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Beet Prist XV
Bttdolpa r. fwobeda, rnkllo.Aeoomami
bu, 117 K 1. Douglas shoe, tt 9.
Pa Bourke far Quality clears, IK B. llth.
Blneaart, photographer, lltb Farnam.
Jama O. Klasles for county att'y. Adv.
Equitable Idle Policies. al(ht draft at
maturity. H. D. Neely, manager, Omaha
Bargses-Oraadlsi Co-, Kit Howard St
Gas. eleetrto flctures, slectrls wiring and
repairs. Residence slectrls fan. lit ft.
Two DlTorcaa Oranted Divorce decrees
lave ben granted to Mra. Lillian Mead
from Waiter Mead and to Mra. Elliabeth
WHlfn from Burton Watson on tha
grounds of desertion In both cases.
Hnn of Xope Trnitw The first meet
Ing of the board of trustees of the House
of Good Hope, recently established by Rev.
Charles W. 8avldge, will be held Friday
venlne; at 1714 Farnam street. In tha office
Df Mr. Oould Diets.
Accidental Death the Tardict "Acelden
tal death, with no blame attached to the
iitreet railway company or Ita employes"
was the verdict of the coroner's Jury
Wednesday evening at the Inquest on the
Kth of Olaf Sieger, the aged tailor who
fill from a South Omaha street car near
Seventeenth and Vinton streets last Friday,
receiving a fractured skull.
Sight ftoomi la Torres ttonoel The
three annexes which have eompoeed th
Forrest school are being moved to a vacant
lot across the street and the work of con
structing the new building for the school
will begin at onre. The Forrest school will
b built at Fourteenth and Phelpa atreets
and will be an eight-room atructure. School
will be held in the old annexea acrosa the
street until the new building la ready for
Pete B. Halg-nt at Seat The funeral of
Peter B. Haight. who d'ed suddenly Tuns
day nlgftt In Kansas City following a sur
gical operation, waa held Thursday after
neon at 2:30 from the family residence.
82s Florence boulovard. Floral offering
from friends and bualneea associates of the
deceased were many and beautiful and were
banked about the room and casket. The
services were conducted by Rev. J. XX
Klrchsteln of the North Bide Christian
church and interment waa at Prospect Hill
cemetery. These officiated aa pallbearers:
A. C. Adams, H. C. Lane, Mark Price. Dr.
P. H. Ellis, Frank Foster, Frank Keogh,
J. XV. Thomas and Herman Mathea.
Hueetlon Asked by Forty-One Person
Majority Decides oa the
Eighth of November.
Forty-one persons In Omaha called up
The Bee by telephone Thursday morning
and aaked this question:
"Who won the debate?"
What debate? Why, the very Idea, as If
there ever was but one debate! It was the
Pahlman-Armor debate at the Bellevue
Chautauqua of course. That famous for
enalo combat In which the mayor of Omaha
strove to establish his claims against pro
hibition and Mrs. Mary Harris Armor of
. Georgia, endeavored to prove the virtue of
the total annihilation of the demon rum.
"Don't know who won it. madam,"
was the first answer made to this Inquiry.
(The Inquisitor, of course, was a woman;
so were the other forty.)
"You don't know? Why, I thought you
would have that In your paper."
"But there was no formal decision,
"OTi, there wasn't; why?"
"There were no Judges, madam."
"No Judges?" (Rising Inflection.)
"No Judges."
Well!" (Falling inflection.)
Another good woman waa advisee? that
doubtless In the judgment of the mayor of
Omaha Mr. Dahlman won the debate and
in I he mind of the good woman from Dixie
Mrr. Armor won the debate.
"Yea. but that's no way to decide It."
rejoined this woman. "What did those
present think?"
"Many things, doubtless, they did not ex
press. Perhaps It must be left to the ma
jority after all."
This seemed to offer the good woman
some encouragement.
"Oh. yes, that's right, of course," she
said readily. "And when does the ma
jority meet to decide?"
"November ."
for governor on the first ballot Just before
n this morning the democratic state
ventlon took a recess snd met again at
11 o'clock this morning to complete nominations.
Comptroller Will B .Bu for Gorernor AFFAR$ QMAHA
iiuuuutuuu uj icutivu.
reads ef the Cltr Are Low
Maar Claims Reseat
l tarmld.
L. West. Cam pa I an Manager for
llltcheock. Is the Maa Who
Takes Lead In the In-serrerttoa.
C O. Lobeck. city comptroller, will run
for governor.
Mr. Loberk has not changed his mind
a!-out pulling out of the race In favor of
Mayor Dahlman. but his friends have and
these friends will force him to enter the
lists for the, primary nomination. The
Jacks, sworn enemies of the Jims, are back
of the deal and the decision to force the
comptroller into the rare waa reached at a
meeting of Jack leaders Thursday noon
following the personal rights address by
the mayor the evening prevlojs. C. L.
