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I" Bn-itlful MM-Wnt.r rtrn Hats will be sold Saturday ABIO-
Exquisite Patterns at $2.50, $5 and $6.50
in iWnti aatiftU Black Ostrich Flnmee th balance of our sample
tine WIX.X,
Be Sold at Actual Cost Price to Us Saturday
All II SO and 11.00 Birds, Fancy Feathers, Flowers and C f
Coq.le ffoCtS jllP
Saturday onlr
an Ihim Binii Ballrtla Con
taining; Srartilic
Richard Pearson Hobson. wno want! the
government to publish a newpaper. would
donhtIes enjoy reading miniature f hla
federal Journal If he could see the "report"'
of John J. Ryder, deputy commissioner of
lalmr for Nebraska, copies of which have
jast been received by the Commercial club
of Omaha.
"It's a regular newspaper. " said a mem
rx r. aj lie turned the neatly printed pnper.
Her is an article on 'How to Cure Ho
Cholera.' and another on Irritation
Canals.' '
Aa a matter of fact the deputy labor
commissioner is getting out a ' Journal"
which tells of the work of his department
and praises the "fair state of Nebraska."
I U sides tho crop statistics Die publication
ontalns a department called "Remarks by
like "Our Letter Box." a department of
The. Bee. Then there are a few Juicy
editorial paragraphs, and one of them
says: "Bc'.entlflc farming v. as a success
ti e last yr careless farming only was a
fa'lure M
"A r v-v l D ; v.
' uiniq uuuri vii .lruiMna 1 . . ' nrs,
la the subject of the "lead editorial," w'.ille
the "Ad Crop News" appears under a
special "Iwo-derk" heading called "Crop
Pictures In Paragraph." being terse state
ments from the "exchange editor's desk"
clipped from "steemed contemporaries all
over the west.
But 'he Illustrated section of the labor
commissioner' official organ has no illus
trations at all, though the public Is deceived
Into believing there is a yellow Sunday
magazine section because of a heading
which reads "Halftones of a Happy State
Closer examination proves thnt the half
tones" are picturesque description! of Xe
breaks life by inspired country editors, and
It mould have been proper to call the
column "Second ad telegraph pictures In
Valaly eeka Reasmlttasre
tm llsae Where He and the
Children Are.
Mamie Revins swore out a warrant for
the arrest of her husband, Pnnlel Bcvlns.
an evpr! driver living at 2119 North Thtr
tecnth street, Friday morning on the
charge of assault and battery.
From ber appearance no one would doubt
the woman had been assnulted and bat
tered. About six weeks ago Bevlns renorted to
the police ; .Tdi'jy'fe-" had Taken about ' tt
wUlch he kept Irt the house, together- with
Ms three children, and skipped to part!
unknown. About two weeks a?o he got
u letter from her, written from some town
In Indiana, saying she had spent the money
and was sick In a hoso'tal.
, Bevlia- went to Indiana, got the children,
t brought them home, and about a meek
ago the wife arrived and he refused to let
lee enter the house. She called on the
polce for help, but they advised her the
onnty attorney was the proper person to
': Apply !. She persisted, hut the husband
has refused to take her back, and in one
f her attempts to force an entrance Thurs
: ('ay night she savs he beat her shamefully.
Laxative Brunin yuinine. removes the
rause. There Is only one ' Bronio Quinine."
lck for s'jriat.r.e of E. W. Grove. Sc.
Limb Peeled and Foot Was Like
- Raw Flesh Had to Use Crutches,
and Doctors Thought Amputation
Necessarv Montreal Woman
Writes of Cure Seven Years Ago.
"I liar been treated by doctor for
twenty-five, yean for a had case of
tcxema on my leg. They did their beat.
nut lauexi to cure it.
My doctor had ad
?iied me to have mr
5 lee rut oft, hut I
L said I would try tha
"''J- Cuticura Reniedlea
i'-f "rat- Ha laid, "Try
f'J'V f them if you like, but
M' I do not think they
G'VV';S will do anv good.
