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Chairman Tawney Sayi Country Must
Meet Bix Deficit Next Year.
Appropriations Will Kirffd Btmu
Haadrrit Millions In Ipsa Kstl
matrs Ar fi( Down
WASHINGTON, Jan. M.-The urgent de
)N, Jan. a.-he urg
ficiency spproprlatton bill occupied the at
tention of the housa today to the exclusion
of all other business. A surprise aas sprung
when Chairman Tawney of the appropria
tions committee warned the members that
the country was confronted with the cer
tainty of a tino.Ono.0CO deficit unless tho es
timate for the next, fiscal year should be
cut down materially. A discussion on tariff
revision was Injected Into the proceedings,
tn which leaders on both sides of the house
tried to commit one another to a definite
announcement as to whether, if successful
at the November elections, there would be
tariff legislation.
Without completing consideration of the
bill, the house, at 1:40 p. m.. adjourned.
' Tanner C alls to BUI.
Chairman Towney of the house commit
tee "on appropriations today called Trp the
urgent deficiency appropriation bill. An
agreement was reached to devote the entire
day to general debate on the measure.
Mr. Tawney said, on the fare of the esti
mates submitted to congress'for the next
fiscal year the country was confronted with
a certain deficit of llOO.OOO.Ono. The esti
mates, therefore, would have to be ma
terially revised and the figures reduced.
Mr. Tawney declared that he deemed it his
duly to call attention to this fact'ln order
that expenditures may be kept within esti
mated revenues.
. "I do not make this statement for the
purpose of exciting alarm," he said.
Mr. Tawney made Jplaln that there
would be no new appropriations this ses
sion for rivers and harbors or public build
ings, for ho .said his calculations did not
include them.
Deere la Hevenne Probable.
Mr. Mann (111.) referred to the promises
of both parties that If successful at the
next election they would revise the tariff,
and Inquired of Mr. Tawney If it was not
true that always Immediately preceding a
revision of the tariff there was a great de
cline in the 'custom receipts of the govern
ment Mr. Tawney responded that the estimates
did not take Into consideration the matter
referred to by Mr. Mann, nor the effect on
the revenues of the government resulting
from tho recent financial depression. The
estimates were made prior to the money
stringency and before the revenues began
to fall off.
"Is the gentleman ready to guarantee re
vision of the tariff, provided the republicans
prevail next November?" asked' Mr. Liv
ingston (Oa..
"No," said Mr. Tawney, "and I am not
willing to guarantee that there will be
tariff revision If the democrats preVall in
November." " ' '
After speeches by Mr. Underwood-(Ala.)
and Mr. Keefer (O.) the house adjourned.
Charge . that '..Treasury- Department
Discriminated Against West.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2S.-8enator Stone
of Missouri '.rbfly present statistics of
government Nepeaits' W riatisnal banks to.
show that the distribution of money during
the recent currency stringency was not
"equitable" as contemplated by the law
governing ths Treasury department. Ha
declared that tho west and south were
discriminated against, while New York and
Boston were favored. Ills speeuh was on
his resolution pending In the senate di
recting n committee to Investigate and re
port the facts In these transactions.
Senator Teller followed with brief com
ment upon the action of the secretary of
the treasury, declaring that the placing
nt money in New York City during the
punlc was fully Justified, lie paid a high
tilbute to the rich men. who, he said,, had
promptly offered practically their entire
capHul In order to stem the tide of 'disas
ter In that city which threatened the en
tity country.
The senate devoted the latter part ofthe
i: Salon to a consideration of the bill to
revise the crjrnlnal code and at 4:14 p. m.
uUJourned until Monday,
Woman Shoots After tlnarrel.
