Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 19, 1908, WANT AD SECTION, Page 2, Image 30

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1Jb i CffMtlewee.
ANY fntellte-ont vraan may earn a-nnd In
cmrte rorreepotullric for newspapers; ex-
Fertenr unnecessary: no canvassing
fPd for full pnrtlrulara.i Press Syndi
cate, Dockport. N. T. S
WAirrKD-ln-il miw Iti every town In the
l n!tej states no nisiririute , advertising
maitpr; no rarrretmlng; good pey. Fred
utacn, tOKMo. fJ) - 66 lwt
DISTRIBUTERS wwntM wrrwhpm: $28
to H man lr distributing circular.
MmHfW, overseeing advertising: no can
vaiwlng; steady. Address Reliable Adv.
Bureau, Chicago. (9) 661 1US
LEARN TELEGRAPHY Position absolu
tely guaranteed. Booklet free. Hovles'
College, Omaha. Neb. Ofri'-lsl Training
School U. P. It R. Telegraph Depart
ment. (9) M 71 1
WANTED Detectives; shrewd, reliable
man for profitable aerret service, to act
under orders; no experience necessary.
Writs 11. C Webster, Indianapolis Ind.
(9) 4l 19x
YOUNG man for an da fountain; must be
neat and activ. W. A. Flel, Rth and
Farnam. (9 M741 11
WANTED People looking for real good
homestead land. Write McCarty. Rfurgls,
8. I. (9-M7W 2Cx
fOUNO MEN to prepare for examination
for railway mall and other government
positions; superior Instructions by mall;
established 14 years; thousands of suc
cessful studenta; sample Questions and
"Kow Government Positions Are Beeurefl"
eent free. Interstate Schools, Cedar
Rsplds. Ia. 674 19x
WANTED Men and women of good qual
ity and strong: eronHlily to represent
Dodd, Mead ft Co., to sell the new In
t?r national Encyclopedia In Nebraska,
Bouti) Dakota and western Iowa, fro-vtou-xperlrnoe.
unnecessary. 71H N. Y.
U, ciha, Nsb. (10)-M468 A30
. U or sea and Vehicle.
lO SUPPLY the protein lacking- In corn
and oats use Alfai-Fal to balance the ra
tion and your horses will Improve In
looks and work. Price $1.26 for 100 lbs.,
delivered. It your dealer does not carry
Alia!- at, 'nhoue Doug-la 209. M. C.
Patera Mill Co. Ulj 907 A30
FOR BALE Stylish bikes. runabouts,
traps, buggies and carriages; retail at
wholesale prices. Llninger Implement
Co., Cor. th and Pacific. (11) 447 21
100 BUYS two-seated buggy and harness;
asy terms. 3d and Center fits.
(11) 638 13
GOOD, chunky black team. 43d and Cen t or.
(ll)-6.- IS
FOIl BALE or trade, one sorrel mare. 4
Lrars old, standard bred, sired by pat
3:0nV dam Sliadeland Onward; one
sorrel horse, 4 years old, by Joseph Sec
ond; both very promising and flno Indi
viduals. W. Id. Bonaflcld, Auburn, Neb.
(11 J M641 20
TWO hundred range horses and mares for
sale In car load loi,s to dealers. All good
colors and ages right. These are not ou
the work oraer, but nice, shapely, active
drivers. Th Crane Ranch, Ottawa, Kan.
CU 680 1
FOR BALE Phaeton and surrey, rubber
tires. 1034 S. Doth Ave. 'Phone Harney
tiM. (11) M 740 20
HANDSOMEST family driving horse In
Omaha; 10 hands. 1,200 lbs., 6 years, gen
tie, lady can drive; also surrey (new),
runabout, t harnesses; Mg bargain. In
quire R. E. Sunderland, 10u8 Harney.
(I'D MM 21
FINE lot of Shetland ponies, safe for
children. 43d gnd Center. (11 783 19
FOR SALE Fins black driving horse, 8
yeara old, city broke. Enquire at Rink
barn, 21-23 North Main Bt., Council Bluffs.
(11) 798 x
Poultry Sasa ana Squabs.
FOR SALE Black Mlnorcas eggs for
hatching; tl for fifteen; very tno lay
ers; also cockerel for sale. Mrs. O. Carl
son. $109 B. 46th St Tel. Harney 1323.
(11) Mau9 Max
i purs grain, seeds and beef scraps, a crop-
erly balanced ration for little chicks. Ask
your daler or telephone Douglas I!. M.
C. Peters Mill Co, vll) A30
FOR PALE Homer pigeons and squabs.
1512 N. 2Gth Bt. 'Phon Webster 12.
(U)-M3ti4 1
nCKS COMB R. I. RED EGOS for hatch!
Pens headed by prise winning
cocktrels from North Btar Poultry Show,
Minnesota; $1.60 to 32 por 16. Mrs. James
Jl. Halplne. 4u3 Center St.. Omaha. Tel.
Harney 363. (U)-MS19 A22x
CHAMBERLAINg Perfect Chirk Feed Is
the only original dry chick feed. Use this
only and aave all young chickens. Ones
lfl9'X lwys used. Stewart's Seed Store,
li N. leih St., sol agents for the city.
LICK powder that kills Instantly. Get Con
keys sample and ths best Poultry Book
free by calling. If mailed, send ( csnls
to Stewart Seed Store, Omaha.
(1D-M467 X
FOR SALE At Fred Pteror feed store.
11 Devenworth St., nice, clean wheat,
1.iS per 100 pounds. (11) 6M 22x
RINGLET Bsj-red Plymouth Rocks. The
hatching season Is here and eggs, from my
best Dialings are U per fifleun. Let mu
book your order. Inforniailon gladly
iven. r. C. Ahlqulst. 2762 Meredith Ave.
Omaha, Neb. 'Phuna Webster 10J8.
VISITORS are welcome at the Mandy Lee
Poultry Farm, west on Bla; til., Flor
ence, Neb. Call and see a modul poultry
frm with Incubators arid brooders In full
operation. (11)
ROBE Comb H row n Leghorn egfrs. 30 11
iA 13. A. W. Ruth, Whiting. Ia.
(U)M'i8 Cx
FOft BALE 6 barred rock cockreila also
for hatching, sis North lh, South
O.nah. Ill) 8o6 IS
Vvvrm, birds, Dosjs aad Cmta.
