Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 04, 1908, Page 6, Image 6

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Tim, Omaha Daily Der nr r.nwAiin
Vi ton itoHKWATr.n. rmtor.
"Met-d at mli Pnalithr ecnnd
1 tlr.
Ticnvin or Ki:ns;HirTioN:
'Hr l (win. nut tnl v i. nn year
, 0
I 60
jally ite anil giindar. on r
f'ih4r re,
4f ri year
wxurdsy li.a. on year
bKuvrjiKi) n r
t'SMy l (ttir ludinc Num1y, per wak li
fHy ll (without Kiln.Un, pr week Ic
", I ii H" (without sjundayi, per Week hc
Kvanlng liMt (with )undyL per wk...t
AS'lr.a nil complaint of irr eguirtl
in dllvry to city circulation ltrtmnt.
Oir.ahs.Th It llimdlng.
ft'tttt f omart city 1111 nulldlns
Cntlliell IUkIT ItSrVult frM.
I hlrlin IliMI tlltV'Hf Uulldlng
. Nw torh- Um limit 1-lf 1
VVallngfoi. -7 p-mirfftcnih llrl N
COM! KlU'r iNHr.NCK.
f eninninlcatinr, tlailn( U nw and dl.
lerlal tntir houtd b 4drd, Omaha
We, Il)i1trll I ipHint,
fWmlt by 1 r rt , iprim nr potl older
Trln to Tha fir Publishing Company
inly J.rant iifit received In payment of
till) aominla rnnl ilieosa. ept 'in
maha or aaaUm ( hang, not ci'pld.
Plat ht Nabrfc. pftngla ).'ninil)', '
(4i , rasthuck, trurer nf Th
lie f-nhlloMai Company, being duly
a nrn, aaya thai tha actual nuuihr tif
full coniplat. ropl at Th Oally.
Vornlna, ftvrnlng anil siundav lie rlni1
1 ii rln a tha itmtiiK of ttacemhsr. Iti. w
a foUnwai
I , . , 3S.4O0 17 M0
. . . ST.1SO II W.
1 91,979 II M,M
4 . .. ....... OT.SSa tO M.SSO
t 91,999 II M.3S0
M.MO It S00
t. tr.999 H ,400
. . . , B,O0 31 M.MO
99,990 II 99.900
1(1 v. . . . 7,00 I M,no
II .... tt.aoa 117 MM
13 , in ,90
li tr,aao i moo
14 SS.aiO 0 M.I10
H sa.aao it m,so
j as,ao -
Tut I I.1SMM unsold ami rturni coplna t,8M
N.t total
Ually vra
1.1M. TT9
Muliarrlbatl In fl rtair ami ewnrn to
Vofnf ni llil il Oay of .tannmy, ln.
noiiKtt T MUNri'.H,
Nrtiary Piihllf.
wiir.w itt or to ww.
ajtekrrlnara lavlai ltr taa
rrllr nl kav Tha
mall tm Ih. A4Kraa will
( aa rta a rqa.
1 Vt'i ''"!!
tt U tirodlrtiHl that th U' crop will
b liort thla yrnr. Hoard your Ire.
Rum unknown tnD threw a bomb
t th4) Btork xrhnngi la Konnv Tun
I.awRiiti ran prove mi alllil
Tli n n id w of North I'nrk In lloaton
bta bpn olnngod to SolgllHtio, which,
tt la (rt be Urpmnnod, Uoatoneae for
If th ot In Ohio tlac the aamu
ratio tha vol In the republican
lata commit too It will b two to one
for Tatt.
"They itre jiiayln' for Jeff tvl
la ArVannm." a fe Little Hock ia
par. And they are -layln' for him In
Mr. Cleveland now favora penelona
for en-prealdenta. Ha made a record
aa an antt-penelon man while In the
Wolta limine.
Taderewakl la (olng to quit travel
ing and will aettle down to a station
ary Job. It I hoped he will then find
time la get Ma hair cut.
"Kid" Broad, the pugtllt. that
ha ha a fight acheduled tor every
month of tOS. In other worda, he la
eipectlng a arrappy naw year.
A recent atory la to tha effect that
New York City atanda on a bed of gar
bate. Surface Indication point more
nearly to a bed of graft.
Among the noveltte acheduled for
110 are five Salurdava In February,
two new moon in April and a apeech
by Colonel Aryan tn July.
"There w ill be no cabinet a, no klnga
' and no deacona In the naxt world." Dr. farKhurat Ltkewlte no aet
and natlonl preacher
rreMdent Roosevelt called
mor Sparka and Spark h
railed the Nevada legislature,
next move will be a showdown.
now The
n " " Ita official center Originally the edi-
It ta rt'iw rumored that Hearst sad J tor of tn Zukunft made charges In
Bryan few are to form an alliance ; v.Mving the morale of the German
tn Naw York. Republican leader ' army and the loyalty and decency of
fear the report may prow untrue. 'the Cerman court When von Moltke
- - - - failed to aecur a verdict against Har-
Some of th Improvement club ar i jen in the first trial. Emperor William
moving to prevail on the street railway ! tV-dered a rehearing and a sealing
company to put on owl car service. J investigation into the entire caae. This
W thought Ike lid was ou in Omaha
"Th Naw Tear's r1lnee" is tha j
title of aa editorial tn the Atlanta j
CoBStttuttnn. Though! the prohibition !
taw went tnio effect tn Oeorg'a o
January 1.
