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Stat CoaTention Will B Held in Thit
City KMth Fire.
Atteraey Make a Plea ( Gev
tlirr (orBirkn
rntntln af ladeaeadeat
' Teleahaae Nra.
(From a Staff Correspondent
LINCOLN. Jan. 14. (6pcial Telegram.)
Democrat of the state will hold their
conventloa for 1He selection of" delegates
to the national . convention in Omaha,
March (. This m decided today at a
meeting sf the atata central committee.
An optional primary plan was agreed on
almilar that voted by the republican
committee, only the democrats roust hava
a request for a primary signed by fifty
democrats In each county before any
roimty chairman sanctions the procedure
tn selecting- delegates to the state conven
The basis, ef representation for the state
convention was fixed at one delegate for
every hundred votes csst for Tarker for
president and two additional dclegates-at-large
for each county, which will give.
approximately, l.onn delegates. Chris
tiuenther of Columbus was elected secre
tary of the committee and A. 8. Tlbbetts
tvf asurere.
Heirlsi I.lacola's Cenplalat.
Interstate Commerce Commissioner
Prouty waa here today to lliiten to evi
dence In the complaint of the city of
Lincoln against the railroads for alleged
discrimination against Lincoln and In favor
of Omaha la freight ratea from the south.
The creamery' men complained recently
to the railroad commission about service
afforded them for handling- cream at the
Union station. Today waa the time set
for an additional hearing-. Up to noon
the railroad men had not put In an ap-
pea ranee.
I'le-a far Barker.
Judge Hamer today asked oGvemor
Sheldon for a reprocve for six months for
Prank Barker, condemned to be hanged
'Friday, ao that he might make the leg-al
application for commutation of sentence.
The application is baaed on the allegation
that Barker la mentally defective, border
Ing on insanity, and has been In the peni
tentiary four years and therefore suffl
lntly punished, and that he has been a
model prisoner. Judge Hamer will resume
Curious Error Gives
Magazine's Fat Readers
Much Joy -
A mistake occured In a recent issue of
one of the large monthly periodicals that
had moat aurlou rsults.
At the present time this magazine Is
publishing a serial novel by a famous au
thor and also a beauty culture page that
Ij conducted by one of Philadelphia's most
noted specialists. In the number referred
to these two sections of reading- matter
tot mixed.
In the novel the portly chaperons of the
heroine, hurrying- after her charge up the
narrow, winding- stairway , of an old
.French mansion, sticks fast on the landing
and can neither get "JP nor down. In an
ar to her appeal tor Information how. to
g-ct oat of her fix, the laughing girl above
it made to aay"Fat folka shouldn't exec
else violently, 'nieir hearts are weak and
it la dangeroua Neither should they adopt
atarvatlon methods, for they are Injurious
to the stomach. The ty best way to re
duca flesh quickly la to take the following
simple home prescription: ounce Mar'
inola ,V ounce Fluid Cascara Aromatic
and SH ounces Syrup Simples. Thla. taken
In teaspoonful doses after meala and at
bedtime for three or four weeks will re
duce the flesh ten to sixteen ounces a day.
It Is perfectly harmless, will not Injure,
but Improve, the health, and. being a nat
ural reducer of fat does not cause wrlnk
lea. The ingredients are to be found I
any good drug store, and are not expen
si vs."
i Of courae. this Item had been written by
the specialist for Insertion on the beauty
page, but through an error on the part of
1 the printer It found thla most appropriate
place In the story. Now comes the sequel.
Hundreds of fan men readers, who were
closely follom-ing- the fortunes of the hero
las from month to month, but who, man
like, never gave the beauty page so much
as a glance, came to tills practical Hem
and were first astonished, then impressed.
and finally stirred to action, with the re
ailt that during the last month hundred
have written the editor saying that they
lid,trled the heroine's receipt and found
tt did the work splendidly. They all
agreed that paragraph at the best thin
the novelist ever wrote.
Black or Blue Gieviot or
Thibet Suit With Extra
Trousers of
same or strip
ed material.
Suit and txtri Trousers 52 S tt S4S
It Keeps Our Tailors Busy.
SOIMI So. IStb St.
ieaing Omaha via the WABASH
I-VS. 4th, enroute to palmetto Imacn.
Ala. St Bill.-a across tlie My. Kle
gnt new Hotel. boating. Bathing.
Kisliing In .February Think of it'
Tii must chariot n aiaco on the gulf
for descriptive matter. ratea.
sleeper auuc etc. call Wabash City
OfftvK, lata and i-aruaiit. or addrrsa.
. A. V. Wsttask aV. . Osxaka, .
Bssl A4UMMtt l
Is argumelnt tomorrow morning st t
clock, the governor having continued the
earing until that hour. Letters from Jury
men In the Insanity proceeding's and Judges
the supreme court were submitted.
The judges of the supreme court slated
ere wss evidence Barker waa not of
sound mind and this question was not
brought up for the supreme court to psss
upon an Its merits.
Freleht Maveaaeat larreaaea.
The movement of freight In Nebraska has
greatly Increased this month according to
he car reports at the state railway com-
isslon for the week ending January i.