CHICAGO. Jan. 13-Mrs. Mary Maloney,
fc) years of age, was today shot and fatally
wounded by Mrs. Grace Ourawlck jL )!b
West Jackson boulevard. After the shoot
ing Mrs. Garswtck ran and was not cap
tured until after she had been pursued a
mile. ,
Early today the two women quarrelled
over a charge of stealing a cents brought
jj ouaxa'i rums tood ceht
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I t
by Mrs. Osrswlca sratnst th twelve yar
old son nf Mrs. Ijiler Mrs. Onrs
wlrk returned to Mrs. Malnnry's lions and
when Mrs. Malonejr opened the door' In
roepons to her ring, she shot Mrs, Ma
loney through the abdomen.
J arise Morris Ronndlr "rare Proml
seal Mlnaeapolls Polltlrlaa for
ApprnnrhUt Jarers.
ST. PAl'I Minn., Jan. 2-Judpe Morris
In the I'nlted States district court today
adjudged Rhrrman S. Bmlth, a well known
politician of Minneapolis, to be guilty of
contempt of court. Smith was recently ar
rested on a charge of Jury tampering In the
case of alleged fraudulent use of the malls
by the four Wood brothers and the Wis
consin Grain company and its officers The
contempt consisted In Smith's approaching
two Jurors, who were also arrested, but
later released on the government's admis
sion that It had failed to make a case
against ths Jurors.
Judge Morris scored Smith roundly and
announced that sentence would be pro
nounced this afternoon. Smith was for
two terms a member of the legislature.
Mr. Smith, who is known by a lsrgrt
number of people in Omaha, where he fre
quently comes on business missions, has
had an active career in republican politics
in Minnesota. In the legislature of 1901,
which elected Moses E. Clapp ss yie suc
cessor to the late United States Senator
Cushman K. Davis and re-elected Senator
Knute Nelson, he was leader of the Min
neapolis contingent of antl-Clapp forces,
Clapp being a St. Paul man. When, on
the fourteenth ballot. Smith saw Clapp's
election was Inevitable he made a long
stroke, when he arose and called
1 for all
Into the
the Bob Evans men to follow, him
Clapp camp, as they had followed him thus
far for Evans, and make the Clapp elec
tion unanimous. Smith s ii in ' mi "slnniili
of the house temperate ' jmuiKtee of that
session. It was the custom in those days
in Minnesota for the temperance commu
tes of each house to have charge of all re
freshments. Smith Is a large, jovial fellow,
with a smile that never comes off.
Attempt of 20O t'nemployeit Men to
Make Demonstration tn Chicago
Ends anlcklr.
CHICAGO, Jan. 21 An attempt of the
socialists to bring about a "march of the
unemployed" through the downtown streets
today resulted in two sharp fights with
thn police In which the would-be marchers
were routed after a number of men had
been clubbed. Dr. Benjamin 1 Reltman,
the originator of the plan to march through
ths streets, and two of his followers were
arrested. There were about 200 men In line
when the police interfered.
loiter in the afternoon another crowd
gathered on the lake front, but it was
broken up hy a few officers sent for the
purpose by the chief of police.
Nobody was seriously hurt during the
excitement, although some of the march
ers will have sore heads and backs for a
few days. Many of them seemed to regard
the whole thing as a huge Joke (until they
came In contact wlrh. tho police.
tpoltman and two of his. followers who
were arrested at the same time as he will
be arraigned In court tomorrow on charge's
of disorderly conduct and Inciting a riot.
Will' Make Mo Contest la States that
Have Candidates.
WASHINGTON. .Jn. . 2S.-Secretary of
War Taft is Carrying out t!a polkry ia Ntm
York that he lias directed his managers to
follow in other states where there are can
didates for the republican nomination for
the presidency. In a letter to Representa
tive Herbert Parsons, chairman of the re
publican county committee nf Ne wYork,
the secretary makes It clear that he does
not want his friends to prosecute a cum
pnlgn In New York as against Governor
Hughes. The letter, which was made pub
lic by Representative Parsons tonight. Is as
D. C, Jan. 23, lt. My Dear Parsons: I m
aware that you and many other friends of
mine In New York stale, who are alo
friends of Governor Hughes, has hesitated
as to the course to pursue In respect to the
republican nomination for the presidency.
