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What the Women Are Doing
Coet ef Rearing; a Seoletr Olrl. seem to hav any ambition d3 lock OH
ILK most pronounced typ or in xutui without hope.
T I the modern American beauty "They are forever talking ef their
I I In trained from babyhood to 'mashee and money and tha the-ey-ter.
iuiuii nr uciuuj. 4n poor ming diti rew pleaanrea. They
born with a gold epoon In he? apend moat of their spare time In tha cheap
mouth Instead of the tradl- ahowa."
tlonal sliver one. Both young women are students at the
Tha father of one of these mllllonalra School of Philanthropy, and each U to
princesses waa asked, a rew aays alter write a thesis on bar experiences In Troy.
her advent, how much ha had eatimatcd g
It would cost Mm to brinf her Bp. Reward a ( Met fcerhooa.
"Abou 1200,000," wu hla answer, un- I would not exaggerate even ao great a
til ah I ready to com out, "and," h blessing as that of matrimony, aaya Julia
added, thoughtfully, "that la really a con- Ward How in th Delineator. Every
ervatlv estimate." - woman cannot be a mofhsri and many
Two hundred thousand for an American women In our dayi hav gift and callings,
beauty 1 When It Is remembered that to which dot In there far from th pains and
finish her at a select school and then pleasures of the nursery. Their Uvea may
give her a year or so of travel with tVitor be replete with food to themselves and
and chaperon costs some 60,000, this their community, nay, to tha world at
statement does not seem exaggerated, large. Heaven knowa that of all women
aaya the May Delineator. But 1200,000! I ahould be the last to undervalue their
It could endow a whole orphans' home labor and their reward.
or a Juvenlls court room school to make But to young mothers not yet weaned
good cltlxens out of material that might from the vanity of girlhood I would Bay:
; elae turn Into criminals; and agaliirt this "If this great blessing of maternity shall
i In the scale la put on rose-and-pearj visit you, do not undervalue It. Do not
baby girl, two Hundred thousand! en whin at its fatigues and troubles. lis
ought to be th rose of th world. reward is worth, waiting and working for.
But even $200,000 would not make an A new Ufa will com to you with that of
American Beauty if the apendlng of It which you ar yourself th givr. Th
were not scientifically planned. To this minuta etudy of human progress which
end an entire household is retained, in now beoomes part of the duty will make
DaDy nas a uerman nurse, not a frencn- you wise beyond your own anticipation e.
woman because tha French are excltab.a, jf m giving Ufa you hav riven death, r-
and there must b nothing to hurt Miss member, always, that In riving death you
Beamy a nerves ana uesiroy m repua nsv given th Immortal hop which Ilea
wnicn if to D ner aiatinguisning cnarac- beyond It.
verisuo one 01 tnes cays, i ne uerman Tn, WOmen who has no children nerer
nurse's accent 1 aa good as her tempera- know the greater Joy of devotion. Her
ment la even. Later on there I a French aympathles. Instead of extending thenv
governess, an English governess and an aelvea. will narrow mora and more, and
Italian dancing master. And alwaya tend to concentrate themselves upon the
there Is a trained nurs to test tha tern. ,ereiy pleaaurable experiences and aensa-
peratur of Mima Beauty and of her hatha, yon, which only -ad souls about In their
to watch hor food and plan hsr exorcise, own labyrinthln domain, Bhe may win
' w personal distinction and high fame, Kha
Metres sticks to the Law. may surely deserve them, but ah wCl be
Though she l about to coma into posses- ta of following tha false way which
aion of a legacy of J50,000 through tha gine and anda bi self. If th fates
recent death of an unci In Denmark. Miss &enr br marriage, or leave It bar of off.
Philalctha 8. Mlehelsen, who la actively "P- ner win to her arma som
in th. nr.,.ii i. in T. A- motherless child, and study the lesson
..i.. .wia.-.. .h. win .tick t h.r nm- "Srht by th dear Christ when H placed
tension. Bhe -scarcely exhibits even mild His disciples and bad them
elation over the good fortune that haa
vima trt iae ,a vlni7 hnwMwr thll ihA AY
pect. it to be of great aid In a number ?rr"'P?"ClU,,?,, mo?11. Unanca,
of reform measure she has In contempla
tion. This young Portlan carea little for Merry
learn front him th grat acienc of life.
