Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 27, 1908, Image 7

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CITV PHftPKBTV port mMs.
FX)R .SAI-E-KUthl-roooi irnxkm bouse,
with large barn. Pmckney St. ln-
5"ir,ll 1Vo"4'nd, la Brands. P-Mg.
Tel. . Douglas 54,. OA) Ml
-; lot 62x132; t.eteen pamam an)
Leavenworth.. Thorn Harney :.(.
(191 M426 27x
FOR QUICK result in selling r renting
your pnnjr f Her Hmn )rl tMU
Co, 3. Nawiilo Blk. itoih i-bon.
Q9) M17 F3
Elrht-TOcm hnut, rlcy wu?r. tti IXirxl.
Price, 82.100, yo rash. blanrr easy
lerma. Cart ysa best 1 b 1 1 Fred O.
F4.HH AJ1D 34 ACltl.40 FOR LE
FOR SALE 22K-arrr- ItrrprovrdNarm
I., ,..
1 .-I
V.- -.i.
innwan county. Mian.; fair nuilrtl
per rr for quirk sale. Address
Iewivllla. Minn. 20 M207 Six
. . . Tlfbraaka..
An Meal dairy, breeding or feeding farm
af 2K7 acrra; Joan U cornorat k limits of
Xorfolk, ht city tn northeast N-
branka Ita kMailon naka It admlrablr
adapted fnr purpoara named.
POII Black aandr loam; Wrl, liigh acc.
mid bottom kind, aultud ta corn aud other
av-Mitia and etMK:ially adapted for alfalla;
240 arres cullivated all fenced bnr-ttxht.
LartJ barn, cement, floor, city water,
alert rlo llht. laO-ton aiko In tionnaction;
hr hoiuHs wllh cock house in connection;
raaajia. blackamlth and carpenter etiof.
cattle ahda. corncriba. tool houFa, ale. All
biilldtnja have renvnt foundaltons; just
palataa. first claaa coaditlnn.
loc&tton, Improvcraenis, etc.. make tliis
f'irtii worth 1W per acre. t can bt bought
-,-r K2t0: It is U. a best baigaln In Uife
f.V" . AdJrtaa
Standard iStock Food Company,
(W-M144 3
Another Land Bargain
lt acres, k miles from Rood railroad
town, vnder cultivation, alfalfa, orchard,
windmill and tank, Onced and cro Ba
lanced, three-fourth mile to school. (u
neighborhood, very cheap at $18 per acre.
- BN and MI Brandcis
. 'i (J-M35i'
FOR -BARGAINH In weatern Nnbraaka
lands, -either improved cr unimproved,
aee B.-E. iiierer ft Co., Ill Fe building.
tJu MltJ ;k
1 will aell a -tivo-tlits interest In 4,000
i rea at ili timber land for r."0n. Thesa
lands hav., (,( u.Om) feet of fine nliit pins
lumrvr, well located. Land valuable aXitr
cu.lliig tlrn'KC. Tltia perfect. Addresa W.
i. Cooli, Lwmher cxciiaiiK njlkjlng. Port
land. Oteson.' UO.iMJtStfcb.lUs
: ! Tdxii.
' F "it X A 8 EXCURSION.
Tt I rilJAY, February 4. we run a. "car to
euir toiist of Texus. Iw rates for
trip. Bla; crowd .expecied. Join uh and
h e 'crops Krnwlng now. lnd still cIichp.
I.:;t puns guUitf . up. Call or addrou.
ienHs Land and immigration i'o.. fi n,,
1 I'll - I5-M4j7 27 !
M laeellan4a.
' '
Vi:tTf;RN "farm LANDS. '
Crop laincii'. plan; two Mops pays for
land. w!:irt- (l-e land U doubling in v.tlur.
', " tii-Oy.' UiaoOeix fiulldiug.
- - ' - iJOl MM-
tiD ACRrJB. Kurtia ')h'3 eounty; im
tn'orl. Inns. S!5.(no for n yrars I
ami H for a-yesi- j.rire tTTi per, aero, f
1"er svisller rnrm or Seuorsl Km-k. Wrlla
ho((o''.SIJitJiiipM. I t y Mtl -x t
l.fANM on Improved Omaha property.' i
O'Kccfa R. ii. :., l(Xl N Y. Life Hll,i. i
V ANTED City loans and warrant. W.
Farnani SnUDl it Co.. 1120 Fornam 8U
PRIVATE money to loan; no delays., J.
H. Sherwood, 6JS-617 Urandels Bids.
(22 1 M 181
NO DF.LAY. J. H. MITHEN, Sli2-3 18T
' ' - (22) M'JU
LOWEST RATES Bam la, Paxton Block.
' (H)-3j5
PRIVATE money to loan on Improved e-fal
state. W. ' P. Dodga & Co.. 1714 Far
Plm St. (22; ItA
1 810.000 mad promptly. - F. D. Wead.
Wa4 iitdg.. ULa and Far nam.
. ' (tt-M.t4JI
WAN' "7 " City loans. Peter Trust Co.
M0.n1 "O LOAN Payne Investment Co'
: ; (22 1 ;
.- At- - -
WANT;l-T Borrow 81.000. for one yar
. .u... . i.-.n p.ij. . vim pay unerai tn-
'rrt-al. . Uovd security.
Address A S12
WANTED T buy seoond-hand furniture,
raok.and' heating stoves, carpets, Uno
lejms, office furniture, old clothes and
ihi-ea. planoa, feathers, bed p'lllows, qu'Ts
and all kinds of tools; or will buy trie
furniture of your' bouse oomplete. The
highest price paid. Call tbe right man
Tel IXur 71. W6-M774 Feb I '
SECOND-HAND feed sacks. No amount
too liuge or too small. Wafuer, Si N. is.
CASH paid fot second-hand clothing, shoes,
etc. ! N. lta St. Tel. Red SsS
' ' to)-a
WANT t buy a took of general merchan
dise for cash. Must be cheap. O. W.
Y oudr-ard, Bayard. la.
(35)-M Feb. Ix
WANTED Hase burner, pearl v new.
I'ouglaa 61H, , t2i MSI x
STEAMER trunk and blanket. Address I)
cuff ( tmaba Hee. :fi) M2tJ 1'x
WANTED Ieek room immediately, attor
ney or real estate office preferred. Ad
ilreaa O 814 care Bee. -el Id 14 I7
OKNTLKMAN and daughter want two
furnished rejoins aiij board. cloe In, on
hill; terms must l naaoiiable. Aditreas
C tn-', B-e. V2ei M22S tin.
DAT WOMEN furnished free of chare..
Telephone Douala Uli. 127 i2
Yot Ntl man desires place to work for
board v-hlle going to echool. Bovlea col
lege. - Telephone Douglas 14. (27i asi
W ANTED Position to work, houaecleaning
and dlahwashlng; if you need Japanese,
write nie, pleaaa. K. Nakaahlma. T:3 S.
ttt St.. Ouuiha ij Ml 27x
rOSITlON wanted as manager or clerk. 11
yrfs experience in general and depart
stores; reasonable wgs; best of refer
ences, a worker. Box IM, Hubbard. Neb.
(SueceMor to Dr. H. U Rjusaosleta)
0ft BeaspMai, tSl Maaoa
Call Promptly Answered at All Hour.
d Vea.-See. (Sill,
Office rml 1Ues Hloim-. lnwa. January
25. I Scaled proposals, in triplicate, will
be received here unto 2 S-. in., standard
time. Monday. Feniary 14. 1, antt t ben
opened, for 'famiehliia; antt installing elec
tric wiring. eh-dTli luelrt fixtures, etc., wm-
rdete. m one double a-M Cuftta-n a quartern
ami Tr itoutnc arts Lieutenant a quarters
la Ha const meted at Fort I e Moines.
