Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 10, 1908, Image 9

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mi a-t sawMw...aasBaaaasas.4nannaaaaM.ll.
citt rnonERTT ron lAta
LIST rur property with Cbrls Bnyer.
and Cuming Sts. Ci $
Prompt service. Got our prices. 17MJ
Farnern. () 8M
rA-t acres.
$'041. .
II.SfA-fvf acres,
f l.nro in acres.
Kaev (nni,
First Floor N. T. Life Bldg.
Tela. Doug. 2781; A11M.
(18) MKM 19
I an offer on the property, 1128 anil
(B, 1t Ft two modern houses and
good harn: wall rented. Thle property la
owned by an eaatern party who must sell.
Hoom 1, New York Lit Bide.
' ti!--i
CHOICE atctlon 'unimproved Cheyenne
county land, HO per acre. Welter C.
Macyr-Klng, Neb. (20)-M785 11 x
We do nt generally Interest ourselves in
sales, but this la e good and cheap that
we liavo agreed, to sell It. 4S0 acre one
mil from DunJep, Dawn county, Neb.,
in the Nlnbraia valley; six-room frame
house, frame el able, rattle sheds; 2r,o seres
Irrliratod from hie own ditch; 4 acres
.cultivated; 360 lone hay annually: all
fenced; Dally mall and telephone. Price,
814.50 per acre. Time on part If drHlred.
Th. Nebraska Trad In i Co, York, Neb.
(30)-M9.V 12k
North Dakota.
On the new C. M. de St. Pv Coast Railway,
through Adaras county. North Dakota,
which la attracting liomeseekers to an
Unexcelled fainting country. Sunshine,
Ire -coal, pure water, aura cropj, a home
and profitable occupation for you. Land
tut $10 to $a0 an Here row. Easy terma.
We have homestead relinquishments for
ale. Ben Win. 11. Brown Co., Haynea
or Molt, North Dakota, or 131 LaSalle St.,
Chicago 111. Maps free. Mention thla
paper, . Or wrH our Maudan, North Da
kota. Office. . (20) MS
810-ACRK Improved farm, Brown county,
Hinth Dakota) $2.i.00 per ai re. Two
small farms -at bargain prices. Hev
eral quartera unimproved land. All flna
Investments flinl v. 1:1 stand io;jt lu-
Is... a. U . COI X I. ..
r- , -1 ..''111 V-.... w, M. 1 .11 11 ...... .1 , J I 1 -
.1. .... a Tt nn i n i - . , .
deen. 8. D.
JtO ACRES of nice land; eaatern South
Dakota; will , give terma to ault, If pur
chaaer will go on and improve. Addreaa,
Y-ai7 ar Bee,. . - () M909 16
, , i 1 1 -i - -
COMB -choice farms in eastern South Da
kota for sale or exchange. Kaiy terma.
It J. Hick a, Big Stona City, a. D.
. - .. mn--uA wax
. Mlseellaaeoas.
WESTERN LAKD. large and email traeta;
., aala And exchange. National Invt. Co.,
62 Brandeta Jjg. X-6e
That Little Farm
"We make Ourown butter; have
fresh egga every morning for break
faat; ralae all our 'fruit and veg
etable; and the only thing we buy
from the grocer la augar."
. Ien't ."rt' trutf '--that you will have
, mor1!!,' mQtiey fn'.' the bank at the end
. of1 ton. yearn, and will have lived '
mom comfortably. -on a little five or
' ten-acre ' f ami .than . on a fifty-foot .
, city
wl1 fOMEf THAN
1175 TO K)0 PER ACRE.
Three-Quarters of-a Mile Weat of Benson.
rirat Floor N. Y Life Bldg.
Tela. Dong. 171; A11S8.
110 Board of Trade Bldg.
Tela. Doug. 49; A2049.
)-941 S
10 TO 110.000 made promptly. F. D. Wead,
. Weed Bid., lDtl and Farna.n. (22)-;i
llONBY TO LOAN On Improved city prop
erty; building loana a cpeclalty: no delay.
W. H. Xhomaa, tot lal Nat l lik. Bldg.
: . 2i)-uuif au
LOANS en Improved Omaha property.
. O Keefe K. K. Co., 1001 N. V. Life Bldg.
-'. tlCi) OWi
LOWEST BATES Bemla, Faxton Block.
NO DELAY. J. H. M1THEN. aw-8 1ST
WANTED CI tjr loana and warrants. W.
Faroaiu Smith it Co.. UiO Farnam St.
'4 PER CENT money to lotro on eastern
Nebraska farma and good business pion
erty In Otialta.
ti First National Bank Building. Tele
' y ' Phone Duuglaa 5.2.
$500 7rc. First Mortgage
Thla la a1 first mortgage on a quarter
eectlon of good land in Nebraska. Buna
lliree yenra at seven per cent. Excellent
Invcutment. l'leebe mil Friday If possible.
Us Bee Building; Fhone Doug. 2Joi.
WANTED-Clty laana. Fetera Trust Co.
' -. V ' Wl-iiJ
MONEY fo loan on Improved city irojrty.
liaUn et Ueden, i;tH Farnam St.
