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    Fhe Omaha . Daily Bee
Formal Crier for Assembling of Dem
ocratic National Convention.
State and Territoriei tt Hare Usual
Somber of De .
H050E F02 HATclc JtAJT
Oar Jim Member of Spec -V -mittee
on ArTanment3
OF c-
RraTtr CwnlMtt Sena g-tS.OOO
' French Lick en Contract
,Py f 1IH,HX for Coa-
veatlsm Ebi
FRENCH LICK. Ind-. Dec 2X Chair
man Tnggrt of th democratic national
commute today lasued a formal call for
tha national convention. Tbc snnounce
ment says:
"Th democratic national eornrr.ltte baa
appointed Tuesday. Jury ". 1. aa the time
anal chosen Denver, Colo., aa the place for
holding tba democrat! national conven
tion. Each at a La la entitled to representa
tion therein equal to doubi the number
of It a senator and representatives In the
congress af the" United State, and each
territory. Ak4. District of Columbia.
Hawaii and Porta Rloo ahall bare six de'.e
galea. An democratic citisena of the
Unite PLatea. irroapectlv of past ponti
le al notations and difference, who ca.t
unit wrltA aa In the effort for a pure,
economical eonaUtuUonal government nra
cordially Invited to join til In sending dele
gate ta tba convention."
Mr. Taggart also announced the follow
ing apacial committee on arrangements for
tha national convention:
Roger ' H Bulllvan, Chicago; Jamea C
Dahl lan. Omaha: Norman 8. Mack. Buf
falo; R- at Johaao. Houaton; John T.
MoGraw. Grafton, W. Va.; John M. Oe
borne, Rawlins, Wya.; Clark Howell. At
lanta, Ga. '
Dearer Send Cash.
DENVER. Colo.. Deo. a Tha first In
atallmcnt 03.W af tha $WO.00 fund
pledged to tha ' democratic national com
mute by tha Dearer Coarention leag-ue
waa forwarded today to Chairman Trio ma
'Taggart at French Lick. Ind. Tha re
mainder win ba paid In equal Installments
on Jamiary . February 22 and March C
Black Silk M.11 That Weit Astray
Waa la Punch ' at
bnialu City.
LEAD. a. D.. Dee. a Evidence af rob
bery waa revealed har by the receipt of a
number af envelope which had been
opened and badly mutilated. Acroaa theae
envelope were stamped: "Mutilated by
pouch, robber. Tha letter were for
warded from tha office af tha chief clerk of
tha postal ear. toe la Omaha.
" Poatofrlc " official at Omaha ha no
trouble la ptainlnc why a few piece of
Black. HIT rnJ matter ahould appear
With tha atama "Mutilated by pouch rob
ber. aa tha depot at Nebraska City waa
broken Into it at Wednesday and mail aacks
left In It robbed.
In distributing tha mail for outgoing
train tha Korthweatera aacks for tha
Black Kills and the Missouri Pacific sack
for" Kansas City .stand aide by aide. la
tii Christmas rush a new distributor threw
several letters for toe Black Hilla country
into the Miasouri Pacific aacks. and Instead
of throwing tha letter off to catch tha
firet train back to Omaha, they were car
Vied to .Nebraska City before they wer
thrown off. They were in the sacks which
were robbed at Nebraska City December 17.
Aa far as tha Omaha official are con
cerned they sea little mystery in the ap
pearance of the letter at Lead, aa they
re stamped "Nebraska City" and the rob
bery there ia still fresh in the memory of
poalofCc Inspectors.
Resalaataa 'BTaaafartarar Dlatribat
' Maaey ta Eeleat Eatplayea
at lllaa.
ILION. N. T.. Dec IT The tenth half
yearly bonus payment at tba Remington
typewriter fv!ory ' Wykoff. Sea mans A
Benedict. I lion. N. T-. took place todsy.
Mat than (120.100 has now been distributed
in this way to the most efficient of the em
ploy as. who have been abl to retain their
poattlonc for ten year and more. In the
factory tall on thla occasion f-I.tsO In gold
a distributed among TX selected, work
ntea. including two thirty-year, thirteen
twenty-fiva-year, forty twenty-year, eighty
four fifteen-year and 1ST ten-year men.
The rertlficatea and prise for good eug
grstion adopted during the last six months
ere awarded at the same time-
Building Organlaatlan Will Confer In
Han mt Praleetlaf Tkelr
NEW TORK. Dec- U Plans have been
completed for the formation of a temporary
organisation which will embrace all the
building trades union a in the country In
accordant with the proposal made at the
last annual meeting of the American Fed
i ration of Labor. A charter for the new
i raacisaUon will be asked for at the next
meeting of the executive council cf the
federation, which will b held In New
York January 54. A meeting to form a
rt-rmanent organisation will be held Janu
ary t. It is aaid the new federation will
include l.(M) tr menibera.
