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Wash Suits us Presses
Practical NewSumnwr Styles Moderately Priced
Women WtxsK Jacket Suits
These suits are bound to be favorite?
in the warm months. They are made
of white, light blues and pinks
many have lace insertion -trimming
others have tailor straps, , XI 9o
practical, serviceable sum
mer suits, for
Lingerie Dresses
Many are in the one piece ' Princesse
effects made of sheer materials and
many are very elaborately
fashioned. This is a f 98
special offer," at . . .' "
Light Weight Tailored Suits
You can't buy a more servicea
ble suit than this made in
new styles a good variety of
colors such suits usually
command $20 to $25 $ j C
special, at .
The Newest Effects in Silk Jackets The styles are the
new Butterfly and Modified Prince Chap effects fk 98
makes a very desirable coat for all summer wear
22 and 27-inch Ilijh French Batiste Embroidered
Flouncings and Skirtings Also Norelty Frontings and
Allover Embroideries Suitable for Graduation Dresses
This is all high quality hand . loom needlework in this
season's choicest designs worth up to $2.25 Cft
a yard, at, per yard .VOv
3 Dig Lots of Wide Embroideries
In these lots are 18 and 27inch fine swiss, nainsook and
cambric flouncings, skirtings and corset cover embroid
eries also fancy frontings, insertings and galloons
very desirable for making graduating dresses worth
up to 85c a yard, at, yard .19c, 29c and 39c
Brandeis Millinery
For Late Spring and Early Summer
Extra Special Thursday
In our millinery department on
second floor we offer hundreds
of pretty, new, up-to-date hata,
in white and delicate shades for
summer newest trimmings
medium and, large "750
anapea, including
Merry Widow and
Soul Kiss hat . . . .
In the Basement
Trimmed flats for $1
Every hat is new, medium and
large shapes hundreds to select
from usually sell for C
12.50. at
Is Chocolate Day at Sweetl&.nd
Our Regular 40o Chocolate for 20c Pound
Brandeis la Sole Omaha Agents for
the Famous Milliard's Chocolates
2?-;uw.-' huJ tWUx Salt &CxJ g
4 Great Specials
In HeusefurnUhlngs Department Old Stere
Take the New Entrance Leading from the Sidewalk N. W.
Cer. 16th and Douglas It leads te money. Saving Bargains
llWUIillfifl? ' 'V'mJSi
Curtain Stretcher.
Full size 6x12 feet,
adjustable to fit
most any curtain.
Bath Boom Beta.
Steel nickel plated Consisting of four pieces on en
pVna Thursday ammeled sheet of steel, one towel
special bar ona soap dish, one tooth
orush rack and on tumbler hold-
JJT - g-m tr all heavily nickel plated CO.
special for ThuraSav
-special for Thursday
Cl'RTAIN HODS Made of brass with silver tipped end
. ; Extnds to 44 inches in length special for Thursday.
A genuine Im
ported Inlaid
hardwood salt
bo with nickel
shield non
corrosive a
big- special for
Thursday at Bo
c)cJLlJL -o "tlx GuaJt
Next Saturday Our Greatest Sale of
Men's Summer Underwear
Actually worth $1.50 a garment all sizes See
the wlndews, at
I 1 I riririri ANY lrk LAPIEH' HOMK JOl'KNAL
Y Vs' aIIIjIj pattekn wKh ?rtr,Jr str,e JJk
This Thursday the Ilcinnant Sale will have such bargains as are
rarely offered by any store. Our recent sales have left an unusual
amount of odds and ends of desirable Silks and Dress Goods that now
will be closed out for a mere pittance. i
SILK RKMXAXTS Must bo BOO of them, one and a half to three
and a half yard pieces, all kinds fancy silks, rough silks, f
Loulslnes, taffetas, etc., all worth $1.00 a yard; yard "lJ
for. ' w
DHKSS GOODS RKMXAXTS Black and colored goods, four to eight
yard lengths, 44 to 60 Inches wide, finest $1.50 and $1.00 materials,
plain and novelties, voiles, taffetas, panamas:
Remnants $1.50 goods at, yard.....'