Iowa. InfnrmnMnn furnished on application
here. I'nltwl State rwfm right to ac--cpt
or reject anr or all propneala or parts
I hereof . Enveloirs . r-ontatniag proioals
should le endorsed. "Proposal for Elec
tric Wiring 4rficer!"Njuar1er.-' and ad
dressed Captain Jna. J. Boniface, Con-siruc-Ung
. j-iv2j-24v-s-r-ri-2j
t'aloa ParffJe,
a pm
a K0 pm
ain:lS am
a B:0u pm
9M rm
a l:4& pm
a hM pm
a 7:' am
b 1:40 pm
a 4:46 pm
M:4S pm
am. no pin
a S:2 pm
a (:2K pm
a :4a am
a -3 am
a a r" am
ali r"J6 pa
t:2l am
a 9:'t4 am
al:ib am
a l.'. pm
a :( am
a 6:40 pm
aK:2a am
a 6:40 pro
a 6 40 pm
b 6:40 pm
b 1 :35 pm
a 8:4 an
tlH pa
a I JO am
alias pm
al:H am
I Tha Orerland Limited. . a am
Atlar.tin Kxprrns
: 1 h OFTgon Kprra....a :W pni
f ha Uoa Ann I.lm....a12:aS pm
The Iwt Mail a S J- xm
The l'l.lna A Japan Mail a4:li0 pm
Cnlo-Chicaco Special... .a I?: 10 am
Peafe ft Btrmns't; IVral.b1Z:M pm
North riatto Ixval 7:C m
I hlpago A Nertb wea4er.
Clilcaro tajrllght. a 7:26 am
Bt. fiUl-ilinn. KxpreBa.a T:M am
Chicago Local all :39 am
6loux 'lty affaens;er...a ah
i utili a1 i-aaaenger a :jm ptn
, i4iIcbko Special a 6:"0 pin
Ft. l aul-Wlnn. L.ltnited fc.Zk pm.
Los Angales IJmiVod. .. .a . pm
Overland Umitea .aiO.'K? pm
Fast Wad
Hioux t'lty "Local....
Fast Mail
Twin tlty limited.,
Nirfo'k - Boneateel,
Ui.coln-Long I'lne..
Drat-'Wiiod . Uncol
...a i.M p:n
...a '.N pin
...a 1 M am
...b i Si) am
...a J:0 pm
....a C: pia
,...b S: ;n
...b 6 pm
t amper - Bhofhonl....
HMtlliifTS - Superior..
Fremont Alblort....
HlMMri PaelfU.
K. f. Ic St. 1. Kxp...
K. C. aV St. U. tjip...
a am
all: 14 pm
St. Louia Expt eac a J pm
6t. Ixuia lnoal (from
Council Klufls) a . am
EUmberry Ixxal tfrom
Council BluaTa).. t I ) pm
Chicago Mr-lted a S 00 am
Iowa Lacal a :0U am
lies Moinea Faaaaoger. .a 4.00 pm
Iowa Ixxal ,..bll:4Mm
Chicago (Estera Ex). .a 4 pra
Chicago Flyer a .o pea
Rocky Mountain L.'t d..all.U pm
Colo, and Cat C a paa
Okl, and Teaaa F.xn....a4:4 pm
tlllaala CcatraL
Chicago Express.. ..a 7:15 am
Minn. & Bt. Paul E..b7:lam
Chicago Limited ,.a 6:y) pm
Minn. Hi St. J-aul Ijntd.a :Su pm
lUiraaa Great Waatcrai.
6t. I'aul-Mlra-apoUs t3 pm
fct. Paut-MmnaapaHis...,. 1:m mm
Chicago Limited . pm
all:0e pm
a 4:30 pm
aJ2:3u pm
it S.ii p:t
a 1:15 pin
a 1.36 ant
a 2:fif am
tt:X pai
a l:ii pm
a 1:43 pm
a :aa pm
a :) am
a 1:34 am
T: am
11:J6 pm
Xl am
a .35 pm
Chlcaxo l-.xpresa i.jrnm
ChtcatiO Expresa.. pra
I hlcsgo, jHilwaaltew m t. Pa
Chic ac Colo. Special.
Cal & Ore. lixpreaa..
OvarUpd Llmucu
leny i-ovai
.a 7:25 am all:r0 pm
,u h:Im pm a 1:1a pan
.a t:a pm a ; am
.a s:u pui ail .uu ant
beare. Arrive. I
.a 4:J pan a :o pin
.a 4 is pm a 3:4a pm
.a 4.10 psi a 3:46 pm
all:! pm aW:14 pm
.a K:46 am a :10 pm
.a f:la tin a 6 lu pm
.0 1:4a pm al?:H pan
Dcnver tc California.
Northwest Special ...
Uiaok Hills ...
Nortliwest Express ..
Nibiasl.a points
Nebraska iCxpresa ...
Llucoin r-aat Mail
l.ine.-iin local
v s.'jo aw
Lincoln Local ,
Lincoln Locul
ochuyler - fr'lat :smoulh.b I: It) pm
liel'.ev u r Plattaniouth.a :W pm
Macltimouth-lowa .....ab :! am'
aio is m
a 7:M pm
bl0:J0 am
a xm am
b kVsoprn
t 1:2S im
Belle vue-Plattamouth
t ivnur Limited
...a 4:10 pm
7:40 am
I Chicago Special...
;hiniKo. Kxntvs..
ChiciK Flyer.....
Iowa Ixica!.;
11:45 pm
.A 3:5 pm a :30 am
...a :Va am41:30 am
I St. Louis Exptess
131. u-""- -:" - - ' - . wim
Kansas City & ?t. Joe.UV45 pm :Su lira
Kansas City &. 81. Joe..a :16 ara a :10 pta
Kat'.aa City 4c Bt. Joe.. a 4:4S pm
Ckicaaro, St. Paal. Mlaaeaaolis 4k
tave. Arrive.
Twin Cifr Xassenger b 8:30 am b .l pm
Sioux City Passenger. ..a 2:16 pm al0:,V) am
Fmr rsun Lacal o 3:45 am c 5:U pm
Mlaaaart Pact Be.
Auburn Local
b J:ii0 pra bll is am
a Dally." b Dally except Sunday, e Sun
day bnly. d Dally except Saturday. Dally
except Monday.
Xmiu 1.1ns of tha Atlantie.
Third Class Hates (in lxpressea:
.82S-&4. Chicago to Liverpool. 130.25, Chi
cago to Siandlnavla. $3S.25. Chicago to
Finland. 837.00, Ctilcago to Hamburg Bre.
men, Antwerp. Kootns reserved. Write
for information.
O. B. BSaTJAlEXXr, Qea. Ajrt.,
t3a So. Clark Bt.. tnooatr. HI
Remarkable Episode Im tke Life of
the Mother of General
ft. K. Lee.
The one hundred and first anniversay of
the birth of Robert E. Lee recalls the lit
tie known fact that he was born more
than a year after h'- mother had been
burled, furnishing to the world one of the
most astonishing cases of revivlscence on
General Lee'a mother was by no means
n entirely healthy woman, and the physi
cian at Stratford, Va.. the home of Henry
Lc (Light Horse Jlarry), was kept in
almost constant attendance. Mrs. Lee
Buffered from tatalepsy, and during a
prolonged trance she was pronounced
dead. The body .was jirepared for Inter
ment, and the morning of the third day
after her supposed death - the remains
were laid to rest In the family vault In
the graveyard of that pretty little Vir
ginia village.
While tle sexton was cleaning up and
arranging aome fresh flowerw to be placed
oil the casket, he haj'd faint voice as
though of someone calling fur assisl-ttm-e.
. -
Of rourxe the old man .as somewhat
alarmed, but as he had seen many years
of aervltc in the "city of the dead,"' he
did not leave the. vault- He lUte-ied
c:oely and the voice wa distinctly
heard again. :
Becoming satisfied that the'vol'.-e came
from within the casket lie at once set to
work and opened it, discovering that Mra.
Lee was alive. He then aummoncd as
sistance and within a sliyrt time she was '
safa in Wed al her own home.
Mrs. Lee's recovery was slow, but mu.
did -retain good health and little more
than a -year after, she waa burled alive
her youngest son, Robert E. Ie, was
born, and thus came Into the World one
of Ita bravest men and greatest generals.
PtUUeUlphU Presa. ... - . . . .
Jim Mania's Meaaaaea t.
Vim Martin was a gUpt luiuberman In the
forests of Heat Virgianla, His handspike,
for rolling and toting logs, was made of
Green liver -birch and was so heavy that
no other man In tha camp could use It.
When the Mexican ' war broke 1 out a re
rruitins "officer visited tiie camp and Jl.n
waa among the ftr.t to. enlist. Instead (
llirowing tits handspike on the' gToV.l, he
stuck the end of y In the piud on'the ljank
of the Pond Fork branch of the Little Coal
river. Jim was killed and buried iij Mexico,
The. hautUpike took root aiut grew. Into an
Immense tree and la today pointed out aa
Jim Martin's monument. "Xelther'nian nor
boy. 'would touch U mUl aa ill for
nilliloa -nloHars. "7-" - --- . - -
Pricei Decline Rapidy Under Hearr
Other t.ralaa Keep rare with the Kes.
e-ral Iw ward Tread la Prleea
id Close with l-arae
OMAHA. Jan. 15. li.
