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    The Omaha Daily Bee
vnu xxxvii-no. 10.:.
Corernor fh.ldon Confer With Bu
reau of Animal Industry.
But Federal Authoritiei Would Pat
San on All Cattle.
Only Tortr Countie of Nebrv'cAre ;
Now Quarantined.
A Igeroma (inpllK Wsmld lim,
Oat Plerae ef (alllr and Pat
(tlr Oa mn Eqwal
Fool lac.'
After a conference testing several hours
between Governor Sheldon and federal In
spector at the South Omaha stock yard.
!n mhich the quarantine and Inspection
lams virf discussed with the relation of
federal and state authority, it was decided
to postpone the making of any agreement
for lomt time..
. The fedrrsl aut hori'.ie- Insist that if they
take a hand Ihe quarantine for eesbh ej
must b extended to cover the entire state.
Governor rhrldon hesitates 10 make audi
an agreement, believing an Injury mould
be storked on the csttl raisers of eastern
Nehraska. The Mofkmtn believe hemic
rfforta should be made to (tump the disease
fm-n the farms and ranpi of Neb-ska
arid the qusramina llftad from all count!-.
Governor George 1. SlaHdon arrived In
South Omaha at J.JK p. m. yesterday after
noon for the conference with alorkroen.
men-inne ef the livestock exchsngc and
pn-trnmnit officials of le Bureau of
Antmsl Induatry. He merit with A. T.
Btrykrr. Dr. Clark of DenveT. Everett
Buckingham of tha CnWn Ctockysrds tira
pry, and R. C. How of Armour and Com
pany -for lunch at the Exchange dining
hall. Here he stated that hit trip con
cerned only a discussion of the quarantine
conditions and that aa Mr. Rryn had
scald miulr a commander of the volunteers
It n suffering with "military lockjaw."
lie would not talk.
T.u'.ch over, the conference mas held in
ll.i rfficva 'it ih aecretary of the Live
Stock exchange. rr. Clark repr-earnled the
govern Kent, and be atated clearly the dif
ferences In the attitude of the atate and
tha federal authorities, In any atate whers
case of scabbles exist the tede-rl au
thorities Insist that the quarantine ahall
be extended to oover the whole atate be
fore Ihe federal government will authorise
Its lne;ertrs to iaaue bills of health for
east tie shipped aa deal red under the fo
ri rwc 4 (-"-operative plan. By a tacit agTre
xnent will) the Inspcctori fn the part a
division waa made through tha state from
O'Neill and Broken Bow southward. Eaet
eof Uila lioe cattle wera allowed to ha
hipped as clean cattle without f itrthe
Inspection. T'.K-ae .cattle want lnla the
cImd i.!.tuv f Tk local yards -at enoe.
Tixii cattle cat nf this Mna iniended for
foflth Omaha and to be sold as fe'.era
aU went to the (juaranilne divlaloe
m'hether 4iir(l or not. Tills was moat
prejudicial to the prices which such ani
mals from the west could command. At
the same time, cattle from this section
cf tha state when billed to SL Joaeph,
Kanaas City cr Btoux City ca'.ne under
yevrrnment Inspection and could be billed
ut clean and s-o lirto a clean dlvialon of
the yarda and therefor command tha best
price obtainable. Tha g-overmnent inspect
ors had no authority over the cattle billed
ts t! local market. Bo It was neceaaary
to establish the co-operative scheme be
fore could he obvlfited.
Fa4 An Miort.
The back hone of the difforencea at pres
ent Is simply the lack of funds snd In-pec-UM
to properly conduct the Inspec
tion. There are ('.ahteen csvernmont in
spectors In Nebraska, with no money to
Jy for tithers until further appropria
tions sis apportioned to Nebraska terrl
tory. The t-tala appropriation Is only I7.5M.
which la lK't ciiijuxh to pay the salary of
StHte Vettrl'.iailan McKIm and the postal
exeidtture of his office. Tha hands of
the aivrroor are therefore tied In the
Bifct'er. It la estimated that the conatant
er U e 'jf flf y Jiie would lie rieeensitry to
firtiprrjy iuypect the stute if the quaran
tine aaa extended. Governor Sheldon
ohoivtil u deep and iwmplete knowledge of
ti situation and great willingneas tu do
II lie cwuld. He nuked Hie advice of T.
V. alcpliemori and the other vtocVmen aa
tu whether It waa oeat to extend the quar
antine over tha entire state and make shift
to ge along mlth the prrwnl Inadequate
tdspectkm. Mr. McPlicrson replied.
Tftiat Is the only way we cen secure the
assistance of the government, but I cannot
evdvise you to do It. I'eioVr the preaent ar-rs-turement
only forty counties .re injured,
fcut tf the quarantine is extended bf f ore
the lnspec-tiou can be properly made then
11 cattle In the state would be injured
All the etisteru h)pK'ia would hesitate to
pat r OB ie Onial.a If thrlr rattle should,
through laiK of iuapectioii, lie. sent to the
ttuarantlne dlvlrion of the luca.1 j arda "
It mas oa this point that the governor
t'Ssltalod. W hile lie said lie deaired above
gll tlittigs tlie co-opetfctKn of the govern
fuent In the matter, yet lie ecu Id forewe
great hard&litp to the euwteru aeitlon by
go iainicdiate xteiiAion nl the m l- r ai . t i in..
et te tlw Neget latluaa.
"Ort the othrt hand," sUd the itovernot,
'I hesitate Very nun li to cloe otti- nego
tlaltons with the government, for I realize
that tf II once refuae the p'e-tu-Hiil of
oo-operatlon It miN le harder to secure
when e iaH to open the qurslto-.i avin.
