Ruth W. Flelshel and son
returned Saturday morning from their sum
mer outing at Chase, Colo. Mrs. Flelshel
and son, with Miss Marlon Crandall will
leave Omaha September 1B for Philadelphia
and will sail on the steamaHp Haverford for
Paris, France, September 19, where they
will spend the winter.
Ha hi A Johnston
will show new fall Millinery on and after
Tuesday, September 8.
Cynical Heioarka.
Forgive your enemies, and they won't be
so apt to get back at you.
Some people never know the! rown minds
till it is too late to take advantage of the
The man who Is his own worst enemy Is
sometimes more to be desired than he who
is his own best friend.
The man who fails Is worth two of the
men who never try.
No man can acquire money without mak
ing sacrifices, even when he marries It.
There Isn't anything much easier than
making a bud matter worse.
Don't cry over spilled milk. You never
miss the water till the well rur.s dry.
Even rfie man who puta up a good front
may be talked about behind hla back.
If there really were a fool-killer, the
lawyera would atarve to death.
It'a generally the easy mark who Is
overworked. .Npw York Times.
II Did.
A dignified old Virginia gentleman who
had bought a place In Florida had a pug'
naflous neighbor, of rude manners, who
made a point of disputing the right-of-way
on every occasion. One dny the two met
upon a narrow footpath, bordering a muoiiy,
swampy grourxi, and the neighbor rudely
pushed his way, compelling the Virginian
to step aside to avoid going into the mini
As he did so, he remarked, "I never gel
out of the way for dogs.
As he stepped aside, the Virginian quietly
replied, I always do. Baltimore Amerl
Kcbl A Johnston
will shov new fall MUilnery on and after
Tuesday, September 8.
old location, the Karbach block.
Fashionable Ladies' Tailor
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A Trial will not be regretted.
t . Parlors. 2922 Leavenworth St.
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Silks, braids and satins are used liberally as well as
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elties, but the rich lustre broadcloths that appeals to
the majority, is estensively shown. The color range
is so varied that we cannot go into details.
A Word in Regard to Alterations
Our garments are carefully and well tailored and
need less alteration than suits shown elsewhere, but
where changes are necessary, our Miss Chase will do
them perfectly or we will cheerfully refund amount
IN OMAHA." Just West of the .New Henshaw Hotel.
100 Sewing
to be sold this week at 20 Per Cent Dis
count from the regular prices. This
stock of machines comprises such well
known makes as
Sold for cash or on easy payments.
We carry a full line of parts for all ma
chines. We rent and repair all makes
of machines.
Certainly you do. It'a a areat yet harmless hut effective antiseptic and bleach.
Its full name Is Peroxide of Hydrogen. It's just the thing for dressing wounds, cuts,
etc. It'a chemlntry's Ri-eat aolilevemnnt. When It comes In contact with a higher
temperature It glvts off oxyg-en frexh, Ilft'-giving oxygen that's the secret
contslns Peroxide of Hydrogen (any of the druggists hehv can prove It) and is
therefore the host and niowt efficient skin cream on the market. It's a bleach and
a soothing emollient at the same time. No skin Is TOO DKLICATK for Its use; and
Its use produces that delicate whiteness so much desired by the ladles.
Ask any of the druggists below, they KNOW PZKOXISB.
Boll Drug Co., 1218 Fnrnarn St.
S. A. Berani'k, 1402 South IHtli St.
Kmll Cermak. 1262 South 13th Ht.
Crlssey I'hitrmacy, 24th and l.iike Sts.
It. 11 Khleis. 2X02 l.f-avpnworth St.
Foster & Arnoldl. 2 1 3 North 25th St.
J. J. Fr-tHg. 114 North 24th St.
Green's I'haimacy, Park Ave. and Taciflo.
Hiinea Drug Co, 18th and Farnam StH.
HmiKcnm Park Pharmacy, 1501 So. 2Hth.
Unwell Drug Co.. 207-209 N. 16th Sta.
W. C. Hayilen. 220 Farnam St.
ller cirand Pharmacy, Cnr. 16th & Howard.
jnliansnn Drug Co., Z4th and Spalding.
H. S. King, 24th and Farnam Sts.
C K. 1-athrop, 1324 North 24th St.
J. H. Merchant, Cor. 16th and Howard.
D. K. Peyton. 2401 I,eavnworth St.
Prihnenow A Co, 1527 Vinton St.
Saratoga Drug Co., 24th and Amos Ave.
J. H Schmidt, 24th and Cuming Sts.
And 8,000 other druggists In evsry yllliags and city all OTr the United States
selling this wonderful preparation today.
Fall and Winter Hats
Announcement ol Opening Later.
1522 Douglas Street
Wheeler a Wilson
New Home
. Domestic
15th and Harney Sts.
Schaefer & Son, 2631 North ltth St.
Hchaefer's I'ut Price Drug Htuie, lith and
louglaa Streets.
Prhaefer's rut Price Drug Store, 18th and
Chicago Streets.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 40th and CumlnaT.
O. II. Wtrth, 4 tnh and Hamilton Sts.
Benson, Vsb.
eiprague's Benson Pharmacy.
onto Omaha. Vsb.
J. L. Kubat, 110 North 24th St.
Schaefrr's Cut Price Drug 8tores. 401 If '
St.; 24th and N Sts.
Connoll Bluffs, Iowa. T
Jno. W. Camp, 605 W. Broadway.
Dell O. Morgan. 142 West Broadway.
Schaefer's Cut Price Drug Store, 6th Ar
and Main St.