Frelght movements for that week, corn
ered with those of the previous week,
how an Increaae of about tn per cent.
The stock car report ahows that M cars
ere ordered for January S. against 672 for
anuary 1; l.RsJ cars were on hand at last
port, against S.JR8 the previous week, and
T2 tats vf stink were loaded against 31.
Grain shipments showed a big Increase.
V.1 cars belg loaded the last week reported.
gainst during the preceding week. Of
her merchandise K5 cars were loaded for
the first week tn January, against 7X4 for
he preceding week. Holiday shipments are
generally lighter In stock and grain but
gain Is so noticeable aa to excite com
aaeaeaaeat Teleaaeae Coaveattoa.
The Independent telephone m-n of Ne
braska began their annual session at the
Indell hotel this afternoon with about
JDO tn attendance. When the meeting
loses Frldsy afternoon the visitors will
II take' a trip over the Burlington to
Omaha to get acquainted with the big
city. Among the visitors are: It. Mi
Henry of Jefferson City. Mo., president J
of the Missouri association; W. H. Nel
son of Smith Center, Kan., president of
the Kansaa association; P. C. Holdocgel
of Rockwell ICty, la., president of the
owa saociatlon, and E. P. Buck of Hud
son, 8. D., secretary of the South Dakota
association. Thla la the first year the
chief operators will meet with the asso-
latlon. and a special meeting- will be
held tomorrow morning, at which a chief
elephone operators' association will be
State Hteterlcal Society.
The officera of the Nebraska State His
torical society were re-elected at the bus-
ness meeting last night, as follows:
Dr. George I.,. Miller of Omaha, presi
dent; Robert Harvey of St. Paul, first
vice president; James E. North of Col-
timbus, second vice president; Clarence
H. Paine of Lincoln, secretary; Stephen
L. Geisthardt of Lincoln, treasurer. H.
H. Wilson read a report on the condition
of the society and made a recommendat
ion that Immediate steps be taken toward
he securing of a suitable location for
historical building in which to hou le
the records and historical collections of
the society.
The business meeting was followed by
the closing program of the Nebraska His
torical society and the Nebraska Terri
torial Pioneers' association. The princi
pal speaker waa Judge Horace E. D.-emer
of, the supreme court of the state of Iowa.
His subject was "The Part of Iowa in
the Organisation of Nebraska." Followi
ng- several musical numbers, another In
teresting- address waa given by William
Z. Taylor of Culbertson. who told of the
last fight between the Pawnee and Sioux
Indians in the valley of Frencnmaa's
creek, to which he vu an eye witness.
Seeks ta Rrainc Wajae OMrlala.
Elmer E. Thomas, attorney for the
Anti-Saloon league of Wayne, intends to
file an application with Governor She!
don for the removal of the city council
of Wayne. He will charg-e that the coun
rll refused to revoke the license of a sa
loonkeeper who was convicted of selling
liquor ta minora. . The aaloonman ap
pealed to the district court and his appeal
was thrown- ouv-- .,- - .-
Park aat Forestry Meetl a g.
The Nebraska Park and Forestry society
rill meet at the music room of the Temple
building, Lincoln, January 3,1p.m. Some
of the best speakers In the state have been
secured and an excellent program Is ar
ranged. v
This society ha sanaimmense amount of
work to do. Nebraska Is away behind a
state wtlhout parka. The sandhills are In
vlting pine trees. That desolate region is to
be tranaformed. This society hss no state
appropriation, but must rely on member
ship fees of $1 per year to do ita work.
Send $1 to the president. C. B. Harrison and
receive last year's report, showing how
you csn rslse bull pines as easily as you
can peas, also the complete work on ever
greens, the result of over thirty years'
experience In Nebraska. These are worth
more than the C
Our secretary, L. D. Slilson, Is dying with
Bright's disease, ao send to the president.
President Nebraska Park and Forestry
Harrlaaa Weeks Killed by laaaae Mas
Over laaaaiaarr Clalas.
HAYES CENTER, Neb., Jan. 15. Spe-
ctal Telegram.) Harrison Weeks was killed
Monday evening- by Herbert A. Robb. He
was shot with a muzzle-loading gun. The
charge entered his left eye and shattered
that aide of his head. The murderer was
Insane and wanted Weeks to settle an
imaginary claim. He demanded two, a
quarter section af land and' twenty bead
of cattle. Weeka laughed at him. The
murderer then told him to say his prayers
as he waa about to die and then shot him.
Robb was captured and bouad aver to
district court for trial. Weeks waa buried
at Hayes Center touay.
CrasTora Bailed Beside Wlfa.
HA8TINGS. Neb., Jan. 15. (Special Tel
egram. The body of Alonso II. Crafford,
chef at Hastings college, who committed
suicide Monday night, haa been taken to
Washington, Kan., for burial by the aide
of his wife, who died ten months sgo. Rel
atives who came here today deny the re
port of the elopment of Crafford s , daughter.