W7 V At thia time my
leg was peeled from the knee, my foot
was like a piece of raw f.eoh. and I had
to walk on crutch. I bought a caka
ef tutkura Soap, a box of Cuticura
Ointment, and a bottle of Cuticura
Pills. After the first two treatments
tbo s weili n went down, and in two
months my leg was cured and the new
skin came on. The docur could not
believe his own eyea when ba saw that
Cuticura had cured ma and said that
ba would use it for hia own patients.
I used two cakea of Cuticura Soap,
three bona of Ointment, and tiva bot
tles cf f Insolvent, and 1 have now been
cured over seven year, and but for
tha Cuticura Kemediea I might have
lost my lie. 1 have 1U of grand
children, and thev are frequent user
of Cuticura, and 1 always recommend
it, to the many people whom my busi
ness brings to my house every day.
Mrs. Jean-Baptist Kenaud. clairvoy
anc. 377. Meiitana St., Montreal, Qua
Feb. 20, Iu7.M
Rest for Mothers.
Instant relief and refreshing sleep for
skin-tortured babies, and rest for tired,
fretted mothers, in warm baths with
Cuticura Soap and gentle anointing
with Cuticura Ointment, the great sain
aura, and purest of emoUienu.
rwurnra aaaf C?V . CMtieufa Otatmat not ).
n4 l -icur Knvwl . bur ) I at u tons as
-MM HI ZSt ft tsl a Ml Sutd
"WftHI I werwl PaiUf Llrus a C W(& Cwv,
rnws.. m ha
Douglass St.
Connie Remarries While Decree la la
Haaaa of J a age Whs Graatea
While their divorce was In the hands of
Judge Sutton awaiting the expiration of
six months for filing. Elisabeth Haffke and
Herman Haffke made up their differences
and decided they didn't want the divorce
at all.
The hearing was held about three months
ago. Mrs. Harrke said ner nuaoano orani
to excess and did not support her. Fol
lowing his custom Judge Sutton announced
he would hold up the decree six months
before signing It. Thursday morning they
both appeared before the Judge and told
him he need not llgn it at 11. Mr. Haffke
said he had quit drinking and had not
tasted a drop for several weeks and his
wife had promised to live with him again.
Judge Sutton' struck the case from the
ehraska Sfwi tes.
BLAIR Fire which started at 2 o'clock
this morning almost destroyed the resi
dence property of Miss Etna Outschow,
occupied by Charles Tsylor, a ilrayman.
The Interior of the house and the furniture
is almost an entire loes. The loss on the
property Is covered by intMiranie.
NKBRAPKA C1T V Wednesday after
noon, at tiie home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snlttker. two niiit-s
west of town. Miss Emma Snittker was
married to Herman Berger. They left for
St. LAiuis. where they will visit for a feu
weeks, cm their return they will make
their home on a farm near Julian.
for several years rector of St. Mary's
Catholic church in this city, has b.en
tendered the position of editor of The New
World, the otflcal organ of the Chice.go
archdiocese. He will accept if Rls!-op
Huliat uiu will permit lilm to h ave thi
NEBRASKA CITY The terms for hold
ing district court In Otoe and Cas counties
have leen fixed as follows: Cass county.
February 24; Jury term. March I; May 4.
equity; Septeniter and urv October 5.
Otoe county, March 30; jury, April 'i: June
1. enuity; November 9: Jury. November Hi.
The first day of each term has been desig
nated as the time on which all applications
for final applications for citlxenshlp papers
will be heard.
NEBRASKA CITY-In the district court
last evening P. Bridges, who was con
victed several months ago on the charge
of incest, wss again arraigned and sent
enced to ten years In the penltentlwry. Hti
case was taken to the supreme court on
a writ of error, but that cqurt sustained
the decision of the lower court and now
he alii huvf to serve his sentence.
BEATRICE Word has been received
here of the death of (. G. Oodfrey, one
of the first business men In Blue Snrings.
which occurred at his home In California
a few davs ago.
BEATRICE A fine Norval Chief 3-vear-old
colt belonging to W. N. Farlow of this
city, fell yesterday and broke Its leg and
Mr. Farlow waa obliged to kill the animal.
It was valued at UiO. .
BEATRICE Iewii H. Lilly and Miss
Pearl Whitehead, both of Virginia, were
married here yesterday by Judge Spafford.
