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BEE. ArniL 19. loos.
Tim Omaiiai Sunday . Bnt,
- TIILB a closer race than for many
1 A tfuoni la expected In tha Na-
VV "o"1 I lhl" re'r' tn" n
II. riant 1 generally eonceda to tha
, . Cub. Few expert tout will ad
mit that Chicago tight to walk away with
tha flag again this year, per h ape with a lit-
. tla more exertion, but safely enough. And
this opinion la the popular one among fan.
The Cuba are even stronger tban laat year,
and no other team, unless It be Philadel
phia, la believed to be ahead of It class.
- Of courae. New Tork devotees profesa to
aea In the Oianta tha contenders, but thla
conviction la not shared In extensively out
side of New Tork. While it may be severe
judgment to pronounce It a one-pitcher
team, yet that la precisely the verdict that
already has been passed by some who must
be given the right of opinion. But New
Tork simply la an experiment MoOraw
haa traded some veterans for aome other
Veterans. Tha most ha himself hoped to
gain by tha trad waa harmony In his own
team. That .alone ought to Improve the
flaying, but will the Improvement be such
as to lift the team from fourth place Into
the contender's eiassT Philadelphia roust
be reckoned with for second place, and
maybe Ptttsburg, now that Wagner haa
( signed. In tha American league the White
Box were picked as tha favorites at tha
opening, but sine tha opening develop
ments have suggested the wisdom ef going
alow In tha matter of picking the winner.
Th Sox, thla year as last and the year
before, have a fighting team, but are bar
ricaded by so many aggravating Ifs. If
Davis haa another season in him; If the
pitching staff holds out; If this and If that
The Athletic ought to be atill good, so
ought Detroit, but Detroit appears no
stronger thsn last year, when it had to
fight to the Ust ditch to win. The High
landers and the St Louis Browns have
friends who count on them for great thing.
They probably will be stubborn warriors
to tha last, particularly the Browns, with
that great array of old-time stars, but they
have not yet been picked as the pennant
' winner. All In all, tha National league
appears tlie stronger.
Omaha's Infield looks better thsn ever,
even with Graham out of tha line. King
is playing at shortstop Ilka a veteran, and
Buck might always have played second,
judging from the work h la doing. Autrey
and Austin are stars, and the whole quar
tette la full of pepper to the limit It Is
a stone wall, and the absence of Dolan will
not be felt. In fart, no place was open
to the veteran among that array. And the
outfield Is doing just aa well. House
holder, Welch and Belden ar a great trio
'and make up a defensive aggregation that
Is hard to equal and can't be beaten In the
west And aa for offense just look at
. the score tables.
The week witnessed an event In base ball
which cannot help but command the sober
Interest of Omaha and Western league fans.
That waa nothing more nor less than the
transfer of old Joe Dolan from Omaha to
Des Moines. Dolan put In many seasona of
excellent work for Pa Rourke and - Pa
Rourke and all his friends hope the veteran
will be able to do the same for Dea
Moines. In some respect, chiefly, pinch
hitting and general balancing power, Dolan
., will prove a moat valuable asset to. Des, and If he is In aa good condition as
he thinks ha la, will add strength to the
Certainly there Is cause for congratula
tion In Omaha over the start the Cham
pions of the Western league have made.
Of course they opened the season with a
team that, unless strengthened, will not be
one of the leaders, but even at that Omaha
haa gone far enough to demonstrate that It
Is a well balanced team, playing tha Inside
game, much stronger at the bat than ever
and mora capable of winning the pennant
this year than last-
Josh Clarke's experience In base ball Is
almost unique. Ten years ago he was with
Louisville In a major league, then- he
dropped back Into tha minora, where he
remained until 1905, when ha joined the Bt
Louis Cardinals. II stayed there but a
abort time, going to Toledo. Now, Ilk a
"fresh stripling from the brushes, he jumps
hack Into fast company at Cleveland and
promises all kinds of things for tha season.