She was with her father In Lincoln soma
montha ago. but he. Induced ber to go to
relatives near Wymore. A man with whom
General Demand
tt the Wen-Informed of the World ha
always been for a simple, pleasant and
efficient liquid laxative remedy of known
ralue; a laxative which, physicians could
sanction for family use because ita com
ponent parts are known to them to be
wholesome and truly beneficial in effect,
acceptable to the system and gentle, yet
prompt, in action. x
In supplying that demand with it ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Fip and
Dixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup
Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies
im the merits of the laxative for its remark
able success.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Figs and Dixir of Senna is givea
the preference by the Well-informed
To get its beneficial eOeets always buy
the genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for aak
by all leading, drugs', Price fifty cents
per bet 'ila.
Prominent Physician Gives
His Best Prescriptions ta
Sick Peapte YVithcut
Nearly all diseases or ailments ate
caused primarily by poor circulation of
the blood no matter whether it is the
kidneys, or the heart, or tha-stomach, or
liver, or whatever organ may be affected
poor circulation Is the primary cause.
A famous physician, after years of
study and experiments, hss finally dis
covered a remedy which If used In con
nection with certsln other well-known
drugs and mixed with correct proportions.
will cure the most stubborn allny:-nta. Of
courso the same Ingredients are not used
In all diseases and lt would require too
much space here to give each prescrip
tion in detail but a there is one basic
principle Involved In all diseases so there
Is one basic remedy In all these piesertp
tlons namely. Concentrated Lecto Com
pound. This remedy Is ss Its name im
plies a concentration of the most valua
ble agents known to science for stimu
Isting the circulation thua striking at
the root of the evil.
The doctor has arranged with the manu
facturers of Concentrated I.ecto Com
pound to enclose with each package of
their preparation a full series of his orlg
Inal prescriptions In detail so that any
alck person will secure free of charge
exactly the same formula that the doctor
would give If one called at his office.
The prescriptions Include scparste
formulas for kidney and heart trouble
stomach and bowel troubles, malaria and
liver troubles, blood and skin diseases,
and If you get a one-ounce bottle of
Lecto at the drug- store usually sold at
about 0 cents, you can readily select the
proper prescription for your ailment and
mix the medicine yourself.
All Ingredients prescribed by the doctor
are vegetable and non-poisonous . If your
druggist Is unable to supply Lecto send
his name on a postal to "Lecto" .110
Verona avenue Newark N. J. and you
will be promptly advised where It can be
she becsme scqusinted In Lincoln gave her
a number of presents, and last week wrote
the girl's father demanding their return.
Mr. Crafford consulted the county attorney
with a view to securing an order to prohibit
the man from further Interference. There
appeared to be no basis for official action
Red Willow Contest Voder Way.
M'COOK, Neb., Jan. 15. (Special.)
The Hiller-Pkalla contest, Involving the
county clerkship of lied Willow county
came up before County Judge Moore to
day. After several hours of vocal sparring-
between the lawyers on both sides.
a motion to require Hlller to give addi
tional bond was granted. A motion was
taken under advisement to strike out
portion of the complaint. The contest Is
Just fairly tinder way.
Nebraska News Notes.
BEATRICE Frank H. Finher and Miss
Elsie Novotny, both of Oketo. Kan., were
married here yesterday by Judge epauora.
PljATTSMOUTH The parlors of the Ne
braska Masonic home in this city will be
own to visitors on Wednesdays from 7 to
p. m.
HASTINGS The county Board of Su.
pervlsors haa reorganised with trie election
of u. II. w em won n oy unanimous vota
chairman.- -. , - - . i
1'L.ATTSMOUTH In a good game of
basket ball In Turner hall laat evening the
Turners defeated the high school team by a
score of 5 to 10.
PI,ATTSMOl"TII County Assessor H
M. Soennichsen haa sppointed P. E. Ruff
ner assessor for Plattsmouth and deputies
for the rest of this county.
BEATRICE The Kle"" art exhibit has
arrived from Superior, Wis. The collection
is wortli about SXUti. and will be shown at
the u nity church next week.
BEATitlCE Mrs. H. F. Hackman
mother of Mrs. M. L. Kors and H. F.
Hackman of this city, died yesterday a
Arensvlile. 111., aged S4 years.
PLATTSMOUTH Earl Rhoden and Mine
Chloe Carter were united in marriage in
the home of the bride's parents. Rev. Bert
Wilson performing the ceremony.
NEBRASKA CITY Walter Selby. th
boy who shot himself in the arm on lat
Saturday, while rabbit hunting. Is at th
hospital and the indications are that it will
not be necessary to amputate the arm,
PL,ATTBMOT'TH-Mrs. William Oorde
pesaed away at her home In Watertown
Wis. Deceased was a sister of Mrs. Fred
Gocder. sr., of this city and an aunt of
Mayor rrert uorfler of eeplng Water,
PAPIIJilON The 3-year-old girl of
Peter Tim was badly burned today playln
with matches. Her clothes cautrht fir
Her face and rams were badly burned, but
Doctor Margret thinks he can save her
PAPILIION Papllllon lodge No.
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, will
give an oyster s-ipper January is for th
benefit of the wives, mothers and sisters of
Maauna Senator Patrick will be the prin
clpal speaker.
BEATRICE The saloon of James Hroch
at Wymore was entered by burglars who
secured about $100 from the till. The
officials helleve that the burg-lars took th-
loot and boarded a southbound train for St.
