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Eaini in Wheat Belt Caused big Sales
and Lower Pricei.
nnnovEMEirr in corn and oats
R4lt Were Lighter Tha a oa Bam
Day Laat Year la Both Wheat
4 Cora, bat "hlpanrats
Were Heavy.
OMAHA. April 8. 1WI.
With rains throughout the wheat belt
and weak foreign market and the bearish
ntlmcnt In the government report started
a rush of selling at the opening and wheat
suffered a considerable loss, but was re
gained later on a rally or buying: on the
break. Corn and oats held steady to higher
with good support backed by a better de
mand. Wheat sold off quickly at the start this
morning on general better weather condi
tions and lower Liverpool cables. Values
recovered later on some good support And
shorts coming In. May wheat opened at
MTc and cloxvd at 8Vc
Corn was steady with none for sale or
the start. Irlcea fell off some with wheat,
hut May option was bid up shsrply and
markets acted congested. May Corn opened
at tiOHc and closed at 60c.
Oats started weak on early selling, but
recovered quickly with other grain acting
very responsive. May oats opened at 60c
and cloned at &c.
Primary wheat receipts were 842,000 bu.
and shipments wss bu. against re
ceipts Isst year of 1,239,000 bu. and ship
ments of 428,0W bu.
Coin receipts were 751.000 bu. and ehlp
menta were 7'kVV0 bu. against receipts last
year of 1,176,000 bu. and shipments of
1.915,000 bu.
Clearances were 347,000 bushels of corn,
2.000 bushels of oats, and wheat and flour
equal to 474,000 bushels.
Liverpool closed 1 to l'd lower on
wheat and d lower on corn.
Local range of options:
Articles. Open. I Hlgh.l Low. Close Yes y.
May... W' 87 t WT,
July... M MV 4 M"i 84
Kept... , 80',J mi 80V4 S0l 8
May... -h i oh eni
July... 59 M 5siZ 68 ij Kft
Pept... 68 (84 &84 B8'4
Mli 602, 6014 8W
Oaiii Cask Prtee.
WHKAT-No. i hard. !v92c: No. t hsrd,
S(rHc; No. 4 hard, 8S6c; No. t spring,
CORN-Kn. t. Hie; No. 4. WiS'V-: No. S
yellow. f4)4c; No. 8 white, 0(&,4c.
OATS No. t mixed, 4!'4(8-4Sp; No. t
white. 4R,(49c; No. 4 white, 4S'ti48H
RYB No. 2. 7l'Ji72Hc; N(. 3. ej71c.
Carlo Receipts.
" Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago ....4';-.....,.,., .J... 86 K 211
Minneapolis ,...,.....IT4
Omaha ....,:.,..,. 6 . 27 15
Duluth . vh:.. 19 ... . V..
Features ofYta Trading and Closing
Price oa Beard of Trade.
CHICAGO,.. April- 8Desplte the bearish
showing of -tin government report, (he
wheat msrket toils y closed strong, because
of the active demand by shorts and eleva
tor Interests. Final quotations on the May
delivery were ! higher. Corn was T4lc
nigner. tsts were lip 40. Provisions were
7Vo to lHc higher.
llie government report on the fall sown1
crop of wheat In the United States was
given out thirty minutes sfter the open
ing of the local exchange. The report which
gave the condition of the new crop as
being 97.3 compared with a ten year aver
age of 88.2 had little- effect on the market,
It having apparently been discounted In
advance. The market opened weak, be
cause of general rains throughout the
southwest and a Id decline at Liverpool.
Sentiment continued bearish until abiut
the middle of the day. when the market
became strong on a brisk demand for May
by elevator houses and shorts. Prices ad
vanced steadily throughout the remainder
of the session,, the msrket closing strong
near the high point. May opened ij7c to
IVttJlHo. lower at 89o, to 89c, advanced to
(l4o and closed at 91c. Clearances of
wheat and flour were equal to 473.W0
bushels. Primary' receipts were 642,00
bushels, sgalnst 59.000 bushels th same
dsr a year ago. Minneapolis. Duluth and
Chlcsgo reported receipts of 08 cars against
263 cars last week, and 34 cars a year ago.
The corn market was strong all day,
chiefly because of weather conditions which
were unfavorable for the movement of
to crop. The May delivery was in good
demand and the more dlstsnt months were
less strong. The prices weakened slightly
during the day In sympathy with wheat,
but later rallied and held well under
'th close which was strong". May corn
opened VHo lower to 4uHo higher at
G6V40 to .S. sold between 6Ko and Tc,
and closed at 67fce. Local receipts were
29 cars, with 84 cara of contract grade.
The tone of the oats market was weak,
although the rally In wheat and the
strength of corn caused a good recovery.
The caah demand was poor. Rains In the
southwest were a depressing factor. May
oats opened 14Hc higher at 6) and 62io,
sold between 52o and 6244c and closed at
62No. Ixcal receipts were git cara.
Th provisions market was dull, and
prices were aidled by th strength of corn
and by non-professional speculators. Pit
traders sold early and bought on the later
bulges. At the close. May pork was 17H!
higher, at $18.50, Lard was up 10c, at IS.37V4
Ribs were Tc higher at $7.22.
Estimated receipts-for tomorrow are
Wheat, 1 cars: corn, 210 cars: oats 238
cars: hogs, 24,000 head.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Artlcles.l Open. Hlgh, Low. Close. Tes y.
Ribs -May-Sept.
lHl 89
4i S
Bit urtueu
J 2S3T4V4I toT,
I '62S 6JU
! 6IH 61?
46 46 45
,4J 44
J 86 18 M 13 S24
I C(lhi 14 17H 14 00
8 26 8 87 827H
, 6 8 62Vil 8 67V4
I 8 66 8 80 8 67V4
, T 1V4 in 7 44
I 70 I 7 75 7 674
I8 60
IS 15
I 11 SS
I 14 at
I 8 50
1 tr,u
I 1 IS,!
I 80
I 1 00
T 76
. 'No. I aOld. bVew.
Cash quotations were as follows
FLOl'R Steady: winter patents Itsrra
4 86: straights. 84.004 ; spring pat
I6.nvflrj.jt.; straights, 4.Rfl4.40; bakeVs. 83 a
ji 1. 1".
WHEAT No. spring, $1.2; No L 9r
1101: Na. 1 red, 8filV. 0 " Wc9
S-n74c'N" " Sto1tl'c: Ko yellow,
'oAT8l.N0. t Tt.w6Jc; No. t whits, 6iVe;
No. 8 white. 6(H4trMc. '
RYE 7tii78- .
BARLEY-Kalr to choice malting, 7SS5c
8EBIMS Northwestern, 81.17; prime tlm
tun v. 841: clover, contract gradee, 8JJ60
PROViSrONSfihort riba, aides (looe
V WtinM. Mesa pork, per hbl.. $Ha6ii
117H. Ird.- per ..) lbs . 8S.3U. Short
Uear sides (boxed). 7.S7Sor24.
Articles . RecelDts. Shipments.
Flour. blls sjj,,,)
Wheat bu......j,.., ll t
Corn. Lu. , S7.00
Oats,u...... 4. 7u.0"0 640.900
Rye. Vu (.0l 1 1
Barley, bu lU.Ouo K OuO
On th Produce exrhang today th but
ter market waa firm; creameries, ti4F-THo;
dlriea, MSSt-. rrga. steady; at mark.
cea Included, 14c; firsts, 144c;' prim
firsts, Uc. Chtese. steady; lsignc.
y Mlaaeaittlla Cralat Market.
i.0Vrc: July. !,c; No. 1 northern
8M: No. 9 northern, tti.tj4Mr: No. 1
r.'A'thern, 9uff96 -. No. t hard,'-.
hRAN-In bulk, 121 IS1j?t.M.
f'UOi:Rt9"tt n unchanged; first pat
ents. 96 U : ;"nd patents. 8i l6j an:
f'rst clears, 84 06 IK 16; sacond clears, 8II03
8 '
. MUwaaUe Grata Market.
WILWACKEB, Annl Wheat-Lower-No.
1 nortliera, ll.(i.'Jll.(; JJo. 8 northern'
tl.niti-l.M: May. .W ssked . rl"n.
tARI.KY-tull.- N t hoc; samp!, u
to. J : , .
CORN-Flrm: No. 8 ah. CJ'ic: May
fi'te aid.