I wish you and them to know that as far
as I am concerned, there should be no em
barrassment In this regard. I have uni
formly uriced friends of mine not to at
tempt to divldo in my Interest tho delega
tion from any slate which has a candidate
of its own. Since Governor Hughea has In
dicated his willingness to accept the repub
lican nomination. 1 now make the same re
quest of you and ny other friends In your
state. Moreover, I wooTd greatly deprecato
a contest which might Imperil republican
vlstory In New York In November. Any
thing that I can do to avoid this I am anx
ious to do. Very sincerely yours, ,
Hon. Herbert Parsons, House of Repre
State Asaoelatlon Will Meet la
.Mitchell Next .Week for
Annaal Heanloa
MITCHELL. S. P.. Jan. 33 (.Special.)
-For the fifth annual convention of the
South Dakota Improved Live Stock as
sociation, which will assemble in this
elty on Tuesday evening of next week,
the officials have prepared a program
that will doubtless meet the approval of
the live stock men fcf the state, who will
be here tn large numbers. With the bunl
ness sessions and the sale of cattle and
swine the convention will Jast until
Thursday evening. Tho sale of the
thoroughbred stock Is a very important
feature of tho convention and with the
institution of the sale the stock cu the
farms of this state has reached a much
higher state of perfection.
Indian Killed la Keif Defense.
SIOUX FALLS. S. I. Jan. 2S.--(Sne-
clal.) No ar'reat has yet been made In
connection with the death a few days ago
of Ben Handsome Elk, a well-known Sioux
Indian, whose home was on the Lower
Brule reservation and who dlud as the
result of being struck on the head with a
club In the hands of John Dillon, i pio
neer resident of Lyman county and at
present a business man In the town of
Kennebec, Lyman covnty. The case ap
pears to have been purely one .of soU'-
kdefense on the part of DIUou.
Big; Haarh Sale,
CHEYENNE. . Wyo., Jan. J3 (Spoclui.)
The Colin MuDougall ranch at Diamond
today was sold to the Kwan Lund and
Cattle company (Two Ttar) for 128.000.
The deal Includes 180 acres of land, ranch
Improvements a iuT machinery, 600 head of
cattle and twenty-six head of horses.
Mel lea Leaves for Washington.
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Jan. .Preaident
Mi lien of the New Haven Railroad com
pany left for Washington today for an
interview with Preaident Hoowvelt and to
represent his company in various matters
pending at the capital.
v Concert Halt Blaster M ordered.
CHICAOO, Jan. J3.-Mrs. Catherine Cart
wright, a concert ball dancer and singer,
ass found shot to death In her ooui at
ft! Wells street early today. The police .are
searching fur James McGee In connet'l ion
alia th murder.
MeCardra Expected ilonte.
MORR18TOWN, N J , Jan. 23. -Mr. and
Mrs. Richard A. Mei'uidy mi J Mr. and
Mrs. Ruber I 11. Mci'urdy are expect M
return today from Knrupe. where thry went
sion after Ilie insnaiue in vv it's Hon Sev
ern I years ago
Surpl us of Trains Seduced by Regain
in Traffic.
Iteporta of Continuation of Leases In
the Knstern Railroad World Do
ot rind Connterpart J,
la tho West.
Western railroads converging In Omaha
csnnot find It possible, in the face of ac
tual facts and conditions, to Join their
comrades further east In a cry of "hard
times." And the belief is general In the
west that conditions are not as bad In tue
cast as. some sources represent them. '
a "The surplus of cars is not as great on
the Union Pacific aylt was December 24,"
said W. L). Lincoln ear service agent of
the Union raciflc, under whose Jurisdic
tion are all the cars of the Overland route.
White eastern railroads are represented
as suffering a continuation of loss In
(raffle western roads are not in that con
dition, so officials affirm. The tendency is
said to be up rather than down.
