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I- ! tint! on thl l r.lW. t"T ten month'.
on month the r-durt'on wmiM he Kl.W 7.
For th. rr. r twelve mTrths. the "saving
ti the fatnfri nr shipper I K. 15 .
Penniiiion Asked to Kaiie Charges iwn m the table hov.
C 1.. t;. CtV I The total ticket sab- for tn monh t
for Switchiai Lire Stock. . 2 ppnt m mivin,. to M.riKa.w f,
I the stste only. Half of that haa been saved
B ATT ROADS ABE . MATE PASTIES i e"1 "f '"" ":,"! 1,7 ra!",n "f ,h
1 poprtment of the J-cent passenger hate, the
In the ealcu-
greatest nun m the country, asserting he
i populist in ail but name.
llai of hat Re pa HI I ran Leale
latlna Haa laved the Praala af
Nebraska Darlas Past
ijrom a Staff Correspondent 1
L,IN''tjLN. Au(. 17. (Special.) The ap
plication of the I'nion Stock Tarda mm
pany nf South Omaha to Increase lta rate
Tor unfading live stork anrl switching la
on before thee State Railway commission.
Numerous, railroad lwyir?, though tile
railroad were not nnmil In the appll'F
tion. were present and took an artlve part
Iti the proceedings. They protested against
tne laiae unless It wa specifically Set out
that the railroads would not hae to ab-
.rt the charge aa tiler- do now. Lawyer
r the Llxe Stock exchange objected to
he rata If they had ti pay the increase.
Neither objected If neither had to pay the
Increase. The attorney for the stork yarda
!nMtd that the yards were almply em
ploye, of the railroad, while the railroads
ontended that their duty ended when the
!ie eto k was shipped Into the yards.
After Sufficient argument was made to
i rate formerly hnf 3 rents.
i 1st Ions, however, only 5 per cent la cred
ited to th saving column, leaving 6 per
J cent for ahort line rates and excursion
rates. Tola savin is r.!7.yi i ror Tt
busines. The state pr-portlon of the lntr
atate business for the ten months was
fc.240.SU. 44. Taking credit for only 3n rr
rent of this and leaving 30 per cent for
short lino rates and excursions the savins; Is
T2.m 4a for the ten months. The total
r.t-npiii wife nnK! Hr.r3
.rear. Release from Jail. Oimel4
ftta aad Rlapee Aajala.
PLATT3MOVTH. Neb.. Aug. 17-Sr-rtal.
t About two wka ao Perry Marsh,
a wealthy slock dealer residing a few mllee
south of Plattsmouth. left his wife and
family and eloped with Mrs. M. W. Pratt,
a neighbor s w1f. and her 3-yar-old
daughter. Thev wept to trand Forks. N.
D.. where he rented a room for her. and
then rtumed to Plattsmouth and dispoaed
of quite a quantity of property and then
r'tnntsl to Mrs. Pratt. The husband of
Mrs. Pratt traced htm back where hla wife
waa and cauad her arrest and confinement
In jail until hla arrival. After what ap-
ta n. r A.I V. a Vam .. KannT p,np! I. Inn
air- a savin, of Al .VH f th. er , ' . mrh
she ronsented to return to Plattsmouth
with her husband and waa rleased.
on both state tnn imersiaie nuHnna.
The express savlna- and the savlna; on
coal from Hana. Ho. k Sprlnaa and other
western pHnta are fttrures J'tst the ame
on the official reports In th office nf the
rallwar commission.
The records in the office of the comm-a-slon
do not show that the effict of this
savlna and reduction In the pevenuea of the
railroads has had any had effect on any
one. Traffic, both .freight and paaaen ar.
Has been greatly stimulated by the reduc
tions In rates.
rVmorratlc spellbinders and democratic
newspapers In trh-tna" publicity to their
"paramount lasue." "Shall the people rule"'
are saying nothing of this example of the
get the matter prtty well hailed up. the way the perple are rulina; through repub-
cnmmlsainn made the railroads a party to
the raae and gave them ten days In wlilth
to tile an answer.
lican officials.
Ryder Haa Warm Time.
The chief engineer of the stock yards
v as put on the stand to show where the
stink yards tracks began and the rail
road fraf ks left off. J. C. Sharp, set retary
treasjrer. testified aa tothe cost of opcrat
'ng t.ic fnrnier.