BEATRICE Yesterday B. H. Conlee.
county clerk, announced the appointment
or J. C. Penrod as his deputy, to succeed
W. D. M'Mire. who has been in the office
I for the last two years. District Clerk
Jueln has appointed F. E. Bourne, who
recently returned from Boise, Idaho, as
his deputy. The changes become effective
January 9.
BEATRICE February 10 and 11 have
been selected for the dates of the Oage
county farmers' Institute by the executive
committee. Governor Sheldon has ac
cepted an Invitation V be present on one
day and addrex the farmers.
BEATRICE The marriage of William
IVttlaff nd Miss Pauline Strangenherg
was solemnised yesterday at the German
Lutheran church. Rev. !. Poeverlin offi
ciating. Mr. and Mrs. Dettlaff came from
Germany on the same vessel and have
oeen residents or Beatrice snout a vear
j BEATRICE The Hinds State hank of
Odell made a good showing in tts last
statement. The institution has rt:t.V) on
deposit. Iiesidea a large reserve In cash and
mi-.a TKICE-Harry B. Zook and Miss
Bess'e Barber were married here on New
Tears day. They will make their home
at Barneston.
BE ATR !" The corn harvesier and
husk-r patented hv F. W. Well.-nsiek and
hirlt hv the Beatrice Iron works was given
tryout ycattrdav In the field of Charlea
i.reen. south of the city, and proved sat
isfactory. The machine is hullt strong, yet
l'Kht enough in weight so that Iwo horses
can pull it with ease. It can gather from
eight tii ten acres of corn a day. i
" KATRINE According to the report of
William Waxham, weather observer at this
point. 31.11 Inches of water fell In 107. The
heaviest rainfall ever recorded here fell on
the afternoon and evening of July 14. mea
suring 4 Inches. The normal rainfall for
the last thirteen years waa Sl.16 inches.
TECl'MSEH Mrs. T. J. Watklna of this
v rece'ved word yesterday that her son-tn-la
E. A. Gray, haa lost his stock of
general merchandise bv fire st Manitou.
Cikl. There was but little In the way of
particulars over than that seven business
Mocks m the town were destroyed. Mr.
Gray'a loss will amount to considerable
over his insurance. Mr. Gray was in busi
ness in Teoumseh several years ago.
CENTRAL CITY Mike Lavelle. who reg- !
ular'y absorbed alcoholic beverages In so
great quantities that he waa last spring
adjudged to be entitled to treatment In the
duiaotiianiar ward at the insane asylum and
who was twice discharged as cured. Is
aaaln manifesting his old-time affection
for the cup. Bob Saddler, a friend, is In
the toils on the charge of giving him a
Cask of alcohol and will have to answer
t the same at the next regular term of
toe ilintrtct court.
BEATRICE In the district court yester
day Judge Kelllgar confirmed the sale of
the plant of the Wahaska Electric com
pany at Blue Springs and ordered Receiver
Marvin to use ihe first money realised from
the sale to pay the taxes against the com
pany, which amount to about 2 Mo. The
only bid made In the sale was $1.0. which
a as offered by C. A. Snvder, manaa-er of
the electric plant at Auburn. He will dis
mantle the plant and remove It from its
present location in Blue Springs.
BEATRICE During the last year about
Vitf, Una been expended in buildings and
i tmprovemenfs In Beetr'ce. Of this amount
!i'v was spent In building and equip
) it g the new gas plant and for the
; new Christian church building. A number
; oh ' business blocks and many residences
i costing from Sl.u4 upwards have been
i erected. W. H. Kilpatnck a new home
I built during the last few ruoatha cost in
the neighborhood of ii'ux).
FLA 1R The thirtieth annual bull of the
1 volunteer fire department was held in the
J opeta house last Tuesday evening and was
, a record breaker as to attendance and re
', celpts. Several years an lae firemen
' started a fund for the erection of a city
' hall and the net recelpta of f13a frum this
ball will tie abided to that fnnd. which
now amounts to t2 Zfi. Th- firemen now
look forward to the time when they will
occupy their oan home. Thev mill hold
j their annual maaauerade ball carU- in
I February.
I TECl'MSEH Lieutenant Roderick Dew,
accompanied by his sister, Mra E. P.
