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Disputed Condition of Crowing Crops
Gortra Exchange Condition!.
rm Imtml Cak-leo eod Reported
Dae a are kx- g teres Ferre Val
ea tC Cloee of tfce
OMAHA. Mar 12. IX.
Grain markets are held entirely by the
point Ion taken by Isrge bolder of caah
a-rajn. r.eferrd future remain steady,
while the condition of the arrowing crop la
atl'J in dispute. Rains throughout the
country are holding back shipments and
delaying farm work. Caah demand coo
tin we good.
Wheat options opened weak on geriers.1
selling and continued bearish sentiment ty
the crowd.
Later a firm Liverpool close and re
ported damatre by heavy atorma and raina
Induced buying and valuee were firmer at
the cloee.
May wheat opened at K and closed at
Cora ooenwl a-neatlonany strong and held
firm throughout the e-aainn on heavy de
maul and numerous storm damage reports.
Caah demand for corn la exceptionally
strong. Mar corn opened a aVic and
closed at ta'ir.
C-ets remained firm, but unchanged.
Prlmary wheat receipts were . bush
els snd shipments were 414 " bushels,
ea-atnat receipts last year of 5M.O0O bushels
and shipments of . bushels.
Corn receipts were 3.0 bushels and
shipments were 3 bushels. against re
ceipts law year of 4fl.0U bushels and ship
ments of 73.tsl) bushels
Clearance were mcra bushels of eora.
1( bushel of oats and wheat and flour
equal to 7..l" buehfl
Liverpool cIosmI H5d higher on wheat
and unchanged on corn.
Local range of options:
Articles ' Open. High. Low. Cloae. Tes'y
Wheat i I I
May... j 5
Juiv... 4 M Ml 54
Sept... 7H: TSrS 79 7
Mar... BBi, -! am ri
Julv... B at-si l
Sept... 5 5eS, WV 5ii
Oats I I
Kay... 49i 43V 49J OK
Osaka rik Frleea.
WHEAT No. I hard. &86c: No. hard,
&: No. hard. eVac; No. a spring,
CORN No. !, CTc; No. I 64STc; No. 4,
6ftc; .o. yeilow, gifeerac; wniie,
OAT9 No. I mixed, tfvfv?; No- .
white, SV: No. 4 whit. 4!i9,c-RTE-No.
X. TaT4c; No. .
Carlot Rsclta.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
M.nneapoiia ..........
.... i& ra sii
....134 ... -
.... U 36 li)
.... 1
Fewtarea of tke Trod lag and CloelB g
Prles oo Bo oral of Trade.
CHICAGO. May U Liberal realixlng
sales, based on favorable weather condi
tions fur th growing crop of wheat In
America, caused wsakneea today In the
local wheat market, the July delivery
closing at a nn toes ot c Com was up
Sv oata unebmngad, and proviaiutia .Vac
to ZVmoc lower.
The wheat market made a brief show of
firmness at the atari, owing to a sharp
bulge tn the prico of May com. but heavy
sales by prominent longs soon caused a
decllra In all deliveries. Tbo selling was
largely due to the excellent wather pre
vailing over the entire country and Canada,
and talk ot a shutting doom of a large
number of flour mills In the northwest, due
to an accumulation at stocks oc flour. A
number of prominent caah Interests were
free sellers of wheat during the last half
of the session. A moderate rally occurred
late in the day, owing to covering by
snorts, bu. the market closed easy. July
opened uncharged to c higher at 9""7
.!'!' -Sr. sold st ikV: and then declined
iLo VtiSc- The close wis a ane,
Clearances of wheat and floor wra eo,ual
to ?S.ijo buahoia. Primary receipts were
XJf.OKi bushela compared with eab.(MU bushels
the corresponding day a year ago. Mlnne
auol.s. Lmiutn and Chicago reuorted re
ceipts of 21u cars, against IK! oars last
wet-k and 372 cars a year ago.
Additional rain over the ntlro corn belt
ca use d s;rength In the corn mavrkst. The
May delivery displayed tho greatest
atrenath. and at one time was up Zc, com
pared with yesterday's close. July opened
a shade to TJc nigoer i so 10 tw-c.
advanced to bSc and oloaed at 4Sc. May
sold between and 73c and cioaod at
'lc Local receipla were L3 cars, with
none of contract grade.
Trade tn oats was quiet. July opened Ho
higher at 4To. sold between 4tTc and 47c
and closed at 47c Local receipts were 311
Provisions were easy. At the close July
pork was 2e lower ax ril.t7Va'lXit. Lard
waa down at ta-14 tuba were 2c
Inwor at g7.r7W
Estimated aeceiDtg for tomorrow: Wheat.
27 cars; corn, St cars; oata, lab cars; hogs.
2S.O0U Itaad.
The leading fntarea ranged as follows:
Articles Open.) H!gh. Low. I Close ! Tes'y,
Wheat i
May 1 I M
1 00
July ,90V-,
Sept. .
Corn f
May 7 (
July MHiV
Sept. jfcijU1;
Oata j
a.May I'M f
47 I 47
leepL -4
ail. iTVl'1" iTWWj
Jl ".
R'.hs ;
Joiy :
11 47H
DM 13 4TH U
U 7 13 j U BSu U 77
I tr. I STl 4S, 4"H
III I &s I 1 40 S
TM TtJ T 2TV4j 7S
f Uhii T 47i 7 6A 7 6Ji
U 7a
I 4Z
I w)
No. I aOkL bNew.
Caah auotatlona were as follows
FLOCR oieady; snnter patonta, (4.209
4 40: winter straights. U-kto, spring pa u
enta. fci 2: spring straignta. H
bakers, V louH.10.
WHEaT-No. t spring. fOctKLul; No.
red. t-n.!.
(XiRN-No. 3. 73373; No. I yellow,
tjATS-No. t U"jC; No. I white, SiViWHc.
ft A RL.ET Fair to choice malting. etMiTac.
rt a-ni. ro. i aorinweoiern. u irv
PR."VSO's Short rlUi, aides ilor.Be)
M 7irf.lM- Mao work, par bbl, J:UaC X 1
Lard, per DO li , S.Ta. Short ctoar aiaes
iboaso, s.j.ifcv' a.'.
FuUowtr.g ware the recetptg and ship
ments of ana grain:
Receipt a. Ehlpments
Flour -bbla i. a
Wheat, bu. 44.3 r ae
Corn. feu. Iks. I-a
Oata. bu. .. 1
Rye. bu. ' 5"0
Barlev. bu. ,
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was steady; creameries. 17j ,3c
dairies, lsiir. Em, ateady; at mark, caaes
lm-lul.l. 14SS(lxc: rirsia uv, prima
firsts, lac Ctfveo. stead n lkUc
Kasau CTtr Onfm u4 Frovtaleoa.
v t-tener: kit mc: July. fc: bVuu-ru-
bar. ojVc: cash. No. S hard, lf.oafgl.ui. No.
1 hu-d sik-iugLiIl: No. 2rd. H-WLlC, No.
1 n.1 9TfIxil ti
COM-uiwo lower: May. SMac: July,
6TAc: September. 6ic; cash. No. t mixed.
white. 4Xr?; No. I while. 4SmiSc
OAT8 Cnchanged; No. 2 wfclta. Slfic:
No. 1 mixed. fca;iUi.
RT E '-l'"tc
HAT Weak"; choice timothy. Hl.iH; lXOg-,
eh'toe prairie. (Mt aulv.&u..
BUTTtR Weaa; crearaory, 22c; pack
tng stock. We.
OXd-etady: freah extraa. li-c; fu
rent rsoe.i. 14c
Wheat. bo
Com, bo
Oa'.a. ba .---v----
Rocepa ShiprrMwta.
& l 40.VO
...... 2.tka s ia
...... 7.o n.oue
Doloth Grata Market.