After a ateair opening on h exctian;a
this rooraing and ireneral aatnfart1on ex
pressed oa the strong close of yesterdv,
a aeiijnir movement was started by the
lona line holders and grain values took a
dWKll slump.
Wheat opened steady, with the pit crowd
Inclined to wait. The faction that ha
been doing the heaviest buy Ins; of late re
fused tn take on anv addtttnaal holdings
and a Rcnernl rush to sell was elarted by
Ions; holiiinas. Prices were easily put on
the decline and a good loss was shown
on the close. May wheat opened at ft'iC
and closed at i V.
t'nrn eased off wtlh wheat when larfre
ti'iyers refused to increase their holding.
4'ash d'mand was poor as usual on the
week-end market and new buying uwcr
wns lacking to imstaln vahies.
May com opened at 5Tc and closed at
Oats were anff snd sold off ort heavy
Selling by elevator people anil felt the
"Skncss in other grain. Commission
Houses took all offerinRS. but failed to
pot any ton.- to the murket. May aats
pp"iU at Jc and closed at !i3'c.
' Tiimary wbeat receipts were 4!,0n0
biinhcla and shipments were 57.o bushels.
BBalnst recernls last veer of Jfc8."t bushels
and shipments of ;r3,Ann bushels.
Corn receip wore 7l.ono bushels and
shipments were fc'l.ftffl busliels, against re
ceipts last year of 7TS.l hualiels and ship
ments were bushels. i
Clearance wrre 11!'. W bushels on corn,
pone of oats and wheat and flour equal to
ISJ.4 bushels.'
Liverpool closed Vd liifrher on wheat and
Vn'a d hurher on corn.
Seaboard reported 1,n. bushela of wheat
and S44.0iXj bushels of corn taken for ex
port. ' Local range of options:
Articles. Open. I HiKh.l Low. Close.l Tes'y.
May.. July..
May.. Julv..
May.. July..
Onaaaa rah Prices.
WHEAT No. 1 hard,' 4&fto: No. 3 hard,
SKuiWc; No. 4 hard, K7i!ic; No. 3 spring,
a5i?is7'ic: No. 4 spring. InsVic.
COIIN 3, olVu'I; No- 4. 5oWlc; no
grade. 47,'fi ix-; No. X yellow. 62Vc; No. 4
yellow. 5l'V; No. 3 white, MV-i&S2c.
OATS No. 3 mixed. ,47e; No. 3 white.
47ii47c; No. 4 wliite, fii47Uc; standard,
47ip4Xc. .
KVE No. 2, 44j75c; No 3. 71j75c.
. Carlet Keeelp4a.
Wheat. Corn. Oats
bicago ....
Omaha .....i
Duluth ...t.,
17 28 126
31 23 12
I'ealsrrs of the Trad lag; aavd. C losing
Prices Bward e Trade.
CHICAGO. Jan. 26. The weaul market
broke badly because of , liyuidation by
longs, and predictions of much larger
world's snlpmeiits. May wheat closed Sc
lower. Corn was off Vyvc to Tstilc-. Oata
were down c l'roviaions were a to c
The wheat market opened wenk. despite
the fact that Liverpool- reorted higncr
prices. The bearish sentiment increased
as tbe day- advanced, and Uui -market was
weak from the atari to flnial.. Tlie chief
depressing factor waa the prediction that
for the eofninar week the shipments? would
be 2.OU0.090 bushels more than for the cor
responding week f last year. The tun
ning of Austrian shipments for trie week
was ahro a strong bear argument. Late in
the day there waa heavy aclling for profit,'
the rush of selling orders carrying very
thing before It. The market closed weak,
and near the tow point of the dav. May
wheat opened unrhanped at JVK'i. ""Olil
lietwecn. 11.10 and l.Kl4. and cluocd nt
$l.w. Clearances of wheat and flour
were equal to, 4t.0UO bushels. Primary re
ceipts were t2,oiM bushels against 3i.(M)
bushels on the same day laat year. Min
neapolis, Duluth and Chicago reported re
ceipts of :t-: cara agalnm 3F9 cars last
week and' 217 cara a year ago.
The corn market was relatively stronger
than wheat, but. the market Bold off In
sympathy with wheat and was generally
weak throughout the day. The shipping
demand was generally dull, but on the
whole the ahippers are not getting much
corn In this section of the country. The
continued cold weather in the northwest
waa also a weakening factor. May corn
opened to c lower to a ensile higher
at fll4 19 61V sold ' between 6014c and
closed at tf!4i.)c. local receipts were
28 cars, with one of contract grade. The
oata market was dull all day and prices
alumped off chiefly oerauae of the de
cline In wheat and corn. The cash de
mand was poor. Mav oats opened lower,
at 644. sold between 644 and &Sc,
and -closed at, 5ic. Local receipts were
12 cars.
The provisions market was firm at the
opening because of decreased recelpta of
live hogs at western packing centers. The
advance, however, waa considered favor
able by packers and longs to dispose of
holdings, and the resultant selling carried
prlcee below the level of yeaterdav. At
the close May pork was Sue lower at 31?. 874.
Lard was- 6fl7Uc lower at J7.92H- Ribs
were 7fcc lower at 86.HOW&92H
Estimated receipts for Mondae are:
Wheat, 35 cars; corn, 51; oats, 357: hogs,
a-'.noo. ,
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles ! Open. I Hlgh. Low. Close.! Yefy.
1 00
1 00"-s" 1 (C'l
i I
SI ESI 534
6-".l ' 5."",
M'.il 61',: UU
-: 4t',l 47Vw
441 H, 4i
12 47J 13 47U' 12 f.7'-i
12 K7'-,, 13 97 13 i7V
7 67V! 7 7
7 2 7 ?2
7 76
8 00
C 671,! n 6 72'4
i SO 8 P24 7 00
7 10 I 7 M I 7 17
No. I. a Old b New.
Casr. quotations were as follows:
F1XM R E.v;. winter patents. 84.3Vci4 M;
straights, 84. 20: M. To : spring patents. 35 4"r
6.0f: s'ralghts 4 4048 f; bi.!-t-rs, rt.3V.i4
WHEAT No. -i. sprtinr.; No. 3'
twc'ffjl tft; No. i red, Ssvoirtc.
CORK No. 1 6vi6V; No. ! yellow, 61 V9
OATS-Nn. 2. SV; No. I white. 54;c; No.
8 white. 4iHo. -RYE
No. . 1Hc
BARLEY Fs!r to cht Jc-j ma'ilng 87fl'5c
SEEDSFlax. No. 1 northwestern', 31 12V
Prtme timothy, 84.SO; clover, contract grade,
PROVISIONS Short ribs, sides floosel
tVi 2Vu6 J&. Mess . pork, per Ion lha., l.yia
12 S'. Lard. p-T M0 lhs . 37.i7W Short
clear sides tbuaedl. t.62V K7V
Following were the receipts and ship
ments of flour and grain:
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls K M in
Wheat, bu I'.SO 44 7i0
Corn, w 41l.o) 41'Too
Oata, bu 2M.o) li3
Rye, bu loom 5',,
barley, bu 44.7UD 42uO
on the Produce exchange today the but
ter market waa firm; oaniertee iltiUlf
daliira, 20rt2Sc. Eggs, weak; at mark, rases
Included, at! "JO1" : firstk. .-, prime firsts
2u-; extras, .4y Cheese, steady; llUc.
Mllsvaake Urala Market.
Jc lower; No, 1 northern. 31.0ifll.lfl; N0 1
northern. - tl.uV4ll.t; My. 81.uml.00i,
BARLEY Steady; No. 2. 83c; aaiuple, g0-9
4C"0RN Steady; May. Sc.
I.UrMl Grata aad Previsloas.
MVFJIPOor Jan. 2&.-WHEAT-Spot:
Market easy; No. 2 red weatern winter,
7s Sd- Futures: Market steady; March.
Ja o. May, 7s 7Sd.
' rORNWpol: Market steady; prime mixed
Auiencauntw, 6a 3d; prime mixed Ameri
SUV !"!
;; fu;L,!
&4V M-j
64 ",1 - MM
4,s, 43!
3MJ 3X
Wheat I I I
May I 1 0:1. 1 02'.J
Julv I 941 ..
Septr jte'jtfV Si-Hi
Corn I
May Sl',! 61 U,
July f.V(. 0
Sept. i&Sfc'e- fc'tj!