Of course no one thinks that Han Wag
tier wa holding out tor more money," for
Barney Dreyfus told him at tha outset ha
could name his own figure. It only goes
to show how Is for a great ball"
player to quit while yet In hi prime. Well,
why should hT
. Captain Chance say It doesn't go any
further than tha name. He 1 taking no
than. es, . but propose to win 'em all If
he can: Jl still haa MordecaJ Brown and
Jack FTlester to fall back on.
Harry Bag haa established a base ball
, headquarters on Cuming street, which he
I proposes to make especially attractive for
j amateur players. The old veteran of the
j diamond ought to know how.
' ' Tha day that Wagner refused to sign
had just on counterpart In the history of
the game, that was tha day Casey struck
tout But Pittsburg, Ilka UudvUle, lived to
tee it star shine again.
Householder Is likely to have some heavy
bill sent him by team owners for boards
i knocked off the fence during the summer.
. He Is making his name a terror to pitchers
; and fielder already.
' Htgglna ha mad a hit at Dea Motnea
aa owner, and tf hia team geta to going a
little faster be will put the game back
' where It was when Brother Mike got bold
of it
Pa Rourke never drew a mor precious
prUe than when ha got lltUe King. That's
the man Ducky Holmes' Lincoln press
' agent signed.
Denver Is starting with a rush too. Bome
, thing wlil happen when tha Grtasliea and
Champs get together at Broadway park
' next week.
Other paper may boast of their sporting
pages, but you still have to get The Be to
get all tha new on tha day it happeoa.
Omaha should fix a, day for thanksgiving
to Cincinnati Autrey and Rat a a.
Up to date Cobb looks like a good invest
ment medal, ,ouo and all.
' Brother Dave will blow In the peanut
roaster next Thursday,
Just as Buck Franc JJ ons continuous
round of pleas ura. - . . ' .
Maybe Waddell has determined to get re
venge. Don I forget next Thursday; It tha day.
Athletici Interrupted by the Annual
Easter Vacation.
Flalsfclaaj Teaches for Sprtms Trig)
After Yaeatfoa Brlafet Ontlnek
for Tenata, with Praealslagt
Field f Candidates.
LINCOLN. April 18. 8peclal.)-The an
nual Easter vacation which began Wednes
day at the University of Nebraska Inter
rupted the work of the Comhusker athletes
and retarded the spring training for a
week. Nearly all of the men on both the
track and baseball squads broke practice
Tuesday and will not return to the training
camp until the latter part ef next week.
Only a few of the faithful track candidates
remained at tha state school during the
spring recess to continue training. The
base ball team played a game with tha
Wenleyan nine on the day vacation began,
and none of Its member wa seen In a
uniform after that When tha candidates
return after the recess they will be pushed
through the final two weeks of prelimin
ary work for tha firt big lnter-colleglat
contests of the spring. The track men will
be put In shape for the opening meet
with Kansas at Lawrence and tha base ball
players will be trimmed for the eastern
trip which Is scheduled to begin the first
in May. v
Manager H. D. Toung. of the Nebraska
tennis teams, has completed arrangements
for three Inter-collegiate tournaments for
the Cornhuskera. Minnesota, Kansas and
Missouri are tha school which will be met
The Gophers will coma to Lincoln for a
tournament with tha Oomhuskers early In
May. The date for the two other tourna
ments have not been set, but It has been
settled that the Nebraska player wilt meet
Missouri at Columbia and Kansas at Law
rence. The Cornhuskers participated In no
Inter-collegiate contests last year. A tourna
ment was scheduled with the Oophers for
Minneapolis, but rain prevented the meet
ing. .
The most promising player on the Ne
braska courts this year are Slaughter,
Toung, Post Ersklne, Rltchl and Racely.
The work of Slaughter and Post has been
of a high quality In the doubles. Toung
and Ritchie show up the best in the indi
vidual work. The preliminaries for select
ing a team tf three men to represent Ne
braska In the Inter-collegiate tournaments
will be held during the next three Hreeks.