Phlladelsihl. Prwdae Market.
N. g'Md demand; txtra rreamery. Jjc-
extm wpHtrrn crramrrjr. nirhy prints, 3t4r.
.yu-mrnu,, I all r U PTTIfl T1U . I P(l nPy I
I'm a anJ . .
lo at murk; current rriptt In rpiurnnble
f f tl at . . m. . .
in rn i wrnirrn iirtim, i rf
ca-iri, iHo at mark; current rcript, free
; " i maris.
-.s.i- riPHiiy, iair nemnna; rsew
Tork full rreama, choice, T5H1il&-c; fair to
MCtV 1 OR K r.R.ii:RAt. MARKET
Maotatlons of the pay on Varloas
N EW YORK. April 8. FLOm Receipts,
n.stiu phis.; exports, 4,600 bbls.; market,
(inlet snd about steady; Minnesota pntents,
.'o.; Minnesota nsKers, f 4 t a 1? b
winter stralahts. 84 80114.46: winter ex
trss, 88.60ti 4.10; winter low grades, $3 50
4.05; winter patents, 84.604J4.9O. Itye
iiour, quiet: rair to good, ib.Wffb.lo,
choice to fsncy. IS. 00 5.25.
CORNMKAL Firm; yellow, $1.40411.(0;
coarse,; kiln dried. 83.5Ntfa.7S.
RYK Steady; No. 'I western, 'ie, nom
inal, f. o. b. afloat New York.
WHEAT Receipts, 13.000 bu.; exports,
8.000 bu. Spot market, firm; No. 2 red,
9x4c elevator, and 98 '4c f. o. b. afloat;
No. 1 northern Duluth, 8110 f. o. b.
afloat; No. 2 hsrd winter, 81. 08 f. o. b.
New York. Except right around the open
ing, when bearish crop news caused weak
ness, wheat was strong and hlghr all
day, with May leading on commission
nouse support and a scare of shorts, clos
ing IHttlHc net higher. May,
99Hc; July. 93944c: close. 94Ac.
CORN Receipts. 8.200 bu. Bpot market,
firm; No. 2.-76c elevator and 69 Ho f. o.
b. afloat; No. 2 white, 69Mc; No. 2 yellow,
nominal, f. o. b. afloat. Option market
was atrong and active near the close,
showing H4c net rise in May. May. T64
t77c; closed. 76c; July closed at 73V4c.
imis Keccipts. o,ooo bu. ; exports,
1.000 bu. Spot market, unlet: mixed oats,
26 to 82 lbs. R6c; natural white, 26 to
32 lbs., B6t4B8V4c; clipped white. 32 to
HAY Dull: good to clfolce. 90W5c.
HOPS Qulot; common to choice,. 9?n2c.
lliriKS SteHdv: Centra: America, 17c.
LKATHER uulet: .acid. 17M0c.
VKOV1HIONH Heef. firm; family. $15.50
SM6.i; mess, 112.6(113 00; beef hams, -'7.oo
Itrai.OO; packet, II4.tm4il4.50: cltv extra India
mess. $J3. 60 24.00. Cut moats, firm;
pickled bellies, $8.509 50; plc kl.vl liams,
$9.50. Lard, firm; western, $8.808.65; re
fined, steady; continent. $9.00; Month
American. $7.i6: compound. 37.J5j7oO
I'ork. firm; family. 616.00?? 17.00; short
clears, iik.O0TtI7.50; mess, $1 b.25 H 16.7.
TAL LOW Firm; city, 6c; country.
5 'I. v 5 '4 .
R 1CB toulet; domestic fair to extra, S4c.
BUTTER Hteady; ' western factory,
firsts, 'Jlc.
CHEKSE5 Irregular; winter made. lO
JZc: winter made, common to Tair, tttiuc.
EGGS Kasy; state, Pennsylvania nn3
nearby fsncy selected, white, lValK4o: gnod
to choice, 17il7V4e; brown snd mixed, extra,
i'V4j'17c! firsts to extra firsts. 15Hfi'l64o;
western rlrsts. l,vn54c; seconds, 14nn4Vic.
POULTRY Alive, steady; fowls. 15cr tur
key , Inc. Dressed, steady; turkeys, 12
17c; fowls, izjri4Hc
Fair and Rising Tempera tare for
Thsrudsi, Says AVelch.
" OSTAITA. Neb.. April 8. 1908.
Omaha record of temperature and pre
cipitation compared with the corresponding
day or the past llireo years:
1908. 1907. 1900. 1905.
Minimum temperature m s 4.-. 4K
Freelpitatlon T .00 .33 .00
Normal temperature for todsy -7 Ongrees.
Dlfioency In precipitation since March 1,
1.24 of an Inch.
Deficiency corresponding period In 1907,
1 46 nf an Inch.
Excess corresponding period In 1906, .29 of
an inch.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster,
Cora aad Wheat Region Balletla.
For the twenty-four hours ending at 8
a. m., 75th meridian time, Wednesday,
April 8. 1908:
Temp. Rain
Stations. Max. Min. fall. Sky.
Ashland, Neb.... 61 32
Auburn, Neb 66 35
.02 Clear
.22 Cloudy
Columbus, Neb.. 47
Fairbury, Neb.... 75
Fairmont, Neb... 67
Or. Island, Neb.. 68
Hartlngton. Neb. 41
Hastings, Neb... 67
Oakdalo, Neb.... 89
Omaha, Neh 68
Tekamah,' Neb... 60
Alia, la S
Carroll. Ia 44
Claflnda. Ia 60
Blbley, la 37
Sioux City, Ia.. 43
83 .on Cloudy
84 T Cloudy
SI .00 Cloudy
32 .03 Cloudy
80 .68 Cloudy
31 .00 Cloudy
30 .16 Cloudv
83 .05 Cloudy
32 .23 Cloudy
?8 , .37 Pt. cloudv
28 .20 , Pt. Cloudy
83 .14 Cloudy
27 .84 ) Cloudy
30 .60 Clody
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period ending at 8 a. m. f
No. of Temp. Rain.
Station. Stations. Max. Min. Inches.
Chicago. Ill 23
Columbus, 0 17
Des Moines, Ia.... 14
Indianapolis, Ind.. 12
Kansas City. Mo; 21
Ioulsvllle. Ky.... 18
Minneapolis, Minn. 24
Omaha, Neh 18
St. Louis, I Mo It
64 4 .60
70 48 .62
60 33 . 32
68 64 M
72 40 .18
76 66 .24
8S 24 , .22
62 32 .22
66 63 .86
The weather la much cooler In th cen
tral and western portions of the corn and
wheat belt, and freexlpg temperatures pre
vail In the uppper lake region and upper
Mississippi and Missouri valleys. Oood
rains occurred In all portions within th
last twenty-four hours and continue In th
astern portion this morning.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
St. Laala General Market.
ST. LOP18, Mo., April t-WHKAT-Hlgher;
track, No. 2 red cash. 974j97Ho;
No. 2 hard. B&flWVic; May, fcic; July, 83c.
CORN Higher; track. No. 1 cash, 65c;
No. 2 white. l3Sc; May, 63T4c; July, 62Va.
OATS Firm: track, No. 8 caah, We;
No. I white. 63Uc: May. 41c.
FLOUR Dull; red winter patents, $4.50
4.76; extra tancy ana straignt, $4.10444.40;
Clears. $3.6003.75.
SEED Timothy, dull; $3.004.00.
CORNMKAL-teady; $3.00.
BRAN Unchanged; sacked, east track,
HA Y Firm; timothy, $10.00"lt.00; prlri.
PROVISIONS Pork, steady; lobbing.
$13.76. Ierd, higher; prime steam, $8.12$
8.22H. Dry salt meats, steady; boxed extra
shorts, 17.75; clear ribs, S7.2Vx; short clears,
$8.00. Bacon, steady; boxed extra short,
$8,60; clear ribs, $S.S7H; ahort clears, $9.124.
POULTRY Steady ; chickens. UHc;
springs. 14c; turkeys, lag-Uc; ducks, llftc;
geese, 7'4e.
BUTTER Steady; creamery, 24W?30c.
UUGS-lllgher; 13&c. case count.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 8.O0O
Wheat, bu 23.000 S2.0H0
Corn, bu 72.000 lns.f0
Oats, bu 66,000 66,10)
Kansas City Grata atnd Provisions.