West addressed the meeting and offered
to accomplish the feat of making a new
candidate to order, and It Is understood
that the offer was gladly accepted.
And at tli la Juncture arises another com-
The city council was busy Wednesday In
committee of the whole and the aame com
mittee will be In session Thursday. The
object of the meeting was to settle up.
aa far aa possible, all old claims against
the city. It was found that a large ac
cumulation of bills had been hanging over.
On some of these the council wa ready
to act favorably, but a number of others
will require a thorough lnveatlgatlon be
fore they are paid.
In aome casea the clalma are necrly a
year old and the elrcumstances of their
presentation are therefore unknown to the
present council. The order books' and
stubs of requisitions In some caaes do not
show the Items, and this makes the work
of checking doubly hard. Some of the
bills will be laid over and the claimants
will have to establish their rights in the
courts. It is evident that the utmost
scraping will not pull all the fund
through the yar. The light and water
funds will have a little left, but all the
rest are practically depleted.
The mayor insists that the year shall
Meeatala of Tempting Provision la
Heeled to the Gronnde nasi
Pealed with Facility by
llangry Hordes.
Mr. West has been the campaign manager be neariy straightened up as possible.
for Congressman Hitchcock, editor of the M that tn. r.publlcan party may start
Bryan organ. Is Mr. Hitchcock In on th wllh cie4n boOK, for tn t There
antl-Dahlman deal? Is Bryan? Or does wIn be an adjourned session of the city
Hitchcock propose to knife our Jim, Bryan council Thursday night to pas on the
or what not? Thee are questions that
have come up.
Mr. West will place the comptroller in
nomination before the primaries by means
of circulating a petition and says he can
easily get twenty-five signers and have the
petition on file with the secretary of state
before the closing of entries August 1. He
has not and will not ask the permission '
of Mr. Lobeck, he says, but will go ahead
regardlens of his wishes In tho matter end
make him a candidate whether or no, con
fident In the belief that tho comptroller
can defeat Mayor Dahlman, A. C. Shallen-
berger and O. W. Berge for the nomination.
Might Be Strongest Man.
Edward P. Berryman, secretary of Hie
Jack; club, attended the meeting, but waa
too politic to make a statement. He
acknowledgea the force of the argument
report of the committee of the whole. It
Is the last session of the year.
Fnnda at Low Point,
The trouble brought about by the pre
vious administration in South Omaha la
now felt at the moat acute atage. All the
funds are at the lowest ebb, with nothing
of consequence to replenish them. As aoon
aa the next levy becomes available th
present administration will put Into effect
Its promises concerning city expenditures
which have been Impossible before under
the aerlous state of the finances. All klnda
of makeshift tranafers have been made to
tide the city over without a shortage or
overlap. Under the new appropriation ordl
nance It Is proposed to do away with that
kind of shifting.
Mob Angered at I.eaae
Martin Lesac, Thirty-first and Madison,
put forward for the atrong aupporler of carna near being mobbed by Indignant cltl
Mr. Lobeck and agrees that possibly the
comptrollet might prove to be the strong
est man to tie to. In support of this
theory Is the persistent refusal of the Jack
club to swear fealty to either Mr. Dahlman
or Mr. Shallenberger, both of whom have
filed. They have held back their approval
of a candidate until "tho right man cornea
sens laat night for maltreating his wife.
He had an altercation with the woman in
the yard which ended by his aieslng her
and throwing her through a gate. She
fell and broke her arm In two placea. The
neareat neighbors were witnesses to the
act and were so angry that they aroused
the neighborhood. The men turned out
and before the police could be summoned
"Mayor Dahlman makes a plea for the had administered several severe cuffs and
liquor votes and the radical element, while
Mr. Lobeck holds the directly opposite
view," says Mr. West, In explaining his
reason for bringing out the comptroller.
"The mayor asks for liquor votes, tho
comptroller will aak for temperance votes.
The mayor Is not a church man, the comp-
klcks to satisfy, their anger ait Lesaa
Lesac was placed under arrest. Captain
Nels Turnuulst made the Arrest. Lesac is
an Austrian.
Greek Lose Saving.
Sevis Rurandos, a Greek at Twenty-
eighth and R etroeta, reported to the
troller la.. The mayor Is radical, the comp- poHoe that ,ome0ne had entered hla rooms
I Companies of Sixteenth Infantry
Leave Fort Crook for
Companies E. F, O, H, L and M of the
Sixteenth United State Infantry left Fort
Crook Thursday morning at 6 o'clock over
the Burlington for IJncoln. where the
command will disembark and will march
overland from that city to Fort Riley, Kan.,
a distance of 140 miles. The two battalions
are under the command of Captain Edward
R. Chrlsman and Includes the regimental
headquarters, field staff and band.