T!i- fnlloainit attorneys were present:
James Kidhy of the Burlington. W. D. Mc
Hugh of Uie Rock Island, V. H. Orr of the
Missmii'l I'arific, Kiisou Rich for the Union
raciflc, Frank Ransom of the stock yards
.nnd Jainea Van Dusen for the Live Stork
exchange. The Northwestern was not rep
resented. Klsares on Land Valaes.
Tax Commissionrr Pollrys of the Chicago,
. 8t. Paul. Minneapolis Umaha railroad
today filed a tabic with the State Board of
Assessment, showing the assessed value
and the' sale value of lands for the years
1903. l'.K4 and 19-S in those counties through
which his road runs Cuming, Washington,
BurC Wifnc, Stanton, Madison, Thurston,
Dakota, Cedar, Dixon, Pierce and Knox.
In tita letter he says he knows the board
has completed the assessment of land,
but lie desires the table read by the mem
bers anyhow.
The table shows land In H04 was equalized
by the state board at $; 6 an acre, or tJ.13
lesa than the sales vaiuein 1?0, UI.Z3. The
board tliia year capitalized the value of
lands In thae coon ties at .1. while if the
aame standard bad been used by the 19o8
board as used by the iy board the land
would have been valued at S65.77. The dif
ference this year between the board's value
ar-d the sales value the table shows Is 17.26.
Mr. Polleya also contends the values fixed
by the board In the different counties, com
parea with the sales values, have not been
properly equalized. For instance, the ratio
Labor Commissioner Ryder has Just re
turned from filling a speaking date at
Dixon, in the northeastern part of the
state. Ha was to represent the republican
side of the argument at the annual har
vest picnic, while Attorney Mike Harring
ton of O'Neill was slated to represent the
To properly celebrate their reconciliation
she persuaded her huahand to buy a fine
diamond ring and other valuable presents
for her. The next day they were to start
f,r hnm Hut h plnimpH to H. Ill and tntit 1
her husband that she would be unable to
make t ie trip ti Plattsmouth. but would
remain thor and receive treatment and let
him come back and sell his farm and re
turn to his loving wife. Pratt bade hla
wife and little daughter good-bye and took
his departure for home. Mrs. Pratt packed
her belongings and secured a llverv rig
and with her little daughter and Mars
they drove to a town on the Northern Pa
cific and went to Winnipeg. Mrs. Pratt
informed the ritiztns that she would never
return to Nebraska with her husband and
considers herself fully revenged for hr ar
rest and Imprisonment. The parties have
resldpd In this vicinity for many years and
are well known.
sioner started in to make a speech about
Nebraska. Intending to touch on politics
only incidentally. In outlining the pro
sperity that haa come to the state aa tha
result of good markets and high prices,
ihe commlasloner mentioned the democratic
appeal to the people for funds to elect their
ticket. P. A. Nelson, an old-time populist,
at present affiliating with the democrats.
Interrupted the speaker to assert that he
rrusts are paying the expenses of tha re
publican campaign.
Mr. Ryder directed Nelson's attention to
the law passed by the republican congress
forbidding any aort of contribution by
trusts or corporations to funds for poli
tical purposes. Still Nelson Insisted that
there waa no guarantee (that the corpora
tiona would not contribute, and unless ha
could be given that guarantee he would
not believe in the effectiveness of tha law.
His attention waa called to the fact that
many prominent democrats have been pil
loried as truat men by the democratic
The running debate' then switched to
the present condition, when middle-of-the-road
popullHts cannot vote for their candi
date in Nebraska. "Well, we can vote, for
the theory," retorted Nelson, and the demo
crats present cheered lustily.
Colonel Teep, a Grand Army veteran, took
a hand In the debate, recalling strongly
some not verv creditable democratic hls-
of the assessed value of the group for ljng Mr feXtmn at o-ce cut loose on how
One Board of Eqaallsatloa.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Aug. 17. Special
The County Board of Equalization, after
democrats-. Mr. Harrington failed to put i D,nf. In session nineteen days, has fin
in an appearance, and' the labor commis- Bhed Its work and adjourned. The com
plaint of M. L. Rawllngs of Wymora
against the assessment of the Morrell
property was heard and the board decided
not to make any change In the Morrell
valuation. Mr. Rawllngs, whose valuation
ld been raised 2.300, declared he would
take an appeal to the district court. Tha
complaint of the gas company against
the electric service company was heard
and the board voted to let the assessment
stand. Five citixens of Wymore, whose
valuations the city council had recom
mended' for a raise, drew an Increase In
their assessments. The parties are C. B.