Aewaawd af Baatlegarlag.
MITCHELL, 8. D-. Dec. B. Special.
Him prohibition went into effect in A lex an -tit
-a there haa been a close watch kept by
the authorities for the first appearance of
hoolWgmg whisky and beer. Two young
"if a. It oy Austin and Charles LeOair. were
discovered ia the act of supplying liquid
refreshment to friends and they were
traced under arrest by Deputy United
State Marahal Petrte. who took th young
men to Cbasnbertaln for a hearing before
l l.e United State rommiaaioeer. Both boys
wer .Sound over ta the term of federal
i curt o. ' charge of aetltng liquor with
out a government license. They both gav
Itond fur their appearance. The Alexandria
a u thorn lea ar aiau trying to discover the
a horeaaodts of John Voaa. a German boy,
wrfca had been working la th country all
for a farmer. When tha boy quit be
lsied th earn of his employer to three
. ' aggregating AB, which h cashed
Vt stare by baytng amaU article.
TiMtoy, Decern ber 2 4, lfMT.
1907 DECEMBER 1907
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TX1 WliTgim.
Forecast till 7 p.m. Tuesday.
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
"air and colder Tuesday,
"or Nebraeks Tuesday fair.
r Iowa Partly cloudy Tuesday; colder
T'-nrTtt'jr at tmaha yesterday
ri Hour.
: I
" Si
i a. m
s. m
7 a. m
a- rn
a. m
W a. m-
11 a. m.
12 m
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"" 15 i
. . 4
I p. m
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p. m
r4l t D m...
d. m
p. T0...1 3
President Rooeevelt will remain in 1:1a
attitude against permitting troopa to atay
at Goldfleld.
New Tork business men sre restive be
cause so many western firms are send
ing remittance in western exchanre.
rag 1
Mm. Mary Baker G. Eddy has planned
a charity for the benefit of the poor that
will cost 11.000.000. "raga 1
gleet etorm In Illinois causes break in
telegraphic communication. Fag 1
Kanaas City pool hall owner denied
writ of habeaa corpus in teat of Sunday
Uw. Fag 1
Step have been taken for the organ
ization of a national association of men
in the building trade. Pag 1
An accident to one of the torpedo boats
in the flotilla that preceded the big fleet
caused delay of a day. Pag 1
One hundred men flee for their lives
in the Scboenburg mine at Balrd Station
to escape fire. Page 1
Men in the Darr mine were praying
when overcome by gas. Pag 1
Contractor Green and Gay nor have
been refused an appeal to United State
supreme court. Pag 1
The holiday period in California has
been ended and business is again in nor
mal channela. Pag 1
Testimony in the Power trial to show
that someone else than Power was re
sponsible for Goebel's death. Pag 1
Dynamite wrecks, fifty houses in Ot
tawa. I1L , Pag 1
Secretary Taft pays a visit to his
mother's grave at Cincinnati. Pag 1
A public retraction by W. R. Hearet of
a story that W. R. Chanler was Impli
cated with Raymond Hitchcock free him
from criminal libel charge. Pag 1
The details of the agreement of tlx
Shah of Persia are read to the assembly
by tha president. Paga 1
Chinese troops engage in mutiny. ;
....,., j - Pag 1
Express com panic doing business la
Nebraska, will b compelled to submit
full report showing interstate busi
ness. Pan a
Sheriff Toung of Pender has brought
Olaf Olson and his two sons to Fremont
for a consultation over the mystery of
bis childSa disappearance. Paga 3
Defense In the Wallace murder trial
introduces some strong testimony.
Pag 3
Commercial aag Industrial.
Live stock markets. Pag T
Grain markets. Pag T
Stocks and bonds. Paga T
rot- arrtre. Sail.
KttW TOEtt rJ4oaU
MTW TOR K trflii D luiiaT
Secretary Metealf ays Rente
Voyage Bark to Atlantic la
Xt Determined.
WASHINGTON. Dec 3 -"The program
for the return of th battleship fleet is a
matter that haa bten discussed among the
officials cf th Navy department, but aa
yet bo decision haa been reached, and will
not be for some time to come" aaid Secre
tary of the Navy Metcaif today.