Gymnasts Cosnln to Lincoln. ,
Tha annual meet of the western inter
collegiate gymnastic association will be
held In Lincoln on April, 1909. Dr. Clapp,
who returned this week from the laat con
test of the association at Madison, Induced
tho other members to adopt a plan of rota
tion by which the meet will b held at a
different school each year until It ha been
pulled off at every school In the associa
tion. The new rules of th organisation
provide for having thl method of rotation
oontlnued. The old member of th associa
tion are Nebraska, Chicago, Wisconsin and
Minnesota. Washington college of Bt Louis
was taken Jn at the recent meeting. The
annual Contest of the association will b
at Minnesota In 1910, at Chicago In 1911, at
Bt Louis In 1912 and at Madison In 1913.
New rule regarding entrle In the event
and changing the plan of scoring were
adopted at tha Madison meeting. Hereafter
but three men will be allowed to enter each
event and the number of men representing
a school will be limited to six. At Madison
Wisconsin and Chicago each had a team
or six men; Minnesota had tavr men and
Nebraska had two contestant. Tha method
of scoring was changed so that tb total
scores of the team In each event will be
counted In determining the winning ohool.
Vntll now the number of firsts won by
the teams were counted. Under the new
rule a team may not have any firsts, but
may win the contest If the number of th
aggregate scores Is high enough.
Zeldlhack, of Wisconsin, who won the In.
dividual western collegiate championship
at Madison, had the high total of 893H
points. Mitchell of Nebraska, was second
with S46 point. Zeldlhack ha won Che
Timely Tips for
Over 1,500 auto registered In Belgium.
Indianapolis dealers sold 200 cars during
the week of their seoond annual show.
An automobile club has been formed at
Boyertown, Pa., which boasts of, just an
even dosen cars.
The membership of the Associated Au
tomobile Clubs of New Jersey ha doubled
in the last year.
Fall River (Mass.) motorists have or
ganised a club and have obtained a char
ter from tha state.
A Mitchell runabout ' wa sold by the
Rambler company to Dr. Sutton of Shenan
doah, la., thla week.
The Automobile club of Lancaster1, Pa.,
is planning to build Its own club bouse
with garage attached.
Bicarbonate of soda should be scattered
on tii bottom of a battery box to prevent
Injury ifroin spilled acid.
The oldest house in the United Slates,
built In 1M6, In St. Augustine, Fla., has
been fitted up as a garage.
. Motorists nf Pottatown, Pa., have formed
a club, one of the chief objects of which
will be to work for good roads.
The pressure of the air In tire never
should be allowed to full below seventy
five pounds to the square Inch.
Dayton, ' O . is to have an automobile
show, the first In the history of the ctty,
beginning April 20 and lasting six days.
The Detroit Automobile Dealers' associa
tion will have a reliability run, covering
about 412 miles, April 29 and 90 and May 1,
The Chicago Automobile club la planning
a twenty-four-hour track race, to be held
as early In the season as the weather is
There are now from 700 to goo motor
'buses in London, of which more than WJ
are owned and operated by two large com
panies. As aluminum paint Is heat retaining. It
never should be used on an engine. The
most satisfactory covering (or cylinders Is
black lead.
Members of the New Tork Athletlo club
who own cars hsv formed a motoring
section, which already ha nearly 4u) mem
bers on Its roll.
If a ball In a bearing shows wear, all
should bo changed, as to Insert but one
new one will almost invariably result In a
series of broken ball.
Russia's annual automobile shoe will be
held ttiis year by the Automobile club of
Moscow from May ( to ' and will be inter
national In character.
As the first csre of a driver Is the safety
of his passengers, the br.kt-s should al
ways be tested on starting a run before
changing to a high gear.
With the arrest of the promoter on a
charge of uttering forged cheeks for cars
the plan for a motor car service on the
Island of Jamaica full through
A Buffalo member of th New Tork
legislature has Introduced a bill to give
garage proprietors liens on car for Serv
ice la connection with them.
Robert Allison of Port Carbon, Pa., who
was the first purchaser of an American
made automobile, recently celebrated the
teullt anniversary of that event. ,
Commissioner of Highways James H.
MaulJunaid of Connecticut, ta purchased
a tourhig car and hereafter wlil (erret
out bad spots In state roads with It
The Albany, N. T., Automobile club haa
Issued notices t Its members urging thein
to be courteous and conacten
tlotts so as to win and hold bupllc eateein.