Although tt t !er year, Mlas j
Democracy will ro ba compiled to
make any proposal One of her old
time aettor haa alreadr alated him- I
elf tier steady.
A good delegation from Omaha to
Ihe Mdtta City Missouri Hirer Navtga-
it. M.sreaa can do a arat deal to
put lha Mlaaourt river In Its propee
p-lae tha siatej-way map
Nebraska wopullsta will bar to
wak wp too if they are to take part
ta the national nominating coave-atic
called to meet at $t. I -out tn April
to Pt wp t presidential ticket. It tha
wopallsta wowU hold primary to ao-
leot their delegate they Might get a
eotitit of wove that -onl4 taforra tha
democrat whether Ibey r amerns
ta warrant nagotiaUiMtA.
7 nr. miik rr. . .
Municipal authrtrlitfR In New Tork
have adopfd a plan for (lirfritlatlng
the iiiHinployed. In orW to prite
tha (Itjr and the charitable Individual!
from linpoaltlon by that farnmt clana
of peraona who ara out of rniployiunnf
by rhob'e, rather than from nerwialty.
Inaamut h aa the problem la unn whli h
farea local anthorltle everywhere. H
ahoiil't b aolvrd on prattltal llnea.
both that no lojuallce be done to really
deaervlng peraotiN and that other com
munlllc. be aafeKuardeil acnlnat lb
name luipoaiora.
The city In I ho natural refuge of
men out of work. The ebb and flow
of the demand for labor periodically
leave a largo number of men without
employment and theaa drift naturally
to the naret large city for the winter
month. Many men out of work and
with lltfla money ac-ek modent. accom
modation! in the cheapest lodxInK
houaoa Mud alt with more or lena
patleiire for aomeihlna; In the ah a pis of
a Job to turn up. Other, without re
aourcea, lake advaniace of the oppor
tunity offered by the municipal lodg
ing houaaa, the Halvatlon Army room
and vartoua planea similarly provided
for the unemployed. The majority of
theae men are not tramp, but are out
of employment becatie of the tem
porary reduction or atoppitga of mill,
mine, railroad ronatructlon or a
aonabln Induatrlea which fuinlahed
them employment during the autumcr.
If unable to obtain temporary employ
ment for the winter, they ahoiild be
looked after In every way poaalblo by
the mUalona and charitable Inatltn
tlona. Tba difficulty In beatowlng thla
kind of aaalatanca li complicated and
tnrreaaed ty the ahrewdne of the
profelonal hobo, who 1hi no time
In mingling with the enforced unem
ployed and aharlng the heuenta of
charity beatowed upon genuine caa.
To meet thla condition the New
York authorities have decided to ap
ply the labor teat. The more an
nouncement of the plan baa wrved to
clear out tho municipal lodging hquHa
of a horde of tramp who have atarted
for other cities whore the municipal
authorities are not o hard-hearted.
It la alwaya difficult to dlatlngulvh by
aurface Indication the tramp from the
man deaervlng of aaltance, but the
work teat ha proved tln beat' aepa-
rnr: ckxsvs oisiprtitkia.
Th Real Knlat exchange la on the
right track In Ita effort to act lu mo
tion all tho machinery at our com
mand to bring about the moat credita
ble showing tor Omaha tn tha coming
cenaua of 1910. While thla la 'no
more the particular duty of the Real
Katate exchange than tt la of each of
the other btialneaa organltatlona de
voted to Omaha growth and prosper
ity, aome one of them muat take tha
Initiative and all f tham mint ba cu
lt! ed in tho work.
Irreapectlve of tt other aspecta, the
decennial cenaua la from one point of
view a competitive race of all large
enterprising American cltle for rela
tive rank In the population line-up.
The decennial cenil flxea tha order of
our population center In the official
llal according to alie, which la con
aulted for reference throughout . the
ctvllUcd world. Whether Omaha la
larger or amaller, ami conennently
more or lea important, than St.
Joseph, or Kanaa City, or St.vPaul, or
MlnneaptJla, or Denver, and how "much,
la decided for most people by the
figure of the federal cenau enumera
tor. The aya and mean to produce the
best reault In tht competition 'will
have to ba agreed upon when the
movement Is In full swlns. In all
probability vartoua different plan of
drawing In new realdenta by furnish
ing them aatlafactory employment,
comfortable living and attractive aur -
rounatng wtn nave to taken up.
Thla I a public movement tn which
every patriotic man. woman and child
Interested In Omaha can and ahould
alnk all difference and pull together.
iilRM4MS .Virjil.YjII. .l.4.D4l.