V4ilo lower. May. 87o; July, 804e; Sep
tember, 7sTc; rash, No. 1 hard, 91ij6c;
No. 8 hard. 89Ha4c; No. t red. 9696c; No.
8 red. iMwiCc. -
CORN M&Hc higher; May. 81c; July,
B9Se; September, 6M4c: cash. No. 8 mixed,
CKMimo; No. t mixed, 61tanVkC; No. i white,
61yn-.1V; No. i white. U'O'U'hC.
OAT8 Unchanged; No. 3 white, 604151c;
No. 2 mixed. 47c.
HAY Firm; choice timothy, $11.504112.00:
choice prairie. $9.6010.00.
BUTTER Firm; crvamery, extra, 29c;
packing stock. 18c.
EGOS Firm; fresh extras, 15c; current
receipts,- 13'ic,
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu . j. Si.nno
Corn, bu 26,i10 38.000
Oats, bu ... 8,000 7,000
Liverpool Grata and Provisions.
dull: No. 8 red Western winter. 7s; futures
barely steady; May. (s li4d; July, s UVd:
8enlemlr. 6a 10d.
CORN Spot, prime mixed American, new
quiet. 6s 4d; prime mixed American, old
firm, 6s 7d; futures, dull; May, 6a 5Sd.
Peoria Grata Market.
PEORIA. April 8. CORN-Hlgher; No $
yellow, r,fcfi&',c; N. t, 5c; No. 4, 63Vanio;
no grade. lUc.
OATS Steady ; No. I white, 60A.ff6lc; No
$ white. 5oc.
WH16KY-$1 85.
Dalatk Grata f Market.
DULUTH. April 8-WHEAT-No! 1
northern, 97c; May, 7V: July, 9'c.
OATS 47Hc.
. CoaTe Market.
NEW YORK. April $.-COFFEB-Fli-ture
closed steady net Unchanged. A
good deal of the business consisted of
snitching from iuar to late months. To
tal saiea stera reMrted of 61 bags, lu
iludlng May at 75uc; July, 5.7i-; Sptrm
br. 6 10c; teeirber. S.suu; January, $ Hue,
and March, 5 iic. Spot cofte. ouiit; No.
7 Ru. i ; No. 4 Famo, t'.tfs'jc: mild,
dull; Coidoa,.8Ua
Market More Active, but rrice More'
nient Etmaini Slnggnsh.
Krle Finances Arc Again Coaaldered
aad Raaaor of "access of Plaa
Caaaes Rise Net Ckaage
Ar t'slmfortaat,
NEW YORK. April -Transactions at th
Stock exchange today wer a few thousand
shares more than yesterdsy. but th price
...uYcinrni was even mor sluggish and
undecided. The rnvernmnt n..r nn h.
April condition of winter wheat and ry was
inn vsnicie ior an attempted revival
of activity. Th publication of th gov
ernment figures nillrltlv rvalH hnvar
that, no new Interest was stirred In the
maraet by this Influence. Trsders who had
bought In anticipation of a eood rron re
port sold to take profits and prices of
ran 011, aitnnugh the percentage of
the condition of wheat was fully as high
as had been exoected.
The Indifference of thn stock market to
inis ractor proved a disappointment to the
trading element and It fell back upon the
Erie financial problem as the repressive
Influence on the mstket. There was no
prospect of any definite Information during
the Stock exchange session to show whether
in pian was to become operative or not.
but many varying rumors were used 'n the
attempt to move prices. The confusion of
mind over the Erie conditions was enhanced
by the Intimation that the period would be
extended for the assent of maturing notes to
the plan. This removed the likelihood that
the project would be declared abandoned
Immediately on the expiration, at 3 o'clock
today, f the period set by the bankers for
receiving all of the outstanding notes in
aaseni. un me other hand, the question
arose Of the DOSltInn thA rnmnanv wnuM
be In with the passing of the maturity of
the notes without redemption. These notes
sold off on the curb again to below 80.
Reports of rains In Kansas offered newer
conditions for the wheat crop than were
reported by th Agricultural Departmcn and
had more effect In sustaining prices. For
eign Influences were In favor of higher
prices, though In moderate degree. Borne
distinct Improvement In the Investment tone
was discernible both In London and on the
continent. The announcement of the mer
ger plan for Mexican railroads and the
determination of the Interborough Metro
politan to attempt a bond Issue rather than
to resort to short term notes gave Impres
sion of some growth of confidence In our own
Investment situation. Dealings In the bond
division of the stock market show some 1n
cresslng variety In the number of Issues
dealt In. but the aggregate transactions
hold at a low ebb and the price movement
continues Irregular. In spite of the exces
sive dullness of the drallngs In stocks, floor
traders ' find few offerings for sale and
argue from this that no liquidation is being
Comparatively light buying serves to ad
vance prices and a strong technical posi
tion ia argued from this. Rumors that the
Erie plan would become operative grew
more positive late in the day and rallied
prices. The numerous shifts In the price
movement so far offset each other that the
day's net changes are not Important.
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales, par
value, $2,506,000. United States bonds were
unchanged on call.
Following were the salea and range of
prices on the Stock exchange today:
Bale. High. Low. Clot.
Adami Expreea
Amalgamated Coppr ...
Am. C. y-
Am. C. r. ptd
Am. Cotton OH ,
Am. Cotton Oil pfd
American Eipraei
Am. H. A L. pfd ,
American . Ire
Am. L.lnaeet Oil ,
Am. LlnMd Oil pn)
Am. Locomotive
Am. Lor-omotire pfd
Am. 8. R
Am. 8. R. pfd
Am. Snsmr Refining-
Am. Tnhacro pfd rtfa
Anaconda Mining Co
AirhlKon pfd ,
Atlantic Coaat Line..
Baltimore a Ohio ..,
Bel. 4c Ohio pfd
S3.iQ 6!H MH M4
l.CUU 13 2V S3-,
... m. M
600 11 SO 21 H
HO T'i 7 18
, 1714
700 44V4 tr. 44
I'M Dili l', 11
21, e Mlj (Tti f8
ioi w 124'"
pn M4 M M
1 I'O H 7Uj 3D
1,504 1(H 11 n
, ga
l'M ii Vi 71
I0 tl MH 63
.(WO 4'-j 4,
l.7nft 1S7 lh 1SA
200 173 171 U, 17 J
CO 3li 311, am
4TU 5H 6h 51,
3 18 1M
12.KOO 1184 111 11
BOO fiSUj U14 Mlt,
I.ono 24 13 3-1 S
4,cn 7 tt at',
410 hii 0M4,
1 4r. 44' 444
l.ono 1174 117 117
2") 13 13's 13
fl lit 16 1M
101) 10' 20
I'll 63 53 e3 iit, tlu
t.VXt 1H 1
D"0 rs 30 jiC
ai wt j) 2:
o 131 12 121
1"0 M M it
24 Zl S4
Brook Ira Hepld T ,,...,,
Canadian PacIRo
Central ot New Jersey....
Cheeapeeli 6r Ohio
Chicago Ot. W
fhli-aio N. W
('., M. St. P ,
Chicago T. A T
Chicago T. a T. ptd
P.. C., C. St. L
Colorado r. A I
Coloredo a Bo ..,
Colo. eV go. lit pfd
Colo. Bo.' M pfd
Consolidated (laa
Corn Products
Corn Products pfd
Delaware a Hudson
Del.. U eV W
Denver a Rio Grande....
I), a R. O. pfd
nietlllers' Securities
Erie let pfd
Erie M pfd
General Electrlo
Illinois Central
International Paper ......
Int. Paper pfd
Int. Pump
Int. Pump pfd....
lows Central
Iowa Central pfd
Kansas City 80.
K. U. Bo. pfd
Loaiaville Ac N
Mexican Central
Minn. St. L.
M.. St. P. a 8. a. M....
l.tOO 114
"i.ioi '44
700 U
1.3O0 Mt
U . St. p. a 8. 8. M
Missouri Facile
M., K. A T
M., K. a T. Pfd
National Lead
N. R. R. of M. pfd
New York Central
N. T.. O. W
Norfolk W
n. a w. pfd
North Americas
Pacific Mall
People's Oaa
P.. C. c. a 8t. L
62 51
ti !t'l
4,f ll n UK
M M4 Bl
131.400 1054, .I0J4, mtt.
lesed Steel Car
Praeaed 8. C. pfd
Pullmaa Palace Car
Reading let pfd
Reading 2d !d
Hepubllo Steel
Republic Bteel pfd
Rock Inland Co
Rook lelend Co. pfd ...
ft. u a e. r. id pfd...