The Bee published a story January 17
showing that the number of Idle cars In
the 'United States December 24, when the
official report was fled, was JOS.oftO. Gen
eral Manager Huldrege of the Burlington
at that-time, commenting on tho general
situation In the railroad world, said that
while the slump In the west wss not as
great as In the east, the Burlington's
traffic had fallen off about 30 per cent as
compared with a year ago.
"1 think tho same Improved condition ex
ists on all the Nebraska .lines . as on the
Union Pacific," said Mr. Lincoln. "We
have been sending all foreign cars possible
to their lines and this has tended to cut
down the surplus. The Union Pacific has
not many idle cars. The grain movement
Is picking up right along In both Kansas
and Nebraska and there Is also consid
erable live stock moving. Colorado is also
picking up."
The Union Pacific and Burlington are
using a large number of cars for hauling
Ice. Tha latter road loaded eighty cars of
commercial Ico In one day on one of Its
branch llnea this week.
Burlington Also Gains.
O. I Dlckeson, assistant superintendent
of transportation of the Burlington, made
the statement that business on the Bur
lington seemed to be picking up consid
erable over what it was from January 1
to January 10 and over what It was wheu
the report was made December 21.
"I believe Nebraska is in about the best
condition of any of the states at the pres
ent time," said Mr. Dlckeson. "Nebraska
has both grain and live stock to offer and
these are moving because there ia a de
mand for thvvn. While we still have a
surplus of curs It 's not as great as it
Prank Walters, general manager of the
Northwestern said that business was pick
ing up considerably and there was a
greater demand for cars, than there was a
Couple of weeks ago.
Roads to tho south are not catching up as
fast as the others because of peculiar con
ditions. Grain does not seem to be mov
ing to the south at present, but wheat and
corn are going to St. Paul, and corn to
Wisconsin. Western Nebraska is sending
corn to California, and corn is moving to
feed lots all over the country.
Wall from Mew York.
NEW YORK, Jan. M.rFigures prepared
for one of the large railroad companies,
suys the Tribune, show that U week ago
thero were 820,000 Idle freight cars In the
United States and about 8,000 locomotives
which are laid up because of the falling
off In traffic. As there are 2,2O0,CO0 freight
cars in the country, tis would show that
14 per cent of aJl the cars owned by rail
roads are storetf on railroad" tracks waiting
for loads.. Figuring the value of cars as
11,000 each and of locomotives as 116,000 each,
tho stuteinent shows that the railroads
have UlO.OnO.OiM) tied up In rolling stocks
for which there Is no present use.
Tho great shortage In rolling stock lust
year cuu.scd largo orders for cars to be
placed by railrouds. As late as last Oc
tober the reported shortage was 87,000 cars.
Estimating the average freight train at
forty cars, the K0.0U0 cars now idle would
be equivalent to 8,000 trains, for handling
each of which four men are ordinarily re
quired, so that it may be estimated that
more than 30,000 men less are needed than
If all of these cars were in service. Many
men have been laid off the New York
Central, for example, since the beginning
of this month, has In Id off enough to make
a saving of $2S0,O(i0 a rear, in addition to
previous cutting down of its force and
many others have been placed on short
time. But fixed charges of a rallroud must
be met in dull times as well as in active,
and maintenance and other expenses must
be provided for, und in view of all the
facts, the managements (f many railroads
are understood to be discussing I lie quea
tlon of reducing wages, as a disliked, but
nccesHury, measure. ,
Plants ftnnnlnar Full Forres and lie
eeiDta or Live niocic Larger.
Recnlpl's at the South Omaha stock yards
aie showing an Increase after the slump
in live slock prices cut down the shipments
during the last of November and the
month of December and packing houses
SfM Mill r-t-cl rf, mud t- Jobtxri.
a. nAas . a,(:aJ.. air S
1 J' 1
are running with full forces of Workmen.
Hog receipts since the first of the year
exceed the receipts for the same time last
year by almost K.OfO head. Some slight
decrease la shown in the receipts of cattle
as compared to 1S07, but the receipts show
an Increase as compared to the first weeks
of the new year.
