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    The Omaha -Daily
Spteul&tin; Banker Called to Answer
for Some of Eii Methods.
tviai-cxsTincAno5 OF checks
Amount IsTolred Said
i Ex-
cen of 0400,0v V t
Kercintile Baak. of Which 1 ?V
President, Victim of the Rai. '0j,
Matter la Merelr a a Error In Itook
krowla Dno Ove-rlsa-nt of
plore Boll Forwlshrd by
arvtr Company.
NEW YOTUC. Jan. 7.-5". Augustus Helnse
was arrested today by a I'nW
marshal oa an indictment charging him
with having Illegally cashed a check on
tha Mercantile National bank. He wa, held
In hall after entering a plea of nnt
rullty to tlia Indictment.
TTia amount of tha check which he 1 set-used
of certifying falsely was Sfi2.7i.
Helnse appeared In court with counsel and
nnoonoed that ball would be furnished
Hetnsa. who ba had a remarkable ca
reer as a mining engineer, promoter of
various mining companies, especially those
of dereloplng copper propertied and within
I he laat year or two as a financier, was
president of tha Mercantile National bank
until October last. At that time there
were heavy withdrawals from the bank,
due to a rapid decline In the stock of the
Vntted Copper company. In which Helnse
was heavily Interested. Helnse resigned
from tb presidency of the hank. Charles
TV. Mores, the shipping promoter, who had
YM-n ssoootated with Helnse In various e
terprlsea. retired from the active manage
ment of several banka which he controlled
and It waa the great unrest precipitated
try these rhanges that brought about a
culmmetlon of the city's financial troubles
Itenerally and the panic which mas In full
way In the latter days of October. It
has been reported ever emce Heinle's re
tirement from the Mercantile that the fed
eral government was making; a flgld In
vestigation of the affairs of that bank and
others with a view 10 prosecution of the
pemrnis responsible for any unlawful act
that might be discovered.
Helnse Is also accused of Illegal certlfca
tlon of other checks amounting to Itno.nnfi
on or about October 14. According to his
counsel. Edward Iauterbach, abundant col
lateral had been deposited to cover these
checks. Many af the checks were payable
to the order of Otto HeW A Co.. of which j
. v ii,mtui Helnze s rrotner is a
l inn . "
T. Angustus Hetnse gave hall In the sum
of ISB.WW.
' Merely Err la BekkeplaaT.
- Mr. Ls-ueei jwh. iiUaaln.U"V'tMilV
tnn of MT. Helnae's arrest, osid his rtlent
supposed these certifications were proporly
entered In the books of the bsnk. He rtc
Vlared that It was merely a matter of
KokkeplnB: which his client supposed hud
beea properly sttended to that rley It ar
rears, however. Mr. luterhach continued,
that aome of the entries lusy hnve pone
..-n . mnmini Btul that tt mas
upon this that the Indictments were n. jTaro to me, y oecrvvu i.y r r..c:.
Ball for Helnse was furnlnhed by a surety Jos-pl. 1. emperor of Austria and king of
company He is to appear before J wire ' Hungary, in commemoration of the begin
Chstfleld tomorrow for plei.dlns. ! "log of the sixtieth year of his reign. This
The Indictment, which Is a lenfthy d'-cu- amnesty If extended to all cltitens of Aus
ment alleges that Heime rnad the over- , tria. Hungary and Bosnta-Herregovlns.
certiricattona In his capacity as presided who. being under militia obligations, have
of tha Mercantile National bsnk. The va- ! been declared deserters on account of non
Tious counts of the Indictment give the j observance of enrollment call. It has no
,,!,. niinnd to have been over , effect, however, on" those who have practl-
.rtifld. amounting In all to 4io.'i
The Indictment Will be found tinder sec
tion BOM of the revlMed statutes of the
X-nited States, which says that an official
of a bank found guilty of such action
Is liable to not less than five nor more
than ten years- imprisonment.
mdarrly t Informed.
-CABIHINGTON. D C., Jan. 7-Keferrlng
to tha arrest today in New Tork of F.
Augustus Helnse for illegally certifying
a check cm the Mercantile National bank.
Comptroller Rldgely said be kn-w nothing
about the details of this particular tran
saction. When the trouble with the Mer
cantile National bank began the comptrol
ler said that he had sent a siecial repie-
nentatlve to try to co-operate with the d a- j
- .v.!cBtton. I
" , ... i ...i,.
s hen quoeuoneo - -
. nth.r I'l.irFM Wr
V"i,r outer anno. .......
