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Moot rrf XV
ndolpfc . inMt, Acr mintant-Audltor.
Bowman, m N. II, CouslaS shoe, $ .10.
Fa aourtt) for Quality clctra, 1116. 15th.
BUnsaert, pfiotegrspher. llih A Farram.
1 r. tonka deattss, moved to Futon
Vanta to Order, t& tip: coats and pant,
120 up. afsVCarttiy-Wilson. S4 B. 16 th.-
ay Money f 1 to 15.400. Nebraska
Sav. and-Loan an. Board of Trad bid I.
Edultsble Ufa, rul Morton, president.
Policies 'night drafts at maturity. 1L D.
Keely, Manager, Omaha.
Waterhonse Tlctlm ef Thlaf Tb l"k
or r'rlnclpal A. H. Waterhouje In the office
pf the high arhool a broken open 'Sunday
afternoon or plght ard between $13 and
115 ai stolen. There la no clue to the
thief. '
X. W. Wnkeley Holdlnf Bis Owa Dr.
O. 8. Hoffman, attending L. W. Wakeley,
rrlirtg that Mr. Wakplry la about holding
lil own from the effects of the operation
fur appendicitis which waa preformed a
week ago Saturday.
Bay a Wife Bsfansa to Cook Mania
litira Smith Netr has applied for a divorce
from SusUl Jtelr-, aaswtlns; gho refused tt
took his meals or ai'tnl to her household
duties and finally abandoned Mm ad their
child.--He wants tvt custody of the child.
Mayo - and Other Sag-lea Tit
Thomas . VXyrjn, president of the Omaha
Kaglrs. 'Mayor Dahlman and a number of
othrr Eagles lesve Tuesday for Norfolk
to attend the state convention of tlfe lodge.
The mayor will talk to the Eag'es at a ban
quet to bs served tnetn.
Physicians Go to Chicago A large
njniber of Omaha physicians left for Chi
cago Monday evening to attend the an
nual meeting of the American Medical as
sociation. , Among those going are Dr.
Kouteky of South Omaha, Drs. Ross, Morl
artly. R. C. Moore, Impey, Hollister and
W. Henry.
' Bepaira for Bogars' Mora Plans ar
out for the remodeling of the store oc
cupied by George Rogers at 1506 Farnam
street. The building belongs to the Boston
Ground JElent company and the McCague
Investment company la agent for that
company. A new front will bo put in and
the building will Da extended In the rear
to the alley.
Carer goes Tor HIS Tall For a fall
. . from the roof of the Strehlow flats on Sher
man aveaue, Thomas H. Carey has begun
suit liT district court for 15,000 from the
National Roofing company. He asserts
ha was on the roof misting material when
the beam' to which the pulley was attached
fell, throwing him to the ground. Ha as
serts ha haa been permanently injured.
Boy Without a Horns juvenile au
thorltiea are looking for a home for James
Posa, a 14-year-old boy, whose father de
serted him in South Omaha and went back
to Europe, leaving him stranded. His only
relative In this country Is a brother living
I In St. Joseph, who is unable to care for
him. James ts declared t iba a bright boy
' and the juvenile authorities hope to find
a- good home for him. .
Internal Bevenne -Beoalpla for May
The receipts of internal revenue for the
.. Nebraska revenue district for the- month,
of May, 190S, were 179,13.0. against M6.-
76S.48 for the month, of May. MOT. This
shows a decrease of (76,633.42 over the
5 corresponding- month of last year and lies
almost wholly in the matter of distilled
, spirits. The receipts from other revenue
! sources are about normal.
.: Sam Adler ea Trial Sam Adler. a pawn.
! broker at Eleventh and Farnam streets,
war placed on trial Monday morning on a
charge of receiving stolen property made" in
n ndlrtropnt returned by ,the grand Jury.
Adler' It Is- charged, bought the property
stolon from Theodore McClure's store at
Florence. Joseph Meyers wss convicted of
the burglary last week and sentenced to
foffr years In the per Herniary.'