. . . tat)-74
MONEY TO tOAN-Fayne Inveatment Co.
W. H. TitOTJAS lenda money.
AM especially 'anxious for an application
tor a speclaf fund of 16,000. F. D Wead.
lath and Farnam te. 122) M6UI u
WANT to make an Inveatment of $2, boa
to I1.S0O on firat-claaa improved real es
tate; must give full partluulara and lo
eniiun; no talk, no allowing, but bual
lies. Address L 211. Bee.
. till MMOUx
WANTED To buy secondhand furniture,
ijjok -and heating stoves, crpia, ltno-li-nnis,
office furniture, old clotnee, cuiUa
and all kinds of tools, or will buy the
furniture or your bouse complete. The
highest prie raid. Call the imnt man.
Tela, ijougeil &71. Independent A-tVH.
' ( MUS
Bi-dT fiiice paid for secondhand furniture,
earpeta, atovea, clothing, ahoee. eta. Red
, , - ' a6-MS.
6KCOND-HAND. 1S07 Model Touring car.
Must be'tn flrat class condition and
friced rlghiN H. E. Holmes, ais isth t..
yinalii. . t36 Mir l!x
ANTED fa buy. two flret mortgages of
yluut tiao.each; farm security pre
. Ierred. but may consider Omaha clt
.. v v.u, .hi in . u f 1 1 j . pre
but . nuty consider Omaha city
. r K , i .
' arid rfll
letter. Adrtreea H. F. Kleke
bf bldg., oumua. (2t iis; i
WHEN" writing to advert 'eers, remember
It takes but an extr atrnke or two of
tne p n to mention the fact that yeu
raw the ad in The Bee.
WANTED TO nMNT-.Fnrm, from to
4n nerea, good corn land, with good
mtlMlnes. In eastern Nehraxka. or western
Iowa, between Rlniii Cltv and, Omaha;
near a town in good settlement; la willing
to pay cah for stork, props In ground
and rent. Send all Information to J. C
IlHnsen, St.. F, Route 2, MlnneanoHe,
MinrK ( M ' lx
SMALL eet of books to keep evenings and
Saturdays by experienced bookkeeper.
Address A 243. Boa. (27 o7 l.lx
MIDDLE-AGED LADY, well educated and
refined, wants position as companion or
private secretary. References given.
Addreaa, F 24, Bee. t27 SPl x
WHEN you write to advtrtlaers, kindly
mention The Bee.
H. M. Eggers and wife to Betty Eg
bert. wVs tax lot 6, nc se
Betty Kgrx-rt and husband to James
C. Ages, lots . 6 and , block . 7,
Myn's First addition
Erillli M. Benson to James C. Ed
wards, lot lit. Archer place
Genevieve Tylee to NcIh. Jensen lot
S,- block 12, Brown, park
Gerhurd P. Henawa to - Reed Bros.,
lot 17, 18, 19, block 3, Crelghton
Heights '.
C. A. L. Totten and wife to John R.
Totten, lot 2. block ; lot 13, block
. HillKide addition, No. 1; and lot 21,
HlllHldn Reserve...
Cart ha Bonnia to John Paddock, eo
tfon 29-ld-lS
C. O. Robinson and wife to Elizabeth
P. Ppaldlng, lots 23 and 24, block i,
Hanscom place
County treasurer to Security Invest
ment Co., lot 8, block 3, Saunders
ft IMmehaugU'a Highland Park ad
dition Samo to same. lots P, ' 10, block 1?,
Myers, Richards & Tllilcn s addi
tion Santo to same, lota 19, 20, 21, block 3;
lot S, block ; part lots 7, 8. 1!. 20.
block 6. Saunders & Himebaugh's
Highland park
Elizabeth Mergen to Amanda Horton,
lot 3, block 3ti, iWtson..........
William Kreba to John Ocschger, sr.,
lot i3, block Jfi, Hanscom plac
Jeanrtte Becker to otto Kloix.. lot 1
block 2, Becker & Frederlck'a addi
tion National Land Co., to Oeorgo U Mil
ler,, lot 4, block 4. West End
Georgo Miller to National Land Co.,
lot 3, block 4, West End
Susan C. Holmes, et nl. to John S.
Bacon, lot 5, block 20JH, Omaha..
Agnes Strang to Peter M. Conklln, lot
10. block 2, Walnut Hill.
Otto Llndn and wlfa to F. Wllber
all or lot ft, Benson; and part lots 1
and 4, block 67, Benson
Walter Breen to M. McCluskey, lot 2,
block 3, Patterson's First.. ,
Howard Batchelder to Moses Baudo,
e',, lot 14, block 7, Shell's Second ad
dition Jay Ijiwerean and wife to Norah
A. Stroud, lot 2, block 3, Orchard
Fred Armhrust and wife to W. W.
Martin, lot 8. block 19, Wilcox's
Second addition
Robert E. Iinderyou and wife to
Lucy C I.lndsey, lot 1, block fi. sub
division of J. 1. Redlsk's addition..