Remnants $1.00 goods at, yard 29
WASH (i(K)DS RKMXAXTS Most extraordinary low prices on best
grade fabrics, including 32-inch 25c ginghams, 25c and 35c Q
Madras, 15c percales, 35c silk mulls, 30c cotton voiles, linen flC
finished suitings; good, desirable lengths at, yard
I.IXIMt REMXAXT9 Best 20c black and colored linings, sateens,
spun glass and percallnes; on Bale Thursday at, yard
A matchless bargain the best $1.25 black voile ever imported 44
Inches wide, beautiful rich black; new, crisp and with a firm
wiry touch. Never anything like this in Omaha before at
the price
3 S. & H. Green Stamps Instead of One on Domestics Thursday
Want to convince every reader of this paper that we sell do
mestics for loss money than any other Omaha store. A few illustra
tions to prove It:
Shirting Dark colors, 12 c and
10c grades, yard 5
Unbleached Sheeting Yard wide,
a good quality, yard. 3
Cambric Fine, soft finish for un
derwear, 12 V6c value, for...7
Bleached 9c Muslin for 6
Heavy nieached Sheets W 1 1 h
seams, for 29?
2,000 Pairs W men's Sample Stockings on Bargain
Tables. ThursdayHosiery Day .
60c Imported Hosiery, llslee,
fancy colored lisle, lacs
lisle, and split foot, fX(
Thursday, at
75o Hoslsry hand embroid
ered lisle and lace Cf
lisle goods, for .... A""
$1.00 Hoslsry, very beauti
ful hand embroidered
styles, elaborately JQn
tasteful effects, pr.
tl.BS Silk Hoslsry, plain and
fancy styles, Thuis- f!Qf
days sale for ....
3.60 Bilk Hoslsry, exquisite
DiacK ana coioreu inrrnu
silk lace boot
effects, pair ,
15o Xlbbsd Hoslsry, double
knee, 2x2 rib, sizes 6 to
84 for boys, g
pair uyj
190 Rlbbsd Hosiery for boys
and girls, all " Op
sizes, pair
USo Xibbsd Hoslsry, the Tom
Sawyer line, andisome im
ported Rood", medium and
heavy weights, "i flf
at pair X3Kj
Just a small space to
advertise a big sale. Big
In moncysaving possibil
ities. 2,000 pairs sample
stockings and broken
rQ lines purchased at groat
K discount from St. Louis
and Kansas City houses.
On sale Thursday at tre
mendously cut prices.
Most important stocking
sale of the year. Foreign
and domestic goods, for
S women, children, boys
rC and ir iris:
a .. . ...
Black Cotton Hosiery, run
seamless, plain and rib
tops 19c quality - Op
for XVy
Sale of IVIuslin Underwear
On Thursday the entire stock will be brought out for a grand
clean-up. Summer Undermuslins have not sold at so low a price in
years. Thousands of new, fresh, crisp garments all daintily trimmed
with embroideries and laces. Thursday you buy them in this manner:
$1 00 and $1.25 drawers, corset covers, gowns, chemise and skirts;
your choice of hundreds of gowns of many styles at . 69
75c drawers, corset covers, gowns and short skirts; in Thursday's
clean-up sale at 39
35c Drawers and Corset Covers (many attractive styles in the line,
Thursday's sale, at 10
25c drawers, made of very good quality of muslin, nicely cut; Thurs
day at -15J
Chiffon Panama Dress Skirts in Thursday's Sale
In this lot you will find every desirable color, Buch as black, navy and
brown; also some effective colorings and mixtures, with gray and
brown predominating. They are tailored with nine, thirteen and
seven gore; some of them have self straps and folds, others are
trimmed with taffeta straps. These are positively the best
skirts that come from the New York markets and retail
at $7.50. We bought these at a price that allows us to sell
them Thursday at
One Day Sale of Boys' Suits
Mothers with boys to clothe will find in this offering one of the best
money-saving possibilities of the season. The lot embraces a nice
