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To the American People.
The fcpcrtaace of this anonorniert, the ore to
hich I hxre carefully led up, can be when I -lert
I aa in absolute control or a corporate instrument
idequal to cope with the machinery of the Sjstea; I
iVaH suke demcnstratioiis of its power to perform
what I hare predicted for it.
To gt the voltage of ay dynamo, keep in your head
ie financial factors I have so insistently urged upon
pour attention.
L The System's billions are made by its power to
!ix and sway the stock-market values of the 70 billions
5f securities which the American people now hold.
2. The System's "right" to use the People's oMney
deposited in the banks and trust companies of the na
tion supplies it with the millions reoessary to the pro
xss of fixing and swaying the values of American
3. The stock market must be the theatre of opera
dons for whosoever purposes to dislodge the System's
hold on the American people.
All these necessary conditions are here in the
To-day I mm tm afeaolBte rnaiml of thi rxirmoriMMrj JasTtra
seat, tit omly one of it kind oa earth.
I an It preridrat and harp the prone of avrarty ail it etork
hoMert; with sperial bMCrartiem from tbeai to rivet ssy ova
Board of interior.
"XatJona) Mori" 1 the oe inMrtaml that aarte all the
priTilece and attachment eateatial for a protaafnd roateat wHJi
the r Hem.
I kaow the horn, at be and mhj of the Sytrtean's moreawBU.
1 aw wtrm ready la pat thl tntrameat lo work.
That skeptlral wed ded-to-old -wy Wall street snd the System
and lie Pre nay instantly see that my cJaim. notwithstandinj;
they read Jble Yarpeub. are sound and bnslness it business." 1
point thena to the following.
In the iat a these three rlsee. Wall street, the System and
the Press, know, I have sever failed to secure the sttertion of the
people, and then their inoney support. Hosever radical ray plains
seemed at the start-olf. time demonstrated their soundness. Boiled
dosn. this 1 what 1 propose to do.
In "National Stock" 1 hive a corporation with unlimited capi
tal stock.
Tela stock 1 shall offer in practically tmlimited amounts to
the people.. constantly advancing the price !n the open markets
that every buyer may. if alt tea. sell what he has bougrht at a
profit. Ttts mean that every buyer of "XaOotal Stock" s-Ui be
come aa scent for the makite: of new stockholders stne&rst hi
friend and associates.
The proneed of the sale of stock will be used in active opera
tion Jn the market with and acatntst the System a seem bet in
tny jodraenL la v.BderanUif tad any other way that a-ill return
the lnstitstion profit.
lilnstrstion: Whenever in the part I have appealed to the
rex'la la the latere sf a stock and they have responded, the
money they paid has Ha ay gone, lea my pay for the Job, to the
Boston, Acquit 13, 1903.
rort'oraUoa wloae stork 1 fcafl sold, thereby leaving E heirless
to protect Its price In the rrarket..
Bear In cisd there are tao cIum of people to boy stock:
specslators and Jtvertor.
The ttarketlrg of a nock it PLly a first move in a nock
tLE:pn',tor' bnsinesa.
To be tipceeful be must erabh.h bit proposition on a rex
rlred trading t.ria. Tti can only be don by deliberately making
a market for it.
Ertmple: My f:rtt toovcf in aield:nf tie peaer f "National
Stock" for the benefit of it ttovkholdert. the ptblic. a-ill be cer
tain and arreRjve operation in American Se:ter. National
Leal, many and Pirrt Natiocil Copper. St Panl R. R- and
Tnkoa Gold. An event at ill aosrr in the pcMic mind aill hoa- the
procedure. At a tim aben the market aa hardly fvt of the
t-onTtlBion of the panic, and ahen even the Fytem could not el
aay ttotk ta the pkMk. I snder.oc-k for the American Sitlun
rroirp of capitaliata. "the Gctretbeim." to tell to the pcblif
7&.(Pe hare cf Tnkon Gold intrinsically a-orth then and nca
tit to II per share ahich I did in tao boors on SktrdT.