Essie Wallace and husband to Michael
DudglnRkl, lot 12, block , Wilcox's
Richard Keefn and wife to Fraitk M.
Scott, lot 4. block 1, Burr place
Joseph Nevottl end wife to Maggie
Moore, lot 44. Taylor's addition
Louis Goldsmith and wife to William
Hlosberg. e, lot 10, block 12. Park
er's addition .'
Charles Andrews to George P. Bl.ssell,
lot 8, block 1, Fowler iie
Patrick H. Carey to Emll O. Carson,
lot II, RIyervIew (McGavock's) ad
dition Emll O. Carson to Rlmon V. Johnson,'
lots 11 and 12. Rlvervlew (McGav
ock's) addition
Same to Gustave J. Jacobson, same...
L'alon Paelflc
Leave. Arrive.
The Overland Limited. .a l:to am a 40 pit
The Celorado Expresa..a pm 6:U0 pm
Atlantic kixpresa ai0:li am
The Oregon Uxprota. ...a 4:10 pm a o.UO pan
The Los Angelas Llas..al2:U pm a 9:16 pra
The Fast Mall a t.M am a 6:4 uiu
The China 4s Japaa
Mall a : pra a 1:50 pm
North Platte Local a 7:42 am a 4:43 pm
Colo.-Ckieago bpeclak.a 12:10 am a 1M am
Beatrice & Stroma- - I
burg Local M 2:30 pm b 1:40 pm
Chicago Narthweatera '
Chicago DayllghC 7: am all:43 pra
bU Faul-Miuit. k.xp a 7:00 am alu.W pm
Chicago Local aU: am a : pm
Sioux City Passenger. .a t :M :n a I:ia pm
Chicago FaaeAger a 4:lk) vva a 9:45 am
Chicago Spec ml a :uo pm a 8:2. am
bt. Faul-Minn. Lira. ...a 8:28 pm a S in) ant
Loa Angeiea Limited. . .a 8:80 prr, 12;8d pm
Overland Limited auj:u0 pm a 8:23 am
Fast Mail a 1:35 pm
Sioux. City Local.. a 10 pm a am
Twin City Limited a 8:2s pm a 8!00 am
Norfolk-Bonesteol a t:4& am a 6:40 pm
Lincoln-Long Flna a 7:46 am alO:J6 am
Peadwood-Llncolo a 1:00 pm a 6:40 pm
Casper-Lander aa uOpm a 6:4U pm
Haatlnga-Buperlor b 1:00 pm b 6:40 pm
Fremcnt-Alblon ..b 6.S6 pm . b 1:36 pm
MUaoarl Fsvlc- .
K. C, 4k St U Txp.....a 8-00 ana a 8:45 am
K. C a St. L Exp all:16 pm a 6:& pm
Illinois Central
Chicago Expresa a 7:15 am a 3:45 pm
Chlcas-o Limited. ...... ..a 6:00 pin a 8:30 am
Mlnu-St. Paul Exp. b 7:15 am
Mlnn-St. Paul Llm a 6:00 pm a 8:30 am
Chicago Great Western
Et Paul-Mlnneapolla....". 8:30 pm 7:80 am
St Paul-Mlnneapolla 7:80 am 11:86 pm
Chicago Limited ........ : pm 8:27 am
Chicago Kxproas .0 u 114 piu
Chicago Express 1:8 pm 3:80 pm
Chicago, Htlnaafcee A at." Faal
Chic, it Colo. Special.. .a 7i am all:50 pm
CaL c Ore. Kviba....a 8:iM pm a, 8:26 pm
Overland Limned a 9:44 pm a 8:80 am
Perry Local a 6:16 pm all:u0 am
Chicago, Koctt Islaad A raclflo
Chicago Limited a 8:00 am all:0i pm
Iowa Local a 7:u0 am a 4:M pm
Uis Moines Paksvuger..a 4.W pm avU.iu pm
Iowa Local bll:4v am b pm
Cliicago tEaateio tx...a 4:40 pm a lOj pm
Cnltaao Flyer a .1J pm a 8. at am
" WlwiT.
Rocky Mountain L't a. jULli pm a 2:60 am
Colo and Cel. Ex a 1:W pui. a 4;s0 pm
Okl. and Texas Ex a 4.40 pm al;iapm
St Louis Express.. a 6:80 pra a 9:26 am
bl. Louis Local lroin .- . Biutfs a 8:00 lis ail:lj pm
Siuiiuufiry Locl (from
Couucll BluIIs b 6:00 pm br9:15 am
UC 01.1.N UTOJt TA loth MASO.f
Denver & California.... 4.10 put
Northwest hpteuiul ......a 4:10 pm
Black HUla a 4:10 pm
Noriuwest Express axl Jx) pm
Nebraska toinls ..a .io uu
Nebraska Lxpi ess a V ia aiu
Lii.coM Faki Mall Lie pm
Ltucolu Local .........
Lincoln Local ....14..
Llnooln Local .........
fc.cuyir 1'latismoutn.b 5 'J pm
lielluvue PUttamouib-a ( U0 put
plkltsiiiouUi iuwa., 9:1k am
Bellevuo - Plfctlsiuouvh
Dvnver Limited a 4.10 pm
Chlcko bprcil a J. to am
Chicago Lxprcaa a 4 prr.