Rldgely ssld that i'. was s rare thing for a
national bank to fall without the officers
having violated the national bank acts
While he knw ef ao specific case of fraud
he would not h Surprised if other rases
were brought to light. ,
Officials af Great Mestera TV-ay Ro
ns or Originating; la the
rr PATT. Jan 7 -Rumor. coming from
thVesst Vhlt a receiver had been or was
about U t asked for the .l.k-a.o Crest
WMtera railroad wets met with d. rials by
the officials of the road here (; :. ml
Manager B. C. Btlckm-y said lie had i.o
knowledge that such a step had beer. :akn.
wr-M w.irr l.ltlaatloa la labt. I
' RIOt'X FALl-. Jn- 7 tSiieclal.l
Whst is believed I o l the c losing c t.apt r
In the long litigation between th ciiy of
Btoux Fslla and the South Pakots Water
company, a private corporation w n-c.i .'
a local water works svstem. iiffc U en
opened hi the I'nlted Piat'n i-oi rt In tin
r.ty by the filing of s cross-hill in lirhsll
or John H Purdv, receiver t..e waicr
in sn action uisii.ciea ..
cit of Hu.ux Falls wlih the object or coi
lectitig heav damages from the wi'er com
pany. snd slso to oust the compaiy from
tha streets of the city snd force it out of
businea.'. so the rorr.panr will no hwfer Ik
g competitor of ths municipal wster works
system, the eonstruction of which caused
the litigation between the city and the old
aier company. Among other things, the
cross-bill filed by the old water con. pany
asks ttwi after all 11 matters in tne ris-
s detertcm.. the court suthonred
John M. I uru . receiver oi cue . m.. . .
to sell or disHe of the plant of the com
pany at the beat pocs.ble terms. The old
wster company also seeks to line ieclared
void an fc.demtitf j .ng bond in the sum of
WicOUi. which it was rer'ulred to furnish
rarty In tl litigation with the city, before
tauiparary Injunction was granted re
twolulnf tha city from completing and
ajawoJUig Us own valor syaa
'summary of toe bee
ir4ir, Jaaaarr . 1to.
1908 tlVsllARY-
srx JM' 7TZ. ffo IMS
r- - J 2
5 )0 Z 8 9 101
12 13 14 15 16 1Z 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 23
20 2Z 28 29 30 31
' 'INITY Ofmlrr Wednesday.
.-t"R N Kit R A SKA Pair and rooler
A 1nrnda-
FOR IOWA Fair "Wednesday; probably
cooler Wednesday afternoon.
TmpTi'in t Omaha yesterdRy:
The Burllnrton road evades the In
junction airainst reconslfnment charre Ly
exactina; It from all persons except thoe
parties to the action. Fafa 6
Nine Jurors have been provisionally . ac
cepted In the Thaw case. " 1
Foundation lalf In the house for an In
quiry Into the Brownson Incident. Faffs 1
Senate committee Introduces bill by Ald
rich for a modification of the currency
laws. r
Overdue steamer Port Royal arrive
safely In port. Faffs 1
F". Augustus Helnie 1s arrested on the
charpe of Uleffal certification of checks.
Faffs 1
Kmperor Francis Joseph grants jneral
amnesty on the occasion of the Blxtleth
atinlvernafy of his relfrn. Faff 1
Commercial club to elect sixty directors
from a list of 120 members selected by
a nominating committee. Mr. Yetter will
be president and Z. T. Lindsey may head
executive committee. Faffs a
Passenger fares between Chicago and
New Tork are to be reduced February 10
by the Erie, and It is thought western
roads w ill te involved in a rate war.
rags s
Live stock markets. t Faffs 7
Ora!n markets. Faffs T
stocks and bonds. Faffs 7
A -rived
.Vaderland .
. Bt. Lsursnt
St. Paul,
. Crmsnla
. Rjrndsm
1AFEU.U.S ...Mnulll
rLVMOt'TU PHnt Grant
ROTTKRDAll .-Pnudsni
Gesenl Pardon t.raated ky Francis
Joseph I Sixtieth Tear
nf His Rela-m.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.-The Austro
Hungarian embassy In Washington has re
ceived an official communication with re-
cally deserted the army or nary while per
forming active military duty. For the lat
ter special appeals for clemency can be
Those wishing to be included in the
amnesty are required to present themselves
personally to the local military or civilian
authorities in Austria. Hungary or Bosnla
Heraegovlnla respective)-, between De
cember I. 1:-1. In order to give better
protection In case of arreBt and ss a means
of identification, the Austro-Hungarian
consular offices in the I'nlted States -ill
issue documents of identification to those
who winb to profit by this amnesty. I'pon
application the Austro-Hungarlan consular
offices will provide such persons with de
tailed Informatics on the subject.
srt the Mark and Propose
.... .., T
rare It.
MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Jan. 7 The annual
convention of the Farther' Educational
and Co-operative union met hers today for
a session of three clays.
About 300 dele-
ga.e. representing "'",e -
and those of Missouri Kansas and ash-
ingum. are in atienoanco v. o. dotu.
the president, who called the convention to
order, said.-
V'We 'r here for business, and one ol
the most important things we hope to ac is to get 10 cent, for cotton, .no
I tn t ret It If we to hola
1 M from the market (or 1 will not
say how much cotton we are noiamg u(
at the prese nt time." i
Many large planters sre in attendance.
stare l.roaad PreTeato Haaliaa-
l oss to the Lakes and
I l.aadlnae.
j j
WASHFI RN. i. Jon. 7 The lack of i
enow to the wnods i f northern Wisconsin
! t , ,i,g s serious . f fact on loggers who
j hale to Depend -entirely on sie.irhing lnj
; order to s-' iiiu ici in w.e lasos ana
landings. It is the first time in tne his
tory of this part of the state that the
ground has been entirely free from snow
as late as this.
rolltlrtan HI- la Hookers.
liF-RPY. i mn.. Jan. 7 A rohry In the
house of Charles V. Hro. ktr of Ansonia.
national repuhlirsn rommiitoeman snd
presid-nt of the American Press company.