Rodgers. Sherman Taylor. Mentgen's gro
cery store. Julius Neumann, S. C. Cole and
H. W. Dlmmett The board equalized the
assessments of live stock In the several
townships. The highest average value
for horses was found In Holt township
and the second highest in Riverside. The
clerk was ordered to prepare an abstract
of the assessment from which the board
may make the county levy.
&vA of Hamm's Beer ls iust ,ike every J2
PwWFv ther bottle of Hamm's.Beer, which NlP
lJSivW means that a uniformly high quality '
is constantly maintained.
J. E. DAVISON, Manager Omaha Branch, N
asked to sr. his family before being taken WRIGHT WILL COME TUESDAY
to jaa, and while the officers waited ai
l' the true value is 7S.U per cent. In Cedar
county the ratio is S8.S0 per cent. In Knox
courJy t3."9 per cent, while In Thurston
county the ratio la if,1. 1 1 per cent. Cuming
county, the table siiowa. has the greatest
increase of any county in the group, in the
average sales value from 1!X3 to 19oS. but at
the same time shows the least Increase of
any of the counties in the group In the I
equalized actual value per acre for 1!V
over l'JM.
Iteaalta of Repahllraa Un,
While tiemo ralic newspapers ar-d demo
cratic .spellbinders are lamiuisitng the re
publican Stale Board of Equalization be
cause the general fund tax will be Increased
trjine $IV!J over last. ear. they are keeping
ilixcrtlly llent about what tile republican
liglslaluro and railway commission have
saved til" peiple of Nebraska in freight
rales. The following table shows accurately
wlial has beer- saved through republican
Two-cent passenger law S3.1t.lfH.t
Aldricii law reducing freigtit rate
16 per rent on grain, live stock.
and Iiiniiwr : iw9.!S!.4S
Sibley law latate traffic onlyi 179.111. OH
Loal rau? reduction, western points
the people are robbed by the tariff. In
stancing a purchase of a hat, years ago
that had opened his eyes, he said, to the
iniquity of the tariff. Ryder tried to show
that both parties are now committed to
tariff revision, but Nelson couldn't see it
that way. A listener Interrupted to say the
trusts were notd, getting any of the money
e waa receiving for hla crops, and Nelson
Cien told of the low prices of tha years
immediately following the war. Then
Colonel Teep took a hand again, and In
stanced the Cleveland administration, which
stirred Nelson to wrath. He jumped on
Cleveland's coffin, while half way apoli.
Travellaa; Mai Attempt. Suicide.
HOLD R EG E. Neb.. Aug. 17. (Special Tel
egram.) F. L. Zelgler. a traveling man
from Lincoln selling MeCaskey credit reg
isters, attempted suicide at the Hampton
hotel in this city this morning by taking
laudanum, but failed in his purpose through
the timely assistance of physicians, who
pumped him out. He registered here on
August 1-. and the manager for Nebraska
came here this morning and discharged
him, and tills, coupled with domestic
truubles, ls alleged as the cause for his
act. He gave the check for his baggage,
which consisted of samples, to N. C. Jones,
manager of the hotel, and told him to keep
It until he received the amount of his hotel
bill, and while Junes was looking at him
he took the laudanum. Physicians were
at once summoned and the man's life was
saved. He says while the doctors foiled
him this time, that he will yet finish the
the front door of hla home, Reed escaped
through the back door.
Tlewa of Sckraika,
AINSWORTH A Taft and Sherman club
will be organized here in the near future.
AINSWORTH The Democratic Bryan club
completed Its organization last night by
electing officers.
SEWARD The big railroad cut near
Pleasantdale. is being widened twenty feet
to admit of more tracks.
COLL'MBl'S At the sangerfest here yes
terday singers were here from many cnles
outside. Sports of all kinds were Indulged
MILFORD The man. Hyde, who was in
jured at the Grand hotel during an assault
on young Dawson is improving rapidly and
will soon recover.