Chiuaa H' a.8u.put
Iowa Local .a 916 am
ill. Louis Expreaa a 4.4a put
Kansas City et St Jo..ai0:4 pm
Kauaaa City 4k bt Je..a 8.1 am
Kansas Li:jf 4k bt Joe.. a 4:4i pm
a 3.46 pm
a s .46 pm
a 8.4 pm
at0:16 pm
a . lo pm
a e iw pm
all U pm
b 9:04 aiB
alo.uj p,n
a ?.o pm
bib:ji tua
a M am
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a 126 am
all:4a pla
a W pla
a am
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aU.JO am
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a 4.w pm
Chicago. 6t. Paal, XlaauseUs
Leave. Arrive.
Twin City Paaaenger....b t.M am b 9:18 pm
Kioux City Fasseuges...a I 1U alO.60 am
Eraeraon Ixical ,.0 aui o 6:66 put
ktlaaoarl Faalfla.
Auburn Local .......... .b 8 50 pm bll.16 am
a Dally, b Dally exarpt Sunday, e Sua.
dsy ouly. d Datijp except saiuroay. e DaJ.y
tceyt aludaj
Cracker Factory Will Increase Capital
and Capacity.
Com pa ay Will Make tar riant Tier,
aahly mn Omaha laatllatlan.
Km play lea; Onaka Help la
All the Oepartnaeata.
I-rs than three weeks after deciding to
locate a large cracker factory In Omaha
L. Hen ft Sons have announced that the
outlook for securing business frem Omaha
justifies the enlsrgement of original plans
and the capital stock will b Increased
from $100,000 to $150,000 and tha number of
workmen employed from sixty to at least
100 at the start.
J. J. Hen, president bf the Clinton com
pany, la In Omaha working with Archi
tects FlsheT ft Laurie on plans for re
modeling the building at Twelfth and
Jones streets, which the company has
bc.ught for $50,0fi0.
Within a short time articles of Incorpora
Hon will be filed authorizing the company
to do business under the r.ame of tho
Omaha Biscuit company, with J. J. Iten
as president. Mr. Iten will ,move to Omaha
to make his home as soon'as ho can se
cure a suitable residence.
Tha work of putting in the Iron and
steel work to support the ovens will begin
at" once. The building Is now occupied by
the Creamery Package Manufacturing com
pany, but tho two top stories, where the
cracker company will need to do the first
work, have been vacated that the ovens
may be placed in the building. Mr.. Iten
said the building was In excellent condi
tion and would need but little repair work.
It Is the plan cf the new company to
make tha factory thoroughly art Omaha
Institution. Though Iten crackers are well
known to the trade, tho biscuit made in
Omaha will be known as "Omaha" brand
and every cracker will bear the Imprint,
as well as all the .fancy biscuit on which
It is possible to place a brand.
Want to Bar Better Water.
"We are already figuring with local box
makers to manufacture our packages,"
said Mr. Iten. "We will be glad if Omaha
millcra can make our flour. We want to
buy everything we ue In Omaha, though
we would like to be able to buy better
water than we can get here.
"As for our factory help, we will em
ploy nearly thirty-five of the workmen
who were working in the factory of the
National Biscuit company which was closed
down here. I held conferences Wednesday I
with almost all the workmen who were
thrown out of employment by the National
people. They are as good a class of work
ers as I ever met and will all be given
' "Our factory will bo one of the most
modern In the United States and we are
making preparations to give our employes
every convenience. We will Install a laun
dry and furnish our workers with white
suits and jackets.
"One of the first things which win be
installed In the factory will be a complete
ventilating system which will wash all the
air admitted to the building, keeping It
cool and comfortable even In the summer
time. Every room where the help is han
dling warm or hot goods will be ventilated
in such a way that they will not suffer
from perspiration."
Speaking of the possibility of complying
with the pure food laws of Nebraska, be
cause of which the National Biscuit com
pany shut down the factory In Omaha, Mr.
Iten aald: s -
"I have had a conference with Food
Commissioner Johnson. The Nebraska pure
food laws arc "good laws and any honor
able manufacturer can comply with them
without serious Inconvenience. Every
package we sell will comply with the laws
of Nebraska and the guaranteed net
weight will be stamped on eacli package or
Omaha Millers Propose to Tara Oat
All the Material.
The coming to Omaha of cracker factories
which will have nlmost double the capacity
of tho factory closed by tho National Bis
cuit company, has caused the Updike Mill
ing company to plan to manufacture all
flour which will be used In the making; of
"Wo will make flour from any wheat
which will make a cracker flour," said a
member of the big milling company. "In
planning to enlarge our mill from one of
1,000 barrels capacity each day, we are mak
ing it sufficiently large to manufacture the
cracker flour, as' It will have a rapacity of
something like 2,000 barrels by the end of
the year."