St. Louis B. W
8t. L. 8. W. pfd
80 30
la 1
K lTi
r n
300 14
i'.ixi '74
Southern Pad no
so. PaciAe pld
Bo. Rallwar
too 111 inv iim
t.1'10 It 14 14
80. Railway pfd
Tesaa a Peel no
T.. 8t. L. A W
t , it. u a w. pfd....
t'nloa Pacific
t'nloo Pad So pfd
l. 8. Eipreaa....r
V. 8. Realty
U. 8. Rubber.
I'. 8. Rubber pfd
V.. 8. Steel
lT. 8. Bteel pfd
Vs. -Carolina Chemical .
Va-tero, I'bem. pfd....
41V 100
t,m 127 12i 1-J7
10 II
, il
31 34
8 M
10 10
174 II
9 xa
J. 3
Wabaah pfd
Kelle-rarxo Eipreea ...
Weatlngtrauee Kleetns ..
Weetern Vnioa
Wheeling A L.
Wteconein Central
Wis. Central pfd ,
Northern Paolfle
11.S0 127 1 v;
Central Leather
' r' pt ,m
Central Lnlktr pfd..,.
Bloee-bhefflvld Bteel
tlreet Northers pfd ....
Interborough Met
I"0 17', J
'i 44
!," 1?4 12a
2t' fc i
1.00 Jl
Int. MM. DM
t'tah Coiper
k'K SO 3
Total aaiea for tha Say, 4e.2iM sharea.
Loaaoa t'laslaa; Stocks.
LONDON, April V. American scnrltle
wre qulot and firm et the craning today.
1 1. iuii raciiic anu iiucagu. OIllwauKfe St
8t. Paul advanced U and the real of th-
list showed gains of WuS over yesterday's
New York closing.
London closing stock quotations:
Conaole. moaey .. . I? 1-11 Ma., Kan. a Tn.. 21
do account
.. ns.Vew York tentrel lul
.. 1 Norfolk a Weal era., aau
Atchieon .........
.. a m ee pia
.. M, Ontario a Wcwern
.. M peimaylvaLLa'
.1M Rand Minra .
so pfd
Baltimore A Ohio
I'eaedlen Pacific
t'beaapeake a Ohio.. ll'Peadiag
Chi. Ureal Weetern.. 4 southern Railway .
Chi., Mil. Bl. P...U0 uo pfd
D Beera 11 Southern Pacllls .
Leaver 4 Rio C laioa Pacirlo ...
do ' 54 do pfd
rte lCnltd lum Steel
ee ii pie , e pfd
de 34 pfd
... 13 Wahaaa
... 15 So pfd .....
. . :M la
Crane Trunk ..
Illinois Central
Louiefllle a Kaab...lui a mat CoDoer
oiLtr tt-mr, quiet, at s&,d per ounce.
Mtj.Ei per cent.
The rate of diai-mint in the nnAn
for short bills Is SSfeaH per cent; for three
months' bills, , pr cent.
Tnaisry ItaieaseBt.
W A 8 H I NQ TON. Aortl lTr..i-. .. ...
nieut of thd tn-aaury balattcce In the gen
eral fund, exclusive of the ll5o,XVGi gold
rrve shows: Available cssh hslsnc,
e.'m fSM.l4: gnld coin and bullion, 127.41,322;
gold ccrtiricatfa, t-. 641.2 40.
t IMeee Verk Mewry Market.
CANTlt.R PAPFR-tWH rr cnt.
8TER1.INO EXCH A NO K Firmer, with
cttisl business In bankers' bills st $4 a:.
4 for demand and at M MlnfH.MSo for
lsttydny bills; commercial bills. 14.11.
PII,VER Psr. B4'4jc; Mrxlcan dollars, 47c.
HOND8 Government, stesdy; railroad,
MONBT On call, easv, IVfyfflH per cent;
ruling rate, 1 rn-r c-nt; closing bid. IV,
ti rm, I'litirn at. n, per cent, xime
losns, stesdy: sixty dsys. 20214 per cent;
7. y "" 'B,4i Vr cent; six months,
v- irtii.
The following are the closing quotations
on bonds:
l. 8. ret. 3s. rg....lHHL. N. unl. 4s 4
coupon i.ll 'Mil. t. g. 4e S3
V. B. 3a. reg KMei. Central 4a IJ
do coupes lot do 1st inc 1S
V. 8. 4a. reg ,
do coupon
...i"H"Mina. a St. u 4a. ro
...!JaM , K. a T. 4e M
Am. Tobacco 4a
do 4
Atchieon gen. 4a.....
da adj. 4
Atlantic C. L. 4a....
Bal. a Ohio 4a
do la
Brk. R. T. c. 4a
Central of Ga. 5a...
do lt Inc
do Id Inc
do 3d Inc
Cn-e. a Ohio 4o...
... 7 da 3a "-
...ll N. R. R. 01 M. . 4a 74
... 44N. T. c. g. a
... an j. c. g. 6a. .
... 14 No. Pacific 4s
... 17 do la
... 1N. A W. e. 4a
.. 71
'0. B. L. rtdg. 4a....,
KWHPenn. or. Is
47 Reading gen. 4 .',
St. L. a I. M. a 5a . mi
"HBt. U a 8. r. tg. 4a.
7 St L I. S. t. k.. tl
Chicago a A. I'M.. SO Kn.rrt 1 I. A't
C n. a . n. 4a.... . Bo. Pacldo 4s S4
v.. n. a. ei r. ee e as Ut 4e rtf "
. do col. 4b 44 Ba. Rallwar he SOU
CCC. St. L. g. 4a. M Tmaa A P. la 104
vu.v. in,,, on, err. n. BJ-ST., St. 1. a W. 4a.. Tl
ioio. sua. n r.ll!nlon PaclBc 4l...
Colo. A Bo. 4s...- 7 do CT. 4a
"""ha 5a .l'lt!. g. Bteel 2d la.
, sr.
. ii
. K
u. a k. . 4a. ri Wabaah 1
. 14
. 52
Manners' Sec. 5a.
Erie p. 1. 4a
.. aawtern Md. 4a...
.. S3 w. a L. It. 4a....
do ln. 4a,
. io-
Hock. Val. 4a....,l3 Atchltoa ev. 4a...
Japan 4a 741 do he
do 4a rtra la inU 4e
dn 2d eerlee 15
Bid. offered.
. 7'5
. 51
Beaton Stack aad Boats.
KOSTON. April 8. Money, call losns. 2',
IrZ y r"ii time loans. 4m per cent.
on xoiivwing were, in closing prices on
" 1 " nn aim uunaa;
Atchieon adj. 4a.
.. A"' Atlantic
.. 4Blnghanl
.. lf al. A Mecla....
.. 74tntennlal
.. S5f'opppp Rtnga fIi
..114 Daly West
..131 Franklin
..124 O ran by
.. 17lie RnTale
..m Maaa. Mining ...
..LS7 Michigan
.. UHMnhawk
.. 10 Mont. C. A C...
.. 5 Old Domlhloa ...
..123 Parrot
.. lPShannnn
.. 52 Tamarack
.. 15 Trinity
. .S07 I'nlred Copper ..
...i:7i'. 8. Mining...,
.. 10 IT. 8. Oil
.. 45 rtah
... 51 Victoria
,..124 Winona
.. 4(1 Wolrorina
.. 37 North Bulla
.. 34 Butle Coalition .
.. KSHNerada
do 4a
Mm. Central 4e....
Atchlaon , ,
do pfd
Morton A Maine...
Boat on Elevated ..
l-'ltrhburg pfd ,
Menlcan Central ..
N. T.. N. H. A H
I'nlon Pacific ,
Am. Arga. che-ra...,
do pfd
Am. l'neu. Tube...,
Amer. tusar ,
do pfd
Am. T. T
Am. Woolea
do pfd
Dominion t. A 8..,
Kdlaon Klec. Illu..,
Ocueral Electrlo ..
Maaa. Rlectrle
do pfd
Mass. Oaa
I'nlted Fruit
United 8. M.
do pfd
V. 8. Bteel
do pfd
. an
. 31
. 4
. o
. .i
. 4
. tr.