Bracken, and baby, and Miaa Kmma
j Bracken, departed for oheridaa. Wy ,
; Thursday, a here the Bracken famllv re
; sides. After a visit of two weeks In Sheri
dan lieutenant IV w will got to Spokane.
Seattle and Portland, and on February i
ne will sail from Sun Frarwiseo with hla
rginint. Ihe Twent -third Infantry, for th
Philippines He expects ta be ao dotv in
the islands for two years sad oae-half be
' tore returning to the states. 1 Lieutenant
IVs has bevn In tha Philippines that length
of time with another regiment and likes It
there very much.
Judffe Manner Bale Them Part of
Adami Company Case.
t alsa Stork Yards Saltralag Charges
Jeeil at Be raia ei mam -
a ess I'ader the Present I
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. I ?peclal Telegram.)
A vital issue in the fight the state Is mak
ing against the express companies to se
cure a reduction of rates is the huge salary
list the companies carry and the heavy
charges they pay the railroad companlea
for transportation. Attorney General W.
T. Thompson today received a memoran
dum ruling from Judge Munger of the
federal court to this effect. A motion of
the Adams Express company in the suit
brought to prevent the railroad commii
slon from enforcing the SlWey act, bring
ing about a 25 per cent reduction In ex
press rates, was overruled. The motion
was to eliminate the mater of ealarlee and
high charges from the case.
In hla answer to the petition the attorney
general said the Adam! company paid ex
cessive sums In salaries to official! and
paid In tramportation charge! for goods
carried to railroads what practically j
amounted to 50 per cent of the sum, re-
celved from lta own customers. He was
striking at the system which would r'rmlt
the railroads, through control of express
companies, receiving dividends on two
classes of stock for prictlcally one aervice.
Judge Munger holds the matter la ex
tremely pertinent and he refuse! to Itrlke
it out of the pleadings. The attorney gen
eral filed a demurrer to the company's
petition, but the court decline! to rule on
thii now, as he say! a case is pending In
the United States supreme court in which
a decision may be exrected soon which will
decide questions practically the same as
are raised through the demurrer.
The ruling of tha court Is favorable to
the stats contentions and was extremely
gratifying to the legal department.
Followh-g the ruling of Federal Judge
W. H. Munger at Omaha. In which he
dismissed the exceptions of express com
panies to tho suit begun by the state,
papers were prepared In the attorney gen
eral's office tday. and tomorrow a suit
will be filed In the district court of this
county against the Adams. American and
United States Express companies to com
pel them to make a report on salaries paid
and other data. The action will eek both
to enforce compliance with the order and
to collect penalties for violations.
Stork Yards (barges.
The railroad commission learned today
from Attorney Frank Ransom of the Union j
Stock Tards company that the 50-cent
switching charge the company ha! been
seeking to add to existing charges at the
yard! will not be enforced untib a suit In
supreme court Is settled that will decide
whether the company Is a common carrier.
The commission today was informed the
company was Insisting on this charge and
that the Missouri Pacific road, among othr
lines, was adding to It! schedule of rate!.
Attorney Ransom said no bill! would be
presented for the eervlce of Intrastate
business pending the determination of the
action. Interstate business will, however,
be subject to the charge.
The Installation of the charge will mean
1100,000 a year to the stock yards.
Sidetrack at Maaley Ordered.
The Railroad commission this morning
ordered the Missouri Pacific road to In
stall the sidetrack asked for by the Manley
Co-operative Elevator company. An esti
mate of expense for the work is to be
submitted to the commission by January
25. The elevator company will have to foot
the bill. The commission also ordered
proper approaches to be built to the stock
yartla at ManUy. complaint having been
made about this also.
In these cases the railroad claimed the
commission had no authority, the road be
ing an interstate carrier.
H. W. Marshall of Arlington. W. A. Har
rison of York and Peter Younger! of
Geneva applied to the Railroad commis
sion today for 'a reduction of ratea on
nursery stock. They ask that the Joint
rate in the state be made 3 per cent of
the locals and that the western classifica
tion be changed of osage orange seed and
on butterrtuts and hawkeyes. lowering the
first from first to third class and the latter
from second to fourth class.