Joseph or Kansas City.
NEBRASKA CITY Major Blrkner Mon
day evening inspected Company C. N9
brasak National Guard, and tirarirel the
officers snd the men for the creditable
showing they made. This Is one of the
strong companies in the state.
BEATRICE Fred Tanner, a prominent
farmer living near this city, was called to
uwight. III., yesterday by a telearsm sn
nouncing the sudden death of hia mother,
Mrs. William Tanner, which occurred at
Dwight- She was W years of age.
BEATRICE The wives of the members
of the Beatrice Military band gave them
a surprise in the form of a banquet at the
court house last evening afier band re
hearsal. . J nere were (.bout fifty guests
present, and a very pleasant evening was
BEATRICE Albert Mitlnmskl and Miss
Rosa Bodanskl were united in marriage
this morning at a o'clock at St. Joxeph'a
Catholic church. Father Petraach officiat
ing. They have lived here for a long
time and will continue to make Beatrice
their home. ,
NEBRASKA CITT-Ths Travelers . Pro
tective association will attempt to secure
more members in tins city as a "flying
squadron" will be here Friday and Satur
day. The local members have arranged to
give them a hearty welcome and aid them
In their work.
BH'E HII-At the wolf hunt on Tues
day northeast of Blue Hill about 10 men
were In the line, and one wolf was gotten
In the ring and eeeaped. Manv others were
seen, but were not captured. In a few
days snother hunt will be held, and it la
nopea mat oeiier results will be had.
BEATRICE Announcement was received
here yesterday of the marriage of Martin
Bchidlowakl. Jr., a former Beatrice resi
dent, and Miss Pad it- Struhle. which oc
curred at Lincoln. Mr. Schlldlowekl Is
employed as messenger on the Burlington,
with a run between Lincoln and Hastings.
HEBRON The storeroom in the First
National bank building recently occupied
by the Willy Mualc company Is being re
modeled and will be occupied next week by
the Bun Ton restaurant. A new grocery
stock will be put Into the building the Bon
Ton vacates by Hoa-ard Hathaway and
John Ay era
HEBRON B. F. Bpokesfleld died the
home of bis daughter Mrs. c. M Weth
eraid. In this city Tuesday night. For many
years Mr. Spokesrield waa a rldent of
Red Cloud, and has made hia home with
hia daughter aince the death of his wife
last autumn. The funeral will be held
Thursday at I.J.
NEBRASKA CITY The body of a man
whose Mt-niliv haa notyfeen disclosed was
found Tuesday afternoon four miles from
Hamubrg. The man had evidently bee
stealing a ride on the Burlington and fell
off. An Inquest will be held at Hamburg,
but it U doubtful If the identity of the
man will be learned.
BEATRICE Frank Bowers, who disap
peared rather mysteriously the other dy
tuie out Luitlug near OdaJ, .and .who
wrote to his wife the next day from Bt.
rwenlv Mo., stating that he had been kid
naped by two men. left d-ll veaterday
overland with his family for Oklahoma.
where he owns a farm.
TOR K The Benevolent Protective Order
f Klks of York are advertising In the
eastern carpenter Journals and Omaha and
Uncoln paper for he new i-,ik Home to
be built at Tork. This will be one of the
nest and largest buildings erected In the
ty of York. The FJks will expend be-
ween J-S.Owl snd SW.OXI.
PITTSMOCTH On sccount of the sb-
sence of County Attorney Rawls from this
Ity the rase of the state against Dr. A.
Barnes hss Keen continued until jan-
ary Z7. He Is charged with having vio
lated the law by practiceing as a vetren-
rian without having a certificate from
tho examtnelng board.
DAVID CITY Word reached this city
Tuesday from rVattle, announcing the sud
den death of William Fox. who died Sun
day of heart trouhle. Mr. Fox was one of
David City's young men. who went to Seat-
le this spring. His father was at his pert-
side when death came. He was laid to
rest in the cemetery at Seattle.
VAIJvET The board of directors of the
Valley State bank. C. I. Rogers, Frank
nhltmore, Morris Johnson, A. H. Norton
snd Frank C. Kennedy, recently re-elected
at the meeting of the stockholders, held
heir annus! meeting and elected C. I.
Rogers, president: Frank Whltmore. vice
president, and Frank C Kennedy, cashier.
NKHRASKA CITY Frank Thomaa has
a force of men and teams at work hauling
rock and cutting brush to be used by the
Burlington in ripranping the east bank
of the river to protect the Burlington. Mr.
Johnson. .who haa charge of the work, will
begin labors in a day or two. This time
nearly a mile of the bsnk will be protected.
1JNWOOD- The flnei spring weather
haa caught cold. There was s fall of 2S
degrees since last evening to this morning.
A cold northwest wind Is blowing and it
is grttig solder fast. The ice men have
been nervous, but think this will help then
out. Farmers have done a great deal of
their spring work during the nice weather.
NEBRASKA CITT The town has been
flooded with circulsrs snd buttons boom
ing L,aFollctte for president. It la reported
thst sn effort wll be made to organise a
LaFollette club here, but If there are no
more members than there are those who
are wearing his button there will not be
enough to fill the orfice of eecretsry,
tressurer and president.