The flour from which crackers are made,
Is made from a soft Illinois or Missouri
wheat. It is necessary to bake all the mois
ture from the crackers and the hard wheat
flour contains an amount of moisture which
can never be baked out, according to
cracker manufacturers. While the Hour,
made in Omaha, at present, Is of the high
est grade for bread and bakery purposes,
tests have shown that it makes "tough
crackers," as every other hard wheat flour
The business which the cracker factor
ies will give the millers of Omaha will
amount to thousands of barrels annually,
and the Updike Milling company will ship
In soft wheat to be ground for the biscuit
factories. The member of the Updike firm
said: "We want to boost any local Institu
tion and co-operate with any Industry which
locatea In Omaha. We will aupply flour for
hard tack, bread, crackers or spaghetti. If
we have to get wheat from Italy or Aus
lnlted States Araay Wants Three
llandrea lllah Class Weat.
era Aalnaala.
Major D. E. McCarthy, chief quarter
master of the Department of the Missouri,
has received Instructions from the Quarter
master General of the Army to advertise
at once for about 300 horses to be purchased
In the western markets for army purposes.
Bids for the animals will be opened May 12,
at, Major McCarthy's office In tha army
building. Omaha.
This will be one of the most important
purchases of horses made tn thla section
for a long time. In view of the character
of the horses required. The call will be
for. 158 high-grade riding horses, twenty of
which will be sent to Fort Leavenworth;
ninety-seven riding horses for the artillery
a nice for use at Fort D. A. Russell;
Zxpresa Line of tha Atlaatlo
Tha Empreaaeas aatl from Quebee te
Liverpool tn alx days; two daya on the
raajeatlo 8t Lawrence. Speed, comfort,
elegance and aafety are combined in theae
splendid express steamers.
Aak any ticket agent for particular rr
write t
a a. bkbtjaicxv, Art,
803 South Glut Street, Ckloage, tU,
-If ' '
twenty-six artillery horaes for the general
aervlce and eighteen cavalry horses for the
general service.
It Is tho desire of the quartermaster's de
partment to secure western horses because
of their general superior character for all
purposes and particularly for saddle work.
Quaint and Cnrlons Feat a res of Life
la a Rapidly Growing;
But the Little Gold Band Next to the
Sparkler Does Count It'.a no sign a girl
is engaged because she wears a diamond
ring. Auburn Granger.
Osceola Item The Israelites are upon Us.
That la to say, E. Burg "Ureal is here get
ting up a rJay that will take place under
the auspices of tho Modern Woodmen of
America on Friday evening, next; and
the way they tell It is "that Jane will be
on the boards that niRht."
Money for 8omebody F. A. Bidwell sold
7.600 acres of lands duiihg the month of
March. The price probably averaged about
$5 per acre, whicli(ls low (c stlmate ac
cording to present 'VaiuVs,' trie same land
la worth $646.00, a ..Cipaj-in to- some
body of $8,000.-'rork -jBfpubUoan', in -1878..
Help That He . Wanied A J woman In
hailing distance of - Richland vowed that
she would teach -her .husband- to pick
up things. So she let everything lay Just
where he dropped it and at the end of
the week every thing he had wan on the
floor, but his Star plug ; of tobacco. Co
lumbus Tribune.
Always at Work Every ' legal holiday
that comes along gives the bankers a
vacation; every election day gives the
bartenders an outing; every Saturday the
teachers get a rest; every exchange day
the farmers come to town; but the help
less newspaper man worfcs on and on, and
on and on and on. Norfolk News.
Poor Judgment A .hen Is not the most
foolish thine in the world. While loading
a crate of them at the depot this week,
one of the feathered tribe succeeded In
getting out of the crate, and after being
chased by the railroad employes, ran
straight into the arms of the" editor.
Showing that even a hen reajlzea that
newspaper -men are among the best -on
earth. Bt. Paul Republican.
This May Interest Toa.
No one U Immune from kidney trouble,
so Just remember that Foley's Kidney Cuti
will atop tho irregularities una cure any
caae ot kidney and bladder trouble that la
not beyond tha reach of medicine. For
aala by HI druggists. -
Bohemian Tamers Will Have Bis
Time at Their Hall Sunday
Teams from the Bohemian Athletic clubs
of Omaha, South Omana and Plattsmouth
have completed arrangements for an ath
letic tournament at Tel Jed Sokol hall,
South Thirteenth street, Sunday. The pro
gram will comprise exercises by adult
teams, both men and women and by jun
ior teams of boys and girls.
The exercises will be under the direction
of Frank J. Rlha, who took honors in the
world meet at Prague. . Bohemia. Winners
of the several events will take part in
the western division national meet In
Omaha, July 31. August 1 and 2. tha di
vision meet being the first held In six
Joe Mlic and Frank J. Rlha will be the
delegates to the national convention In
Detroit In August of the Tel Jed Sokol
aoclety. under whose auspices the meet
next Sunday will be held.
How to Avoid Appendicitis.
Most victims of appendicitis are those
who are habitually constipated. Orlno
Laxative Fruit Syrup curea chronic con
stipation by stimulating the liver and bow
els and reatores the natural action of the
bowels.' Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup doea
not nauseate or gripe and la mild and
aleaaant to take. Refuae substitutes. For
sale by all druggists.