. wbv j,v(.lry vkluw1 , 3) (u " I
iut reiK.rted The Jewelry wss taken
from a iewel rase in Mrs Brr-oker s room i
unfas'eneel w-ndow
State Treo oarer I nder Arrest.
LANSING. Mlch Jan. T Governor
Warner tods-v eerted upon Slate YreBur-r
Frank P. through tits attorney,
at I la home in Chelsea, Mich . formal
chsrges cf niafeassois In office and
rta neg.ect of duty Is rier-ositing state
funds, amoactrng la H fc7. u the
Chelsea t-svttigs bank wl.ich was eloeed
last month as a ro salt of Mr. Cjlltr
nnaaoial diftirtjltloa.
f S, "TT Hour.
fffTwt' t x-'.V h a. m f
5T uft . 7 a. m :s
Pf lTi s. m
SAyT 1 a- m U
V iJ'H 1 a. m M
Mill ','.
- 'f P. m 61
4 p. m
, S p. m 3
p. n
-9- p m t
- t 1 ' p. m K
Two Warehouses' and General Store
Deitroyed in Burley District.
Mob reared Coal Oil (Her RIs lade
It Aire Another Ootrasre
at .herbnrne.
PARIS. Ky.. Jan. 7 NtRht riders majle
their appearance in force In the Burlry
district late lat night, visiting two town,
and destroying two warehntises and a big
general store The raiders did not fire
any shots In either place, but went about
their m-ork quietly, leaving rs soon as
the work hd ben accomplished. The men
were all masked and heavily armed and
created a reign of terror among the cltl
rens of the little villages.
The first visit was made to the town
of Bethel In Bath county, a village of
about Btin inhabitants whose people were
l entirely unprepared for a raid. The army
marched Into the tew ns shortly before
midnight and those who aere aroused were
told to go back to their houses. The mob
proceeded directly up the main street of
the village, and. saturating with oil the
big Independent house of A. R. Robinson,
soon had It a mass cf flames Aa soon
as the riders had left the village the r!t1
sns rushed to the fire and attempted
to put tt out. Before they succeeded the
general store of Peters Brothers adjoining
the warehouse was burning and all efforts
to save It were futile.
From Bethel the raiders visit efl the
little town of Sherburne, In Fleming county.
wSere they destroyed the Independent
warehouse of Dougherty Brothers. No
shots were fired, but the raiders, in order
to prevent any aid from being summoned,
cut all telephone and telepraph wires lead
ing Into both places. The loss caused by
the raid Is not known as the exact amount
of tobacco In the warehouses could not be
Appointment Is Rescinded.
lXriFVn,E. Ky.. Jan. 7 A report has
reached here from Frankfort that State
Auditor James has rescinded his appoint
ment of C. M. Bartnett ss fire marshal of
the state of Kentucky to succeed Colonel
Matt Ayres. The principal reason for the
withdrawal, it Is understood, is the fact
that Mr. Barnett is president of the Amer
ican 6oclety of Equity, the organiration of
tobacco growers. The duties of n fire mar
shal are the investigation of fires in . all
parts of the state. Auditor James has so
far been uncommunicative as to whether
or not he has withdrawn Mr. Bartnett's
Barnett Denies Charge.
INIIANAPOtJ8. Ind., Jan. 7 C. M.
Barnett, president of the American Society
of Equity, is In the city today on business.
He declared untrue the charge that the
society was responsible for the night riding
and condemned the night riders themselver
in strong language.
Tie President Says Directors Knew
f LMS Mad ky the
CHICAGO. Jan. 7 Fred M. Blount,
former vice president of the Chicago Na
tional bank, testifying in the trial of John
R. Walsh today, flatly contradicted state
ments made by witnesses for the govern
ment to the effect that the directors of
the bank knew nothing of the large loans
made by the bank on memorandum notes.
Mr. Blount, who was also formerly a di
rector of the bank, testified that a daily
statement of loans and discounts was at
all times accessible to the directors and
was frequently examined by them. Other
director, who testified previously said that
these were matters which wre left en
tirely to the direction of the president, Mr.
Walsh. Mr. Blount declared tUat be and
other directors were present at the bank
and voted for the purchase of bonds of the
Illinois Southern railway, one of the trans
actlons on which the government s charge
of diversion of bank funds is based.
Seaatar Kaox Iatrodarea One to Meet
DertsloB of the laprrat
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. Senator Knox of
Pennsylvania, who has taken much Interest
In the litigation growing out of the em
ployers' liability act which was declared to
be unconstitutional, today Introduced a bill
which is intended to remedy the defects
in the present law. The bill Is so drawn
as to make It applicable only to corpora
tions engaged In such commerce as con
gress has the undoubted light to control
snd to employes of such corporations en
gaged exclusively In inter-state commerce.
The existing law is so broad as to cover all
transportation between states, but Mr.
Knox's bill so modifies it as to limit Its
operations to common carriers which are
operated by steam or similar motive power.
, Delegation to Visit Vt ashlaa-toa
I Bphalf at aa Early
WASHINGTON. Jan. 7 A petition for
support of the bill for the admission of
New Mexico to separate statehood was
received today in a letter from ChaJrmaa
w g Hopewell of the New Mexico state-
hood league to Representative Fuller of
Illinois, and referred te the committee on
ths territories.