Jehnaon Cannot Come.
In a letter received here, today, Mayor
Tom Johnson declines an invitation to the
democratic dollar dinner of January 15, for
the reason that the J-cent fare Is to go
Into effect on street car Unci of Cleveland
the same date. Irwa letter expressing hi!
regret over inability to attend the Ne
braska feast. Mayor Johnson says he does
not want to be absent from Cleveland Just
att he culmination of his long fight.
I. Ion Company Doing Well.
The Lion Bonding and Surety company
of Omaha, of which Auditor Searle ia a
stockholder, is doing a landofflce business
around the state house. Thia company
yesterday wrote the bond of E. M. Fair
field, state accountant appointed by Aud
itor Searle. for $1Q,0"0 and also wrote the
bond for Samuel J. Stewart, physiclsn at
the asylum for feeble minded youth at
Beatrice for IS.ono. It has filed the lowest
bid for bonding the various captains of
the National Guard, having agreed to write
a 12.000 bond for each for three years for
$T.S0. The legislature has made no specific
appropriation for paying for the bonds of
captains of the guard. Heretofore the
captain! have paid out of their own pock
ets Id.lie a year for each bond. It Is up to
Auditor Searle to say whether he will issue
warrants to pay for the bonds out of the
appropriation for the expense of the guard.
The Lion Bonding and Surety company
filed it! articles of incorporation with the
secretary of state October 11. 19CT. At this
time Henry Haubem ii president; E. L.
Culver secretary: Henry Rohlff treasurer,
and J. C. Root vice president. On the
letterheads of the company besides the
officers ijamed are the following names: L
p. Larson. W. T. Aulii. Henrv eKatlng.
John W. McDonald, E. M. Searle. Jr The
company his its headquarters in Omaha.
The company has written a number of
surety bonds for statt depositories.
Caaaet Limit Liabilities.
In an opinion filed with the state au
ditor late this afternoon Attorney Gen
eral Thompson holds that mutual Injur-
If coffe don't agree,
change to
"There's a. Hi-son
of High
$75.00 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price Q"i nn
sale W lUW
$05.00 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price 32
$55.00 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price 2 T
$45.00 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price 22
$39.50 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price Ifi7
sale..... I3,D
$35.00 Tailored Suits, January-half-price
s (" 50
$,J9.75 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price 05
$25.00 Tailored Suits, Janu
ary half-price 1 25 0
ance companlea organized under the pro
visions of section 61-7. chapter -43, com
piled statutes, cannot by means of ad
vanced premiums or bylaws exempt from
liability for assessments necessary to pay
losses. This decision is of the greatest
Importance to mutual Insurance com
panies and policyholders, inasmucn as a
company recently attempted to change
from a mutual to a stipulated premium
plan. The opinion waa asked for some
months ago. but owing to Its importance
and the work In the legal department it
was not handed down until today.
Examination of Gaard Officers.
Adjutant General Schwan has Issued an
order for the following officers to report
to his office for examination January :'8:
First Lieutenant Robert C . Chapman,
First infant rv; Second Lieutenant William
N Orris, First Infantry: Second Lieu
tenant John C. DullHghan. First Infantry;
s..r.nd Lieutenant Wwln r.. Merni
Second Infantry, for promotion
to l'lrt
lieutenant; Sergeant Fred
R. Shearer.
Company G. Second lnrantry. lor promo
tion to second lieutenant; Second Lieu
tenant Frank E. Crawford, hirst Separate
Infantry company, for promotion to tirn
lieutenant; Sergeant Roy E. V oodird.
First Separate Infantry company, for pro
motion to second lieutenant.
The resignation of Captain Albert H.
Barker, Company E. Second regiment, lias
been accepted by the adjutant general, as
has the resignation of Captain John P.
Madgett. Company D, Second regiment.
Elections have been ordered to fill the
Pecaliar Laundry Bill.
Deputy Auditor Cook thought the limit
had been reached when he received a
voucher from the state university for a
hill for $25 for gas for one month, when
the institution has a lighting plant, but
when he received the laundry bill for the
month of November he was floored. One
bill from the Evana Laundry company
against the home economics department
was for 11.40. The items enumerated in
the bill were as follow! : Spreads, sheets,
slips, towels, bath towels, roller towels,
tablecloth, rags, napkins. side towels,
aprons, !hirtwaisti. corset coven, night
drehses, hose, saques. sleeves, skirts, dress.