JUST received choir car load mllkert and
springers, best dmtrlct of Minne;ta. For
InforniKtlon regarding same call Tel. Har-
rPyl -. (11) 15
(11) 74-l
LC'SV Oold tin attached to hair ribbon;
valuable as heirlooiu; reward for return to
Lee on Ice.
(U) -t Ijx
LOU r Friday afternoon, snakeskln purs
containing about 4; reward. Trl Ixug.
7 3
feia. 1 icil Attrtitiuo ald to D
utttimn. a,r, kii ireaimeiii uu ptjrviMtfa
v- mt-m "vi vii ua vr itil.
ANT por girl In need of a friend call or
;: tu ii, Iniiiua of ti.e tiolvutton
ru;" limine f ir Viuiusu a.1 i'4 N Hi a
4.u, Oiul., JnU i,.J;-il.i.
Da HIITCHINPN flpoclallaf of women
antl rmiuren. i24 ttuil BU '1'non l'oug
laa 3A. (13)
BF.ST nerve brae for men. "Oray'a Nerv
Food Pill," $1 a box. postpaid. Phermao
4k Mcconneu Drug Co.. omaiia. u ii
The thing that Is
so hard to get,
but not so at the
, 437 Board of Trade Bldg.
(14) 5M
-wAKntiuiBia tteajKiflH or to bai
ARlKb people of good Character who are
steadily employed. Rates the lowest.
Transactions strictly private. W would
ask you to call and talk It over with us.
3d floor 307-Sng Paxton Block Sd floor.
Phone Dougla 1411 (14) M 742
For Chattel or Ealary Loan.
(33 Pa ton Slock. 'Phona Douglas 74S.
(14) 81
TO N. T. Llf Bldg- 'Phon Doug. 2304.
EAGLE LOAN OFFICE Reliable, accom
niodstlng; all business confidential. l.H-Jl
Douglas. (14) 818
CHATTEI aalaxy and storage receipt
loans. Foley Loan Co., 1504 Farnam 6t.
and others without security; easy pay
ments. Offices In S3 principal cities. Tol
nian. room 714, New York Llf Bldg.
414) 821
Jtemrdlag amV Ile-oaas.
VIENNA hotel; private dining rooms; cafe.
WE DO expert moving at lowest
. 'I i T. . t , . I . im . - . i ..
iii" y-j. oenmouer m
Mueller Piano Co., Ull-Ull Farnam.
ROOM and board. 2411 Capitol Ave.
(16 M41S A30
ROOMS and board. 1413 N. 25th St, South
Omaha. 'Phon 2080. (16) Mslg M5x
MAY 1 Largs south, unfurnished room
wiin aicove; reierences. 2413 Caas St.
(16) fcjl 20
BOARD and room In finest down town
location; large ironi room wiin, aloovs;
suitable for two or three persons; fur
nished or unfurnished. References re
quired. 114 S. lth St. (15) M431
DEWEY European Hotel, 13tU and Farnam.
STRICTLY modern rooms, with board;
home cooking. 118 N. 26th St, Tel Doug
las 4012. (li M547 20x
SOUTH room, sultabls for two; cholc lo
cation; large lawn; privat family; mod
ern. 527 Park AV. (li M423 ,
FOUR young men to room and board.
pnvaio iMinuy. wi e osier est.
(16) M750 20x
Fnrslabad Rooms.
TWO furnished rooms, steam heat, 150$
Farnam St., 3d floor. (16) 828
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for gentl
. men day, week or month. The Chatham,
opposite Millard, 110 Bo. 13th St,
DESIRABLE furnished front room, with
board. . 123 S. 26th Ave. (1) M606 23x
CENTRAL three nicely furnlahed rooms.
wiui uaia-room aajoining. &M in zia.
(16) Mot7
DESIRABLE room for young men or man
and wife. 218 N. 19th. (15) M438 21 x
PLEASANT room In new, modern home.
iruming .turner para, uentleman only.
206 8. 31st St. . (16) 443 21x
LARGE front room, fumlnshed suitable for
one' or two gentlemen; breakfast if de
sired. 3324 Lafayette Ave. (15) 667 20
EIGHT rooms, all modem, for summer.
2WS Maple Bt. Phenlx Trust Co., Old IT.
B. Nat. Bank Bldg., 12th and Farnam Sts.
(15)-62 21
NICELY furnished front room. 2407 Har
ney Bt. v (15) M477 22X
NICELY furnished rooms In modern home,
warning uisianc. im r amam Bt.
(15)-M4 30
LARGE sunny alcove room, all modern
irnvrs, in private ismiiy; Deauiuui
location; terms ressonable. 2058 Douglas
Bt. Tel. Harney 36SS. (15) 663 20
FURNISHED front room. In modern house,
suitable for one or two; private family,
ill Ixard St. - (16)M7a6 ilx
ROOM In private family furnished or un-
zurnisnen. waiKing amtance, reference.
Tel. A-4;0. (15) 7 19
ON El furnished room for rent, 2315 Califor
nia, lKug.H,. (16) M77 21
STRICTLY modern, nicely furnished, large.
t-uoi ruvm, e winnowa: aiao irnnt parlor:
good piano; two refined geutlemen or
inuslo teachers; lessons taken on- rent;
one small room, nice homelike place; no
objection to any kind of music. St.
Mary's. (15) M7i 20
TWO sunny rooms, on with alcove, mod
ern conveniences, rin shade trees, pri
vate family, close In. &4 S. Jbth Ave.
Red 6o. (15) M7W 31
DESIRABLE unfurnished rooms or entire
nuor 01 resmence, modern. close in,
reabonabl. 26ti7 Farnam. (15) M773 20x
TJatarnlabeg boom.
FOUR housekeeping rooms; modern. 2223
Hurt St. (16) M110
FIVE desirable unfurplshed rooms. 2713
. iin ou (15) 448
FOUR ROCM8. all modarn. 2115 Erimet
Bt- (15 M6W 24a
THREE rooms, Wlthnell Bldg., 15th and
Harney Bts., One room. 27th and 81.
Mary's Ave., to. N. P. Dodge Co , 1714
arnam St. ili)
THREE rooms, water, bath and closet.
nrr ma ana jiowera. References ex
Changed. 'Phone Harney 374.
(lft) MCT1 26x
TWO good rooms, unfurnished, modnni,
yuviiw. ot o. na. Uu Datva lx
Auartamcaita mm Flats.