UNWOOD One and an eighth Inches of
Oue of Famoas Brothers Will Heach
Waahlaaiton with Arroplaae
for Trial.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 17. Today the
board of Signal corps officers who have
been conducting Uie aiistilp tests at Fort'
Meyer will pass finally upon the Baldwin
motor balloon, which fulfilled the endurance
requirements yesterday.
Orville Wright ia expected to arrive here
Tuesday witii his aeroplane. It Is expected
that on-e or two preliminary flights will be
made during the week. The Wright
brothers' contract with the government ls
for a heavier than air flying machine. For
a sreed of forty miles an hour, twice that
required of the dirigible, the Wright
Charles Gadwln at the office of the super- I tion. from Rear Admiral Sbr, com
intendent of the Bartonvtlle asylum last mander of the second division of the Pa-
nirht. "We stamped him in the face, we n:gn tlnr, 'y,.Pt, rdv afternoon ana repaired
cut his tnroat, and then put a rope around ! to the Bremerton navv yards to go Into
Ins neck. That's what it took to kill jiim. ' j dry dock for examination.
Gauwin said that he formerly was a
member of the Thirty-second L'nited
Stales volunteers in the Philippines and
lias a siH'er at the asylum. He waa placed
under guard. i
Three Will Compete at Berlin la I -trrnatlonal
Balloua Coaaaetlttoa.
BERLIN. Aug. 17 The American en
liaiits in the international balloon competl
ui'ii ; be held October Hi and 11 are Lieu
tenant Frank Lahm and Captain Charles
L'e F. 'handier "f the signal corps of the
T'nued Siai.'s army, anil Major Henry B.
H. rsty of the went'her bureau. Bealdea
t!ie..- there are twintv other entries for
the race for tiie James Gordon Bennett
. up. n'l'.uw them Prince Scipio Borgest of
It.ilv. Ir. Up (Jiiervaln. the Zurich meteor-
cure a law through which the power of I "lon-st. ami aimiruiu. auju......
. . I the kiiin of ciiam.
l.iei-e are luirty entries in tne interna-
Advertlaina; Claba Propose to Have
Power to luae Them rated
la Federal Coarts.
KANSAS CITY. Aug. 17. An effort to s-
the postmaster general in issuing "fraud '
MUchalrk Tries Aaiala.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Aug. 17.-(Special Tele-
Ing that nothing bad ought to be said of gram.) August Mischnick. a prominent
Total saved the people $i.t. tu5.38
Th. above Is a recital of Tacts. The fig
ures are not ewlmates. They were com
piled iu the office of the State Railway
commission, where any one can see Uiem,
from reports made to the commission by
station agents of the railroads.
The railroads admitted that the Aldrch
reduction law affected 64 per cent of their
business. Slx:y-four per cent of all freight
revenue f jr ten months. July. 1!7 to April,
lyos. Is H4.17.71? 5. Fifteen per cent reduc-
the dead, with the grand old atatement
that the late president had made J60.ttfO.00O
by dealing with Wall atreet in the bond
matter, and there were one or two men
present who applauded even this atatement.
There were a good many, however, that It
did not appeal to at all. Still. Mr. Nelson
let It be plainly understood that he was
glad Cleveland waa dead.
At one point in the debate the labor com
missioner told Mr. Nelson he did not be
lieve the Savior of mankind oould convince
him the people are better off today than
they ever were before, and the populist ad
mitted he would have to he shown pretty
strongly before he would believe anybody
(ibut the "money power" waa enjoying any
rirosperity. Men in the audience laughed
at Nelson's extreme statements, but the
populist was not abashed In the least. He
assured them he had made a atudy of the
matter for several years, and knew Just
where the weak apota were in our form of
government. Next to Mr. Bryan, he said,
he considered Senator La Follette the
farmer living at Cortland, who was taken
In by a matrimonial bureau at Indian
apolis. Ind.. some time ago to the tune of
li.4-0. today secured a license to wed Miss
Louise Kness. In h:s first matrimonial
venture, Mischnick went to Indianapolis,
where he round his intended in Jail. He
secured her release on bond and later mar
rfei her. Mischnick and his mail order
bride came to Gage county to live, and a
few weeks after tbtjir arrival In Nebraska
the woman disappeared with her mother
and his money. Mischnick followed them
to Lincoln, where they were arrested for
operating a marriage bureau with intent
to defraud. They were taken back to
Indianapolis, where they were founl guilty
aa charged ajid given a heavy fine and
jail sentence.