March it, at from IS pri to 17. By the rale that rovers, icit
transaction I turned over to "the Gtrrenhetms" the proceedi of
the hare 1 Lad aold, lew my pay. there ty letting the nock aa
protected and eiposed to the attack of the System, a bo. fearful
of my cress,, jumped on It value, thereby inducing cnlatcrt
to t-elieie they had been tricked and canting them to sell, leaving
tie market price under the thoKb of the System.
Kd "National Stek" bandied Token, the money paid by the
public a-ould have been retained to topport the ttock la the market-
toying all the iok ttt a-a offered either by theme lo
aihed to sell for profit or ty tLce a ho by aellir g freely a-ifhed
to attack the value, the retalt being that in a short time the stock .
a-ould te firmly etablihed on a rcckbottoni basic of it intrinsic
value. Ill to 1S, and ircprernb to speculative attack. After
thi had been acromplihbed the money received for the stock then
outstanding a-ould have been pil over to "the Guggetheima."
With the resources cf "National Stock" this oould be done, not
onlr in Tnkon. bat la the other sTocks a tick I have mentioned,
and in any other to aakh "Nat-'onal Stock" direct it poaerful
attention and rtock ahch the System's mat hi aery ba perched
too high can be yanked don H their proper level by "National
That there shall be no misunderstanding a to the character
cf "National Stock" I aay right here at the beginning cf it career
that th chief theatre of it first operation aT.1 te the stock mar
kets of New Tork. Boston and Philadelphia and eventually of
London. Paris and Berlin. The fund derived from the sale of it
share a-f.i be applied In exactly the same manner a the System
usee the people'! saving in back and trust companies to ta-ay
and fix the prices of the ttocks in which it deals. Ton already
know something of the from possibilities of sch operations; but.
conducted oa the scale permitted by the resources I shrll com
mand, results a-ill be as rtupendou and as certain as the System's
oan processes. Whatever "National Stock" sets out to do in the
market It ready and unencumbered million a-ill enable it lo
crush through in spite tf the Svsr.em's oppositiop Those nm
ready and unencumbered millions a-ill be effective in fore
stalling any stock move cf the System aith a tkh "National
Stock" doe not concur.
It Lai developed sine? the writing of my first advertisement
that it is a pbyncal Impossibility to print in thi space eves in
this full page, what I tad intended the plans of "National Stock. .
I hsve. therefore, derided to break off here and rush the fuli
story into a pamphlet.
This means that the first necesrary actios which confronts
me is the getting of this jamphlet into the hands cf etrj man
and woman in America.
With my story of "National Stock.'" its intentions and plans
ta the hands cf the people, the people ail boy "National Stock."
If the people bny 'National Stock" now at the s&arket srioe.
say II. B0 to 12 0 per share, they will make a ccpf't cf at least
IP9 to 75f jer cent, for every dollar they invest now will tcra
into IIP. which performance will cause the people to enthusiastic
ally back "National Stock" in its battle against the System.
With the million cf the weople savings, and their enthusi
astic backing. "National Stock" will be able to ooa over the Sys
tem In short order and National Stock" will become the greatest
instrument cf modem times for the righting cf the people's
I might as aell admit before you gs further that these four
advertisements have been published and at a cost cf 1150. MO for
no other purpose than to ttt the public Into a frame c.I mind a tere
ihey must hve the story of " National Stork" tb story of it
plan and intentions. I mesn by thi that tbfwe advertisement
were not published for the purpose of booming ""National Stock"
or for securing buyer for it now. but solely for the purpose of
getting before the millions s certain document of too setintional
a nature to publish in a nespaper sdvertisement.
Thi means I Intend to rorsricl every man and a-oman In
America to send for thi pamphlet new, not neit month or the
month after next, but now. I say now because l
1. Every one who get it must read it.
I. Every one who reads It win at oace become a stockholder
in "National Stock." Whether he buys a single share for a doi'.sr
and a half to two dollars or 100.000 shares for llifl Pc to 1106.