I Farnam at.; steam htat. hot waiar and
wiepnune. APARTMENTS rooms
in SCAKiJO, boutn Omaha; steam heat
and hot water. HALL. 317 First Natl
bank Bldg. ltd T4i. A-kj4. (15)-3ft
FOUR-ROOM pew brick flat. 22d and Nlch
c as, modern. $.'1; rrrem-es. Key at Hit
North i-d. Patterson, lu FiUm.
(i6) 773
NEW 4-room brick flat. Hug N. 23d St,
modern, sue) rang, 1st floor.
(16)-M2f4 .
tXA N. list St.. 7-roora flat, modern, fur
nace, 10, bath, hot and cold water; new
decorations. -&. Hastings Heyrtrn, 17o4
Farnam fci. (l5)Mo, a)
FOR RfNT-Brtck flat. I room and b-
( ment. 10 California St.; Just Completed;
modern in every; o&k finish don
siana; hot writer heat; rent M twr month.
Apply for key 547 Biandoi Bl.l.
(ii 677 19x
F K RKNT One ouuide flat. 7 rooms. (PS.
One inside fut. 7 munis. Iiath, sleiun
lunieri in Howry bldg. orfii-e, lc'0 'nl
ctgu St. (iui Cxi lx
TWO excelleiit nto.)-rn furniHl.f-i rooms
fur huust hc-i-!n. Zv, 4 Htfllivy b
Aawrtaaeate 41 Plata (oatlasjed.
New St. Louis Apartments
We have the finest In the city. Those at
S?d and Pacific are nearly finished, ready
for decorating. Tenanta ran select their
own wall pap rs If apartments are taken
within a few days. We have a few left In
this building, which are delightfully com
plete In every detail and are bound to
please the most fastidious. Each apart
r.U'nt has S os large rooms, living room
20 feet long, open fireplace, beautiful com
bination lighta, plumbing and heating
equipment of the very beat. Don't fall to
see these early this week and se us
promptly for further particulars.
lf"7 Maaon St.. another beautiful -room
apartment In the pew Lnomla building, to
te vacant Mav l. New tenant may select
"cnrauons. rrice 137.GO.
-22l South 2!th St.. 5-room. all modem,
a very coxy riat. ror only 7.BO.
Main Floor, N. Y. Dlfe Bldg.
Housekeeping; Rooms. .
SUITE of rooms partly furnished for
uvuBciiciiiii, references. 1M) 1 ass pi.
(16) 446 2
THREE rooms, neatly furnished, all mod
ern, front and back entrance. 218 N. 23d
Bt. (15) M 466 22x
TWO desirable mMcrn housekeeping rooms.
aicove. SDK do. ltn Bt. (16) MW a)
LARGE light housekeeDlna- rooms, around
floor, modern, excellent location. tC4
weoster. (16) M751 20X
THREE elegant rooms, fig per month. 216
ia. ( (15) M71W H)X
THREE rooms furnished for light house-
Keeping, ma B. 27th Bt. (15) M8U0 21
furnished Hoties, .
TENk-ROOM furnished house for the sum
mer. Reed Bros., 1710 Farnam.
(15) M728
Hsuct Cottage.
EIGHT-ROOM modern house, hot water
heat, good condition, South 28th St.; walk
ing distance. M. J. Kennard oV Co., 3"-10
crown diock. (16) M441
FOR RENT Modern 10-room house, with
modern barn. No. 1117 South S2d street.
B. N. Robertson, Barker block.
(16) M667
BEST In town, 3332 Harney; 9 rooms and
bath. Tel. D. 2796. Reuhenberg Bros.,
101S N. Y. Life, (U) M64 24
HOUSES, Insurance. Ring wait. Barker Blk,
Splendid Pressed Brick Houses.
1 - . ,
At 128 and 130 South 35th St., the beat
part of West Farnam district, we hava
two very fine houses, strictly modern, al
most new. to be vacant Mnv 1. These h
1 rooms besides reception hall, quarter-
sawea OB.K noors and rmisti first floor,
birch mahogany finish second storv. snlen-
dld plumbing, heating and lighting fix-
See us for full particulars.
PAYNE. BOSTWICK & CO.. Sole Agent..
Main Floor, N. Y. Life Bldg.
HOL'SES, flats, Garvin Bros., 1604 Farnam,
SIX room on second floor veto and Parker
ols., tt. w lYuiiam 01., m rear, 318. 2a07
- Seward SL. 315; city water In kitch.n
r Chris Boysr, ma and Cuming. (15 M37S
OMAHA Van and Storage Co., pack, move,
store H. H. goods. Storehouse, 1)20-24 N
tilth; office loot Farnam. Tel. Doug. 155
HOUSEHOLD goods packed, forwarded;
cneap ireigni rates; moving and storing.
Expressmwn'a Delivery Co. Tel, Doug. Sal
(16)-83i .
2548 Davenport St., 8 rooms '...$26.00
!: N. 21t Rt ft rwiin, . nn rji
8715 N. 20th St.. T rooms...!!!".!!!!!".'" 2o!(W
. (15)-
t 8 3 rooms at 1417 8. 6th St.
316 6-room flat at 3208 N. 24th Bt.
$23 6-room U modern house at 1809 N.
jam Bt.
(-room, ail modem, steam heated flat
close in.
NINE rooms, complete new order, stable;
Seven rooms, modern, 3D7.60.
(16) M7& 20x
-R. HOUSE and barn, 2(30 Parker SU,
F. D. WEAD, Ground Floor. 1S01 Farnam St.
2011 CLARK ST.. 4 rooms, owner pays
. . . . . ,ir. m. n. . . 1 j . . . n
rein, o, Olo l.iucago Bl., H rooms.
modern, barn and large yard, 346; 2416
Farnam St., 11 rooms, modern, 385. Ring
wait Bros., 306 S. 16th St.
(15)-M764 20
1117 8. 2d St.. S rooms, all modern, $30.
Sf Bancroft, 6 rooms, modern, new, $13.
8417 Jackson St., 5 rooms, $16.
N. P. Dodge ft Co., 1714 Farnam Bt.
$37 50 -room modem brick flat, 3003 Pacific
St. Keys at 1306 B, 35th Ave. Tel. Harney
3283. M. Kellnor. (15 -MJu4 21
FOR RENT A new 6-rocni modern cnttaga.