ia.1! i uui-one ana an eigni-n incnea oi j. , ,,, .i.-a real & in r cent H r;iire are iinny cuiries in mr miri u-
water fell nere last evening, wnicii Insures ! Orouurs win rei e.i . ,,, . .v io pci cent or0r;,-. ttgajnat publications may be cur- i tional endurance c intest representing the
the corn crop and places the ground In f Iu ' bonus will be p.iid for each additional mile.
snap for plowing, and helps the pastures. . While the machine will be rejected if the
HEBRON Hebron defeated the Superior ' maximum speed is less than thuty-slx
base bail team here Saturday by a score ,.
of 7 to 1. Out of nine names played Uur- m"6
ing the Chautauqua the Hebron team won Orville Wright will fly the machine in the
seven. ; official trials at Fort Meyer. An endurance
HEBRON Frequent rains have benefited tcs w,n be required in which tiie machine
the corn crop in this vicinity beyond I ...; . n, r ... r. v..,,,.- .i
tailed is to be made at the convention ml principal , ' .w-'' ! Pk.m.
I is pr' (-.Jat iie-i in, ' j .,..... v. ..
Kansas City. August 2ti to 3. ot the Asso-
large and small, will participate In the air
ciated Advertising Clubs of America. The cruises. Arrangement are being made to
i..... f .,..,,,...;.,.. K..u.... .. acruiumoilate .i.Vi.ow spectators oil the
law Is among the vital needs of the pub
j Ushers. A resolution has been prepared by
the Cincinnaii Advertising club for pics-
staitinn li' ld near uie gas worae at me
sumirb of ijcinnai -geiidorf.
exnectationa. The local arain dealers sav I 1
Thayer county will produce more corn unuar pcrtect coniroi.
Orville Wright will
entation at the convention outlining the
Alamito. Defeat West Side.
A meat same of ball was played be-
Taa Levy at Haatlaa;.
HASTINGS. Neb.. Aug. 17.-Srecial.l
The supervisors of Adams county have
ordered a levy of 6 mills for county pur
poses. Notwithstanding there haa been
a large Increase in the valuation, the su-
j pervisors made the levy the same as a
I year ago. The reason for thia Is that
this year than In any one year in the last UBe a track from which to start his flights.
decade. i -p;,, track la transportable, In accordance
PLATTSMOl.'TH The Cass county teacn- ' , , .. .
ers' institute convened In Elmwood Monday. , wlt;1 ""c- provisions.
The county superintendent. Miss Mary U. i The speed trial will be made over a five
Foster, started the session under the rarnit mile course, with and against the wir-d.
favorable circumstances for a successful j To(Uy ,.aptain BalUwin worked upon two
HARVARD Harvard streels "resent P''"ical balloons, which he built for the him
lively appearance this morninn. aa several , Signal corps, buj which have not been ac
amuaement companiea ars busily engaged ' cepted. One is a captive balloon, having
in getting themselves in readiness for the j c .u of 54 cubic lneU.. while the
carnival to be held from the lsth to :0th. ' ' . ,, . ,. ,
inclusive. (other 1. a free balloon with a capacity of
SEWARD H. Weigart of 8tarlehurst j l.uM ruble meters
waa Daralvzed bv injuries recc .oaa. while 1
needed legislation in part as follows:
twee n the West Sides and Alamitos. re
suiiiti in a victory for the Dairy Boys bv
of the torn of - to l. on tne west aides
Tile Associated Adverl isinir "lnh
America believe that it Is dangerous to th.. I ciou.n1 rfimUav afternoon. It was a
rights, liberties ami property interest of i pit' hers' batile from start to finish. Jen
nie people and business community lo ; en twwlcd for the Alaniltos. while Nle
plave in Hie handsa, of anv one man the. hart v a oil the slab for the locals. Jen-
nower now placed bv law in the hands of i sen it ttmg mem
ill diving Saturday. He thought i..- water I RRTCU TFAMFR flVERnUE
was deep, but It was shallow and lie struck j Dni lion O I LAWILn UVCnUUC
witn such force that the injuries mentioneu
Hie postmaster ueiieia-. to issue so-called I and striking out fourteen .i.nart
fraud orders on evidence "satisfactory to ! stnu k out sixteen and aloiwed fly. nits.