. 14
. Kl
. 17
. so
. 11
. 7
. M
. 18
. I
. 5
. 53
. to
... !Cal. A Arlinne Inn
.. 4Ariaona Com II
.. 51 Greene Cananea 8
New York Mialnar Btoeks.
NEW YORK. April S. Closing quotations
on mining stocss were
Adams Con.
5 Little Chief ...
. I
. I
. 81
. 30
. II
Brunttwlck C4n. ..
t3nmetork Tunnel
Iroa Bllrer
Con. Cal. A Va..
Leadrllla Con. ..
...176 Ontario
,.. 10 Onhlr
... I Potoal
...23 Savage
...120 R!rra Nevada,
... 44 Small Mope ,,
... 5 Standard
Foreign Financial.
LONDON. April 8. The better tone pre
vailing at yesterday's close was fully msln
talned on the Stock exchange today. The
reinvesting of dividend money resulted In
an Improvement In home rails and other
first class securities, while more cheerful
advices from Paris, assisted foreign snd
Kaffirs. Tho settleiiHHit Is nroa-resslna-
easily. American sharea were carried over
ai irom to 3 per cent. The dealings
In American railroads were narrow but
the tone was firm In anticipation of a fa
vorable report.
PARIS, April 8 A better tone prevailed
on the Bourne here today.
RERUN, April ,8.i'rlces on the Bourse
today, were very ,firni,,on the passing of
the Reichstag yesterday, on the Bourse
. Bank Clearings.
OMAHA. Arjrll 8. Bank clearlne-a for In.
day were 1.iSR.!9.25 and for the corres
ponding aate laat year l.7fjrj,475.9o.
Metal Market.
Iiondon tin market was h'aher today, with
spot 143 and futures il42. The local
market was firm and higher In svmnathv
with quotations rang nfe from 13 1'. 4 $31. 1 5.
The tendon copper msrket showed little
change, with spot quoted at &8 17s 6d and
futures, 59 7s 6d. Locally the msrket waa
weak and a shade lower, with I.ak tlS.874
fft-IS.UO; electrolytic. el2.7Bfll2.87tt, and cast
ing. 12.5tiil2.62tt. Iad was lower In the
Indon market, closing 13 17s nd. Locally
leady was quiet at M.BO9.4.OO. Spelter was
lower, declining to 21 7s 6d in London, but
unchanged at ,4.8rK?H.70 locally. Iron was
unchnnged to a shade higher on the Lon
don market, with standard foundry quoted
at 5fls d and Cloveland warrants 8Js. The
local market was nominally easier on the
southern grades, with demand verv slack
No. 1 foundry northern. 1 "61R 75- No 2
foundry nirthirn. fl7.7r,ifi Ml- ten 1 .-n.
rg nd I No 1. J southern eoft, tl7.25t18.00.
w. i" Apnl METALS Lead,
higher; 3.87tt. Selter. nominal, $4.55.
Cotton Market.
NEW YORK. Aorll 8 roT-mvTriit,,.
opened steady; May, 8.26o; July, J.Slc Au
gust. .25c: October, .a6c; tscember. .38o
January. .2c. '
Ktitures closed steady ; Inrll a oo. ....
Wc JUily, 9 43c; August .S8c; October
.3oc; November, 9Sftc; December, .8bc
January, .3Sc; Marc h, 9 3c. '
oi cotton Closed quiet: middling up
lands, lO.iio: - ntlddliiia- arulf Inuw. a.i. .
6ti bales. ',.'. "
ST. LOV1S. .Aorll Rk-rYVr-rnMa..-.
nilddling. MMci salea, ahipments, none Re
ceipts. A3 hales: stock, bales
Futures closed: Anrll.-Hlkin. .'. .,
78 June. 9.70c; Julv. f.e- e.uiet,' 9 55c:
October, 9.36c: December, I Joe. Siot eaey:
aalos. I17.U0. Low ordinary, 1-nie, noml
nal; ordinary, S'ic: good ordinary. 8 8-lbc-1"Jmk,d"!,5'
7-,,ici middling, io,o; good
middling, lOTc; middling. ll.c; -fair lc
Evaporated Apples an Dried Frnlta.
Ft.K8Markct Is tiuket. with pricea practic-
, nnaence or buslne
pin j air UU'llCi
TOP. With OtlOtatlone nn.ln. - "
4'44U,. for.Callforala and from Vo to in?
for- Oregons. Soma- reborts from the coast
jstlmate a reduction of at least 10 per c?"
in the new crop of apricots, but such
era for the time being. Choice. 18rtc.
tr choice 19f. '1c; fsnny. S0?4c. VaVhJi
are ouoted . and unr-hsnged with
choice at merioc: extra orielceV HWllUc
fancv. and extra' fancy 1314?,'
R"r'l' """' W',b loose tlil'e"te
ouoted St 5tfilH4 - ralalns ku.a
London layera7l fi6fil.7S. ra,'"D Wec;
Wool Market.
BOSTON." April -WOOL-TraiiBartlo.,.
In the local won( market l.avT l"re..Pd ?"
some estent and pries, reflectln the ftsr.l
ening tendency In Undon, falrlv firm
The market." however. 1. still !"','
wM.nir' upon th ood "'k"t.
ST. LOl-IS. Anrl H.-WOOUWmIc
medium grades rnrnKIng and clothing 1tUa
roc: llgtit fine 1tl7c; hegvy fine, l-"Sl3c-tub
washed, 23iTi9oe. '
Olls and Rasln.
OIL CITY, Pa.. Aorll 8 -OIL Credit bal.
snce, 81.78: runs. l&S .8; av7T, 5 3Li
Shipments. 19S,ti7: average, 181.663.
Btoek In 8lght.
r t . m 11.. . . ..
..ipis nr nve stot g at the six principal
western markets yeslt-rdav
Hogs. , Sheep.
8.0" O 7,000
eouin timihi...
Sioux City
Kansaa City....
..... 1.54
11, ma)
St. Joseph.
Chlcsgo ...
Totals .
...Si5 M.245 :,&:z
Stoag Cllr Llv Stock Market.
SIOUX CITY, la . April 8. -(Special Ttlr
gram. ATTLERet;elp1s fSno head; inar
ket lOt lilgher: beeves. 6.2&g1.00; coars snd
hi-ifeis Uuaue 0. stot-kers snd fredrr
HO'itTS; cslves and yearlings. 83 c4 2i
HK.t4-Ho.,,ii 2 5tO head; market (k- to
10c lower; rauge, 8oiav, bulk, 85.7046.50.
a n,'uuc; choice. SWnStu.-.
,i,. VJRl L1 "Whanged. nnt:
Wlthelandlng bullish ' reports roncprnlne-
tne next c
APRIL 9, 1908.
Beef Steert Slow and Lower, with
Cow Stuff Steady.
keep and l.ambs of All Kinds Very
"law and Dall, wltk Prlrea Tea
to Fifteen Cents Lower
Tkaa Yesterday
SOUTH OMAHA, April 8. ISnfc
Recelpte were: Cattle. Hogs. Bheep.
Oftlclal Monday 1.8U jo.lsi
OfncUl tj'uestlay 8.344 H..V9 i.(X'9
Estimate Wednesday ... 6.0U0 8.50 7,1X10
Three days this week. .11.113 17.437 19,114
Same days last week. ...lS,JrJ 17.282 tl.Wl
Same days 2 weeks ago.ll.7K2 18.978 29.74t
Same days I weeks ago.13.W4 84,141 29.769
Same days 4 weeks ago.l2,4:t 41.040 13.147
Same days last year... .16,239 23.948 22.777
The following table shows the receipts
of rattle, hogs and sheep at South Omahs
for th year to date, compared with last
1908 W7. Inc. Dec.
Cattle 26,O60 JOo.iXW 0,H8
Hoti 84H.342 648. W3 197,409
Bheep 404.848 648.877 141.629
Tha following table snows the average
Price of hog at South Omaha tor th last
several days, with comparisons:
Data I 1908. 1SOT.180$.1905.1?04.T908.1S02.
March 27
5 22
C 111 27
5 131 '
6 Hi
( M
6 06
( 97
8 63
March 28.
6 6OV5
6 23
8 H
I 10 6 17
5 08 5 14
8 09 $ 07
5 141 4 98
t 181 k 04
6 09
7 30
March 29.