2613 Blnney St. (16) 687 13
FOR RENT New elgrft-room house In
Bellevue. Acre of ground, half In fruit.
Three blocks from trolley line. Mrs. Kate
A. Longsdorf.'K! 80. 26th Ave. 'Phone Red
8323. (U) 600 18x
2S7 PACIFIC ST. rooms; thoroughly
modern, oak finish; $40. A. G. Elllck, 6u2
Bee Bldg. (16)-323
FOR RENT 1330 North 40th. 7 rooms, all
modern, $30. C. G. Herring. (16) 446 31
MODERN 10-roora brick house near high
school; keys on premises. 2601 Capitol
Ave. Rent $50. (16) M464 22 x
7-room brick house, modern, luOj N. 29th
St., $20. Nice place. Turklijgton, 6o' Bee.
(16) M615 1
FINE cottage, 601 B. 2Hth Bt.
11-r. house. 217 California St., $30 00.
7-r., new. 21st and Spring tits., $J0.00.
And many others.
F. D. WEAD, Ground Floor, 1801 Farnam Bt.
2K19 PARKER, 4 room, $11.00
24 ""0 Maple, 6-r , water, gas, sewer. $15 00.
2770 Curalng. -r.. mod. x. heat. tLu
Doug. 11 J).
(15)-M50 19
BIX-ROOM COTTAGE Modern except fur
nace; gnnd barn. References required.
6j4 8. 24th Ave. Inquire on premises
early. Vacated April 20. (15) M7S5 25
FIVE-ROOM, all modern house, at 2H14 N.
2Sth St.. $J0. C. G. Carlberg. 11 N. Y.
Lit Bldg. (15) M733 19
FOR RENT Tha brick houe, 316 Dewey
Av. Inqulrs Moyer Stationery Co.. 1M6
Farnam St. (15) M72S
FIVE-ROOM cottage, 1619 Manderson St;
modern. Telaphune Webster 8itf).
(16)-M7S5 tlx
Maggard Van Storage Co, D. 1401 W
guartuiiae moving piano. IL H. gooda
NEARLY new 7-room cottage, city water,
gas, etc.; very convenient, Ju. 2011 B.
8th Bt. TcU Red 4ho3. (15)-&J6
TTHTTRPQ Crelgh Sona d Co Bee Bldg.
(16 Ut
FOR RENT 7-room nous. 31 N. 2Mh
. Ave.; modern eitc-pt furnace; $25. Elht-
rooia house. f.U N. 2Id Bt.; all modern;
$-6. Apply at 7 N. lith Bt (16)-M7
FOR BFNT rooms, ba,th, bam, 1154 Bo.
Sun. W. 8. btillinau. 4i8 1st Nat I K. Bid,
. iiJiul
UulifilB-fir Trut Co.. N. Y. I- Bldg.
LIST ycur vcnt house with Walur
toreen Cumpaoy. 814 N. Y. Lit Bldg
(U, M223
F"'U KtN'M room, city water, gas. 163
N. lain Bt., 1st floor $12. C. M. Bacn
man, 4j6 taxion Block. (ii) 114
ti'iHT V.ooMS, 214 8. 2Hth; bath, gss;
-t.txi.'.c luve,me.-it Co.
ill) -Mj7 i,x
2X1 Maple St., rooms, all modern... $30.00
2S14 Hsmilton Pt., rooms, all modern.$27.60
3o41 California, 1 rooms, modern except
furnace $28.00
$027 B. st fit., S rooms, all modern. .$21.60
2C32 Patrick Ave.. rooms, modem ex
cept furnace $21.60
8413 Jackson Bt.. $ room a water and
gas $3.00
$819 Dewey Ave.. 7-room flat, modern
except furnace $U.S0
1st Floor, N. T. I Bldg.
Douglae I7al 'PHONB8 "A" llSS.
For Rent
623 8 29th Bt, 10-reom brick flat, modern
will rrpalt; $36.
B?3 8. 29th St., one floor; $1$.
712 8. 22d St., T rooms, modem but heat
large grounds; walking distance; t-5,
215 Dode, 7-room house; $3.
1310 N. 24th. 6-room Hat; bath, etc; $15.
138 N. 24th, i-room flat; bath, etc; $18.
4 8. 17th. $ rooms; 2d floor; $18.
M S. 2flh, 4 rooms; In brick; $11
2319 8. 16th, 6-room flat; $12.60.
821 8. 24th. 3-room flat; $10.
2H N. I4th, 4 roomi: 2d floor: $9.
3016 Ames Ave., 6-room flat; $9.
Garvin Bros., 1604 Farnam.
(15)-M561 19
2323 8. IRth, 6-room, modern except heat,
a snap at only $17.
3610 Franklin, 6-room, modern except heat,
real homelike place, on paved street,
only $-J2.
2238 Farnam, a good modern flat, 7 outsldo
roome, at $35.
8172 Farnam. 8-room, all modern, fine loca
tion, only $37.60.
A beautiful suburban cottage borne of
cement block, 5-room strictly modern.
two niocKS west of bank in Florence,
something to suit the most fastidious,
only 225.
Repairs and papering will be . made
wnerever necessary on any Of the above.
Main Floor. N. Y. Life Bldg.
$30 per mo., 210 S. 20th St., 6-room cottage.
$-5 per mo.. 216 Bristol St.. T-r.. modern.
$30 per tno., 2ui4 Pratt Bt, 7-room modern
$37.60 per mo., 21$ S. 81st Ave,, 7-room mod
ern house, essy walking distance.
$37.50 per mo., 1604 Bpruce St., 6-room new
modern houae all nicely decorated, gas
range inciuaeo.
$36 per mo.. 1616 Bonice Rt.. same a above.
$45 per mo., new modern apartment, 416
noiiin ztxn Ave., 8 room, hardwood fin-
ln, not water heat, very desirable.
GEORGE dc CO., 1801 Farnam 8t.
8TEAM heated flat of rooms, all mod
em. close In.
$25 Five-room, all modern house, at S809
.norm ism bl
BEMIS, 806 Paxton Blk.
'Phones: Douglas 688; Ind. 1685.
(16) 66$
Beven rooms, modern, cemented basement.
pousnea rioors; an modern; east front;
one block from N. 24th street-car line,
near Kountaa Place; 130-
25th and Maple, 7 rooms, all modern, $30.