it to decide what in ins Judgment I Sweeny (.aua.'it a great game ror ina
Is proper for admission to she mad. Tiiat 1 Ainmitoe. A feature or tne gam. was -i
especiailv It Is dangeroiiB to allow one man difficult cat. h made by Callahan in the
to have ihe power to exclude a publication j 'UKt ,lillf "l ",p ninth, saving the
from second class mail privileges after It i Score: R. H-E.
lias once been admitted thereto, sine- to. Alamitos . . . . 0 1 1 it 0 i) n 0 0 i a 1
confer such rower on one man m:iWea it ! West Sides...'! II I (1 (1 11 H 1) fl I 4
above were received.
MILFORD The excessive rains in Butler
and Folk counties lias sent tne Big Blue
out of its banns again. It is reported that
a.n.. i. ...... ro.n rlt ..t f arvavillu an.l
I ivsae. Friday night and seven inches of '
Surprise, Saturday night.
HEBRON The Hebron chautauqua
closed with two good programs yesterday.
Tlieee wer given in addition to tne regu
lar ten days program. Trie talent selected
tnis year was ot a high order a.i.i petpie
showed their appreciation by constant at
tendance. The chautauqua will be perman
ent in Hebron.
HERMAN Some one last night entered
the barn of Charles Arnold and stole one
of his large draft horses, and also stole
Freiahter which Sailed far tarklaad
Forty Days ko Had Amerleaa
Women for Pnaaenrrs.
possible for him. through mistake or
otherwise, io ruin the business of any per
son, firm or corporation, and t.-nds to en
able him to curtail the libcrtv of the press
Be It resolved. That the aforementioned
power now reposed in the posimastfr Ken
Batteiies: Jensen. Sweeny and Cmis;
Nlehart and Gr'enor.
I'lalstlrn vvl la Twelfth.
O'NEILL. Neb., An?. 17 'Special I-
errn bv O'Neill ill the first, tllll'd and
eral snoui.j lie taken troni mm and vested twelfth iniii,ss gava Plainview a warmly
tn the federal courts, and the law confer- co!.;est-d t weive-iuning game on tiie O'Neill
Lnng the power upon tiie courts should he d'amod iliis afternoon. O'Neill onthit and
A- rru.M.u'.u. oj. i...... ",v- , rrama as to requne tnat neither the ' ,,itrlaye,l t ,c visitors, hut the error cama
tWn Willi tiie arrival of inn Hritisu sterner.; u" "i me nmna nor iiw seeono ciass man mL rifiia umu fr Plainview to core.
An-kland forty days ago. it has been
learned that it was carrying as passengers
Mrs. William Riddle, wife of Lieu;enant
Riddle of the battleship, .Maine, and Chap
lain and Mrs. Patrick of the l'nited States
navv. The Aeon is a freight ship and has
no charter to carry passenger. The anxiety
of tiie navy people to reach their destina-
4o..n which sailed from this port for riV'"' ? T' " "I- .U"J" ",ar- I Donowav. who pit.-hed a no-hit. no-run
'- " , ,ing soau imie ueeii aceoruea me person , a;,,. .vNeill In.t week waa on to-
rubber f ir Plainview ar.rt was touched up
for ten hits. Score: R.ILE.
it Neill 2 it 0 iro 0 0 e (J: 10 i
1 i 1 'I ' ( 0 0.0 0 t 1-4 1 t
I Ha Mrs stranttlrd
by croup, roughs or colds are instantlv I Plainview
relieved and quickly cured with Dr King's
New Discovery. V and ti Beaton
Drug Co.