The secretary's remark was called out by
a wireless message from the flagship Con
necticut, atatlng that Admiral Evana had
authorised the Aaaociated Press to say it
la hie personal belief that the Navy depart
ment's present Intention Is to have the
battleship fleet return by wsy of the Sues
canal next etimmer or fall. Aa the presi
dent, through Secretary Lneb, previously
had spoken to the same effect, it seems
clear that Admiral Evans" statement was
not suggested by sny definite move o far
determined upon by those aupretne In au
thority. In naval circle the opinion pre
vails that almost the orly squadron com
posed of such vessels as the voyage to the
Pacific shall have demonstrated to be the
"pick of the fleet" win be sent home
through the Sue canal, while th re
mainder will take the shorter route around
the Horn. It is not likely, however, that
all sixteen battleship will make th return
voyage, aa the desirability of a atror.ger
fleet tn the Pacific may be met by the re
tertioa cf perhaps several of Adnural
Evans' si lp in those waters. But. like
Auuural Evana' belief as to tbe returning
by way of the Su-. canal, the question
of permanently reinforcing the Pacific
aquadroa haa not progress! beyond the ;
ftisrtliutnn Mm r. A it m (tn,l lUlMmhiitii. .
T , . . !
hinge, upon developments of the next six .
mon '
Knnnaa City, Kan., Mother Pell-
Ont Theory at President to
the Letter.
KANSAS CITT, Mo.. Dec. 2X-la Roose
velt Place, a street in Kansas City. Kan .
last night, tripleta were born to Mr. and
Mr. Martin Curry. Th babiea, a girl and
two boys, and the mother are doing well.
Curry is a laboring man.
Special Train far Waal brewers,
CHETENNE. Wyo, Dec 21. (SpecuX)
The Wyoming Wool Grow era associa
tion has chartered a special train cf tw
Pullman sleep r. a coach aad a baggage
car to mak tha trip to the national coa
veatioa at Helena. Th train wl.l east
the woolgrower S2.00. and win leave
Laramie at th clue of th atat cacv
veatipa on January 11. Many of the gov
ern meat official and other who will ad
drea both tha state and national meet
ing will go la th special trails
Interior Customers Are Sending' West-
era Exchange.
Reenlt Menns Smaller Deposit with
Kaatrrw Baaka auad la Caaatag
Baalaesa Mea Caaalder
able Alara.
N KW TORK. Dec 21 The Journal of
Commerce thla morning aara tl at commis
sion houses and other wholesale distrib
uters of New Tork are becoming restiv
under what they consider tha distinct ab
sence of appreciation by their interior cua
tomer. During the recent panic when It
waa Impoeaibie for these customer to pur-
chase New Tork exchange, the wholesale
trade here ehowed every possible cooaid-
rat ion. going aa far as to accept checks
on their customers' local bank In settle
ment of accounts and thea holding such
checks until collections wer possible. It
iniwiri that their avstem hsving one
found a footing has grown much m favor
... . . .
among the Interior dealers and out of
town checks are. it Is understood, formic g
a much greater proportion of the remit
tances to New Tork' than has been the
case, for year.
- 111 Deautad Sew York Eaekaage.
The contracta made by New Tork mer
chants usually specifically call for payment
In New Tork exchange, and there is a dis
tinct disposition ob the part of the larger
class of merchants to compel a full recog
nition cf this requirement. Any waiting of
this provision possesses a distinct interest
for New Tork banks. In that the country
institutions have less incentive to keep
funds on deposit her so long ss their cus
tomers are not buying New Tork exchange,
and this. In turn, encourages hoarding cf
unnecessary balances throughout the south
and west by banks there located. New
Tork banks are of the opinion that a con
certed action by New Tork merchants to
demaad New Tork exchange will do mora
to compel the out-of-town banks to tame-
diately discontinue their boarding tactics
than anything else. The interior banks, it
is knows, are averse to acting upon the
suggestions, or even pressure, that might
be brought by New Tork banks.
Several large bouses, the paper continues,
will hereafter refuse to credit out-of-town
checks until they have beeen collected.
Waal, Cotton auad ke Indaatrie
Do Nat Expert Prolonged
BOSTON. Dec IX The opening of the
last full week of th year Ond conserva
tism prominent in all New England in
dustries, but there ta no feeling of help
lessness apparent anywhere and the gen
eral sentiment appears to b that trade
wia partially recover during IKS. though
a full revival is not looked for until after
tha presidential election.
As this city Is tha center of the wool,
hide, leather boot and shoe and shoe ma
chlaery trade of the United States and
nearly a hand red cot tea and woolen saiJl
bar their bead cfSon la Boston, th com
mercial situation In the country at large
ia usually accurately reflected here. New
England banks stood the financial strain
better than institution In other sections,
only three banks being compelled to close
Of these, one hss resumed and a second
ks making arrangements to do so. It Is
generally admitted that the financial out
look Is brightening.
A a natural outcome of the financial
disturbances. New England induatrlea are
heirs conducted cautiously and a policy
of curtailment and reduction of expenses
has been adopted In practically all
branches of trade.