variety of new gray and brown effecta in many choice patterns;
are made with double-breasted coats and Knickerbocker and
knee pants, Bizes range from six to sixteen years and all
are worth $4.00 to $5.00; Thursday's sale
Bennett's Bio Grocery
Bennett's Golden Coffee, pound 86o and 30 Stamps
Bennett's Challenge Coffee, pound 18o and 10 Stamps
Teas, assorted, pound 48o and 50 Stamps
Bennett's Capitol Pepper, can 10c and 5 Stamps
Best We Have Lima Beans, two cans 3&o and 10 Stamps
Best We Have String Beans, two cans 3So and 10 Stamps
Genessee Wax Beans, two cans , B5o and 10 Stamps
Best We Have Kidney Beans, two cans. 35o and 10 Stamps
Best We. Have Corn, two cans 85o and 20 Stanjps
Bennett's Capitol Strawberry Beets, two cans 35c and 10 Stamps
Best We Have Blackberries, can 830 and 10 Stamps
Best We Have Hubbard Sijuash, two cans .....350 and 10 Stamps
Advona Jams, assorted, two cans 80o and 10 Stamps
J M Karly June Peas, two cans 3 So and 10 Stamps
KAISIN SPECIAL Large Three-Crown Raisins, splendid for pies, regular
12VsC quality, Thurmlay price, pound 80
BiKIRO POWDER SPECIAL -Bennett's Capitol Bsklnr Powder
Five pound can f 1.00 and 100 Stamps
One pound can J40 and SO Stamps
Half pound can 130 nd 15 Stamps
graduate, also the boy, ought to hare a gift of some
kind to keep In memory of the day.
Our store Is full of suggestions. Look for the saws.
S. W. LINDSAY, Jeweler .
Extraordinary Outer Garment Bargains
A Sale Surpassing Any of the Season
in Saving Importance.
.ua Famam. 17
Extracting... 25c np.
Croana.... $2.S0 up.
Plates 2.00 Bp.
bridge Work fC.CO up.
Porcelain TUllnga
up from. . . . . $1.60
Same Offlc. Ptume,
DougUa 1750.
Alveolar Dentibtry a
specialty. Loose teeth
made solid. Nerves
remored without pain.
Work , Kuaraateed (do
year,- .
175 Handsome Tailor Suits Reg
ular values up to $45 on sale
at. choice 25
123 High Class Suit All newest
style values, up to $35, choice,
at S16.75
$7.50 Silk. 1'nden.klrU of Simond'a
Taffeta, In all 'leading ehades,
cut extra full, choice ...$3.05
$1.50 Percale Wrapper
From 8 Till D A M. Women 11
50c dressing saques, on sale. 19
Begins Thursday, May
Our cloak buyer in his recent trip
to New York secured the greatest lot
of garment bargaina ever brought to
Omaha. The advance shipment will
go on sale Thursday and other lots as
they arrive. "Watch daily papers for
further announcements.
Shoers Extraordinary
To Girls, Misses
and Ysunrj Women
Our large stock of fine footwear
for Critical people la replete this
year In all that Is new and good.
Proper fttlng Is done here with
extreme care and attention. We
would especially call your atten
tion today to our line of Oxfords
and Boots for girls and young
We have them In Vlcl Kid,
Golden Brown Kid, Patent Colt,
Gun Metal and Russia Calf in both
lace and button styles.
$2.50 AND $2.00
$3.00 AND $2.50
Big Rug and Carpet Sale Saturday
See Display In Sixteenth Street Windows V .
Sale f Men's
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam Street
$ Omaha's Pure Food Center
9 Restaurant on Second Floor ;:
M Where Dainty Meals Are Served ati?
S; Moderate Prices. ..
O English Walnuts, per lb lo!5
Peanuts, per quart oc-J
?? Plain Lettuce, two for ,Bct
M Spinach, per peck
Radishes, per bunch .l0X
Per doxen bunches 10c 5
tj nA rAamarv Flutter, ner lb 88cV
Country Butter, per
M Large Ripe Olives,
lh asc.
.( n , tlrta QOcK
. . t afinV
Si? ,va7. l. .... 1 niiivAfc' . BOo .
60c bottles Wueen Olives ...SSc
fcj 3-lb. tins Soups JA
, . .860"
Sj 2-lb! can Maine Corn..
'1 r"er aosen
ifc 60c Bishop's Preserves
Si German Mottled Soap, per box
H Sunny Monday Soap, per box.