New Jersry Iti 1.B8 miles of rosda.
toward the t ui' lntu of whirh the state hu
contributed $-' i.J ou. In a.i.l.u.m tne coun
ties have tulit fM milt wuaoui stale. sad.
championship tltle three times during the
last four years. He was defeated two
yeeara ago by Johnson of Nebraska. The
record made by Zeldlhack this year ia one
of th best that has been secured In recent
year. It la a follows: Rings, TB points;
parallel bars. i7H; horlsontal burs, 81; side
horse, glH. The record of Mitchell Is:
Rings, 71; parallel bars, 0H,' horlsontal
bars, 64; side horse, 67; tumbling, 17.
Preparations are being made for the an
nual track and field meet of th Nebraska
Inter-colleglate association, which will be
held In Lincoln under the direction of the
university athletic authorities on May IS.
Dr. Clapp ha completed list of events
and rule for the contest, which will be
sent out to the various schools of the state
the latter part of this week. The Nebraska
managers look for a greater meet than last
year when the entry list contained over
S00 ccntestsnts. The meet this spring will
be held at the slate fair grounds.
There will be fourteen events in the meet
this spring, as follows: 100-ysrd dash, 110
yard run, 120-yard hurdles, pole vault, shot
put high jump, discus throw, 220-yard
dash, 220-yard hurdles, 440-yard dash, 1 mile
run, hammer throw, broad jump and one
half-mile run. Every school will be al
lowed three entries In each event
Part of the railway expenses of the high
school athletes wha come to th meet will
be guaranteed by the university authorities.
The amount paid to each school by the uni
versity will depend on the stie of th high
school and the dlstsnc from Lincoln. A
banner will be given to the high school
winning the meet Individual medals will
be provided for the event winners. Silver
and bronxe medals will be given to the
winner of first and second place respec
tively. A gold medal will be presented to
the athlete winning the Individual high
school championship title.
Pawnee City, winner of second place In
ISO?, reports the addition of three or four
new men who are doing some excellent
work in the dashes. Optimistic reports
have also been received from Falls City,
Tork, Central City, -. Crete, Aurora and
Mar Be an Investigation.
Word was circulated arouni the university
campus yesterday that two of the deposed
members of the athletic board would de
mand an Investigation of rumors which im
plicated them in Irregularities In the us
of the athletlo funds. The charge made
against the men are that they made per
sonal use of the athletic money in paying
part of the expense of certain members
of the 1907 footbaal team. Th room rent
and board of Captain Weller, so the rumor
said, was paid by a certain member of the
athletlo board during the football season.
It Is said that Weller refused to play foot
ball unless his expense on the training
' table were paid, and In order to keep him
on the team the men who has the financial
means kindly helped the captain settle his
personal expenses, it is said. Careful In
quiry among members of the faculty and
former members of the athletic board
proved that no 'Investigation, however, of
the rumored Irregularities would be made
by either the men Implicated or by the
university senate. ,
The rumors of Irregularities among the
former members of the board directed com
ment to the new members of the board
and brought out a discussion of their
ability to do good work In the Interest
of Comhusker athletics. A glance at th
record of the three men convinced tho
skeptic that the professors were well
able to serve In their new positions. Dr.
H. H. WsJte, Dr. Phillip nd Dr. R. H.
Wolcott ar the new members.
Dr. Walte ha been connected with ath
letic for many year. He wa r. student
at Amherst for four year and during that
time was on of the best football men
In s-hool, and was a star gymnast. After
graduation from Amherst he went to a
southern university, where he became the
head of the athletic department and gave
the school a clean athletlo system.
Dr. Phillips during his college course
was a prominent track man at Michigan.
For several years he held the Wolverine
record In the one-mile run. He wa secre
tary of the Michigan athletlo board for
year. f
Dr. It. H. Wolcott Is a graduate of
Michigan, where he was one of the leading
candidates for the football and track
team. I .