Many manufacturer regard It advls
able to restrict the output In order to declaration provides, first, that Saad Ed
prevent a slump In prices and a great j Duwle and the intriguing priests be ban
surplus of In the spring. Curtail- tahed and the persons responsible for re
ment is general among New England cent disorders be punished; second, that
woolen mill, many of which are running Ala Ed-Doyleh and his brother be allowed
but four days a week. It is estimated j to return to Persia; third, that J infantry-
that 50.00 hands are affected In the
woolen trade by the short time. The ma
chine shops, chair factories and ahoe fac
toriea have also been restricting the out
put, but the shoe factories sre gradually
going oa full time again, as that industry
shows more improvement than most of
th others.
Hundreds of establishments will take
advantage of the holiday week and clos
in part or entirely. Nearly all will re-
sume work next week.
While a gradual Improvement Is looked
for In 10. It is estimated that frtyn
200.000 to 250.000 employes of New Eng
land Industries will be on a short time
basis during the first part of the year.
This number will be an increase of about
125.000 over the number affected
week, due to the arrangement now being
made by cotton manufacturer to curtail
the output 25 per cent .from Christmas
until March 1.
Harrow Encase of Workmen
Srhoenherc Coal Mine Re
aalt af Fire.
PITTSBURG. Pa.. Dec 3. That 100 men
narrowly escaped cremation in a fire in
the Schoenberg Coal mine at Balrd station,
thirty miles from here yesterday became
known today. The fire ignited from elec
tric sparka, it nr believed, and the HO men
had to flee for their live Today th mine
to to flood1-
dary In George Case Dlaaarreed.
1ITTTHFI I. 3 r Tw - , ,a,;.i
, There were so man', criminal raaea on
f . , . ., . . . .
county that Judge Smith was forced to ad-
journ court without giving any attention
to f tjM( numermj, etvfl c hu.h
were ready fortrtaL The case of "Buf-
l;S; flZZ":
waa arrested Just as be waa leaving the
country for good- George is about th last
of th cattle rustlers on the reservation
who have given the settlers over there so
much trouble for the past fifteen year.
The Jury disagreed in its verdict and George
made an application for a change of venue
to orn other county on the ground that
he could not secure aa Impartial trial
Judge Smith stated that he would undoubt
edly transfer the case to Hanson county
on account of the term eomins- eai-rter in
fthe year than any other county In th cir
cuit. Clarence Colvtn, on cf th George
gang. waa convicted on th charge of bora
stealing, but will aak for a sew trial oa
th ground that new evidence has been
aacured that will tend toward giving him
hat liberty. Owing to the otht-r term , of
court to be held in hi district Judg Smith
could gtv but tw week t Lymaxt county.
Tha civil caeca will be tried at the next
of court.
ClearlasT How Eiaalsei State
atlwaal - Rewaeat at
NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 3. At a late
hour tonight- the Nw Orleana Clearing
House ' association Issued an announce
ment that a conamMtee from re-at organisa
tion, which had mad a thorough examina
tion of the resource and llabilitle of the
3tate National bank of this cKr. had found
the bank absolutely solvent -and that the
few Orlean Clearing House saoociatioa
would render the bank any aianc It
nv.ght need.
The examtnsUpfi wss made at the re
quest of tba wmcers of the State National,
who said that they arishe-i the condition
of. their Institution officially . passed .upon.
Tha State National has a capital stock
paid In of surplus fund of 17n.n0.
snd undivided profits amounting to 14.
mi. SX Ita last statement was Issued at the
close of busiaeaa December a. when It was
stated that outside or tha amounts sub
ject to the check of other national and
state banks there were liabilities to foreign
banks amounting-1 SnT-MO.
The bank is ana of tha oldest institu
tions of Its kind In tha city, being a suc
cessor to the Louisiana Stat bank, founded
In Wis.
NEW VORK. Dec St. Following the
resignation last night of William . Adler. a
president of the aiate National bank of
New Orleans, the examination by a clear
ing house commit tea of the bank's resource
and liabilities, and the announcement that
it was absolutely solvent and that th New
Orleana Clearing House association will
render It any aasistaaoa It may need, the
wholesale grocery firsn of Adler A Co..
toaday Issued a statement that the firm
had met with financial difficulties.
WUliam Adler left for Near Tork several
days ago with the hope of straightening out
tha financial difficulties of Ma firm. Owing
to the condition ef tha Adler firm It was
deemed advisable that Mr. Adler resign a
president of the bank. Pending the election
of a successor, the other officers of the
baak requested that the clearing house
association paas officially on the resourcea
and liabilities of tha Institution. The prompt
announcement of tha result of this es
u,, ha prevented tha confidence of
depositor from being impaired-
Clearance af W. A, Chandler Serve
ta BrlnsT Aboat Dasaalaaal at
Criminal Case.
NEW TORK. Dec JX The publication
today of a retraction of statements made
in th New Tork American and Evening
Journal la October connecting William
Astor Chanler with the case of Raymond
Hitchcock, may result ia th abandonment
of the criminal libel proceedings instituted
by Mr. Chanler against W. R. Hearst.