BEATRICE At the annual meeting of
the Mennonlte church congregation, among
the Important matters considered were
plans for a Mennonlte hospital for Beat
rice. The matter 'will come up for final
action at the annual conference to be
held In this city next fall, which will bring
to Beatrice hundreds of Mennonites from
all parts of the country-
BEATRICE The remains of William M
Hamilton, who died in Omaha Myidny,
were brought here today over the Burling
ton for interment. The members of the
Odd Frllews' lodge had charge of the
services, and the remains were conveyed
from the depot to Kverareen Home cem
etery, where brief services were held and
Where the body was laid to rest.
PLATTSMOHTTH-While working with
the Burlington bridge gang today at the
big bridge that spans the Missouri river at
this point a large timber fell on Guy A.
Hodges an dcrushed his body very badly.
Mr. Hodges was removed to his home in
tills city and th-. Ijvingstnn did all that
he could to relieve his suffering, but It Is
thought thsr lie cannot recover.
BLl'H H1I,U At a meeting on Monday of
the t armors fcjevalor coniDanv the fol
lowing officers were elected for the ensu
ing year: Jacob Ooll. prenldent; F. C.
Buschow. secretsry. and E. McBrlde. tress
urer: directors. R. Armstrong. W. Kort. E.
McBrido. J. Ooll, F. C. Buschow. An In
teresting meeting waa held and a good busi
ness reported done for the year 3W.
YORK Work has ben commenced on
tl, women's rest rooms In the southwest
corner of the court house. A beautiful
suite of rooms will be fitted tip for them
It was through the work of the Commer
cial club that the county set aside these
rooms for the purpose-of providing a rest
room for the ladles who come to York. The
rooms will be furnished by the Commer
cial club.
PT. PAt'L Tuesdsr morning shout
oVlock fire broke out in the beer vault of
tlfe Sclillts Brewing company near the
Burlington tracks In the northesst part of
the city, and the part of the building above
the basement was ouickly consumed. There
were no goods in the building at the time
The loss is estimated st between Sl.O'irt and
tl.WK). The fire is believed to be of incen
diary origin.
DAVID CITY A' Bryan e-luh was organ
ised tn David Cityt.-"Tuesday afternoon. A
large number of democrats from different
parts of tho county were here. 'Matt Miller
was elected president and J. Ira Duncan
as secretary-treasurer. That was about
all the business that wns done. Just as
Mr.. Miller was makine his speech, the big
fire broke out In the Derby hotel, hreaklng
up the meeting.
VAIXEY-The Royal H-l'lnr.ders of Vsl-
ley eirao tntalled the rollo"rt"g recent y
elected orficers: N. 1. Thorpe. I, P.;
Charles Rice. C. C: Mrs. Klawhammer. W.
E-; Mrs. - Margaret Holdsworth. secretary
and treasurer; Harry Smith. S. : tSeorge
McNight,W.: and Frank Whltmore, Morris
Johnson anil Alfred Hubbard, board of
managers. V'he installation exercises were
followed by a banquet.
TBCl'MSEH The funeral of A. G. Blau
ser, who died of pneumonia last Friiav
was held at the Presbyterian church this
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The attendance
-was large, the Knlchts and Indies of
Security, of which the deceased was a
member, attending in a body. The sermon
was by Rev. R. Pearson, pastor of the
Methodist Episcopal church, of which Mr. ,
Blauser waa a member.
BLl'E HILXr-lnstallatlon of officers of
the Degree of Honor was held Tuesdsy
evening, and the following officer wero
Installed: Mrs. Buxsard. C. or H. : Mrs. D.
W. Fay. P. C. of H.; Mrs. J. fichunk. I, of
H.: Mrs. C. Paugh. C. of C; Mrs. Bark r,
recorder; Mrs. F. P. Hull, financier: P.
Merten. receiver; Mrs. H. Boenitje. usher;
Mrs. A. Marten. I. W; Mrs. K. W. Mc
Kencle, O. W. The officers were installed
by Mra K. W. McKensie.
DAVID CITY During the last two year
In Butler county the official records show:
Number of estates filed for administration,
forty-five: , number of new guardians ap
pointed, eighty-one: number of guardian's
reports filed, examined and approved and
recorded, 112; number of marriage Uienses
issued. 249: number of ceremonies per
formed, thirty-nine; amount of fines col
lected and paid to county treasurer, till.
TORK At a meetlna- of the Bonrd of
Supervisors yesterday. Mr. W. W. Wyckoff.
chairman for the year 1907. was presented
with a beautiful Elk's watch charm, on
which was Inscribed: "Presented to W.
VW. Wyckoff by members of the York
counts board of commiHsioners for the year
IS -7." Mr. Wyckoff has made a most ex
cellent chairman and his services were
highly appreciated. Mr. Fred Steffin of
Waco was elected chairman of the new
NEBRASKA CITT-3rant McFsrlanfl
who lives near Dunbar, swore out a writ of
habeas corpus beiore Jodae Travis aeatrs'
I-illie Nlse and the Crsillne sls'ers of
York, for the body of Clarence McFartand
a 13-year-old hov, whom the plaintiff al
leges Is unlawfully detained. It Is clalmel
that the hov Is a son of John McFarland.
who was killed several years sgo in Iowa.
and was given by the mother to rOant Mc
Farland to raise. The sheriff was Sent
sfter the boy.
