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Attorney General Decline to Jt Up
on Expreis Companies.
Railway romnluln to Consider the
Qaestloa of Making; Rrdartltiia
In Nebraska Hrhrdalra
a Eil Ming;.
(From a Staff Cbirespandrnt.)
LINCOUN. Ni-b., March 23. (Special.)
Attorney General Thompson has refused to
consent to the dismissal of a ault flirt In
the Lancaster county court to penalise
express, companies for falling; to report
certain Information, Including; the salaries
of express company officer, to the (Mate
Railway commission. Attorney Brecken
rldir of Omaha asked the attorney general
to permit the dismissal-of the eases, and
untested that the companies and the state
had something mora Important to litigate.
.The attorney general In response decline
to secede, and aaya the express eompanlea
have defied the law and their action haa
been both exasperating and reprehensible.
' Rat Hearing Resins.
Railway Com rnlssloner Wlnnett- will
leave tonight for New York to meet Deputy
Attorney General W. B. Rose, and both
will be present at the taking of depositions
by expres companies. The testimony Is
to be used by the companies In their In
junction suit In the federal court of Ne
braska to restrain the enforcement of the
Blb'.ey express rate law. Commissioner
Wlnnett will therefore not be present to
morrow when the first general hearing on
rates Is to be started by the railway com
mission. Representatives from moat of the
larger towns will attend the hearing to
present rliwi of shippers and commercial
clubs. Many railway men will also be
present. Tomorrow the hearing will be
confined as much as possible to the ques
tion of local distance tariffs. The hearing
la expected to last many days, and the
commission will take considerable time to
determine whether or not changea shall be
made In rates and on what basis rates
shall be baaed.
Employes Wish to Protest.
The proposal of the railway com
mission to hold a hoarlng tomorrow on
freight rate haa atlrred up tha employer
of rallroada In Nebraska and a proteat was
received today by the commission from
F. M. Ryan, a Burlington engineer of Lin
coln, who represents a Joint committee ap
pointed by railroad employes. Mr. Ryan
wss accompanied on hla mission by F. II.
Crosby, a Rurllneton conductor. - They ask
that a hearing bo held at which railway
amninves shall bo' siven an opportunity to
protest against reduction of rates. It Is
their Intention to notify all railway em
ployes In tho state to be present. The com
mission aet no date, but announced that a
hearing would be granted before final action
la taken on rates.
fttadler Weald Make Statu.
Xavler Ptadler of Omaha, who carved the
figure nn the sables of the Burlington
depot and the galleries of the Young Men'a
Christian association building in umanj,
lias Informed the Abraham Lincoln Monu
ment association that he will carve a monu
ment and - ulace it on the state house
grounds for J1S.000. He desires to use the
Tennessee marble block that lay on the
state house grounds.
Mast Give Bills of Lading;.
The railway commission, after consider
ing a rdniplriffrf ' of- creamery eompanlea.
has decided to Issuo an order requiring all
transportation companies to give bills of
lading or receipts for all goods offered for
shipment, the receipts to bo given on do
mand of. the shipper. The order, when
Issued, will apply to "empties" as well
as other consignments.
Veterinary Board Appolata.
Dr. J. 8. Anderson or Seward has been
reappointed secretary of the state board of
veterinary medicine and surgery for a term
o fthree years. Dr.. H. Jensen of Weeping
Water has been appointed secretary to fill
The back is the raainsprinjr oi
woman's organism. It quickly calla
attention to trouble by aching. It
tolls, with other symptoms, Buch as
nervousness, headache, pains in the
loins, weight in the lower part of
the body, that a woman's feminine
organism needs immediate attention.
In such caws the one sure remedy
which speedily removes the cause,
and restores the feminine organism
to a healthy, normal condition is
Ch Mrs. Will Young, of 6 Columbia
& Ave, Rockland, Me, says :
" I waa troubled for a long time with
dreadful backaches and a paia la my
aide, and was miserable in every way.
I doctored until I waa discouraged and
thought I would never get welL I read
what Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable
Compound had done for other and
decided to try it after taking three
bottles I can truly say that I never felt
to well in my life.''
Mrs. Augustus Lyon, of East Earl,
Pa, writes to Mrs. Pinkham:
" I had very severe backaches, and
pressing-down pains. I eouid not aleep,
and had no appetite. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound cured me
and made me feel like a new woman."
For thirty years Lydia K. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousands of
women who have been troubled with,
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodio pains, backache, flat bearing-down
feelir.g, flatulency, indies
tion,diuincss,or nervous prootraUun.
' ' ;'i m. "1,"..?: ...
a racatry caused by the death of Pr. H. L.
Ramacclotto of Omaha.
Nebraska Towns Getting Heady for
Coming- l,ral Election.
BUTTON. Neb., March 2S.-"peclal.)