Oats r 1
a.May 64',! 64', I
bMay 53 I 62 i
ajuly 47 47 I
bJuly 4V 414,i
I'ork ' 1 ,
Feb. 13 47'1l 12 474
May 13 25 i 13 27 '-.i
Ljr I
Jan. 7 77M T 77S
May 8 02-s 8 02',,
Ribe- I
Jan. I IIS S7'--.
Maw ' 7 On 7 Hi
July I 7 12S 7 iiij'
can, old. ?,s Ri7d. Fntnres- Market barely
stead ; Janpaiy. 6s SWd : March.- 6s 3"i. .
neliltvsi ( the Itay
' C "waa saoAi t lew.
NEW YORK. Jan. 2i-F1C R-Rw-eipta.
.;; exports, .r;; msrset,
quiet and easier: Minnesota patents. 8i "H
6 ; winter strains. 84i'i4.0, Mmneaota
bskers. M ftj6 I-, wle'er extras, 8?,.",54t.;
w inter r steins. 84 smu 16: later low grade,
8.; ti4 Itye flour, flrra; fair to iod.
4 V6S: choice 10 laacy, 8o2fii:6.4'i. Iiwk
wbeet floor, qntett f i.
t'ORN.MEAl-Hteady; fine white and vel
low. 81.4f.'3l.6ti; coarse. 31.4'il.46; kiln dried.
RYK S'eady; No. 2 wetrm. Jc, f. a. b..
New York.
WHEAT Receipt. 8,000 bu. ; exports,
bu. ; spot market, j-eak; No. 8 Ted.
81 W elevator, and 1 T f. . b., afloai ;
No. 1 northern Duluth. 31. IS. f. o. b. afln.t;
No. 2 bard winter. 81. HV f. n. b. aft"8..
Heavy linuidation was a feature In wheat
today, forelna" prices off .'altjC per bushel.
Tbe break reflected bia: foreign shipments
ami ngrreasive lesr pressure. May. $1 .'"'),
'l M; l.f; July, $l.wVsii1.0&';
Closed, tl ',.
CXtRN Receipts. IS. 17 bu.; exporw. none;
ain market, easy; No. 2. TTic nominal, ele
vator, and V f- ' "float: No. 2
white. ii7i ; No. 2 yellow. f. o. b.
afloat, options mithout trstxuci Ions, clos
ing v net lower as follows: Mnv, 7t)ic;
July. c.
OATS Receipts, '..VIS bu. : exports. 11.000
bti.; spot msrket. rteadv; mixed oats, ?i to
83 Ilw., fejij.-; natural white, 2 to 82 lbs..
Miaif; clipped white. 32 to 40 lha.. U's5l
HAY Barely . steady; good" to choice. 3100
frl.flS. ,
HOPS Stestlv; stale, common to choice.
11HI7 crop. irilftc; Imi crop. 4fic; Pacific
coast. 1T!7. 8Sj11c: 11 crop, tVuv.
IIIDK.S Siesiiy; BotMHa. 17c; Central
Americans. 17c.
I.KATHVTH Steady: acid. HTi77c.
PROVISIONS Beef. ateadv; family.
14FIK,15(; mess. 10.0014.yi; beef hams.
324 .Vi'a25.5ii; rweket. 311.6oyi2 cllv evtrn
India mess. 8.1.0'k'n2J..ri0. Cut meats. 'steady ;
ftf-kleo bellies. 7Tt'."c: piekld hanis. uu,
4jc. l ard, steady: western prime, 87 Vr
1 - rrlined. steady: contientl.
f4outh America. fK IS: compound.
7 iV. Pea k. tealv; fumily. 317Hrl7ot
clear. 316 f.n4il.76: mens. 814.6v515.25.
; short
, TAUxW Steady ; clly, fi4e: country
hiE Steady; domestic fair
2X,'iKU.; Jaiian, nominal. .
to extra.
Ttl t 1 KitFirm; plroe. common to spe
cial. 174240. ,
CHEKSKFirm: unchanard.
E71S Easy: western and southern firsts,
2-'u23c; ffomnris. 21l1'221.1c.
POULTRY Alive, dull; western chlrkens
10e; fowls. 12c; ttirkevs, 12140. Dressed
steady; westerti hlekens. 12i2'tc; ttirkevs!
121'llc; fowls. Kn.
Fair and Proonbly Warmer Is the
Bfer Balletla.
OMAHA. January ?i. 1S-S.
Stormy Weather prevailed over the east
ern stales during r'rluay, and snows con
tinue In the upper Ohio valley and lower
lake region tlna morning, with ldh winds
in thj latter set-Don. The wealner con
tinues fair thruuKhout the central portion.
It is cloudy In the mountains, and rains
and snows are general on the Pacific Slope.
Ycmperauires are higher in all eci'tinna,
except in ihe eastern Dnkotas and New
EiiKiand stales. Where they are lower. The
weather will continue fair In this vicinity
tonight and probably Sunday, with warmer
Omaha record ' of temperature and pre
cipitation compared with the corresponding
day of the last three years:
- ivs. 1307. ifu;. iyi;
Minimum temperature 28 1 m j
PreripiLaifon 00 .8 .2S ,S
i Normal temperature for today. 20 rteree.
Deficiency in precipitation since March 1,
1107.. 7.M inchee.
Deficiency corresponding period of 1SW7,
l.tio inelies.
2.H lnchts.
L. A.
corresponding period of ISiM,
WELSH, IxWal Forecaster.
Kaaawa City GrSIa aad Prevlaloaa.
KANSAS CITY,- Jan. !5.-WHEAT-ira2c
lower; May. SWc; Jl, Caah: No. 2
bard. WaiVic; No. ;. was;; Is'0- red.
Sle'dJl.OO; No. 3. W76il;4c.
CORN Unchanged lb,!,!- lower; Mav.
54V--; July. 6r. Cash: No. 2 mixed.
62'c; No. S,-6aBSV ; No. 2 white and No.
3. &!4c. . .. .
. OATS I'nchangod-ito Va lower: No. 2
white! -44c; N miaeV 484Hi,tc.
RYE TiHSr-e. -t
HAY Steady: rlioiro timothy,' $11. SOU
12.00; choice- prairie 8VArof,.fc0.
BI'TTER Creaim rirtn; Sic, parking,
4, e-higher: nc.- . t
EGGS Firm; extras. 22c: firsta. ?oc.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu '. 1H."1 TH.fni
Corn, bu 47i.tnO 2s noo
Oats, bu 8.nco 8 010
Kansas City closing: prices . .
Articles. (Open;; Higli.1 Low. ! Close.
Wheat 1 I T
May.... S7: !7 9 WJ
July !-",' Sli Hut,; S)-i
Corn I I
May Sil4 6f,y hA
Jul)".- 66 . V a4Hhl &
St. Loals Oeaeral Market.
6T. IjOUIS. Jan. 25. WHEAT Lower;
track No. 2 red cash, $1.01; No. 2 hard
8c4j$lHr-'i4); May. !: July, 94,c.
CORN Lower; track. No. 2 cash, fiig
STAtC: No. 2 white. 67c; May, S7tuu7iC.
OATS Ixiwer; track, No. 2 caah, 4SHc;
No. 3 white, tic; May, SOitAc; July, 4oc.
RYE Dull : Mc.
FLOl'R Firm; red winter patents, $4 65
i4.90; extra fancy and straight. $4.20414.50;
clear, 83.7514.00.
SEED Tlmothv, firm; H.7;fi4.rjO.
CORN MEAL Steady, $2.90.
BRAN Weak: sacked, east track, $1 10
HA Y Cnchang-ed; timothy, $10.Sotri8 .00;
prairie, $:mii4i 11.60:
I RON wTTON T1ES-31.10.
PROVISIONS Pork, lower; lobbing.
813.00. Lard, unchanged; prime steam, J7.U5.
Dry salt meats, steady; boxed extra slioris,
$7.5o; clear ribs, $7..'f7ii; short chars, 7.b2'vs.
Bcon, steady: boxed, extra short, 8.27'7:
clear ribs. 3S.25; short clears, tS.&o.
POCLTRY Dull: chickens, Sc; sprlnfta,"
10c: turkeys, 10c; ducks, ; gees.-. tt(ijie.
BI'TTER Steady ; creamery, 24j31c.
EGGS Steady; ltcc, case court.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour bbla S.OijO lufoo
Wheat, bu .. 4S.'0 67.00
Corn, bu 152,001 tM.OtO
Oats, bu : 117,i0 t7,0.K
Minneapolis Grain Mark't.
Cash, $1.0b': July. $l.fv&i.oSH: No. 1 hard.