For the first three daya of the present
week 35.424 head of bogs have been re
ceived, while during the same days of last
week but 24.230 head were received. Three
weeks ago the receipts for the entire six
days were but 25.440 head.
The cattle receipts up until Wednesday
evening have been 14.251 head, slightly be
low last week's figures, but double the re
ceipts of three weeks ago and equal to the
receipts for the entire week which ended
January 4.
Sheep receipts have followed the hog re
ceipts In the proportionate Increase. The
first three days of this week brought In
16,189 bead of sheen, equal to the receipts
for six days two weeks ago; three times,
the receipts of three weeks ago and more
than the receipts of either the third or
fourth week of December. .
Tho estimated receipts for the week will
exceed those of the same week a year ago,
the total number of commercial animals
received at the yards since January 1 be
ing about equal to those during the same
time last year.
(Continued from' First Page.)
state delegation represented a vice presi
dent with the following result: Fred R.
Wead, Omaha, "Vb..; p. E. Deland, Pierre,
8. D. ; John L. Kennedy, Slouk City, Ia.;
L. M. Jones, Kansas-City, Mo.; W. R.
Chtlds. Kansas City, Kaa.; F. E. Strana
ban. Fort Benton, Mont,; Captain Isaac
Bake, Blsmark, N. D.
The meeting was a great success in the
matter of large attendance and particu
larly as to the attendance of notable peo
Pp. Most of tjie Omaha delegates left for
home this evening.
Censna Bnreaa Knows Prodnetlon Has
Been Lea for Season on
NEW YORK, Jan. 21 The cotton mar
ket opened- firm at an advance of 11 to 18
points In response to the bullish census
report Indicating that only 388000 ' bales
had been ginned for the last period against
435,000 lust year. There was general real
izing at the advance, however, and after
selling at 11.68 cents for May the market
reacted to a point or two under the closing
figures of last night in' the absence of Im
portant support from the bull clique.
Lahsr prices were steadied by covering.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.-The census bu
reau today Issued a report showing that
the total amount of cotton in the United
States ginned from the growth of 1907 to
January Id was 10,337,607 boles, as compared
with 12,17,19 bales for the same period
last your and S.&9,b34 bales for the same,
period in 1005. The total, number of active
ginneries was 27.370. In this bulletin round
bales are counted as half bales.
The number of round bales Included Is
187.50.2 for 1908, 258,717 f,or 1907 and 27O,08
for J906. ,
Sea Island Included .80,187 for 1908, 5f,336
for 1907 and 104,710 for, 1906.
Connecticut Man Meek ia Recover
for . Injuries that He
InJurJet that He
Received. ' "r
HARTFORD. Conn., Jam' 23. -Tha suit
of Willis K. Griffon against Charles Alls
house, former deputy sheriff, qnd eloven
other citizens of Granby, in which the
plaintiff claims SIO.OOO damages for alleged
"white cap" assaults, la on trial in the
court here. Griffon states that in Feb
ruary, 1W7, while living at the home of
Dr. Weed In Granby he visited a neigh
bor's house. Mrs. Weed being there at the
time. When they started to go home, he
testified, he was attacked hy "white caps,"
who put a rope around his neck and
dragged him across the state line, telling
him never to return. He savs one of Iis
riliB was broken, the sight of one eye was
practically ruined,' and that he received
other Injuries. He also testified that his
sister, with whom he went to live in New
Britain, lost her reason and died because
of his sufferings.
Law Enforcement Society Declares
Recent Movement Does Not
Mean Prohibition. ...
I.OT.'ISVILLK, Ky... Jan. 22-T. DcNJ.ilncy
Tull'y, secretary of the Law Enforcement
society of New York City, addressing the
Model License league convention today,
said tho society ho represented stood for
the enforcement of all laws and especially
the excise laws In New York.
"Wo broke with the excise laws In New
York state," said Mr. Tully, "when they
called for a temperance law."