VLUfTIL May IS. WH EAT No. 1 north
ora. tl No- northern, tl. Ma,
IliHa; J'y. H 8-t.te tuber, ;c
Fklladlolokta Frooro Market.
tieair. fair demaad; extra weotvra cr-a.-u-erv
EU'ic Firm: good dma-d. Pn-a-r viau
and oiuer bearbir lirta free e. 7S-"
avarsU eltmul ooeifcl.a la returaaui t'"l'. -v
at mark;
western rrt'f,
current receipt a
free ca.a-.
free cvm,
isc at mark
He at murk.
CHEKAB 4j!iU-t. but steady: New Tork
f ill rrnma, choice, 14sfelC, fair to coo.
14 a Use.
aeo Ceelew la 1-rofcekle
fraedole fee TkarWa y.
OMAHA. May 13. L4.
Severe thunderstorm, with heav rains
and bail, were general Tuesday afternoon
nd right In sout.heantern Nebraska and
art over the middle Mississippi vaile.
estrnollve winds orrurred aionx the the
Missouri river tn southeastern Nebraska
and southwestern Iowa. Whila the rains
were quite general throughout the centra!
aiieya. they were very unevenly dis
tributed. A barometric depression of eon-
ideraMe energy overlies tre mtddie and
southern Pux-ky mountain s'opes this room
ing snd conditions are fevorule for show
ers and thunderstorms In this vlrlnlty to-
lgrt and possibly Thursday, with some
what cooler weather.
Omaha record of temperature and pre-
Ipitation compared with the corresponding
ay or trie past three years:
leL iwt7. i. iwh.
Minimum temperature.... So 39 63 64
Precipitation 06 . .OH .55
Normal temperature for today. C degrees.
Lenciency in precipitation since ilarch 1.
.2? inches.
Ieficiency corresDondinx period In 13n7.
4-2S Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1901
l of an Inch.
1 A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Cora as Wkeat Re loo Balletta.
For the twenty-four hours ending at I a.
m , TStA meridian time, Wednesday, May 13,
Temp. Raln
Ftatlona. Max. Min. laiL Fky.
Ashland.- Xeb.... n &S T Clear
Columbus, Neb.. M & .00 Clear
FsJrbury. Neb... H6 M .w Clear
Fairmont. Neb... M M .) Clear
Gr. Island. Neb.. M .09 Cloudy
Hartington. Neb. N6 b4 .) Clear
Hastiras. Neb.... S &5 .) Cloudy
Oakdale. Neb.... M . Clear
Cnnaha. Neh T7 57 l.Bl Cloudy
Tekamah, Neb .. SS .ho Clear
tarrnll. la fz 56 .' lear
larlnda. Ia 1 W .11' Ft. cloudy
fllhlev. Ia ! 47 1 SI Ft. cloudy
'Sioux City, la.. So bS .ia Clear
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at a. m. i Not Included
In averages.
No. of Temp. Rain.
station. Stations. Max. Min. Xnchee.
Chirago. Ill 24
Columbus. O IS
Des Moines, la.... 11
m t T
. 4 X .M
Indianapolis. Ind.. 12
M 00 .,
Kansas City, Mo.. ZO
Louisville. Ky IK
go 6! T
f At .18
2 M .4
R2 W .20
Minneapolis. Minn. 29
Omaha. Neb 12
St. Louis, Mo U
Heavy raina occurred In localities in
Nebraska. Iowa and Illinois and Missouri;
lighter rains fell in other portions of the
corn and wheat belt. Warmer weather
prevailed throughout the belt.
Lt A. W ELeH, Local Forecaster.
Qaotatleaa of the Day sa Tsrioas
ceipts, 2.5.544 bbla.; exports-, 3.S00 bbla.;
market cjuiet and steady; Minnesota pat-
nesota bakers, 4.Bif4 ; winter extras. 13 30
fe4.10; winter patents. M.S(Va4.; winter low
grades. 41.40 4.00. Rye flour, oulet; fair
to good. $4.4(1 4. SO; choice to fancy, 14 5
4)6 15.
CORNMEALe Firm: fine white and yel
low. tX46iil0; coarse, 3l.tfl.4, kiln dried.
RTE Dull: No. 2 western, tic. f. a
b. New York.
WHEAT Receipts. 87.000 bu.: exporta.
19fcS4 bu- tales. 1.700.000 bu. futures
and 24.000 bu spoL Spot market easy;
no. z red, 11.03, elevator, and ii.ot. i. o.
b. afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth. ,1.14,
f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 hard winter, H141.
o. b. afloat. Within a range or lc
per bush?l wteat waa fairly a tive tode.y
and generally depressed because cf fa
vorable crop newa, outside liquidation and
tal of a shutdown among northwest
mills. 7t clod "A&Vse net lower. May
closed at 1. 0t; July, SSgS&'aC, cled
at tSVc: Kftember, 4 l-14&4c,
closed at 4So.
-COHN-Recelpts. 41.00S bu.; sales, s oofl
bu. spot. Spot market firm; No. 2. 74 He,
elevator, and ilc. I. o. b. arioau upuoa
market waa without transactions, closing
atout unchangod. May closed at 77 Vc,
July cloaeU at 71 1c; beptember cioaeo
at 72c.
OAT Receipts. 108.000 bo.: exports.
2,000 bu. Spot market lrreg-ular; mixed
oata. 24 to 11 pounds. S4r; natural wlte.
24 to 32 pounds, t"H(Bc; clipped white.
32 to 40 pounos, 0iql)4c
HAT Klrm but steady; good to cnoice.
5cS 11 00.
HuPS Quiet; state tnmmon to cnotee.
l:'T. s-i!2c; lifi; 4i; Pacific coast. 19,
HIL't-a uuiet; Bogota, lic; central
America, 17c
I.KATHER Oulet: acid. IKfcfTTC.
PROVlolONS Beet steady; family. tl6.
6T7ui: mess. rit.&(i 14.0U; beef hams. xjh.oj
Sfc.OO; packet. f)4 Wli-i'; city extra India
mesa, Cut meats steady; plcklea
beules, 1i loc; pickled hams. 10c Ljtrd.
harelv steadr: western. IH.40US.4t: re
fined, easier; continent. 5.u: pouin
America. IK.75: compound. 7 Ok We.
Pork, steadv: family. 417.00 Sf IT 60; short
elear 1 1 H 00 r? 1 7 00 . mesa 114 60tf l.t0.
TALLOW Easier; city 1 12.00 per pack
age), country (packages rrecl. iQ
TALLOW Quiet: city ifz per rackagej.
Po: country iparkages free). aveVo.
R1C1S uulet, aomestic, tair to extra.
BUTTER Steady; proceaa, common to
aiei-ia,s. ivaJhtc
CHt.trJ oteaay, uncninia; run cream.
old. SDeclals. lie; stat. full cream, old.
email, white, fancy, lc: old. large and
email, colored, fancy. I4c; old. fair to
on me. Uii3c: common. wr!ic; ruu
cream, new. WatDXlS.
EiG3 Firmer, stale. Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy sekKted. wnite. lftWiijuc
prima to choice. a '-c ; brown and
mixed. Wise; fresh gathorsd. sloraga
nu-kvd. lTJlSc.
POCLTRT Alive, steady; spring- chick
ens, 3uc; fowls. USe: turkeys, mr. areased.
firmer; turkeys, Wl'c; fowls, L7VkilVkC.
4. Lomio Gesersl JTarkrt.
. T 1inA May IS. WHEAT Firm
trai-k. No. 2 red cash, tl .tcagd.Oe; No. I bard.
t: ifjKil.tff: Julv. fe'kc; Beptember. s4Vc.
CORN Firm; track. No. 2 cash, 75c; No.
2 white. 7Ts-.rc; wuiy, as-c; oepwniwr,
OAT8 Steady; Jfo. 1 cash. 61SS1V;; No.