I anticipate this mould be at a very rally
A final settlement of thr quint ion maa
de;errd for a metk. so thai an nvckiiga
tio of the prcveleiu-e of s-tu, In the
eastern aectkxi cr, iht be made to iihow the
neceatfly of the rxtenalou of the qjatui
ttne. If it is found list thr a bole mate 1
Infec ted no great object ion m ill he raised
10 li cxtenaioo. On the other hand, if
the eastern part la free M u likely that
the governor will rt-.ake aa effort tu scoure
other arratujrments.
staaap Oal the Otae-aa.
T. B. Mi P:,f mm maa of Hie opinl.ui Hut
tha or tlie slate should resort t
liaroic DKana tu ktaixip out the divae. to
t t.o qtirantiue might be completely raited.
"The truchle la man stixkmen do nut
' it.e I'm ttnuWe to propor'y dip tlieu cul-l'-
e ' M;aiati lug diaeei. Bnl v he.i
l ' v ru 1 s-ahby itille they manl
: " j shipping them m Ihtv tfcey
a-ivaau. t iiiterH t-teaa ln-rd and hurt u
tCt-atrouca oa Second 1 ae )
Hlraar, Jaamarr 2, !.
19GS tltlxm 1D0S
ST: ,vr,y 7T7L ffta 7FL' T?J ST
" -tr -r 2 34
5 0 Z 8 own
12 13 15 16 1Z IS
19 20 21 22 23 21 25
26 2Z 23 29 30 31 -r
nut riMAiit. coi nciu Fi.i rrs and
'1'IMTV fair and continued cold
l or N-hraFka Wednerda v generally fair,
continued cold.
l'Vr loma enera!lv fair and colder In
MmihcaKl portirn VVednadav.
,Tenn-rature at Omaha jesterdsy:
Hour. Peg.
I s . m
s. m .V
7 a. m in
t. a. m V
a. in 17
1" a. m 1
11 s. m 14
li m IK
1 p. in 1R
U p. in 1
3 p. m IT
4 p. ni 17
h p. ro IK
p. m 1ft
7 p. m IS
p. m 1J
p. m 12
m 3
1 I
Fire In oil tanks st fort Harford. Oal..
entlanRcrs lrfe and latge amount of prop
erty. Pag.. j
Unemployed men smarm to Tarrytnwn
to take advantage of Rockfeller's offer to
put them to work. ragm 1
Former Governor Beckham loses an
other vote for senator and his opponents
prophesy hi defeat, rag's 1
Representative McGavin in the national
house condemns the marriage of Ameri
can girls to foreign tttW-d persons.
Par 1
TV. J. Bryan, at Washington, says the
Individual has more rights under the law
than the corporation Pag- 1
President Mitchell acain declares he
m ill not accept a position at the hands of
the I'nited Mine Workers. Faff- 2
Trial of the Pennsylvania capitol fraud
cases continues at Harrlsbtug. Pagm 1
Fourth annual convention of American
Breeders' association convenes in Wash
ington, mlth Secretary of Agriculture
Wilson presiding. 'Mm 1
Taking of testimony in Thaw case has
been completed and ' arguments m ill be
gin today. page 8
Reciprocity agreement under the Ding
ley law has been completed and signed
between United States and Prance.
Page a
New York's health commissioner has
completed his plans for a campaign
against tuberculosis. Fagm a
Government officials complete plans
for the largest United States army depot
in the country at San Francisco. Pags l
Foreign Minister Hayasht announces
that negotiations mlth L'nited States and
Canada arm proceeding satisfactorily.
French government is sustained in a
vole on the Morocco situation. Pagw 1
fienator C. A. Sibley haa filed his ootn
rlalnt against the Burlington road, al
leging grain rates are too hlgn and aak
lrg for t IS per cent reduction. Page S
Leslie R. Clay of Ansley, a young
farmer, haa disappeared follomlng a seri
ous Injury. Pagm.a
Present Indications no successor m-lll be
chosen Saturday to Klroer Steplienson.
collector of internal revenue. Delegation
has another fight to settle over method
of dividing patronage. Pago 1
After selecting Lincoln as the nevt
meeting place, the eleventh session of the
Nebraska Conference on Charities and
Correct iona adjourned the most successful
meeting in Its history Tuesday afternoon.
Page a
Omaha Corn Show association com
pleted organisation with G. TV. Wattles
as president and C. C. Rosemster, chair
man of the executive committee. Vice
President P. O. Holden of the National
Corn association pledges full support.
Pagm s
Commercial club of Omaha lias a sur
plus of tl.I't In the treasury after pay
ing IS. 700 of bonds during the year of
ISO". Committees for the coming year
named by Chairman Kuclid Martin.
Par a
President Rootseirlt is doing much to
save the ranges by insisting on forent
preserves and retaining the snow on the
mountain tops, according to TV. F. Cody,
mho visits Omaha on his may to Nem
York to join his famous shom-s. which
are coming to Omaha this year.
Pag a
A fat lit among the democrats on Mayor
",11m" Hahlman snd State Committeeman
Rogers has developed, and an effort m-l'l
be made to keep Rogers at home, aay
wiitit democrats. Page a
Commercial aad Industrial.
1-ivr slock Markets. Page T
Grain markets. Pag T
Stmks and bondr. Page T
MOvzxzjrTS op oceajt aTZAacsaupB.
rr. xrnvea. salleo.