Back of the Harden-von Moltke
libel case. Just brought to a close tn
Berlin, is the atory of official putridity
that threaten to shake Germany to
inquiry ha- dereloped the startling
fact that Princess Charlotte, a sister
of the emperor, had supplied Harden
with the information on which were
based the published charges of gross
immorality against the clique poaing
as the emptor's advisers and closest
Question haa been raised, naturally,
of tha motive of the princes who has
tnaJe these charrea asa;nt the court
circle, fraakly admitting that she per
sonal v detests the men againt whom
! hr mplatnts and th tttncllc pen
I f Ms-den have been directed. With
1 J1 vehtrcenca she insist that Ike
j charges are susceptible of convincing
, proof Her position has the effect of
jcondouisg her ivotive a-nd maklccim
paraUve g verltt.-ation or ditnroval
i The emperor's poltfc is the one
hrtght and redeeming feature tn this
eihtbltlok of kilter court tntngse He
haa dean Aided and is e forcing a -i
oroa and complete Ittqatrr of aUl tbe
carfrea. C1ea.a-m1r.ded klmself, s
haa bee a alow to bUve the tharfw of j laid oa the weakness f the f re depart
taint and deoeptloa amc&g the. t i oier.t. Of coarse. South Omaha will
karw aaaa hi advisers and friend. 1 always be able ta appeal ta Omaha for
Ilia ponltlcin. however, may be taken
a gnarAhty that complete Jutlre will
tnnrk hi Judgment when all the fact
are known and that all tha guilty In
tho affair, even If aome of them get a
Hcotclt verdict of "not proven." will
finally renp their deaert.
iASADAH ( OMM&ftr 7.4 I, ftlAtF.
Trannportatlon circle have been
given aomethlng of a shock by two re
port made public recently concerning
plana of tho Canadian railway for a
commercial Invasion of .tho United
The drat of theae report waa to the
effect that tho Canadian Pacific waa
dickering fur a control of the Hoaton
AY Main railway, with which tt ha
had a traffic agreement for y'eara. The
consummation of thla plan would give
Canada what It ha Ions Bought an
outlet to an open aeaport and would
place the Canadian Pacific In position
to becomo a very active competitor
with American rallroada for IratiHcon
tltiental traffic. In the opinion of rail
way expert the American government
could do nothing to prevent' thla trans
fer, although tho deal might have a
startling effect upon all our trans
portation Interest.
The second report la that the same
Canadian road Ih negotiating for con
trol of the 'Chicago Oreat Western,
thus giving the Canadian road new
arm reaching to Chicago, Omaha and
Kaunas City, tapping the very heart
of tho grain belt of the nation, with an
unoliHlructcd connection with both
oceans commanded by no American
railway sytem. The Canadian road
ha been practically controlled by the
Canadian government.
The road and the Kovomment back
of It have heretofore been content to
run feeders Into American territory
and compete for local trade on a line
parallel to the border. This has not
aerloualy Interfered with the operation
of American rallroada. but the ru
mored plann would chance our en
tire railroad map. Foreign control
of ii corporation operating In the
United Statea would offer many oppor
tunities for commercial, political and
diplomatic quarreling, to say nothing
aa to whether It would bo to our ad
vantage or detriment. In the mean
time search fall to reveal any legal
ground which the American govern
ment could Interpose.
Kveii if nothing tangible result
from thee rumors, thoy will perhapa
serve to call attention of congress
and our federal authorities that we
have- a very enterprising neighbor on
the north whose commercial relations
with the United States have never been
properly cultivated or appreciated In
thla country.
Conservative democrats In Ohio will
make an 'effort to send a delegation
to the democratic convention In
structed for Judson Harmon for tho
presidential nomination. They under
stand, of course, that Mr. ifarmon haa
no ghost of a chance of tho nomina
tion, but they Also understand that
the Instruction of a delegation for him
would be a body blow to Tom Johu
on, who thinks he own the demo
cratic party In Ohio. .,
The World-Herald gives a great rep
utation to th political sagacity of its
Washington correspondent' when he
writes tor the Sioux City Tribune. For
Its own readers, however. It depends
for political pabuluut upon the special
commissioner of the Commoner, who
is on the spot In Waahlngton under In
structions to patnt dttunal slooni for
th republican-! and roseate hope for
the democrat.
The bia volume of the bank clear
ings reported by the Omaha clearing
house t very gratifying, but tt muat
be remembered that the South Omaha
, bjnv have
ion,ha onjy
been clearing through
since the late financial
crisis. This I all Omaha business.
but people should understand the
Change, made by the admission of the
; South omaha banks to the Clearing
ji0llf(l association.
IVputy Food Commissioner John
i son's nevt Md for applause la to be
J made by going after the "eye water"
.which b passed over drug atore
'counters. The food commissioner's
; office met have consumed a lot of
! "eye water" to see all the buckram
; bogy men It has been so valiantly
' fighting.
i Colouel Rryan'a appearance at the
, Pahlman Democracy dinner will be
matched by hi attendance on the corn
ing Jacksor.ian feast It would be
dangerous to the peace of the political
family had Mr. Bryan favored one of
' theee organltatlona of the unterrified
and not the other.