Mr. Chanler"ti attorney aaid today:
The retraction is so thorough and so
complete a vindication of my cltent I do
not believe Mr.-Chanler will feel It is
necessary further to press the proceed
ings. The acanowledgement of error and
the personal regret expressed by Mr.
Hearst in todsys retraction leave little to
be gained by urgiag the matter before
the grand Jury.
Hugo Voecks. brother of Elsie Vocck.
la whose -behalf charges were brought
against Raymond Hltcaoock. the comedian,
pleaded guilty to aa,ln4etment alleging ex
tortion today and wiaa'.acBtenped tomor
row. Voecks U -accused of obtaining n.Os)
from Hitchcock for keeping quiet concern
ing the charge against th actor.
President of Perelaa Aaaemhly Rend
Details of Deelnrntlan Received
Pram Rater.
TEHERAN. Dec IX The president of
the assembly today announced the details
of the declaration submitted to the assem
bly yesterday by th shah. In which th
istter accepted the demands made upon
him by the constitutional leadera. Thia
men be placed before the buildings; fourth,
that all troopa, including the Cossack
brigade, which has been an , Independent
command, be placed under the command
of the ministry of war: and, fifth, that
the Russian officers of the Cossack brigade
shall only Instruct the men. not command
them aa hitherto.
All the shop were re-opened today.
FamM British Scientist Bnrled To
day Clea t Sir Inane
LONDON, Dec. 3. Under the ahadow or
the monument to Sir Isaac Newton and
j rinse o the choir in Westminister Abbey.
; th ot u,rd Kelvin, the noted Engliah
! art-mist mho died December IT. waa buried
at noon today in the presence cf a great
gathering of scientists repreentir.g Ameri-cs-a.
continental and British societies. Many
of those present were clad In their academic
robes snd wore their decoralioca Th scene
was solemn and Impressive. A dozen
clergymen were associated In reading the
simple service.
This 1 Prevailing Lntrewlsa In Fa
stens Trial Xew la P regress
at Berlla.
BERLIN. Dec. 2X The Harden - Von
Moltke suit was resumed today. Prince Zu
Eulenburg and Frau von Moltk, divorced
wife of Count Kuno von Moltke. wer re
examined. While it I impossible to obtain
authentic news of the proceedings, the Im
pression is strong today that Harden haa
practically broken down.
Period of Holiday End nnd Bank
Res a me Dealing- In Wester
BAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 2X-The-period of
legal holidays declared by Governor Gillette
to meet the recent financial stringency hav
ing expired at midnight last Saturday, all
of the leading bank tranaaeted business
as usual today. Normal condition pre
vailed and there waa no run nor crush of
people anywhere. Many deposit were
mad and the withdrawal of funds did not
exceed the amount customary to the day's
business. Clearing house certificate con
tinued to circulate, but wba coin was re
quirvJ it was readily obtainable. The prin
cipal bankers unite ia deciarizig that tba
firtaacsal trouble, which tor a time fnmid
son inconvenience, ia a thing of the past.
' Milk Men Give Bswsda.
CHICAGO. Dec. 22 The men Indicted for
alleged eo ft piracy la connn-tloa with th
advane ia the prst of milk today gav
lx bo&da each for Uutir aiwraun for
Secretary of Carpenter Paper Company
Ends Life With a EeTolrer.
Had Been Confined to HI Roosa far
Week nnd Prowiona to That
Hnd Been na n Trln
for Hla Health.
J. Frank Carpenter, secretary of . the
Carpenter Paper company, committed sui
cide about i last evening at his resi
dence. jTtal aPrker street.
The family wer seated at the dinner
table at the time and Mr. Carpenter was
lone In his room, where he wss confined
by Illness. He returned a week ago from
a trip taken wtlh the object of benefiting
hla health, but In this It proved disappoint
ing and sine hi return he has been con
fined to fi!a room. While alone he secured
a revolver and shot himself through the
bead, being dead when the members of
the family w"h- beard tha shot reached
the room.
No reacn for the act could be suggested
except sickness and a nervous breakdown
producing Insomnia, due to overwork and
too close application to business without
enough recreation. Th firm of which he Is
secretary Is one of the largest in the paper
justness la th entire west, having
branches m several western cities.
United State genres Csmrt Refaee
to Accept Jortsdletlaw In Case
af Contractor.
WASHINGTON. Dec IX The supreme
court of the United State today denied th
writs of certeriorl bringing to that court
the cases of Benjamin Green and John F.
Gay nor. who are under sentence to oay a
fine of XTTS.Te) and to undergo terms of im
prisonment of four year each on th
charges of etnbesxlement and conspiracy
in connection with Captain Oberlin M.
Carter's scheme to defraud the Catted
State in connection with harbor Improve
ments at Savannah. Ga.