NEBRASKA CITT A peculiar case has
been reported from school illmrict No. SI.
There a woman teacher detained a number
of the pupila after the school hours because
they had been imperfect In their recita
tions and several of the farmers whose
children attended the school filed a protest
with the county superintendent, claiming
that they wanted their children at home
"so they could do the chores." The children
There is said to
be 50,000 cases in
New York.
Scott's Emulsion
will strengthen and
fortify you against the
Grippe, and if you
have had it, it will
. build you up aulcker
than any other known
wll have to study better If they want to
'oo the chores," the teacher said.
NEBRASKA CITY-Nebraska City will
have a new high .school building and
hether the people of this city will M
willing to voe M.o tn bonds Is the ques
tion now before the people, ss the Board
of Education last evening submitted a
proposition to vote that mum for tne erec
tion of a high school building, it is pro
posed to purchase three more lots in the
block and this will give the board the en
tire block wtlh the exception of the lot
on which is situated the public library.
KEBRASKA CITT-At the meeting of the
Oloe County Bar association P. W. Liv
ingston was elected president; William
Hay ward, vice president; A. A. Biachof.
secretsry and treasurer, snd the executive
committee consists of Paul Jessen, W. H.
litaer and C. Vy. Heymour. The legisla
tive committee Is J. C. Watson. William
Hayward and W. F. Moran: Inquiry, w.
W. Wilson. W. F. Moran and E. F. War
ren. A committee was also appointed to
make arrangements for a banquet to be
held the last of this month.
NEBRASKA CITY-Countv Assessor
William Dunn today made the following
appointments: To sssess sll real estate o(
Nebraska City, Robert fayne: f irst ward.
Jackson Estley; Second. K. Ieiber; Third.
T. C. Dunn; Fourth, John Crlchton; Four
Mile and Belmont precincts, Henry Vtlnton;
Wyoming and Berlin, Lewis Qanxel; Lvia
ware and office work. F. R. Roos; village
of Syracuse, John W. Stnng; Syracuse and
North Branch. J. W. McCormick; Russell,
O., W. Branch; Palmyra. O. C. Parker;
Hendricks and South Branch; J. C. Math
era: 0ave and McWIIIIhiiin. R. J. Beers:
Rock Creek and Otoe; E. E. Boudera; office
deputy. George R. McCallum.
BEATRICE The countv board met yes
terday and pared down some of the bills
tncurreo In the Khumway murder case.
The attorneys' allowances were reduced
from IJ60 to t2no each, and the claims of
Missouri witnesses were reduced from a
total of tX-JH to li'S. By a resolution offered
by Campbell all the claims certified to bv
Judge Kelllgsr were allowed. The board
ordered that Saline county should be re-
immirsed ror one-half or the cost of a
bridge on the county line. The old board
adjourned and the new board was orcan
Ised by the election of Wlllism Atwater
or Beatrice as chairman. There sre only
two chsnges In the membership of the
board. J. R. Montgomery succeeds Louis
erner, snd j. S. McCleery succeeds L. E.
Qaalat and Cartons Feat a res af Life
la a Rapidly Growlaa
, Mat.
Columbus Item Platte county Is entitled 1
to twelve delegates in the republican con
vention for the state, that meets In Omaha.
There are not many passes In the county
new. and the boys are not hunting for
the job to go.
Then and Now A twenty-year-old item
In the Norfolk News states thst the "street
car company Is trying tij keep the children
from jumping on snd off the street cars
while In motion." The street car company
Isn't worrying much about the children of
today, as the danger from being run over
by Norfolk street cars Just now Isn't st
sll menacing. Nebraska City Press.
And tho Mule !s Limping There Is a
mighty force In a mule's hind foot, and
when It's spplled to a man's Jaw It is
quite likely to bring disaster and pain to
the man. To all, this Jim Cosard can
certify, for ie was kicked on the Jaw
by a mule on Thursday of last week, but
as Jim Is a man of great vitality, he Is now
able to be about his work. Table RoCk
Turk's In Danger Harry Wisner hss a
contraband turkey visiting at his home.
He strolled In one day and refused to
leave. Mr. Wlsner has so fsr stood out
manfully against the temptation, but every
time he looks st that gobbler he feels the
weakness of the flesh Is gaining upon him
and he announces that If the rightful
owner doesn't soon come sad claim his
own thst old turk will go the wsy of
his fathers about four days hence.-oott's
Bluff Stsr.
Muscular Christianity Needed If some
of the young kids of the town were taught
a few good manners It would not hurt
them In the least. Last Sunday evening
during the services at. the Congregational
church some boy came up to the church
about every five minutes and sent a pierc
ing whistle In st the door. A young min
thst has no better bringing up than that
should be tied up on Sunday evenings, or
sent out In the country some place where
he can blow Die peaks off the sand hills.
Long Pine Journal.
I'aael Selected ta Begla Its Slttlags
la District Coart Teata at
Actt Moata.