The letter atate. that a delegation repre-
sentmg every county in the territory will
! visit Washington this month to urge the
, passage of ths bill.
aad a Half Millions l err Med
at Chicago Banka la Ie.
CHICAGO. Jan. 7 That the movement
cf currency back from the country has
reached fair proportions is shown by the
figures on the shipments and receipts of
the principal Chicago shipping banks in
rsoomter. Receipts In the month from
country points aggregated jr..CI..S3ti. ths
largest for any month in the year 18H7 ex
cepting Jsnuary. This figure compares
with receipts of a little more than ti.0M,M
in November, isr.7. and with receipts of
ri.siC.rt'iO in Iecemler. 1.
Goeraor Horb Aanoanres He W I II
(all Ooe Darin the Cor
real Month.
TOFKKA, Kan., Jan. 7 Governor Hern
announced today that ha would call aa
extra ssaslrm of the Vagi sis tnro Jo uary
It, to ronaldor tha aoacnaaot at prtaary
aleutioa. ui xaxa xaa-ulatioa, mssswroa.
Rrstadlates hrnwrt and Rrafllrsas
friendliness for Great ttrttala
Reference Indian Trade.
TOKIO. Japan, Jan 7 A remarkable
situation hss srleen as a result of the
publication In Ixmrton of a mis-translstion
of the speech delivered by Count Okuma
at Kobe. I-itlie attention was pid to this
Bdrtrens st the time of its delivery, be
cause Oount Ok urns., in previous speeche
on this same subject, had made his views
well known. .The london publlcationn put
the count in the position of urging India
to rise against Oreat Britain.
Count Okuma and the Japanese foreign
office have been bombarded with cable
grams of Inquiry from Paris. Berlin. St.
Petersburg and Ixmdon. and request that
the count publicly repudiate or confirm
his remarks. In reply. Count Okuma said
"In my Kobe speech 1 did not use the
words that were put into my mouth. It Is
apparent that a mistranslation of these re
marks has Just reached ITngland. My views
on the subject of trade with India, as well
as my friendilneBB to Great Britain, ought
to be too well known to make it necessary
for me publicly to repudiate the absurd
construction which has been placed upon the
remarks I made at Kobe. 1 have never
entertained a thought which could be
stretched Into euoh a meaning. India of
fers ns a fine field for trade, and I urged
my people oponfy and consistently to enter
that field in fair competition with friendly
Great Britain; that is all."
Former Germss Kant African Gov
ernerr Brtnars Action Asralnst
Coloawe Paper.
COLOGNE. Jan.. ?. The hearing of a suit
for libel charges, brought by Dr. Carl
Peters, former governor of Kast Africa and
African explorer, against the editor and
the Berlin correspondent of the Cologne
Gazette, began today. 'The Oatette pub
lished a statement that Dr. Peters sent a
letter to an English bishop In which he
confessed to having executed s ncgress In
Africa because of her sexual misdoings.
An enormous number of witnesses has
been called, snd It is expected that the
whole scandal In connection with Dr.
Peters' governorship of East Africa will
be gone ovct again.
, Dr. Peters recently sued the Muenchenor
Post for libel in accusing litm of cruelty
to the natives when he wss governor of
German East Africa In 1SS1. The editor of
the paper was fined T2B and costs.
Monnt Royal Arrives at Qoernstowa
Jnst One lonth After Lear,
last -Antwerp.
QrEENSTOWN.I Ireland, Jan. 7.-The
long overdue Carlidlan Pacific steamer.
Mount Royal, stealied slowly Into Queens
town today and the news of Its safety was
received with gladness in shipping circles.
It had been1 last reported off the L.isard,
December 10. andrwatoh was being kent on
I both sides of the Atlantic and as fsr south
as Bermuda. It left Antwerp. December T,
for St- John. N. E , hd on board
Hungarian emigrarUwad a crew of .about
100 men. It was definitely sighted off Old
head of Kinsule sixteen miles west of this
port, early today. Trouble with the boilers
was the reason the Mount Royal had to
put back. Passengers and crew all are
Ontario Beats Local Cation.
TORONTO. Out.. Jan. 7. Loral option
I was voted on yesterday in a ji.imber of
small towns, villages and townships m
j Ontario. Returns from fifty-eight show
ithat it wbb defeated in thirty-seven and
carried in twenty-one.
Govern mm t Wants It Made Rqnal to
the Amount of Fine Im
posed. CHICAGO, Jan. 7. Ihstrtet Attorney Ed
ward W. Simn.s today filed a petltlou in
the I'nlted States circuit court of appeals
declaring that the Standard Oil coniTay
of Indiana has assets smounling to more
than t77.000.tViO and asking for an Increass
in the supersedeas bonds of that corpora
tion filed on its appeal from the t.lH0,0t)
fine Imposed by District Judge Landls.
The government renewed Its original
plea that the bond of the oil company,
pending disposal of the appeal, should be
the same in amount as the fine. It was
originally fixed at a total ct S6.Wi,j. in
statements by attorneys for the defense
that the proirty of the company was not
worth more than that amount. This ths
government denies.