1001 N. Y. Life. 'Phone $ -Doug, or A 2163.
(16) M4S a
1613 N. 84TH, 4-r, water and gas, $10,
2716 Franklin, 6-r., modern, $27.W.
2M9 Pratt, 6-r., modern, furnished.
2o06 Maple Bt. 7-r.. modem. 832.60.
306 8. 88th St., 9-r., modern, pak finish. $50.
ritiS. .
2209 Davenport Bt.. 8-r.. modem.- 1(5. '
1U1KV4. Maple, T-r., heat and janitor service
lumisnea, xsd.
To see complete list call at office. '
1704 Farnam St.," Bee Bldg. - 1
, (16)-M74$
25th Ave. and Farnam Rt. f211 Rn -f.th1.
-room cottage, electrlo lights, gas, fur
nace. SJU.
1318 Georgia Ave., nearly new 6-room. all
mwiem iiai, fjo.
2837 Cass St.. 6-room cottaae. modern ex
cept furnace, $23.
. . 616-617 Brandeli Bldg.
(15)-4S1 19
Fine Pressed Brick Houses
817 and 819 Park Ave., two snlendld hnuaea
of 8 room each, possesion Mav 1: onlv 345.
All xoo me will b beautifully papered to
608 and 512 North 21st St., 9-roora. splen-
uioiy rinisnea in quarier-sswed oak,- with
best plumbing, heating and llahtlnar fix
tures, tile bath floors, etc., essy walking
uisisnce, at sou ana mi.du eacn. -Tenants
can easily rent a room at fancy prices to
reuuee expense lr iney can spare same.
These are the finest close-In house in
For particulars see
"-o iiuvi, j. , jujq aiag. ,
1910 WEBSTER, 8-r. brick, all modern. $46.
1312 Park Ave.. 8-r. all modern, $40.
ftTC So. 89th Bt, 8-r., all modem, $40.
tiiw vauiornia, s-r., an modern brick, 346.
1001 N. Y. Life. Phone Doua. or A-2IRS.
(16)-19 19
l-ROOM flat 916 N. 24th St
7 rooms, modern, cemented basement, pol-
inneu iiours; an nioaern, east front one
block from No. 24th street car line, near
Kountse Place; $.'X
1001 N. Y. Life. 'Phones; Doug, or A-2152.
UC0 MK3 20
FOK KKNT 6tx rooms, city water and ft as.
oivo vuiniiio ci. Apyiy ou crown piocH,
(15)-6CJ 20x
FOR RENT My house, 2121 California, 7
rooms, mouen, newiy renovatea and re
paired; $37. Water rent paid. Apply A. C.
Wakeley, room 106 McCagua Bldg.
(15)-638 20x
FOR RENT 8-room, all modern house.
tSl Harney bu .o. inquire 807 8. 17th St.
! 127
2210 SEWARD BT., 8-room modern house.
2:a I-eavenworth, 6-room modem flat
Tel. Red 4668. . (U MS66 30x
midland glass & paint
co. building.
1608-10-12 harney st.
CG ft. south frontage on Har
ney bt., across from Bennett's
Department Store, over 52,000
sq.. ft. of floor space. Reason
able alterations and repairs will
be made to euit tenant. One of
the best buildings in the retail
center of Omaha, and is offered
at a very reasonable rental, with
lease for about 10 years.
GEORGE & CO., 1601 Farnam.
05) 4S0 19
FOR RENT-p.c in building located In
heart of th business district. Trackage
facilities and elex-irla elevator. Suits bl
for warehous or light manufaoluilog
purpose. Address W-iJi, car haa.
8-STORY building In wholesale district; an
other 3-story and basement. kx133, with
track re.
F. D. WEAD, 1801 Farnam.
0 3Ucs.
OFFTCT3 OR PARlX)RS- and l-room, In
QL'lVt T. liw-lail Farnsm bt.; sultabls
for rits. pli) alclati. Oenlisti. dress
makeis, tc. ; siej,m h-at, hot water snd
telrptioii. Also or'Klct-.d or PARLOR ii,
6 room. in Hi'AhiiO Bli., boum
(nn. a, airitaOle fur lnvitn. U tors, to ;
etfsni lifat and h'-t water. 1 ! AI.L, 3!?
l Usl Lnk LiJg. i.4 A-4f4.
tl3 io
19. 1908.
. I l.1 JU !L!tiL JISLSSL.1
CORNER office, Wead Blog., IRth snd Far-
nsm; aiso an inside room, at lis.w.
NICE office to let In new Bradela Bldx
Vise of stenographer and 'phone If desired
snquire ai room 17. (16) M(l si
One targe and one small office for ren
en suite or single. These rooms are on
tl third floor of Th Bee Bldg., and
me larger one ha a north light and
vault or turtner particulars see n.
v.. easier, oupL, IV ii Buliaing.
(16) M8S$
OFFICES FOR RENT In Conservative
building; modem, oak finish, gas snd
electrlo light; beat and janitor service
iiirnianen; sit per office.
HASTINGS & HKYDEN, 1704 Farnam Bt.
(16) 1 1
DESK ROOM With 'phone service, noml
h.l V , T . . r. . n . . T
. lent, . 1 tiurinsun. b-m in . i. lju
(15) MT81 21
K B..I3TII St. $54. C. O. Catlberg, 111 N
X. 1a Bldg. (16) M71
STORE BOOM In Bcftrgo block, at 520
n. wtia til., tsoutn Omaha; steam heat,
modern ehow windows, excellent location.
Also two basement room In aame build
ing, cemented floors, steam heated, suit
able for billiards, barbers, baths, restau
rant, etc HALU 817 First Nst'J Bank
oiag. ea 7406. A 4406. r (15) M23i
FOR RENT Large storeroom, northeast
twrnrr jo.n ana vinton bis.; j. m
ououman, e i axton Blk. (16) M309
1307-9 Howard Bt., 3-story double brick,
1S14 Harney St., 2(x60, new front, $).
1X18 Harney Bt.. aoxftii. new front xx
T0 Bouth 27th Bt., store and living room,
Sit. ov.