Company I, Captain Charles M. Bundel,
I now on duty at the Nebraska state rifle
range camp, near Ashland, and will leave
that camp August 19, by rail, for Fort
Riley, arriving there about the time Cap
tain Chrtsman's command reachea there.
Company K, Captain Edgar Rldenour
commanding. Will remain at Fort Crook to
garrison the post during th absence of
the remainder of the regiment. Captain
fcldenour will be In command St Fort
Captain Cornelius Gardener, commanding
th regiment, has started on his return
from leave of absence abroad, and will
Join th regiment at Fort Riley and wilt
remain wtlh It during the maneuver near
that post
A Blood r Affair
is lung hemorrhage. Stop It; and cur
weak lungs, cough and colds with Dr.
King' New Discovery. 80c and J1.00.
Beaton Drug Co.
. Street car advertising,
f Omaha Hotel Supply Co.
moved from tit Bo. 13th to rooms SI to 17
V. 8- National bank building.
Dr. Roas, Dentist. 418 Barker Block.
Bnlldlng Permit.
H. P. Bjsers. Thirty-second avenue and
Gold street, tram dwvillng, 3ii; p. H.
l.ane. Military avenue and Parker street,
rrame aweiung. nw
troller Is conservative.
"Mayor Dahlman and Mr. Shallenberger
must look for votes from the same quarter,
as Mr. Shallenberger has been blacklisted
by the anti-saloon league. Mr. Berge la a
temperance man and will get the other
votes. Unless Lobeck cornea out, Mr. Berge
will without a doubt be nominated, but
with LnbtfCk In the field. Lobeck will be
nominated. He will get hla share of the
temperance vote and he will get hla share
of the Scandinavian vote (Lobeck'e middle
name la Otto and he pride himself on hla
nationality), and there la nothing that can
stop his nomination.
'Different with Bryan.
"With Mr. Bryan It Is different, but
many people rather place their bets on a
now man, you knew. Mr. Shallenberger
has tried and lost, so has Mr. Berge. Mr.
Lobeck has never run and many people
would rather tie to a new man than to
a man who has besn defeated. There Is
not the slightest shadow of a doubt but
that neither Mr. Dahlman or Mr. Shallen
berger will be nominated. There are not
enough liquor voles to do It. The nomina
tion then Ilea between Mr. Berge and Mr.
Lobeck, with the odds In favor of the
Omaha man."
The city comptroller waa formerly a
traveling salesman and Is known tn every
quarter of the state, his supporters aaylng
that hla acquaintance Is as large aa Mayor
and taken t he had kept In his cloth
Ing. He suspected a laborer, who had
been In the same rooming house, of the
theft. The police are working on hla de
serlptlon, but aa yet hjve made no ar
reata in the case.
Fatal Case of Snnatroke.
The first case of sunatroke, or heat
proatratlon, to result fatally, was reported
Wednesday night. Charles Michaels, liv
ing at Forty-ninth and S streets, while
working In the hery field for Jerry I Ton
tains, at Forty-ninth and Y atreets, cud
denly collapsed about p. m. Wedneaday
evening. He waa given the usual restora
tives and Dr. E. L. De Lanney waa called
to attend him. The doctor succeeded In
partly restoring the man, and thought him
out of Immediate danger. He ordered him
to the hospital about 9 p. m., and he died
en route. He lived with his aged mother
at Forty-ninth and S streets. He waa
single man of about 35 yeara. Previoua to
the aunatroke he waa feeling aa well aa
usual. Several other people of the city
have been exhausted by the heat, but
none of them has been more than tern
porarlly Indisposed from the effects. No
funeral arrangements for Mr. Michaels are
yet made.
Magic City Gnaaln,
Mrs. Maurice P. Hinchey has gone for a
visit of two weeks to Chicago.
- - ' -" - part of the city. Telephone No.- a.
paiBn qualities ano say mat ne nas Deen rx, not fall to buy a lot In South Omaha
strengthened by voluntarily pulling out of at the sale Saturday; easy terme. K. S.
f . . . . . . . 1 T) -X.
ine race in lavur 01 me mayor, tiy nia re- I
entering no cenaure can attach to him, for
the filing will be done for him by others
and he will have nothing to say about IL
The debate on temperance by Mayor
Dahlman at the Bellevue Chautauqua Wed
nesday evening waa the deciding pointa and
the Jacka think they aee a chance to get
even with the man who would not let them
Into the national democratic convention.
Eleven Delegatee Leave for Sexten
nlal Meeting of Bohemian
Ladles Society.
Eleven delegatea from Neoraeka to the
textennlal convention of ' the Bohemian
Ladles' society at Cleveland, left Oman
Wednesday evening. Three Omaha women
were Included in the party, Mrs. Emilia
Bandh9uer, Mrs. Anna lyrejcl, and Mrs.