Callsrrsoa Has a Bill for the Protrc
tiua of Depositors la No
tional Banks.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 7 Senator Cul
berson today Introduced three bills In re
Istlon to national banks, all of which were
referred to the committee on finance. One
of the bills requires the backs to keep
in their vaults the reserve required by law;
another amended section 8 of the national
banking syt . of lf"7 and the third is In
tended to protect deposits.
The bill for the protection of deposits
makes ail national tnks accepting ths
conditions of the measure responsible to
the depositors of each in case of failure.
Mississippi Capable of . Tarylas Mara
1'haa All the Rivers of
! Earopo.
1 LA CP. Of; ST. Wis , Jan. 7 Judge R. S.
I Reld. waterways commissioner of the state
I of Wisconsin, who was sent shroad last
summer with the object of studying meth
ods of improvement of European water
ways, returned today after visiting Ger
many. Austria. France and England.
"I am satisfied " said Judge Reid to
day, "that the Mississippi river if improved
between tidewater and St. Paul Is capable
of earning ten tiroes the traffic of all
the navigable rivers of the countries I
lira ads la City's street Manilas Do-
nnr Intent I aeaj-thed by
Crass Jarr.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.. Jan. 7. The criminal
court grand J-iry reported today that It
had uncovered gross frauds and graft in
the city's electric street 1-siting depart
ment and returned a number of iuclict
mei'ts, undoubtedly against heads of ds
paruuola and amployoa. It was found
UmX dead saoa had boon carried a the
jovgrella tar aonaral yeara-
Tribute of Nary to Men Who Lost
Their Livei on That Ship.
CtTiliaaa Yle with frallora la Paying
Their Respects shaft an 1 m pos
ing One, Bearing Appropri
ate Tncrlst Ion.
SAN riFTrO, Cal., Jan. 7-In the pres
ence of thousands. Including the officers
and sailors of the Pacific squadron and d!l
in of San Diego and of other southern
California cities, who had gathered here
to witness the ceremony, the memorial
monument to the Bennington dead was un
veiled this afternoon at the National cem-
(ery on top of Point Loma. The plain
shaft stsnds within the plot where are
burled, the most of those who lost their
lives 4n the disaster or July a. snd
is composed of seventy-four slabs of San
Diego county granite roughly dressed snd
rising sixty feet aJove the concrete base,
capped by s pyramid of polished granite.
The National cemetery is almost at the
top of the promontory, so that the monu
ment looks in one direction out over the
Pacific snd In the other over the waters
of the bay.
Early this morning the launches com
menced running from this side of ths bay,
landing passengers from here at the quar
antine elation and at Roseville. from which
the ascent to the cemetery is possible.
Army Joins with Nary.
At noon the nary launches towing string
of row boats came from the battleship Ne
braska and the armored cruiser. California,
anchored off Coronado, and other similar
string of boats made the same trip from
the flagship Charleston and the cruiser
Chicago, anchored off the fort, while the
torpedo boat destroyers. Preble and Perry,
also furnished their quota. The. battalions
of sailors and one of marines had been
assigned to Join the local militia, the naval
reserve and the two companies of soldiers
at Fort Rosecrans. to form a military es
cort from the fort to the cemetery. Be
sides these there were hundreds of sailors
from the ships who attended ths ceremon
ies without being assigned to the escort.
After the procession hsd wound its way
up the aide of Point Ima and had filed
through the cemetery enclosure, the public
was admitted, filling every foot of sjiacs
within and much outside
Right Rev. Joseph H. Johnson, bishop
of the southern dloceso of the Episcopal
chutch in California, invoked the Divine
blessing and music was supplied by the
choir of St. Paul's Episcopal church. The
principal speech was made by Admiral
Goodrich, commandant at the navy yard,
who waa the commander of the Pseific
squadron at the time of the accident on
the Bennington.
When Admiral Goodrich finished the un
veiling took place, consisting of the drop
ping of the national ensign, which had been
draped over the two tablets on the face
of the monuments. On one of these was
-To the Bennington dead." and other
side, "Erected by the officers and men
of ths Pacific squsdroa -to ths memory
of those who lost their lives in the per-
formanoe of duty."
As the flags dropped the soldiers pre-
sented arms and three ruffles and flour-
Ishes on the drums started the minute guns
on board the Charleston and Chicago,
which were fired regularly through the
remainder of the sen-toes.
A second address was by Colonel R. V.
Iodpe, president of the Bennington Mem-
orial association, and a closing address
and benediction by Bishop Johnson.
The graves were decorated with wreaths
presented by the captain of Point Loma
Homestead, the wreaths Intended for those
who were buried elsewhere being laid at
the base ot the monument.
Three volleys fired over the decorated
graves, one by the representatives of the
army, one by the navy and one by the
marine corps, closed the ceremony.
ism oel Fesoenden, Tom Boed's Friend, j
Who Exclaimed "God Hates a
Qaltter," Passes Away.
STAMFORD. Conn., Jan. 7. Samuel Few- j
senden of this city, a former state senator
and one of the most prominent men in Con
necticut, died today from heart trouble.