FLiOlTv Dull; red win tar patents.
4i; extra fancy, and straight, HSW-;
Clear. ? Sf-pS 7Ct.
O 'RNME1AL Fteady; 13.30.
BRAN-Steady; sarkved east track. SU0.
HAT Firm; timothy. Iil.v8l4.w; Pralno,
BAG1IN'J r,c.
PRiiVISlONti Pra. loaser; Jobbing,
1:3 Si. Lard, atrady; prime su-am. 7 ka J.
rrv salt moats, steady; boxed extra shorts,
rr.tiJH: clear ribs. 17. it; s)urt clears. 17 (Tta.
Bacon, steady; boxed, extra shorts, la 37H.
Ciear rii. shore clears, tv.-u.
p iCLTRT Firm: chickens. l-Sc; spring,
2432-'. turkeys. 114il2c; ducks. v geese, sc.
Bl iTfc-R t-auy . cr.inery. 3o4c
1Jl0& Firm. 14C. case count.
Receiiita Shipments
Flour, bhls .! U.n)
Wheat, bu H.t J6(
Com. bu Itl."
Oata bu 4&.0i) TS.uug
Xlssrasella tirala Market.
1 hard. & .; No. 1 northvrn. II 7V; No. 1
north-m. II v4afl.4.- N 3 Bnirtliern. HTc May, tU.toSw Joiy. 4U-U6. beptem
ber. HlflSlVpc
P RAN in bulk, 21.7TAr2.8.
FlvOU R T'ns-itld. first patents. S 45r
14: sicond pat. n La. b tn:4 ti: rirst clears,, cscd clrars. f! S? ti
Mllvaak.e firola Market.
ket steady; No. 1 northern. i sul 11; No.
3 northern. H OfWl to; July. Mc
BARi-EY SieSAly ; No. j, TSc. sample. 8
CuRN-Htgher; No. 3 rash, 714173c; July,
MSc bid.
; Liverpool Grata Market.
LIVEPPmL. May 53. - WHE.T Efpt,
No. I California, tirra. 7a ad ; No. J rd
westc-ra winter. si.-aJy. 7 H. Futures,
qui.-t; Mair. .siVl'- July. 7a 7d; rejtr ratter,
7s 11; lwmlr. 7 Id
CoRN-Sp"! r-w Aniertcaa mixed, k In
drtej firm. !l l1".!; oU merm an m-a d.
steady, as Ud. Futures. uu:n. May. ia ii
IZ -Ciir.N' -Close.
t.t "
3. 'JLc. No.
s ... .1 -' A '-. N a.
X&rtet it Stronir All Day tnd Pricet
Art Generally Hig-her.
Rawer That Mraert la Dve Largely
to Footer Desaaoel for Now Cap
ital Isaooo Hills aod M.
Foal Also I o.
NEW TORK. May Ill-While the atrergth
In today s market for stocks waa mani
fested, there was no mistaking its d
eidej character and the upeculat on showed
an animation and considerable variety, the
principal operation being attributed to the
laraer financial powers and the powerful
element waa timid about venturing to sell
th market.
The purposo to fostr the demand for new
capital Issues waa believed to prompt the
measures for supporting the msrket. snd
as th Harrlman Fsrtflcs are credited with
larast Interest at present, in this purpose,
owing the Imminence of new Isnues, the sus
taining operations were commonly believed
to emanate from sources In sllince wl'h
those cnmpanlee. The meeting of the di
rectors of ths t'nton Pacific and the
pVuthTn Pacific resulted in the declara
tion of the regular dividend on both sioks
and that action helped the stocks, but
they were more, affected by rumors rega-d-lng
the coming financing, on which no an
nouncement was made. The volatile rl
in Southern Pacific preferred. Indicated
the credence that was given to a report
that It was In contemplation to waive ih
company's privilege to releom the 7 per
cent preferred stock at 115. The fTlsen-
of this privilege has had the effect of
holding the price of the stock close to tht
leveL The motive for this supposed In
tention is said to be the desire to msrket
the balance cf authorised preferred stx-k
In the treasury of the corntanv. The ru
mor of an Intended extra distribution on
Northern Pacific stock wss revived. Both
the Hill stocks and St. Paul are benefitted
by the large sales of new stock effected be
fore the financial depression set In. Suppo
sitions as to the benefit to the companies
of these funds In hand available for ex
penditure during the period of depression,
and low prices of materials, plav a part la
the strength of the stocks. Stocks of com
panies which have Just efected financial
plsns responded to this news, efpeclallv
some of the railroads of doubtf-il credit,
supposed to be confronted with difficulties
In this regard. The fact that note, instead
of bond issues were resorted to In these
Instances suggested a gradation In the
prospects of coming securities Issued in
proportion to the security offered, cr the
financial strength of the' companies. The
Prevailing temner of the sneenlmw-.n
clear from the aridity with which hln'a
of favorable events were seised uron to
rasn up prices, while events seeming to
bear unfavorably on the outlook for values
were ignored.
The engagements of gold for export,
while large, were entirely exrwrted on ac
count of the abundance ot monev here,
the decline In the foreign trade balance In
our favor, and aome remarketing here of
i"TTiHn noimnrs or American securities.
The foreign allotmente of the Pennsylvania
bonde are reported as being resold In this
market in spite of their denomination In
pounds sterling, instead of dollars Dis
counts receded today in London and Ber-
im. ana a reduction In the Bank r.f
England official rate tomorrow to ;u ner
cent, was under discussion.
Bonds were steady; total sales, jar vain-'
34 47H.000. Cnlted States bonds Wtre un
cvhanged on call.
Following were ths ssiea n4 nn nl
prices on tha 6tock exchange today:
KM, His. U. CM,
A4ams Cxpesai
Aaulatajnated CneMr ..
g & '
x 27H
41S V-S
r 30 an
:4a 14 l4i
1,J4 4j
23 a
tl 4rS S-N
I'm im in
1M 1 1H
ti- ti n
4:- 4m
a ti :
41 1 tl V,
40 Rt4 h
1"4 S "
1st" y--a lM
44 4!4 41t
ba I (
IU 16S 15414,
U4a 152 Ul
f 5"i BJ.14
ts rt, r
" i
S til
51 V "H
121V, ssn,
l1 1TH 1"4
7: Tl 7J
145 a 1C2S 1U
K M Vi4
y-H ,
5 a -S J"
184 IS? lJui
irv, 1341,
1"H lt.a t-v
5V s;
a av.
74 TJ 74
1S Ua 14
." 14 u
17 tM, .7
l' (H
14 '.5
"k y,li
HIS llli 1)1
(I ST'S anv.
41 - sr.v,
44 4S AS
414 4iS 41-.
tl 71
n a
n n rs
lf lo l?-s
1H 1H fl
t ts 114
1'4 157 167
12444 llS H4S
7 ""A U4
1"S It H4,
r n am
l it in
44j 4"4 4-lt
t:1 " n
!S 14
4 f it-
S V n aa
it's ir ir
1S ITS 1
4S 4S 44
t4 li n
iS li"
44 4?S 44S
14?', i"S 4rs
a u us
Aaa. C. A F
Am. C. r. pti
Am. Ottna Ot!
Am. Cocum Oil pft
AJaericaa Ezpreaa
i H. a L.
American Ir
Am. Unaee4 Oil
AaL LIlnH 041 pti
Aaa. Liiwwotlve
Am. Lorasiotlvs pffl . . . .
u. B a m
Am. T faacr are effs...
Anamsda Mining Cm....