$1.12; No. 2 hard northern, $188; No. 3
northern. $1.02411.04.
FliOl'R First paienta, $6 4&S6.60: serond
patents. 85.354i5.50; first clears, Jl m 1. 1 ;
second cleara, ti.OVi.tiO.
BRAN In bulk, $Jn.rtH2.JS.
Peoria Market.
PEORIA. Jan. 25. CORNSlf adv; No '
yellow. .W7S5c; No. 3. 53i5&c; No. 4,; i
no grade, 4f-Jj47c.
OATS-Sleady ; No. J white. RlUc; No 2 1
white, 6nfcfcii.,n: No. 4 m r. 40Vxi:.
WHISK V $1.36 , J
Ilalath Grain Mark. I
DlI.l'TH. Jan. 2i .-Wll EAT-No. 1
northern. $1.06i; No. t northern, $1.1.51--May.
$!'; July, $1.09't.
OATS 4-c.
Evaporated Apples aad Dried Fralta.
A PPLE3 Market was firm, altliougil busi
ness continued light. Fancy are quoted at
K'Vi'Hi'. choice at tiVjC, prime at U,c and
lt; fruit at 74jlo'v
DR1ED FR I ITS Prunes are said to be
firm on the roast, but the local iot mar
ket la unchanged, with quotations ranging
from 6'i to 16c for California fruit and from
to 7o for Oregons, Cos to 3ihi. Apricots
aro quiet but firm in tone, with choice
quoted at 21 y 23c, extra choice at C3a3ac
and fancy at 24ric. Peaches are reported
steady, with choir quoted at loijlli-, extra
choice at HV-Zu U'Jc, fancy at 13al3lc and
extra fancy at HcHVjc. Raisins are quiet,
with loose muscatel quuled at 6tea7sc.
aeeded raisins al ii-rtl9c and London layers
at ll.wul.75.
Wool Market.
I3NDON. Jan. 25 -WOOL-At the auc
tlbn aales today 12,S baits were offered.
A good supply of merinos sold briskly,,
f ne grades showing a hardening tendency.
Coarse croaa-breds were in demand for
home consumption. Good showy cross
bred s, when suitable, were taken by Amer
icans at an occasional advance of 5 per
ST. LOUIS. Jan ;
medium grades, combing and clothing, iiai
ltc; light fine, Unt-Oc; ;ieay fine, Ifcalrtc
tub washed. 2CJ0o.
Diatarb-aA the raajreaatloa.
The person who disturbed Ihe congrega
tion laat Sunday by continually coughing is
requested to buy a boiy of Foky a Huaay
and Ta;. All drusrtata.
Cattle of Mott Kinds Jnllj Steady
for the Week.
' Kheeft or t.awiba Here Today Re
rclsa for Week I. laat. hat Price
Are Mostly Twewty-Klve
Crate Lorre-r .
SOI TH OMAHA. Jan. 2o. 1W8
Receipts were: Cattie
OfficJnl Mondiv 4."'
Official Tueadav 4 623
Official Wedn.wilay 6.1!,2
Official Thursday 3.70
Official Friday l.i
Estimate Saturday 37
' 6.v A
ot. Sheep.
6 2n5
Six data (hia week 1.7 71.731 1!M7
Same dare 2 weeks aro. .21 4M 7K MS 28. II
Pjnn'd8ili-kin,.ll. b.'i.iv'O 17.4S4
Same days 8 weeks ago.. 5.77 26.4 M 6.77
Same days last year ...25.SS7 67,275 T8.W
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hoes and shr-ep al 8o-nh Omaha for
tjie rear to date, compared with last year:
llK 1!07. Inc. Dee.
CntOe SI. 411 1H.9
Hogs 247jM 14TI.SS8 84.11T
Sheep KS.424 117.561 19.14
The following tsble shows the average
price of hoc at South Omaha for the last
several daya. with 4-ointsrisona:
Date. I 1DM. 1907-!19C.iMlo6.!1,4 HXJ Il,--
ln. 14..
Jan. la...
.Ian. IS...
Jan. 17...
Jan. 1...
4 I'M 4S 2RI
4 2vvj ( 2
'4 32 4?! 6 29:
4 7
8 II
8 16
3 82
6 13
8 ov
fi 14
4 .
4 66.
4 571
I 74
4-'i 6 V4I
&o 6 27
8 49 6 2A!
6 si:
'4 -1
74 S1
4 e
4 74
Jan. ..
4 77
4 22
4 4-
4 7S
4li66l I
4 &
I 'C3
4 ;
4 71;
I ! !
4 0V 4 8 &
4 14i, 6 411 1 6 ?2
4 2"Si 61 6 Si
4 '
The official number of cars of stock
hroucht In todav bv each road was:
Cattle. Hogs. Horses.
C. M. i St. P.
Missouri Tncific
I'tiion Pacific System
A N. W.. east
At N. W., west .
. U. A Q.. east
, H. & J.. west...
H. I. A P.. east...
Chicago Great Western.
Total receipts' 8
The disposition of the dsy-s receipts
as follows, each buyer purchasing the n
her ol Head Indicated:
. Cattle. Hogs. Sh
Cattle. Hoks.
1 F4 I
Omaha Packing company...
Swift and Company
Cudaliy Packing company..
Armour Comiutny
tnrmha. from Fort Worth..
8. A S
Other buyers
CATTLE There were no Tresh re.elpts
of cattle todny of any consequence, and
hence no change of any kind in the marke;.
Fur the we k the receipts ehow a lulling
otf of about .) head as corapaied with
last week and about 7.u() head as ci rnj are!
with the corresponding week of last year.
The quality of. the cattle arriving baa not
been very room, the arrivals consisting
largely of wanted up Meera, with Vffy lew
really desirable killers.
The Week opened easier on beef steers,
but firmed up on Tuesday, only to show a
further weakness on Wednesday. Since the
latter oay the market lias been fully
steady, if -anything, a little stronger in
spots.) Thus at the close of the week good
catlloiare pretty nearly steady, with toe
closo of last week. Warmed up and half
fat kinds are generally 10c lower.
Cowi and heifers also showed some weak
ness on Monday, but since that day tbey
have been fully steady, closing the week
Just as high as they were one week ago.
The demand for cow ctuff has been ex
ceedingly good all the week, there being
libtl-al shipping orders on most days, in
addition,, to the requirements of local
packers. ' ,
Good feeders- were in light supply and
good deinaie-ll the week, with trie result
thai prices were strong every day. As
hiRh as $4.76 was paid tor good Wyoming
hayfeds. Light stock cattle have been in
liberal supply, while the demand has tie en
comparatively small during the week, lorc
Ing prices rspidly downward. Common
kinds were hard to soil a auy price. At
the close of the week light Blockers getir
orally are quotable 3o?i40c lower than A,
week or ten days ago. Riahl choice year
ling, a few of which were wanted to fill
special orders, were not as a matter of
course that much lower.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice corn
fed steers, 8, ni.oo; fair to good cornfed
sieere, $4 jf.'ao.l; common to fair cornfed
steers, $3,7Vi4 .5"; good to choico cows and
heifers, $3.&o'n4.-30; fair lo good cows and
heifers. 82.76m3.60; common to fair cows and
heifers, ll.7Wi2.75: good to choice stockers
and feeders, $4.0f&4.76; fair to good stock
ers and feeders. $3i0t(4.00; common to fajr
ifsckera and feeders, $3.0(3.5o.
' HOG8 It did not take buyers very long
to clean up all the hega in sigh( this morn
ing when they once got started, but they
were very slow In getting started. .The
market opened slow and dull with Very
little doing, but when the Ice waa once
broken, the hugs went off quite rapidly.
1 he prices paid were rather uneven, a good
many hogs selling only about steady with
yesterday with othera a good big 6c higher.
This was due in part to the fact that buyers
bought more dlscriminately than on a trood
many daya selecting out 4 he better loads
for which they were willing to pay a pre
mium, tnua neglecting the less desirable
ones. There was a larger proportion of
good heavy hogs included in today's re
celuts which helped to bring up the average
of "lie sales. x
The recciots of hogs this week have been
vei y larye, showing a heavy gain over
last week aa well aa over a year ago, but
till they were not quite up to the record
of two weeks ago. As to prices, the week
started out with a slight advance on Mon
day, but commencing with Tuesday prices
declined rapidly, reaching the low point of
the week on Thursday. Yesterday's re
action in addition to the advance made
today leaves the market only 2't to 5c
lower than II was at the close of last week.