Button haa two ticket -In tha field this
election. Cltlsens, high license: Mayor,
M. J. McDermott; clerk, J. B. 8cott; treas
urer, J. G. Orless; engineer, H. Newnham:
police Judge, F. M. Brown; councllmen.
First ward, William Reuter; Second ward.
August Ochsner; Board of Education, H.
Ilelna, C. Rath, II. M. Hanson. Temper
ance ticket: Mayor, Aahley Bennett;
clerk, 8. Carney, Jr.; treasurer, J. O. Orless;
police Judge, K. P. Burnett; engineer, J.
Longspeth; Board of Education, Fred
Hanke. P. H. Bchwab. C. Rath.
LINWOOD, Nb.. March . (Special.)
Not for many year ha there been so
much Interest In our spring election. On
Saturday evening, March 21. the voter met
In a citizens' caucus. The successful nomi
nees for trustees were William Husenethe,
Ed E. B. Mattlaon, winning by two to one
over their competitors.
CENTRAL CITY, Neb.. March 23.-(Bpe-
clal.) The anti-saloon caucus placed a full
ticket In the field for the various city
offices. The meeting was organized with
J. C. Martin as chairman and Albert Fitch
as secretary. The following' nominations
were made: Mayor, William Miller; clerk.
C. F. Newmyer; treasurer, J. Allen Rich
ards; engineer, B. W. Benson; councllmen,
Charlea Eatough, O. D. Burke and, O. C.
Agnew; members of the school board, J. E.
Benton and A. Fouts. Aatde from the
saloon fight, which Is settled by direct vote
this year, on of the main contest at the
city election 1 for the position of city
treasurer, candidate being put forward
upon the baal of which bank they will
make the depository for the city's fund.
At the caucu a resolution was adopted
recommending this contest be avoided In
the future, expressing the opinion that the
city treasurer should aa nearly as practic
able deposit the funds equally among the
three banks of the city.
GOTHENBURG, Neb., March 22. (Spe
cial.) The people's caucus last evening
nominated the following ticket, a large
number of the leading business men being
present: Dr. W. J. Blrkofer, mayor; Cal
W. Williams, clerk; T. L. Carroll, treaa
urer; Dr. W. J. Bartholmew and Harry
William. Jr., councllmen Second ward; Rolf
Johnson and Pete Edwald, councllmen First
ward;George Back, engineer; Judge Scott,
police Judge. The candidate will obey the
verdict of voters on the license' question.
Antl-SaJoon Leaejae r'lnds Whisky In
His Store ana Will Proaecate.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., March 23.-Bpe-clol
Telegram.) Last night the Anti-Saloon
league caused arrests to be made of Dr.
Nicholas McCabe, mayor of this city, and
Josephine Owens,, proprietor ef a house of
111 repute. Complaint was also filed against
Lizzie Gaunt for running a house of this
character. Premises of the three places
were searched and considerable liquor was
taken from the mayor' drug store. A
caae of beer was also secured at the place
of Lizzie Gaunt, but she herself had flown.
The largest amount was secured at Mayor
McCabe' drug tore, where a barrel, ev
eral keg, Jug and bottle more or less
filled with liquor of different kinds were
secured. Mayor McCabe is charged on
eight counts with selling liquor without a
license. The other parties are charged with
selling liquor and running houses ef pros
titution. . )
New Minister at Central City.
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., March 23.-(8pe-clal.)
Two churche of this city, which
have been without pastors for several
months, are now assured that the calls
which they have extended have been ac
cepted, and their pulpits will be occupted
by regular ministers before many more
weeks have elapsed. The Episcopalians ex
tended a call a few week ago to Rev. Fred
erick Taylor, who waa formerly engaged
In missionary work In Alaska, but has
lately been lecturing over the country. Rev.
Mr. Taylor haa this week accepted the call,
but writes that he cannot come here to
take up the work before Eaater. In the
meantime regular services every Sunday
evening are conducted by Rev. Mr. Arthur
of Grand Island, and every fourth Sunday
In the month Rev. Mr. Caah of Albion con
ducts both morning and evening service.
The Friend have extended a call to iRev.
Mr. Perry of Whlttler, Cal.. and thl call
ha Just been accepted. Rev. Mr. Perry
waa formerly paator of the church here,
going from her to California, He expects
to take up the work here again the first
wek in Juna.
Elopers Begalna; Forgiveness.
GRAND ISLAND. March 23. (Special.)
The two young couple who eloped from
Alda about a week ago have been located.
They are near Cheyenne and Sheriff Dun
kel haa gone out after them. Mr. and Mr.
Calnon, the parent of one of the young
girls, have also received a letter from their
daughter signing herself Carrie WUllam.
It Is expected that th young people will
return and that th best possible will be
made out of th matter. Mr. Calnon I
quite Incensed at th condition prevailing
in Alda. It la a small village seven mile
west of here. Gambling, It I slated, goe
on at nearly all places where men can
assemble and there 1 no recourse to the
local authorities, complainant having to
apply to the county authorities at Grand
Island, Instead of the township officers,
before they can set anything done. Men
pretending to b called t regulate people
In other parts of the county , are blind to
the conditions rtght at home.