Automobile Owners and Drivers
This year automobile week at Ostend
will begin July 14. the affair being pro
moted by the Automobile club of Belgium,
assisted by the Antwerp and Flanders
E. A. Beascn, banker at Audobon, Ia.,
together with a frtend, visited the Rambler
company, Thursday and took home with
them a Rambler touring ear and Mitchell
runabout. '
Aa n Incentive to good road building
a sugar firm at Alma, Mich., has offered
a reward of $100 for every mile of road
built under th state aid act within eight
mlies of Alma.
Th plan of classifying competing cars
according to their piston displacement
again will be followed In the hlli-cllroblng
contest of the Cleveland Automobile club
on Memorial day. '
The Touring Board of the American
AutomoMla association, las half a dosen
assistants constantly employed at Its head
quarters In Buffalo supplying Information
s to routes, road, etc.
Public sentiment on the farmer's influence
are the two prime factors In fostering good
roads, according to Prof. W. H. Hotchklas,
director of the Wisconsin Geological Sur
vey, who is a inotoriat
More than fifty members of the Auto
mobile club of Washington, D. C. will
he elri participate in a three-day run that
will ben In May 29 and cover about ail
miles through four states.
The snnual commercial vehicle trials
unier the auspices of the Automobile
club of France will begin Thursday and
continue until May 26. The alcohol en
gine competition will follow It.
The great Rrooklands track. In England,
la governed by a rigid set of rules, which
sre lived up to the letter. No driver, no
matter how prominent or Influential, Is
allowed on the track after t p. m.
The New Tork City aldermen have given
permission to physicians to speed their cars
in answering emergency calls, provided they
display red-croaa flags by day and white
lights with red croses by night
The Quaker City Motor club and the
Automobile club of Philadelphia have
Joined fortes to prepare a complete series
of road maps and touring guides of
Pennsylvania nd adpolning stale.
Congress has a bill providing an appro
priation of r-j.0u0 for experimenting with
an automobile post coach service for pas
sengers, mail and baggage over routes to
be designated by the postmaster general.
Five Rambler automobiles were sold this
Week to Staples at Sewell. of Burlington
Junction. Mn , who ave taken the aawuy
fur the Rambler car at that point. Tb ter
ritory Is contracted by the Omaha branch.
D. W. Ferguson and O. Alexander of
Gothenburg. Neb., purchased new cars at
Omaha this week. Mr. Ferguson driving
home a two cylinder Rambler touring car
and Mr. Alexander a Mitchell runabout
Interest has been revived In th Nstional
Retail Automobile Ieaiera' association,
which was reorganised during last fall's
Chicago snow, arui it now haa over SO mem
bers, nearly evey stale being represented.
Canadian road builder are having good
success with rruuadam roads in wnlch
the smaller courses of Mono are mixed
with hot tar, the roads betn top dressed
with limestone dust, rollled luto th
Overheating la the chief cauae of pre
lsmltlon. When It occurs. If a test shows
the radiator e be cold and the watsr
jackets to be hot. the wster Is not circu
lating, probably owing ti Jump stop
Ige. As si additional argument a favor
of hnhilng tbe Vamlert.ilt cup raca at
favannali. cUlmens of that erU-rprUtt,
cifv are uYferine in ,t.i. .a
Doing in the Field of Sport in East
and West
Post-Season Grapple of Wrestlers
Folwell and Foster Reejaest for
Harvard Ilea to Let ta
Athlete Sleep.
Th post-season wrestling series between
Graham Foster of Tsle, and Robert Fol
well of. Pennsylvania ha been an inter
esting "thing and an odd one. Folwell
having met with great success In th meet
before the intercollegiate championship
apparently was piqued when the Tale
captain threw htm In the Intercollegiate
contests and asked to get satisfaction at
a meet later In the year. For the second
time Folwell was beaten and again It was
arranged that they should meet. This
Is hardly like college sport, but more Ilk
personal rivalry between two wrestler.
Whether It ia exactly In the line of the pur
pose of Intercollegiate athletics is hard to
say. To some persons It might very well
appear as having a tinge of the professional
about it, not the professional from th
money end, because It stands to reason that
there Is no purse ' and no side bet. but
solely on the ground that it Is so personal
a mutter between the men.