Alabama and Soeth Carolina each
have laws prohibiting tJfe carrying of
pistols that are lest than twenty-four
Inches long The law is really unnec
essary,' a no fighting gentlemen of
those states would be disgraced by
carrying anytr.tng smaller than a
thre-fool gun
Governor Sheldon indicates that he
wiM try to officiate in person, accom
panied by his staff, at the presentation
of th silver service to the battleship
NebraUa Tnts Is notice to a lot of
i colonels to r1h an tfce button on
their uniforms and get is prsrtice
to w-ear them for the flrt time
South Omaha come In for a pretty
p.ior rating tn the report of tha Na
tional Board of I'aderwrlter on the
fre hatard ta that city, emphatda ooteg
aslRtsnca In ta of sonflsgratlon, but
It would have had a right to the bene
fit of a metropolitan fire department
had the two cities been consolidated.
"Clearing house certificates will
soon become curios worth preserving,"
ays the Philadelphia Inquirer. Mighty
few of us care to remember the clear
ing house certificate or the conditions
that gave It birth.
The 30,000 families on the East
Hide In New York who are objecting
to paying the rents demanded have a
long Hat of reasons for their position.
The first of these is that they haven't
got the money.
Southerners will entertain a mighty
poor opinion of Governor Sparks of
Nevada, who had to be prodded up by
the president before he realized the
existence of such a thing as state's
K.ial Any Taak.
Ilnltlmore American.
Aftr all, Mr. Taft utterance proved
tht hr wa ut the mn Mr. Honvrlt
aiiplioai'd til in to be.
Marking a. IHaeovery.
liiilnvUla Cciurlr-Jourtial.
Andrew Carnegie ha Hcovred Klr
hury, Nrb.. and commemorated the UUcov
ery by planting a He.OiX) library thire.
Favorite Son Oa trlaaaed.
New York World.
With a Vermont father, a Boston mother,
two Worceter grandmother, an Ohio loj -hood,
a Yale rolleglatn comae and a round-the-world
record aeldom surpassed. Mr.
Taft h nil Ihn other "favorite ons"
beaten to a palpitating pulp.
Jockeying fur Poalllon.
Cincinnati Knuulrer.
1'rfHldcntlal election this year. Seemed
a long way off. yesterday, but now It's
here. Step up. gentlemen, and make your
rlinlre. Nice Hat. Sound almost like a
sememe. Listen! Cannon Hughe Kor
aker, Taft Knox Fairbanks. Change them
around to ault your fancy.
Where (he Jolt Waa Kelt.
Kansas City Blar.
The absolute strength and clarity of Sec
rotary Taft' exposition of the rotten busi
ness methods contributing' to the recent
Wall street trouble are definitely Indi
cated by the petulance and the censure
which his Uoaton address has drawn forth
from the plungers and grfter who really
caused the panic.
Let U ; at Thla.
lOiilvtllt Courier-Journal.
Anyhow, for weal or woe, here Is 1908.
May It bring grist to every man' mill. At
tho end of It may ech of u be able to
repet the prayer of the pious old darky,
who, whenever he got happy at camp
meetlng. used to crack, his heeels in the
air and flap hi arm llko rooster' wing
and crow, "Bless the liord. I Is glttln'
fatter an' fatter." ,
Mighty Tell of Aerlaent.
Nw York Tribline.
, The total number of killed and injured
In the principal accidents during the csl
ndar year 107 reached enormous propor
tion. The dsth list for the yer In the
accident chronicled mount to th amas
Ing total of SI.Cl The column of the er
lously Injured foot up to E.7. Combined
tha figure Is 67.1?. Alde from earth
quake and similar upheavals of nature,
practically all of thrie accident were in
the United Sttes. Sixty per cent of tha
killed were victim of earthquake, land
slide or tidal wave. Mln disasters and
explosion of vaxlou kind stand second
In the total for the year. Moreover, the
killed in the month of December through
this agency aggregate mora than one-quarter
of the total for the entire year. Close
scrutiny into the cause of these disaster
tend to plce the responsibility In great
measure on th contributory negligence of
employe. Investigation In ome cases has
revealed almost criminal carelessness In
the carrying of lighted lamps In the danger
son, despite the mot stringent regula
tions prepared by the officials.
Kallaar f Ike Ueivrr Jadc Take
Htgker rr.
Pittsburg Diapatch.
Judge Iwia In Denver ruled that the
use ef stool pigeons In the filing of land
claims is not Illegal, thereby releasing all
of the person Indicted by the government
for timber, coal and land grabbing. But
Judre lewi ha not the final word. It la
announced by the Department ot Justice
t Waahlngton that Immediate appeal will
be taken from the Denver decision In every
Case before that court.