001 is of no import to -National Stock." What "National Stock"
wants, must have, is going to have, i stockholder, a vast number
of stockholders. It now has rising ffi.PPO. the largest number cf
tar corporation in the acr'd. wi-J the er:;tios of the Steel
Trust. It lntendt ti increase this number in leas thsn rrty da.
to 0fi,K0 and to 1.4P('.rC In :ea than three time rrty dv
X. Eery one a ho read xY.'t paajtiet will tft only bet on e a
ttwkiolder. but aiH. be-:asse erf a cemii! docuttfet oocuited in
each parcptlet. create otber tcckho?4er.
. Each day that go by will, because of the automatic sork
ing cf "National Stock" plas. ause the jri'e of "National Stock
to avouat higher.
This is ahv I say every one mast have a cpy now. net area,
"National Stock" hat advanced m the markets to IIP per stare
B-ar in mind a kj plan acrk out. the extensive adverJsirg
- aiil mean increased activity la "National Stock" in the stock mtr
ket of the country, ahicb. a? 1 ali) steer it. will ml.e for con
stantly advancing price vnui the txtttniett generated y Na
tlonal Stock" alU top all the past uk k rcarket acilvitie ahich 1
tte created, not will: stand inf.
The rulminstion of ay Aaalgatrated flotation caused mob
of buyer to surrovnd the National City bank, the Standard OU
bank, the biggest tank in America. Aay and night at tbe ottering
of subscription. The tremendous activity and rise of Trinity
i l.Pt'O per cent in less than 1, ((! StorV. exchange boartt last jear
brought such a mob of bujers to the Stock eschar ge a to cause a
panic aid the barrirg cf all victors. My Yukon cattpaiga caused
the calling of the Nea Tork folic to Wall street to eont-ol the
gTett srmy of buyer who flocked to that tenter snd the "Laason
panic" In 'December, 1K. dropped prices oier ll.CPO.Pf'P.t'PK in
three days.
Also bear in mind another reason for g-et aciiv't snd price
advance. I will advertise throughout the aorld at the ccmpJetiOn
cf each of my stock market deal their e.xar-1 history, shoaitg in
the resalis the big profit ahich have accrued to "National Stock."
atk-h profits a ill be reflec ted at once in increased activity and ad
vance In the price of "National Stork."
The argumenta contained In thi series of advertisement are
net intended to crge the ?urthase of "National Stock." They are
solely for the purjose of sboaing the public all classes of the
public that It is s dtity they oae themselves to send t ence for
the "Natlonl Stock" pamphlet, ahich ail be sent free to all npen
application. Later on my advertinirg will be brutally brief in It
effort to induce the public to buy - National Stock," and brutally
thorough in its nssaelt upon the stock of which the "National
Stock" ha first gone abort, or brs.bndedly booming of the
stocks cf whhh It ns first gone Votg. These sdvertisemeni are
solely for the purpose of getting IP.POO.ftPO "'National Stock"
paicphlet into the hand of 0.000. Gl0 people now. To that end
1 earnestly ask the following tlasses to apply at once for th.
Ranker. Brokers, Ministers, sVhooI Teachers, City and Town Offi
cial. President and Cawhier of National BsLaka, PreidcsH
and Trenearee of Saving Banks, Head of labor laioaft,
SirperinteadenU cf Mux- end Nanafartorie and Other BaM
acflac. Nearspaprr Exlttors and Reporter. VVerkly and
Mcathly PerK-diral rttrr. Postmij.tresse and PcUnaters,
and Sartngs Bnk Itepositor.
I call the attention cf these particular classes to this pmph
et because each copy a in contain a document extraordinary in it
self and of vital Interest to each men: be r of the cIssmis 1 have
With the funis supplied by the sale cf "National Stork."
hanks cd trust companies aill be established, in ahich the people
will deposit their money to be loaned out at rata cf Interest only
irg enough to conduct a legtiimnt' banking business and to
make a fair return to tbe stockholders.