Th beauty of childhood la not easily
th flexible muscles, th fair, smooth fore
head, th unconaoioua grace of more ment.
What ar lovely presence la this! It lllumi
nates your whole house, be It a hovel or
widow nats and late atyiea in pumps, and a nalace. Th babe nawiv ho m, rir,..
whll many girls of her" age would be plan- ao aoft, ao tender! By degrees, It aaler.i
nlng to acquire extensive wardrobes, auto- Into possession of Its bodily pewers. Soon
mobiles ana an that aort of thing, she is he follow her about, walks beside her,
too busy with difficult law cases to think begins to question her regarding th mean
er such tririea. lng of all that ha sees. He leama to
-1 am sorry mat in new or my legacy pray at her Knee. He goea to achool. All
became public," she said recently, "t am the way from Infancy to adolescence Is
working hard at my profession and care strewn with flowers. It haa no doubt an
little for what is ordinarily termed society, offset of anxieties and cares, but would
I am much interested In prison reform and any of us dream of giving up the roae be
have alwaya endeavored to help Juvenlla causa ef lta thornaT
offenders. I have no reason for abandon-
In the law because ot ruMn a for. Will Hls Girl.
una." tn Promised results of the o ro
ller friends apparently era much mora nlsattou society women into the
Intereated In the news than Mia Michel- '""ronn' committee of the national clvlo
en, and they are making plana In whioh le"rlon for th betterment of conditions
ther hone to have a nrnmlnent nart In r no SIN W laciory IS a model laun
"bringing her out" In aocletr. irr plant hacked by prlvat capital of New
MIsa Mlchelsen la an unusual girl, aa Tork WOIaen run aa an object lesson to
might be expected of on whose ancestor ,how tht u ta Quit Posaihl to conduct
were sea fighter for hundreds of years. uch business en perfectly practloal and
Bhe comes from old Vlklna- stock, and eciexmno lines and yet enable th company
on her mother's aide her family preferred "to r11" 9 on t Investment. Among
the aword to more peaceful puraulta. th "wom,n ho are leading aplrta la this
ij, wore ana wno ui prooaDiy give aid to
IHrliloiT of Labor by Bea. th del laundry plan ar Mrs. Clarence
"The old division ef labor," aaya Jane tt Maokay, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney
Addama, In a recent magaslne article, d MlM XnTl T. Morgan, While thla plan
"which defined roan'e work aa that lying m,T B0 Put lto operation Immediately
outside the home and woman'e inside, had ft l'ay marked out and will doubt
much to recommend it. The trouble with ,,B tn forerunner of other similar
us Is that we have enlarged th boundaries demonstrations along ether line,
of the home," and have not enlarged th 11 t -
homemaker'a powers with It. For what is paker Caaaea's OvIbIob.
the modern- factory, with the ootton mill 6pker Cannon aays that women alway
and steam laundry, flour mills and canning n ot. that ot th man of tha
works, but a place where an asaemblage 'I1Jr. that If they had a vote of their
of worker do on a large seal for the cwn lt ould be unfair. Women, he thinks,
whole community .what each Individual hare so many other privilege that they
housekeeper used to do on a small soale a afford to forego thetprtvllege of vot
for her own household? Whet are all t"- 114 t9U story apropos of women'
these social efforts, publlo schools, play- attitude In th matter of privilege. One
grounds, baths and libraries, system of ' night a dog got Into the pantry, and tha
atreet cleaning, transportation, hospitals next morning he asked the cook whether
and asylums but our modern efforts to th intruder had eaten much on hla forage,
meet In modern waya the old need of hu- 'Indeed, he did," said the cook, "he cleaned
inanity? Are women to have no direction P every thing but the dog biscuit."
In these matters?" g .
x Heroine's Vacatiea.
lUck Girls la Factory. Mr"- Id 11. keeper of the Lime Rock
. ... a lighthouse in Newport harbor, K. I., la
Two collage girls of wealthy famllle left , . . , . '
K-.- v.w . m. . preparing to take a brief vacation, her
conditions of the factory girl' life In Troy. tlnt ln ffty yer' " th am hM
N. Y. They have Just returned to their
homes, very much wiser for their explor
never missed a night In the lighthouse.