' NSW TORK rihr
Ft' efc oer Goaaae
M' Vdkk St Imii
I tuisTos oaeluibiaa ...
1 KfTTKHPAIl ...Eatuma
Avrmrnr ntrtitia ....
NTWLK.P Valeriana
GENOA rnuini Ireni
' CHtkHiH Sfl ...
I Ht:STE .
. Hf.KM&'a'
Fin tan
f ni)ktMfiufc.
r-LTMOf.TH ....g. r. (fIie
Tea olainBS of Water F.laded by Oat
eaip la rnuist alf
rmUAl.KI.rillA. Jan. -Ten water
spimtf. encountered In the gulf stream, im-pi-iied
the passage of the Normegutn etcam
stup Cecilia, mr.lch has arrived hare from
Cartagena by may of Turks Island. The
Ce.-!Ha mas off the Carolina last Friday
Ik the hurricajie mhlcJi brought death and
destruction tJocg the coast. I
In the make of the hurricane came tha!
maurrspouia. TiiS sise of the first brought j
terror to tlie rr.w. The laptain evaded the I
siut only to place the tease) In the track
of aiK,thr. From port to starboard, over
a course extending fixe nnies, u,e 'ev.ta j
mas st jtred . uu:il ten huge matirspuuta:
mere tlyd-.-d. '
" lepsile -alain it iv ;
HIn tu Hararra my Mi-mag 1
f'.M' li?. Ju'i. 11. The debate on i:ie mu-r-pei.ition
reg.ivnig Morocco uas ooticl'jded
in t'ie t! tt iiai a) today T!.e nia
joiity in tavor of sustaimuv; i..e jxiiS-y of
ti" gov. hum M lu Slufocnx maa US, ti.e
v .a t-ti s iS to KJ.
ICr. JicTrarin Denouncei Sacrifice of
Women on Altar of Snobbery.
Day "steat I -a rarely a (.ernerml Oelmte
hrawlis Omt ef Ike t rg
gresit Iie-gclrmcr
TTAPHINGTON. Jan. JR. National poli
tics. International marriages and govern
ment expenditures formed the themes of
dvcusston in the house today. Incidentally.
It maa the longest sitting of the house this
session. The urgent deficiency bill was
lip for consideration, but In several in
stances It mas ignored under the license of
general debate. The presence of W illiam
J. Bryan tn the lobby ef 1he house fur
nished inspiration to Mr. Wallace of Arkan
sas for a vigorous speech in which, while
sdmitting that .Mr. Bryan had made mis
takes and had been charged with talking
too much, be said that tha Nebrsskan was
worthy ef the honor and suffrage of all
tha states.
international marriages of American heir
esses to titled foreigners were denounced
by Mr. McGavin of Illinois. His remarks
evoked applause and laughter.
No amendments ef any consequence were
made to the urgent deficiency bill, and it
m-aa still pending when the house at B:1S
p. m adjourned.
MrGaria oa Titled Marriage.
In the house Representative McGavin
(111.) attacked the custom of American heir
esses marrying European neblemen. Derfsr
Ing that he had no particular person in
view, he asserted "That women are sacri
ficing their souls and their honor on the
altar of snobbery and vice."
lie asserted that almost every day there
is a bajgain day in New Turk "mhere yom
can buy anything from a yard of ribbon to
a pound of flesh."
Mr. McGavin mas speaking on the bill of
his colleague, Mr. Sabaih. to tax all dom
eries and Wiled husbands. His remarks
m-ere made under the license of general de
bate and at times thry prevoked laughter
and applause.
The house, he stUd, was in committee of
the whole on the stale of the union, but
he manted to knew what tha state of th
union mas and what it was coming to, "in
view of these international unions betm-een
American heiresses snd alleged nobilities
from abroad."
sksrk la Ploseen,
He wondered mhat the early pioneera
mould think and say If from their graves
thry could look back and see so many of
the momen of this country "sacrificing
their souls and honor upon the altar of
snobbery and vice." He expressly stated
that he had reference to no particular
American girl nor had he prejudice against
all titlea, but he referred "only to those
mho have a monocle on their eyes and an
Idiotic look upon their faces those who
have neither the disposition to do good nor
the ability to do harm."
Mr. McGavin said his curiosity liad been
aroused to know the right committor to
which the bill should have gone, but he
had heard that it had properly gone to the
committee on ways and means because it
sought to le7 a tax. And thea he said he
mas curious to know mhether the present
tariff schedule Included dukes, earls, lords
and counts "and finding that these things
m-ere not here mentioned, I thought it
mlgli be proper for the customs officials to
classify them like frog leps, as poultry,
for It is a general opinion among Americans
that they are a species of geese."
Trade far utility.
Mr. McGavin said the United States tri
umphantly had referred to the fact that as
betmeen it and other na'tions the balance of
trade was in Its favor, "but," he said
"nowhere in the summary can be found a
reference to such trade as that In which
soiled and frayed nobility is exchanged for
a fern- million American dollars wrung from
the lambs of Wall street, m-ith a woman
thrown in to boot."
Every day, lie declared, seemed to be a
bargain day In Nem- York City, "ml-.etlier
it be for a yard of,rihhon or a pound of
flesh; mhether it be upon the retail counter
of Broads-ay, or the auciion block of
Fifth avenue.
In these days, he said, meajthy American
girls traveling abroad m hen they see some
remnant of royalty, exclaim: "Oh: mama
buy me that! An inteiprrter is secured, a
bargain is made, the money is produced and
the glii is gone soon to return a sadder but
a miser one."