Marnh 80.
March SI.
April 1....
April i...
April 8...
April 4...
April 5...
April ....
April 7...
April 8...
8 30
8 26
e I
8 30
8 28,
t 57
8 78
8 43
8 46
7 21
T 28
7 3U
7 24
o sv
5 80S1
6 4
6 15 '
7 2) 64
0 73H
8 48
6 21 6 14
8 21
8 21
8 22
6 29 6 07
5 79
6 i2
8 74
6 30 6 001
7 Ml
6 281 4 93
6 2i, 4 9H
7 24
1 21
8 84
Th official number of cara of stock
brought In today by each road waa:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H'r's.
tj. ai. b. r 1
Wabash R, R. 1
Mo. Pac. Ry 2
I'nlon Pacific R. R... 78
C. . N. W. Ry east. 6
C. & N. W. Ry west, 71
C. St. P. M. tie O. .. 24
C. II. A g east,.. 8
V. B. & g., west,.. 2
C. R. I. & P., cast, .. 8
C. K. 1. P., west... 1
llllonis Central 4
C. Q. W J
Totals ..233
&i 9 8
4 1
31 8
34 12
2 .. 1
8 .. ..
3 ..
l'ii 29 6
The disposition of the day' recelpta waa
aa follows, each buyer purchasing the
nuiiioer 01 neaa indicated
, Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
uniana t'SCKing CO -. 4!J 1,037
Swift & Company , 644 1.3i9 5'J
Cudahy Packing Co 7W 2,3iil 87S
Armour & Co -1,270 1.3J9 81J
Bnclan Packing Co i;6
W. D. B. Packing Co.... 118
St. Louis Co 18 4fi7
Kingman Packing Co 4S
Bchwartschild & S....
Vansant &. Co
Carey & Benton
Lobman Rothchlld..
W. I. Stephen
.. 1V
.. 64
.. 10.1
.. 62
.. 1
.. 1M
.. 8
.. 46
.. 115
.. 64
.. 77
Hill & Son
F. P. lwls
J. B. Root A Co....
Cudnhy Bros. Co. ..
U Wolf
McCreary & Carey
Sam Werthmer ....
H. P. Hamilton ....
M. Hogerty Co..
Sullivan Bros
Iehmer Bros ..
Nelson Morrles
Other Buyers
..' 2
.. 611
. .8,026 7.S39
CATTLE RecelDts of rattle this morn
lng numbered 238 cars and there was 1
very good sprinkling of pretty well finished
and desirable beeves among the offerings.
The market as a whole was against the
sellers and the better the rattle were the
poorer showing they made on the market
The best of the cattle on sale. were corn-
fiKl steers. Buyers were out In pretty fair
season, but It was very evident that their
oruers were more or less limited and that
they were not feling very atrong as re
gards values. Handy, light and medium
weight steers were the best sellers. Csttle
of that description sold anywhere from
sieany 10 10c lower. Heavy cattle, even
those of very good quality were very much
neglected ana were extremely hard to
move, tilds on that kind were anywhere
from 10c to 20c lower than yesterday, with
buyers not appearing at all anxious to
secure them even at the decline. The fall
ing off In the shipping and export trade
at' eastern points Is apparently responsible
for the condition of the market on heavy
Cows and heifers were In light suriDlv
anil tne goon Kinds generally stesdy re
gardless of the weakness prevailing In
the beef steer trade.
Some of the verv best feeders were per
haps steady, but the general tendency
of the feeder market was lower, with the
trade alow, while stockers were extremely
hard to move, even at the very low prices
that have prevailed of late.
Quotations on Cattle Good to choice
cornfed steers, $A.26'rt4.90; fair to good
cornfed steers, $S.76.25; common to
fair cornfed steers, 8G.O0ifia.75; good
to choice cows and heifers, 84.86
66. 86: fair to good cowa and heif
ers, 83.7544.85: common to fair cowa and
heifers. 82.003.76: good to choice stockers
and feeders, I4.76&6.26; fair to good stock
ers and feeders, 84.0U&4 76; common to fair
stockers and feeders. 53.OTM7-4.00,
At. Pr.
at. Pr.
... 47 4 25
... 577 4 55
... IT 5 50
...554 5 D
...1141 5 65
...flOl 5 75
...1044 8 15
... M 6 5)
...WO. 8 55
...10': ( 00
...1141 i On
...1134 4 0)
...rz"7 ton 405
11X6 4 14
....11 4 ?0
....1154 4 25
,...1111 15
..,.1124 4 50
....110 8 55
....1vt, 5 15
....1S $ 50
....5457 50
....115 ( 55
,...14W 4 55
....lf 4 55
....i:i 4 (0
,...1HT 4 50
....1437 4 0
H ...
...1141 4 15
.... m 111 1
....1008 4 75
....1144 4 50
....IW 5 00
....11i4 5 00
.... th I AO
....1172 t 15
.... 5M 5 15
....mi t 50
.... ;.J 1 in 4
.... 155 I 35 15
....1141 8 50 4
.... 554 i 7a 17
.... Roi 4 l!t 5)
... .HI7 4 80
.... :t 4 so 1
....1075 4 75
750 I 10 u
., 44 5 II
..10711 4 75
..1040 4 00 BOA
..1530 5 III
.5110 4 10
.... 715 4 55 15
10S5 4 00 I
....lion 1 is 1....
....134 111 1....
....1470 4 44 1....
....1430 4 45
414 4 0 I....
tt 1'W 4 5 1....
141 5 54
140 4 (4
t 753 1 25 T 7S4 4 4A
1 675 4 on It 1WJ4 4 55
4 i 4 40
Love! ft Untitle. Montana.
71 steers.. ..lln (75 118 cows 858 4 50
4 cows..,. .I'M) i 50
Fred Jensen Wvo.
45 fu ders.. 841 5 10 8 feeders. . Ml 4 00
HOtJS Hogs sold mostly Inc lower this
morning. In tome cases possibly the best
hogs, such as shippers could une, did not
show quite 10c decline, but there wcra
plenty of them that did sell fully that
much lower. The tradu, though alow at
the opening, was reasonably active when
once underway and the offerings were
picked up In very good scstnn. The bulk
of the hugs sold at ". 7'.' Va. 76, as afalnat
to mii &o yesterdsy. Today's dec-line wipes
out most of the advance made Mondsy and
Tuesday, leaving the market not far from
where It waa at the close of last week.
Hrpresentatlva salea:
I.1. .
4 .
14 ...
44. .
7(1 ..
M .
4 .,
1 ...
!i4 .
AT. ill. Pr. No.
.151 40 8 74 .
At. 6h. Pr.
...M 50 5 Tl't
..111 ... 11!
. 144 Hi,
.147 135 5 75
.-'i'l 40 5 75
. .241 IK, 5 V,
..2.. ... 5 75 10 5 15
'tM ... 8 75
. H5 ) 5 75
let 5 75
l ... 5 75
. 547 lid 5 75
.ttl ... 5 15
.ISO ... 5 75
. .215 100 5 75
. :7 so 5 75
wi a rw
.545 ... 5 70
.;4 ... 5 70
. Il . . 5 70
IH SO 5 70
!i 1411 5 To
40 5 1"
.1-1 50 5 7
.'.tl 140 5 10
.155 ... 5 70
.11 ... 5 74
55 ...
ej ...
5: . ,.
. . .
S ...
51 ...
III ...
II ...
n ...
... 5 I'l
,.. 5 714
80 5 7';',
... 5 Vi
... 5 72
,.. 5 7!,
. I Tr",
50 5 7
.. 5 72
. 5 12si
5 5 7.S
.. 5 12e
5 71,
40 4 7U',
... !,
ft 5 7'e
5V 4 1i
. . H-3
.. !1T
.. itt
! ... 5 75
.. J71
. 5 75
5 5 75
4ft 8 75
8 75
.. 5 15
.. 8 74
.. 5 75
V) 5 77 u.
5.(7 1 ( 17
1 I 4 8 77 1
II 120 5 77:4,
1W ... ITil,
of evcrj successful business enlerprise is laid by the estab
lishment of Banking Connections that are Sound, afc and
Secure. i
Start such a foundation now by opening au account
with this strong Bank.