Only Civil Cases at Bocess Term The
recess term of the- federal courts for this
district resumed Mondsy morning, with
Judge T. C. Munger of Lincoln on the
bench.. It is possible that only clyll cases
Will be tried during the remainder of the
term, which Is likely to continue for about
three weeks. As no cases were rtady tor
trial Monday forenoon an adjournment was
taken until 2 o'cltck In the afternoon.
rears Bis Brother on rated Ship Frcnk
rianck, bookkeeper In the office of the city
comptroller, la worried over the report of
three .collisions between stesmships in tHe
North' sea and the English channel on Sun
day, as his 'brother is on a ship which Is
jiow due in the North sea. Mr. Planck's
brother, William Flanck of Red Oak, la,
and his wife, sailed a week ago last Satur
day from New York for Hamburg on the
V Pretoria,
'S "Ood Know," Husband Doesn't "God
knows replied K. ii. Searle wearily,
when Police Judge Crawford asked why
his wife hsd left him. Searle wss In court
on a chars or disturbing the peace. He
bad seen his wife returning from Crelg'nton
hnll with another man Sunday night. He
had bade the man begone and hsd tried to
take his wlfa home. The officer arieated
him, hut the womsn ran sway. He was
discharged. ,
Half Oaatnry and Tlrs Arrest Teldy
X Ecklund in police court advanced
, Is the man accusetl by clerk at the Her
the faet IhSL he had lived In tie city forty
five years and had never been arrested
i betort.' The argumrut appealed to the
police Judge though Mr. Eckland was ar
rested on a somewhat serious charge. He
' Grand, the Millard and the Schllts hotels
! af paaalng checks and putting up "phony"
watches as security. Ha was fined W0.
Xgas Yields Bot to Temptation The
womap tempted Officer Egarv but ha did
not eat. The woman waa Mattle Jackson,
"Olored, accused of taking t tt from O.
McErld-- Whi-n Officer Egan appeared
on the acene In response to McBrldc'a
romphitht. Miss Jackson drew a 15 bill
fro.n her insist and offered to 'split" It
with tbw -off leaf If, he would keep quiet
about lUe'waMer. But the faithful police
van fcrret4 her and she was fined 15 in
il'isv court. '.'
' Wraths XaoUsa'aUipa a Cog Colonel
v 'ah of the weather bureau modestly
irnft-ttea that wrlth the eaertlona of hold
ing the weather back Memorial day ao
that all the proceedings could come off on
schedule, lima, the weather machine did
vl'p a cog so far as temperature la con
cerned Sunday night and. Monday morn
ing. A temperature of 53 was reported
kern as a starter fjr the balmy month of
June, with showers out In the state. The
local indications for Mondsy night and
Tuvsday ara for unsettled conditions, being
the first of ths month, with sligh'ly
warmer Mondsy night.
Brut en TJmkraUa Business All the
members cf the f:rm of Krnft-Murrsy-llayes-O'Neil
Consolidated Vmhrella Men'1
era' company were arretted Sunday. The
police Judge pointed out at their trial Mon
day that thelf crime consisted not tn mend
ing umbrellss. but In becoming Intoxicsted
upon the profits of the business. The first
and last nsmed members of the firm were
dlsrhsrged. white Murrsy will tske the
rest cure for ten days snd Hayts for fif
teen days in the county Jail.
Xsesvatloa for Joha Deere Xoass A
large force of men wss put to work Mon
day morning to begin the excavation for
the new John Deere Flow company building.
which will occupy the half block where St.
Phllomena'a cathedral stood and which waa
bought for llflO.rno. The building Is to be
practically one building, although an alley
ruts through. Permission has been received
to bridge the alley. It is to be absolutely
fireproof, being built of reinforced con
crete by the Leonard Construction com
pany of Chicago.
Dipt aria at Detention School What I
believed to be a case of diphtheria has de
veloped at the Detention school and In all
probability the school will be quarantined
by the health authorities. Leila Tibbltts,
who was placed In the school Tuesday, took
sick Wednesday and Saturday had a very
sore throat. The health department has
been notified and will make an examina
tion of the case. If It Is pronounced
diphtheria the place will be quarantined.
The schooi was closed several Veeks last
Winter under a diphtheria quarantine.
W. X. .Bosnia" Bot a Candidate There
haa been some talk about electing W. H.
Koenlg to fill the vacsncy on the Board of
Education caused by the death of Dr. W. H.
Christie, but Mr. Koenlg says he doubts
if ha would be In a position to accept should
the board elect him a member. He Intends
to be awajr a good share of the summer
and therefore could not give the attention
to the work that should be given by mem
bers. He says he Is in no wsy a candidate.