Anna Duda. Mrs. Bondhauer will present
to the convention a gavel which was given
to her husband. Frank Bandhauer, when he
was a member of the Omaha school board.
This gavel waa made by pupils tn the
manual training department of the high
school and is decorated with the national
and the Bohemian colors. The convention
will be attended by over 100 delegates,
representing the branches of the lodge all
over the country. The state delegates were
Mrs. Marl Beck and Mrs. Olga Sta.'tny of
Wilbur, Mrs. Msrle Tlchacek of Ltnwood,
Mrs. Anna J. Fllllpi .of Clarkson, Mrs.
Anna Aksamlt of Crete, Mrs. Anna Pros-
kovec of Bruno, Mrs. Alolsie Hardy of
MUHgan, Mrs. Marie Hach of Ravenna,
The lodge at Humboldt will be represented I started.
by Mrs. Bandhauer of Omaha, and Miss
Rose Stastny of Swanton will accompany
the party. The session of the convention
lasts from August 1 for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Austria Winer. 2514
street, report the birth of a son.
Mrs. C. C. Carrothera of Atlantic. la
la the gueat of Mrs. C. M. Schindel.
For Bale Seven-room modern house
corner Twenty-second and T streets. Lot
ftixlW feet, Twenty-sixth street, between
E and F. J. H. Kopleta, 508 North 24th St
For quick returne list your real estate
with A. L. Bergqulat & Son. Let ua rent
your houae.
Hey man A Berry, sellers of "quality
meats; Z4th and E, telephone 390; 2 til and
A. telephone 117.
Mlaa Alva Gorby of Indianapolis la th
guest of Mra. E. L. Culver, bil North
1 went let n street.
Ten dollar cash will make first payment
on lota at the sale In South Omaha 8&iur
day. K. S. Rood.
For Sale Corner lot, 4oxl50 feet, Twenty
sixth and F streets. A fine sr lot, tw
blocks from Albright car line. J. H
Kopleta, HO North Twenty-fourth street
The Amartllts club Will meet this after
noon at 1 d. m. It Is the latest orcanlxa
tlon which has be-n reported in social clr
Mrs. J. J. Dvorak, Fifteenth and M
streets, was taken to the South Omah
hospital yesterday morning for an opera
Now ts the time to buy a home In Bout
Omaha. Be one of the first at the sal
Saturday. E. 8. Rood, 917 New York Life
building, Omaha, Neb.
The corner of Twenty-fourth and N
streets was congested all the evening by
parties wisiung to go to neiievue last
Miss Kitty Jolc of Chicago, who has
been the guest of Mrs- Thomas Kelly, has
gone to Fremont for a ahort visit before
returning to Chicago,
Buy a South Omaha lot and watch tha
city boom when the new Improvemetita are
H. B. Kooa.
Weet Virginia Democrats Nomlaate,
CHARLESTON. W. Va., July 30 After 404 North Twenty-fourth treet
For Sale Three lot. 60x150 ft., Twenty
eighth and A streets, at right prices. Two
lots. Twenty-seventh and A streets. J. H
Kopleta, 501 North Twenty-fourth street.
Loans on planoa, warehouae receipt
household goods, live stock, etc. Call and
get our terms. Fidelity Chattel Loan Co.
nominating Louis Bennett of Lewis county
Do jrou tell jrour food bechu of their quality, or becaute
they art) chtsap? If jrou depend on the quality, no matter how
sincere your Mtertiono of quality may be, the lack of it in
your printed matter will weaken your claim.
The condition of Chris Miller was not
improved last night. He waa unconscious
with some Indications of collapse. It
learned he haa a son living west of Omaha
For Sale Fourteen-room furnished fla
in steam-heated building, in good business
block. Excellent opportunity to cstablis
good business. E. B. Brown A Co., room
Live Stock National Bank building. Tel
South 431.
The degree team of camp No. Ml of th
Woodmen of th World will hold a lawn
ec al at the residence or John Nodeon,
Fifteenth and W streets, Thursday even
Ing. July J.
For Sale Three lots and six-room house.
barn, fruit trees, etc. Two acres, five-room
house, fruit trees; Just the place for
poultry rsrm: near city limits. J
Kopleta. 6u3 North Twsnty-fourth street.
Twenty-eight choice South Omaha Iota-
all near the street car will be sold at
o'clock p. m. Saturday, August 1. at Kits
ke a Heloing s stora. corner Railroad av
nu ana v. asiungiun streets. ! b. nova
A rtere Attack
of malaria, liver derangement and kid
ney trouble I easily eurvd by Electric Bit
tera. the guaranteed jeroedy. 50c. Ikaton
Drug Co
wo Hundred Litti? Fellows at An
nual Picnic at Manawa.
hard It said that Mr. flearst will give his
entire time to managing the campaign of
the Independence party or rather of the
man whom they nominated for preeldent.