There were six corset covers, seven shirt
waist!, five night dresses, three skirts, one
dress, thirteen sleeve!. This bill waa for
a period from October 31 to November ST.
A second bill on the Incidental fund ac
companylng the same voucher waa for
Kl.'S) for the month of November. This
bill was for towels only. Of the towels
there were 5..HS bath towels. 9"2 roller
oi. . n.i ?i hand towels. The deputy
or has not v t figured out why thel
state should pay for the laundering of
corset covers and hose and night dresses,
though he can see why the state might
be responsible for the balance of the bill.
Incidentally, though the Itemized bill aa
shown above Is filed with the voucher. C.
J. Ernst, president of the Board of Regent!,
and J. S. Dales, secretary, sertlfy on the
certificate that the bill ia for "washing"
towels and table linen."
Mlstarlral Society Meeting.
Tha thlrty-firat annual metin of tn
Nebraska State Historical society and of
the Nebraska Territorial Pioneers' associa
tion will be held In Lincoln. January 13-14.
In the auiitorlum of the new Temple build
ing. The first session of the Historical society
meeting will be hel l the evening of January
13. the first address being by William J.
Bryan on the subject of "History.'
speakers for this session will be J I- Mo-
Brten. state superintendent, and Dr. George
I L. Miller, president of the society,
j On the evening of the 14th. the principal
! address will be by Judge Horace E. Teemer
' of the supreme court of Iowa and for many
i years identified with the historical depart
: ment of Iowa, at Des Moines. Judge Drem-
er'i address will be on the s abject, "The
! Part of Iowa In the Organisation of Ne
; braska." Other speakers will be Richard L.
' Metcalfe, Lincoln, and W. Z Taylor. Cul
bertson. The business session will also be
held the evening of the lttiv when new offl-
8i rers will be rlected for the ensuing year.
I Membership In the Territorial Pioneer!'
association la limited to those who became
4 ; residents of Nebraska, or whose parent! ba-
be Ihe Banner Day
Grade Coats, Tailored Suits and Furs
$55.00 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- mmpm
ary half-price J f yJ
$45.00 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- Oft CO
ary half-price Jf QU
sale fa
$3!.50 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles. Janu- f ftE
ary half-price M f J
$35.00 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles. Janu- ITRH
ary half-price I I UU
$29.75 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- i jflP
ary half-price lmA)9
sale I
$25.00 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- I APn
ary half-price I A OU
sale mmm
$19.50 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- ft"7C
ary half-price M f Q
sale w
$15.00 Coats, in fitted or
loose styles, Janu- TRfl
ary half-price g wU
came residents of Nebraska prior to March
1, 1867.
Co art Considers Plea af Express Cans
paay Impertinent.
Judge Munger! opinion state! In effeot
that the bill was filed in thia case to enjoin,
the State Railway commission and Attorney
General Thompson from enforcing the a at
of the legislature of Nebraska, April 5. 1M,
known as Senate File 355, requiring all 1 1
press companies within the state to f;la
certain schedule! of ratea charged by them
for the transportation of merchandi
within the state and prohibiting them front
charging to exceed 75 per cent of their
charges in force on January 1, 1007. until
after the 8tate Railway commission should
provide for a greater rate, and providing
certain penalties for the violation of the
act. upon the ground that the enforcement
of the law would deprive the express com
panies of their property without due proceaa
of law. In that it would require them to
do business at a loss.
To this bill the members of the Board of
State Railway Commissioners have filed
their answer, and to this answer the Adams
Express company has filed certain excep
tions. The first, second and third exceptions
are baaed on the ground that certain alle
gations in the bill are not sufficiently an
swered. To these three exception!, Judge
Munger says:
"We do not regard them as such material
allegations in the bill as to require specific
answers thereto, respondents are not re
quired to specifically answer, and we re
gard these respective allegations aa imma
terial. The fourth exception ia to certain
averments in the answer to the effect that
the capital and funds necessarily invested
and employed by .the express companies In
conducting their business within the itate
are small and of nominal amount, and that
it payi to the railroad companlea for the
purpose of conducting Its business ovar
their lines, excessive compensation, and ex
cessive compensation to certain of Its agents
gnd servants. This is excepted to as not
being an answer to any specific averment
of the bill, and as Insufficient, Irrelevant
and impertinent. We think It pertinent to
the allegations of the bill to ahow that the
complainant ! expenses In conducting Its
business within the state are extravagant
and unnecessary, if such be the fact."