Toisv the System bank exhibit statements shoaiing enor
mous earnings and surpluses, ahich. if their deposits were loaned
back to the pecpls st fair rates, would be as impossible as the
'-aialac in which niey ef banks and trust companies ar
1 housed, costing million wrung from borroaers and returning
nothirg on the investment. j
Example: In New Ergland today there is a national bank
and trust company, tao of the scores in New England controlled
by the System Their combined deposit belonging to ths people
sre 000 and their combined stock, belonging to the Sys
tem, has risen in value in s short period more than I12.0P0.O00.
The enormous profits, fully set forth in the annual statements of
these institntions. which they have siphoned from the community
of New England, in addition to I . 000,000, which is 4 per cent
annual Interest on the stock of both, were not accumulated by the
production cf anything remarkable or by any recognised form of
business, nor sre they the conservative profits cf legitimate back
ing, but they are the rica spoils of System manipulation of the
people' deposits, augmented by the wreck, by consolidation, "f
many of New England's oldest and soundest banking institution.
Confronting thi situation "Nstional Stock" a-ill take a part
cf the proceeds of the sales of its stock or the profit made in its
stock market operations and set p duplicate banking institutions
alongside of these two. The foundation of each will be an idt-al
charter that will bar even the owners of "National Stock" from
securing directly or indirectly any profits otber than i per cent
upon the capital Invested. All surplus will be returned annually
to the depositors in the form of Interest upon deposit or to bor
rowers throughout New England 1n the form of reduced loan rates,
nor will "National Stock retain for itself the control or direction
of the institutions. Their management will be absolutely plated
la the katl of the bet cf the cl4 balk officia't who will be
lected from the best cf tloe a ho fc been drives out of bus!
nee, or f;on sarint Uaxk offici'..
After itese ia;t lav bees advertised, a ' Na: tonal Stock
will sdernse item it it InevitaMe itt the de-rs:tor of the
System lnsritttior. aten the ot pflority 1 oTrred. win traasfei
aU or a large portion of their deto.u is the new insutstkn t
that the berroaer a-ri term tteir leans from ths new institu
tions And the esiab'istmett cf tfce two batkitg institution!
by "Nat'otal ftck" will make ea:er the creation cf similar insti
tutions in the o'ter large cities akereier the lusiaea men snd
df;oaitcrt are being erid betaeen the upper and nether mill
stone of tbe System.
"National ftotk." a'tft It hi made beJrlei the Rorkefe'ler
Harnman ard Morgans in tbe same at the Sstem renderef
t'je ib peofle laft Ociober. after it hh vast sain of csss if
it tresfuiy and ht basd-d togetber tt least 100 OOP cf iateMi
gnt stockho'.derf. a ill use Ttese stockbclder and it re
ourra to convert back to the people' ca eershlp tbe grett In
dustrial and financial Institution cf the country. No mirarl it
promised here, but tbe diaittfgratici inevltttVe from the coup 1
shall lni.rurete all loosen ihe System' bold on these concerns,
and they will be taken pf'Ss!on cf and leorganlred by "National
Stock" in the mere proreh cf event
Tbe backbone cf National Stotk" abkk can and will bring
about these thing. 1 in is stockholders The more stockholder
there are the greater will be i;s pcaer to accompllfh these thing
ttat I have set 6on. the euicker tbe results from the application
cf that poaer. ar.d tbe richer the rtf ulu to each stockholder. In
buying as much ' Stock" as you can afford and in can
vassing amongst your fri?nCi for additional stockholder, bear is
1. "Natiortl Stock" today is seiiing st about II. M to ll.
per shire in the opn market of tbe country.
2 Every aoditiotal stocshoider will cause the price to ad
vance beyond ah 'on pay for 1t.
S. Neither "National Stork." nor myself, nor any one con
nected with it. have any tck for stle. directly, to yon or to an
one. "National Stock" will be dealt in only in lbs open marse
a here all have the privilege of buying and making the price.