Mr. iytenlg retired from the board the first
of the year on account of-presalng business
matters which prevented him from giving
sufficient attention to school matters. Su
perintendent Davidson says he mide an ex
cellent member and he would like to see
him agalnsn the Iboard.
Remedy Erolred at Conference of
Veterinarian, at Amei.
Dr. A. T. Peters, Ifea4 ef D part as e ait
of Aalmal Pathology of lte
, braska Inlveralty, El-
plalas, It.
Rerommended by General Assembly
for Approprlatloni Hays Dr.
K. H. Jeaks.
Rev. E. H. Jenks. V. V.. of the First Pres
byterian church, has returned from the
meeting of the Presbyterian general assem
bly ifcld in Kansas City. While there. Dr.
Jenks made a strong appeal for the Omaha
Theological seminary and asked that it be
considered In the matter of general endow
ments for Presbyterian educational Institu
tions." "I only spoke for a few moments," sa'd
Dr. Jenks, "and pressed the claims of the
Omaha seminary atrongly as I could. The
chief objeft of my address was to Invito
tho attention of the genersl assembly to ;he
Omaha institution and the need for sus
taining a strong seminary here. I further
undertook to show that the Rdmsn Catholic
church regarded Omaha aa the center of the
great home mission field and that interest
la giving Its educational Institutions here
every encouragement. I tried to , Impress
upon tho assembly that same Idea with re
gard to our educational Interests. That-f
waa alt t could do. - i
"Of course tho assembly could not rnai:e
any appropriation for the seminary. All
that can be done is to secure the recom
mendation of the assembly that the Omaha
seminary may be placed in line with those
Institutions meriting endowments. The se
curing of these must of course be left to
local personal effort upon the part of the
home friends of the seminary. I also spoke
of the conditions prevailing at Bellevue
college and made a similar plea In behalf
of that Institution."
Rev. M. B. Lowrle, D. D., president of
the seminary, also attended the general
assembly but left before the report came
In, following Dr. Jenk's address.
"I found that sentiment seemed favor
able to our seminary obtaining the recom
mendation of the general assembly," said
Dr. Lowrle.
"A cure lor hog eholera haa at last been
found, provided the animal bo treated soon
enough." said Dr. A. T. Fetera of Lin
coln, head of the department of animal
pathology of the I'nlveralty of Nebraeka.
Dr. Peters reached Omaha Monday from
Ames, la., where ho attended the confer
ence of veterinarians of nine western
states. In which the disease Is making
serious Inroads and causing a tremendous
loss to farmers. Hog cholera Is prevalent
In several Nebraaka counties now. and If
the state bureau at Lincoln wss ready to
send out the new serum great benefit
would result. As It Is, Dr. Peters thinks
the regents of the university, who are
deeply Interested, will make an appro
priation this month that will enable the
distribution of several thousand doses this
On Ike tvrongj Theory.
"The hog cholera scourge has hereto
fore resisted the efforts of veterinarians,"
said Dr. Peters. "We havo been proceed
ing on the theory that the cholera germ
was discovered and treatment has been
given In the form of Injections of a germ
culture, whlch was not a cure. In very
few cases haa It proved efficacious. The
discovery of Dr. N. Dorsett ' of tho bio
chemic depsrtment of the bureau of animal
Industry. Wsshlngton, appeare to have
solved the problem. Tried In thirty or
forty herds throughout Iowa, where ex
periments have recently been made, it
haa cured well established cases of the
disease. In consists of the Injection of the
blood of an affected animal Into the clr
culation of one not under the Influence of
the dlsesse. This must be combined with
the injection of the serum of an animal
already Immune. The production of a vac
cine by means of Infected blood Instead
of artificial cultures of the germ Tl the
basis of the cure.
Wilson Calls Conference.
The conference at Ames was called by
Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson Mid
Dr. A. D. Melvln, chief of the bureau of industry. Over a week was spent
in experiments and discussion of the best
way to Introduce the new discovery com
mercially ao that Instant results may be
secured. It Is the hope eventually to per
feet the vaccine so that a small' Injection
may be aufflclent to effect a cure. At
present U takea about two drachms for
this purpose."