She la Buffering from nnrvouanesa and loaa
lng expedition, and quite ready to tell of of "l6eD- At 66 "ha U ohl' woman Ught-
the adventurea they had. They worked, """8 aeeper on uncle Bam payroll. Last
lived and ' played" with the factory gtrls. faU 'eoe'ved from the American Cross
and are quite aure now they know all ot 1X011 0' society at Washington lta cross ot
about their poorer sisters. honor and a life membership. Bine then
One of the inquiring ycung women 1 "h haa been awarded a pension from the
'Miss' Gertrude Weeks, a cousin of U. W. Carnegie hero fund for saving eighteen
De Forest, the well known lawyer. Bhe Uvea,
la a graduate of the normal college. The
Other Is Miss ISva Auerbach of the 19uT
class at Barnard. Miss Auerbach la the
Visa Aaqeltk Oaallnea.
Mra Asquith will well become her new
daughter tit Meyer Auerbach ot Ha. SOt position ln the great London world of
Weat Kighty-seventh street.
pontics and fashion. She la a brilliant
They left New York with III each for woman and a moat Interesting personal-
railroad fare, and a determination to live
for two weeks on what they could earn.
They went to a working gills' horn in
Troy and told pitiful stories of their In
ability to get work In New York, their
tty, and aa th wife of the prime minister
she attain h,r loftiest ambition.
(.eaves from Vavaaloa'a Xetaeeelc-
To add to the long drooping effect there
Invalid parents and their starving sinter , 5.v"trmgs fT beads that hang very nearly
, . , ' " to the tluor. Immensely aftncilve are ihca
and brothers. These talea were promptly long .tringa of Uad when worn Witi aa
aeuiareu imiij vy ia woman WHO Kept ai'piujiriule CUSlUUie.
the house, but at length, they obtained Constant pressing la necessary to Insure
rooms tor 14 a week. good plaits; and the woman with a plaited
Buuceeded in getting the laat vacant place plaits ahould tbey fail apart.
In ono of the largest collar and ouff fac- It la oocld-red th smart thing to wear
torlea ln Troy. It was to run a stitching handsome Jew.iml ornament at tiie throat
machine ten hour a day for H a week "" " ive. wun u ;aUut,
A few minute, after Mis. Auerbach w., et&M i,5?l loVMio
7 7 " ZZ PP" ' 10 Th re many handsome evening waut.
the same factory. Th superintendent told made wuh in vsry long and much
her that the last vaeaucv had 1u K-.n w link led laue sleeve. This aort of n.v
filled. Bh, repeated her memorUed n... maaVof t ailS itw'lnrnt iow.
of woe," and the aubermtendeot was evi- u the anucklea. k "
aently touched. The
"I like your looka," h said.
ft girl with th big hat Is occunvlnr a
"Oa urw great deal of eltc-ution of lale. aii m.r.i
talra, and I thlna; we can make tore- ""P,,!W bromiht asaiust her. if
oman of von in . , ' . ., the public will ouly wait a month or two
a-oman of JOu ln a few daye. ihl. llttt wl out of la,ll(olI and tnw
iiio uiu ana raexei or me wui vn no caua lor grumbling
machine room and the wearisome work Mboul
waa enough for Mlai Auerbach. Bhe got A co' "J11 Bklrt "u t of th
part ment. a here the work waa lighter, empire skirt, and the oot is a ten-colored
ind atuyed there the rest of the week 1m " fastening In lite back. It has a
Miss Weeks worked hard tor the position "1lU,' nefk ." In.meiisely b'g lace
r rewoman k. I!.,. .... P?fi"0 sl,v.s. hieh fall over long wrlnCled lin-
. ... u.,,7 T,sB ta ner gn sieevea
department of the superintendent whe in Xnliu h.M .r.