4. All orders for stock sbonld be sent to reputable New Tork
Philadelphia and Boston Stock exchange and Cnrb brokers
. All mtiney received by "National Stock" from the sale c
stock, and all profit msde by it in any say aill st once become
the property cf sll stockholder alike.
i. Net s dollar of "National Stock" fund or property eoe
to me. In profits, salerie. or in any ay.
"Nation! Stock" ttarts with about a million cash. Before
the public or the System are fairly as ire that it ha begun busi
ness thl million a-i:i bave been turned into forty million by the
selling of r.l00.'00 sl.aros c-f" "National Stock" st an average of
12 pei share and 2 .5.00.000 share at an average cf ! per share,
and with this sixteen million thus received it will have mad
profits of twenty-four millont out cf Wall and State street stock
It i cote id on knowledge that in many cf my previont stock
market cainpsigi. whenever 1 predicted the rise cr fall cf a stock,
the System could make it go temporarily the otber way by the
sheer a eight of money. As they did in Tukon so they did long
ago in Amalgamated. After 1 sold the slock to the public a: ICO
the System slaughtered lis price to SJ: then accosnting me dis
credited, they Blioaed it to rise to 121. After Copper Range had
gene from 10 to the System drove It back to 21. then allowed
it to rise to 10S. Bjlte and Boston, baving risen cn my advice
from 2 to lit. a at driven back to 111 then alloaed to advance
to ll0.
And so cn through the list of all otber stocka 1 hve handled
agairst the System even to the last tao. American Smelter and
St. Paul. At 17 1 said to .he public Smelter will go to 100. and
at 120 St. Paul aill go to 17f.. Smelters, because of tbe psrehase
by the people a ho absorbed my advice, immediately amounted tc
IS. ahen the System drove it brk to below te. Today it is 1P2.
tao point higher than tbe 11 I pr-edicted. St. Paul they drov
back to 10. Noa it is 14 7. on its aay to ib 17S I pointed to.
To that System afcich bss done ail tbee things I have but s
final ao'd to sty: Watch tbe artlviue of "National Stock." In
Its rise you win see all your poaer ebb. When you rctd in one of
my sflvertisemert that St. Paul, cr 7rn. or Yukon, or First
National, or Smelters, is gong to sdtance. 1i aill sdranoeand yoi
will be powerless to prevent When jou read in one of my adver
tisement That ore of your arbitrarily boosted stocks is going tc
drop to iis premier price level. tht stock aill drop tr that level
and you cannot ty it fall.
Watch them all go up or doan at "National Stock" dictate
and you will see tbe billion which u lve stolen from tbe peo
ple go back into their pocket. Watch the backs through shier
you robted them crumble and disappear, and the giant Industrie
through ahich you truth them begin to make fortunes for the
people instead of yon.
The poaer ahkh aill accomplish these seeming miracles i
the same power ahich has performed tbem so often 1n tbe psst at
jour can bidding, for your own enormou benefit- In the handi
cf "National Stock" the irresistible poser cf the people's mone
will be etfrciHifl for your destruction, and tbe vast prodnrt of tbe
people labor afll go to the ieopl themselves.
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St. LaiM Market.
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The Government
;rt tort Nauonal Eatk De;i:tor. The Ftrrt Nauenal
Bask cf Onisba a at orfanised tinder the National Banklsc
Laas and stder tbe eonstant stj pe-rv isxos c-f tfca Varied
Ftatt Govertnient. Acrdirf ta law, fie siAtcTLetts a
jear are ealied for end tao evanr-matk-p a year Vy ban
eaasnner are reulr-ed. ' -
Thl bank i retrit-ted by law to conservative butineA
Ciethois . .
All fond are pronex ifod b s noderB vault Tht jou
tan se how -tra joor money 1 ahen epoaltod here.
Vmir aec-osat is Isrtted. "
Thirteenth and Farnam Streets
Founded 1557.