Other court hve decided differently on
the same question and cnnvlctlona have
been had upon the aame testimony. The
Denver ruling, therefore, comes ss a sur
prise. Rven to the layman it sppsar
rldleulou thl n act prohibited by the
land law of the T'nttax! State should be
held to be legal. If urt a decision should
be allowed to stand It would become a
ertou problem to deride In what In
stance the law ahould be obeyed and In
what other it might be Ignored with im
There are aome drawback to b:ng gov
ernor of New York. The tegislatur meet
every year and lt Wr.g as tt feel like.
Former Governor Benjamin B. Odell. Jr.,
of New York haa during his Illness of sev
eral moathe fallen in weight from T.l
pounds to ISA pounds
Tfce Brooklyn Eagle tell th democratic
party that It must declare positively In
favor of retaining and ruling the Philippine
er loe th support of a great many demo
crat a.
Farmer organisaxnr in Kentucky ar
beginning to go bak tn Governor Beck
hare for the senatorship, doubtless with
an eye on Farmer Henry Wtteron of
lxmtrv'.r. fr the place.
After Representative Tawneya w arcing
that national expenditure were likely to
exceed th revenue the firt act cf th
Vsuee of represent a t Ire was ta pus ji
appropriation of gioW for the free attribu
tion of seed
Governor H-ghe favor a new lw in
New York changing legislative session
from annual to bier.nial. Nearly all the
states have adopted r-.r.nial ea1ona. and
in rone have the people found Cat their
Interest suffer ty I'.rr.trtng the regular
meeting of the legislature to a few wk
once In two year
Th new ia,ntm It gave to the
exx tiM of a lew er sleeping cr berth
the rigl.t to .y w aether ar. tnv-ic-ptc4
vpfie-r berth should b opened or closed ha
bec-n pronounced uncoci;:;i.ral by the
tat suprem court. The git of the cpin
taa Is that the law tr.terterea u warrant?
with tli tiw r.gT.i of dominion ever
r.t rrojxrtv. tad w a crafted on he.!.i:f
of prtvat rsJhec t ban public liiiei:
a4 beoc fell et.lsae th rUlir power
at th :!,
Almn Impnaalhle to Punlah An)nilr
for Railroad laaiktrr.
New York Time.
What I the explanation of the difficulty
about convicting anybody for misconduct In
connection with railway aerdlenla In the
t'nlted State? The other day the New
York Central railway general manager es
caped conviction, seemingly berau he waa
general manager, that l, nm too fr re
moved from direct connection with tli
Wood lawn wreck and killing of twenty
four persons to bo he'id criminally. Only
shortly before that an Indictment was
quashed, following disagreement of th
Jury, tn the ca of the engineer who over
looked hi algnal at Ninety-sixth street with
futal results. It waa explained that the
precautions trken by the company were ao
Inadequato that 'the engineer w not to
Illume but the company not substi
tuted a defendant. Thl wrik w pub
lished an account of the acquittal of tha
entire crew of the train which ran by red
light at Terra Cotta, killing forty-three
It I a reproach that person ahould be
kliled by sores and hundred, for cause
so pnvontabbi as defective discipline. Yet
thin I the greatest slnglo cause of railway
disaster In th t'nlted (Mate, The re
cently published report of tho Interstate
Commerce commission group tho ten wont
accident for the last year, and not one of
them 1 due to mechanical failure of ap
paratus. Only In on wa apparatus even
Indirectly responsible. Three rase remain
unexplained and In all tho rest there wa
I levent.ilile blrfina on some part ! of the
railway staff. The reason assigned by th
commission .aie, for examples: "Confusion
of order." "disregard of rlile," "neglect
of whistle algnal," "failure to deliver or
der." "enghiemn'a neglect of order."
and so on. New York ami New Jersey and
the District of Columbia are about the
must open tn reproach In thla connection,
which Is the it or remarkable bocausa tlmy
might have been looked for rather on the
newer, single-trac k road of western state.
Of the 410 passenger killed last year 291
perished In the above ten case, wher act
of Ood or mere misadventure cannot b
pleaded. Yet so far a we know nobody
ha suffered snythltig more then Incon
venience. They msnage these things bet
ter even In Canada. They make accident
fewer Ir. th Dominion, for no other reon
apparently than that they mako It more
disagreeable for thoso who, with or without
excuse, are connected with such regrettable
Incidents. When a Michigan Central train
exploded dynamite In Canada the Judg
declared thai, tho negligence of the railway
In not iperlally Instructing the employe
regarding such freight made hi blood run
colli. Under euch a charge the Jury saw
It way to a conviction, under which a fine
of ta.ono wa Imposed. The same judge
In nother cse refused even to consider
tho employe's plea that he was over
worked. He said he would take measures
to punish the company for overworking it
nlaff, but he would punish the ataff for al
lowing ltolf to be overworked, at tha cost
of human life. In a third caso the same
Jud(je took similar exemplary meaeurej.
These case rals tho question whether the
judge cannot discipline railway staffs, If
general managers cannot, and whether the
riding public at Urge cannot promote such
a result by lesa humbly acquiescing In mis
carriage of Justice.
Kanaa OtRclala (Sire I'd tbe Treas
ure of Former Year.