A grand jury, to begin Its sittings Feb
ruary 10. was drawn Wednesday afternoon
by District Judge Troup. District Clerk
Smith and County Clerk Hsverly. The Jury
was the first drawn from the new list pre
pared by the county board Tuesdsy. The
district Judges had intended calling the
grand Jury together February S, the first
day of the term, but owing to a delay
In making up the Jury list. It was decided
to postpone the opening of the term one
County Attorney English declares he haa
nothing of a special nature to bring before
the Jury. While it Is in session, however.
It will hear all preliminary trials in felony
cases which now are heard in police or
Justice courlt,.
Twenty-three names mere drawn from
the box and from this list sixteen will be
selected to sit on the grand jury. The
panel is as follows:
Peter Dsveney, 173 South Twenty-second
street. South Omaha: Fred Krebs, Jr . 4S
Railroad avenue. 8outh Omaha; 8. K.
'r i-ni 1131 RiMith Thirtv-flrst street; A. J.
Love, Benson, Neb.; Charles Sexton. IHiii
laue street; 1 nomas Dee, zm n siren,
South Omaha: R. Ft. Carlln. 4630 North
Fortieth street; O. S. Lee. 913 North Twen-tv-first
street: M. DowllnK. 132J South
Thirty-first street; George A. Powell. ISW
Franklin street; C. Hanson. 1311 fcoulh
Twenty-fifth street; Charles Call. SI'S
North Twenty-elgih avenue; P. J. Oamrhn.
241 P street. South Omaha: D. B. Giuner.
H.2 South Seventeenlh street: Pen Jacobaen.
Valley; Fred Cronmeyor. 2311 North Twenty-eighth
avenue; J. H. Peterson. Id
South Sixth street; Kd P. Roggen. 2J0B A
street. SoT.n Omaha: J. M. Fversole,
Twentv-thlrd and W si reels. South Omaha;
Andrew Jenten. 318 North Twenty-fourth
street; J. V. Gibbons, 4"5 North Thirty
ninth street; Henry XF. SMoltenberg. Flor
ence; W. H. Crary, 142 Hpencer street.
Talef I oa teases Rather Taaa Face
1'aarl teat Caavlcte Hia
la Fwrsaer Case.
Marvin Delore, one of the party of young
nien and boys which broke Into the Glen
cue mills snd stole some sacks which they
afterward sold, plesded guilty to burglary
Wednesday morning before Judge Troup,
and was sentenced to two snd a half
years In the penitentiary.
Only two weeks before the robbery of the
mill, Ik-lore had been acquitted of a
burglary' charge by the same Jury panel
that is now serving. Rather than go be
fore the same men the second time on s
similar charge, he pleaded guilty. It waa
Delore who sold the sacks to a Junk dealer
who afterwards tried to sell them back to
the mill from which they were stolen. This
led to the arrest of the entire gang.
County Attorney English has nollled the
case against C. K. Stephenson, who waa
charged with embezzling money from the
Jewell Tea company for which he worked.
He was manager of the local branch of
the company and It was charged he di
verted some of ths funds to Ills owa usa.
Lack ef evidence was given as the reason
for dismissing the charge.
Be Waal Ads Tbty bring reiu.ta,
January Furniture
Regular January
Price SaK Trice.
125.00 Golden Oak Chair, leather seat and back 15.0rt
$13.50 Early English Rocker. Spanish leather, loose cushions. .fO.TK
$20.00 Mahogany Rocker, loose cushion seat .18.7ft
S 22.50 Early English Chair, leather neat and bark 914.50
112.00 Mahogany Finished Chair, loose green silk velour rush's 12..10
158.00 Mahogany Chair , ..929.00
I 6.60 Golden Oak Rocker $4.75
14.75 Golden Rocker . . . $.1.5
$12.00 Weathered Oak Rocker, leather seat f 7.2ft
$27.60 Rocker, Spanish leather seat and bark $17.75
$9.50 Weathered Oak Chair. Spanish leather seat and back $0.75
$30.00 Leather Turkish Rocker $22.75
$65.00 Leather Turkish Rocker ...$3A.OO
$62.00 Leather Turkish Rocker $30.50
Orchard & Wilhelm
JJiq.i6.lS So. 16th St.
This it Whole Cause of Cabinet Crisis
in Japan.
Immlgratlea Qnestlaa Is Scarcely
Mcatlenea- la tea CeatroTersr "
Appeal Caaatry
TOKIO, Jan. 15. Any accurate prediction
concerning the political life of Marquis
SaonJI cabinet Is Impossible. The govern
ment Is trying to avert a climax and ths
resignations of the ministers of flnsnce
and communications hss created a situa
tion approaching a political panic. Even
those best Informed sre unable to forecast
tomorrow's developments with any degree
of certelnty.
The consensus of opinion Is to the effect
that the present cabinet, either with double
portfolios or with possible sdditions, will
face the new Diet, which, after the general
elections of the spring, will open July C
The posts of minister of tinance and min
ister of communications were made vacant
yesterday. They were at once filled tear
porarily by the minister of Justice, taking
up also the duties of the former snd the
minister of ths Interior taking up also the
duties of the latter.