Wn Interns, Paid nn Rprlificates nf ncimit
S ww- . w a m ie
...m 4( 8 7J4
.. iso 8 n
....T ... 8(714
... 8 774
....till 150 5 T714,
...7 ... 4 7ll,
....Kit lo 5 7"Uj
Ufl 5 771
... 8 M
....:. 50 I 50
... 4
... I TJwi
... UIl,
... 8 7:n
... I TJV5
6K .'
4f 5 7?'4
19 5 71 H
.SJO ... 5 Siu
.i7 ... 8 Kl4
SHEET Receipts of sheep and lambs
were quite liberal this morning snd there
was a very fair sprinkling of sll kinds,
both shorn and wool-d. Conditions gov
erning the trsde could hardly have been
worse so far ss the seller's Interrsts were
concerned. The collapse of the mutton
market In the east, followed by the heavy
bresk In the Chicago market for sheep
and lambs, was as a mstter of fact at the
omiorn or tne trouble. This morning early
advices from Chicago not only reported
the market there as very slow and lower,
hut aa the next thing to dead. Buvers at
this point, accordingly atarted out not only
with Instructions to buy their supplies
lower, but with the evident Intention to
act very cautiously. Hence ' It was the
morning wore away with very llttlo busi
ness being transscted. and It wss well
along toward midday before a sufficient
number of sheep and lambs had changed
hands to really fix the msrket. Prices
generally were fully 1016c low.-r all
Quotations on lambs: Good to choice
woolcd, 87.25tT7.80; fair to good woolod,
8.i6eii.25; good shearing lambs carrying
88-'68J7.85; good shearing lambs thin,
is.00wi.60; shorn lambs. 600 under wooled
atock. 1
Quotations on sheep: Good to choice light
shorn yearlings, 88 2o-gi.55; fair to good
shorn yearlings, W.OW8.2B: good to choice
shorn wethers, 8800jj8.25; fair to good shorn
wethers, 85.7T.ft6.O0; good to choice shorn
JJMlIi.?1-8-00! 'alr 10 Rood shorn ewe
85.onrff8.60: shorn culls and bucks.;
wooled sheep 25W40c above shorn stock.
Representative sales:
244 Colorado Mexican lamba .... i6
4t western feeder lambs 81
248 Mexican lambs 83
203 western yearlings and weth
7 85
7 Tf
7 35
ers, shorn 300 - 8 40
"2 Colorado-Mexican lambs .... 67 7 23
,27 South Dakota lamba, feeders 1 6 80
631 South Dakota lambs, feeders 82 8 0
1H4 South Dskota lambs, feeders 61 80
5J7 South Dakota lambs, feeders 61 8 85
'ft. gu,h Dakota lambs, feeders 83 6 30
60 South Dakota lambs, feeders 83 6 75
Cattle Steady -Hoaa, Bheep
Lamba Lower.
CHICAGO. April 8.-CATTLE Receipts,
15.0fio head; msrket stesdy; steers. "..50'n7 40
cows. 83.604i6.76; heifers, $'J.40ifi.25; bulls'
83.WVrj5.i0; calves. 85.00fc6.76; stockers and
feeders. l.1.25fr.lS.
HOGS Receipts, 27,000 hesd: market KtplOe
lower; choice shipping, 86.1f?f.15; butchers,
8.10S6.15; light mixed. $5.!5.Ofi; choice
light, 85.60f,10; packing, 85.00; pigs.
84.6OtfS.50: bulk of sales, 83.9e00.
SHEEP AND LAMBS-Keoelpts, 14.000
neaa; marxct weak to 10c lower; aheep,
84506.65; lambs, 86.60tj7.76; yearlings. 16.76
St. Loafs Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIS. April 8.-CATTLE Receipts.
8.500 head. Including 1.000 Texans; market
for natives strong; Texans 60 lower; native
shipping and export steers, $6 llv17.llo;
dressed, beef and butcher steers. 8.30ift2f'
steers under 1,000 pounds, 4.70ri(5.20; stock
ers and feeders, 3.00iiM.a; cows and heif
ers, 83.76g.00; canners, $2.(n3.00; bulls
8J.256.25; calves, 83.50(87.00; Texas and In
dian steers, 83.50au.25; cows and heifers,
HOGS Recelpta, 7.600 ' head; market Be
lower; pigs and lights, 84.00fd6.00; packers.
$5.603.00; butchers and best heavy, IS.tXhB'
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1.500
head; market steady; native muttons, 84.85
876.75; lambs, 84.0GU80; culls and bucks.
Kaasaa City Lira Stoek Market.
celpts, 6,000 head. Including 100 southerns.
Market for steers steady to 15c lower, cows
steady; choice export and dressed beef
steers, $6.506.90; fair to good, 8.156.46:
western steers, 5.00.60; stockers and
feeders, 8S.80CS.SO; southern steers, 84 50fjl
6 60; southern cows, 82.76414.. 76; native cows.
83.50fiS.70; native heifers. 84.0061.46: bulls
$3 KOCdS .60; calves. 83.rfMS.OO.
HOGS-Recelpts. 11.6M) head. Market wss
BftlOc lower; top. 86.96; bulk of sales, 86 75
6.90; heavy. 85 8&-5.95; packers and butch
ers. 85.76fc6.90; lights, 85.65i.80; pigs, U-2o
5.50, '
-SHEEP AND LAMFtS Receipts, 8 T0
head. Market 10(fj,30c lower; iBmhs. 87 00-9
7.80;, ewes and yearlings. 85.26(6 60; west
ern yesrllngs. 825(f7.10; western sheen. 85 00
86.50; stockers and feeders, 83.50(5.00.
St. Joaepb. Lie gtoek Market."
ST. JOBEPH, April 8.-CATTLE-Recelpla
I.816 heed; market slow; natives. 14. 654r; Th
rows and heifers, 82.25,6.66; stockers and
feeders. 83.7.V&4.76.
HOGS Receipts. 6,145 hesd: market 10015c
lower; bulk of sales. 85.77Wc5.95.
SHEEP AND LA MBS Receipts, 273 head;
market ateady; lambs, 87.4' 15 7.80; yearlings,
86 7647.26: wethers. .4(i-&7.(i.i- ewea e
6.65. ' "
Coaditloa at Trad and tjaotatlaaa aa
tal aaas 8Taaer Fredaee.
EGGS Fresh selling eggs, candied, 14c.
BUTTER Common. lc; fancy tub and
rolls, littfiau; creamery, tOo.
CHEESE New full cream. Wlaeonelg
twins. 17Hc new full cream brick, 17c; do.
iieeiiu new DffiH, 10V1 lie w liniDurgcr. itJ
16c; young Atueiicans. 17c.
LIVE t-OUL'lKY-Sprlnge. Uc; hena. lOci
runaiTS. 4c; ducks. Si
aeese. 7Ui.
HAY Choice) No. 1 uplund. 87.6U: nallun
8860; No. 1 Dottom. Jo.Ou; off grades. 84.004
6.00. Ilys strsw. 87.00. No. 1 alfalfa. 8U.&X
inuritAii gitL'lTS.
BANANAS-Port Limoii, owing to alsa
per bunch. 81.8" 88.00.
ORANGES Extra funey. 80 ta 8S el.-.
per box, 82 76; sxtra fancy. 112 alse, per
box. 82.06; extra fancy, 126 and 160 site, per
box. 83; extra fancy, 17ii, ao. 216, 20 sue
per box. 83. 6; extra fancy. W'aablni..n
navelu, 80 to isi sue, per bog, 82.5o; extra
fancy, Washington navels, 112 slse, per box
l-'.ii. extra fancy, Wsshlngton navels, 1 ' j
mid IjO sue. iwr box. 82.7i; extra fancy
Washington navels, 176, 2u0, Jia, J50 six
prr box, 83. '
LEMONS Extra fancy, extra long keep
ing, sw to 81 aise. per box. 84; extra chutes
exlia long keeping, 8u0 and 8uo alie ie
box, 83.76; extra fancy, 8u0 alxe, per box
83.50; extra thole Greyhound. 8V0 sis, utr
tox. H .
. , 8 RUITS.
APPLES Wsshlngtoi.. Ron.s Baautlea
Red Chea Pippins. Kings. Sors. auani
per box. ll.W; California red winter pear
mans, per box, 41 50.
BTKAWBEKRIES Texas berries arrfv.4
Monday and aold for 80. Another lot cam.
Tuesday and sold for 85. Probabilities ar
they will mut as low as 84.