Coiitrrfuliig, he said:
' The passing- of local option laws In Ken
tucky and the going dry of numerous state
mean nothing. It Is by no means an In
dication that the eople of the" country
want lenipcrunce. hut that they wnnl con
trol and ' the manner of running saloons
changed. '
The majority of the people want the
alMiBcs of the saloons corrected. At thx
bottom of all law breaking, petit Intrigue,
small and large graft, debauchery and vice,
Is the lawless saloon.
He Is to lae Statement Concerning!
Appointment He Ifaa He- ,
rentlr ' Made.
WASHINGTON, Jan. a.-Presidcnt
Roosevelt lod.ay sent for t lie members of
his cabinet and Instructed them personally
to prepare for (hiin at their earliest con
venience a list of all appointments which
require confirmation by the senate which
have been sent to that body during Us pre
sent session. t
it Is understood that the president In
tends to use the information In a statement
to be issued some lime in the near future.
It will, according to those who have talked
with the president, be an answer to recent
criticisms made by the senate of federal
appointments. All the members of the
cabinet with Hie exception of Secretary
Cortelyou responded to the president's sum,
muiia today.
Cornet Mills to Reaauie.
PHILADKLPHIA. Jan. XI. There Is mucli
rejoicing among the. residents of the falls
of Schuylkill la the north Western part ' of
tli j city over the announcement of a com
plete resumption of work next Mondav at
the carpet, mills of John and James Dobaon.
Nearly a.00 persons are affected.
Lonely Life Unbalanced. Mind.
KKW YORK. Jan. ZX-Nil Nielsen, light
tender at the lighthouse ihi the New Haven
breakwater, committed willed by cutting
his throat. Two years ago be received a
medal from congress for heroism. It is
thought that the lonely life in the light
house unbalanced his mind.
Mow la Avoid rsnl.
You can avoid pneumonia and other seri
ous results from a cold by taking Foley's
Honey and Tar. It stops the cough and
expels the cold from ths system ss It Is
mildly laxstlva. Refuse any but the genu
ine tn tl.s yellow package. All druggists.
Extensive Revolution Conspiracy "Un
earthed in. South.
Arrest of Ciordlanl Reveal amber
of Men Who IlaTe Been tlr
f ring (9 Tronbla In
WASHINGTON. Jam 23.-8tartllng de
velopments In the plot to overthrow the
government of President Nord In Hayti
have followed the Investigations of the
secret service agents In New Tork In con
nection with the arrest of Jose Giordanl
on the charge of counterfeiting Ilaytian
money. The officials say they have ascer
tained that the prisoner was the agent of a
formidable conspiracy whose operations
probably would have extended beyond the
limits of Haytl Into Santo Domingo and
even Into Cuba had the revolution In Haytl
been a success and the agents In New York
remained unmolested.
It was found among other things, the
secret service operatives declare, that cer
tain persons In Haytl, mostly Frenchmen
and Corslcians, and one of them a brother
of Oiordanl, -were active agents of the
alleged conspirators and were .designated
In the papers found among Glordanl's ef
fects by numbers. By careful Inquiry the
secret service men were able to connect
these numbers with the proper persons and
tho first result was to fix upon Charles
Miot, tho American consular agent at St.
Maro aa one of the persons to ' whom a
number had applied.
A great sit oae Dismissed.
t'pon learning this fact last evening the
State department Immediately cabled to
American Minister Furnlss at Port Au
Prince to dismiss this agent at once from
the employ of the United States. This ac
tion was taken because the State depart
ment feels that It must keep Itself abso
lutely free from the appearance of sympaty
with rebellious movements In Latin-Ameri
can departments.