In conclusion Mr. MeGuvin said:
"While I have engaged In some criticism
of those particular ones mho have made a
mockery of he most sacred relations of
life of those not satisfied m-ith, any other
name but "Countess Spaghetti" or "Coun
tess Macaroni." I mant to say one mord
in tribute to those true American momen
who have spumed the miles of earls, lords
snd counts for the love of his majesty, an
American ritisrn.' "
Federal Authorities Take HeMalte
steps to eerar elte Near
Sam Fraarlars.
PAN" FRANCISCO,' Jan. ?.-Tt-.e Ex
aminer today ssys that the federnl au
thorities have taken definite step to se
cure a site here for tlie biggest United
States army depot m the rountry. It is
io lie located on ps.rtof U t existing army
reeervaiion at Fort Muni end then run
northerly on land at present submerged.
This submerged land is omned by the Iore
family of this city and Mra. Hermann
Oelrlcha and her sister, Mrs. William K.
Vanderbllt. jr., of New York.
The land is to lie condemned in the
Uniied States circuit court. Assistant
I'nited States District Attorney Clark per
fected a suit for that purpose yesterday.
Congress hts already appropriated (:,!MKi,uO
to pay for the site and filling in the sub
merged section. Outside the price of the
condemned land the depot, miih its many
buildings and mhsrvea. is to coat fully
Secretary Km! aad Aaahasaadar Jaa
eraad Maa A tree meat I alrr
Dlagley Act.
WASHINGTON, Jaa. Secretary Root
and Ambasssdor Juaserand today st-n-d
the Franco-American reciprocity arrange
ment dram n under sectlos I cf tha DIngley
at l. TTie agreement Concedes to Prance
an i.hatement of 3 per cent In the duties
o:i champagne and sparkling mines lm
poned into America. For Its part the
French goernment confirms trs minimum
tariff rate no a- accorded lo American
products. J"tows.o:is aia aleo luair fo.
tbe atipoictiuer.t of a commission of thre
men-Per oa each side lo consider and re
port upna puasibl amendments to the ex
isting trade regulations ia hoth raaoe aa4
ArurijiV lu faiilitalo exchange.
F.islMlTea at Prt Marford r.artaager
l.lfe i Hmesi Property te
strmyed. PAN LUTS OBTFPO, Cel.. Jan. 2R.-Two
tanks of the Standard Oil company st Port
Harford caught ftre today frhin the heat of
the burning 11 tn a tank belonging to the
Union Oil company, mhich was struck by
lightning yesterday, tine of the Siandard
company's tanks Is nearlf filled mith oil
and Is being emptied Into sn oil schooner
st the whsrf. The other tank, which wms
nearly empty, has exploded. The oil 1
floming into the water and the mhole
town of Port Harford Is threatened. Clouds
of smoke fill the mstrtn horlxon of this
The Port Harford mhsrf is en fire, ac
cording to a telephone message from Avlla.
two mtles from the port. Pacific coast
railway trains cannot reach the port owing
to several landslides. The Hotel Marie at
the wharf Is In danger and In all proba
bility will be destroyed. Several schooners
ere lying tn to take all x of the people
aboard In case the port is doomed.
F?vrry svajlahle mesne for Bonding aid Is
being solicited snd several msgonlosds of
men left here this morning to render sid.
Pherirf McWadden mss telephoned for and
departed after giving Instructions to his
deputy to stand ready to render whatcveV
aid he may call for.
Four of the nrne tanks at Port Harford
are afire and it la apparent that the
others are doomed. Tlie oil has spread over
the maters and for more than half a mils
square Is burning.
Twenty men on a burning tank barely
escaped before the tank exploded. The.
families of employes of the oil companies,
housed In dose proximity to the tanks,
abandoned their ho-nes and. scsntfty clad,
rushed to the surrounding hills, as the
other tanks caught Jtre at t:l& o'clock this
morning. No Injuries have been reported.
ew York Csamlsaloarr Take steps
to Pre vr at gpread f the
Whit Plakarme.
ALBANY, N. Y.. Jan. 28Dr. Eugene H.
Porter, state oommtastoner of health, and
his advisory board, named recently to aid
the department in dealing with the ravages
of tuberculosis, have agreed upon a plan,
of campaign. The advisory hoard Is made
up of ripens on tubercurosls The plan
was summarised by Dr. Porter last night
in his address before a meeting here under
the auspices of the State Charities Aid as
sociation In co-operation mlth the state de
partment of health, in Its state campaign
for the prevention of tuberculosis.
Dr. Porter announced that a Wll will be
Introduced in tlie legislature making manda
tory reglatratlon and notification of all
cases of tuberculosis through the state. The
state department of health, Ir. Porter
said, "must insist upon the registration of
all casea of tuberculosis. It is absolutely
essentia that tha location and distribution
of these cases be known in order tiiat pro
per measures may be taken for their in
struction and relief.
The department should investigate the"
conditions existing in any given part or
parts of the state; should provide for the
wlda distribution of circulars, pamphlets
and other Ilterarure h a ring on tha preven
tion ,pf the disease Tiuld enlist the press,
tha clergy, the school teachers, the farmers'
Institutes and grange meetings and furnish
them with literature and speakers; should
instruct health officers and health boards
as to their specifir duties; should ascertain
hew the various tomns and localities in the
state, m-ere performing each its part and
should do these things constantly."
In-. Porter made an appeal to the legis
lature for sufficient funds to meet the needs
for the compalgn.
toairallna of I n I ted -Miae Workers
laferraed He Ueslres lo
Take Real.