Plrat Fleet Obliged t Tarn Back at
Trial da 4 ta Order ta
Make Reaalra.
PORT OF SPAIN. Trinidad. Dec JX Tn
American torpedo boat Flotilla, which left
yesterday morning at o'clock for Rio
Janeiro on its way to the Pacific returned
here today because of an accident to the
machinery of. the Lawrence. The damage
Is not serious aavd It ia estimated that th
repair can be made In one day. '
Tba supply ship Arethus baa gone on to
Para. ' '
Tha batUeshSa fleet ras not ret been
Kanaaa City Pool Hall Proprietor
Dealed Writ of Habeas
Cere as.
. KANSA8 CITY. Dec 2i-W!'.!:am Ryle,
proprietor of a pool hall here, recently
Indicted by the grand Jury for operating
hi place in violation of the Missouri Sun
day observance law and who was con
structively sent to Jail when he refused to
furnish bond for appearance for hearing,
waa today denied a writ of habeaa corpus
by the court of appeals. Mr. Ryle will
now appeal to the state supreme court. It
la a test esse.
Snnreme Ceart Will Take Time ta
Dctermlae Whether ta Great
WASHINGTON, Dec. "3 At the Instance
of counsel for the Waters-Pierce Oil com
pany, the supreme court of th United
States issued an order for a atay of pro
ceedings in the suit jetween the state of
Texas and the oil company until the court
can decide whether it will grant the com
pany a request for a writ of certiorari
bringing the suit to that court for review.
Lid for Rald City.
RAPID CITT. a D-. Dec. -Spec!aD-Beginning
tomorrow tbe lid will be clamped
down tight in Rapid City. It seems a pe
tition was presented to the city council
i several weeks ago, requesting that the law
governing the observance of the Sabbath
day be strictly enforced. Mayor Emrick
replied that state laws should be enforced
by state officials and not by city officials.
The matter waa called to the attention of
Attorney General Clark, who came here
last Wednesday and conferred with the
mayor and State Attorney Wood. The re
sult is a warning has been given that all
who violate the Sunday closing law will be
proaecutd. As the statutes define Sabbath
breaking as covering public sports, public
traffic, servile labor, trades, manufactures
and mechanical employment, the outcome
Is looked for with interest by all.
Sonth Dakota Ceainereial CI ass.
SIOUX FALLS. & D.. Dec. 2X (Special).
Alt tt.e Commercial club in South Dakota
are being urged by George T. Biackman of
thla city, secretary of the Federation of
Commercial Club of South Dakota, to send
for three to five delegates to the annual
meeting of the federation, which will be
held at Plerrr on Tuesday, January 21.
Thia meeting ri". be the second annual one
held by th federation, the first convention
having been held at Rapid City about a
year ago.
The meeting of th federation will be an
important one. There are so many thing
that can be done for tbe good of South
Dakota by such an organisation as the fed
eration that every community which ha no
commercial club should Immediately or
ganise one and elect delegate to the
Pierre meeting.
toafereac nt Cher en a agency.
PIERRE. 8. D. Dee. 2X Special. t The
Indians of the Cheyenne river reservation
will hold a general council at White Horse
on January to discuss matters which
will be of interest to the members of th
tribe. The council set as an advisory
board for tha Sioux and has been looking
after their business Interests for several
years. Th presiding officer of th general
council la Jamea Crowfeather, who will
bo ha charge of Urn prncaodlngg ef th
With It Com
ea I-ar Pna-tane- f
Wnnt Ad Daw
CHICAGO. Dec. "3. An advertisement In
a Chicago newspaper, haa. It Is alleged.
brought an inheritance of more than a
million dollars with a title of nobility, to
George William Northedge. a farmer of
Marinette, Wis., hereafter to be known as
r George , Wiltlara Northey-Northedge,
He is sole heir to an estate valued at H,
l.aJ In Montreal and one of seventy-five
heir to a larger fortune in Eng'.and-
Sir George never has been In England,
but his wife waa a lady-in-waiting to
Queen Victoria, leaving that position be
cause her family desired to fore on her aa
undesired marriage. Coming to America,
she met Northedge and was married to
him without suspecting that thereby sh
was winning a position In Engliah society.
An advertisement Inciting for Informa
tion as to the whereabouts of a son of
Colonel William Northedge. United States
AmerV-a. waa the means of locating him.
all unaware of his owa trne position. Read
ing the paper ta hi Wisconsin home, he
recogniied the name of his father. In
quiry soon disclosed to him the wealth
waiting him.
George William Northedge was born In
Canada and Is 64 year old. Both he and
hi father served in the union army in th
civil war and both wer wounded.
With an attorney Northedge will go to
Montreal ooa to adjust an estate there.
Than b win go on to England and pick up
tha rest of bis fortune.