The benefits of the new discovery cannot
be too largely estimated. During the last
fiscal year, oT the 151.615 hogs slaughtered
In the great packing center under govern
ment Inspection, over 19.JT& wer cholera
suspects. This does not take Into acoounl
the numerous hogs affected in Individual
herds that die with heavy loss to the hog
raisers. The new cure waa found while
experimenting with hoga that had with
stood a cholera attack.
Iowa Woman Gets to the Altar In
Omaha Before Any Local
The first June bride of the season in
Omaha was not an Omaha girl at all.
Mra. Mary E. Roberts of Lorah, la., claims
the distinction of leading the list for the
month of brides. She waa married about
10 o'clock by' County Judge Leslie, to Henry
Tando of Atlantic la. She shyly admitted
she had passed her forty-first birthday
and was entering the connubial state for
the second time, having been divorced
about five yeara ago. The groom waa di
vorced about two years ago.
The December weather may have been
responsible for it, but the usual rush for
marriage licenses ' June I. did not material
ise, only two being issued before noon.
Woman Charged with Helping;
Prof." Hay to Trim Mra.
Offer ii
Mrs. Pearl Hester, charged with being
Implicated with "Prof. Ray" in the larceny
of t?,W0 from Mrs. Anna Offerman of South
Omaha while profeaslng to find hurled
treasures on Mrs. Offerman's farm, was
released from the county Jail on bond Mon
day morning. Her bond waa fixed at $1,060.
$ve Eagan, Indicted for the murder of
Enoa Daley at South Omaha, was released
on a t-.&oo bond.
First Bla Consignment la Sent
Omaha by Vie President
Del f elder. .
again called to the place and found the
house In flames. The damsge wss about
.m The fire waa undoubtedly of Incen
diary origin.
Mr. Hahno and his family are out of
the city.
Nebraska fretalt Dealer Hare gome
Important Rnalness ta
Nebraska retail liquor dealers will open
their annual session at the Krug theater
In Omaha Tuesday afternoon and business
of the highest Importance to the members
111 be transacted, though all sessions of
the convention will be "star chamber.!
The meetings and entertainments are to
be perfectly "dry" and the program will
Consist of a special bill at the Krug Tues
day evening and street car rldea to the
Omaha breweries and distillery Wednesdsy
President James Nevels of the association
arrived In Omaha Monday afternoon.
Henry Keating of Omaha Is he secretary
and has general charge of the arrange
ments for the meeting.
The executive board held Its meeting Mon
day and' received "the reports, of officers
and transacted routine business. The mem
bers of the board were all present. P. P.
Rlede of Lindsay, a member of the board.
died a short time ago and the board now
consists of A. H. Koop of Lincoln, J. W.
Hobson of Auburn and C. E. Fields of
The first sesslcn opens at 2 o'clock Tues
day and will be short, the liquor dealers
desiring tn visit many places of Interest In
Omaha. Wednesdsy morning the officers
for the coming year will be elected and
there Will be a general discussion of the
reports and work of the executive commit
tee. The meeting will adjourn at 12:30 and
at 1:30 the special street cars will take the
members of the association to the Store,
Krug. Mett, Jetter and Willow Springs
breweries and to the Willow Springs dis
tillery. Final adjournment will be taken
Wednesday evening.
Firtt Decisive Step Taken Toward
Erection of Court Home.
Kennard, Trntnnr and Ire Will Itavn
In Charge rlana for tho Can
strnrtlon of tho Mere
. Ediflre. '
J. A. Delftlder, president of the Wyomlnj
Wool Growers' association, shipped the
first carload of wool to the Omaha market
last week and the first bills of lading were
received In Omaha Monday.
& . I m 1- 1 n.-V-l AAA M t B-kaI
all of which will come to Omaha. Besides MONUMENT TO FRANK PYRHA
he has mapy lrlnd who will hlp to i
A.k. mnt Via 14 Vim Wrtnl tcT tmHfr PIPIT ! V BVVt?
r 1 1 1 o nm, gaiiu iiuiu " - - ------ r
Bsy Several Little Animals nt Lnsk
for the Menaaerle at River
view Park.
Rlvervlew park will have its menagerie
Increased by several young coyotes brought
to Omaha by the trade excursionists and
secured at Lusk, Wyo.. where the business
men bought them for $2.50 each.
Aa tame as kittens and appearing to
enjoy the trip to Omaha Immensely the
little animals were great pets of tr3 boost
era. They were brought to the observation
car In the evening, where they did stunts
though, the bright arc Rights In the car
dassled them somewhat and held comfort
ably on the laps of some of the party they
went to sleep before they could be given
their dinner.