I do not know hia name nor how to spell
it. Mr. Hearst acted very much pleased
over the outcome of the meeting in Chi
cago. I am sure I do not know any more.
I never give out Interviews."
Mr. Hearst and hla sleeping party ar
rived over the Northwestern at S.35 o'clock
and the Union Pacific pulled the Overland
Limited out of Omaha promptly at i
Thursday eertalrjy wa a day to make the
doctor feel discouraged the day of the
newsboys' picnic. In the morning after
paper selling time the boys, about 200
strong, marched through th bualness
treets and visited al the newspaper offices
cheering and yelling In a manner that put
the rah-rah boys to shame. That was where
the lung apeclalitts got theirs. Later In
tne swimming and athletic contests the
orthopedists and surgeons got the blues,
while one glance at the small mountain of
edibles taken along was enough to cause
even an Iron-nerved stomach specialist to
The newaboys picnic la a great annual
event, lor looked forward to by the busy
young merchants. The event of Thurs
day prove that they enter no less heartily
into their pleasure than Into their daily
Let It be understood right at the start
that this waa no slouch of a picnic. Ths
newsies have the friendship of many peo
pis. Rom Miller, he's the treasurer and
secretary of the association. All the loading
merchants and packing houses helped get
up the picnic. And look at the
syell women that helped serve the grub
over the lake. Among these were Mrs.
E. Hayward, Mrs. J. D. Weaver, Mrs.
R. L. Metcalfe of Lincoln, Mrs. Charlotte
Towl, Mrs. C. J. Roberts, Miss Mae Weaver
Mlaa Marguerite Heaton and Mlsa Bessie
And the" Alllson-Daugherty combined
shows which exhibited In Omaha last week
contributed the proceeds of the show to
the picnic fund. This amounted to $14.98.
Car Pall of Kid.
The chartered car full of happy, yelling
newalea, left Fourteenth and Farnam
atreets promptly at :30 a. m. For two
hours before that, the boys had been gath
ering and a seeming mountain of provisions
had been growing larger with every de
livery wagon that stopped to add to It
Cast your gllm over the following unpara
lleled list of attraction offered the newalea
at the picnic:
JO gallons Ice cream 30
I bunches bananas 1
18 watermelons 13
24 pies 24
300 buns 300
400 slices of bresd 400
6 crates of peaches 5
60 oran ges 250
(0 pounds veal 50
50 pounds boneless pork 50
150 pounds spring chicken 150
1 whole roasted lamb 1
Joe Carroll and other experts on news
boy appetite, expressed the belief that ths
provisions would be sufficient for the 204
boys. Joe snd Ms assistants have been
colectlng money and provisions for weeks.
The merchant responded liberally. The
Cudahy, Armour and Swift packing houses
donated the meat.
The embarking of the newies was a sight
worth seeing. Joe Carroll of The Bee
seemed to be chief mufti with Mike Barto
a his able assistant. Mogy Bernstein of
the News was also a busy man and Tony
Caatanxo, representing the World-Herald,
was hopping about on hia crutches doing
st least twice a trjuch as men wllh
two legs 'could do. ' These three captains
planned everything 'with the system of
vettrans. The mountain- of provisions had
been placed on Fourteenth street between
Douglas and Farnam atreets and the boys
were lined up half a block away at Far
nam atreet. When the car pulled up, the
rear platform waa piled high with Ice
cream freetera, bananas, boxes of ment
and buna, while under each seat a water
melon or a crate of peachea was stowed.
Like Horatloa at the Bridge.
Then the car moved on to Farnam street,
whore Tony Castanso and Joe Carroll. Ilka
twin Horatluses at the bridge, were holding
the Juvenile horde tn check. Woe, then,
to any daring youth who sought to slip
Into the car without being a bone fide
newsie. NlUle, it couldn't be done. Joe
Carroll stood at the back platform and
Tony Castanto at the front and separated
the sheep from the goats, the newsies from
the mere boya. "Famoua Hustler," "Yel
low Dog." "Snakes," "Rotten Eggs,"
Stubby," "Quaker Oats," "Fish," all
these and about 190 others had free and
undisputed entre to that coveted car, but
It was almost as easy for a camel to
paaa through the eye of a needle as for a
non-newsboy to get past the watchful eyes
of the two arguses, Joe and Tony.
And then away went the car full of Joy
to Manawa. where the first thing scheduled
waa a base ball game at Ideal Hustlers'
park. After that there was all kinds of
fun at the park, including swimming (Lite
Saver Parker of the Young Men's Christian
association was on hand with a picked
crew of Intrepid men to do the rescue
atunt In case It became necessary); and
there were races and watermelon eating
conteata and pie eating conteMa and other
conteala with plenty of fun on the roller
coaster and the merry-go-round and other
amuaement devices.