4. TOO
Atchlaoa pnl
Atlantis Oast Una
Baltimore A Ohio
Bal. A Ohio t(L
Bmoalra Rapid Tr
vaaadiaa raeine
Castral of Kow Jaraav..
tseaapeaka a Ohia
rbicaao Gt- W
Chiraso A K. W
C . at. A St. F
Chtraso T. A T
caicaso T. a T pfd
C. C. C. St. 4,
Colorado Fuel A Iros
Colorado A so
Cola A so. tat pfd
Cols. A So. 3d pfd
ConoDlldated Gas
Cora Products
Cora Products pfd
Delaararo A Hadson
rwl.. L. A W
Dsnear A Rio Graads
D. A K. O. pfd
Distillers' SerurtUas
Kris 1st pfd
Erie M pfd
Genaral Eiartne
tlltsola Central
lcternatlooal Paper
Int. Paper pfd
Int. tPump
1st. Pump pfd....
loom Coatrml
lows CantrmJ pfd
Kanaaa Cut Bo.
K C So. pfd
Laolevllls A K
Maxloas Ceatral
Mine. A St. Loals
M . St. P. A I. . M
M.. St. P A a i. at pfd .
Miasonrl Pacific
M.. K. A T
M., K. A T. pfd
National Iaad
K B H ot M pfd. offeraa
Nrw Tor Central
K T . O. A W
Xorfolk A W
M. A W. pfd
Nona Americas
Paetfle Mall
Poople's Oaa
P . C. C. A it L
Praaai 4 Steel Car
Framed g C. pfd
Pnllnaa Palaos Car
Raadlns . . a
kaading lm pfd
Raadms 14, fd
Republic fteel
Rere4te Steel pM
Rock Inland Co
Rork lalaad Co. pfd
St. L. A P Id pfd
St. Ltfiita S. W
t U W rtd
gomtham Paclfle
be. Partftc pfd
Ho. Rallwav
So. Ratloar pfd
Tscaa A Pacific
T . a. U 4 w.,
T . W. L. A W. ptd
Valoa Pi,ctrle
l oioa Pavina ptj
r. i Epra
M fen
J. en
IS an
4 M
i. if
1 an
4 V
4 sn
l ie
T. Realtv 7"4 V 44
r 4 fumw i r' ss 3
r a iffor pfd t ms 4'
v. at l'O rs S
V Steel pfd t ye 1 1--
Ta -Carolina Ckemlral ln 1 E
Va -Caro. Chem. pi 4 l'O f f
WahaaS - 1!S HV
W.haaS pfd Liso tT4 ns
Wella-Parsa Eipraaa
Woltncli'TCia Elrl l.po 4i 4"S
Wera l aino IT lS 41
Wtierltat A L. g kO S I
Wtaresain Cefitral -
Wis Central pfd
K,-hsra Partfic 41 Ton jvev, una,
Cetilrmt Laathar 9 ft pf4
Central Leatber pfd 1' St St
f na-Shett rld tl 4S 4TS
fltw Nor-liera pfd T ! 1114, lis,
Intertvroiucti Met- W 1!
1-t . pfd IT" M
Itak Onrrw i s -N a
Tout saiaa tor tha aar. 414. PO anaraa.
leadaa gtoek Market.
London ck-aing stock quotations:
Canada, moaer ... I M Me . Kaa. A Toau.. SS
aa arrount 44 4-! New Tor C antral
Anaronoa S Korfola A Waatera.. Tit
Aunlaaa fS 4a pta Ais
do pfd S4Ontar4o A Tesrft.. 4l
garoatore a usis... M raaaarlvaaia txs
Canadiaa Paclfle . . . i4J i ILaad M ae a.
rii mil HI A '"io . 4 kaad 04
O.C Grat Weatsrn . t H souther Railway ., 11.
11. Mil. A It P IMS do pfd ?
Pa Roera .. s ethar Pactfla . .. tV
Dnaar A Rls OraaSa rS Taloa Panne 14
do pfd 1 do pfd m
RVta ..' - US Taned atatfls Staat .
Sa ra pft I"S o pfd I(v
do ad Pfd t Wahaak l; ,
Crsad Trunk 1T da pd 4
TtllMla Coatral 14 Spanrak 4s art,
o. A TTaaO 1-4H 4na.Biiuir4 Cfper. 47,
it VKR-Par. steady at 2sd p r ounce.
MONT-lnl per cent.
The ram d'sroimt lr the ooen market
f "r eeitMrt Wis 1 riiSi per cent; for three
months" biUa 2J-P Pr cent.
Msieatal of Gold BesooaodL.
NEW TOHK. May 12 The movement of
g.14 to Europe whKh- began saveral weeks
sgo arAv tren temporarily casrd. waa re
eimed ro.iav. T i e ' N t ion a ! t .tv bank an
r uir1 an engagement cf I .; ti
Nj 1 Tfl !-i-k i.' . L-mm -rce ;ri,..; o-'ld-
fa: a A Cu-. 4,iai.vj aul Laxard
Frrs. tlAO. A"I of this gold will be
s,'iirid to f ans. This mate a total of
!.. ii i engaged for eipurt on the present
Kew York Srooey Market.
NEW TORK. May 13-MXET-On call.
esy st'lStil fr cent; ruling rale, i"v, per
cent; closing bid. 1 per out. offered st
1 per cent- Time loans, very dull and
soft, sixty days. 34 per cent; ninety days,
JH'fS per cvnt. six months, JH per cent.
4"a per cent.
actual business in bankers' biila at $4 T3
for demand and at 44 4&1 1 for sixty-day
bil!s; commercial Mils, HMV
SILVER Bar, HSc; Mexican dollars,
BONDS Go remmefit. steady; railroad,
The following are the closing quotations
ea bonds i
0. i. rs at, ref....1'4 L N. sal. 4s
so eospos 1"T HaB. t f. 4s. SI
C. I Sa. S M. Ceatral 4S U
So coupoa a im loc is
C a .
.US M 4 It L 4a 77
e rospoa
Am. Tooacre 4a...
4n 4a
Atrtaisna sea. 4a...
do atj. 4
Allantl? C. L- 4a..
B Ohis 4a....
- 4o i
Brk R. T. e. 4a .
Central of Oa. fca..
os :m i
do M lac
..121 . K. A T. 41
.. " do at
..le-4 . R. R. of M. t 4a 7S X T. C. . Is
.. ;s n J. c a i iS
.. P o Pacific 4a lis
.. S 'M ia 71
.. M !t. A W t 4a. 4
.. 7S O. 4. 1. rfdg ..... -4a
..l'S Pen, cr IS 4"
.. " Readme aen. 4a 4T
44 St. L. A 1. M c la .11
.. U It. L 4 9 P. fa 4a. TSV
to M lo
Chaa. A Ohio 4-,a...lS t L. W c ... 4
tlllraca A A. Ia..
fWboa-d A. L 4a.
. I
C. B. A Q. a. 4.... PS So. Pacific a-...
. ft
C. R. I. A P. 4a..
do let 4a ctfa
do col. aa. .
T4. so. Rallvnr lo 11
Colo la, aar. A. da T . st L I T. 4s. 71
"o1o. Mid 4 I'mra Pacific 4a 11
Colo. &n. 4a Sr. 4, CT a, aa
"or-a PIS T Steel M la.... pss
D A R. O. 4a. M Waroari la 1"4
Pia S-c. la lis do 4e. P S4
Erie p L 4a Wanar Ml 4a. e
do fen 4a. Tl A U I 4 s
Hr Val. 4S 1"SW Ceot-l 4 !
Japan 4a 77 Atchiao ct. 4a TS
do 4sa ctfa T do sa 1-S
an Id aerie 7 lnu Met. 4S ITS
B.4. "tjflered.
Boatoa (toekui aod Boa-da.
BOSTON. Mar 11 Money, call loans. 19
4 per cent: time loans, 3M:i per cent.