Let not reformers shake their whitened
lock Vor ob for Kansas now. The last
obstacle to tha growth of angelic wings has
been removed, and the populace will begin
the ascension as soon as Missouri and Okla
homa are surgically severed from the
former "bleeding commonwealth." The rea
sons Tor the change, written In firnereal
levity, are thus explained:
At a special session of the Kansas state
executive council Tuesday afternoon, a
resolution was adopted upon motion of
Auditor Nation, that the annual railroad
passes of each stste officer be collected and
placed In the 8tate Historical society as
"relics of the glorious past."
Secretary of State Denton was delegated
to gather in the cardboards. He promptly
pulled a bunch from his own pocket of all
ort and denominations. He threw down a
book of telephone franks In the middle of
th table. Tl.e rest of the cards he spread
out fan-like. Auditor Nation also took a
handful from his pocket. Denton offered
to bet his telephone book against Nation's
Young Men's Christian association card. At
midnight th "pass passed." They all pay
Then New Year's day the meeting sdopted
another resolution to tho effect that Nation
must write a letter to one railroad, re
turning a pass and telling that road how
he no longer will be "controlled." Nation
wrte this to W. R. Smith, general solici
tor of the Sante Fe:
"I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your
communication of January 1, 1907, inclosing
annual pass No. B over your road.
I am returning the pass herewith for the
reason that I cannot conscientiously keep
It. I have taken considerable time to think
over this step, during which time I csr-
( fully concealed the possession of th pass
I from the unsuspecting public, exhibiting It
to but a few people, most of them trusted
employes of your road.
"1 might have, come to this conclusion
at a much earlier date, but moat of my time
during the past summer has been consumed
tn a search for facts to warrant me tn
voting to rslse your sssessment over lOOo,
O. I thought for a., time that this action
on my part might convince th public that
I was not Influenced by tho posse salon of
the pass. But I wss mistaken. Aa long as
I continue a public official I propose to pay
fare, unless the legislature takea aome ac
tion to throw further light on thi perplex
ing problem."
Fareefal Presentation af Traale Stale
af Traaspartattea.
W. J. Wood, railway commissioner of
Indiana, In Lsiifcs:
If I wer to tell you that sn earthtjuaJte
bad ahaken down Ban Franclaoo and killed
Hf peiaona. If I wr to real a telegram
that yellow fever ha becon.e epiderr.le In
all southern cities, if I should announce
that war bad bten declared betweon Fpsln
and th Veiled States, ard 1 men killed
tn battle, your attention would b in
stantly attracted. But I am not ur of
penoadlr.g yaur practical inter-eat wt.en I
present to you tLa solerr.n. dlsaraceul fsct
! cf tt.e railway death roil, tnjrtng tr. e;gM
! year from lsVJ to 1SSX. lBd'oaiv. there was
a steady Increase in th number of casual-
tics- The total lumber of lulled during that
; period wa tH If a community a
large as SJt Lak Ctry had been wiped out
j by a udon and terribi catastrophe whi
! wer tsjui-ed as UT every man.
j woman and cniid In Fiit'alo td been
, trainea or etVrr at burt. If -Jtie
' continue i lucre at tt s.n. rate fir
! eight swrordir.g year from IS le 1:;.
tcere will ba lli S kulad Ja l.S k3 in
I Jured That la. at this rat there ar up
i ward of 1 ' people in the Vmicd Aat
I under sentence cf deaJti. t be executed
I on ti rj!war before th clcta of 111. and
a larger buto are d.wnod i be mam.ed
or otiM-rwiae injured than the entire TT"1-
! no of the T'lstm-t of Oolurtb.a. IM-Uwar..
ilemana. Anson Wvnmtr.g Nevada.
; Lukk Idahe and the Hswa'.'.an lnni 1.4 M I f I HI
The kllempt t'i ri th hoii'.r nd err.'.l i.
menl of a lulllah d ikedorn from fight
ful owner provd great, a boa th
testimony on which t wmm baaed t'tt weak
it American fiewpet bve had .ltf
nd ehe-Tm explaining th ealld
"Itrure Mystery" nd rtllllng Us prgre
through Ih courts. Igal proeilng l.v
been In progre for ten yer by 'Jentga
llallamhry Iiruie tn provo that Iferlwrt
Iruce, the dead duke'a 'm. rOftnnlltet per
jury In sweating that hi father died In
and further that Ttioma '. Drue
wa In reality th fifth (Ink of T.rt la nil
Were that established (leorg lUllamley
Ilruee, a nephew and senior dependent,
would Inherit th dukedom. American In
terest waa aroused In tho eso by the testi
mony of Hobert C. faldwell of Nw York,
who wore that the tnwn funeral In lt-il
wa a "mock funeral." and that the coffin
conlHlned lead Instead of human remains,
Ream of legal red tape bad to b nnwnund
before th duke grv could be optned,
ml when It wa opened the tiul asort
tnent of human bone were found, thu
completely demolishing lh lleaed "mys
tery." Caldwell hiked for America Boon
after giving hi testimony and wa arrested
on reaching New York on a warrant charg
ing him with perjury. Ilesldes the duke
dom an ette yielding r.OOO.'WO a year
passe beyond the reach of the conspirators.