In 1S7 Mr. Fessenden waa a delegate to I
the republican national convention which
nominated Rutherford B. Hayes for the be a reduction to me last ae.giee or tne our
presldency, and In 114 was made seoretary j den on the soldier In the field on enierp
of "he national republican committee, tak- ency call.
lng active part in the Blaine campaign. ! The War department has ar proved sug
When Thomas R. Reed of Maine was a i ftestlons of the commissary general for an
candidate before the republican national extension of tiie sysiern of instruction of
convention Mr. Fessenden headed the Con- ' baking and cooking, so as to Include as
nerticut delegation. He worked hard for many as possible of the militia camps to he
Mr. Reed and when Joseph Manley swung 1 held during the coming summer. Because
away from Mr. Reed. Mr. Fessenden gave j of changed conditions a new haversack
utterance to the words: "God Almlghty
hates a quitter."
Mr. Fessenden alweys cherished the am
bition of becoming a I'nlted States sens-
tor. In ISM he was a candidate before the
general assembly and had Morgan G
Bulkeley as an opponent. Mr. Bulkeley
threw his strength to Joseph R. Hewley
and defeated Mr. Fessenden. When Sena-
tor Hawley died Mr. Fessenden was a can-
dldate to succeed him, but was defeated by
Mr. Bulkeley.
Mr. Fessenden was again candidate for
tha aenatorshlp after the death of Orvllle
Piatt, but Mr. Brandegee was elected.
. eeTv nrnor ic nnniar-p
Wall turret's Moat Venerable Pile
Disappearing Before Growth
of Got ha as.
NEW TORK. Jan 7. The old assay
office, said to be Wall street's oldest
building, is about to be torn down. Some
time ago work was begun on the rear por
tion of the building and within a short
time ths facade, which has been a land
mark to all who have known the street
sJtic-e 183. will disappear. A modem twelve
story building will occupy the site of the
old building aud will be used for the assay
office. Bince the establishment of the
off les In 1J It Is estimated that H.nori.OOO.OoO
ifl goid has passed through the building.
Old Jswelry. coin and precious metals of
all descriptions ars there received and
sent out in bars stamiied with ths govern
ment's guaranty weight and fineness.
Resignation Acre pies' to Take Ff
leet mm tho Foarth of
WASHINGTON, Jan '.-Richard A r.a'
llnger. commissioner of the general land
office, has tendered his resignation to
President Rooorvelt and tt has been ac
oeplod. to tas affect March A PYod Den
nltt. aas lant eonmbniio ar. las bona ap
tart of the Day aad Ahseatecs Are
fined Two llaadred aad
Fifty rtollara.
VEW TORK. Jnn. 7 -With nine Jurors
In the box, all being subiect to po-cmptorv
challenge, and with a new nsnd of
talesmen to draw from, the Thaw trial was
resumed st lo.j . m. today. The oc
cupants of the chairs were Clmrlcs F..
Oremmels. ship broker: John R. Hstchctt.
cigar denier: George B. More wood, im
porter: Floyd S. Sanford. bank msnar;
James E. Conway, hotel keeper: William
E. Brewer, deforator; Arthur R Naeth
Ing. hi.ker; Maurice Rouvler, exporter:
George W. Cary. dry goods. Not more than
two or three of theee are expected to re
main. Thaw t not called to the bar until
the roll of the new panel was called and
the absentees noted and fined This
required nearly twenty minutes. Eighty
members of ths new panel were present
Mrs. Evelyn Thaw was not In the court
room when the proceedings began. Josiah
Thaw being the only relative in the line
of chairs reserved for the defendant's
As soon as Thaw had taken his place, the
work or filling the Jury box was taken up,
with District Attorney Jerome again con
ducting the examinations for the people.
Toung Mrs. Thaw came In while the first
talesman was being examined. She was
ruddy of cheek and appears in the best of
health, a sharp contrast to her husoand.
who is thinner and more pallid than lur.t
year. His hair, wiry and badly cut. gives
him something of an utiksmpt appearance.
The first six men called for service were
all disqualified, the first one after a fifteen-minute
examination, and the others
m rapid order.
Two of the provisional Jurors selected In
the Thaw case were excused shortly before
the morning session ended, leaving eight
men in ths box.
Charles C. Goss, an accountant was se
lected as a Thaw Juror at 1:15 p. m., mak
ing nine men in the box.
A recess was ordered at 1:1S o'clock until
2:15 p. iu.
Maho Fatile Attempt at Hold-Vp
Kaaiaa City la Broad
KANSAS CITT, Mo., Jan. 7. Four men
attempted to rob the passengers In a Mis
souri. Kansas & Texas passemger train
standing in the V'nion station here early
today. They were frightened off without
securing any money or valuables. The men
escaped lesvtng no clue.
This train is what is known as the
"Flyer," due to depart at 2:20 for the
southwest. Shortly before starting time
the would-be robbers, four white men, en
tered one of the forward day coaches and
walked up and down the aisle, awaiting
a favorable opportunity to commence their
work. The station, aside from this one
train, was practically deserted and this
fact Is believed to have prompted the men
to inak such a bold attempt.