UKAPs-s Msia.'a. clioii-e, per kef, l 00
Malaga, extra fancy, 84.6t'i extra choke.
Per keg. 84.25; itut fancy, txira heavy. 5.
iKA.-nur.Miit.a-ii.iiri ramy Bell snd
Butle. per bbl.. 8i0.; extra fancr Jtn.v
per bbU, 88.00; rH fancy Jersey per
8i u0. ' ' -
PEA FR Extra fanoy wluter 11 Is, per
box. 8-' 7.
CAT LlfLOWER-Per I-doien cr.i. mm
to H 8r ..... -
LElTH B-riorldA head, par hamper U:
py uw, 81-iwgi ao. - - . .
TOJiATOia-i'Wnda la-baakst cratssj.
51. mi i
wwa aa iiwuiww W I S V 4 V V I
tats Depository.
Larg-sat State Bank la Xaatera Oklahoma.
Deposits guaranteed by State of Okla
homa Uuaranty Kund. New fctate Law,
affective l-'eb. 15th, 1908, provides Abto.
lute Safety to Depositors In this bank.
Under entire, control and supervision of
State.which guarantees the return of your
flepoalt In full under any clrcumetancea,
' pay I per cent on Savings and Tims
Deposits. Make remittance In any form,
or write for Information.
per crate, 84.00; Cuban tomatoes, owing to
Quality. 11.60 ta 88.00.
TOMATOES Extra . fancy Florida 6
basket cistes) per ' Crate, '83.60; cholc
Florida t6-basket crates), per crate, S3.
PEPPERS-Klorlda t8-basket -vrates), per
crate, 5J-Ai.
CL CUMBERS Extra fancy hot house,
Illinois (8 doa ), per box, 84 choice hot
house, Illinois - (3 dos.), per boa, 88.
Hot house radishes, head lettuce, onions,
parsley, per dos., 40c. Southern radlshea,
fiarsley, new beets, hew carrots, new ahai
ots, owing to slse, pep doa., 40fc0e. old
carrots, parsnips, turnips,; beets, per bbl.,
RUTABAGAS Canadian, r)er lb., lot
CABBAGE Extra fancy Holland seed,
per lb., Hc.
ONIONS Extra fancy Red Globe, ner lh..
2Vo; Wisconsin yellow, per lb., 2c; Va
lencia Spanish, per erate, 81.60; Valencia
SpanlHh, lcXi-lb. crates, 84. 28
ONION BKfTS Vellow bottom. 82 lbs. la
bu.. rer bu., $2. 75: red, S3; white, 83.26.
SEED POTATOE8-Ksnsas sweet, per
bbl.. 81.86; 6-bu. lots, 81. 76. '
Coacoanuts, each 6c; per sack, 84. No. 1
selected California English Walnuts, per
lb., 17Vc. Filberts, Brsslls, Jumbo pecans,
butternuts, per sack, 12Vo. No. 1 hand
picked peanuts, roasted. 8c; raw, 60.
HONEY-Callfornla, strlcUy fancy, 24-'
frsnies, per esse, 83 76.
CELERY Florida, per crate, J3:W.'
DATES Sugar walnut, per box. 8100.
Ribs: No. 1, 15c; No, I, 12c; No. 8, W4c :
Ix)lns: No. 1, 19c; No. 3. 15cj No. 8, KVc.
Chuck: No. L 8c; No. 8, 7Vc;, No. J, To.
Round: No. 1, 10c; No. 8, 8vc: -No. S, 8 Vie.
Plate: No. 1, 8c; No." 8. 6Hc; No. 8, 6c.
CANNED GOODS Corn, standard west
era. 76c. Tomatoes, fen-iy, 3-pound cans,
81.46; atapdard, 8-pound cans, 11.30. Pine
apples, grated,- Z-poutMt.. 52.2D4ji.2v; sliced,
81.8ii5.86. Gaiu.n apjiies 84.60, California:
apricots, 82.5610 3.80. Pears, 8.lo2.16.
Peaches. $l.lna3J6. I C. Peachca, 82.10.4
(.16. Alaska salmon, red, 81.40; fancy 1
.iiiuui.a., imi, ee.Au, uvjr sui'sejrej, list,
82.15. Sardines, quarter oil, 83.60; three.:
quarters mustard, 38.35. Sweet potatoes, :
81.26'1.36. Sauerkraut. 860. Pumpkins, io
tfjl.00. Lima beans, ' 2-poi:nd, Ticti 11.26. !
Soaked beans, 2-pound, 66c.; fancy, 31.rniil.4S.
are somewii&i uuseiuea Dy ireer orrerlngs
from second hands, who seem desirous of
moving supplies ot Immediate grades. Quo
tations rang from 60 to o for California
fruit and from 6 Via to 80 for Oregon.
Peaches are very firm, with fancy yellowa
quoted at 15V.
SUGAR- Granulated, can, per aack, 16 40;
beet, 86.00. cut loaf, 6c; cubes, 6ta; pow.
dered, 6.1fc
COFFEE Roasfed. No. 86, 26o; No. 80,
21c; No. V lc; No. 20, 140, '
FISH Halibut, llo; trout, lie; pickerel,
10c; plk, 80; plk, fresh, frosen, 12o; whit
fish, 18c; buffalo, )c.; bullheads, skinned
And dressed, 13c; catfish, dressed, 16c; whit
sunflsh, 6&9c; crapplea, 16c; large erapple.
16c; herring, frtrh. frosen, 4V5o; whit fish,
fsrch, 7c; whit bass, 14c: black bass, 2;
roren. ISfilfc-i olckerel. fraah. frosen. in
HIDES AND TALLOW Green Baited. No. 1
L 6c; No. 8, 4c; bull hidea, 80; green un- !
salted. No. 1, 4c; grean uiwaltil, No. S, 8c:
Deelares lie Nevef Offered e Pall '
Toner nani5a n.i eam '
fS Raea.
The defense In the gas opntrsct case :
started Ita Inning Wednesday rooming with .
a number .of denials of the evidence Intro- j
duced by the plaintiff. ' r .. I
O. W. Clabaugn. vie president and sec
retary of the gaa eompany, denied th testl-
mony of former Councilman ; Hoy that !
Clabaugh and told him, Hoye, that if he
would support tho ga contract ordinance -he,
Clabaugh, would use his Influence to
pull Tony Donahoe out of the contest for
sheriff against Hoye. Mr- Clabaugh Said
he had had no such conversation with 1
Hoye. ' ,1
Coimcllmen Huntington and Djrbgll both,
denied they had had th conversation testl- ,
fled to by Dav O'Brien. O'Brien said thy
had told him to so to see Clabaugh about
th o-dlnance. Superintendent Waring of
the gas company waa again on th stand.
He testified It required five, cubic feet of gaa
per hour to lllumlnat th entire mantel
In a Welsbach burner. Thla la th amount
called for in th con.tra.rt. Waring said th
burner waa adjusted to hum flva fset of
gaa per hour at th mlnlroum presaur
and when tha pressure mas high, .he said,
th lamp, would burn mor gaa than th
contract amount. Deputy City Attorney
Dunn on cross examination aought to show
the gas pressure -eould be - manipulated
from the gaa plant, but Mr, Waring said
thla could be done pnly by causing con
siderable trouble to other customers.
Yoath . Whom Dee a ' Peei-aer Teek
from Javeatt tear Coa
fesaea (a ttealla;.
Ed SJorrlion, it .scar of sue, waa ar
rested about 10 oclikk ' Tuesday Mght at
his home, lia North Nineteenth atreet,
charged with stealing quantlty of har
nesa from th EMprussnleii' pellvery eom
pany. He confessed Wfjdofxlay morning
In police court. . ' ... J "
Tha arrest of Morrison was ' mad by
Officer Mitchell and Sullivan,' with th
two apfctal'rallwgy officers.' Alofrison con
fessed to having stolen a ten-pound bog of
candy from a freight- car , on .March t5.
This confession lj-d .to g lescch. of tli
premises and tha stolen baraess was found,
lonlson alao cnnfeskng to that theft,
Toung Morriaon wss nc-ently befor th
juvenile uiurt for suiua misdemeanor and
had bees paroled to Key. Q. A, . Beecher,
dean of Trinity 4-ajkerlral. Dean' Beecher
waa at the city Jail .Wednesday morning
to look afUs tl case. "The young 4jlprit
will be held fir furtW htsrliig.