It Is almost ss Harvard snd Tale, after
a baseball scries of three games, should
go on and play a couple more with the
professed object of determining which Is
the better team In a longer series. Again',
Cornell and Columbia might want tode
cide that very close boat race at Pough
keepale more to the satisfaction of the
oarsmen In the two shells, and with that In
view might arrange for another race to
be held on. July 4 or some such date In
connection with some other regatta.
It doesn't look exactly fight, although
It may appeal to both men a a perfectly
proper procedure. If the men are not. tak
ing time away from their studies to carry
out their series of bout the colleges can
not well object, however. But it establishes
a bad precedent and Is of very little real
use. It cannot upset the result of th in
tercollegiate wrestling championship, be
cause Foster Is the title holder.' On that
ground then It is a foolish procedure and
on any other It falls short of the purpose
of having meetings In athletlo sport be
tween college men. j
Cornell Will Not Compete.
It must have come rather aa a surprise
to the American Olympic committee to
learn that Cornell did not Intend contrib
uting to the fund for the Olympic games
In London. The expectation waa that the
Ithacana would give 1600. a some other
universities had promised. The reason
given for refusing la one to which no ex
ception could well be taken. "The athletlo
association would not be justified," said
Judge Irvine, "In spending money for a
purpose entirely foreign to the principles
of the corporation. The Olympic games are
not a college event and Cornell men could
not compete a representatives of Cornell,
but a Individuals If they should go." Cor
nell did not want to appear "mean" In th
matter, especially as Dartsmouth, a much
smaller college, pledged $00 for th fund,
but the expense of athletic management
at (Cornell ar much greater.
There are more team at Cornell and
more of them which have small Incomes
or actual deficits. Dartsmouth,- for In
stance, does not support a crew, an Item of
$10,000 or so m the Cornell budget Th
track team at Cornell always ar run at a
loss, and base ball can hardly make a great
profit In other words, about all th sport
exist at tha expense of the foot ball team,
and Cornell' game bring In about enough
to keep things running well.
The track, base ball and crewcaptaln at
Harvard have published an appeal to the
tudent body In general that I perhaps
serious in Intent, but amusing as well. The
Harvard Crimson hsd In It column re
cently this letter: "The track team and
th crew have already gone Into strict
training for their spring contests with Tals
and tha base ball team will follow soon.
take in spectators to the number of
Former President Charles J. Swain of the
Quaker City Motor club. Is pressing for the
appointment of an official referee who is
not a member of the club committee, to
supervise all meets, races and other con
Newsnapers 1n India generally are In
dorslng a plan to have the local government
advance mcney to officials whose duties
require them to travel, to enable them to
buy automobile with which to expedite
Carload shipment of Rambler cars for
Omaha have been altogether too Inadequate
to supply the demand, and on Monday
morning a train load of Rambler automo
biles will leave the factory at Kenosha for
The American Automobile association has
completed arrangements with an express
company by which automobiles may be
shipped to foreign port by Its members at
a rate lower than can b obtained by a
A syndicate of French motorists Is plan
nlng to build a race course of about nine
mlhs In circuit, which can be utilised as a
publio highway when not used for contests,
on the high plateau above Spa, the famous
Belgian health resort ,
Mr. B. W. Jewell of Omaha, has favored
the Rambler company with an order for
ono of their two cylinder Rambler touring
cars. The same is being fitted with glass
front and top and will be a very complete
and swell looking machine.
So successful was the recent one-day en
durance run of the bay State Automobile
association that plans already are under
way for a two-day affair, to be run to a
point either In New Hampshire or Maine,
returning to Boston the second day. .
On anything but very stiff grades It Is
customary with the general run of drivers
not to drop from the high goar when coast
ing, the foot brake being applied upon to
supply whatever retardirjg effect is re
quired In excess of that provided by the
The machli es which will compete In the
ruu from St. Petersburg to Moscow May
81, under the auspices of the Automobile
club of Russia, will be divided Into four
class-s according to the bores of their
cylinders, prises will range from fOOO to
"It has been demonstrated by actual ex
perience that automobiles make good roads
out of had ones." said State Commissioner
of Highways Hunter of Pennsylvania, in
a recent address at a meeting of county
hlKhway commissioners and road suoer
viaors. Two large -cyllnder Rambler touring
cars left the Omaha salesroom last wee a,
going to Paup Hroe., of Harland. Ia. The
maciilnes were both equipped with speedo
meters, tops, and glass fronts, and provs
the statement that the wealthy people of
mill towns know ho to rig up an auto
mobile. W. B. Paup lives in Harlan., while
his brother Is a farmer and lives eight miles
from town.