But neither fortune nor title will lur
Northalg from America. When Inter
viewed at, his home he said b would stick
to Wisconsin and tnract all his money
Decision In Land Fraad Cases Cans
of Rejoicing to Family
af -
R OS WELL. N. M.. Dec 3. When the
verdict of --not guilty In the case of F. L.
and B. H- Tailmadg of Chicago, tried on
the charge of conspiracy to defraud th
government of valuable public lands, was
announced in court here Saturday night
Mrs. E. R. Tallmadge, th wif of a
brother of th two defendants, wept copi
ously for Joy. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Tall
madge. both of whom had been In attend
ance in court throughout the trial, were
presented to th Jurymen In the sheriff's
office after the adjournment of court and
cordially thanked them for their verdict.
After the verdict was returned United
State Attorney D. J. Leahy gave notica
that the case agslnst Walter Haina would
be dismissed. The taking of testimony for
th government in the Tallmadge case con
sumed thirteen day and the defense sub
mitted the case on the evidence of tha
government without putting a aingla wit
ness on the stand.
Position Dead Miner tn Dan? Slap
Revest This Condition
' nt Death.
JACOBS CREEK. P-. Dec 21 Six moire
bod lea wer taken from tbe Darr mine
thia moruiAg. making a total t. data of
thirty-tilt' Many ethers har been, lo
cated. 'By tonight the number Is expected
to be close to a hundred.
Tbe condition of the six brought out to
day was good. Others to be brought later.
It is said, practicaily ar blown to pieces.
Rescuers state that a number of the men
were found on their, knees showing that
they were praying when the black damp
caused death. Tbe unidentified dead mere
placed In a large tent near the mine today
and from a. m. to I p. m. daily friends
and relative will be allowed to view the
bodies In the hope that some will be
Mr. Mary Baker G. Eddy Intends to
Establish Large Institu
tion for Poor.
BOSTON, Mui, Dec. -A Christian
Science Institution, to cost at least
and to be devoted especially to helping the
poor. Is the latest project of the Christian
Science movement-
The Christian Science Weekly Sentinel
publlahes todsy correspondence between
Mary Baker G. Eddy and the editor of the
denominational publications. In which Mrs.
Eddy wrote:
I desire to commence Immediately lo
found a Christian Science institution for
the special benefit of the poor and the
general good of all mankind. Tbe found
ing and endowment of thia institution Wl.l
cost at least nu.'X0.
Th editor is at Concord. Mrs. Eddy hav
ing summoned him there to give him
detail of th project.
Telegraphic Cemmaalcutlen with
East . early Cat OaT by W In
ter Condition.
CHICAGO. Dec 3. -A severe sleet
storm which set tn last night has badly
deroorahsed telegraphic communication in
! all directions. Early today it was lmpos-
Bible to reach St Lou la from Chicago, save
by way of Omaha and Kanaas City,
j Peoria and Bloornington were both out of
the world as far aa reaching them by wire
was concerned. All wires to the north
wer working badly, and In the east is
was d facult to make a wire work through
from Chicago to New Tork. moat of them
I being cut and dispatches relayed at Pitts
The weather bureau predicted that the
storm would continue the greater part of
the day and night in the middle west.
til fern ia Fisher
an Hns Strennaas
Landing Big
SAN DIBOO. CaL, Dec 2X-Lorecxo H.
Zoglettl, a fisherman, had a terrible ad
venture with a sworlflsh yesterday while
trolling outside the bay. Zoglettl had
hooked the fish and waa drawing It to th
boat, when the fish drove Its sword through
the gunwale. Zoglettl then attacked th
Vh with a hatchet and finally stunned It.
During the fight tbe fiseherrran a right
hand waa so badly injured that he will
probably lose th us of It, Th fish was
eleven feet long axd weighed C3 pound.
Fifty Thonannd Dollar Laos Caeaed
by Explosion at Oasawa,
OTTAWA. ' 111.. Dec 2X Aa a result of
an rxptoaloa ef a Quantity of dynamtt her
today upward of a doxen bouse were
wracked and glass waa shattered In fifty
home. Several persona were In .fired, but
woo fatally. TV loan exceeds SoO.oiml The
dynamite wag t tended for us ta small
quaaOUa ti tvag
Executive Refute to Modify Order fcj
Troopi to Leare Goldleli,
Aid Cannot Be Extended Until It
EeMorces Art Exhausted.
Senator Kixoa Says Miners' 0rgixv
tion Will Serer Be BecogTuxed,
American Federal iealst Con tin new t
Print -tame f Rnngw Caws
pony In Deal Pat sals
List Despite InJwncttaa.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. -The appaals t
President Roosevelt Xo have federal troops
remain In Goldfleld Is. In th opinion of
Whit House officials. Indicative of a de
sire on the part of the sending thetn to
rety solely on the national government for
protection. Tbe position the prwstdent ha
taken in the matter Is that the stats ef
Nevada should exhaust every mean within
lta power to control the situation and that
federal Interference should h supplemental
only to the efforts being mad by th state.