The followirig were the price en
storks and bonds:
Atchison kdi. 4s
do 4a
... 44 Atlantic 14S
... 41 BtrnHiatn II
... MS L A HorlA.
do pfd
P S Centennial
.... ti
.... T'-S
.... IS
.... 1
.... r-s
.... rs
.... rs
.... rr-
.... 4
.... H
.... "S
.... M
.... s
.... H-i
.... 41S
.... I
.... IS
.... v
.... 34S
Postoa A Aibanr 4S Covper Rasr
rwston A Mania 1U r-air wai ....
Flutrairg pfd Ii3 Franklin
Meauas Central 14SOranbr
N T . M H AH. IM laia Kcra, ..
Vnlon Pacific 14l Maar. Mmlnf
Am. Arve. Cnem.
'S Mirhls
do ptd
6 Mofcav
An Pifi. Tabs S Old Doatinloa
Atner. Sugar 1S Oaceoi
do rfd
..IE Parrot ...
Am. T A T .
....117 Fhansoa .,
Am. Wooiea 11 Tamarack
do pfd
ST-S Tr.nitr
Pomininn L A
Ediaon Elec. Ilia..
General Electric ..
Mas - Elactxlc
do pfd
Mam. Goa
t'nited Fruit
l a ted A M
do pfd
C 8 el
do pfd
Atard. nid.
. II t nlted Ctpp-r .
M t. 4. Mln.n ..
lrt r 4. OH
. S Vtah
. 47 Victoria
. 44 Winona
.141 Wolrertn .....
. as North Butte
ITS Butt Coalition
.. t"S Neda l:S
..MS Col A Herla JS
.. 3 Art tons Com la
. . 77S Gretna Caaanea IS
.-AS .
Forerara Financial.
LONDON. May 11 Money was in good
supply In the London market today. Dis
counts were weaker and optimists talked
of an early reduction in the Bank cf
ETigland'a rate of discount. But tfne is
hardly likely. In view of the lower rates
of continental ex charge on London. In
dicating a Continued demand for gold.
Trading on the Bt.ick exchange was buy
ant in most departments, cheap money
and the prospects of tta continued cheap
ness being the chief Influence. Consols
rose S) a point and strengthened the other
gilt-edged securities. Foreigners were
strong, the gold continental support cen
tering chiefly on Japanese bonds, while
Mexican and Argsntina rails Improved.
American shares started steady and
spurted over parity. Local and conti
nental houses, aa well aa professionals,
bought. Southern Pacific. Colon Pacific,
Missouri Pacific and. liraxd Trunk received
great attention. iater New Tork con
firmed the advance and supported the mar
ket flriv. This re. used a firm cloee.
BERLIN. May latBricea on the Bourse
today were firmer.
PARIS. May 13. Prices on the Bourse
today were strong and trading was active.
New Tork Mlalag Storks.
NEW TORK. May 12. Closing quotations
en mining stocks were,
Adams Cos
I Little Chief ...
.... 4
.... 11
.... II
Bruniwlck Con. .
Comatork Tunnel .
Con. Col. A Va...
Horn Silver
Iros Silvar
LaadvUis Cos
.. 14 OpMr
.. - 4 Poloei
.. J7 Paras
.. 4A Sierra Keva-la
.. 71 (mal Hoaa. ...
..1S4 Standard
.. I
Treaiarr Btateeaeat.
WASHINGTON. May 13. Today's state
ment of the treasury balances in the gen
eral fund exclusive of the I10.10.0 gold
reserve shows: Available cash balances,
C4o.741.36S; gold coin and bullion CO,77fc.(41;
gold certificates, 423.7!-:. r.0.
Book Cleorlaara.
OMAHA, May 13-Bank clearings for
today were 3i.SMl.7kl.3S and for the corre
sponding date last year tl. 775,361.17.
Metal Market.
NEW TORK. May 11 METAL There
waa a very severe decline in the London
tin market, spot closing at 132 Vo and
futures at l.t2 &s. The local market was
weak and unstled In consequence, with
quotations ranging from 13 25 to 329.71
CVpper advanced 7a d In London, with
spot closing st 57 !s 4d. and futures at
57 17s t-d. The local market was steady
and a shade higher, with Lke quoted at
tliCVil-To: ele-trolvTic, 111 frrgU CS,. and
casting at tl !.?! 11 37V Lead declined to
12 17a 4d in the London market, but was
quiet and unchanged locally at 34.22ii
4 2?S Spelter waa unchanged at 14 17s
fed in Lo ndon and at 44.i'-a4 45 locally.
Iron waa unsettled In the London market.
Btandard foundry waa nominal. while
Cleveland warrants were quoted . at In.
Ixcally the market wss unchanged: No. 1
foundnr northern. 317.3DtflS.'-. No. 2.
IHi.7517 fr': No. 1 southern and No. 1 south
ern soft. 114 it 17 Jk
ST. LOCia. May 11 MT7TAL8 Lead,
steady. 14.10. Spelter, lower. 14 CV
Wool Market.
ST. LOflS. May 13 WOOL Steady;
medium gradea. combing and clothing,
14ft r: light fine. Hylic; heavy,
SCUi-; tub washed. lSfillc.
I1SH1X. May 1 WCM3L The offer
ings at the wool auction sales today
amounted to 4 128 bales. Competition was
spirited snd cros-hels were In active de
mand at IS $ I per cent advance over
yesterday's prlc4?a. Americans bought a
moderate aupply of croas-bredi. Only
small quantities of Merinos were offered
and they sold readily at hardening ratea.
The following are the sales: New South
Wales. '! tales, scoured. Sdgli 3sd;
greasy. S-tfloijd. Uueensland. 4t baico;
srouri-3. l"13 1s a, greasv. nothing do
ing Victoria. 40 res: greasy. 4sd9
In Vd. Weet Australia. 40 balea; greasy.
4iiJ Tasmania. 3"u bales: greasy, J S it
14-1. New Zealand. haiea; scoured.
ls'ilsSd: greasy. 7V&'41 Cape of
Good Hope and Natal, it) bales; greasy,
5S0"1 '
Evaporated Aoplee aad Dried Fralts.
APPLES Market continues ouiet, but
steady to firm In tone, owing to light
offerings. Fancy are quoted at l-rli,-?;
cr.olre, SH-i?i-; prima, TS)S7Vl"; common
to fair &ir1'".
DRIED FR CITS Prunes are unchanged
on spot, with quotations ranging from 4r
to 14.- for CaWfurnia and from &Sc to lc
for rsj-ogon fruit. Aonomi ar quiet, with
choice qued at ISalSV: extra choice.
14 3l4c; . fancy. L'.loc. peaches are un
settled, wtn choice mioted at Sc. extra
choice. V; fancy. l'i''"V; extra fancy.
LlallSjC Raiiina are dull and easy, wth
hm mua tol t .7 j.t l?y'' . i
raisins, froec; Lorvloa la-ers. II Jfc-Yl 34.
fafaa Market.
NEW TORK, May 13. CO FFFE Market
for coffee futures opened -eulet and un
changed to points lower, under ecst-t-nng
offerintrs by locsl long. Trading
was quiat. there being not rung In the
rabiea to create freen sentiment. and
f.u.tua'ions were socnwhat Irrearular, but
tra.1 interests were buyer In ths late
seaatoa and tne cloae was steady, net un
cr.snged tn i points h-gher Sales were
reoorted of 15 bags. Includ'ng May at
4 SV;; July. tic. Seiemf-r. 4:x'; Cs-tober
3c: Iwwmrer. 4i'c. 8t-ot. steady: Na
7 Rlrt, SSc: N'- 4 fsrtoa. rc; mi.d coffee.
viui-t; Cordova. ragll'V.
agar tat Mela sere.
NEW TORK. Maw 13. Sl'GAR Raw.
firm; fair reiming. laor. ceotr-.f iiAl It teet.
4 molasees Si-sar. 3.47c Refined,
stralr: rion-d, AAim: coicred. 4.4:.