Dr. M. H. Kennedy of Kansas City, a
! nassenaer In the coach, ttives a good state-
I ment f th(. attempted robbery,
j xhe four jnen walked through Hie coach
,vrra times." aat9 Or. Kennedy. "It was
crowded. Several German Immigrant were
tne rear cf the coach and they seemed
! to be the object of the attack. Before
1 Bny cf us realised what they were up to.
i two of the robbers showed revolvers and
pointing them at the foreigners commanded
I them to give up their valuables. Just then
J H w. Irew the conductor, and David
White the ncero porter, came into the
White the negro porter, came
j car. Drew hit one of the robliers on the
i head with his lantern and smashed it into
pieces. Then they ran.'
Shortly after the attempted robhery. the
police arrested two men in the vicinity of
the railroad yards. They pave their names
as Rube Walsh and John Coss. Roth were
unable to give an account of themselves
and were held for investigation. Coas
formerly was a bookkeeper in a local pack
ing house.
In Army Circles of
Kmeraency Ration of the
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 There wss talk
in army circles of further reducing the
emergency ration already heretofore re
duced from sixteen to twelve ounces. Next
to a maintenance of its quality of sus
tenance the desire Is to minimize the
ight of ths ration to the end there may
end cup smaller than now In use have
been adopted. Fifty thouasnd of these will
w fnr tne s ti.ev mv v
I needed
; -
J Report that Brown aad Bartastt Are
j to Throw Themselves oa Mercy
of Coart.
, , , T, ,, ,,
SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 6 -The Bulletin
L.i. .ri.n,nnn asvs that Dalxell Brown.
j former vIce-nTeeident and general manager
' ,, . - r-,.ked California Safe Deposit and
. of tne wreticea c anion.. a cr'"ii ou
! Trust company and Walter J. Bartnett,
I formerly director of the same institution,
i ' v ,..i.
wno are unaer mum. .
ment, will plead guuty ana itirow mem-
selves on the mercy of the court.
It Is said that the evidence of complicity
In the abstraction from the safe dejKisit
vaults and subsequent sale of securities
nf the Colton estste snd valued st over
oofi. were found among the papers of
Brown last week, appears so convincing
that both men have decided that it will be
Impossible for them to make successful
Marylaad Maa Wauts to Know
Aboat the Browaooa I o
rldrnt. WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.-Representative
Gill of Maryland today of fired a resolu
tion designed to open the way for a oon
gresslonal siring of the Admiral Brownson
Incident. The rolution, which was re
ferred to the committee on naval affairs,
The secretary of the nsvy be. and he Is
hereby reuuesund. If not incompatible with
public Interests, to furnish to the house f
representatives for Its information copies
of all letters, reports, orders and so furth.
In the Na'V departrrieM in connect j,,TI
the sppointmenl of Surreon I'harlen F.
p'.okea as commander of tne I'nlted Flaws
Itospltal s) tp Relief and siao all letters, re
ports, orders, and so, forth filed In toe
Navy drpartrrjent la Connection with the
rea'.gaa.loa ' P-oar AdmlraJ Tcrowtntoa as
4ioX of t:.t bureau of navtgstton.
Proposed Currency Measure Printed
and Given to Public.
These Are Be Based on Bondi Ap
proved by Treasury.
Issue Not to Exceed 75 Ter Cent ot
Valte of Security.
Half Yearly aad Monthly Assessment
oa A vr re ae A monnt Oaistand
lag Based on ftate of In
terest on Bonds.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 7. The ftnsmiii.
bill which has for some time been In prev
aration by leading republican nie:nlei o
the senate committee on finance, was to
day printed and given to the public.
The bill provides fur an additional Issue
of bank circulation whloh shall at no time
exceed cm bonds and other se
curities thBti those issued by the go em
inent, including stale and muricipal b,nds,
in approved cases. TI.e comptroller of th-
currency is given discretion In the issuance
of the proposed currency and is autl. mired
to decide as to the time and amount to b
awarded to ary banking Institution H li
provided that the incrcused circulation
shall In no case exceed 7u per cent of ths
bonds deposited.
Senator Aldrtch introduced the bill In the
senate soon after that body convened today.
Following are the first three sections of
the bill:
Text of Bill.
Section 1 When ar,y national banking as
sociation which has circulating notes out
standing, secuied by the deposit of I'nHcd
Stales iioiuis to an amount of not lens titnti
5e per centum of 11b capital stock, and w hic h
has a
surplus of not less than 3. per
Centura, may make application to the rump
t roller of the currency for authority to
Ihsuc addition circulation lo be secured hy
t tie deposit of honds other than thoHe of
the I lilted States, ths- comptioile.r ot the
currency, if In his Judgment bumnees condi
tions demands such additional circulation,
and the condition or the BSBir.-lu-tlon
making the application warrants
the iBsue. shall fix the amount,
within the limitations nerclnafter
Imposed, of such ailrlttionpil circulating
not ns to lie issued Whenever after ic
oeiving notice of such approval any such
BBaooltotion ehall deposit with the treas
urer or any assistant treasurer of the
1 tilled Stales such of the bonds described
In section 2 of this act gs stiail be Bp
proved In character and smounl bv the
treasurer of the V titled (Stales and the sec
retary of the treasury, It snail be entitled
lo receive, ujkjh the ordw of the comj
troller of the currency, circulating notes.