Beatrice Teachers Banqnet.
BEATRICE. Nob., March 2J (Special.)
Th city teacher and th member of th
Board of Education and their wive en-
Joyed a banquet Saturduy evening In th
basement of the Christian church. There
were seventy-six guests present and toast
were responded to as follows: F. R. Beers,
toastmaater. "The Ideal Child;" "My Child
hood Days," Prof. C. A. Puttner; "Tom
and Hi Teacher," i. T. Harden; "Will
Power ve. Won't Power," Mlas Emma
Marty; "The Laying On of Hands," Miss
Ruth Moore; "To Your Health." Miss Wll
helmson. Miss Anna Day, county superin
tendent, and L. E. Mumford, formerly
principal of the high school, responded to
brief remark. The spirit of good cheer
and sociability which prevailed at this ban
quet was what the promoter really desired.
Banker te Meet la Hastlaa;.
HASTINGS. Neb., March O. (Special.)
Group No. 4 of the Nebraska Bankers' as
sociation will hold Its third successive
meeting In this city on May a Announce
ment of th time and place for the meet
ing haa been made by President Carson
Hlldreth of Franklin, who addressed a note"
to each member of the group, asking for
an expression of preference aa to the place
of meeting, and received replies which were
almoat unanimous In favor of Hastings.
Deposit Insurance and currency legislation
will be the principal matters for discussion
at the meeting. Tho , group , comprises
seventeen counties, from, the west line of
th state to th east line of Cl and
Nuckolls counties, and contain about It
When you have anything to sell, adver
tise It la Th Be Want Ad Column.
Eev. F. A, Miller Assaulted on Street
by Utica Men.
Insaltlngr I.ana-naa-e Said te Have
Been Used In Pnlnlt I ResenfSSi
by Men, Wh Give the
Preacher Drabble.
UTICA, Neb,, March . (Special.) Be
cause Rev. F. A. Miller of Lincoln, who
la holding revival meetings here, said In a
sermon to the women last Friday afternoon,
that those who belonged to the "Kensington
club" were member of an Indecent or
ganization, he took a terrible whipping on
the main street of the town at noon today,
E. L. Hurburt. a grain buyer, administering
the first blow, after which more than a
dozen took a hand In beating the minister.
Miller ha beerl holding meeting at th
Presbyterian church. Several of the meet
ings have been for women only. He Is said
to have Insulted the women a number of
times by Insinuating that they were com
pletely wrong and grossly negligent In their
church and social life. Friday afternoon,
after his meeting for "women only," the
town was agog with the talk of the Insult
t the Kensington club, an organization
which has for Its member the best women
of the village. Men and boy attempted to
give the evangelist a shower of eggs which
had seen better day Friday evening, but he
waa escorted to the home of Rev. F. W.
liorlmer, pastor of the church, by those who
sympathised with the evangelist and minis
ter. It was given out that Rev. Mr. Miller
would preach a public apology to the women
Sunday and retract his remarks about the
Kensington club.
In the hope of hearing the apology, ' a
large number attended the meetings Sun
day who had not been attracted to th
church before. ' But here wa no apology,
either from the evangelist or the pastor of
the church. Talk of the- Insult was still
heated Monday and the men were Incensed
by the failure of the minister to make good
and apologize from his pulpit.
It wa shortly before noon when the
minister walked unattended down the main
street of Utica. Mr. Hulburt started to
ward the evangelist followed by a score.
So closely did the men crowd about Rey.
Mr. Miller that It waa difficult to tell who
struck the first blow. The minister was
badly , beaten, a number taking advantage
of the opportunity to strike him, artfl he
waa battered about from one side of the
ring to another
After the assault tha minister of the
town held a meeting. It is "said warrants
will be Issued Tuesday for the arrest of
three of the leading business men of the
city, Including Hulburt, charging them with
Travelers Elect Oflcers.
BEATRICE, Neb., March 28. (Special.)
At the annual meeting of Beatrice council
No. 79, United Commercial Traveler of
America, these officer were elected: J. E.
Wallln, senior counselor; A. T. Tart, Junior
counselor; F. D. Owen, past counselor;
M. N. Barnea, secretary-treasurer ; J.
Dukeslaw, conductor; Charlea Gardner,
page; A. J. Oakes, sentin C. M. Cruncle
ton and E. Schembeck, executive commit
tee. E. E. Abbott and F. D. Owen were
chosen delegatea to the grand council, to
be held at Norfolk. Netb, on May 15 and 16,
and C. M. Cruncleton and W. C. Brook
alternate. (The local "council ha a mem
bership of seventy-eirht and 1 In a
flourishing condition.