Argo Btarcn, per pus
ourtney & so
Ssvsntssnth and Doaflas Sts.
Phone Douglas 647.
Private Exchange Connects All
1 ifpBnnicniB
People of Intelligence who
know the advantage of good
Dentistry as well as apprec
iate fair prices, always be
come our permanent patrons
when they have once tried
our Dentistry. Many Intelli
gent people come here. Why not you?
22k Gold Crowns $5.00.
Taft's Dental Rooms
Gold Stiver andNickh
J Metallic
shonld not be thrown away even
if they are old. By the Electro
plating process they can be made
good as new.
1898 1220 Harney StSb
if) . pyi!J ! fMIifWiTi? i I
IOO Braided Jackets Butterfly
style In Copenhagens, browns,
tans, navies and black, $20.00
values, at $12.50
96.50 Loose gilk Coats All sizes,
remarkable bargains ...$3.05
5 Silk and Net Waists. . $205
From 0 Till IO A. M. Women's
$3.00 moire underskirts. . .70
Special Sale of Infant's Wear
Try HAYDEN'S First
Crown Sh$es
Thursday is Muslin Underwear Day
The greatest of a eeries of grcrt
bargain events in this department.
Values offered that will open the
eyes of nil to the superior bargain
giving power of our great buying
organization. Every item a rouser.
Skirts and Gowns Worth to $3.50
Fine quality Nainsooks and cam
brics, elaborately trimmed, soores of styles
to select from, at 98u and $1.50
Gowns, Skirts, Chemise, Drawers Trimmed
with fine embroideries and laces, values up
Ladies' Corset Covers and Drnnrn
Of fine quality cambric, trimmed
with embroidery, laces and wash rib
bons, values to 60c
at 13 19tf and 20
Children's Muslin Drawers Trimmed
with embroidery, lace and hemstitch
ed tucks, great snaps at
prices . . . 10i 15 tnd o5
Ladies' Combination Suits E 1 t h e r
corset cover and skirt or corset cover
and drawers, handsomely trimmed
with embroidery and laces hi bar
gain surprises, at. .QS and $1.50
8 Till 0 A. M. Corset Covers and
Drawers, values to 60c. trimmed with
to $2.00; all at one price. Bargains beyond
comparison, at 59c
lace, embroidery and wash ribbons;
choice 12 H
0 Till IO A. M. Clowns worth to $1.00
cut full and long, neatly trimmed;
choice 29
10 Till 11 A. M. Gowns worth lo
$7.50. for this hour, at 49
11 A. M. Till 12 M. Children's Skirts
and Drawers, with tucked lawn ruf
fles. 25c values, at 10
2 Till 3 T. M. Men's IlalbriKKaii
Shirts and Drawers, garment. . .15
3 Till 4 1 M. Men's Union Suits,
lisle or Egyptian cotton, plain or
fancies, worth $1.50, at 49
4 Till 5 P. M Men's and Boys' Shirts,
madras or chambrays. etc., worth to
75c; on sale In one lot, choice. .25
Thursday Silks, tc Per Inch Silks Thursday
Over 3,800 yards of fine plain and fancy silks that would sell reg
ularly up to $1.00 yard; all go in one big lot for Thursday's sale (r
at, choice, per inch lc '
Pongees, Messalines, Taffetas in black and colors, novelty silks
of all descriptions, worth to $1.25 yard, at 45c
Bankrupt Stock Sale
Embroideries from Fenkart & Co. Stock'
Thursday, the second day of the great sale, we will add a big
line of CORSET COVER EMBROIDERIES, regular values 35o
to 85c yard in three lots
Lot 1 Corset Cover Embroideries, yard 12l2C.
Lot 2 Corset Cover Embroideries, yard. . . .17Y2c
Lot 3 Corset Cover Embroideries, varrl flir
7 sr
Edges and Insertings A big
line of regular 5c to 20c yard
values ; on sale now in four lots
at. .2V2C 3V2C 5c and 7C
New Lots from This Great Pur
chase Arriving Daily.
Watch daily papers for announce
ments. See the window disDlava.
Greatest Bargains in New Embroideries Ever Offered.