Th Japnnesn re showing the world thst
they are a quick, enetgotlc. and thorough
In nnval building aa In other warlike en
terprise. Thl waa forcibly exhibited re
cently In th launching of the first-class
armored cruiser Ibiikl from I lie govern
ment shipbuilding yard at Kure within
six months sfter th laying down of th
keel. Not only do Iho Jupsnesn bellevo
that they hava beaten oil previous records
for speed in the construction of war ves
sel of thl class, but the Ihukl nlso 1
unliiie because of the fact that irom keel
to fighting top It wa built entirely of
materlala forged and put together In Japa
nese government yard. The cruiser Ihukl,
which wa launched by Prlnco lllgashl
Fuslilml on November 21, is a sister ship
to tha Kursma, recently launched at the
Tokosuka yards. Ita length I 4M feet,
beam 75.S feet and displacement 14,(VO ton.
Fitted with the'Mlyabara boiler, the In
vention of a Japanese naval officer, and
th Curtis turbine, tho Ibukl Is expected
to develop 22.&OI) horsepower. Hoth the
Ibukl and It sister ship, the Kuramii,
wer designed by Japanese naval engineers,
as all of the battleships recently built in
Japsn have been. The keel was laid at
Kurn in May, 197, and Immediately a
double fore of men was put at work. The
Naval office denle that any special effort
wan mado to rush the cruiser through to
completion, but the Japanese papers say
that th bureau was not averse to a dem
onstration of Just how quickly a fighting
machine could be turned out by It arti
sans. Every ounce of steel used In the con
struction of the new cruiser came from
either the Kure steel foundry, which Is a
psrt of the great naval plant at that port,
or the tVakamatsu Iron work, an Inde
pendent concern subsidized by the govern
ment. Knglish newspapers are taking notice of
the disposition of Japan, ns made manifest
in a recent speech by Count Okuma. before
the Kobe Chamber of Commerce. He said:
"Oppressed W Europeans, the 300,000.000
pcoplo of India are looking for Japanese
protection. Why should the Japanese not
stretch out their hands toward that country
now that its people are looking to the Jap
anese?. Any place where tho Japanese
flag files may ba regarded aa Japan. The
Janancsa dominion extends to the Pacific,
the Chinese waters, the Indian ocean."
This would indeed seem to be enough to
make English statesmen take notice. Of
Okuma the London Chronicle says: "He 1
one of the most famous, as he Is tho most
eloquent of living Japanese statesmen. He
was long the popular leader of the progres
sive party. When such a man speaks of
the oppression of the people In India by
th allied of his own country his words
bear a sinister omen." Clesrly o. It ia
asserted, moreover, that India la being
stirred by the firebrand cry of "Aia for
the Asiatic:" to which may be added this
comment from the New York World:
"Meredith Townsend, editor and essayist,
lived In India tar a forty-two-year period,
which Included the time of th Sepoy ris
ing. In papers published before the out
break of the war over Manchuria Mr.
Townsend proclaimed his inability to be
lieve that the present effort of Europe to
dominate Asia, the fourth within the his
toric period, will ba permanently successful.
"After nearly a century of element govern
ment," he writes, "tber are not 10,0t0
native in India who, unpaid and un
coerced, would die in defence of British
The fight against the sleeping sickness in
the Lake Victoria region in I'ganda prom
ises to be long and costly. One of the medi
cal experts who has recently returned to
England from South Africa estimates that
an expenditure of fco.OOO a year will be nec
rsssry. The population of the affected
area Is now lOO.toO. It used to be .',
but 'O.00u have actually died of the disease.
There are about 30.000 people suffering from
the disesse tody. snd It is proposed thst
these shall be taken Into egregatlon camp
to undergo the Atoxyl treatment, which con
sists of the administration of a compound I
of arsenic and one of benxine dye. It
has the power of driving the parasite j
from the circulation; it 1 hoped also to kill
them by this means, but this, in a propor-
tion of Instances. It has fsiled to da. The '
cure of th X.t0 afflicted native is.