"liked her looks led her to abandoa the tloii ot style to be recorded. One of the
poBltlon. . rtaweat frills Is the vary alendor girdle
At the end of tha luail of elastic. It is narrow, tnuth
V, a . k . 7 b Wer thor- etuddd with sitel and secured with a
ughly tired of being factory glrla, and Stol buckle In the front. Another pretty
returned to New York with Just enough '"n0T t tne colored haiher belt, no wldor
money to pay their car fare ' t brd hem. with a pretty ailver or
ws-n a.u f., her iI , buck rifht in Uie middle of the
-,-.", n tna front or rignc in ins nuuuie or the back
factory glrla, Mia Auerbach aal.1: Ilia ttmi;t to himk the b.-lt on tha ai.u
"They are not at all as I expected I'S met ith small encouragement, lta
rind thera. HO lar as I saw In the factory on.Kiod.
h.rvI..T0rke,,l.,bV1flr".r rere"- Woman at U.t will auffer for the fun
ably shiftless lot. They look Upon their she haa mad of man and his collar button
labors aa an oppressive necessity an these many rtars. Tiie atrirt walat on ex.
.long with aa little work aa Doasil.l a hiki""1 " Ntw York drT ods atorea baa
V " . , lb' - attaUied Its ultimate evolution. Thla eura-
Ufe of unending toll is the natural one mor will see the progreaaive girl wearuig
to" them, and if I had said that I bad the f.uilnine ahlrt. The new shin l,
never worked before they (would have "fcct;y Vk. th.t worn. b'kmsn- that
. . . . . , It U a little Unciar In th way of n-
looked on me as a curiosity. They don't broidery. Ot cuuj. U U badi .aicwiy
New high arm Sewtnr Machine with ball bearing
Btand. latest Improved aprina; tension, cylinder shuttle,
aulomatlo bobbin winder, self-setting needie, and many
Other Improved feature. Does the finest work na well
as sewing the corsaat fabric, all with equal satisfaction.
With each machine we Inalude a full set of attachments
and .1 large assortment of accessories absolutely free
vi cnarare. juvery niacnine is ruuy
guaranteed guaranteed for ten years.
We WIsl! So
9 leW'f1Hf
I I 1
i? :
I Jjl f f - '"vr n.lJ
WB I I 'Saw
I U I w
i it i
cm -.
9 HtrrR. .
ll '4 .... 1 X.
m I - .;u j s
G 'J t..f . 'I
. ii .. . . .
,TV" AH-'
i wi p i WAwijiy sy -
'ivr, t.
Tal May
to These
s ri p
People Wiio Have to
rt n rVi
If you know the real value of money and must of necessity make your dollars accomplish the
utmost in the purchase of homefurnishings, then our message today is intended especially for
YOU. We put aside all extravagant talk we don't believe in it. We simply Bay this and we
mean every word of it. Our prices are lower by a big margin than those of any other homo
furaiBhing concern in Omaha,
JVbto comparison- prove txyrmd a gut tt ion of doubt and it it to a comparison of price and
qualities that we-invite yoitr consideration today. Reid mr annovnoement and then nod thott of other
ttorti. Make comparison of price. Then tomorrow make a comparison of tl articles tAm.teits.
TT know what the result will be tnoio t'xill wll. There' not another Home- furnishing institution
in Omaha that can come anywhere near equaling thtse splendid tjilui not two on.
f 1 V-'.
This Couch offer outdoes previous efforts. Just eon
aider the prioe and bear ln mind that It ia a massive
Couch made with a "olid oak frame, beautifully earved
made with full steel spring construction with the top
aeepiy lurtea ana covered
world-beater at th prioe.
It la a
Thla excellent Steel Bange haa won popularity aolely
through lta eminent auperlorlty. Thla ange ia made of
heavy gauge Cold rolled steel. It 11 heavily rivited
throughout, duplex grates, haa large full else steel oven
and six-hole top; beautifully nickeled trimmed, fitted
with high cloaet and two shelve. For economy It haa
no equal. A guaranteed baker.