Considering the large receipts the trade
throughout the week has been in very fair
condition. .
Ha. At. Sh. Tt. No. At. (h. Tr.
7 IM V 4 ' 44 :73 IV
ill l&o ... 4 i M Ii ... 4 M
M 144 ... 4 t'i 11 ru W IK
i ... 4 n r tin ... in
143 ... tin 44 Hi M 4 an r
Ift Z 'i ... 4 lu 44 IM ... 4
71 If- 4-1 4 Hi OS Ill . . 4
W ITK HO 4 !'. Ut 1V U IH
,9 1 ' 4 HI l 3M 4il 4 1
... 4 ! 41 234) 411
; in ... 4 12', i a:;i u 4 So
77 'S.-, ... 4 l: CI S- ... 4
!! ... 4 Ue 71 ..!lii l lit
s -...l:il 4') 4 15', 71 ...2Vi to 4 In
17 13 ... 4 lS U lit ri 12)
72 IM IM 4 I!, (t l 4"i 4 ".!
I'o kl 4 !2- 41 V 4 2')
Itl ... 4 ):"-, C7 ?H ivi 4 l
: 'M ... 4 l.-4j 44 5 ... 4 K!'4
IS VI 1 ll.'1 4-4 THJ ... 4 U,
77 tut 4 U. ii 1,4 ... 4 '
tl ..... h-4 . . 4 ti it 1 131 4.5 4,
11.. ..I... 2!b iwl 4 16 344) " 4W 4 22
'i -i ... 4 1". 7: :: ... 1
70 1:1 4 15 ik Ho It,
l- tt ft 4 14 l li H I la
71 sat v-M 4 1. u iu ... 4 ;
11 SH Vl 4 l.'i til ,.2:,4 ... 4 !i
K: 313 40 4 Hi 4 2l m
M 1 ... 4 IS 71 134 ... 4 I
J U ... 4 IS M tSi ... It;
" t1 121 4 17 j IM ... 4 ".
:4 2-: I 0 4 7V, s.1 121 IN Hi
7 ii.ti ... nit, i a, im 4 at
64 215 40 4 17, z;j ... 4 -jj
tl M 4 17 14 fh4 im 4 V
'! SuS IVI 4 17 fct 1,4 M 4 17
Ut iM 4 17 M 174 ... 4 17
UZ to 4 17 41 IK 10 t W
47 r.i 1W 4 1" 14. Ml ... IN
43 Ii ... 4 17s, Ii S76 W tl
'4 1t 4 17 Iv 8a ... IM
fjs m 4 to m e. im 4
71 214 ... 4 tl 44 Ski ... 4 s
4-i 114 ... 4 43 r ... 4 15
FHEEP There were 110 fresh receipts of
sheep today, the msrket as ususl on Satur
day being without supplies. The receipts
this wc-k have been very light, showing a
heavy falling off as compared with last
week and a Mill heavier decrease as com
pared with a year ago. n fact the receipts
this week have been the amalleat since the
first week of Ihe year. While the market
at thie point has been poorly supplied,
eastern markets have been overloaded and
the eaelern. mutton market ginned. The
consequent break In prices in the east has
carried down all western marketa. The de
cline t this point aril win Is to sbout 25c on
sheep and 15'd25c 011 lumlis. Choice, light
yearlings which have been in very light
supply, hae ehoan comparatively hiile
Sheep men are by no means discouraged
by the break in prices this week, but are
disposed to look upon It aa the natural re
sult of loo free marketing on the part of
eastern feeders, and to a temporary lull In
the consuming demand for mutton. The
feeling seeuia to be generally, II. at a re-
action in prtces is pound ta eort
ss eastern feeders clean UP their snnplus
supplies or get over their haste to dispose
Of their stock. All ad views would seem to
Indicate that the supply of fat sbeep aad
himbs m the west Is by im rocaea large,
end there Is erery reason for believing
that tbe sheep market, barring m-raatona!
reaka like the present, will contiaee la
fairly aatiafaetory' condition throughout
tbe main. CommlPStmi ien at this otnt.
without exceptlow. are ad1stng thetrfneads
to keep cool, bold bak unliMsbcd stock
and lettlnar onlv gored at aft come forward
and not to loowe conftdonce because of oc
casional breaks In 7 lie marke.
lootailnps on good to ko4re fed slteep
and Ism be: Lamb. $1, 76; light fsr
Untr wet hero. XVke-ffofi; t.eavy yearling
wethers. tatiOtii.K; WcUiera, $4 $. lo; ewes.
$4 6044.7.
C'a4te fttMt, (lra 1a tata lllaber
4 SlWe-w tewdy.
CHICAGO. Jsn. 25. CATTLE Receipts,
about 3ol head: msrket strong; beeves. f.",.t,
45tt IS; and heifer, 31 t4 : Ter.
$'1.2:ii4 S, calvoa, 3 ,7.oi; w estern, 83 Jo'(4
4 v; sto-kers anil f.-edera. $1 Sr4 00.
HOGS Roi-e Ipts, atKnit It.ft bead; snirket
loc hiKhir; light. 84 1V4Jr4.46; mixed. .i"t
4Mi heavy. 4.Mi 4.62m roajrh rt.twalJi;
piKrf. 8r."04 7f.; bulk of sale. $4 sMrl.C.
SHEEP AND UM KS-Receipls. abinit
1.600 head; market ifeadv: native, ."
$.8n; weslern. n.r8.; yeartlnT. 8t5tf
6,65; lambs, 8i.OOp7.i; western, tr,.oi"U 7.'.s.
kanaaa t lly I.Itc ock MetVet.
cripts. WO. head. Including 100 aoiithei ns;
market, nnchsntred; choice export snd
lrrss'-d twef steers. 8T.n(viifi : fair to good,
4.2ef m: western steers, 81 1: stockers
and feeders. 8S'j4.40: southern steers,
.!... a4 RTi: suii1erti rows. t2': phiivs
mtn ti.4i 4., naMvo Ix-lfer. tlKKlt.rti;
bulls, $2.o'i4.1: calves, 36.5ii-tia.2e. He-elptu
for the ek 47aO.
HOGS Ko-eipia. .0f". htad; market. 6c
lilRlier; t.s. 84.46; bulk of sales. 2'li;
heavy. $4.36ii4 4i: packers. $4.2Mi4 40; pin
and lights. $3.0f4.SD. Receipts for the ink
llK.2fo head.
SHEEP AND 8.AMRS Recoltds. none:
narkel, nnn tnsl; lambs, 8fW.,; and
vearllnaw, f44h-6.40; western yeaHine,
t.ri.2f-4 : w eatern nlmen. 3t WWin 26; stock
era and f-r-dera, tiii-ti 4.50. Receipts for tiie
week, 25,900 head.
St. l.eolsl.l Slack Market.
ST. 1X5CIS. Jan. 25.-CATTf.E Receipts.
.VH hesd. 'Including 75 Texsrw; mark-t
steady: nafive shipping and report steers,
8-" le? 10; dressed beef and butcber steer",
tl.IWrs.TTi; steers under l. lbs.. P.7ia4 40;
stockera and feeders, $f 4'"t4.06; cows and
heifer. $.1.2T.45.25; cannens. $1 5tB2.40; hulls,
$2.6050; calves. $s.fira7.f.ri: Texas and In
dian steers, T?!"W5'5I5; cows and heifers,
HO( 18 Receipts. 4.500 head: market
steady; piirs and lights. 5.e074.40; pack
ers. 40ia4.60; butchrra and best heavy,
$4 4p4 55.
SHEEP AND LAMBS None on sale. '
St. Joseph Live Mock Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Jan. a6 CATTLE-Receipts.
827 head; market steedy: nnllves,
$J.75i(i2.5; cows and heifers. $2,Ol4j4.75;
stockers and feeders. $3.25H4.2.
UOGS-Recelpis. 4.652 head; market r.ff
1V higher; top, $4.46; bulk of sales. $i.25'u
4 T..
SHEEP AND LAMBS No recel.(s;
lambs, tt.00&6.7; yearling. 85 (''a 5.7$.
Sloax Clly Live Stock Market.
IOCX CITY. Jan, 25. iSpecial Trio
gram. CATTLE Ri-ceipts. u head: mar
ket unchanged: beevea, 83.aOiA5.30; cows and
heifers, 82.6uai4.Ja; atocker and feerlers.
f3.i"(i4.li0; calves and yearlings. $2.Wi3.50.
HOGS Receipts. 6.000 head: market lot
higher, selling at $8.5$4.85; bulk of sales.
3-1. 15474. 2a.