Tat Cattle Ten to Fifteen Centt Lower
Than Monday.
and Lasaoo la Light ft resist,
"Ilk De-snood None To I rgv-ot
Areaaal ot Prevatllag
High Prleeo.
SOT.TH OMAHA. May 1L lim.
Repel rts o-em- fnttla Horn flheen
Ofr.clal Monday s.wo 4 3 4
tHfl.'lal Tuesday t.lf t 14 S4 f 443
Estimate Wednesday.... Itmo liM 2
Three days this week. .lt . 35 r3 liati
rat days last week....l.Hl r.'.l 11.143
Same daya 3 weeks sgo..l.V .77t .110
Bams days I weeks ago . 7.1.. 17.4V '.44
Same days 4 weeks agn.-ll.tt1? 2'Ja 13 S60
Same dayi last year U.144 Is.m 11.731
The following1 table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
for the year to date, con-pared with last
year: is;. Inc. Dec
Cattle 3T.3i 421.703 85.444
Hogg L0H4 4T3 Kw.073 V.9A
Sheep M6.71 7,1 174J7
The following tsble shows the average
prioe of hogs at Booth Omaha for the last
several day a, with comparisons:
Date. is,.;i9ffi. :4.:i. uc2.
May 1...
t 34: t SI
i i r
t is; t r;
t 11! I
6 U 4 ri
1 13 4 fc-;
f 24' 4 6
I SOi 4 S31,
i 36, 4 oi
4 &,
r 1
I laV 4
I 1: 4 '
i 27! 4 44
t , 4 C
t l 4 as,
t S3 ' 1 M
4 Ti) 7 W
( in
4 tS T 02
I Q, M
( 44 T On
May J...
May 3...
May ...
May t ..
May 7...
May ...
Mar ...
Mar 10..
May 11..
May 12..
May It..
i a
i r
i v
5 v
1 3Sr
1 41S-.
4 as i
t 4
4 r; t is
t T5 t 21'
SB 24 .
6 3s, t 24
6 3
t 35; I
t 42
7 07
7 08
4 94
The official number of cars of stock
brought in today bv each road wss:
Cattle. Hoga Sheep. H'r's
C M a SL P 1
Mo. Pac
Union Pacific
C. A N. W. teastt...
C. A N W (west(...
C. Pt. P. M. O ...
C. B. A Q. (east)...
C. B. A Q. fwesti...
C. R I. A P. (west)
Illinois Central
Total recelDts
20 ..1
83 BS t 3
4 1
K &4
10 Id
40 44 2
3 1
145 ist 4 7
The disposition of the day receipts was
aa follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber of head Indicated:
Cattle. Hos Bheen
Omaha Packing Co 4J4 J12B 7S
8wift. and Company... 7'S S.) 671
Cudahy Packing Co.... 4M 1 4no
Armour A Co 3 t.W
Cudahy P kg Co. K. C M9
Armour A Co., Denver M
Carey ft Benton 36
W. I. Stephen ...
Hill A Son 27
F. P. Lewis t
J. B. Root 4 Co 11
J. H. Bulla 102
Layton A Co 164
L. Wolf 24
McCreary A Carey 117
Pam Werthimer 53
H. F. Hamilton 3
Bul'.ivan Bros 53
Other buyers J7
Totals 2i44 Il,i3 3.KJ
CATTLE Receipts of cattle were quite
liberal for the middle of the week at this
point, with very fsir showing at ctner
markets as well. The bulk of the receipts
consisted of corn-fed steers, there being
among the offerings a good many very
desirable killers.
The weakness in the market for beef
steers which developed yesterday was con
tinued today, the market being both slow
and lower. Buyers were Inclined to bold
back and wail developments, while sales
men were not disposed to lake off anything
In the price without a struggle. Thus the
forenoon was well advanced before very
much trading was done. As to prices the
market was safely lOQasc lower than
Cows and heifers were In very fair de
mand and. as the suppiy was by no means
burdensome, the market was quite active
everything changing bands In very good
season. Choice yearling heifers are very
much sought after and are selling at very
high prices.
The supply of feeders waa small and the
market without any noticeable change.
Light stock cattle, on the other hand, were
very dull, holders of such finding it no
easy matter to move them.
Wuotationa on cattle: Good to choice corn
fed steers, K.dO'ct.So; fair to good corn-fei
sieers, ei.ij 4y; common to ftur corn-trd
steers. ftSbtCK); good to choice cows and
heifers, fea0$2; fair to good cows and
h elf era, 4tt:5.j; common to fair cows and
heifers. t2.&uj-4.t": good to choice stockers
and feedars. 44.75435.40: fair to good stock
ers and feeders. 44.2(j4 To; common to fair
stockers snd feeders. 3S.36a4.3a.
Representative sales:
. At. Pr Ho. Av. Tt.
tl 44T I IS Id 1221 4 15
II 441 4 li 44. 1117 4 2a
11 VO I It IS 114 I l
II 1(T1 I 41 II LTI I SI
i; 7 4 14 Jil I ai
40 N4 11 1141 I M
14 1"U I ai il l,M 4 la
I t:s I 71 11 111-0 I aa
St 109 I 71 14 IS. 4 I M
43 1-hS I 46 I 1144 1 41
17 4bl I SI ft 171 l
xi in I od r? mi 1 w
14 n! I M 14 l:ll t il
e has Its 44 Lm 4 41
14 l.t I Ml M 49 4 b4
II 111! 4 St 41 IB) 4 40
44...... H 4 30 121 4 t
n ri lit 4 i4ii 1 aa
17 47 4 11 IS 1141 4 44
14 l'W 4 44 1171 V
it iii 4 1 It :r?i 4 u
X 1X4 4 ( tl 14M 4 71
1141 4 IT list t T4
U l-avl 4 4 14 lata I 4
31 U14 4 10
1 r i t 40 31 sm 1 44
d Ifrf I t 1 1121 4 4i
1 4 SM 4 7
4. Ml I 24 4 14 4 M
t Il I ! I till I 10
I 4 4 I iU 4 IS
I l'l 4 24 4 Kl
4 4 ht I L4 I 71
7 IM III t 11A4 4
I f4 is 1 at is
I 7.e lu 1 mil
486 4 44 II 174 I 14
II IH I- 44 14
14 4 e n t?4 4 ti
4 424 4 4 4 474 4 M
i re J n i, ia 4 a
1 u im 1 ,w0 4 y,
1 4M I 44 1 1) 4 7
1 I 1 12 4 TJ
1 4- I li 1 Ill I
1 ISO I t 1M0 I M
1 n 1 is 3 .i;m i
1 U 4 (O 1 175l I K
1 1!0 4 V 1 12 4 14
1 474 4 10 1 170 5 4i
1 M4S 4 II 1 1410 1
1 1L44 I ti
4 21 4 44 II , 124 1 T
1 11 I t4 1 lad t (4
t 14S I le I M I
1 114 l 4 171 4 24
1 12 I T
II It I a 4 u I I
40 4s 1 ti ik
17 rt 4 e ft a-4 4 ail
7 477 4 K 14 4 14
M 44 4 24 4 7 .4 U
li a t- 4 aa
1 44 4 14 u 7- d ;
I -4 4 40 I Is
I cows 1"7 4 Ti steer.. ..116 1 40
IbulU 140 4 mi 1 bull 1!70 3 5
44 sieers .1079 t t 44 steers. . 1 tv t 40
HOj8 The market opened with a rather
unpromising outick thla morning, the
large a reported at all points being
unanticipated. At the same time advices
from everywhere Indicated a lower ten
dency to valuea. The result was the mar
ket here started out a good 5c lower, v.-tn
the trade none too active at the
The early sales were largely at and right
around tt 33. and aa high a li 0 waa paid.
It will be remembered that yetrterdsy the
Kpular price waa tu .40. a good many over
If of all the selling at that prlrs.