when, the levy was made a year ago I a saddle from James Harrison s barr- This j tion was the caute of their shipping on
there was a balance of $19,000 In the ; makes the second horse mat haa been I this vessel. Mrs. Riddle waa bound for I
Aula. Samoa, where her husband is at
atreasury remaining from the delinquent j stolen irom i ns piace in ine "
. v paia aner tne ! hlir anrt k vears oid. but
No old sore can heal until the cause which prod ace it has been removed. External
applications of salves, washes, lotions, etc, may reduce the inflammation and assist in
kacptng the place clewiL but cannot cure the trouble because they do not reach its
armrce. 'Id sores exist because the blood is infected with impurities and poisona which
are constantly being discharged into the place. The nerves, tissues and fibres of the
flesh are kept in a state of irritation and disease by being daily fed with the germ -laden
matter through the circulation, making it impossible for the sore to heal. S. SL S. cures
chronic sores by its purifying action on the blood. It goes down into the' circulatioir, I $13,no greater than a yea.- ago
and removes the poison-pmilucing germs, impurities and morbid matters which are
responsible for tiie failure of the place to heaL S.S. S. makes the blood pure, fresh, ; Storm U reeks fhaataaaaa Teat,
and healthy j then as new, rich blood is carried to tne spot the healing procesa begin, ; PAWNEE. Neb.. Aug. 17 tSpecial T
all discharga ceases, the inflammation leaves, new tissue begins to form, the place nils I grain.1 This vicinity was visited by a hard
in vmh firm, healthy flesh, and soon Uie sore is permanently cured. S. a. is purely
egetable, the aai'est and best UIixhI purifier lor young or old. Book on Sores and
Vlcers and any medical advice free to all who write.
verv active
suits were finally decided by the supremo i animal. There Is no clue to the party doing
court- This year with the same levy, but I the stealing a yet.
with the tncreaaed valuation, the Increase
In direct revenue will be about equal to
the delinquent railroad taxes available a
year ago. Although the state levy is
of a mill less than a year ago. the
present. Chaplain and Mrs. Patrick are
accompanied by their three children.
Balldia; Permits.
Dr. J J M. M ilieu. Thirtl-eisiuh ami
Hci'ney stieets. brick veneer and cere-u
biock dwell. ng, J7.j; Nels Jensen. Th'.
niv.'i :ind Arbor streets, frame dwelling,
Kiprrlrnre Drives Man Insane.
PEORIA. Ill . Auk. 17. "1 am one of
I Dr. SearlesXS
' ' '
TABLE KtX'K There was a heavy rain
storm here last night, a high wind ,ani a
vivid electrical display. i ue lariie barn, j tlW w helped to lynch William Don
?;,r" au-oneVal? ml. we.t ..f Vown was , neSan at Springfield, and I believe I am
leveled to the ground, but nun" of the going insane.' was Ihe statement of
amount derived in this county because , 'Zr' S! - .
th Increase in valuation will be about! waa nut out of buBiness. Sliuoe ;re-s and
fruit trees were txown over, ana in some j
I Instances uprooted. (
! SEWARD A cloudburst of eleven inc hes ,
of water at Marysvilie, Neb., raised tne
! Blue river here aa higu as did tne recent
i floods. People living along it banks had
to move to higner ground. Two jiintry
I bridges were fastened to prevent their
I going out. Three inches of rain fell here.
Crniaer i oloraao l.lttle Damaged.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 16. The cruiher
Colorado, wniiii ra:i aground at Doubl
Foe tonatry Clab thamaloa. i
W. J Foe won the championship of the
Omuha Country club at golf Sunday. wHn
h" Ulain Young in the tlna.s by lue
score .if I and 3. Young had a complete
reversal of T irtn from he game he played
Salurdav. when he best E. H. Sprague la
the semi-flnais; in fact, he practically blew
up under tiie attain of two such matches
in succeeding oays.
Philadelphlana Regis Matefe.
PKRHY, Aus. 17 The Gentlemen nf
Philadelphia cricket team began its match
Blulf in Putrei sound yesterday was not here today against the Derbyshire eleven,
seriously ilxmageu. according to a tele-, tiv lunch time the Pliilalelphlans had dia
gram receiver, here todav by Rear Admiral'. minBvil tie w liole of the county eleven for
Pillsbury. chief of the Burean of Navign- I a total of 78.
By the Old Reliable Dr. Searles & Searles.
Kstahlished In Omaha for 15 yemra. The many thous
ands of cases cured by us make us the most exper
ienced Specialists In the West. In all diaeaaeo and ail
ments ot men. We know juat what wilt cur. jou
and cure you quickly.
We Cure You, Then You Pay Us Our Fee.