The special car arrived in Omaha on the
Compliment I Paid Theater Manager
by Business Men at the Com
merrlal Clsb.
Carl Relter, manager of the Orpheum
theater for vfn years, who grws to Seat
tle to manage the northwest circuit, was
the guest of honor at a complimentary din
ner tendered him by businnr men of
Omaha at the Commercial club Thursday
noon. Gorge F. West, general agent of
the rasserger departent of the Northwest
ern railroad, was toastmaster.
.While the buln fs men were arriving and
being seated In the main dining room, the
orchestra from the Orpheum furnished
XV. R. Bennett presented Mr. Relter with
a cut glass set as a gift from the Or
pheum orchestra, making a speech of un
usual Interest In giving Mr. Relter the
present. W, S. Summers presented Mr.
Relter with a handsome gold watch and
chain as the gift of the business men of
About seventy-five were present. They
were the most prominent men in bualness
and professional life In Omaha, many of
whom have been associated with Mr.
Relter In a business way.
Blnrk Hand Oent In Retnrned to lit
Native Lnnd a an Undesirable.
Marlcello Marlechino, or more popularly
known as Mike Tcsedo, an undesirable cltl
sen who haa been held In the Douglas
county Jnll for nbout three months await
ing orders from the Immigration bureau
for deportation. Is now on hla way to New
York enroute to hla dear old Italy. Immi
grant Agent W. R. Mansfield loft for New
York Wedneaday evening with Tesedo and
was accompanied by Dave Dickinson as a
special guard.
Tesedo had been In Omaha for a year
or more and Information was sent to the
Immigration bureau at Washington that
he was here as an undesirable alien, hav
ing been convicted of a crime In Italy and
was shipped to this country by some of his
Black Hand or Mafia friends.
The Immigration authorities were on tho
lookout for Tesedo here for some time.
Ifo was finally located In one of the grad
ing ramps, but managed to elude apprehen
sion for several weeks. He was finally
landed and placed In Jail. An effort waa
made at one time to secure his release on
bail, but was unsuccessful, as the govern
ment will not accept bail In such cases
where the Immigrant 1a an alien criminal.
Are Yon la Donht Where to Spend
Tour Vacation f
The Grand Trunk Railway System
(double track) offera the choice of many
delightful resorts. Special low round-trip
fares to many of them. If you will advlae
how much you have to spend for railroad
fare, a publication describing attractive
route to the aectiona you can reach, to
gether wtlh fares, will be acnt you. Oeo.
XV. Vaux, A. G. P. & T. A.. 135 Adam
St., Chicago.
return last evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Head of Independence Party Passe
Through Omaha oa HI Way
to California.
William Randolph Hearst, editor, million
aire, politician, head of the. Independence
party and Its national chairman, slept
soundly In his state room Thursday morn
ing on the Overland Limited amid all the
din at Uuion station and his valet would
nut disturb bim, nor Clarence J. . Shearn
hla adviaer, who la traveling with Mr,
Thoae In the Hearat party were Mr. and
Mra. Hearat, Mr. and Mra. Shearn and
two children. All had state rooms and
were guarded not only by two vigilant
Pullman porters ahd a conductor, but Mr.
Hearst "Charley" waa on constant watch
Nothing was to be allowed to Interfere with
Mr. Hearst's rest no call waa to be made
for breakfast and If the new national
chairman awakes this side of San Fran
cflco It will be by his own initiative and
not by anyone pounding on th stateroom
door. "Charley," valet, ts a big Irishman,
with red hair and looks aa though he could
help push the train if the engine got weak
between the Missouri river and San Fran
The valet would not give hla name to
the reporters, who were the only ones at
the station to see Mr. Hearat. After say
Ing that Ire waa aur he did not know
what time Mr. Hearat retired or when h
would awake; that he wa sure he did not
know how long Mr. Hears, vouid be tn the
west the valet volunteered the following
"W left Chicago laat evening. Mr
Hearat la going to San Francisco. I do
not know how to- apell Mr. Bmaro's name,
I do not "know hla bualness nor why he is
traveling with Mr. Hearst. Yea, I have
EfiV Ellis
Illustrated Music School
SOil-4-5 Old nrandris Bldg.
Theoretical and Xarmony Department
Klaa Bffa Kill.
Special Illustrated Lesson far
.Adults and Children,
aUs Slots Wood, recently from
Europe, pupil of Alberto Jonas Kllnd
worth, Scharwenka Conservatory,
Yioinr DKFAJtTMrirT.