An effort Is being made to fill these va
cancies, but There Is a difficulty encoun
tered In securing the consent of statesmen
to accept the responsibility under existing
circumstances. The opposition and even
the friends of the government are sppar
ently determined to force the government
to appeal to the country.
Ks Refereace to Inatlgratloa,
There Is no reason to doubt that ths
present situation Is dua, entirely to. the
financial problem. The Immigration ques
tion Is absolutely unaffected and had noth
ing to do with hastening the climax. It la
believed on sll sides thst ths Immigration
questions which exist with America and
Canada will be settled amicably. In fact.
since ths present critical situation devel
oped the Immigration question has been
hardly mentioned. ,
An interesting feature of the situstlon Is
the increasing Influence of the commercial
classes In the politics of Japan. Toshlro
Shakatani, ex-minister of finance, la the
son-in-law of Baron Shlbushawa, who bit
terly opposed the proposition to Increase
the taxation, la common with other prom
inent business1 men, who were antagonistic
to the continued hesvy expenditures on the
army maintained st present, which, it is
claimed. Is not warranted by the present
Nakashoko, vice minister of communica
tions, resigned today. He will bo suc
ceeded by Musuka of the railrosd bureau
foaatr Seat Fight Reaewed.
ABERDEEN, 8. D.. Jan. 15. (Special.)
Through the circulation of a petition the
town of Selby expects to gain by peaceful
methods the honor of being the county
sest of Walworth county, something It
failed to accomplish when, some time sgo,
its cltisens forcibly seised the records st
Bangor and carried them to their town.
A legal battle followed and Selby was com
pelled to return the records and make good
comes into thousands of homes every morniujr,
bringing rosy health, steady nerves and :
clear brain
This wholesome breakfast drink has all
the good qualities of a morning beverage
warmth, aroma, sustainin power minus the
caffeine and tannin of coffee and tea.
10 imjt (rial will convince you
In this sale is a large line of fur
niture for the living room, the com
fortable, well-built kind. Here is a
suggestion of the bargains included:
Arm Korker-(Llke cut. Best quarter
awed oak, rich golden polish finish. Large
and roomy, with broad, shaped arms. Has
loose cushion seat and panel back, of green
Spanish leather. Leather nails ruaJte a
pretty finish for the back. A rocker that
sella regularly at $18.00 offered In th Jan
uary sale, at, each 813.00
the damage done to the county building.
Selby. however, had no Intention of giving
up the fight and now It t -Industriously
circulating a petition asking that the- mat
ter be submitted to a vote of the people.
If this plan succeeds Bangor undoubtedly
will lose, as thst place Is now nothing nioie
than a hamlet with about three houses and
a store. The town of Java has ambitions
snd It Is quite, likely sn organised move
ment will begin tn an attempt to upset
Selby's latest plan.
Flrajl Tlaae Thla W later Haaaer vt
Frigidity la Hoisted la
For the first time this winter the cold
wave flag is unfurled In Omaha. It Was
hoisted en the federal building at t o'clock
Wednesday by Weather Forecaster Welsh,
who detected In the molecules of the air
what hs construed to be signs of cold
weather, or at least a temporary cessation
of the Indlsn summer.
The temperature was 24 at 7 a. in. and
falling. Colonel Welsh ssld the prospect
wss for close to sero last night, with con
tinued cold Thursday and probably a rising
temperature by Friday. 1
The change toward winter began wttli
sn attempt at snow during Tuesday night.
The cold wave Is coming from the north
west, where below zero temperatures pre
vail. Five-inch Ice Is reported on some of the
takes In this vicinity, but ths river affords
little comfort as an Ice producer thus far.
Some thin floating Ice Is reported at Bloug
City and sbove, but there Is very llttis)
shore Ice thus fsr.
The river Is at tlis lowest stage it haa
been for thirty years. The ordinary stage
of the river at this season Is seven s.nd
eight feet, but measurements taken Mon
day show a stage of but four feet - and
seven-tenths and that figure has been per
ceptibly lowered since then.
Gets OAT Car rsaelleed at I'nloa ta
loa is She at the Borl
lagtoa. "Oh. where Is my boy." cried a young
matron as she arose to get off a Farnsm
street car at the Burlington station. Ring
ing her hands and crying out in agony, aha
searched the neighborhood with her ey
and no boy waa In sight.
They were enroute to Lincoln snd the
young woman. Intent in her Inmoit
thoughts, hsd imsglned her boy by her
side, but 'when she was ready to slight
from the car at the station no boy was In
sight. Etie celled upon the rdale passen
gers of the csr to help her out, but noc
seemed to r able to render the needed as
sistance. Finjlly a thin voice said:
"Madam, I think your boy got off th '
car at Vnlon station; I saw a httle boy et
off the car there."
A hurry trip to that station revealed ths
boy In the arms of a big policeman. It ap
peared that when the conductor crk-4
"Union station" he had hurried off the car.
unnoticed by his mother, the conductor and
all except the young woman with the thin
The Yellew Peril,
Jaundice malaria biliouaneas. - vanishes
when Dr. King's New Life Pills are taken.
Guaranteed. 25c For sale 'by Beaton
Drug Co.
"Thoro's a Reason"