Beatrice Man Killed.
BEATRICE, Neb., March 2S. (Special
Telea-ram.) W. H. Hllbourn today re
ceived a telegram from McKee Rock, Pa1
stating that hi brother Herbert Frank
Hllbourn, who left eBatrlce eight year
ago, was killed In an explosion at that
place. Particulars of the accident are
lacking. Mr. Hllbourn was employed with
a steel bridge company at Des Moines,
la., and It 1 thought he was sent to Mc
ees Rock, to do some work for the com
pany. Mr. Hllbourn waa 86 year of age
and unmarried. He was formerly em
ployed as night clerk at the Paddock hotel
In this city. Th remain will be interred
at Red Oak, la., the old home of the de
ceased. Nebraska New Note.
Y ORK Building contractor report that
up to thl time the contract already let
for buslnea buildings and residences la
over S126.0U0. . .
YORK -t County Superintendent Alice
Florer 1 conducting teachers' examination
and a large number of York county school
teaehera are In attendance.
YORK Th funeral of John Tood was
held yesterday from the residence eaat of
York at 2:90 p. m. The funeral waa con
ducted, by the Ms son of York.
HASTINGS The Law and Order league
haa Issued a call for a mass convention
tomorrow to nominate high license candi
dates for the council. Nominees for the
chool board will also be named.
GRAND ISLAND In the high school
Oratorical contest Walter Rauert won the
honors and will represent Grand Island In
the district contest to be held her the
first week In April.
YORK Sportsmen report good hunting
on the Platte. Yesterday C. C. Peterson
and Fred Gunlach returned from a hunt
at Shelton. Each brought ten geese and
sixteen ducks, the limit hunters are al
lowed to take home wlqh them.
WAYNE General James B. Weaver of
Iowa addressed an audience of 600 people
at the opera house here last night on the
temperance question In behalf of the anti
saloon league. The speaker was given
close attention throughout the evening.
PA PILLION The Union Pariflc freight
train going west was delayed two hour
yesterday morning by the trucks becom
ing loosened on a freight car loaded with
merchandise for San Francisco. All traina
were delayed about two hour. The boxes
were all taken out and the car pried off the
YORK Tom Curran of the York Blank
Book company, one of York' newest Indus
tries, secured by assistance of the Pork
Commercial club, reports a very nice busi
ness over the state and that the new com
pany ha raptured a large number of the
county printing and blank book contract
YORK The F2ks of York hsve organised
and Incorporated an Elks' Building com
pany and have Issued something like 130.040
worth ef stock of par value of 6100 per
share. This stock is being rapidly sub
scribed for and when all subscriptions are
taken and paid for the Elk propose to
erect one of the largest and best three
story Elk buildings In the west.
CENTRAL CITY The brick store build
ing on the eaat aide of Market triangle haa
been purchased thla week by W. T. Morris.
The building waa formerly owned by J.
R. Ratcllff and waa occupied by Riddle-
There 8 cheer in a cup cf
piping hot Postunx served
with good cream, and no
headache in the combination.
Clean, hard wheat in
eluding the bran-coat with
its natural phosphate of pot
ash for rebuilding brain and
nerve cells is used in mak
ing Postum, and no coffee or
other harmful substances
enters into its manufacture.
"There's a Eeason."
mnuer Sons' paper and paint establish
ment. Mr. Morris la the proprietor of a
local hardware store and will probably
move hla hardware stock Into hi recent
HABTINOS Tha funeral of L. X Caprs,
deputy Internal revenue collector, who
died Raturday morning waa conducted thl
afternoon by Rev. C. W. Wayer of the
Presbyterian ehurrh. The pall hearera
were M. A- Hartigan, George Tlbbets,
W. P. McCreary. John Stevens. J. W.
James and John M, Ragan. The Adams
County Bar association met this morning
and appointed a committee to draft reso
lutions or respect ror Mr. Capps.
CENTRAL CITY The local Commercial
club haa decided to go after the Union
Pacific railroad and Induce It, If possible,
to rescind Its order compelling all passen
ger on westbound train to get on and
off the rare on th north side of the track.
At the last meeting of the club a resolu
tion wa adopted setting forth the disad
vantage and hardship Impoaed upon
passenger by thl regulation, and re
questing the railroad to change It. The
club will take the matter up at once with
Superintendent Ware.
WAHOO Wahoo High chool defeated
Columbus High school Friday In the first
of the series of Nebraska Interstate high
school debater. The question was. "Re
solved, That the Federal Government
Fhould Own and Operate the Railways."
The affirmative wss unheld bv James
Bpauldlng, Blanche Rogers and Arthur
Anderson of Wahoo: the neaatlve bv
George Reeder. Heme Babcock and Paul
Koen of Columbus. The Judges were D. F.