Barh la tho Cheering Word Secretary
Smith Briar to vh la.
"Tammany hall 'and New Tork atate are
for Bryan." aald Thomas F. Smith, secre
tary of Tammany hall, at the train
Wednesday evening aa he was returning
to New York from Denver, where he had
been to make arrangements for the re
ceiving and housing of the New Tork dele
gation to the national convention. "New
Tork and .Tammany will send twenty
trains with 600 people to Denver In July."
George Rogers, president ot the Dahl
man democracy; Lea Bridges, councilman
On Draught
Creamy and rich with that tasty htp flavor, cools the blood,
regulates the system; the real harbinger of spring. Be sure
and order a case of this delicious beer sent to your home
efe Ire
r... ,. , i
from the Second ward: Robert l Wolfe,
boiler Inspector; and Georgo Belndorf, of
tho Union Pacific Railroad company, met
Secretary Smith at the train and talked
with him the half hour he spent in the
Clarence and Pearl Hester Arraigned
on Charae of Getting; Victim's
Two Thousand.
Clarence and Pearl Hester, clairvoyants,
were arraigned in county court Thursday
morning on a churgo of securing $2,000 on
false pretenses from Mrs. Anna Ofterman,
a boarding house keeper of South Omaha,
The Hesters are said by the city detectives
who handled the case to have worked the
old trick of shifting boxes. Mrs. Offcrman
placed $2,000 cash in a tin box and on top
of the money placed a compass. Then the
box was locked up In a safe in her home.
When she opened the dox two weeks later
to see the direction In which tho hand of
the compass pointed, which was to be the
direction where $30,000 treasure lay hidden,
the money was not there, but In Its place a
chunk of lead. The clairvoyants had left
the city. They were arrested In Buffalo,
whither Mra. Offennan went and identified
them, after which they were brought back.
Brougham Wins Rosebud Stakes 'at
New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS. April 9.-The Rosebud
stakes for two-year olds, with $1,000 ad
ded was the feature at the Fair grounds
today. Brougham, at -3 to 6, proved to be
an . easy winner, so easy In fact, as to
arouse considerable comment over his re
versal In form, for Brougham had been
running poorly before this race. Lena Lech
was aecond, beating the favorite. Inter
vene, by a nose. Intervene waa coupled In
the betting at 2V4 to 1, with Gavin, which
finished seventh.
First race, five and one-half furlongs,
selling: Night Mist 4 110, F. Burton, 15 to
1) won, Ida May (110, Ganget. 11 lo 6)
second. Apple Toddy (107, Sklrvln, 9 to li
third. Time: l:0SVs. Rebel Queen, Spunky,
Dick Rose, N'neasy. Agnea Wood, Dandy
Dancer, Countess of Melbourne, Fresh and
Gold Quest also ran.
Second race, six furlongs: Masquerade
(10H, A. rickena, 3 to 1) won, HastyAg:ies
(HKi, Gauget, even) second. Financier (105,
F. Flynn, 6 to 1) third. Time: l;14i. Or
landot, Ixitls Brandt and Severus also ran.
Third race, six furlongs, selling: Sheen
(107. Nicol, 6 to 1) won, Anna Scott (102, J.
Ftnicer 4l til 11 trrni flO- I.'
Barion. 7 to 1) third. Time: 1:10. Bland
jMHiiiiiiu, ionooiuo, oilier Miss, r.irena,
Miss Howe, Zlnfaridtl, Lldwinna, Danna El
vira, Grace George, Very Royal and Sweet
Vera also ran.
Fourth race, five furlongs: Brougham
(115, Warren, 23 to 5). won; Lena Lech (.107,
Nichol, 4 to 1), aecond; Intervene (115, S.
Flynn, 2Vi to 1), third. Time: 1:01. Trana
form, Irrigator, Mv Lady Francea alao ran.
Fifth race, alx furlongs: Blagg (112, Nleol,
8 to 5), won (Frlzettei. DSVtl F. Burton KV,
to 1), second, Al Muller (Hkl. S. Flvnn. 2
to li. third. Time: 1:14. GrlmaUll, and
Bertha E. also ran.
Sixth racff, mile and seventy yards, sell
ing: Lady Alma (95, C. Henry 8 to 1). won;
Heine 1. Rosen, 6 to 1), second.
Hughes (107. Warren, 50 to 1). third.
Time: 1:45. Hannibal Bey.' Funlculalre.
Hawkama, Chief Hayes, Flaxman alao
OAKLAND, " April 9.-Emeryvllle sum
mary; First race, six furlongs: Andrew B. Cook
(120, Rettlg, 10 to 1) won, Husky (104, c.
Miller, 12 to 1) second, Creaton Boy (107, W.
Miller. 6 to 5) third. Time: 1:14. Triumph
ant, prince Brutua, Cholk Hedrlck, Dick
Wilson and Prestige also ran.
Second race, four furlongs: Workbox (113.
Mclntyre. 17 to 10) won, Tom Hayward
(110, V. Miller, 21 to b) second, Little Jane
(110. Sandy, IK to 6) third. Time: 0:47. Duke
of Milan and AiikcI Face also ran.