In Liank, registered and countersigned us
provided by law. euual In amount to 76
jicr cent of the market value, aa fixed
by the m-nniiier of the Vnited Elates, of
the bones so deposited, such additional cir
culating notes to be used, held and treated
1u the same way aa cin ulallug ootea of
mttHmaJ banking asnorituiotte Iwretofoie
Issued and secoieil b a ticyusit of Liiiu j
fctates bonds, and slibll he suh.lect to all
the provisions of law affecting such poles:
jirm ided. that the amount of such addi
tional circulating notes, delivered at, any
time to any association shall not in anv
case exceed tin limit fixed tnr such issue
tlV tllM IVlllltl. I'.illuT- (if ll.. ,-,,,-..,.,- u
urov.ded lurthet. Hint the t.,.1 m,i'.t,i r.f
iriulating notes outstHiidiiiK of unv
tlonal bunking association secured by tne
I 'ntted sSlfci. K bonds oi ot tierw ise ' shall
not at anc tune exceed the amount of Its
unimpaired capital and surplus: and pro
vided fiirtlnr, that there shall not t out
standing, at an linn- i, reuniting notes
ist-ueu unclear the provisions ot tills Set to
an amount of mole than 1 Jii.',o'.t; and
provided further, that all ucla and orders
ol the comptroller of tin currency and
the t:asurir of the I'n te.i P.nws author
ised -I'y tiiis section sl.all l.ace the a;,,
plena! of tne secretary of the freasdry.
Security Which Is Accepted.
Section lThal 'the treasurer of the
T inted Slates, wilh the approsl of the
secretary of ihe treasury, may accept aa
security for the additional circulation note
i provided lor in the preceding section,
i bonds of other inteiesl-lM-artng obligation
I of any stale ot tne L idled Slates or any
j leg-ally authorized bonds issued for muni
cipal purisises by any city or county In ihe
I'niied Suites, which has bt'vu in existence
as a city or county for a period of fifteen
years, a .d which for a period of ten years
previous to such deposits has not dcfaul'.ed
in Hit payment of uny part of eilhor prin
cipal or interest of any bunued debt au
thorized to be contracted bv II, shd whicti
has at such date more than rO,1" inhabi
tants aa established by the last oensus ami
hose net indebtedness docs not exceed
1(. per cent of the valuation of the tax
able properlv therein, to I ascertained by
the lasi preceding valuation of property
foi the fc..essnietit of taxes,, or the firs!
mortcape hciios of s'tv railroad company,
not including street tuilwuy ootids, whl'-r
has aid dividends of not less than 4 pel
cent p. r untie hi regularly and continuous!)
on its emirc capital stock tor a period ol
not less than t , e years previous lo tne de.
posit of t tie bonus. The- treasurer of the
V'niied ri'.ates. with tne approval of the
secretary of the treusuty, may accent for
Ihe purposes ot this act oc urltlee herein
enumerated in such proportions st he may
from time to time Oeiernitne.
The comptroller may at any tlnie re
quire the deposit of additional Socurltiet
I or requ'te any asso.lstlon to Changs ths
character of
t he
'wiij wuf oil u e-
Bonds Held la Treses ry.
Section S That all honds. dejtoslted tr
secure circulation notes isshod in accord
snce with tie terms of tins act shall bt
transferred to the treasurer of ihe L lilted
Htates In trust for the association derail
ing them, with a memorandum to teat ef-
feet, attached to or wiltten or printed on
; each bond and signed by the cashier or
I o::.cer of the association mak-
I tr.r ine riim.sii. A uncnt shall t o cer. i-
1 the assoc. at ion by the- con. p. roller of th
' rurr,'"'' r ,,y " HTk "i..orisefl by h.rr
j fnr ,,,aI pUrpnse. siaunr. thsl such bond in
j y.d in trust for the association on w nose
i behalf the t ransfer is tuade, and as seeunt y
i for the redemption and payment of am cir-
j ru!a, noies that have been or may be
delivered to sucii tss ii iation. No assign
merit or irsnster in any iih ii tKna ty u,c
treasurr shall tie deemed valid unlewa
rminti-'sifctii'il nv the comptroller of the
curreTicv, and the provisions of suctions
tlti". f1M Id'f,. f,t. and 6i7 of the revised
statutfH m'ltii I'nited Htstes honds d
pos'led to secure v ite-ulating noites sht. H
t xcept as herein modi! i"d, be applicable
to all lmds umier the term i.f this acl.
Tl.c portions of ib. bill c.or.slst
of aJuiuoiis to the existing lsw. Thes-i
adrtlDons piovidti for a tax rn the uvirage
amount ol such notes of a banks circu
lation as are based upon bonds ulher
I rnted Htatea bonds, provlsijn being made
for a tfix on notes SMCurd hy Panama
canal bonds amounting to of 1 per cent
eac h half year on notes Secured by I per
o nt bonds. Associations having on dejioKl'
bonds besring interest at a higher rate
than T per centum rer annum are required
to pay a tax of per cent (ath half yeut
on notes thus secured
Tat mm ees.
A monthly tax of 4 r.f 1 ),er cent 1 i: i
posed upon the average amount c f not.
issued on bond ottier tlmn bonds of tne
I'niied Ststes Slid nmnihly returns., under
oath, are required of an associaiin lj
anow the svera.e monthly amount of in,itn
so secured in circulation.
Exempting Vnited States bunds called to
rodamtiuon by the secreUiry of tfcs treas
ury. It la permitted bf tha bill that mit