Stack In jMBhl.
Rceipta of live stock at the six .prin
ciDal western markets vesterdav:
Cattle. Hogs. t-Hieep.
outh Omaha .t.
Sioux City
Kansas City
St. Joseph
St. Louis
Total receipts.
Forelga Flaaaclal.
IX3NDON, Jan. 26. Money waa In small
demand on the market today and the sup
plies were large. Discounts were ' weaa.
The approach of the settlement restricted
business on Ihe Stock exchange, but gilt
edged ecurltles Improved on clieap money
and the reduction In the rate of discount
of the Imperial Bank of Germany. For
eigners benefited on Pnria speculative
it-sues, especially Japanese bonds. Ameri
cans were left entirely In the hands of the
professionals, who marked quotatione abova
parity. -Then bear covering in anticipation
of a good New York statement and the re
duction in' the German bank rate caused
further Improvements, and this section ot
the market clotted firm hut dull.
BERLIN, Jan. 25. Prices on Ihe Bourse
today remained unchanged on the reduction
of the rate of discount of the Imperial bank,
but later was higher. American securities
. PARIS. Jan. 28. Trading on the Bourse
today showed a sagging tendency. ,
Clearlaa" llaeme Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, Jan. J5. The statement of
clearing house bank for the week shows
that the banks hold $376,650,500 more than
the requirements of the 26 per cent reaerve
rule. This Is an Increase of $14,429,026 In the
proportionate cash reserve as compared
with last week. The statement follows:
Iegal tenders .....
Reserve required..
Ex-C S. deposits.
$ 92.O00
So. 979. 500
1 .".7.!i0
2.4; A. 400
70.053. 3i 10
250.242, Too
2X1, 792.000
Rank Clewrlagra.
OMAHA. Jan. 26. Rank clearing for
today were 31.788,643.86. and for ihe cor
responding date last year $l,571.23it.75.
ist's. 1907.
$ $1,891,330.0
Mondiv . .
1 Tuesday
1.908. 485. 34;9.017.97
l,T765,f 33. 51
Friday . . .
(Saturday .
Totals - $11,696,481.62 $9,946,858.51
Increase over the corresponding week
last year. $1,4.23.20.
More me a ta at Specie.
NEW YORK, Jan. 26. Imports of mer
chandise and dry gonria at the port of New
Y'ork for the week ending January 18 were
valued at $10,100,169. Imports of specie at
the port ot New York (or the week ending
today were $142,077 silver and $1,398,916 gold.
Exports of specie from the port of New
York for the week ending today were $121,
646 silver and $22,500 gold.
' Imprrtal Bank Statement.
RERUN, Jan. S The weekly statement
of Ihe Imperial Bank of Germany shows
the following changes: Cash in hand, in
creased 67 .kto.OuO marks; treasury notes. In
creased 8K0.(0 mirks: other securities, de.
creased, 94.620.(10 marks: notes in cir
culation, decreased lu6.140.000 marks.
Treasery Statement.
WASHINGTON". Jan. 25. Todsy's state
ment of the Ireaaury balanoes in tjje gener
al fund exclusive of the 8i6o.O0u.0i) gold re
serve shows: Available rash halance, $2h5.
lo4.H0; gold coin and bullion. $3o,Si9,i36; gold
certificates, $43.72i.8M).
lieraua Exchange.
IXMON-30 marks. 49 pfennigs
DISCOUNT RATES Short bills 4
cent; three montha' bills, 4n per cent.
Germaa Diacoaat Red need.
BERLIN. Jan. 24 The Imperial Bank of
Gormany today reduced Ita rate of uutouiil
from 6!s to per cent.
Cottoa Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 25.-COTTON-Futures:
Market opened steady; January, 1115c
March. 11.JU-; April. 11.33c; May, 11.37c:
June, 11.3ic; July, 11.26c; August, ll.(Oc.
Futures closed steady. Closing: January
11.13c; February, 11.12c; March. 1 1 k ; April.
11.25; May. ll.Slu; June, H.Smc; July, h.ik-;
August, 10 9fc; October. IO.Tjc. Spot closed
quiet; middling uplands, 12o; middling
gulf, $122fv: ttales. none.
at lc.
Market quiet;" prices 1? point higher;
A merit an middling, fair. 7.17d; good mid
dling, d.kid; middling, $66d; low mlddlir.i;
8.21d; good ordinary. S.7d; ordlnarv, 5 ;stj
The ales of the day were J.GuO bales, if
which 3 were for speculation and cxMirt,
and incluled 4.710 Amerltau: receipts. 2,0
bales, no American. Futures: Market
opened firm and closed eaay; American mlj
(iluig, G. O. C, January, tLid; January
Fthtuary, .0tyl: February, March. 6i'
March-April, AteVd: April-May, .0bd; Mayl
June, 6.05d: June-July. 8.03d: July-August
!: Augnst-September. Said; Septemher
o tober. i.74d; 4ctoter-Noveinber, 6-tlu
Noven.ber-Dfccember. 6-61d. v
ST. IK'IS. Mo.. Jan. S -Cot tort-lf ailed
listless, middling, 12'; sales, noncrewlpts.
stn 5.0110
iin 6.1W
4527 4.552
300 4.UO
a i4,x
i halew; sSilT-orcots, 7.71 bales, slock. Itl
SrH. tAif demand wil'i wi tcee unrr-n"d.
middling. ItNe. .fal.-s l,62r bobs on spot
and l.Mi bales lo arrive.
) -
f flil? -Frrsli srll'ng rets, candled, roe
BI'TTER Common, 16. ; fancy tub and
rolls Tttl; creamery, ,40c,
CHEESE New foil .cream, Wisconsin .
twins, KVc; new Tidl crexm l-rl.-k. 17e; do- '
meelic aew Swiss, w, hew Uraburger, 15tf
16c; young Americana, ITMkx
LIVE IMV.TI.TRY Springs, c;,hena ,c;
Tool tors. Jc: ducks. 3v; gnesa. c; larkeys.
l 'l-c; piceons. asr lf dos
LRKssEt POL'LTRT-RoTlmrs. fancy. ;;,
rvriia, rc : rooster-., 4X ; ducks, rics geese,
r; turlfrys. It-tJc.
HAf Cholo N. l:t'nd. $1; medium,
MO-i; No. 1 bottom. $.s.ti; ort gradea. from
$,5oaft5d. Rye iravr, 5.(5. No. 1 al
falla, jit.oa
ORANGES--Fancy Washington naveta
all sisrs. per hI, 62.7: extra fst-v Sun
flofr, all rises, per boa. 3.v 4tiifomts
Tangerines, 2tt aiae 4d .auiallur, pvt hot,
GRAPES.-Ma1a, choice, per keg. $4. OP;
klnlass, extra fancy, I4M; extra choice,
fir keg, $4 26; extra faitcy, Jtia heavy,
GRAPE rRUITt-riorlda. 84 and 80 sue, '
im r box. f-o.
KANANAS Port LlmOn. owing to stxa.
per bunch, 11.60 to $2t Ort...
PEAKS Extta fancy winter Nellis. per
bCT r-' Tk - "
FIGS AND DATESSmyrna, fas. T
erown, jer 'b.. fun t n , a.
trown, per !b . I2ii;e: pmyrnn t'Rs, 4
ctown, per lh, l(fllr: Califtirnia tga. boxes
30 cartons. SSe; vwfifornla'ftne, boxes, 1$
csr.'ons. Kic; Csllfoieia flga. bulk, per IK,
tH-; H.illool dates. ier lh.. ',c: KUUr
dales. r lb , 4k.-; Salr datea. ri lb.. Sc
1"M datea. 11 lh bOKoa, per lb. 80.
CRANBERRIES-Extia Imir) Bell snd
Bugle, pet bbl., $10.00; extri fancy Jersey,
per bbl., $8 it; extra fancy Jersey, rer box,
LEMONS -"Extra fancy Surtherland
Beauty, 8 aid :mi is-t i-r box, 81 DO; ex
tra clio'ee Justrlie, and itW aia, per
box. $3.75.
APri.ES Washington Pnowr per box, '
$1.50; Washington Jonaibtius, per box, $1 7;
Washington Koioan Beauties. icr box, $1 76t
Washliiglon Alexanders, ;r box. $1 71l
WashliiKton Blue Peatmains, per box. $l.7a;
Waahingtrm lied Cheek Pippins, per box,
81.76; Washington King, per box, $1.75;
Washington Halley Sweet, per box, $1.7i;
Wasninvton No. Spya, per box. $1.76; Call
fornla Red Pearmatns. 4-tter, per box, $2.00;
California Beli--f lowers. 4-tie.r. per box,
$2 00; New York Baldwins, per bbl., $4.50;
New York Northern Spies, per bbl., $;
New Y'ork assorted arties. per bbl., $4.50,
POTATOES-n-r bit., trjliic."