Instead of Itni-rovli.g tn market weak
r.d eff itill more, becoming 10c lower, en
which baaia most of tn later sales were
made. The trad waa dull at the decline
aad as buyers filled their orders and
dropped out It tca(M still more drasgy
and finally rattened out completely, some
ho4rs beir.g unsold when buyers left the
ReDreeentatlv sales:
a as. 4a Pr. li A. . Pr.
at 17 . . 4 7 2.1 lit I 44
ii st I M '.-r :a ... h m
tt ri n 1 r m im 44 at
s trr at I n t e M t u
H ;m :4 I n t m Ik
r la 4 li n r-d 12 1
a lit 1 11 1.1 m 1 M
44 44 14 4 !i' T I 14
7 ..r i I a.- i 4 m
T g! u llrs T 2;t la I al
e : .. I u ' 11 U4 4
41 lal 4 i 44 IU ... 14
The excellent equipment, lare reouroe. and efficient
t?rvice of the First National Dank of Omaha make it
an ideal banking institution for the buness men of
Omaha and vicinity. We assure you that you will be
well pleased by having an account with u?.
4 at 11 lit 44 i I
44 iV 120 ( U 17 r- 1 I M
7 t ... I U M 1 Jo 111
Tl 14 44 I It 2.4 SO I II
T? tt7 40 I If M :t I
1 -4 ... I 74 S14 140 I SI
71 IM ... I lr 71 ttn all
74 ;r ... im li 17 ... ia
74 20 4 I 7 71 241 . . I II
7 llH ... lit 74 12 as I IS
n... x-4 i in- i : u 4 is
r gl lfo 1 W- M W L IX
74 II 1 ms II St 1 n
M 4 ... I V" 71 Ml SO I 14
a t ... 1 W 44 T I M
IS t4 .. II." 71. MIN
7 I 4 I If 44 ft ... I tt
n 12! ... His :i ... 1
Ml 14 I n II 4HI ... I M
U lat 120 I i: 47 Jfi . . I tt
71 n ... I ir 4 27 P 1 24
: 2; min n la 1 h
47 2-. ... IKS 71 2:4 .. I I
M 141 11 Ifc Sf 7J4 4 1 r
ti 2 n ii 7 r ... ir
n 2:1 ... 1 11 ir im at i rs
75 2U I Ji 7 14 4) I rs
77 11 n i a ii 2it ... 1 rs
74 212 W IK 71 Kit ... I 27 '
11 2i ... 1 is ... i rs
ti :a so 1 1 Ti ri ... 1 rs
7l I 7" mi ... 1 rs
r. 4-... 7 40 1 11 i ri 4 4 rs
74 2rt l II to :s ... i rs
M 21 40 Its 71 24 M 1 4
215 It ill 71 4 24-1 I 4
M SI ... I tt J3-. ft 14
1 17 r IK 12 24 ... I 40
71 ri le I 14 4 Ill ... I 40
21 ... I at e 27 ... I an
4e tn ... II! II Ill Its 4 44
71 i77 o I li 72 271 ... I 4rt
72 tH 44 I li I A 40 I 40
SHEEP Receipts were light this morn
ing, but they were plenty heavy enough
considering the demand, which waa far
from urgent. Buyers picked out such stuff
as pleased them, buying the good handy
weight lambs at fully steady prices. Thus
lambs that sold at 166 oh Monday brought
the same price today. Most of the receipts
consisted of heavy lambs, for which the
demand was very light, especially so st
prevailing prtcea Advices from Chicago
as well aa from southern markets all Indi
cated that prices at this point sre higher
In proportion then other marketa. Hence
It waa not surprising- that buyera thla
morning were backward about taking hold
freely. At the same time packers have
shipped in direct cheaper southern lambs
which had reduced to some extent the local
demand. Taking all In all It was not sur
prising that the trade waa dull tnroughout,
but It waa no duller than Is to be expected
considering that local prices are right close
up to Chicago.
Quotations on lamba: Oood to choice
woojed, 17.25a7.wi: fair to good, wooled. M.W
4T7 25; good shearing lamJ. carrying flesh.
! rt-o6; good shesting lamba. thin. K 00
t4 4V: shorn lambs, 7Sc 11 ider wooled stock.
Quotations on sheep; Good to choice
light yearlings, shorn, I5.44.15; fair to
food yearling, shorn. o.i-.i.Sii: good to
choice wethers, shorn. 1o60j6j; fair to
good wethers, shorn. !i!5ot.S; good to
choice ewes, shorn. 35 J36V: fair to good
ewes, shorn. 34.7Str5 25. culls snd bucks,
shorn, ti.Cg.60; wooled sheep, 25&-40c above
shom stock.
Representative sale:
No. Av. Pr
771 western lambs, shorn SS "75
li trn lamb culls, shorn.. 4 IM
242 western lamba shorn I ll 2"
iy western lambs, shorn l'C 20
1-2 western lambs, shorn 1" 20
27 western lamb culls 75. SM
111 wesiern lambs, shorn 74 45
3 western ewes lot 6 75
521 western lambs, shorn W t 50
Cattle, yHegw, Skee-a and Lambs Are
All Lawrr.
CHTCAOO. May 13 CATTLE Receipts.
about 11.00 head; market for heavy steers
f"&15c lower, others steady; steers. 15 i9'
7. X': cows. C7Va B: heifers, li .rj5'7j;
buils. 14.40gs.76: calves, 2.5045.s); stockers
and feeders. 33 25a 4P.
HOG-Receipt a. eitimated at shout 300,10
hesd: market lc lower: choice heavy ship
ping. to.fOtiiS : butchers. 35 5$o : light
mixed. 35 SoTiS SS ; choice light, ti .t&eK.dP:
picking. SS IMS 55; pigs. M l&ig5.5; bulk of
sales. 15 &tg ofi.
SHEEP AND LAMPS Receipts about
It.ifV head: market Kic lower; sheep. 35
i ts); lambs, 1o.Oi3j7.50. yearlings, 35.5t1g4j.tiu.
Kaaaai City Lire gtoe-k Market.
cetpiA t.'VO head. Including 1 1(0 aouthema;
market steady to a shade lower; top. 37.(4';
choice export and dresaed beef steers.
K.n7.on. fair to good. 35tV5k55. western
steers. !o.2Mi5 Ti; stockers and feeders. J .2
Qi.h; southern steers. t4.7aiO: southern
eowi, 3S.flis64.75; native cows, t3.('K7.fO; na
tive heifers. .7&j; bulls. 3.J5;6.oO;
cslve. 4 i7d Ofi.
HOGS Receipts. MiOft head; market W
loc lower: top. 3555; bulk cf ssles. IS.fVS
s.30; heavy.'&S.oo; Parkers and butch
er. 36S5.a0. lights, 35.6 50; pigs. It
tj4 7B.
SHEET AND LAMBS Receipts. 8 .
head; market steady: lamhe. sHloflcji:
ewreo and yesrllngs. AA5$.n; Texaa vear
llnga. 35.25ia4.faJ: Texaa ah-ep. to.403k.5u;
stockers and feeders, lihuj..
it. Lewis Live Stock
ST. LOl'IS. May 13
celpts. 1.000 head. Including 50
market stesdy: nstlve shipping
Itllllfl I'Hqt, native iniipinn inn r
port steers. 14 1007 15: dressed beef a
butcher steers. Is 25 91 SO; steer uml
1 Add pounds. 34 45 6 44$; stockers a
snd cx-
feeders. S3 W4J i ti; cows snd
iietf ers
11. 755 ltd; cannera. 12 09J 3.('; bulls.