Denlson of Omaha and Profs. Maverv and
Peralnger of the University of Nebraska,
CENTRAL CITY-Wednesday. April ,
has been selected as the date for holding
the Central City Commercial club banquet
thl year. The banquet will be held In
Cuddtngton halt, aa usual, and a banquet
committee has been appointed, consisting
of Ov. D. Burke. I. 8. Tyndale, J. H. Wlth
row, B. B. Hart and James Henderson,
and they have been empowered to provide
the program and arrange for all the detalla.
An endeavor will be made to secure the
best speakers In the state for the occa
sion and elaborate arrangement are being
made for the menu and other appoint
Qaalnt and Carton Features ef Life
. In a Rapidly Growing
' Stat.
Like "How do you think I'd look." asked
Norfolk woman, "skating Into the dining
room on roller, carrying a dish of oup?"
Norfolk Naw.
Why Did He? "Billy." who deal out
ugar at Wescott, Gibbon Bragfe. In
Oomstock. went to Arcadia today (Sunday).
Dry Valley Dust, Custer County Beacon.
Yet Nehawka Ha One Governor, On
Congressman and a Champion Fruit
Grower The editor of the Nehawka Regis
ter haa given up the Idea of boosting that
town and think It Impossible to get the
people there to ever wake up enough to
get out of the cow-pasture class. Ne
braska City Press.
Fake Nailed For years we have held th
opinion that Missouri Pacific passeViger con
ductor were without sentiment and some
time heartless, but now we know that they
have large heart filled with love and
human kindness. When a conductor will
top a train 100 yard from the depot to
wait until a young lady can catch up and
kiss her brother goodby. a one did thl
week. It ahow rare courtesy. Weeping
Water Republican. ,
Happy Hunter The duck hooter have
our sympathy. Not because they do not
get ducks enough, but because of the hsp
plness that hour of sleep bring In th
morning. It Is a fact that Louis Moraveo
and Dale Wood have been getting up at
6 o'clock In the morning and rubbing the
leep out of their eye hastening out Into
the cold and cruel world for the last two
weeka. We have had mor fun dreaming
of the duck we did not shoot. St. Paul
Republican.. - 4..-- , , .
Among other evidences that spring ha
arrived, or at least that the first section
1 here and the rest of the train In sight,
la the appearance of the horse shoe with
men hanging to them, on the street cor
ner. Horse shoe and quoit and ping
pong and dominoes and some other thing
are very tnteteatlng games for children
and have been known to keep the little
tot out of mischief for hour at a time,
but to see men line up day after day with
nothing else to do but to pitch horse shoes
say boys. It don't look bad to put In an
afternoon once In a while at that delectable
and beneficial exercise, hut don't do It
every day. Go home and beat the car
pets, clean up the yard, rock the baby or
do something, anything. It might be more
profitable and It look vastly more enter
prising to go fishing or most any other
old thing. But of all the thing on earth
that don't amount to anything, pitching
horse shoe take th ribbon. My son, cut
It out. Osceola Records
Bnlldlna-s Over Two Sterle Mnat Be
Se Constructed If Wlthnell
Ordinance Passes.
Two new ordinance affecting th con
struction of public or office building and
also th usa of the street underground,
will be presented to the council Tuesday
Jeff W. Bedford, president pro tern of th
council, I drawing up an ordinance pro
viding for th payment of one-half of 1 per
cent of the assessed valuation of adjacent
property for use of areaway. coal chute,
tor room, cellar, or anything of th
sort which occupy apace beneath the aide-
walk or th street. The statement I mad
that nearly every large store and offlc
building In the city use th apac under
the sidewalks for the storage of coal and
by the aaaeasment of this small tax tha city
treasury will be Jielped out considerably.
Charlea H. Wlthnell, city building inspec
tor, 1 drawing up another ordinance to pro
hibit the erection of any public, office er
store building In tha business district of
more than two stories In height unleaa con
structed of fire-proof material. Mr. Wlth
nell say he expect a fight from owner
and contractor on hla new ordinance, but
nevertheless believe th council "will lok
at th matter a he doe and pas It with
out equivocation.
Orsraa Recital.
A rare treat I In store for music lover
who attend Edwin H. Lemare's organ re
cital at the First Baptist church, Thurs
day evening next Mr. Lemare ranka aa
one of the greatest organists in the world.
Some say he Is the greatest. The pro
gram, which wa In the Sunday paper, I
a moat interesting one. Mr. Lemare will
Improvise on given theme. Seat at
Schmoller dc Mueller' boxofflc.
Wsnsa Kills Self and Children.
FALL RIVER. Han., March 23.-With a
crucifix In her right hand and with a
roaery hanging from her arm, Mra. Florida
Terrien, aged 26 years, and her -y ear-old
daughter, Mary, and t months' old boy,
Joseph, were found dead In the kitchen of
their home early today by the woman's
husband, Joseph Terrien. The coroner said,
after an examination, that the woman had
killed herself and the two children with
illuminating gaa. Two gas Jeta end the
cocks of the gaa etove in th room Were
turned on. lira. Tertian had been In good
health, but It la thought that family care
had unbalanced her mind.
