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Jn.4ge Say Cemetery Superintendent
Wu Convicted on ft Lie.
Fr1lat of rrwpect Bill Oealee
that CnTN Were 0
Iran "; Hwool Wlthent
rrirf Aartr.
TJan Callahan. uparitndnt of the
Tropct Hill eametery, waa convicted of
arava derecratlon on " th testimony of
Juin Clark, but Crk tlad and be know
ifce lied when ha said araves were opened
Mid bonrs removed without proper au
His ag-ed rorm shsklng with pent-up
motion, and wrath aaalnet his accusers.
JudM C. A. Baldwin, president of the Pros-
I pact Hill Cemetery association, who ! held
. br the court ai the principal In the desecra-
Von of g ravea In the cemetery, thus de
j Bounced the Isadlnf witness In the recent
trial of the superintendent of the old burial
ground In Omaha. The Judge made his
statement before the city council In epeclal
' session, Dan Callahan and his wife being
' present. Hla talk was long and rambling.
. but respectful attention wss paid by hla
At the outaet the Judge said he wished to
go before tha council In preference to the
j court, aa he. believed the court had not
treated him fair.' '
"I asked Judge Sears to hear me and the
Judge appointed t o'clock this morning, a
half bour before court convenes aa the hour
for .me to appear, when no one would be
there," said Judge Baldwin. "The court
told me that I must not refer to anything
but the trial of Callahan and that I must
not' refer to anything In relation to what
I had said or dona In the matter, and that
ha would not whitewash anyone.
. Wants Na Whitewash.
"Good God, I don't want to be white
washed; I Just wsnt a chance to tell the
truth, but my good friend, the Judge, would
not let me. I did not go to court this
morning and I never will go before that
court again.
"The record of my life In connection with
Prospect Jt ill cemetery Is an open book and
can -be read by all. Prospect Hill'ceme
tery Is tin tlrarest spot on earth to me.
I would not swap Prospect Hll cemetery
for all of Omaha What has 1 been done
there, . the- Improvements that have been
made, , have been' made by Dan Callahan
and myself..
, VI have bean president of the cemetery
association for eighteen years and no grave
has been opened In that time except by
written order of -the secretary, and the
secretary acted under my orders. Dan
never opened a grave without authority
being given him and I have repeatedly
ordered him to shoot anyone who at
tempted -to open a grave."
The Judge- then branched off Into a long
dissertation on the laws governing burials
nd explaining them, as he read them.' He
Quoted Interpretations of the law to show
that graves a re, on) such In ground r-t
side as burial places and that a body
buried In place not dedicated aa a cem
etery la not buried In a grave. He there
fore holds that the removal of the bonts of
Indians or 'of early day travelers across
the plains Is not gravo desecration. Ac
cording to tho Judge the Indiana used the
hill . as burial ground long before the
white man Invaded this country and that
pioneers enroute to the gold lands of Cal
ifornia burled their dead on tha hill.
Forty-Three) Tears Old.
Prospect Hill cemetery was surveyed In
1865 and clear title to the, land given Byron
Raed. Mr. Reed then notified the friends
and relatives of those recently burled there
that they could secure title to the lots, but,
according to Judge Baldw'n, few availed
themselves of the privilege.
"The law says that a grave, cannot be
opened and the body moved unless consent
first be obtained from the relatives of the
deceased'. ' How In Qod's name can consent
le obtained from the relatives of some
.Indian burled 100 years ago?" asked Judge
Baldwin. "Bones that have bean removed
have been the bones of Indians. I can
prove this to you by showing tomahawks
and scalping knlvea we have found with
these "bones.'
Prior to the convening of the council
Judge Baldwin said be wished the ordi
nance governing cemeteries and burls Is
mended to allow the removal of bones of
unknown persons Instead of being com
pelled to fill tip -a grave In case bones
ware found. Ha made no reference to this
In his address and no action was taken
by the council.- . '
Pastime Bssssn Three Youthful
Prisoners I'ntll Sheriff Rralley
Discovers It.
' Finning fnr opium through a hole In tha
window a rren Is . a pastime enjoyed by
three, youthful prisoners at the county Jail.
Sherlif Brallry now has possession of tha
rope, two tobacco sacks and a knife which
mad up tha tackle outfit of the boys. One
Of the tobacco sacks was -half full of gum
Tha ' anglers were Louts Zimmer. Clyde
ZJnk and James Mann, all of them Just
over 18 years of age. They were convicted
of robbing a Greek boarding car on tho
Uplon Pacific.' At the request of Judge
Sears they mere placed by themselvea. tha
eaat solitary being placed at their disposal.
Friday clerks in the office of tha district
clerk saw a- rope dangling from a hole In
tha screen and Monday they reported It to
the Jail authorities. A search of the cell
disclosed thaf, tha boys had made the rope
from strips of blanket cut with a knife they
had secured n soma mysterious way. They
punched a hole, through the heavy screen
nd tied their tobacco aacks on the end of
tha rope. Bomeene on tha outside had evi
dently filled tha sacks with opium. When
found one of the sacks aa half full of
the drug.
, Judge Sears cava the boys light sen
tence of thirty days about a week age and
requested that they be Isolated from the
hardened criminals.
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Batldtac rrrmlta.
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frame dwelHr,. tl.frO; J. P. Cruk. Thirty.
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uevta, frame dwelling, 1600.
.J. J
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Cleanses, prcserres and
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OtlAHAPLATiHlr til
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shi tn
Motherless and with Draskts
Father, Tbey Ask Co art for
Vett motherless last December when her
mother committed suicide by drowning and
practically fatherless, Margaret and Ger
trude Whehrer made a pitiful appearance In
juvenile court Monday. They have been
living with their father at tha home of Mra.
Mary Herbat In South Omaha, but Mis.
Herbst objects to tha drinking habits of
their father and refused to have him around
any longer. After hearing tha case. Judge
Estelle returned the children to Mrs. Herbst
and the father waa told to find a lodging
place elsemhere.
. Harry Royce had trouble Saturday night
with his father who. It ta asserted, had
been drinking and tils father turned him
over to tna police who In turn transferred
htra to tha Juvenile authorities. No com
plaint , waa filed againat him and Judgu
Estelle allowed him to go home. One com
plaint his father made was that the boy
"Do you ever swear, Harry?" aa Judge
"I I did awear once, Judge," tha boy re
plied. Judge Estelle gave him a talk, advising
him to be lenient with tha weakness of
his father.
Beal44 by Steam "
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be used by Mr. Ricker
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U lw VM
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V i - aw
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ft .A
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. District
A Madera. FlnH CUm
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ameiilf tad cony.
fl rsb smr iqilrV MB
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Drexd.; Slide i Co.L
HH rroB Slrett I