But Sunday morning was a big time for
the coyotes. Their morning meal consisted
of clam broth, lamb chops and grape fruit.
They turned down the fruit but devoured
tr.u lamb chops more than the ordinary
Plymouth Rock aguaha which they usually
steal near the houses and camps on the
range. The young ones were served with
oatmeal and real cream. Being the. first
cream they had ever tasted they added sev
eral ounces of butter, fat to their tender
ribs and It was apparent that they appre
ciated being captured by the boys at Lusk.
Placed In two boxes which formerly con
tained souvenirs the coyotes guarded the
property of the excursionists. When the
waiters and porters were told to help them
selves to the samples of the Willow Springs
distillery they dived Into' the boxes where
th coyotes were sleer5lnif. beneath ' their
beda of straw and several porters bare
chewed fingers aa a result of their longing
for samples.
Py the sppnlntment of a building com
mittee, consisting of Kennard, Tralnor and
Vre, the county board Monday took a
decisive step toward beginning the erec
tion of the new Sl.OOO.CO court house. The
resolution provldlnj Tor this committee was
Introduced by Rlggs and carried by the
votes of Riggs, Tralnor and Kennard. I, re,
who Is a member of the committee, was
not present and Brunlng, who was left off
the committee, opposed it.
The resolution named the building com
mittee and also provided for the reorgan
isation of the board, made necessary by
the resignation cf Solomon snd the ap
pointment of RIges. When Rrunlng's vote
was called for he spoke against the reso
lution, declaring that all matters regain
ing to the court house should be handled
by the committee of the wnole directly.
In reply Ptggs expifttneo the building
committee would only recommend to the
whole board and .all ouestlons would come
up before the five7 members for settle
ment. v
After the- resolution had been declared
carried by a rote of 3 to 1. Brunlng face
tiously offered a resolution referring to
Chairman Kennard as his royal highness
and suggesting thst If three members were
all that were necessary on th'. committee
the chairman should designate two mem
bers of the board to resign. 'The resolution
was ignored.
Braslng Sqnelcbed Again.
Another squelch was administered to
Bruning when he called up his resolution
providing for a prise contest for the selec
tion of a court house nrchltt&t. No one
seconded it and It was dropped. He then
called up his resolution providing for a re
duction of the forces of the county comp
troller by cutting off three clerks and it
went over by request.
An old resolution offered by L're some time
ago making the county comptroller pur
chsslng agent for the county under super
vision of the board was called up and
Tralnor offered a substitute providing pur
chases be made through the county clerk.
This as adopted unanimously. County At
torney English having given the board an
opinion that the staluu-s provide the clerk
and not the comptroller shall perform the
duties referred to In the resolution.
The board gave permission to the street
railway company to build a double track
along Dodge street from Forty-eighth to
Fiftieth, provided It would pave with brick
and ceiMtnt between the tracks.
Chairman Kennard of the board has not
announced his committee appointments yet,
but It Is reported that Rlggs ts slated for
the roads and bridges committee, either
Trainoi or Vie for the county hospital and
court house and Jail committee and Vre for
the finance committee.
than are now offered.
Notice waa received In Omaha Monday
that five carloads had been billed through
to Boston. Those promoting the wool mar
ket have telegraphed to 'the growers and
hope to keep this amount in the Omaha
Not many of the wool growers understand
the system of borrowing money from tho
Omaha banks on the wool shipped to
Omaha, and five to twenty representatives
of eastern markets are In Casper and Bho
shoni with the money to give the growers
something aa soon aa the wool Is loaded.
This arrangement haa been made by the
Omaha Wool and Storage company and In
quiry at any of the banks In Wyoming and
western Nebraska will make it possible to
complete the arrangements for securing
ready money when the wool la loaded.
Over half the root la now on the store
house of the Omaha company and the mar
ket la ready for the wojI.
"No grower la Justified In selling his clip
for less than 10 cents per pound, said Mr.
Delfelder when discussing the situation
with the Omaha business men at Shoshonl.
"The low prices offered this year are be
cause the speculators want to make up
what they lost last year. Holding the clip
will result In the manufacturers buying
direct, and I am sure the growers .will re
ceive more than SO cents for the wool."