Ten Per Cent Cat Posted.
NEW BEDFORD. Mas. March 23.-
Notioea of a wag reduction averaging 10
per cent were posted In all th cotton cloth
mill In th city today. Th yarn mill
which ar outald the New Bedford Cotton
Manufacturer' association will. It la un
derstood, take similar action. About 22.MD
operatives will be affeoted, U.uuU In th
eiutn nail ana t,vuw ia in yarn nulls.
Harriman Traffic Director Kot
- Alarmed Orer .Timet,
Comae te Omaha to Join Oflrlala la
Ara-nment Before State Rail
- read Commission. en
Dlataaee Rate.
J. C Stubba, head of th traffio depart
ment of the Harriman line, arrived In
Omaha Monday morning and will go to
Lincoln Tuesday to attend the meeting of
the Nebraska Railway commlaaton when
the question of the advisability of putting
In distance tariff in Nebraska will be
considered. The commission had consid
ered the Idea of taking up thla question,
but P. A. Caldwell of Edgar foresaw the
action and filed an application with th
commission asking that It show cause why
such ratea could not be Installed In Ne
braska. Mr. Caldwell claim h want the freight
rate of Nebraaka put entirely on a dis
tance basis without any reference to large
cities, basing point and any Industry which
might at present exist. Iowa Is at present
the only state In the union which has It
ratea on an absolute distance basis.
Railroad men of Omaha were in confer
ence all day Monday considering what ac
tion to take at Lincoln Tuesday. Many of
tha amaller towns of the state are pulling
Tor the distance tariff under the impres
sion that It will glv them a better chance
to have manufacturing Industrie In their
own town. '
B. J. McVann, ecretary of the Omaha
Grain exchange, and J. M. Guild, commit
sloner of the Commercial club, will attend
the meeting In the Interest of the Interest
they represent.
Conntry All Rich.
"This country of our 1 air right," aald
J. Stubbs, who did hot look aa though
the care of thousands Of men wa on hi
shoulder a he walked up the atreet In
a new gray ult. "The people have confi
dence In the country, there Is plenty of
money here and It Is only a matter of time
until they go to spending it again. The
merchant are simply holding; back and
letting their stock run down to the lowest
point on which they can do business, but
the things will change and when they do
start to buy they will have to buy heavy
and business will open up with a rush.
It may go a little slow for some time, but
there Is no doubt of Its returning."
Mr. Stubbs said that he had simply come
to Omaha to attend the meeting at Lincoln
and that there waa absolutely no other
significance In his visit at this time.
An laly Gash
should be covered with clean bandage sat
urated with Bucklen' Arnica Salve. Heal
burns, wounds, sores, plies. Sc. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
The Smoke Damagre
at the A. Hospe Co.', 1513 Douglas street,
retail store from the Jewel theater fire
Saturday was not as great aa first ap
peared. The stock Is only slightly damaged
by smoke only and Is now being cleanaed
and will be placed on sale Wednesday
morning at smoke sale price. Be Tuesday
evening' paper.
Green Property of Twenty-Fone Acre
Offered Conntr . Board
for 1 6,000.
The Board of County Commissioners Sat
urday will discuss the matter of a, detention
home, and members of th vuritlng board
to the home are Invited to appear and
give their idea on the subject. .
At a meeting of-JUie commissioner Mon
day afternoon. Commissioner Ure Intro
duced the subject by moving that at least
ten acres of ground be bought for the pro
nnuvi home, it was his idea that suffi
cient ground be secured on which to keep
a couple of cows, plonty or cnickens ana
lot of hog.
The board was offered what Is known as
the Green property, twenty-four acres,
near Rlvervlew park, on which there ia a
large brick building, for $16,000. It was
figured this could be altered to ult for
about 15.000. Commissioner Brunlng
favored erecting the detention home on
the ground at the poor farm
In the matter of the alteration at the
court house, William Maler had the lowest
bid for putting in the toilet rom and lav
oratories, for $1,014. and Johnson-Rowe-Daly
the lowest bid for the plumbing.
11,268, and' these firm will be awarded
the contracts.
No definite action wa taken In the mat
ter of publishing the resolution submitting
tha court house bond proposition, the
county clerk being Instructed to wait for
further lnatructlon. It wa reported to
th board that the city council la liable
to submit a $6,000,000 power canal bond
proposition at the earn time, and the com
missioners, If this Is done, may decide to
postpone the court house proposition until
later In the summer.
Btop There on Your Next Trip
to New York.
There la very reason " why you
should top at Hotel St. Regl on
your next trip to New York.' If you
have followed 'the erie of ketche
appearing In thla paper for the paat few
weeka, you have learned a few of these
reason. But there ar many attractive
features about thl moat complete of ho
tels which cannot be conveyed to the
mind by fine phraae or by th multipli
cation of adjectlvea. To fully appreciate
the transcendent comforts and beauties
of Hotel St. Regis, one must personally
enjoy them.