Extra Specials for Thursday
In Our Famous Domestic Room
From 9 to 10 A. M. 1 ease 71oc!From 2:30 to .8o one caso of io
vd wide Muslin at rrl Wn Turklsh-Batn Towels, extra large and
J Q Wiae JlUSlin, ai, JCl. . .JgC heavy, 4 towels limit; at, each. .KA
15c India LInons. .fM
12 c Long Cloth 7H
15c white Fancies
12 ViC Woven Swiss 5
12 c Voiles 5
10c Voiles 5i
10c Voiles 3H
15c Ginghams , . ,7C
7 He Apron checks. .4
6c Apron checks.. 3 q
12 He white waitings .
at ..7t
10c white Waistlngs 5
6c Wash Rags, each l
7c Prints
19c Batiste 1QJ
I 19c Oreandles 1AA
15c Organdies . ..7Hc
12 c Batiste 5
65c Sheets SHc
75c Sheets 47?
15c Pillow Slips. .f)Ho
12 He Percales ,,7;
19c Persian Lawn? 10c
Angelic Chocolates,
Wc Quality at, JO
pound IUL
Get a "Merry Widow" Sundae.
New, Delicious.
iVeiv Hair Ornaments
to i Less Than Regular
Side Combs, Back Combs, Barretts
Hair Rolls, Pompadours, Hair Retain
ers, Ever-tidy Combs, etc.; special
Thursday. H
15c Side Combs, pair ; . . . .7c
16c Back Combs, each 7H
25c Side Combs, pair 12 H
25c Back Combs, each 12 H
25c Ever-tidy Combs, each 1 Of
60c Hair Rolls, each 25
And many other special Items on sal
at Notion Counter.
Read These Grocery Prices for Thursday
(Saoosssor to Dr. H. L. Ramscclottl)
OfflM aad pltal. 8810 Kuan
Calls Promptly Answered if All Hoars.
Granulated Sugar at less than Jobbers
llf'ba'rB best brands Laundry Soap for 2Bc
10 pound sacks best granulated cornmeal
for 1 &0
6 pound choice Japan Rice for 25c
The best Hand I'lcked Navey Beans, per
ftound Be
le best Domestic Macaroni. pk 'or 'He
The best bulk Laundry Starch, lb. for 40
Gallon cans New York Apples for ....25c
Quaker Oats Company Toasted Wheat
Flakes, package, for 6c
Malta Vita. Itreakfast Food, pkg. for tc
Choice Hairy Hutter, per pound l8o
Fancy Dairy Hutter. per pound -lc
Fancy Country Creamery Hutter, lb. 25c
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, white or col
ored, per pound 15c
Now a the time to can them, owing to the
small fruits being being destroyed by
the frosts. They are bound to to much
ingiHT. iiue imr prciinn cur innta wa
will I'onimur i4 neii uimii, -S1 lg .
5c 7Ve SV2c and 10c
Fancy Ripe Arkansas Strawberries,
qurtii (,J0
s noxes rnr
Fresh Splnn.'h, per peck 50
6 bunches Fresh Onions for 5,,
Fresh Asparanras. per hunch 3ViO
2 heads fresh 1-eaf lettuce for iu
Fancy Wax or Oreen Beans, per lb. 10u
3 large Cucumbers for ,..4o
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, per pound . ...TSo
4 bunches Fresh Radishes Fur .Ja
Fresh Beets or Carrots, per bunch . .
DAY! Fancy, No. 1 California Hams, per lb, Sa
Fancy, No. 1 Bacon Htripea, per 'b. !iio
Morrell's Fancy Summer tiausie, lb. lfo
CALADIUMS, Mammoth Bulbs, each 25c; 5 for .
TUBE ROSES, Mammoth Pearl, doz. 35c; 3 doz .
GLADIOLI, in Superb Mixture, doz. 30c; 50 for .
CINNAMON VINE, Extra Large, each tOc; i2h:
DAHLIAS, Assorted, each lvc; i tor
THE NEBRASKA SEEP CO., 1613 Howard St.
AdvertlM la
Best ':. West
Turn tho Switch
and you have power nlfht or day no
delay no waste.
Tslsphoass ottils lot 2. Is. A1278.
T. M. C A. RlAf.
""'"""""" ' ""' mumj f