Mrs. ittldred Settle, W ho Played En
jt In Omaha, Drlnka
- , CaiboHe Acid.
Last Friday the ' local police took Mrs.
Mildred Settle from a train arriving here
from Kanaas City. Her husbsnd, following
on'' later train, went to the police station
aivJ apparently effected a reconciliation
with Ills young wife. She was 18 years of
age and very pretty. They left the city
together. ,
Sunday she committed suicide in Kansas
City by drinking carbolio add tn the pres
ence of her husbarxL
n r
e r 1 . ff If
rls an ordeal which all women
h."" T-r wrir FT PTjrfSI
W U r L I Jlltr approach with dread, for noth-
ing compares to the pain of
DllZV r3J thc suffering in store for her,
CJf ll LI LI LLsii l robs the expectant mother of
rjeasant anticipations, and casts over her a shadow of gloom.
Thousands of women have found the use of Methtr s Friead during
pregnancy robs confinement of much pain and insures safety to life
of mother and child. This liniment is a god-send to women at the
critical time. Not only does MotKtr'i Friend carry women safely
through the perils of child-birth, but it gently prepares the system for
the , coming event, relicvesT 7T,0.rTTTTT73
'morning sickness,'' and oth- ?7 ll U jUjrfttSV
discomforts or this period, m A fi M iiMrA H I
by aragrtsts at ft OS par bottle. Book I 1 17(11 Tr ' I I If
W kaASritiD kolATO CO. J T T" f i I J
auuu,ini i
Cltlaena Hold Mass Meetlngr ana Take
Steps ta Pee am Varloaa
The cltlxens of Florence held a mass
meeting Saturday night out of which
emerged the Florence Improvement club to
take up the work of paving the streets, se
curing through car service and general bet
terment of the entire village.
Theae officers were chosen: F. S. Tucker,
president; B. A. Fowler, vice president; R.
A. Wallace, secretary-treasurer. Myron L.
Learned, Robert Olmstead and E. L. Plats
were appointed aa a convmlttee on extenaton
of street cars. The other committees will
be appointed this week. The club will meet
Ssturday nlghta at the city hall for the
preaent. Particular attention waa given to
the subject of paving Main street and It ts
believed that work will be begun on this
before July 1.
A big celebration of the Fourth or July
will be under the auspices of the fire de
partment, whose members will act aa spe
(lal officers on that day. making the eagle
scream from early morning until late
night. Sports, speaking, fireworks and a
regular old-fashioned Fourth 1a the pro
Fearfal Slaaajhter
of deadly microbes occurs when throat and
lung diseases are treated witn Dr. King's
New Discovery. 60c and 11.00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
tell nf Secrecy .a in Who la After
Hahno Hons Thicker
Thaa Ever.
Mystery grows thicker regarding the per-
ao who Is persistently setting fire tn the
home of Oeorge W. Hahne, 81 South
Twenty-eighth street. ' A 1 o'clock lsst
Tu ulay morning the fire department was
called to the place and found a fire In
the house, a fire in a woodshed and a fire
in a warehouse where valuable machinery
was stored. Gasoline had been poured
oter th? buildings.
Meoday. at I a, m. the icprta,esl nasj
Ulna; Is Attended by Memorial
Ceremonies by Bohemian
Over 500 persons. Including delegates from
most of the Bohemian schools and societies
of Omaha, attended the memorial cere
monies at the Bohemian cemetery. Fifty-
fourth and Center streets, Sundsy after
noon when the monument to Frank Pyrha
waa unveiled and graves were decorated.
The services were opened by President
E. Engelthaler of the Bohemian Cemetery
association, with a short address and he
waa followed by a singing society of the
Bohemian schools under Mr. Fiblnger.
"Love and Life" was the subject of an
address by John Roslcky, who said that
love waa the chief factor of Ufa and that
It was the power which guided humanity
over the various obstacles lnw the path
which leads to success.
Llska Drerays'.ovna, the women'a singing
society sang and was followed by the un
veiling of a monument to Frank Pyrha of
Tent Columbus of the Woodmen of the
World. The graves of deceased members
of the Woodmen of the World waa dec
orated by children from the Bohemian
S2S.S5 Chlcaa-o to Bostoa
and return via Nlckle Plate road, and re
duced rates to other New England points,
every Thursday from June ,to September.