SWEET POTATOES ijvansas, per bbl.,
TOMATOES TTorida, cxrra raney, per
basket crate, 6.ti0; choice, per basket crate,
$4 00; Cuban, fancy, pcf 6-bnsket crate, $4."0. -
LETTUCE Florida bead,- p.," hamper.
$,!); per dos.. 40o , . j
1 CUCUMBERS Hot house, 2 do , fancy,
per box, $; 3 dos. choiva. per box, 81.50,
RADISHES-Hot hotisJ. per dozen, 40c.
PAHSl.EY-Per flox., tfv:
PEPPEnS-FloridA, -barkc.t trate. per
crate, $4.00.
PARSN'Il'8-rHd, per bhl.. $2 25.
$2.0; Canada Rutabagea, per lb., 114c
CABBAGE Viiaconsin Holland Seed, pee
lb.. lo. - ,
ONIONS Spanish, per crate, $1.50; Wis
consin Red Globe, .per lb.. 1V4C.
CAl LIFIXiWER-Per 2-dok. crate, $300.
HORSERADDlSH Per dot., Joe.
KCMQUATS-Oivlng , to quality, per at.,
SOr to 40c. ' ,
SHALLOTS-FVr Ui-. V. ' .
to ic.
BRl'FSET. SPROUTS, per qt 20e.
STRAWBERRIES Owhig to qualltr. 6A
CELERY Michigan, per bunch. If.ffWo.
NAVY BEANS-Per bu.. No. L $3.80;
Lima, 7c per lb. v
Rib: No. 1, ISc; No. 2. 11c; No. 3, 7140.
Loin: No. L 19e: No- 2, 13c: No. 8, 9to.
Chuck: No. L w,c; No,, 65c; No. 3, 6ifc:
Round: No. 1. fe; No. 2, 7K-e: No. 3, 63-,c:.
Plate: No. 1. 6c; No. 3. 4c; No. J, 4c
re somewhat unsettled by freer offerings
from second hands, who aeem desirous ol
moving supplies of Immediate grades. Quo
tations range from 0 to 8c '.or California
fruit and from' to ex for Oregon.
Peaches are very Arm.., with fancy yellow
quoted nt 13i4c. r
SUGAR Granulated. '. cane. per ear.k,
$6.40; beet, $6.00; cut loaf, -c; cubes, (foe:
powdered. 8.1!e. " - "..7
CANNED OOOD4 ro-r. standard Wat
ern, 76c. Tomatoes, fancy. 3-pound cans.
$1.45; standard, i-pouhd cant,, J!x Pine
apples, (.rated. 2-pound. $27.2.30; siloed,
$1.75(i2.35. Os lion apples, $4.50. California
apricots. 2.65i 3.30. Pears.
Peaches, T C. pcarhes, $2.10-(
$.15. AiasRa nalmon, red, $1.4n; fancy
(iatnook, fist, ..lo; fancy Sockeye, flat,
$2 16. Baidlnca, quarter oil, 81.60; three
quarters mustard. 83.35. Sweet potatoes,
$1. 2661.35. Sauerkraut. 95c. Pumpkins, 80c
iJ1.00. Lima beans, 2-pound, 7&c'a 11.25.
Soaked beana. 2-l.ound, Kjc; fan .y, tl.25!tjl.46.
NUTS California No. I 8. S. walnuts, per
lb., 17VyC; tmporled Tarragona almonds, per
lb., 18c; filberts, Brazil and Jumbo pecans,
13c; butternuts, per lb., 12fcc; No. 1 H. P.
ncanuta. roasted, so; raw, 6c: salted pea
nuts, per box, $1.15, Italian chennuts. per
!b.. 10c.
COFFEE Roasted. No. 35. 26c; No, 3.
21c; No. 25. lc; No. 30. HVIo.
FISH-Halibut, l!e; trout. 13c: pickerel,
10c; pike, 14c; pk, fresh, frozen, 12c; white
fish, 14glbc; buAak), 14c; bullheads, skinned
and dressed, 13c; catfish, diessed, 17o; white
perch, 7c; white bass, 15c; black base, 26c;
aunAsh, 6 9c; crapplea, Wj9c; kotge crappiea,
16c; herring, fresh frosen, be, whlteflsn
frosen, Li'45c: pickerel, fresh frosen. 13c:
red snapper, 12c; flounuera., mackerel, lltj
$5c per fish; codfish, fresh frozen, 12c; had
dock, fresh frozen, 12c; amelta, 13o; shad
roe, 45c pes- lb.; frog legs, 85c per dot.;
green sea turtle meat. 23c per lb.
HIDES AND TALIXivVT-Oreen aalted.
No. I. so; No. 2, tc; bull hides, 3c; greea
unaalted. No. L 4c; green unsalted. No. 8,
Ic; horse hides. l &1.6t: sheep pe.ts. 9
lull 00. Tallo-. No.' 1, 4o 1 Mc, $, 8)60.
Oils aad Rosin.
NEW YORK. Jan. 25. OIL Cottonseed,
firm; prime crude, 32c: prime yellow, 42He.
Petroleum, steady; refined New York, 875;
Baltimore and Philadelphia, $$."; Haiti- .
more and Philadelphia, in bulk, $4.95.
OIL CITY, Pa.J Jan. 16 Ol L Credit bal
ances. $1.78. Runs. 191.346 hhls. ; average,
145.445 bbls. Shipments, 1S5.2V8 bbls.; aver
age 161 "tn bbls.
SAVANNAH. Ga.. Jan. 25.-OIL Turpen
tine, 614c Rccvinls, 174 bbls.; shipments,
200 bbls. x. - "
ROH1N Firm. Quotet A, B, C, D, E.
$3.Dfu4.05; F, $4,0Vo4f6; Q, $4.0014.10; H, $4.00
o4.15: 1. $1.26: K, 85 00; M. $5 76; N, K00;
WG. $ti2i; WW,
Sagar 4 Molasaoa.
NEW YORK. Jan. 36 Sl'GAR-Raw,
quiet; fair rerinlng, 3.27c; " centrifugal, M
test. 3.77c; molasses sugar, 8.02c. Refined,
steady; No. (. 60c: No. 7, 4.4oo; No. 8,
4.4oc; No. , 4S5c;' No. I. 4 20c; No. 11, 4 2oc;
No. 12. 4.15c; No. 13. 4.1oc; No, 14, 4 05c. Con
fectioners' A. 4.7oc; mould A. 6.25c; cut
loaf, 5.7uc: crushed. 660c; powdered, 6.OO0;
granulated. 4uc; cubes. 6.16c. r
Mol-ASSES viet: New Orleans open
kettle, good to choice, S4wi2c.
Melal Market. y
In metals was generally quiet and unchanged
In the abs.-tico of cables. Tin was dull. a(
$27 24i27.87l. Copper ' ,-nnttnued nuiet,
with lake quoted at 813.7514.00, electrolyllo
at $13.244l187S and casting at $1.37'A?
13.624. Lead waa dull and unchanged, at
$J.7oi.I3.7S. and spelter at $4 414)166. Iron
was quiet, at recent prices.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 25.-M ETA LS Lead. UIV
changed; $1.65; speller, unchanged, $4.60.
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. St COFFEE Market)
for coffee futurea closed generally un
changed to 5 points higher. Salea were re
ported of 29.7VI bags. Including March at
6 loo; May. .l0c: July, 8 30c; September,
8.45c; October, b.45c; November, 5uc; De
cember, .66c. Spot coffee, iiteady; No. 7
Rio, 6,c; No. 4 Santos, e. Mild ceftee.
steady; Cordova, irvcl".
Bablra ktraaled '
by croup, cough or colds are instantly
relieved and quickly cured with Dr. Klng'i
New Disoovery. &0c .and $L.0. - Sold by
Beaton Drug; Co. '
Toledo Seed Market.
nd Jan , $10.73 Feb.. $10 tT,; Mar., $!.0;
April, $10 65; Sept., $7.25. Timothy Prime.
$4.25; AJsiko J'nmt, $1.20. '
t 1 We tan all klnda of hid
v. send us, both with hair 1
J off, make them Into 00a
e yaa
on and
ooata ur,A
robe. Write
for shipping tags
and booklet.
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