1NIIANA101.JS, lnd.. Jan. a.-The con
tention of the United Mine Workers of
America today unanimously voted Presi
dent Mitchell six months' pay and all ex
penses. Including medical attendance.
Propositions sent to the resolutions com
mittee to employ Mr. Mitchell liter his re-tlremi-al
as president April 1 as counsel
at a salary of IS.Onn, to place him at the
head of a national educational board to
m-ork In cor'iertion with the national ex
ecutive board and to levy a iier capita ;ax
of from 111 cents to to cents m-ere reported alter Mr. Mitchell hsd been
consulted 4 nd had refused to accept any
of Hum. Mr. Mitchell ha:i announced his
intention to tak a long vacation lo cti
liesicr to ret-over his health.
Resolutions presented by the soc lallsis
mire promptly voted dom-n today. The
mere eIiihIhi to those presented to the con
vention ecrh year. A resolution to give
tlie Western Fcdrstion or Miners jurisdic
tion over all metalliferous miners and the
United Mine Workers Jurisdiction over all
ical miners maa favorably commented upon
and referred to a commission to be named
later to brine the mutter liefnre the na- I
I lions I ft i wiition of 1lie Western IViPtu- j
j tion. j
A resolution opis.Ring "govrrtui.enl by i
, i:Jui.i liun- mas dMcut-sed l.y Secretuiy
i ilsoi. ami several delegates. I
! Altvraey l.rarnl ttadlry Holds 1 bey
I Iso Not t nrae I Mder Paa-
I araaer t lata.
JEFFERSON CITY. Mo., Jan. .-Attorney
General Hadley today rendered an
opinion lo the Board or Railroad Commis
sioners holding that the lam pasted by
the last legitiature requiring railioais u
run one passenger nam each may daily
over all their l;n.s in the state does not
permit of running mixed trains in comply
ing milli the la', lie opinion hotjs t!:at
the .legislature divided trains !ni'i thre
clatses. passenger, mixed ar.d fre ght. Tiie
opinion mas requested offering the fac
that n any roads In Missouri re running
I only mixed trains instead of ja. iig. r
j trains on branch
Kansas t It) llnnse vt Nelson Uorrii
t'vaspaay Threatened With
Tola I Una! rnel lain.
KANSAS CITY. M i.. Jan. T). Nv,.
sob Morris I'scklng house In Ksnaas City,
Kan., is burning and total destruction is
threatened The plsnt Is next to tlie larg
est of Hi kind in the morld.
I.ankernra at K a nana City.
KANSAS rrry, Jan. 9l-Tw thousand
deonaiee mere in attendance tens tcaiiiy ai
t:- .p.ximg nrssion of I be twe ntieth annual
contention of ti Soutn western Lunbrr
toen's association, reade up of retail lum-l-r of M issoyrL, kaaaaa. HUahiMua
and Arkansas The moat Important tofc
lo be e1i unsd r rotiahly m 1.1 be tha Sues-
Many Delegate in Attendance on
Meeting at Washington.
Pewaatmeat trkaaea aad llortleal
tarlsts from Over the tatted
atate Coafer Oter
Mew Melhoda.
WASHINGTON. Jan. SR. A large number
of delegates assembled here today In at
tendance upon the fourth annual conven
tion of the American Preed4S' associa
tion. Tha association mill be in session
three days.
The object of tha asaodstion, mhose mem
bership embraces sclent if ic breeders to the
number of about l.WO, is t,he Improvement
of animal and plant life. The animal
breedeia are endeavoring to breed a better
class of horses, cows thst will yield better
mflk. etc.; while the plant breeders are
working for m-heat that will yield finer
flour and more of it, corn that will contain
more protein, plants that will resist blight
and the attacks of rust and smut, reresls
that mill flourish in spite of drouth, fruits
thst mill grow far north and flowers that
mill bloom all summer.
Tlie convention mas called to order by
Stcretary of Agriculture Wilson, president
ef the association, mho made an address.
At this morning's session reports of com
mittees on the subjects of animal and plant
production "Animal Hybridirlng," "Breed
ing for Dairy Production," "Breeding for
Meat Production," "Co-Operative Work on
Animal Breeding." "Co-Operativo Work In
Plant Breeding" were made. What prob
ably m-ill prove to be one of the most in
teresting reports will be that by David
Starr Jordan on "Eugenics, or the Science
of Improving Stock, Whether Hnman or
Animal." .
Addresses will be made by C. M. Winslow
of Brandon, Vt., on "Methods Used by the
Ayrshire Breeders' Association In Perfect
ing the Breed," "Methods Used by the
American Jersey Cattle Club in Perfecting
the Breed," by J. J. Hemingway of New
York City; "Methods Used by the Holstein
Frlesietn Association in Perfecting the
Breed," by F. L. Houghton of Brattleboro,
Vt., and "Breeding Hybrid Cattle," hy TV.
J. Kennedy of Ames, la.
Aaaerlnaaa Fleet Met by Sajmadrwa
froaa Araveatlae sued Karorted
llawi the CMat.
BUENOS AY RES. Jan. 28. Rear Admiral
Betbeder, the minister of marine, this aft
ernoon received the following radiogram
from Admiral Hlpoltta Oliva, mho is In
command of the Argentine squsdron or
dered to meet the American haltleshlpe and
escort them down the coast:
"A 7 o'clock on the morning of January 36
me had tlie first radiographic communica
tion mith the battleship Connecticut, flag
ship of Rear Admiral Evans, which we
joined at :3 o'clock at night. The Ar
gentine vessels escorted the American
squadron until 8: o'clock on January 17,
mhen flag salutes were exchanged with full
ceremonial. Having effected the salute, we
Tea do two run around thi squadron at a
speed of fourteen knots and then left the
American vessels about 125 miles from Mar
Del Plata.