We make no misleading or false elatment. or offer
you cheap, worthless treatment. Our reputation and
fame are loo fawirabiy known, every caae we treat our
reputation is at stake. your health, lif and happineaa
is too serloui n ,,ttr to place in the hands of a
"AllBLESr DOCTOm. H nat doctors of abllitv una
ineir w w aa aaa 11 TH1IB 1U1IIB1S nini
rain storm at about 4 o'clock this morning
accompanied by high winds. The large aa
aemhly tent of the Redpath chautauqua
was almost totaUv wrecked. Tiie wind
was so strong aa to snap off the center
rxilej. Iiss, ITjO. flo far as learned the
only other serious loss waa sustained by
Fred Woods, hla 'arge. new lrn. Xh0
feet, on hia farm four milea north of this
city, being blown off the foundation and
completely wrecked. 1iss. $1.5 about half
covered by insurance
l.lvea nflterra the llp.
PEATRH'E, Neb.. Ajg. 17 'Special Tele
gram. I John H. Reed, who was arrested
ibis morning at Wymore and bound over
to the district court on a charge of boot
legging, escaped from the officers. He
Debility, a load Poison. Bkia Siaaaaea, Kidney aad Blad
aex Diaeasas, ail Special oimsms and AUmaata ef Mem.
FR tmnation and consultation. Writ, for
Svmpton Blank for hum trMtmnt
earlea, 119 S. 14th, Cor. 14th" and Douglas, Omaha.
Win .ar. yow for UttVS MOIaTT thaa aay nin -y .n.
ad accept U. moaey ia aay way yea wis a ta pmy.
Bsrvuas De.Uity, Blood Po4ua. SiMuat, stlda.t
ad Bladder Siaeaaata. Stomach, all Special Otaeaa. aad aVIi
maata of Kea.
Dr. Lyon's
Established in Omaha 25 Yean.
W. mak. aa misleading or fals. atatement ar fa
ffar you rhaap. wortbiaa treatment. Exunlutlor.L f A rt
and consultation- Write for symptom blank fr IHH
home I IUU
Tooth Povdor
Cleanses, preserves and
beautifies the teeth, and
Purifies the breath
A superior dentifrice
for people of refinement
Established ia 1866 by
Tne elevator at Staplt hurst was struck by
lightning, as waa a number of barns. The
lightning surpassed any dispiay of f!re
worka ever witnessed any place.
HARVARD I baerver Fleming reports
ten rain rince August came, witii suffi
cient rainfall for measurement, the total
aggregate being 2.11 Inches. With no destruc
tive storms and favorable weatner a large
corn crop seems assured. Plenty of rain
has made fall plowing for wheat about ail
thai could be desired and moat of the
farmera have fully completed this line of
work and are waiting tne time for seeding,
when a large acreage will be aeeded.
I TIt'A M. W. Leonard, an old jind re
spected citiaen of thi city passed away
last evening at tne age ot on em. m ,
hardening of tne brain, a aisease wmcn ne
haa Buffered with for the last two years.
He came here about twenty-four years ago
and conducted a blackamith and machine
sii.m for a number of vears and later went
Into the plumbing business. He was also
Interested in tn gaa conu-any. which pot I
In a piant In thia city some vears ago. He
leavea a wife, two boys and two girls.
He waa a very prominent Mason and this
organisation will have charge of the j
funeral. He waa also a member of the
Modern Woodmen of America.
PLATT8MOt'TH The Cass county chau- ,
tauqua ia in "full blaat " tnis week in Elm
wood. I'nion church services were held
Bur day and the song service wa by tn i
Christian rnurch chorus and the morning
I mrtnon. suojen. "The livine Purpose in
th Churcn, ' bv Dr. U. K. oungan. in
the evening Senor Ramon Reyes Iaia gave ,
descriptive lecture on "The Philippine .
and Their People." Monday evening Raip'i ,
PwrteMe gwve a. lecture on "The l"niversity j
ot Hard Knock. ' Tne program i uea-iay
will be an Introductory concert by the Chi
cago Lvceum Laaty quartet; reading. Wini
fred V1nter: "L-t It Go." Rev Uither P.
Ludden, ' "With an Inanman Through th.
I Jungle of Africa, ' Gabnel R. Marin-
IT"--"- - "I" IU. .'. ' T I I I. ... ,. n il j .1. n. .
I - .. ...
J Mr71r'
miwlwMiwi-e-a. i.,.-u, ,.
liir ii
MZZasB7 t , III , 1
as, .. 1
... ... I II
Advent, in The Bee It grj into thej
DR. McGREW CO, 215 S. 14th St, Omaha. Neb.
ot thoe you ar. trying to reach, I