Mrs. Walter Macfarlane, wife of the well
known Honolulu capitalist, recently pur
chased a forty horse power touring car
and has already begun to make plans for
a trip from tne Pacific to the Atlantic, ac
companied by her husband and family. The
car wtli be shipped to San Franclaco and.
according to their preeant plana, they will
tour from San Francisco to Portland. Ore.,
and then through Idaho. Montana. Wyom
ing, R-mth Inkota. -and so on eastward.
Mr. Macfarbine says h expects to lower
a few records snd to n.v the splendid
touruev aeross tha 1'nlled Slates and Inci
dentally demonstrate the fact that Honolulu
takes no aeennd place in th matter of
titinwUJU stunts.
y ,
part of the car.
After seeing
noting the extreme care that ia used in the making of every
part watching the rigid inspection and the thorough trying out
that ia given each finished car we know you would be convinced
of the superiority of the
Come in and let us show you what the Rambler will do how it is
built to endure why it docs everything that the highest priced cars can do,
and still sells for $1,400 and $2,250, according to the model
We want to show you what the factory testa and the factory guar
antee mean to you. You don't have to buy a car in order to find
out all about it We're willing and glad to tell you. Will
yuu t i us r
11 v Vaaaeng-er SO-Hors rower
First elaas condition mast be sold
Price, $300
This machine la worth a great deal more
money but It Is necessary to turn It Into
cash at once. Investigate.
TOiIT X.OAS CO., IBM ranuum Bt.
This means that the members of these
teams are In bed at 10 o'clock. Of all things,
to a man who Is training, sleep Is by far
the most Important. Especially near a con
test men find it very hard, even under the
best conditions, to get the requisite amount
of sleep.
Atkletle Street Unlet.
"The object of this article la to remind
the students of their responsibility In this
matter; maintaining quiet after 10 o'clock
not only in tbe dormitories where the ath
letes live, but also in the streets nearby.
It Is never 111 will that causes a disturbance
at night, but 'thoughtlessness pure and
simple. A thoughtless noise, however, is
Just as effective a an 111 willed noise in
keeping a man awake; and as sleep is of
such vital importance to the teams, we ask
every man to make a point of keeping quiet
himself, and second, of reminding any one
else, stranger or friend, who may need the
hint, of the necessity of quiet for tbe sake
of the teama."
There la a deal of philosophy in that note,
brief as It Is, because from It may be
learned the deleterious effects of noise,
whether with Intention or not. In the care
less Joy of a Harvard springtime. It may
be In order later. If this warning falls of
its purpose, to organise a Harvard sh-sh-sh
club to patrol the streets until all the ath
letes are well asleep uttering sibilant sounds
of lullaby. If that doesn't work, an appro
priation might be made to cover the streets
in the neighborhood with tanbark, so that
the Harvard water wagon rumbling home
ward In the early hours may not disturb
tho athletes aa they He peacefully in their
cribs. It may be also In order to do as Is
done near the hospitals In this city:
f :
i :
; Athletic Street :
: Make no Unnecessary -. :
: Noise. ;
The athletic council at Pennsylvania has
awarded the 'varsity letter to the meinbers
of the basket ball team which won the
champlons'ip of the Intercollegiate Basket
Ball league this season. Tha men to re
ceive the P are Captain-elect Kelnath, Cap
tain Fitspatrick,. McNIchol, Spoe.r, McCrud
den and Klefaber. Waite and Yerger. who
won Individual wrestling championships,
also got the letter. At Syracuse the 'var
sity letter was given to the basket ball
players, bringing up a curious situation.
In the squad were two freshmen who have
the right to . wear the letter now.