II 00fi4 CO; calves. t)10 &7 t0; Texas and
Indian steers. 14 006 7 00; cows and heif
ers. II 75h 4 40
HOtie Reoelpur. 11 ('00 head: market 5c
lower; piga and light, !!75i4u. pack
ers. !4 75S.lo; butchers and beat heay,
15 IS ti f 45.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipta. 3.500
head: market Sc lower; nativ muttons.
13 75 4J4 0O. lambs, 14.50i:5: culls and
bucks, 4.7S5(rA: stockers. 13 500 111.
St. Jeeeek Live llsek Market.
ceipts. 2.13 hesd: market slow and weak:
natives. 15 6t7.': cowa and he'fers. C .'.
4. 40; stockers and feed-rs. 14 Via5.S.
HCKJS R4ceipt. 17..1K1 head, market
lftc lower; top, li 5:4. bulk of sales. 35 Xj
5 45.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 1 o1
head: market steady; lamha. to 5Y7 ';
yearllna-s and w el hers. 15 'if. 'J: ewes,
35-OSW tel.
Iowa City Uvt Itsek Merkrt.
SIOL'X CITT. Ia . May 13.-3pef j,! Tle
gram.l CATTLE Receipts. In) head; mar
ket weak: beevea. 35 I547 45: cowa and
heifers. 14 ia& SO; feeders, 14 (k (; calves
and yearunga. 41 T.Vj4 .
HOGS Receipts head; market 55 TV-
lower; range. &T-3'j. bulk of salea. 15 20
S 40.
tork la llgkl.
Receipts cf live ato. k at the six print 1- 1
pai western markets yesterday:
vat 11a. nu
13 50
4 e.J
1! "0
17 411
14 000
.' ill
South Omaha
hlout City...
Kansas City..
St Louts
St. Joseph....
Chi. ago
3 tOt
3 Sue
. 3 (X-0
. 3 lit
1 4J1
la OOfll
.35.521 103.111 33.741
Be4re4s for tsasrase Ceaa oat j.
KANSAS CITY. Mo . May 13 Judge Mc-I
Cuoe in the curcuit court ner la' yeai.-r- , SEW ORLEANS. Uay 13 COTTON
day appoint" William barton, a l-aral j Bpji. t'-i. a ea. "v. bain. ', ordin
buirM man. recover for the Great W-et- 1 4 nr.- nil o--i .iary. -V"; low
era Llf Inaurr.c agency. The esrr.pany idling. IV,.-; t t'4!: g. K'V; good
waa orgamard onder the lawa of Colorado ' m M lrig 11V:; mida.irtg fr. Uc; lair,
and it hed of:ea sr located in Kansas, B..inL Reteipts. 3.7.4 bales, alock.
City. A receiver for the company was lt4 r,rt
recently appointed at Denver. . UjI . Xr COTTON-S'eady :
... . . ! mKi-1:lr,. lAi galea S7B balea, rece.pts.
Iyer Ttr Tt4 Btt im 44 column-
If not. tt so, abd get oatiafoctory resuiia.
Soffen to Extent of Fire ThotU&ai
Adda Sonar Fire Hendred Del ler Loa
Itreet Are treats a of Itwsk
lag Water aod People
Seek Skelter.
Damage to the amount of several thou
sand dollars was done by the storm of
Tuesday evening In Omaha, public work
such as atrevt improvement, paving and
sewer construction suffering the most.
Mud wss washed onto the pavement In
low places in great quantities, families liv
ing in the hollows suffered considerably
from the overflowing of eewers and on
sewer burst, causing much damage In the
Immediate vicinity.
On Twentieth street from Poppleton ave
nue to the railroad bridge the mud Is esti
mated to be on the average of two feet
thick over the entire pavement for a d La
tat ce of about three bloc-ke. On Thirteenth
street for the distance ff about four blocks
south from Jones the mud covers the pave
ment about one foot thick and this la the
condition for the distance of a couple of
blocks south from Leavenworth on Four
teenth atreet.
Five Teoenaod Damage.
"I estimate that the cost of removing the
mud from the pavements will be close to. (j
If not quite, 35.000," ssyt Thomas J. Flyne. 4
street commissioner. "The storm was on J
of the worst I ever aaw and I doubt if f
such quantities of mud were ever before
washed onto the pavements In this ciiy. f,
I put my entire force at work the first
thing In the morning carting off this mud, i
but It will take some time to clean It all I
away, aa It Is so deep In some places that
one wagonload will not dean a space aa "
large as the wagon Itself.-'
Charles E. Tanning, paving contractor,
estimates his loss as the result of the
atorm st t-fa) and figures that other pav
ing contractor! have suffered to the extent
of about tL0u altogether. Fanning had
paving on Thirtieth street between Chicago
and California streets under way. but the
rAln washed out the concrete and cared in
the curbing, eo that work will have 10 be
1 nMtitiv at the herrnnlna Thla '
is mi case lmi mt.i'i - -' "-'.,
Twenty-sixth and Twenty-eighth street,
where Hugh Murphy has the paring con
tract, and on Forty-first street betwreeo
Davenport and Cuming streets, where
Woodworth Is laying paving.
Isard Street Sewer Borsta.
The Ixard street sewer, near Twelfth,
burst during the worst part of the storm
and the water flooded the entire bottoms.
The sewer burst out for the distance ot
about fity feet and ia tn sucn a condition
that City Engineer Rosewater says he does
not think It will pay to repair lt The
aewer la too small for the district, and h
says that a large aewer, plans for which
were recently rejected by the council over
the mayor's suggestion, is the only way to
remedy the difficulty.
At Thirty-second and Webster streets, the
sewer overflowed and flooded a number of
houses, occupied by negro families, en-tAiltr-g
damage to the amount of several
hjndred dollar a Water flowed Into the
basement of a house at 70s North Thirty
second street, occupied by A. N. Wallace,
o that the furniture floated around the
rooms. Mr. Minnie Gotlrell and Mra
Martha Brooks, living at Thirty-second and
Webster streets, were compelled to leave
their homes and spend the night elsewhere,
on account of the water flooding their
C. Epatein, market master, says that the
farmers bring in reports that but UtUe
damage waa dona In the country.
New OArrro for Kalgkta.
HURON. 8. LX. May 11 iSpolaX)
Huron council No. "7, Knights of Colum
bua, after the entertainment of more than
300 visiting Knlghta from various parts
of the state and the Initiation of a class
of sixty applicants and the serving of
a banquet, followed with music, toasts
and a royal good time, the session closed
Monday afternoon, when the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
year: State deputy, John A. Bowler,
Sioux Fails; state secretary, L J, Walsh.
Mitchell; state treasurer, Joseph Me
Donough, Deadwood; state advocate, kV
P. Keenan. Aberdeen; atate warden. Da
vid Whooley. Watertown; alternate to
national convention. M. L. Tobln. Huron;
national chaplain, J. P. McCarthy. Lead
1 Ceert la Lyaaao Coooty.
MITCHELL, S. D. Msy 13 ( Special.")
Judge Frank B Smith Is holding court
at Gar.n Va.ley. in Buffalo county, this
week, having had to adjourn the term tn
Lman rounly to take ap the regular
term In Buffalo. Judge Smith atated that
there were two weeka cf court business
' yet to be transacted In Lyman county,
'which, however, could not bo touched un-
til he had completed hie work in Jarau.d
land Sanborn counties. It Is possible Ut
1 he wit !: a arwtl term nt court fjr
Lyman cour.ty the latter (art of J una
Cottoa Mar art.
TORK. May- 11 Futures opened
ateadv: June. 131c. July. 4 c :
July, I; Aua'uat.
lii. SrLirmlvr. Ic. October. I Sbc;
November 4 40: December. ISKlc; January,
a . jo in 'i. .f.
Fpot 4tosed qu'i-t at 25 printa advance;
mid-lung uplands, ll.ii; middling gulf.
11.60c. No a'.f-e
aiav at V-Ar.
. , . saivmeu. 4w OivMa. oUeu. asAul