Nothing in the appeaU so far received
Ind k-a le that any step whatever are being
taken by tbe state. Until this la shown
to th president. It was stated at tha Whlta
House today, hla order ef Saturday with
drawing the troop oa December 31 will
not be changed.
After a consultation with Prwrtdant
Roosevelt today Senator Nixon of Nevada
expressed it as bis opinion that th presi
dent could not very well modify hi order
directing the withdrawal of th troops,
Th question of having :.he stat talt soma
active part In protecting th Interest at
Goldfleld, th senator said, is under activ
consideration. Just what would b th re
sult or what measure are being consid
ered. It said.' It would be L-n possible to
disc as. "One thing Is certain." he as
serted, "and that Is that th Western Fed
eration of Miners will not b known In
Goldfleld when thia trouble ha concluded.
.Fifty Men nt Werk.
GOLD FIELD. Nev.. Dec. ZX With fifty
men at work underground the Mohawk
mine waa started up this morning after
being shut down for over three week. The
Consolidated mill and the Nevada Gold field
Reduction works ar running.
Sheriff Ingall added a lares number of
deputies to his force today, the men being
paid by the Mine Owner association tci
act as guards and patrolmen.'
The Mine Owners association asserts that
during the week a Urge number of strike
breakers will be brought In. Very few af
th strikers ha v returned to work.
Order Became CaTectlea.
temporary injunction granted by Justice
Gouid of tbe supreme court ot th Dis
trict fit Columbia last Wednesday rTr' 1 '
th Americas Federation of Labor at tha
Instance of the Buck ftov Aim. Ztanga
company of St. Louis, became efferthr
By the - terms of th undertaking tha
Buck company and a surety company
undertake to make good to tha defend
ar.ta all damage by them suffered or
Inequitably suing out the Injunction.
Until the final hearing th federation
Is restrained from publishing tha nam
of the Buck company on the "unfair" cr
we donSt patronise lists and from en
forcing any boycott sgalnst tha corn party
or against any third person because th
latter falls to discontinue purchasing tha
product of th company. s
Notwithstanding the fact that th le
st raining order now is in full fore and
effect, the January number of th Fed
eratlonist. the official organ of the Am
erican Federation of Labor, issued today,
prints the name of the company la th
-We Don't Patronise" list. No comment
whatever Is made lc the Journal upon
the court's ruling.
CINCINNATI. Dec. -j he greatest
tyranny on earth Is th tyranny of aa
unsanctlfled labor union." declared Rev.
Dr. ejnninr. head of the Western Book
Concern of the Methodist Episcopal
-In some placea." aaid Dr. Jenninga,
"ther Is a belief oo the part of the working-men
that the church Is prejudiced
against him. This Is not so. This Idea
originated largely from the hoars mouth
ings of anarchistic- sgitator and from
those who spend Jl.Ott) a year In saloons
snd not a cent In the church. Hardly any
thing more than such rr i sconce pt Son can
be expected from thns e who hold their
meetings on Sundays In aaloona or back
of saloons
"The wage question ! been crowded
to the limit." Dr.' Jenninga declared.
"If this thing keeps on much further
the breaking point will certainly bo
"Why, brethren. I could tell you thing
that have happened right here In this book
concern within I he past fifteen months that
would open your eyes. The Saturday
nights work ia not half so hard oa tha
workmgman as his Sunday night carous
ing. I tell you now that things ar being
crowded too hard In this country. There
has got to be a limit.
"If the workinman does Dot go to church
It ti because the worklr.gman does not
want to go to church. I do not see that
he goea to church any more when h get
hi Saturday half holiday for recreation
than he doea when he haa to work all day
Saturday. It is the whUky biil that tha
workingman paya that la his ruination.
Medical Stadeafa on St. Lewi Sqaad
Save Live of Trainmen Cnaght
la Wreck.
SEATTLE. Wash., Ic. 3 St, Louis
university foot ball ath'ete mad heroea
of themselves before daylight this morning
near Brocket Station, on the Canadian Pa
cific, when they arrived on tbefr way to
the coast, twenty minutes after a headoa
collision between two freight train Tito
engine ere a and trainmen wer under the
debria. some of themscM-d frightfully by
escaping ateam.
Medical student members of th team
set to work to rescue the victims snd ma.
terially aided, though working against
escaping steam, in saving life and ttmb.
Trey operated on three of th crushed
trainmen. Brakrman Orrrtsbee waa crushed
to death and Fireman Chris Von W1d and
G McKinnen were so bally Injured that
they rr.ay die.
Tha Wreck waa caused by the faO jr of
th caerator at Brocket I daUrwr ardssn,
lis afterirtrd Beds