They are the' only members of the class of
lWl at Syracuse who will get the letter this
yesr, because of the rule which bars fresh
men from 'varsity major sports. Basket
ball Is a minor sport and was excepted from
the rule. It is understood tnst there Is
some feeling at Syracuse about this award,
because it grants to these two freshmen
special privileges which otherwise they
could not have.
Oatdoor Work Shows Meat to Be a
Creditable Let.
PRINCETON, N. J., April lS.-The
Princeton university track team has begun
outdoor work, and despite the fact that
several of the veterans of last year's team
will be Ineligible either through gradua
tion or deficiency In scholarship, the pros
pects for a good team appear to be bright.
Coach Copland believes thst some good
material can be found among the mem.
bera of last season's freshman team to fill
the vacancies In the 'varsity personnel.
The spring schedule, which has been ar
ranged, contains six dates, besides the
twelfth annual lnterscholastic meet, which
will be held at Princeon on May ! The
schedule follows: May . Princeton-Tale,
at New Haven; May 1, Princeton-Cornell,
at Princeton; May 23, Princeton-Columbia,
at New York; May -K, annual Intercol
legiate Amateur Athletic association meet,
at Philadelphia.
dabs sad SapptS teres.
Reports from a number of cities Indicate
that the establishment of a club supply
slure ft which members may purchase ac
ceasoiVa at discount rates, such as has
been opened ty the Automobile Club of
Anierlia in Kev Yurk wilt iou tecum
popular throughout lUo country.
X X Ai-enU Wanted. 1
The Car You
Ought to Buy
We wish you could visit the Rambler
see how severe and thorough are the testa
the largest automobile factory in
' y
Farnam St. Omaha.
Liberal Contract Given. . S jr
s S S'X
,,the ibiljicik:-
22 D. P. Price, 01250
A Guaranteed Car with a Record of OO.OOO Miles
' -wwmmtwwrr-fvt g -risMy. mmtm i f"A siiar ,MWM---snsaw'
Four Cylinder. Shaft Drive. 39 I!. P., $17SO
Equal to Any S2SOO Car on the Market ,
Berber's Automobile Co.
1 0ffra nnrl rninnm ?Glt Omntin.
- - " - - " - -
If you are menaced with diseases and
hav not consulted u.-, ui- acetic ,v..'
medical attention, don't think you are
not paying for It. You are and per
haps many times over. If you procrasti
nate ami postpone treatment from day to
clay, week to week and month to month,
or experiment with uncertain, dangerous
or unreliable treatment, sooner or iater
you must pay the penalty. If you do not
heed our admonition you will then more
forcibly appreciate our advice that trie
least expense would be Incurred through
the early employment of genulns profes
sional skill. Commence an active and en
ergetic courj-e of treatment at once, and
avoid suffering, snxlety and remorse.
Ws treat msn only and ours promptly.
aafsly and thoroughly and at tbe low.ut
OU PlBlilTT, 111.000 roiooif; gKIST ,.-
Bltll and all Bpacial Vtssasea and
Call and De Examined Free or Write
Office Hours 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays 10 to 1 Only. 1
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Ets., Omaha, Neb.
rernsanently EsUblMied in Omaha. Aebraska.
,v k ADfto.nieiy
A faiffb-ciasi
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il L t 3 ' I from city mii furretrul quiet. wlthm ten miuutet' vtal
i o! huiueB center. Brubt. new at. car (2 bio ka away) to 5
Y f uiiuuiea lata
shops and
given every
the world
. ' , t
A - -
tnelr UUiiilUIII Ib0l
Great European Hotel
The Virginia
rireprftoL Ha lea, 1 1. 58 And op.
Tram and ReaMcotial Hotel, a Hud ted la
elect tiajrltt of th citv. kniuDiai a ksmmnw
i j 'in iiMilaa niartMe, be-uiuituJ stsituary auU cathedral (lata,
.' -J 0 hanJsoiuely famUhcd ouinl room, ft irk e or ma auitttu
Iiuuitf liui. with touest cuiiiue. tTerycoDvao-
you 10 mm auoppiutf aitrtct, paaalutf Iha Coor
CfcO. W. kYNCLD. Pr... ki. ad Oku gu..