N. P. Dodge A Co., 1714 Farnam Bt.
FOR RENT Warehouse at 1547-49 Bhsrman
tor, trackage; recently ' overhauled and
Jl VSL. sMW-IPafl. ri-illt f nni hu4an i
vv in nisi cim conuuion; suiranie lor
storage or jobbing business; long term
BENSON A MYERS. 412 N. T. Ufe Bldg
2127 FARNAM ST.. JnxSO feet, good base-
mem, oncK storage room, w per month.
f403 Jackson St.. large store room and base
mem, m per momn.
GEORGE & CO.. 1601 Farnam Bt.
STORE 22x42, near P. O., steam neat $85
Auures u su, care liee.
ia; in lis
FOUR roil-top desks, 1 six-foot standing
uk, t iiorary laoies ana oiner furni
ture; must be sold at once. Call Sunday
at sjui turning. (16) M666 20
MOVING AWAT-Baseburner. ranges, go-
can, iurniiure, sewing macnine, baby
grana piano, etc., cneap. can at once.
415 N. 23rd St. (16)-M768 21
FOR BALE Herrlck refrigerator. , 1021 S,
sum Ave. -fnone uaraey iwu.
(16) M739 20
FOR BALE One gas stove, good else; one
ice dox, medium sise; several chalra,
lounge and few other articles. Telephone
tiarney 14. (IP) 904 19x
HOtSBMOLD noons for
I Will Bell at Drlvate sale. Tueadav. the
Slst, all of my furniture and rugs. Good on
inspection Monday.
MRS. OoCAK WILLIAMS, 111 So. 33rd Bt
Uts Mna zo
Typwr4trs ( Maokilaie.
FOR SALE High grad secondhand type.
wruera; gooa conaition; a Bargain at 150,
uii room tau, iee oiag. U8) C71
FOX TYPEWRITER, No. 127420; only used
non urn ana in Al condition; for sale
at very reasonable price. Call for Wright
ai see oiiice, nui ana r arnam.
... 06)-838
Miscellaneous. ;
DRUGS at cut price; freight paid on all $10
oroers; catalogue iree. enerman Mo-
conneil Drug Co.. Omaha, Neb. 0.6) 640
Tk.rBAalL mmt nrv-trs-tin tm art r-lr $ a..i
price in m cuy; vejeci now, UelivrJ
813 S. 16th 6t TL Doug. 8L
A, Q. Gilbert. Council Bluffs, Ia.
(!) M874
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
aim poui isuics. v ieaa ma world In
v.... . wm. . . . . v , payment.
Brunswlck-Balk-Collendar, 107 a 10th St.
U e
ON ACCOUNT of panic, these diamonds
are len on my nanus; solttalr ring.
-k, $S5; H-k. $J6; Vk.426; cluster rings
W-k fiery stones, $6u; -k locket and gold
chain, $20. If not worth 26 per cent mor
don't buy. Call quick, 1212 Harney or
veiepnun nwi-ww. U) JaodQ 19
HALL'S safes, sew, id-hand. 1318 Farnam.
Ur 49
paiuu cuerman at uoonneu Drug Ca
(16) 843
HOMl-nPATHlri rem! K1....
Diivruisn as jBULonneil irug CO., 16t4
na vwii dlb., umiiu, zD, (10 848
FOR SALE Tailor mad cults, ready to
w viim tmur, u iNevuie hllk.
(1) 4tf4 Ml
SEND US your mail order for drugs;
iini piu vn iu iois. nay ers-uillon
Drug Co., Omaha. (18) 47
Elevator for Sale
For sale, second-hand Eaton &
Prince hand elevator, complete;
platform about 4x5; can be used
in a building 60 ft. high. This
elevator is first-class in everv
respect and will be sold cheap.
Engineer Bee Bldg.
3-3 RUCK ER and Weston new cases and
ianus ror sate cneap. tall at Bee of
fice. Omaha. (16) 832
CURRANT Plants. B. C. Smith. 8108 Corby
ti) iHM2X
GOLF clubs, used twlcs last yesr, cheap.
FOR SALE Five-hole gas rangs; 18-lnch
v.vii, Vi e,uiM:unjr new. tau ai oran;
Bt. . (16)-61
OFFICE FIXTURES, consisting of cssh-
ler s cage, counter, partitions, railing,
gate, etc.; almost new, elegant, cheap;
suitable for wholesale or retail office.
Sunderland Bros. Co., 1608 Harney Rt.
otij Moii a
SCHOLARSHIP for sal (Boyles), 6 month.
ju. Aoares J ssz. lie. (16 Vtty 19
FOR SALE By th Chicago St Northwest.
rn Hallway Co.. leamU'at "W. D. Wei
den;" length, IX feet; width. U feet;
draft 2 Ir.che; tonnage, 91 ton; hora
power, 2J&. Practically new. Also
steamboat "Jim Llgnton;" length, 130
foet; width, 30 feet; draft. 28 Inches:
tonnage, lu9 tons, horse power, 80. In
first-class condition. Boats now at
Pierre. S. D. Immediate delivery. Writ
L. S. Carroll, purchaaing agent. 215 Jack
son Blvd., Chlcagu, 111. (Itfi M7V4 111
BOOKS Editions de Luxe only. Immense
privai collection standard and other
work never before offered. Bend for
catalogue. Geo. Pope, 1U8 broadwav. N.
X 1H 1
D. O. BAHNELL Paxton Blk. TL Red Til J
(.) fcL.3
LARiiQN 4t CO.-Book fre. C3 B blig.
1 ..KJM
inventor mailed on receipt of go postage,
K. 8. a A. B. Lecey, room r-3 Paolflo
Mflg., Washington, D. C Kstablished
Va. (17 M
IL A. Sturges, $19 N. Y. L. Tel. Doug. 849.
(l) M417 M14X
r A nvrTTTTPfeatment and bath. M
iiuiuiiuiivsmWi, ui N. loth. 3d floor,
(Ml) 4U1
WE RENT, repair, sell needle for old
sewing machine. iNso. vyci co., cor.
16th ana iiarney. tin) m
A HOME for women during confinement:
w find homes for babies where mothers
cannot car for them. Mother Lee, 4u$
liancrolt et. -rnona Dougia m.i.
' (18)-M3(
GOLF clubs for sale. Several first class
second hand, brassie, mid-iron, putter,
lofter, etc., cheap. Inquire 1414 Iiarney
Bt. UK) alibi mx
l A tJ'-i A CiV. nd baths. Room , 1204
JUADOilUXi farnam St, 2d Floor.