"Rear Admiral Rvans asked me to trans
mit his I banks to the Argetlne government
for having sent the naval division to meet
the American squadron and begged me to
have transmitted to the government at
Washington the radiogram sent sepa
rately." The officsrs of the American torpedo boat
flotilla mho arrived hero Sunday from Rio
Janeiro were reooived today by President
Alcorta and the ministers of mar. marine
and foreign affaire. General Fraga, Admiral
Betbeder and Senor Zeballos. respectively.
President Alcorta spoke pleasantly to each
one of the officers, and to Lieutenant oCne.
mho is in command of the flotilla, he ex
pressed his great pleasure and satisfaction
in the visit to Argentina of the American
battleships. To these words of m-Jeome
Ljeutenant Cone made a suitable reply.
PUNTA ARENAS. Chile, Jan. . The
Chilean, cruiser Chacabucd1. with the i'nited
States minister, Mr. Hicks, and a number
of Chilean officials on board, arrived hero
last evening. The cruiser comes to mel
coine the American fleet of battleships lo
Chilean maters.
Forrla Minister Hayashl Tells Jaoa.
ese lHet that Krlalioas
Are Excellent.
TOKIO. Jan. .-Replying to InterpeUa
tlons in the lomer house of the Diet this
morning Foreign Minister Viscount Hay
sshi spoke at lergth on the foreign policy
of the gevernnient, including the negotia
tions mith America and Canada.
He announced that the Canadian ques
tion had been definitely aettled. He said
that the negotiations mith America mere
continuing and he mas unable to give any
details but maa able In announce that a
satisfactory settlement mas mithin sight.
Viscount Hayaslit said further that cer
tain negotiations mith Chins mere un
settled, pretaining to the Pmmin Tun-Fa-liiioin
railroad, regarding mhich a protest
had tieen presented oy China.
Vise,, nnt llayashi, continuing, aaid it mas
the duty of the central government to
conserve the inten-sta of Japanese subjoils.
residents in other countries, by preventing
a further t-xeUus of their country men. One
spieaker in reply said if China refused to
listen to resson, Japan should send a mili
tary torce ana compel It to do so. I
Vis-ojnt Hajashi laughingly turned the
tables upon the speaker by asking bun if
he mould guarantee the result of the ex
pedition. Th opposition did Dot develop
any special antagonism to the j overument's
policy concerning emigration.
Broasna Primary An Upheld hy Ohio'
srraie Tribunal In I
Two lose. j
t'(i.l MHI f, ).. Jan. St-.-The suprem-
emirt today affirmed I lie deciaion cf the!
commoa pleas rourt cf Franklin and Allen I
counties in tiie tmo cases brought to teat
tlie validity of the Kronson primary elec
tion lam. Tlie sulistanec of this Is that the
rourt holds the law to In valid.
The raae are not to tie reported, nor
does tlie court state In announcing Its de
cision the ground upon which the decision
i based. The decision makes tlie call of
state prtmarioa on February 11 regular.
Prosecutor Welly of Allen county said
aft. r tli decision was rendered that he
proposed to carry t be rase to the supreme
court of the Uniied States at once, and had
secured from the court tha right to pre
pare the entry ia tha case, wtt I that end
ia view.
Assistant n trehttevt Hasten Takes
taad at Itarrlsharat and
Idealtare riaaa.
HARRISBURG. Jan. SS.-Tho sppraisnee
of Stanford B. l-mls. actlye arslsiitnt of
Architect James M. Huston dining ti e con
struction and furnishing of the capitol as a
tineas for the commonwealth at the trial
of the capitol prosecutions in the Dauphin
county oourt today, tends to confirm the
rumor that Huston has sn understanding
with the common area It h and mill be one of
Its witnesses. Lrrnis mss cslled to identify
the plans and specif lest ions prepared by
Huston for the furnishings of the capitol
and also to explHln the "quantities plan'
tip mhich orders mere given at vsrious
times for furnishing. He mas cross ex
amined hy P. F. Rolhrrmel or counsel for
Sanderson snd mas on tlie stand mhen
court adjourned for the day. leis Is un
der Indictment on tm -n charges for conspi
racy 1n connection mlth the sllged capitol
frs uds.
Husion's brother. RcV. Samuel C. Huston,
csme here todsy from rhiladelphls. on s
subpoena Issued by the eommonmealth and
mill te calld as a mitness tomorrow. Ttie
architect is still here, bin mas not In court
today and mill probably stay away until he
ia called as a mitness. His attorneys mere
In court all day but took no active part In
the proceedings. Counsel for the common-m-ealth
sill decline lo disouss the sction of
the architect In asking for a sepsrate trial
or to say mhether he mill be a mitness for
the prosecution.
Toduy's sessions of court mere devoted
by the eommonmealth t,o laying the foun
dation of Its case. James Scharlct In his
opening address to the jury said the corn-tnonm-eaUh
expected to prove that the de
fendants. Contractor John H. Sanderson,
former Auditor Grncral William P. Snyder,
former Slate Treasurer William U Matthus
and James M. Shumakrr. former superin
tendent of grounds and buildings, conspired
to cheat and defraud the state In the pay
ment of the bills for the capitol furnish
ings. John 11 Stott. former secretary of the
Board or Public, Grounds and Buildings,
mho mas on thr stand for an hour under
examination by the eommonmealth, sefined
reluctant to identify certain plane and spec
ifications prepared by Huston. He could
not r.cognire them as having been seen
by Urn before. These plans mere In the
possession of the board, snd It appeared lo
'he prosecution that Stott as Its secretary
should have had access to and been famil
iar mith them. Stott was also examined
as to the official signatures to caplto! fur
nishing contracts In order to legally estab
lish them aa exhibits during the trial.