ICi Francis Braoshaw, pupil of
Henry Q. Cox, of th Stat Unlvsraity
of Iowa. Graduated ltOS, Christian
College, Columbia, Mo.
Write at once for partlculara about
the Special Mall Courses being used
by thousands all over th United
States. Mention thia advertisement.
Where they build manly boys
Send your boy to a school where they do
more than give thorough Instruction. Our
school does this, but It does a great deal
more. Military training and exercise will
give him a physique which will avail him
all his life.
The Kearney Military Academy
Is a school which gives thorough lnstruc
tlon and military training and maintains
a discipline, which, together, will give
your boy the training he needs to maku
him a well educated, well trained, manly
young fellow. If this is your idea of tha
education and training you wish your boy
to receive, write me for full partlculara.
Barry If. Bnassll, Head Master, Xsar
nsy, BTeb
Information concerning the ad
vantages, rates, ex.ent of cur
riculum and other data about the
best schools and colleges can be
obtained from the
School and College Information
Bureau of The Omaha Eee
All information absolutely free
and Impartial. Catalogue of any
particular school cheerfully fur
nished upon request.
School for the scientific treatment of
voice and speech defect. Stammering
and stuttering cured in a few weeks by
our own natural methods. Kilter at any
time. Write for terms.
JT7X.IA A. TAUOatABT, rrlnolpal.
Being Building, Omaha, Beb.
Domestic Science,
Art, Expression
Special Courses. Normal Courses for Teach
ers, Full Course leading to Diplomas.
The best instruction. Reasonable rales.
Healthful and helpful College aurroundlnga.
Asiicw: Illinois Wocnu's College,
Bus li) octaooTlUs. Illinois.
Lascll Seminary
For Ytufl Watncm. Aabur.ft4.alts, Mm.
Aa unuarUAvl trhotil. Comblnea thoroucto Instruc
tion In ui atudiut rilh umcju douis-mue Uu utiif
thai nu for llvtM of culture! um4uium and bom
tsAppiuM. SpH-Lfsi otiportuiiill in Houtioi
Ktixioiak. MuAic, Art, ttlc. Uvlirblful uLurbaui
Inrmuon, ln mlln fruiu BusHotv LatJoif9 tad fu4
Infill uiatloa un pikrUtn. Addrac
l mm
The Wayne Normal
Some of th stroris- features of the Wayne Normal, whlchTonimrnd tn
school to those seeking an education, are: A strong teaching force: a healtn
ful location; thorough and practical coursea; moderate charges; wnoit-mime,
moral influence; splendid buildings and equipment; students may enter at
any time; no entrance examinations are required; students may take Just tne
studies they wish; graduates receive state certificates; students are assisted
to good positions; superior hoarding facilities; good libraries and laboratories;
model school the entire year: excellent free lecture coursea; graduates ad
mitted to sophomore class of the state university without examtnstlon; an
agricultural cours th full year of 4S weeks; a winter term of agriculture of
12 weeks: a thorough course In manual training; review classea in ail
branches each term; earn department has Its special teacher and eomplet
equipment. No achool enjoys a better reputation. Method clasees each term.
Normal trained students are always !n H-jmand
The school owna and occupies two large recitation hnlldlntn; five dormi
tories; central hot water heating plant; dining room with seating capacity
of tOO; llhrarles; laboratories; gvmnaslum; museum; athletic groluMs; sio k
barn and various other equipment which go to make thia School the moat
complete or Its kind In the west . ..,,.-
All buildings have electric lights. Pcportments: rrrraratory, teacher a.
state certificate, eelentlflc teachers, primary, revisw, agriculture, manual
1 nH t.,.inB -, rultiirp shorthand ana tvpe-
writing, drawing and penmanship. Our catalogue and circular will interest
you. A poat.l to tn. prea.aem w,u '"" way,.,
The Nebraska Military, Lincoln, Neb,
A first class, high grd military boarding gcnooi
for boys and young men. Ideal location, outstd
the city yet close enough to derive all city benefits;
large, well equipped buildings, forty acres of campus,
drill, parade and athletic ground.
Strong faculty: the best academic, military, busi
ness and industrial training. Preparation tor col
lege, university or business. A clean and inspiring
school home. Careful attention g?ven to the health,
habits and home life of the boys. Non-sectarian, but
strongly religious. Special department for boys un
der 12 years of age.
School wilt open September 1, 108. For in
formation address.
or B. D. Hayward, Superintendent, Box 163.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Old you
ever tlhlmlc
that any school can easily have "ex
pert teachers" on paper! The Mosher
Lampman Business College has them
in the school room. This accounts for the fact
that just 80 ro of the students vrho have entered
our school in July came to us from other Business
Colleges. For information call, phone or write.