Perhapa you have had it in mind to
do thl but have been deterred becau
of false Impression gained from read
ing certain sensational stories about the
cost of living at the at. Regis. These
reports, redlculoua a they wer mis
leading, have doubtle kept many per
son for making the St. Regl tbelr
home when In New York, and thereby
robbed them of a vaat amount of com
fort and pleasure.
Many of th limited number who
once gave credence to these sensational
reports have long since proven their
falsity by actual experience hav
found, aa you will find, that at th
St. Regl on get more for hi money
than anywhere else in the world, and
that considering the excellence of serv
ice and accomodation. neither res
taurant nor room rate ar higher than
at any other hlgh-claa hotela. In fact, a
large, light, well-furnished room may
be had. for $4 a day, or th aam with
bath in connection for $6 ($6 for two
people), or a parlor, bedroom and bath
for $11. A wa remarked at th out
set, "there 1 every reaaon why you
should stop at th BL Reft on. your
nxt trip to Naw Tort
Six days of good temper in every
box of Cascarets. Six days when
you feel at your best; no head
ache, no dullness. Are they worth
ten cents?
It ia (oily to talk of the "laxative habit"
The habit lies in eating the wrong sort of food, and too much
of it. And in getting too little exerciae.
While you do that, you must give the necessary help to th
bowels in some other way.
Else there is always a penalty.
Here is the way to avoid it:
Est coarae food in moderation. Est plenty of fruit, many green
vegetables. Drink no alcohol. Wslk ten miles per day.
Those are Nature's ways (or keeping the bowels active.
The next best way is Cascarets.
Cascarets, better than anything else, supply the place of laxa
tive foods and of exerciae.
They do whst right living would do. And they do it just as
gently, just as naturally. They are vegetable.
You'll need them just as long as you live in-doors, and eat rich
foods; and no longer.'
Take them as you take food when you need it Carry a box
in your pocket and take one Cascaret at a time. That's better thsn
to suffer aand wsit
Caecareta ar candy tableta. They ar sold bv sll druggist, but never la
bulk. Be ur yoo get the genuine, with CCC oa every tablet. The price ia
umo, mo ana
Ten Cents
Sta"eeiwetw ne-imra
net or guilty is fly ytara la th
lie rwur -( ru
! S4f
efS M I - . J t i C i
in y.c
Jnl-BtatesT. Th KVlw that! toiItoSLr,iWln d5r V Is 5-t0 fK
llicountlni 'XfnoiAlojjAut kerix ihrshVuld b glvn,
n hond..rfft;f rr n itnJS.T.. 1..: I 1 ,wlht as you balls r It la entitled te
hn the nroceer.oit.tha not. -Jik.iA.Vv"w
To California
by Tourist Car
A Common Sense way to go. Economical and
Comfortable. The Rock Island offers (aster service
than any other southern route.
The more you know about "Rock Island Tourist
. Cars the more you will realize why thousands oi
'well-to-do people travel that way.
' "
Booklet about California and Rock Island service on request.
Very low rates dsily during March ana April. One-way "Colo
; aist " tickets honored in Tourist Sleepers on payment of berth rate.
Lei me tell you about the very low cos: of th!c spring trip.
F". F. Rutherford
Division Passenger Agent
1323 Furnam St.. OMAHA, NER.
a'-H ..... w JhCrlaVmg uch bote to b
t)Loind unsecured T It so he has oonv
slued UI offanses harg4 in th .Ipdict-
Druggists or confectioners
Can be provided with electric driven apparatus for pro
ducing aerated water charged water and refrigerat
ing machines for keeping fountains cold. Both can be
driven with Email motors at a small cost. With such
an installation you are entirely freed from c-i lnce
on the manufacturer and the ice company.
Omaha Eloctrlc
Light & Power Co.
Tel. Doug. 1062
Y. M. C. A. Building.
jy - : HM-'
. sample Latest Model "Ranrnr" htryrU fumUKcd by u. Our a
Bttking montr f Alt.
Writ I
NUHUKEV REDIKKU until rou racetve indapprove oi your bicycle. V.stile
lo snyoue, anywhere in the U.S. without a ant Jtfotit 10 advance, rv frtizU, and
allow 1 )LH 1AV4' FKKITXJUAl.duiui which time rounuy nd th. bajcle and
p it back
it Wa
at ona
to $i middlemen's pro hla br
behind your tacycla.
at fjr rac until you receive our catalotruea and warn oar uahcevid oi Jtutery
trie and rtmarkmiU W rra to rider sVfreota.
fam fries wa caa ntaka you this year. We m11 the highest rntfi bicycles tor leas moivry
than mv other factor. We are satiahed with li .oo mot it above factory coat.