Kext tioveraor of State tn Be Selected
la Battle of Ballets In
NEW ORLEANS, la., Jan. IX.-The next
governor of Louisiana mill lie selected to
day In the democratic prhnay election.
There are tmo candidates. J. T. Sanders, st
present lieutenant governor, and Theodore
S. Wilkinson, a sugur planter. The slste
election mill be held next April. The pri
mary campaign has been the cause of a
special session of the leglslsture and of
two personal controversies betmeen promi
nent men in m-hlch the preUminarymteps of
the dueling code were resorted Vd" before
settletnert was reached. The special ses
sion of the legislature received rival reform
message from Governor iilanchard and
from Lieutenant Governor Sanders, the
latter having been communicated during
the governor's absence. Tlie combined re
sult of these proclamations on the eve of
election mas to place Louisiana mell up
among the leaders of southern states In
corporation reform legislation and lo save
the atate many thousands of dollars annu
ally by great reductions In the revenues of
certain polttk-al offices, principally the tax
Prohibition, the continuance of horse rac
ing and more stringent lams regulating
dealing in cotton futures are also among
the problems mith mhich this c ampaign haa
dealt, mithout, however, the dramlng of
sharply defined lines for or against tuch
Testimony ia MeDonad Case that De
fendant Ihonaht Msrk
of Gnerln.
CHICAGO. Jan. W.-Mrs. Avis Guerln.
the mife of the brother of Webster Guerin,
for mhose murder Mrs. Imra McDonald 1s
now on trial, mas on the mitness aland
throughout the greater part of today. Mrs.
Guerln maa the young muman of whom, it
is claimed by the fctatc, Mrs. McDonald
maa jealous. Since the murder she has
married Ardiibold Guerin. She testified
that Mrs. McDonald has accuaed her of
trying to min TYehsle-r Guerin away from
her, and declared that she could Dot do It
She also told of threats made by Mrs. Mc
Donald against the man mhom she aftcr-m-ards
The eross-cxsniit.ation of Mrs. Guerii.
mss exceeding severe and several times
Bretano Interfered to protect the witness
from mhat he considered improper ques-'
ti ons.
On redirect examination, Mr. Guerin de
scribed a supper at the home of Rm hard
i'.aiicl.aiii. Mi W.iriHii avenue, saving thai
Mrs. .Mcix.i.ahl - Vias loving Webster
nearly nil the time-."
"What do you mean by loving?'' asked
Ass'stai l Sta is Attorney It:t K nhouae.
"She had b'r arm around lnm and mas
kissing him a 'I the tune," ma the reply
A nattier tote train I iirurr
ernor aaal II I Claimed He
ia Realm.
FRANKFURT l.y.. Jan. i'S.-Former
Governor lic-ckhiini lit iniotlo r vote in to
days halbt for I'nited States senator,
t.-ik-r in joint scuioii. The 1. allot resulleU:
Beckham, iYJ, Bradley, ,'l , McCr-ary, J
Bu Td, 1; Rlai ktiiirti. 1; John It. Allen. S
KeDresen; alive Klair of ! j v im-i,.,, -i...
licretnfr re voted for B-c l.iini. c at-t hi 1
lallol for John I:. Ailer. of lxiiiion.
I.illliard and McKnight voted for Al
len. It is c'aired by those oniKised t.-
P.eikhum' clc-c'l-in that nlber votes mill!
have I. in i. aa has broken the ice.
trail caf I larmiilored Snaapi liana
oa Tarritoss In Her are
TVork on ("stale.
TARRYTQTVN. N. Y.. J tn. vi. Follom-int:
he announcement that John D. Rocke
feller had directed the superintendent c.T
his estate at Pocantico Ii,lls to give worr
on tha estate lo the Tarrytoan men win
are out of employment, an army of tin
unemployed, the largest ever seen In this
part of the state marched domn on the
estate yesterday. The superintendent de
clined to furntah woik fur any of the ap
pltcanta those who Uvs In Taxrytomi
er tn tho lmmediata violnlty ef tha naiaie.
No Certainty a Successor to Stephen
aon Will Be Chosen Saturday.
Method of Deciding on ratronage the
Tertinent Question Now.
0. W. Wattles Joins Nebraska Delega
tion Booming Postal Division.
Tlsiia secretaries Knot aad Tsft aad
Is l.ltrs Letter to Mai His
lrlnB Ills Trip treand
the Vorll.
( Fi mn a Staff Correspondent )
WAPHlNGTtiN, Jan. 'JS tSjieclai Trie,
gram. i It is no sure thing that a suc
cessor to Elmer H. Stephenson mill h
selected at the meeting of the Ncbrask
delegation mxt patiirday. In fart, the
chances are in favor of no sction snd sll
on sccounl of the development of the so
eslled "loms plsn" for the elisirll'ution of
patronage being fitted to the Ncbraaka
Already there 1s a storm brewing, for
the report of the committee on the plan,
consisting ef Senator Burkett, chairman;
Congressmen Norris snd Boyd. These ren
tlemen have had several meetings snd In
the main have agreed to the proposition
which they mill submit to the delegation
on Saturday for ratification, but sliojld
the report conlcmplate lhat the state bj
divided into dlstrlrls. along congressional
lines, snd really make the patronage Into
sixths, there mill lie the liveliest rom- Ne
braska has seen In its delegation in yrsrs.