Chief Wilkie, of the secret service, ffciade
a statement . today giving the facts apd
circumstances connected witty the arrest of
Giordan! which go to show that at the time
of his arrest Giordan! had In bis possession
counterfeit Haytlen paper money to the
face value of $800,000. 2,000 Remington rifles
and 230.030 rounds of ammunition, y all of
which, it Is said, was intended for the Hay
tlen revolutionists. Six or seven months
ago when this government was advised by
Provisional Governor Magoon that a small
party of malcontents were trying to stir
up a revolution .In Cuba, it was discovered
that Giordan! was connected with them at
that time, it developed, he had represented
General Kirman during the Haytlen up
rising In lfdl, Kirman then, as now, being
the head of the revolutionary party.
Rifles In Store.
About that time Giordanl came to New I
York and ever since then the secret service
of this country has had him under close
eurvellllance. It was not long before it
was discovered that Giordan! had stored in
Brooklyn warehouse sixteen cases con
taining 2.000 Remington rifles in fine con
dition. Close watch was kept on these
oases and on January 4, by Glordanl's di
rection, they were loaded on to a truck
and hauled to the Hamburg-American
steamship pier, whence the steamer Graecla
was to sail on January 8 for Haytlen or
otaer West Indian ports. The cases were
marked "structural iron", and ths fictitious
name' of C. Ierlam, fc .Co.. was given as
the consignee, Connives. Haytl, was given
as the destination, but the shipper's name
was withheld. Thero were subsequently
added to the consignment twenty-three bar
rels marked "cement." The officials
had become convinced that Glordani was
engaged In ome unlawful enterprise, and
the steamship company was notified not
to receive thecases of "structural Iron,"
the barrels of "cement," and some boxes
which had also made their appearance
and upon learning of this action Glordani
hadVhem hauled away to another ware
house. By that time the secret service
had secured (sufficient evidence" to war
rant them In opening all of the cases,
boxes and barrels. The first contained the
I.OCO Remington rifles, the barrels of am
munition, and the boxes I800.0CQ in coun
terfeit Haytien currency.
Glordani's arrest followed at once, and In
his apartment were found a large, number
of letters from Central Firman and other
revolutionists in Haytl and elsewhere and
other papers and documents of Importance,
W. J. Bryan Disclaims Rein a- Orlart
-aatar of 1'lan to Satcsraard
Bank Deposit.
CHICAGO, Jan. 23. The Chicago Record
Herald today vays that William Jennings
Bryan Is not the originator or the guar
anty plan for the protection of bank
deposits. In a letter to Alexander II.
Revell, Mr. Bryan declares that although
the. scheme Is spoken of ss the Bryan plan,
he has "no patent on It."
In addition, the Nebraskan expresses the
opinion in his letter that the sbsolute guar
anty Is the better Idea, and that the Okla
homa plan Is virtually an absolute guar
antee. OSLV OSE "BROUO Ql!I!IirE. '
Look for tha signature of E. W. OROVE.
Used the world over to cure a cold In ons
day. i'M.
Tollegc View Man Dies la rblraa-a.
CHICAGO. Jan. 23. O. E. Cummlngs of
College View. Neb .'s publisher, was found
dead today in his room In the Rrlgg-s house.
Death1 is believed to have been caused br
heart disease.
A Merlons Breakdown
results from chronic constipation. Dr.
Kings New Life rills cure headsrhe, sto
mach, liver and bowel trouble. 25c. Sold
by -Heaton Drug Co.
effects of
SirSHS. Mi;
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ter. (Jolf, horseback riding and driving. 500
hotels with jirices to huit all purses and appoint
ments to suit all tastes. Low Railroad Iiates.
For illustrated book telling all about Hot Springs, write
Bureau ot Information,
Tot railroad tickets sad la format loa, sail sa or address
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T. P. Godfrey, P. A T. A., Mo. iar. Ky., 1423 Fanuun 8t., Omaha, Neb.
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February 1st. , ' -i
N. E. Cor. 16th
AX& z.xAXnru mawdi
31 Bo. ista Strsst.
Holdrege Kan High Gun for Tourna
ment Among; the Amateurs.
Amateur Leader Has One Better Than
the Professional on the Pinal
Day's Shoot at tha llaat
Inits Tournament.