Third race, two miles: Miss Officious
(8ft, Buxton, S to 2) won, Tetanus (87. Char
honeau. 35 to 1) second, Talamund (102, Mc
Laughlin, o to 1) third. Time: $:29. Pon
totoc. Fulletta, Rotrou, Tonic and Scotch
Thistle aUo ran.
Fourth race, six furlongs. Carqulnes han
dicap: Pajurolla (lift, Lycuigus, 9 to Z)
won, Gemmell (123, W. Miller, 17 to 10)
second, (ioudllglit (08, A. Walsh, 4 to 1)
third. Time: 1:22V Burning Bush, Native
Bon, Onatassa and I.tsaro also ran.
Fiftli race, mile and seventy yards: L. C.
Ackeiiy U'i, Keogli, 4 lo 1) won. Mandator
(110, Harris, 20 to It second, Distributor UOi,
McClaln. 30 to 1) third. Time: 1:46V Mary
B. Clark, Happy lce, Flota, Hand Maiden
Cardinal Suito, Steel Blue. Shady Lad, I
To.d You and Fury also ran.
Sixth, rate, selling, 3-year-olds and up
wards, one mile and loO yards; old course:
St. Joseph (ill, Bergen, 9 to 1, 1 to 8 and
out) won, Peter Knight (l7, McFadden. 8
to 6, 4 to 6 and out) aecond, Blember (90,
McCarthy. 1 to 5. 4 to 6 and out) third.
Time: ImA Waterdog also ran.
HKNN1NG, April 9 Summary:
First race, maiden 3-year-olda and up,
five furlongs; Columbia course: Lykers
94, G. Lynch, 7 to 1 won, Woolspun (94, F.
Martin, 7 to 1) Munii, Anion: llado (9t, Mo
Cahey. 6 to 1) third. Time: 1:0,'V Admiral
Dot, Thomas Hoy, Sheridan, Grace Cam
eron, Copix-rs, Polnciana, Miss Rushman,
Eaater Belle, Dottle 8.. Glorious Day,
Huthby and Princess Navarre alao ran.
Second rce, selling. 2-year-olds, four and
a halt furlonga; old course: Lucllla (99, C.
Brady, 9 to 2) won. Ragman 99, Met a hey,
8 to 1) second. Court Lady (10H. McCarthy,
to 6) third. Time: u.MiV M. T. Green
and Great Jubilee also ran.
Fourth race, aelling, the Amateur handi
cap, alx furlongs: Columbia course: Fancy
Bird 152, J. Tucker, 6 to 1) won, Beggar
Man (li. E. Tucker, 6 to 1) aecond, James
Crawford (150, Wright, 2 to 1) third, 'lime:
1:3V Bellwether, Firebrand, Bobbin'
Around, Prowler and Ferry Landing alao
Fifth race, tha Chevy Chase Hunters'
teeplechase, about two and a half miles;
run course: Pete Dailey iw. Mr. . tsmttn,
4 lo bj tun, My Grace (.166, J. O Bnen, 4 to J
and in Bottles
Gotti 'Phones
6) second, Warrenton fl.W, T. T. Evans. 10
to 1) third. Time: 6:31. One Rose, Gala
Carmln also ran; Kitty Bellaire and Fau
quier fell.
Sixth race, six furlongs, selling: J. W.
O Nell (104. W. Miller, 8 to 1) won. Gene
Handlon (104, Gilbert, 10 to 1) second. Sena
tor Warner (101.. -Lycurgus, 11 to 2) third.
Time: 1:14H. Governor Orman, El Caza
Uor. Eckersall, Galvanic, Dr. Sherman, Mis
chief, Agnolla, St. Or and John H. also ran.
Not Vet Ready to Come Across dnd
' Go to Work.
Sanders Is still holding forth In his Ten
nessee home and sending no word to
Omaha as to his plans for the coming
year. Pa has not as yet tried to stir up
the little southpaw, as It is well under
stood that Sanders is not at his best In the
early spring and needs the warm days of
summer to bring forth his merit. With
only five pitchers on hand Pa Is beginning
to wonder whether either Sanders or Ragan
will be along for the opening games. No
word has been received as to the decision
of the Cincinnati management as to the
disposition ot Ragan. Pa has first call on
his services In cft Clncl concludes he
will not bo needed there and the answer
was to have been along by this time. The
season opens next Wednesday at Des
Moines, and the first game scheduled for
Omaha is set for April 23. At the regular
city council meeting Tuesday night the
city fathers accepted the Invitation of Pa
Rourke to occupy boxes when Mayor Jim
pitches the first ball April 23. . ,
Monarch . Pool Toarnaiurnt.
Keyes defeated Swanson In the Monarch
pool tournament by a score of 126 to 92.
Scratches: Keyes, 2; Swanson. S. Thurs
day night Swanson and Reynolda. Score:
Keyes-1. 8. 2. 0. 6, 3, 4, 1, 0, 15, 13. 7, 23, II,
4. 4, 4, 0, 8, 6, 4. .