(18) M43 M6
THE SALVATION ARMY solicit castoff
clothing; In fact, anything you do not
need. Wo collect, repair and aeil at 134
N. 11th St., for cost of collecting to th
worthy poor, call ption Doug. an
wagon win call. UK) 766
. Dr. King, 1324 N. 34 Ul. ItL Web. 35n.
VOUNO WOMEN coming to Omaha a
stranger are invited to visit the iouni
Women' Christian association rooms, lai
Farnam St., where they will be directed
to suitable boarding place or otherwl
assisieu. tit) i
SYRINGES, rubber goods, by malt; cut
prices. Send for free catalogue. Myers-
Dillon Drug co., Omaha. (18) 864
OMAHA Stammerer Institute, Ramgs
toiug. a)
SUPERFLUOUS HAIR, warts and mole
permanent ly removed ny electricity; con
sultatlon free and confidential: all wnrl
guaranteed. Miss Allender, 824 Bee Bldg.
BLEM1BHEB. pimples; eruptions, rashes
medicated by uatln sum cream soon di
appear, . . (is)
MMIS. ZEREFA, Armenian massage, 6.'0
Bo. 16th, Flat Phon Dougla 6K46.
(18) MStv3M18x
SEND ten cent stamps for trial can An
tispeptic hoot powder, cures callouses,
ore, tender feet. White Gross Toilet
Co., tpo west &tttn Bt., New York.
(1S)-612 13x
ARTIST teaches the secret art of antique
metal coating on ordinary clay figure.
Full Information upon request. Jolian
welgart, 211) East lbtn Bt., New yorR.
(18)-13 19x
GASOLINE accidents prevented by anyone
simply treating gasoline with nonxplo
powder. Saves lives, fires. Sample free,
Nonxplo Co Washington, D. C.
18 4J10 19x
WORTH 825.
Panama Hat direct from weaver from
V'. uf"iii iia. rcinio piHji iruin 1 1 1 . i , , . . ji
order, winter ft Co., Box 103 Beilge, Brit
ten Honduras, central America.
(18) &3 19X
PRIVATE home during confinement
bable boarded. The Home, 84 N, 27th
Bt. -pnone Harney 8813. (18) 709 18x
MARRIAGE paper; highest character; In
corporatea; mtn year: 4.m member
paper sealed; send 10c R. K. Dove, Box
low, uenver, coio. (IS) 068 19x
SEND 10 cent stamps for trial can AN
llBJfifTIU FOot Powder. Cures !,
louses, sore, tender feet. White frnu
. -lonei i-owaer co., 6U West 68th St,
jnbw org. , (18)-24 19x
your mony; dnwairH, ftm piokpgeket
or iobb; simple aareiy aevic mailed 16c,
eaieiy co., iiox .-7, Albany, N. Y.
(18)-626 19x
WHAT little boy or girl, or any musically
in, Lm buii, wuuia iiae 10 ao a lilt,e
work at home at odd times to help pay
for a musical education? P. O. Box 218,
uiiisviia, neo. lgj M7&4 21
PATNB INV. CO.. Ut floor N. T. Llf.
uougia 178- (IB) eu7
1601 Farnam. Tel. Dougls 754.
(19) B&8
BENJIMAN R. E. Co.. 477 Brandels Bldg.
UM) 3.3
A RBTH AfTfl fls" TTTT UTTM a v?v
New -room All modern home' hlrh.
bibi'j iL'i'mnin, ujiKs 10 car. a nice prop
erty. Price, 33,260.00.
10-Room Cottare filx fine rnnma m flrat
fine cemented cellar, newly papered
throughout. All In fine repair. Cement
walks, shads trees, south front, block to
car. This Is a splendid bargain for the
money. The house alone eoat originally at
least 81,000 more than 1 asked for entire
property. Price, f3.iM.OJ, and will give very
reaaunaDia lerms. .
8-room all modern home; In fin repair.
newly papered throughout, also new bath
fixture. This property Is finely located at
43d and Dodge, In diatrict that la rapidly
coming to the front. Property In this local
ity will double in value within next two
yeara Thla place will make you a fin-i
modern noma ana aiao make you mma
money at the price aaked. Price, 21,600. ttea
aonable terms.
A fine residence site with a fruit sml
garden patch adjoining. Something that will
piease me most ramiuious. mne view, city
water, electrlo light, near street car. All
the convenience of city with the quiet and
luxury of the country.
Phone Dougla 1482. 612 Paxton Block.
Here's to the man or woman who can
look Into the future of Omaha far enough
to aee the value of this Investment, and
realise that to double your gold 1 easy
as getting money from home.
A fine plec of trackage near th nlrkla
works, close to the Eleventh street vl,1,i.-(
Original slse of lot, (16x132. The track cuts
on a mue on on end. Buildings now on
th lot bring in a rental of H7.60 per
month. -Price, 84.0OO; V cah. Writ, wir,
telephone or call.
218 Board of Trade Blflj.
iviepnuo jougms Hill.
Five room, porcelain bath, new furnace
Ine lot, all In esewient condition; clots In;
i-iockb 10 car. s.iiaj; lerms.
Six rooms, electric Unlit s. as. lath, good
cellar, acreena for the window and doors;
rerinanenl walks, alley, hard pine finish;
block to car; lot buxl32; 8-'.6u0.uu; term.
8W Brandle Blk. 'Phones DS4&6 A1A34
Omaha, Neb. 18
Five room house and new 1 0 rn ...
blocks from tar use.- 4Utb and Araus Ave.
Sew lioO chicken kouse arid new busxy rrun rsea. l US lof 1 toilj,
Would like 3.Vj0 equity In cash.
Deinls faxlon Lloi.k. I-Lone 1oi;U ti
lud. 1- (lui M ".ia.
!Ni8!afls?S. -.5
110 Board of Trade Bldg.
Telephone: Bell, Doug. 4; Ind., A-2049.
83.4 2711 Maple St., 4oil2t, ft., with new
l-roora cottage, !4x ft., with pantry
and vestibule built In rear; all mod
ern except furnace; dressed floors.
A dsnJy, .nice plsoe.
13,6362716 Miami St., rooms, nearly new,
modern except furnace; stone foun
dstlon; rice lot, 60x133 ft., with small
barn and chicken yard. Immediate
poaesalon. ,
t2,00-ix3 8. 8ith St., 60xll ft., with 7-room
hound, modern except furnace; nice
location; very cheap.