Inclusive. Also .to Northern New York
points, tit Chtcsgo to Buffalo or Niagara
Falls and return dally during June. Limit
thirty days. Every meal on every train in
dining cars. Club meala and a la Carte. Chi
cago depot and La Salle and Van Buren
Carl C. Wright, one of the attorney a for
the Omaha Water board, left Monday for
St. Paul.
City Klectrlclan Michaelsen leaves this
evening for Denver to testify ss sn expert
witness In a lawsuit. He experts to return
Thursday. "
City Boiler Inspector Wolfe, who attended
the national convention of master boiler
makers in Detroit lsst week, writes that
he and Mrs. Wolfe have gone on to New
York to visit his mother.
John Harberg of the Wright A Wtlhelmy
Hardware company left yesterdsy after
noon for Casper. Wyo.. on a fishing trip,
old friend and a well-known hardware man
He Is to be the guest of J. E. Schulte, ao
of Wyoming. Mr. Herbert expects to be
gone about ten days.
Former Dundee Pastor Mentioned
for Third Presbyterian
Bv. T. K. Hunter has been mentioned
aa . a possible successor to Rev, J. B.
Cherry Ph. P., who resigned the pastorate
of the Third Presbyterian church Sunday.
Rev. Mr. Hukter wgs formerly pastor of
the Dundee Presbyterian church and Re
signed to become field, secretary of Bellevue
college, a position which he later resigned.
It is a co-Incidence that Mr. Hunter is
chairman of the committee appointed by
Presbytery April 30, at Tekamah, to make
an Investigation of the Christian Benevo
lence association's sctlvltles In the Third
church, to which Dr. Cherry solely attri
butes his resignation. This committee's
report is to be the pivot on which will
turn the meeting of Presbytery Tuesday at
First church in Omaha.
Mr. Hunter'a position is regarded as a
delicate one, since the committee has been
urged to make a most thorough investiga
tion, availing Itself of all data accessible.
The powers which would welcome sustain
ing Dr. Cherry and confirming the action
of Presbytery In disapproving the intro
duction or the "C. B. A." Into the Third
church, are not those it is said, which
would control the employment of a suc
cessor to Dr. Cherry.
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Dr. Rose H. Rica af Council Bluffs
Xovr Sovereign Physician of
Woodmen Circle.
Dr. Rose H. Rice of Council Bluffs, has
been appointed sovereign physician of ths
Woodman Circle to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of Dr. Jennie Colfaas.
Dr. Colfkss gave up her office Monday
mornlr, and Monday afternoon Dr. Rice
moved Into the physician's office In ths
Woowmert of the World building.
"Dr. Rice has been a practicing physician
of Council Bluffs for some years," said
Mrs. Emma B. Manchester, sovereign com
mander of the Woodmen Circle. "One of
the best recommendations we car- give the
public as to her qualifications Is that she
had a good practice at Council Bluffs and
the office sought her rather than that she
sought the onto.
The husband of Dr. Rice, like the hus
band of Dr. Jennie Colfass, is a physician
Mrs. Rice, however, does not reside with
Mr. Rice. They were married some years
ago at Randolph, la., and then moved to
Council Bluffs, where the practiced to.
ether. They were, divorced and each
maintained separate practice.
Deal Gently with
the Bowels Don't be Harsh
Then one Cascaret a day la enough;
and a little later you need none.
For Caacareti cure the bowela. They
bring back the natural action. They
heal what phytic destroy.
No harsher laxative can be naad without
injury, and none is ever necessary.
Csscsrsts er caadr tablets. They are sold
by all drugeut. but never la balk, be sure
to get lbs k-aaulM, with C CC oa every tablet.
The boa la marked like this:
Some people aay, "Cascarets are too
gentle.'' I need a strong physic."
The trouble is this: They hare taken
hartb physic until their bowels axe
Nature has caused the bowel linings
to harden to resist the attacks of
harsh pills.
And the bowels (ail in their natural
functions while that hardness exists.
i In such cases, take Cascarcrs ofteuer
one tablet night and morning. '
Caacarats won't irritate. They are as
gea.tle aad natural as a Usative food.
Soon the bowel lining grows soft again,
aad begins to reeuoM its lasHtions.
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Republican National Convention
The convention meets June 17th in the Coliseum. The '.
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this an unusuatopportuuity to visit the
Great City by the Lake. ( .
For full particular Inqufrf at
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