Doenmeat loaned by Chairman Mannrl
and Secretary Walralh.
ST. PAUL, Neb., Jan. 3. t Special. )C. B.
Manuel, chairman, and E. A. Walrath, sac
retary, have Issued the following call for a
populist convention In Lincoln, January IS:
A meeting of the state committee of the
people, s Independent party of Nebraska has
been called to assemble at the Lincoln hotel.
In Lincoln, on January 15. l'jos. at i p. m.
The matter of fixlna- the manner nf se
lecting delegates to the national convention.
' I V mr IIBtlUIWI CUIIt rilllllll,
I ortr-niun for the next cajnpaign and pre-
paring to enter intu active wurk for the
coming year will be considered.
All members of the stale committee, mem
bers of the county committees and workers
from over the state are extended an Invi
tation to be present at this meeting
Nrkrulu with I Ml of Arms.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb.. Jan. 1 (Spe
cial.) James H. Foote, a wealthy farmer
living six miles south of this city, la one
I of the few In this county that can boast of
a, coat of arms. His comes from Charlea II
of England and consists of an oak tree with
the inscription "Loyalty and Truth." It
was in the latter part of the sixteenth cen
tury', when Charles was being pursued and
hla capture Imminent, that one James Foote
took charge of the king and secreted him
in a large oak tree, where he remained until
danger passed. For his loyalty and truth
fulness Mr. Foote was given tha coat of
arms. In the family book of Fooles triers
are now ,5u0 names enrolled.
lasared In Baakrnnt Inmnany.
BLAIR. Neb.. Jan. X. Special Tele
gram.) Charlee Taylor, who lost tha entire
amount of his household furniture In the
s(c in
IINN I 1 1
of Our Great January Clearance Sale
$87.30 Opera Coats, January
llf:rri:r 437s
$75.00 Opera Coats, January
Sr:: 3750
$07.50 Opera Coats, January
sale.. dO10
$59.50 Opera Coats, January
$50.00 Opera Coats, January
$42.50 Opera Coats, January
half-price 21
$35.00 Opera Coats, January
half-price 17
$29.75 Opera Coats, January
;pri.c: 1485
burning of the Gutschow residence at an
early hour this morning, carried Insurance
of WO In the Nebraska Mercantile Mutual
Insurance company of Lincoln, which went
Into the hands of a receiver yesterday. This
company had In force In this city nearly
S4O.000 of insurance, several policies of
which were rewritten In other companies
today. J. II. Platx. agent of the North
American Insurance company. In which
the dwelling was Insured for $700. reported
the building a total loss and Miss Guts
chow will receive the full amount of her
George Broil cf Holateln Killed In
Aatomonlle Accident.
HASTINGS. Neb.. Jan. 3.-iSpecial Tele
gram.) Within an hour after he had laugh
ingly spoken of a premonition that he
might not live to return to hia home,
George Broil of Holsteln was killed early
this morning when the automobile he was
driving went over a bridge Into a draw
sixteen feet below. Two friends who were
riding with him. Roy Singer and G. L.
Fisher, were slightly Injured. They left
about midnight on the return trip to Hol
stein. "If you don't go to bed very soon you
may hear something of us." said Mr. Broil
to a friend as he climbed Into his car;
"something may happen."
Mr. Broil was driving his car along an
unfrequented road. South of Juniata the
car struck a rail of a bridge, plowed along
through the timbers tc about the middle
of the structure and then plunged Into
the draw, in which there wa! several feet
of water. Mr. Broil was pinned under the
car and drowned. Fisher and Slgnor were
unable to find him under the water until
they secured assistance to remove the auto
mobile. The accident occurred about 1 o'clock.