MMfc" V 1
B1CYCUC 11 Al.fc rU4 you
our prices, iiraers uueu ua
U 11 AND lUt YtJLKH.
lly hava a number oo hand Ukao fa
tsruisT from Bb j to BsH
. whtt!, lmport
5 V tutu
v a 1 hiiTPiuue equipment ot au sunos ai tuuj m imsnu rtu fru$,
mm iiEcsETHonn puncTonE-ppxo? n as
' ana mm m e mm m m m mm intiaa a mmrm 0 m r mitl
V ' J Th regular rttail pria ot tka lira it
fa JO ftr pair, tut lo intratuc aw wilt
ttllyouutamtupatrio9tMStmunoraer -xj.
NAJL8, Taos er Gleaa will not le th
atr out. Sixty thousand pair sold last year.
Over two hundred, ihouaana paira now ia ute.
BFMaitlPTiaMt Made In all sixes. It U lively
andemayrulinif.vcivdui.blcand lined Inside with
a snecial Quality of rubber, which never becotnea
porouaand which cloaca up amall punctures without allow.
in the air lan.ite. W. have hundred, of letters (rota ealU-
ficdcuaU) me r stating that their Urea hav.only been pumped '
uponceortwiccina whole acurm. They weiph no more than
au ordinal- tire, the ouncturc reauu ins qualities beine Kivca .
toy aeveral layer of thin, specially prepared fabric ua the 1
tread. TberegularpriceofthraeUrtaUfi joper pair. but (ur
.Hu.rilMti.mnw.wMrf makine . aoecial lacturv
the rider 3 only U-bo per pair. A.U orders shipped same day etter is received. We ship C. O. D. on
approval. You do not pay a cent until you have examined and found them strictly aa represented.
We will allow a eaah dleoount of 5 per cent (thereby making the price 4.0n per pair) if you
Send IfLLL. CA8U VVI1U OxtUbft and encluae this advertisement. V. will also send oa
nickel plated brass hand pump. Tires lo be returned St Oljtt esueiu if for any reaaon they ar
not MU(actory ou examination. Wt arc perfectly reliable and luouey sent to ua is as safe as in a
bank.. If you order a pair of theM tires, yoa will find that they will rid easier, run faster,
wear better, laat longer aud look finer than any tir you have ever used or aera ai any price. W
know that you will b o well pleased that when you want a bicycle you will give us your order.
V want you to send us a trial order at once, hem thl. remarkable tir. offer.
aw ars-srra Tfnro doot buy any kind at any prk-e until you SvWd lor pa Vet
IF YOU tiLtts I ML. ttedgetburu Vuucture-Proof tun oa siproval and trim, at
th Special introductory price quoted above; or write tor our big Tire and bunitry Catalogue woick
dcAcAoc. and uuocca .U luakc aoi klDo. ol tire al about half the uHal prH-r.
rmtr If rr but write us a ptmal today. It NOC TUINk UV BVT1NO a biryrla
VU I4UI YWfisi ore pair of tires from anyone until you know the new and wuaucrful
afflcr we ar mak lug, it ouly cou a poaUtl to learn cvcrytlonc. Write U NOW.
per Box
he statue ca such?
Ishr- nr.nfra I
the ether cfrauiratne ma.
5&!lntvh ,ftL prov.i
v" Tulltv.1
are wrongfully!
"In datermld
haft the crlmhwU lntent to thlur or defraud!
US bank as chargaJ.oulvlU tak lata earn
and dittrict to
rule una exhibit
went vrjhr tut
ftdl iwf.W.n iAa-iaV at
If vuu ar then not oerfactlv aUatirtKMi or do not wti to
to u t our expense) and jwt mV nA W imt om ctnt.
furnish th hi hral rraufa bicvcLca il ia DOaUibL to bum
fmall profit above actual factory cost.
rrfit aLsava actual lacturw coat. Yoa save ftio
buvinr direct ot l and haw tha niantrfacturer'i tfuar-
IH tiuT BUY a bicycla or a pair oi tires from nyons
caa sell our Ucyvlaa audav your own atiae iUt at
cuy reccivea.
Wa do IK
not rwrularr hatvfla eerond hand Mtrvclea. btat
trade by our Chicago retail store. These we clear out
nr BIO. 1 ras-rt iti v Ka
roilinr ctusfu and peUsvla pana, repairs and
Wotlee the thl ok rubber tra4
"A" and pnuuture atrip "
and "U,1 also rtm .trip "11"
to prevf ic sua oatting. xuia
tire will outiaat an otnor
nmk.-e.OFT. KjLAellU
KAs X tilULSa.
Drice to
tea of th. - v viJ,",C
r r
' Is
MMM mm fe
Ouh-.Snd rare'wronitfulirl ' f,'
I Tn ,i . , . ! ,1 Z. XT. 1L.
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