therefor an open question. Tt problem of ;
dealing with the remsinlng Sfl.Ot healthy
native, who ar to be moved Inland from
the shores of th lake, 1 not a formidable
a task aa it may appear at first sigi.t. It
1 only necessary, it spptars. to move the 1
paopl two miles In'.and. Th taet f'y
breed witnin fifteen or twenty yard of 1
the edge of the water, and will only fallow
tlrtin'.s for ajme hundred of isids up t
a mile ar bo. beyond which limit the fly
fre area la to be found There w t be
a complete clearance .f gelation from a.1
me landing tagea alung the Victoria Ky
ansa, and forda. ferries and water hole are
to b irr.ilar:y treated, because th Tie
can only live w tier there is thick I-l,sK
Shade i essential to thtr ex.stenoe. TNe
landing tage w be cleared rf bru, t
th extreme l:m;t neceakanr te insure tn
m unity from tJ f.a. nd the r a
treated will be planted with a. n )ewg-re-:ng
j.ant that will tM surMy shade. tut
will inure the ru!t:-li.-in rev-esa-arj e ki p
doww the Jjnle "
To commemorate t:e .i:ir:t vr of in
r.aa of Francis Josrpfc the poij auihort
tka of Austr.a tued rn i a-r u" J a new
sot of poetvre stan-p. ifMeen la Mimlvr
and only tin i.l be K..I4 . the gvt-e-n
roent tn th year 10. The sian.ra -.rv
s'.lTM-d b FroT Kvi,i 4ooi an fe. '
ruled in :e0 plate t K Sikn a The
lower ornomtwatioi.a hrar the iia of
tbe six who trw4r4 b veneri I
ii.hjvi r.a.: Karl XI. Vitna
JoTh. 11 lr.Md H -rv aA IVmi
naad All t ir f, be'' ew IV m-. a ,lrol nt
ii.-.o t .r.xa ot l it J,f TV An l.-i,
stamp ha s portrait at the en.( e.
sppoareA tn 1MV when a a votoh o( etK
r,r. . nsfMn tli r iI.wwm. e hKivr
atan.s shew ! in rv-v
tl.trtf ?-e!- e.t i- .. : ,val V...e j
Starrs I 1 oe At Silnwam tK ,
4aawawxjgwn; awwaMaajTaJai
I .'Nam ON 1VKV PIICI' 1
Chocolate Bonbons!
Always Delicious Pure :' I
Wholesome Digestible ' 5
One Box will make I
A Happy Hornet i
Every Seated Package guaranteed
Fresh and Full Weight
fancy But Bmtkttt la xcusvo
dtttgatfor Oifta
Makers of Coco and Chocolate
This carries the dates lX-l9rs, and bear?
a striking lifellko portrnlt nf tlu cmpernr
a he appears now.
HI V. It It V JIVtil.KS.
"Senator," said the correspondent, "yoi.
are quoted as ailvocul lux the aholllliiii of
capital punishment. How .about that?"
"Well," Hsketl Henalor LuiHintinn, with
a grin, "don't you think e.iplliil Iihs been
punished about enough?" Chicago Tribune.
Captain Medico What was that manemei
Just now, MiiHter Navigator?
Navigator i'lcase, sir, they broke out hi r
Cuptain Medlcn--How careless of them!
It the splnniiker bo put In splints Imme
diately. Baltimore American.
Jaggles He's very proud of that young
ster of his.
Waggles Yes. ' He thinks he' a me
chanical genius because rue other day th"
boy took his watch to pieces. St. Louis
"Say, Horroughs,i said Markley. "how
about that fin you've owed me since lant
"O: come, old man," said Rorrnughs.
"why can't you let bygones be. bygones? '--Philadelphia
Press. ,
"Debonair Is one of those genial phil
osophers whom nothing seems able tT dis
turb. He takes even trouble with ti..a-'
"Yes, to see his manners when he In lali!
up sick in hid, you can say of him ln
erally that he Is perfectly natural and ill
at ease at the name time." lntiianHpuln
"Have you made any good resolutions
"Yes, one."
"What is It?"
"Not to make any." Baltimore Ameii
can. Pope Gregory was reconstructing the
"Some of my predecessors," he said,
"have taken so many days off that I've
got to make lip the time so;iwliow."
Thereupon h made an miK'-menl bv
Which every fourth year became a leap
year, being secure hy reason of his ol'l up
front the operation of the prerogative th a
goes with it. Chicago Tribune.
The agitator appeared at the meeting "f
employes and requested a hearing.
'Ion't you men know that you have a
grievance?" he asked, having taken t he
"We do." responded Ihe chairman. "We
havo a number, and you are lli worst In
the lot."
After a husky committee had tossed t
egitator down stairs business -proceeded.
Philadelphia ledger.
Pen King.
Nothing to do hut work.
Nothing to cat but food.
Nothing to wear but clothes
To ktcp one from going nu-3e.
Nothing to brent he but air.
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to fall but off.
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb hut hair.
Nowhere to sleep hut In bed;
Nothing to wfep but tears.
Nothing to bjry hut dead.
Nothing to sing but song.
Ah. well, alas! alack!
Nowhere to j;o but out.
Nowhere to -ome but bai k
Nothing to see but sights.
Nothing to ouer. h but thirst.
Nothing to have but what weve g.
Thu thro' life we are curt-d
Nothing to strike but a rait:
Everything no e that g.e
Nothing at all but eon.rnon fc
Can er withstand these wr.c
For Saturday
$1.00 and $1.50
85 c
$1.00 Neckwear
& 5 c
Browning King
PHttrra row v hewo4 y weexlVrw-orV
rN-h v-e. '! rd l.ok borle:t
linv. Hun4 SapeHa rnicm rot onlv
the tirt, I tit l (he !ooeneo,. in:d
ltuh-le, srd Cr POT'S tht ffnf
' r tuttnrml rVsofv.
l ftils .vft tativiTt