HASTINGS, JS'eb.. Jan! 2J. (Special Tele
grtm.) The Central Nebraska Traj? Brtoot
Ing tournament closed today wlth'AdoIph
Olson of Holdrege In 'the lead." Ills score
for the two days Is 274 out of 300 targets.
Ills score today was 1(8 out of lfti. Holla
worth of Juniata was second today with n
score of 1H1 and Olinstead of Bertrand third
with a score of 165. 'In the professional
class today Hcrr of Concordia, Kan., was
167 and Barber of Paulina, la., 101 Leading
scores today were:
llerr 15 14 14 1R 19 13 14 14 14 15 J7
Harber 14 18 13 is 14 14 13 14 12 17 :
Edwards 14 13 11 15 II 14 H
Thorp '.. 14 10 9 17 in It 15 10 13 IV
Evans 12 10 13 IS 17 11 11 H 13 IS 1 1
Olson i'4 13 ii n ID 15 14 14 14 17 IV
Hollsworlh 12 14 13 1 IS 14 14 10 14 16 ly
Mann 12 II 13 lti 1!) 10 14 10 11 14 15
Olmxtead 14 14 13 14 17 13 14 11 IS 1 i.t
Italrd 11 13 13 IS i'3 13 13 13 14 17 K
Weinman 7 12 1 11
Cunnon 00 W W W 14 14 11 14 11 U li
Events 4, S 10 and 11 were for twenty
targets and the others for fifteen.
4'ollln and Bovtman Drarr.
SOUTH BEND,. Ind.. Jan. ?. "TVlld Joe"
Collins of Wisconsin and "Sandow" Dow
man of Chicago wrestled to a draw last
night, going tiilrty-fivs minutes without a
fall. Finally bowman crakhed Into a wall
and was stunned, - making It necessary to
Svurtluaj Gossip.
With such an outfield as Autrcy, King
and belden, Omaha certainly will be a bane
to heavy hitters, r
It now looks as If Ragan surety would
he retained by Cincinnati. He has been
photographed and Hated.
Now that Goteh and Hackenschmldt have
Sgreed on terms, let Chicago get he match
and pull it off without further ceremony.
One tiling, If ther la any good left in
Bowerman It's a 10 to 1 shot it will come
out when Boaton ptayf-. in New York, or
vice versa, this season,
Autrey, Laurand und lager Krsnck are
putting In titeady lick this whiter and
ought to w In fine trim to pick up the
feat of the tr-Jtn) and forge ahead when the
acason opens.
Iwhell has sent Weaver, lat year's star
Witchlia catcher, to the Box with ths
recommendation that he's the best catcher
there is except Billy Sullivan. Has Johnny
Kling dropMd dead?
Cute of old Cantlllon to ask Pa. through
his man O'Nell. to wulve time of holding
the Western league annual. Why waive?
Is thero some deal to he pulled off that
can't be done In Omaha?
The White Sox have seventy-flv games
mapped out for their training tour.- Half
as manv as the whole league season. Their
results 'ought to constitute a precedent one
way or the other for or against long train
ing periods.
What would the ordinary ring fan say If
vou told him Naah lirusao. native of Can
ada, and of German-French ancestry, was
champion prise fighter of America? Vet
that is the identity of Tommy Burns.
Philadelphia Jack O'Brien's real name is
Joseph F. Hasan.
and Howard Gts.
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TBI! WZZI Kmmct. Devoy & (;0,
Mrtniil Trio. Webb's Xal and Ha Lioua,
Those Four llirls. Carbr-y Tln llrolheia.
rel aer, uarrj u m
drums. '
1'ltlCKB 10c. l5o and fOo.
Prioss 1S-S5-60-76C
' , TONIGHT 8:15
The Houtlii rn Coined) -Drums
TarlUlaa' "BlUB Of BOATS" A Sa
rstfertnaacs. ' J
fys)K am ,
f'il' - i f ' W S;
ii) SVili
M smoke NSM
I F fit for 1
lltL' a king.
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atWS . , II
mm am w