Let rr
' 1 it
lit- yJ-Ts '
Feather You Nest,
This Magnificont
AV35 W
This Eocker is made of selected quarter-sawed oak, and is
of extremely handsome design. Has fancy shape baok, large
carved front posts. Has novel spindle sides extending from
arm to runner. The seat is extra wide; spacious and comfort
able This is the greatest Rocker value that rr
was ever offered for your consideration. F0JJ
firnmnl of aV -
aj.vvM. v.
A splendid folding reclining cart. Thla la our Oo-Cart
apeclal and la easily worth 50 more than the price above
mentioned. It haa full reed body and a very handxome de
SlKn; haa lar- steel wheels, with extra heavy rubber Urea.
You oan't possibly find an equal to thla barKatn elsewhere
ln Ontuha. It is certainly a tremendoua value.
I ,11
Theaa sanitary steel couch beds are extra atrong, having
heavy angle ateel frame, They hav also pliable
ateel couch fabric which makes an excellent and comfort
able bed. When both aldea are elevated the couoh beoomea
the width ef an ordinary bed. These are extra well made
eteel oouohes - will last a life-time.
aw ticking.
This la a marvelous aaving value at th
Thla Iron Ttod combination consist of an elegant Iron
bed of above design, splendid spring and an excellent mat
tress. Th bed alone Is worth th price w are asking for
the entire combination, 'in spring is oi superior char
acter. The mattrese haa a oft top, extra heavy t
and taped edge. This la a marvel
price and the saving 1 fully 60
Hart man
Feather Your Nest.
Solid Oak
S I debeard
Thla magnificent solid oak
Sideboard ia - beautifully
carved and of superior
workmanship throughout.
It is fitted with a large
jrencn piate Deveieu
mirror. Lined drawer
silverware and large
drawer. It ia an excep
tional value.
e..oN)OTI CEoooe
Everything you see in Har tman's advertisements is to be relied upon absolutely.
Every article advertised is just like the illustration, is just as described and is just as
big a bargain as it is claimed to be. We believe in truthful advertising and will nt
permit any misrepresentation, neither in our newspaper advertisements nor by our
salesmen or office force.
M;KS aii ...n.i,... II i ii
for I . .. .,.-,,-., 'v,r,
linen k .i.-an..
xcep- , - r-aw? r!J"Y' i'.:"'
1 AC" ':V - v?; Jls'
No matter how low
the price.
All Deliveries made in
UBleUere4 AVaeon.
rj&vxmmAmww ,
U ll HI iYMYpi 1 a?R, i aUlUhleOaBandOaeollna
Libr.ryTble 11 I rM' ' - Solid (h rj' OC I J
Mad of badger nak. elesant finish. The s . Ti . '. ' ' -f ' :- aVXtCniiOD 1 Able KJP '. I .a-.
top measures 41x18 lnchea This table is ' U .v.--. -r:: f ' , . '-. ",'. 7 ' -T. rS -
mad under our own supervision and I per- ;-yw 'V' An extension table value of unusual char- fP'fffJA ia-'". - ""
feet in every detail. Has large spacfous i 'W h ' . 1 V ' .'t Jtr. Made of .elected solid I oak aquJ r. ! Jl ' -V- '
?.riT" .' 1'nve Jcgs. large broad hl vV - . i . s , .: - V - - .'1 flvs Urge legs of bjindgome pVtti ra oi moft f Hl?. ' V;' 1 . S f
Stretcher ehelf. I ' V,. . . I i ' -V .'.-.. : '- ' flurable construction throu.iiout. 1 ' 'J . ' -v'f
WWWWftWWWWW nil' ' ..J nAyyWrVWWVWtfVWVaAa J a A 'i-jfi'tffii'
(.Kav.l WiliAnVfl. tm rn imperial nonarcn ti "1 Jil Aimintt.r ni. s ? I W,ft Af2VI
'I t ;t Vycvy : C y Ku&s IZxJU. j feet. . . . . C4Krz : :Ui' jv., g
;5tjlrV$F 5 euperlor in Quality, design and wearing ,'''' "cellent Bru.wla Bug I. made of Ma(1. of tn8 b.t i M i' tt
A . r,rJt)rjl i 'Kty. Medallion and Oriental deaigni the best materials, beautiful designs. V orth mended for excelUnce. No miter a"n. 5 U &mumiX& i'
i yj 4jfj VOeje2v ' S valuaa reduced to $37.6u. double the price we are asking. It's a wonderful rug. "oft gild luxurious! 5 4 .' I it " T y "'i
Tm wvwvvvv, , wvwwwi if fM , fj (
JS;. ' ' yr 22 Great Stores, ThrtmghoTit th U. S. r 1 I'lL uA' Jl'
Thrse Bookcases are made .with the uttermost
care, of eolid oak, have faney shape mirror, and
ur ornamented with handsome carving, are beau
tifully polished. TJieyT ireraenaous vj
traordinary vaiuea
1414-1416-1418 Douglas
of golden oak or
finish, artistic
design as shown above.