P,T0t Charles St., 8-room cottage,
I modern except furnace; fine south
1 front lot 60x1.10 ft.; small barn; de
sirable location.
3,300 60x100 ft., with 7-room house, mod
ern, with hot water hea3: fronting
Hanscom park, between Hickory and
Shirley fit.
13,760 6-room modern, two-story qukre
house, near 16th and Plnkney St.,
with full lot; good barn; built by
owner, who 1 a contractor, and I
exceptionally ell built; beautiful
location and a good bargain.
84.800 On 83d, near Center. 60x140 ft; splen
didly well built 8-room house, lsrge
rooms, nicely arranged, thoroughly
modern, with barn; east front; street
paved and permanent walk; an ex
cellent home, and cheap.
35.000 Block from corner 83d and Wool
worth Ave., nearly new 8-roora two
' tory, thoroughly modern house,
with hsrdwood finish; corner lot;
ewer, wster and gas, electrlo light;
east front.
I 700 47xlR ft., northwest comer 8Rth and
: Pacific St., Immediately opposite
Field club golf cour. Thl aection
Improving rapidly.
I 80044x135 ft., west front, on 11th, lust
south of Arbor.
11,05044x136 ft., southeast corner 11th and
Arbor. Or we will sell 132x136 ft.,
with permanent walk; paving on 11th
all paid for, 82.760. Half cash, bal
ance on and two years, 6 per cent
This Is a bargain.
11,100100x130 ft., corner 40th and 8cwrd
Sts.; both streets paved, but not all
paid; room for three houses, and a
81,650 100x126 ft. northwest comer Thirty
sixth and Marcy; block to csr;
eewer, water and gas. Section Im
proving fast.
3,25090x140 ft., east front on 28th; 78 ft.
. south of Jackson; a fine place tor
two pair of St. Louis fiats.
$10,000 Southwest corner 30th and Popple.
..... hub imgn e-room, modern
house; oak finish and floors; excep.
tlonally well built. Will rent for tdS
per month, together with 6-room
modern cottage, renting for 326 per
month, on rear of lot; both etreet
paved; permanent walks all around.
Owner moving Into th country.
Improvement A No. 1 condition;
-.w, . ,it-w aiiiu cost sii'Aluu.
$21,000 Block from Farnam car, 80x116 ft.
v. Bivuuu, Wlin m UIOCS Or BIX prt-
ment. all heated by one plant; ne
other expenses or Janitor service
necessary; total rental $2,830 per
year. Deduct coal and care of
, heater, not exceeding 4oO. This will
psr 8 to 10 per cent net.
We show you around bv automo
bile. Tou get your money' worth
If you don't buy. 09)
2716-2719 Blondo Rt.. I s-mvwn enttasree
lot 60x140 on Blondo St. 8 blocks north of
the 24th St. car line. Price, $1,860.
3223 Franklin St., 6-room partly modern
cottage, uoatalr not comnleted. lot anriai
loo ft east of 83d St. car line; north front
f rice, siKoUMw
1 2018 Pierce St.. 6-room modern cottaa-e.
except furnace, lot 80x186; lot facing on two
street, Pierce and Poppleton Ave. Price,
2018 Bancroft St. and 2015 Arbor St, lot
running through from Bancroft to Arbor
St;, i cottage, one facing Arbor SL, one
facing Bancroft St Price. 82.050 for both.
Or will sell on for $1,026.
2437 Snencer St.. 8-room cottaa-e. all mod
ern, lot 40x132; aa good aa new. Price, 83.200.
ll 62X112, on Hherman Ave., close to
wfrt St., west front Price, 8900.
Lot 66x188. north front, second lot west
of 17th St. Price, $650.
On Orphanage road, t 6-acre plots, one
$300, two $250 each.
Northwest corner of 24th and Castellan
Bts.: lots 7 and 8, Wilcox add.; CfVsXl&S
each. Price for both, $3.0u0.
Block 1. lot 18. Orchard Hilt. 88th and
Charles Bts; second lot from comer.
132 x300, between Frederick and Spring Sts.,
with frontage on 14th and 16th Sis.: 132 on
16th St., level with street, and 100 back
toward 14th St.; balance needs filling.
Price, $960; cash, balance on time.
South Omaha
9-room house, all modem, 4-room cottage.
all modem but furnace: lot 80x150 on 24th
St. Price, 86.600.
S3d and V Sts., 8-room cottage, lot 60x130,
well. Price, $Um0.
23d St. between A and B Sts.. lot 60x150.
8-room, all modern house. Price, $6,000.
7-room nouse, an modern but furnace,
lot 80x120. Price. $2,700.
25th St between I and J St.. 14-room
double frame house, all modern except fur
nace, lot 60x150. Price, $4,160 cash.
So. 26th St., lot IS. block 7; lot 60x160, 13
room house, 6-room cottage, city water.
Price, $6,000 for both; H cash, be I. on .
t acres and 4-room house, one-half mils
northwest nf Florence car line: barn, wslL
orchard. Price, $3,000.
62S New Vork Llf Bldg.
See our south front lot on
Fowler Ave., between Florence
x boulevard and 23d Bt; 60x133,
permanent walk. ewer nd
water; tret will be paved thl
spring. Prtc $700 and 8V36, i
easy term If desired.
East front on tuth St, Just
north of B pence r 4476.
North front on Wirt, near
27th St. $300.
East front on 80th St, 10x120,
near Spencer Bt (37b.
North front on Fort St, near
24th, 66xl33-30.
HVt Farnam Street
Douglas 1064 'PHONE Independent A1064,
Fine Building Lots
W hav a few of th best lot left yet
In the St. Claire addition. They are high
nd sightly and located In on of th best
part of th city. These lot are exceedingly
heap at the price we nave on them, which
aa been proven by the number which ha
been sold the last few days.
For further Information call Dougla 6108.
$38 N. T. Llf Bidg.
Omaha, Neb.
n toj
U 1 1. , i i.r
One-half blork. m
paved street, puvemeut all paid for, ft.
i.uum, ui oarn, larva nin house,
fruit trers. Prt .. !i .u i ...... k.i 1
easiest v' terms r i.-lnslv'e sale be quick.
inn ifliniMAiioNAl, UMJ ANi
lis VI- MTMkNT CO.,
2). Mil, ., uinaha, Kb.
1'Luue D. ,
CS-775 1