It la contended hy members of the dcle
gstlon that the patronage of the slate has
been divided on north and south lines, the
rialte river being taken as the geographi
cal line, snd to frame up a charter, for
thst is m list the agreement really means,
contemplating each congressional dislria,
as a unit, m-ould create "confusion morse
confounded,"' In the opinion of those mho
are striving for a square deal.
Brown Don Fighting Colhe.
The situation tonight is more comp 1-c1e-d
thsn at any time during the con
troversy over 8tephenson's successor. Sen
ator Brom-n has awakened to a roallestlon
thai positions are won only by fighting
and he has put on bis fifihllng clothe.
Bromn evidently despises the mays of the
diplomat mho conceals his thoughts under
the guise of soft spoken m-ords and then
turns around and strikes rn-hen ycu are'
not looking.. He is aroused now to the
Importance of playing politics ss he rem'
it played at. the nation's capital and It
can be said in passing that he seems to
be acquiring the game pretty rapidly.
The back fire mlilch it mss expected
would be started upon niempere of- the
lawrr branch -ot congress front N-ehraaUr.
m-hen the people of the stale learned that
the entire republican delegation would he
expected to solve the cnllectorehlp prctlen
has commenced and at least two of the
delegation are beginning to mish that troy
had made the choice en. the first day
they. mere railed together. Until an agree
ment can be reached mhleli Is really a
Magna Charta of the delegation us to the
distribution of patronage 1t mill be futih
to select a successor to Slenhenron and
thai mill lie the first business taken up
by the delegation on next Saturday, with
the chances of an adjournment for further
consultation on the Nebraska plan ex
tremely bright.
Working for Postal Division.
GurJon TV. W.-ettles of Omaha spent an
extremely busy day mith member of the
Nebraska delegation before l'-aving for the
mcM. He had mith him at luncheon '.n
the house restaurant all the member of
the del gatirin mith the exception of Kln
kald. together m-ilh Congressmen Smith of
Council Bluffs. Llovd of Missouri and Mur-des-k
of Kansas, the Imo iHfter being mem
bers of the postoffii-e and post roads com
mittee. After luncheon several members of Mi
Nehiiaska eielegation. loaether mith Mr.
Watilei. and E. G. McGilton. called u'on
Sen onci Assistant Postmaster General Me
Cleary ami submitted reasons miry Omsha
should lie made a rail ay mail division
headquarters. Mr. HiKhooek mas spokes
man for Ihe delegation, and afier he had
outlined reasons why the bill mltlch he hag
introduced in the house, anil mliiili Sen
ator Brom-n has Introduced in the senate,
should l-ecome a law. Senator Itromn pre
sented s brief prepared bv Victor Ilose
mater in behalf of such division, mhleli
the assistant postmaster gepr.ial said
would lie given serious consideration. Ov -ing
to other business. Senator Imrkcit and
Represent utiv es ,1'ollard, Hltisha' and
Norris did lint accompany the rest of the
Nelrakaiis lo ihe posloffic-e building.
In reply to the presentation cif thr cas
for tiiiiaiin. Mr. MeClcary stated that he
minild have to look at the matter from the
puMoffp-e point of view and mould make a
rc-eonimeiuiai -oil on the bill later on.
Walllea Preparing for trip.
Up-ill the ceineiusion of Ms visit lo tlui
PoMof I ice department, Mr. Wattles, mho
la planning a tiip farourtd the m-orld. called
uiNin Se-er- tarv Root, mho gave Mm a apt -c-il
letter adilreased to cur reprc s ptativc-a
In foreign countries, and also from ftocr'
taiy Tall, mho prepared special letters to
representatives of lh army for us in Ilia
far east. Mr. Wattles cxtiect I i iil from
Saji Franclsro mi March Id. aoc ompauied
by lis mir.- and nwe, lb left tonight mlth
Ms nephew, B WViVa'tle. for tmiaha.
kail Vehraska I fear Tafl.
E. i Mi-Gnlon is in TVpshlr gton en bu
m, lieton the ,1 cut office. Today,
speekllig if the pollticsl Slluailnli in Ne-
!ca.-i.,i. lie s.iiil ihat a mhd Talt delega
tion mould be I-. rt from that stale, and
tl .it oe I ad evcty reason lo hop" that
ii lo Ko maler mciuld t one of the four
di 0 saies-at-larce- lu this hope Mr. at
1 1-i- e ni liuMMSi ic.illy eotieutred.
Tonight Mr. M;iltoit is the guest of
S rutor 1-al'Vlh tte af ciinner st his re si
de i lu ii,,- nortiimc stern M-ctlon of the
c ii
ladiaa l alter.
The piet-icleiit today norulnaled Tlionias
F. lain of Jerauld cuunty. South Dakuls.
to I Indian agent at I'.e Crotr Cieek
agency. This appointment la made oa the
rioiiiiueiiejrttion of Senator Klllredge. Mr.
laini mas formerly a rairoaj c eHiductor
Ai.ii mas in charge of the that tram thai
tver entered the town cf Kin.ualL
The Indian appropriation bill ha In ,-n
re ported tn Ihr bouse. But two piece of
general legislation are attempted in tills
till. T;. lummuiee and cou.mlat.uaar of
V ,