Swanson-4, 15. 0, 0. 4, 0. 7, 0, 14, 6, 1, 9, 2.
4. 0. 24, 6, 0. 1, 0, 0.
High run: 24.
Sciple 4 4 0 lftno
Reynolds 2 2 0 lono
Keyes , ; 6 1 837
Usher 5 S 2 oo
Iiayich 5 3 2 iX
Swanson 8 3 3 5on
Stephens 7 1 8 143
Haazo 7 0 7 000
Stewards Think Meeting; I n "Dry"
Town Would Be Insnccessf ul.
CHICAGO, April 9. A special to the Record-Herald
from Decatur, HI., says that
local option In Decatur has prevented the
Great Western race meeting scheduled, for
that city July 27-80. George A. Kellar,
president of the . local association, stated
tonight .that he considers It useless to at
tempt to hold the meeting In a local option
city and that Decatur, after a membership
No preater mistake can be made than to
consider lightly the first symtoms of any
disease. Many a bright and promising
career has been wrecked through 'efrleet
or Improper treatment at tho commence
ment. When a man's health Is concerned
he should not experiment with uncertain,
dangerous or unreliable treatment, or
Jeopardize his future health and happi
ness by neglect. Why take such desperate
chances when you can secure the ervlees
of the honest, skillful, experienced and
uccesful speclallsta of the Htate Medical
Institute, the best In the country?
We treat men only and care promptly,
safely and thoroughly and at tha lowest
BABES and all special disease and their
Consult Free
Call and De Examined Free or Writ
Office Hour 8 A. M. to 8 1. M. Sundays 10 to 1 Only.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
' - Permanently Established In Omaha, -Nebraska. .
Dr. Searles & Searles, 119 S. 11th,
o X
extending over many years, will withdraw
from tho Great Western circuit.
I'a and Dr. Wadsworth Claah.
Pa Rburke and President Wadsworth of
Bellevue college will come together out tin
Pa's grasa Friday afternoon. In other
worda the champlona of the . Western
league and the champions of the state col
lege teams will play ball at Vinton street
park. Tha game will be called at 8:30 and
the line-ups will be:
Omaha. Position. Believun.
Autry First.. Mohr
Dolan Second..) Marvel
Graham Third.,. Mrv Ohman
Austin Fliurt I .arson
Franck Irft Keamna
Householder Left ...,...
King Left '
Welch Center Fowier
Belden...' Right Dow
Gondlng Catch Grossman
I,e Brand Catch...
Hall Pitch . Brown
Noah Pitch , Haarmann
Hollenheck Pilch
Ritsnian Pitch
Mets Pitch
"porting- Gossip.
Less than a week now till tha, Western
league opens.
Emll Klankthrew a good man In DuGray
at Lincoln. DuGray had beaten Oscar
Tommy Burns will" soon be on hand to
stop some of that josh talk. Let him begin
on Brother Johnsing.
Butch Freeae waa presented with a targe
sunflower hyv his old college chum, Dick
Grotte, on his departure (pr Wllcnltlt ,
Farmer Burns and JarW Carkeek are
about the. same. age, 47... Why not let them
go It tor the championship of the grandpa
class? . , , , .
Butch Freese has made a dloker ' with
Izzy for the season. He la going to take
the place of Weaver, . "tho best catcher on
Oolch has another offer in thla country
of twenty matches at $1,000 per.' And he al
ready liaa 350 acres of -Iowa 'land worlh
$100 an acre
Amateur base ball teams will find The
Bee open for s 11 their announcements and
scores this year as usual.. They are in
vited to bring or send In their matter on
time and it will receive prompt and cour
teous treatment.
Freddie Beell lost the title' ot ltajht heavy
weight champion to Amerlctis about as
quick as Farmer Burns lost It back to Beell.
Bcell's defeat by Amerlctis was a surprise
to many, but at that, . Emll Klank, who
knows both men thoroughly,' said In The
Bee office Wednesday morning that Beell
would have to go to win. Americua is a
larger man and a good one.
. !
i :,
1 ? j : )', -
' v ; '.
- - II, ( .
Til UASX.a
Specialists ot tha
By the Old Reliable Dr. Searles & Searles.
Established In Omaha for $6 years. The many thous
ands of cases cured by us make us the moat exper
ienced Specialists In the West. In all diseases and all.
ments of men. Wa know Juat what will car you
and cure you quickly. , .
We Cure You, Then You Pay Us Our Fee.
Wa make no misleading or fnlse statements, or offer
you cheap, worthless treatment. Our reputation and
name ara loo favorably known; every case we treat our
reputation la at atake. - Your health, life and happiness
is too serious a matter to place in the hands of a
"):AMtLIta" SOOTOK. Honest doctors of ability use
their OWaf aTAMal 1st TSSlat BUBIaTCSsS. Merveaa
Debility, Blood luieon, Bala Diseases, kiduay aa4 StLaa
air Diseases, all Bpeuial I'taasssa and .Ailments .of at so.
TRF.TI Examination and consultation. Writ foa
Symptom Blank for boms treatmaat. -
Cor, 14th and Douglas, Omala-