large mirror, roomy draw
era well polished. It Is a
value that is positively unbeatable.
This China Closet Is of tha bent end design,
and aet with double strength glass, "helves ar
grooved for standing plates. You can't find an
equal value In Omaha we care got where you look.
for women nd therefore will tit her as
a real man's shirt would pot do. But
save for this difference ln eetllne It Is
the same as the masculine garment. Cuff
are attached and certain of th patterns
are collarleaa. New women wtlt begin t
learn the meaning of Uundry trouble.
Chat Akeat Warn.
Mlrs Mabel T. Board man of Washing
ton la now making a tour of the west
trying to arouae interest ln the Red Crovs
organisation, bhe is anxious that every
woinun In the country should become a
Mia Elizabeth. K. Jackson of Mobile,
Ala., is said to be one of two women
claim clerks In the country. bhe Iwj
held that poet with the Mobile, Jackaon
it Kansas City railroad, will) headquarter
in Mohi.e, for upward of two yeuJa auti
has given perfect satisfaction.
Ethel Roosevelt share her mother'
fondness for music and art. and airs.
Itooaevelt aud her daughter are the b.t
of comrades. aire. Koosevelt is said to
be oppoaed to a third term for the presi
dent, having become wearied of the for
mal official social round in which she
has lived tor the last seven years.
Countess Ada von Boos Farrar of New
Tora haa opened her Brooaslde Farm
fcuiue, where ah will car for th wive
and children of prisoner serving sen
teneew. The farm has t vne.'ity-t wo rooiuK,
v. lit, tine truiindi around It, and the cml-di-en
vill be tught carpentering, farming
aud other trda
Queen Amalia of Portugal is a splendid
nuraa and excel In all aorta of outdoor
spurt, but sti considers that women are
uudar obligation to dreas as well aa their
circurnalanoea wl.l allow. Bhe is one of
tne beat drtasetL women In Europe, and,
strange to say, does not wear any sort of
"stays" with her gowns.
Mrs. Isaac Kice of New Tork. known
In nearly all the capitals of Europe as
the Oueen of tiileuce," has aesuraed ber
crusade against undue noise and w Ul
spend the summer In this advocacy
abroad. Her Immediate hope Is to 01 -ganiie
antl-nolsa societies in every capllil
in Europe, being oonfident that our.
Van Alatyiin. a ho died In 1 !. M( was k
mutl; ian and set several of her hymn
to muaic. Mrs. Van A .lyng lives with a
niece in Briiigeport, C'unn , and In spite
of her bllnuineas is described as the sun
shine of the household.
Fanny Croeby celebrated her S8th birth
day laat month. The full name of-thla
lemarkable woman la Frances Jane Cronthy
Van Alstyne, but as Fannie Crosby, the
writer of gosiwi hymns, he is known
the world round. Her hymns have been
ung la the work of evauailUoo by
every Trotetant denomination. Owing
to an attack of scarlet fever she has been
blind ever since he wa t months eld.
a us married In inij to Alexander
terest Ia arous.d the agitation will spread
until tier aim U acconiplUlied.
Lots of hand embroidery done In gold and
white niaiks the spring costumes. Moat
of the tnihroidcry ia upon the waist for
the skirts are very pla.n. Hand embroid
ery worked out ln luce upon a cloth back
ground Is charmingly (et off with a few
tlireuils of gold and witn a touch of silver
colored silk. 'liny pink flowers are worked
Into the design, making a wonderfully
elaborate jacket.