An Inquest was held about noon and the
Jury returned a verdict finding that Broil
came to his death by accident, owing to
his losing control of tha steering gear of
the machine. The Jury also found that
the accident resulted from the defective
lights on the car. Broil was extensively
engaged In the implement business at Hol
steln and operated brancn establishments
at Roseland and Norman.
Collector Charged with Offense.
TECl'MSEH, Neb.. Jan. S.-( Special.)
Frank Runatorf of this city has been
placed under arrest and taken to St. Louis.
Mo., where It is said he Is In Jail. Charges
of embemzlement or forgery, or both, It ts
said, will- be made against him. Reinstorf
Is an agent for a wholesale liquor form
of St. Louis, with territory somewhere In
the north. From the Information at hand
it would seem his house proposes to bring
tha proceeding! against him. A detective
wa here the first of the week, and the
arrest of the roan followed. Sheriff H. I.
Miner took him to St. jula yesterday,
Reinstorf agreeing to go withAt requisi
tion papers. His wife accompanied him.
Reinstorf maintains his Innocence and says
he will have but little trouble in clearing
himself of the charge or charges. H i
firm, he says, has loaded him up with a
lot of poor accounts for collection, which
It wants him to account for In cash. He
usea Dy
C Bohing S
Powder i
ftkvstt Odb)1w vita th Pv.. t"
$150.00 Fur Coats, January
l'Vm 75OO
$125.00 Fur Coats, January
half-price CORf.
sale. b-.0U
$95.00 Fur Coats, January
llf:rrice 4750
$75.00 Fur Coats, January
half-price 37
$50.00 Fur Coats, January
half-price 25
$35.00 Caracul Coats, Janu
ary half-price 17
$29.75 Caracul Coats.- Janu
ary half-price 1185
sale 1"
$25.00 Velvet Coats, January
half-price 2
tould not make the collections. As far as
is known the man bears a good reputation,
and he la connected with some, Tecumseh
families who are of good standing.
Isaac Mlsrkt Dies While In Hot Lot,
bnt Body la Protected.
BENEDICT. Neb.. Jan. 3.-(Special.
Isaac Mincks. one of the first settlers In
this locality, died from heart failure,
lie was quite old and not enjoying
the best of health and for some time had
mad. hla home with his son, John Mincks,
While all were in York shopping ha walk. J
to the bam and hog lot, where he fell In
among a number of hogs. It is not known
at what time of day he died, hut when
found life was extinct. A faithful shep
herd dog left at home had followed the old
gentleman and during the entire day
guarded him from attacks of hogs, and
when found the dog waa still on duty. Mr.
Mincks was well known and most popular,
having hundreds of friends.
Clark Perkins Sella ewspaper.
ST. PAL L, Neb.. Jan. 3 -i Special.)-Tha
St. Paul r.epubllian. which for the last
fourteen years has been owned by the firm
of Perkins & Perkins, composed of Claik
Perkins, now secretary of the State Rail-
f way commission, and his father. R, C.
Perkins, ex-postmaster of this city, ha
been sold to the Cooley brothers of Ar
cadia, who will take charge of the paper
and plant next week. If. O. Cooley, the
senior member of the new firm, has for
many years been the owner and publisher
of the Arcadia Champion. The Republican
is widely known as one of the brightest
and most aggressive country weeklies of
the state, and the new owners will strive
to maintain Its high standard.
Companlea Reject Them and They
Have ta Haat I n Private
toug!as county constables are harassed
by an unusual condition this year In secur
ing their bonds. All the bonding companleg
represented In Omaha have refused to sup
ply these officers as they have done In
former years, and this makes It necessary
for them to hunt up friends willing to as
sume the responsibility. The bonding com
panies have taken this action because of
the unusual risks taken by e nstahles, es
pecially In replevin suits. Several officers
have recently been used for alleged Illegal
levies on property In replevin suits and the
bonding companies are now fighting shy nf
Nlcoll The Tailor la offering yon a
full Suit and an extra pair of Trousers
to clean up the surplus stuck, at tha
end of a busy season's trade and
keeps our large organization of skilled
tailors and cutters . active between
Suits and Extra Trousers, 525 tn 541
209-tl Sw. 15Ui HL