MOSHER-LAMPIVIA.IM, 171& and Farnam Streets
The direct route
A straight line la the shortest distance
between two points. Why not taecu your
fingers Til DIXZOT BOUTS T
Hie complete keyboard. Hmlth Pre
mlr. Is the WOaVLD'S BEIT TY1S
Free employment bureau
Stenographers are furnished to bualness
men without chance ".o school, atene
grapher or employer.
Write for particulars.
Tbe Smith-Premier Typewriter Ca.
at- O. PLOWnTAlT. Mrr.
umaaa, men.
Oldest and largest tn tha Middle fVesL Prepares for Universu
ties. Government Academies or for 1. 1 re. Active U. 8. Or fleer.
Rated tn class "A". Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry drliu. in.
dividual Instruction for backward hoys. Manual Training-, bep.
arate department for small boya Illustrated catalogue free.
Address Secretary, tiox A. Lexington. Mo.
Liberty Ladies CoIIegi
14 nillts from Kiwi City. Bosutlful and healthhl locution Hlchcst (red Is Lsittrs
Settncra. Arts, ricultr spvelally triinsa In lodlug Culletn snd umvmsiM of Amarus u4
ProfSMors. gnduirs wllh klshest kosirt of th Royal Conservsterlas of Serlla, Lslpils,
Luailoa. una th sietkodi of lesM toiue rvttorlM. A sijls i: Csblust Grind Modal Bowman
Piano a I'm la kta PastlTti Cootaat. Addreaa C M WILLI AtlS, LIMrtr. Mo
Upper Alton, Illinois)
Ideal location, near 8t Louis. Six modern buildings. .Fireproof Barracks. Large drill
hall. Willi gymnasium, buwllng alleys and shooting gallery. Exceptionally atrougj
faculty. Army detail. Tuition 1160. Cupacity 150. Waiting Hat last year. Immedate
application advisable, for boys of Kood chnnu'er above the sixth grade
COi. ALBERT M. JAOXSOsT. A, at., npsrlntendeDt.
In the business world, to the
most highly trained go the spoils
of victory: suecess.
Personal Instruction. Is abso
lutely essential to .a thorough
training far a position as profes
sional stenographer.
This school Is personally conducted
by Its president and founder, a writer
and teacher of shorthand, who supervisee-
the work of each atudant and
under no conditions will more stu
dents be enrolled than can be person
ally cared for.
Puryear's Commercial School
t3g w. Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
Pennsylvania, at eroersborg.
Mereersburg Academy lor Boys
College Preparatory Ooarses
Personal Interest taken, with aim to
Inspire in pupils lofty Ideals of
scholarship, sound Judgment and
Christian manllneas. For catalogue
William Mass Irvine, Pa. X., Pres.
"Beery Studeat aa Advertiser."
College Courses, Academy Courses,
Teachers' Couraea, New Conservatory
of Muslo. Ideal location. New Science
building, moderate espensaa
Write for haadaowa catalog and
Illustrated sonvealr.
A. B. TOI'ia, LL. P. PBBIT)B WT.
And make from f 10 to 1(0 per day. We
teach you AoetioneerindT In four weeks'
time ao that you cau step at once Into one
f the beat paying occupations in the Und
and that without capital. Wa only require)
one-half of tuition down, the other after
rou have become a auoceaaful auctlonaer.
Ut Illustrated catalogue now ready. Bex,
ffena Ar- -- Actual practice given.
W. B. Cai-semteg, rrev, ef Treats. Me,
Business, Morinal, Preparatory Course
A pleasant college town. Living expeiiovf
low Places to work for room and boaiu,
Uraduitca assisted to exculisnt position;
If lntersBted, s.nd for our handsome free,
catalogue, the finest ever published by an
achiol. '
Council Bluffs, la.
Under the combined Influence of serious
work, kindly courtesy, snd youthful merry
making the students of this Hoarding and
Lay achool for young women and glris
grow into a happy appreciation of the
beauty and dignity of wholesome, social re
lationships. Students holding certificates
covering the full entrance requirements of
a standard slate university are admitted
without examination to junior year of col-l.-klate
course. Certificate in college-preparatory
course admits to Vassar. Welles
ley, Bmlth, Mount Holyoke Cnlverslty of
Nebraska, University of Wisconsin snd
Cnlverslty of Chicago. Kxceptlonal advan.
lagoa In music, art and domestic science.
Well equipped gymnasium, and nut-door
aporta. iludi nts mothered eympsthetlcally
For llluairated Year-Hook address Mlsa
Macrae, principal. Omaha.
Todd Seminary for Boys
(1st year. The oldeat school for hoys lb
the Northwest. Located (0 minutes from
Chicago and 1009 feet above the aea In
the "hill country" of Illinois. Our Ideal:
"For every Todd boy a good cltliun. dend.
for prospectus. BToble BUU. pftBuistX
BUaola, Woodstock.